Asian babe sucking and she gets to be creamed

Asian babe sucking and she gets to be creamed
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After a couple of hours Lewis awoke, refreshed but a little hungry. He made a quick check on Anna and found her still asleep. She must have worn herself out sucking his cock. He knew she would be hungry as well when she woke up, so he headed off to cook something for them both. When he returned, tray of food in hand, Anna was waking up. The smell of cooking food had awakened her.

Lewis took off the cuffs and let her go to the bathroom.

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She was staving and quickly ate the meal Lewis prepared. Nothing was said between them as they ate. All Lewis could think of was how wonderful her tight little asshole was going to feel.

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As he sat there envisioning the upcoming experience Anna asked him a question. He was so fixated on his vision he did not hear her.

"Sorry Honey, what did you say", he quickly replied. "When can I go home", Anna asked as tears started to roll down her cheek.

Lewis had not prepared himself for this. As much as he enjoyed watching her cry as he made her fulfill his every fantasy, he did not like to see her cry like this. This tugged at his heart strings. This made him question what he was doing. This made him feel sorry for her. Anna could see a change in Lewis. He seemed confused, almost concerned about her.

Had she hit a cord with him, if so would she be able to capitalize on it. She so wanted to get away and back to her loving family. Her tears increased and she started pleading, "I will not tell anyone about you, please let me go." Lewis was really starting to get uncomfortable. He did not like where this was heading and needed for it to change directions quickly.

He remembered how cooperative she was about sucking his cock earlier that day. Would she be that cooperative with her asshole, if he promised to let her go early? He started to think things through; he remembered how wonderful it felt when savagely took the bar slut Lisa's asshole months ago. She had really pissed him off and she deserved the treatment she got. This girl had not pissed him off, she just happen to wander into his life.

She did have that I am out of your league attitude at first, but now she was a helpless little girl. Again he thought back to how wonderful it had felt for her to willingly suck his cock. He had never had a woman so intent on fulfilling his desires as she was at that moment. As good as it had felt to Lisa's asshole he knew it would feel even better if Anna gave hers to him.

He had to admit to himself that he had under estimated the effort it took to take care of her up to this point and he would probably be better off ending it early and getting out of town.

With that he decided to make her a proposition. He would let her go later that night in return for her asshole. If she did not accept then he would take it anyway. Hopefully she would see her situation and take his offer. Lewis sat back in his chair. Anna once again noticed a change in him. Had her begging and crying worked, was he feeling sorry for her? Lewis calmly started to talk, "I know you want to go home, trust me I really want to see you get back home.

But as I have said before that is up to you, I could make it happen later tonight if you would like." Anna's heart jumped. Had she heard him correctly? She quickly blurted, "Really, you will let me go tonight?" Her excitement and eagerness to get away from her situation betrayed her.

Lewis grinned and continued, "Yes. Yes I will let you go tonight." He paused to let what he said sink in. He saw her excitement in her eyes, then he proceeded, "That is if you do something for me." Anna was so elated to have the possibility of going home later; she almost did not hear him say he wanted her to do something. It took her a second to replay it and understand her freedom depended upon her doing something yet again.

This something would without a doubt be sexual. She took a deep breath and quietly asked what it was he wanted. Lewis smiled once again and leaned forward, "Earlier today I so enjoyed your willingly giving me the most awesome blow job of my life." Anna stiffened; there was no way she would be able to take that monster in her throat again. He had almost killed her with it earlier. All her excitement of going home started to crash as she thought of that monster cock ripping down her throat once again.

Lewis sensed her mood changing and figured he should press his advantage. "There is one other thing I have always wanted." Anna quickly looked up realizing her throat was not his target.

For a fleeting moment she was relieved. Lewis continued, "You have such a sexy little ass. I would love to watch you sit on my cock and slide it up your asshole." Anna's mouth dropped open in horror. The thought of that monster cock entering her ass was unthinkable. It would rip her wide open. Lewis sat quite as she ran everything through her mind. He could tell she did not want to be ass fucked, but she wanted to get away and back home. As he sat there he became quite amused watching her.

He wondered which desire would over ride the other, the desire to go home or the desire not to be ass fucked. He hoped her desire to go home won out, because either way she was not leaving here without his cock going in her ass and he would much more enjoy it if she was willingly giving her ass. Anna's worst nightmare was being presented to her. Anal sex was something that scared her to death; she never wanted anything to ever go up her ass.

What was she going to do? She so wanted to go home, was he serious about letting her go. Could she actually go through a session of anal sex with him? Lewis could tell she was on the fence. He quickly said, "I know you are asking yourself will he actually let me go home if I do this. I promise you I will let you go home later tonight. While I have enjoyed our time here together I feel it is time to end it.

But I have a desire for that sweet little ass of yours before you go." Lewis hoped she would understand her asshole was going to be the main course tonight. The only thing unanswered was will it be offered or taken.

Anna had picked up on his message. She felt all resolve leave her as she realized what she must do. She knew if she refused he would more than likely force his cock in her ass, which she was sure would be worse than if she was in control. In addition if she refused and he forced her would he get pissed at her and keep her, just to do it more to her? She made up her mind, looked him in the face, and calmly said, "If I give you my ass I want to go home. You have to promise me and one more thing, I control what happens.

I will make sure it all gets in, but I do not want you shoving it." Lewis smiled and agreed. This was exactly what he had hoped for. He smiled and asked one last question, "I have to know something, have you ever had anal sex before?" Anna hated giving him the pleasure of knowing the fact that he was to be the first and probably the last man to ever enter her ass, but she did.

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She hoped it would make him be patient and not get out of control. Lewis recalled how Anna had experienced an oral orgasm and wanted to give her another one. Since he had her agree to be a willing participant he might as well make the best of it. She was being so cooperative he decided to not put the hand cuffs back on her either. He could hardly contain his excitement.

Anna pushed herself back into the bed as Lewis moved onto it. She was a little surprised when he gently kissed her knee. She froze for a second not sure how to react, as the kiss so gently, almost loving.

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She calmly watched as he slowly moved between her legs and kissed his way down her inner thigh. Her legs instinctually parted giving him full access to her naked pussy. To his pleasant surprise she did not protest his advance. This fueled his desire that much more. He moved his face so it was resting just above her delicious cunt. He blew on lightly and was rewarded by her lips parting, opening for him. He lowered his mouth over her little cunt and softly darted his tongue into her hole and up to her clit.

Her reaction was immediate.

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Her hips thrust up and her mouth gapped open. Anna felt as though a bolt of lightning traveled through her body as his tongue explored her pussy. She never would have dreamed she would love oral sex as much as she did. She loved to have her pussy licked and kissed, even by this beast of a man that had abducted her and raped her. Her clit was hard as a rock and sent shock waves though her each time he would touch it with his tongue.

She was not paying attention but each time he touched it she would push her pelvis into his face. Lewis loved the action she was sharing.

He decided to move her closer to an orgasm and focus on her clit. He moved slightly so it was positioned perfectly in his mouth. With his tongue he started making gentle circles and figure 8s on it. Anna through her head back and started moaning deep and loud. Anna loved the sensations she was feeling in her pelvis. This man may be a monster, but he knew how to lick a pussy.

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She found herself moaning uncontrollably. During an especially loud and deep moan, she violently grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her pussy as hard as she could.

She had lost all control and her mind was on auto pilot, her body took command. She violently started to thrust her crotch into his face and push his head into her as if she wanted to stick inside of her. The aggressiveness Anna was showing caught Lewis a little of guard, but he was enjoying every moment. He ensured to keep his tongue in place and lips working, she was doing the rest. After a few minutes he could feel her body tense and her motions became more desperate and with intent.

He looked up at her and she was staring him in the eyes, hers full of lust and desire. Her mouth was wide open but only a faint sound was escaping. Her orgasm was building and about to explode all over him. He pushed harder into her, which was the trigger she needed to explode in a violent and wet orgasm. Anna had never felt the sensations running throughout her entire body, but she liked every one of them.

She could feel a huge pressure building deep inside her like nothing she had ever felt before. Then Lewis pushed into her crotch and she felt herself explode. Her pussy literally tried to turn itself inside out. She was spraying fluid everywhere, she could not catch her breath, her whole body was locked in the most intense sensation she had ever experienced. It felt as though it lasted for hours, but really was less than a minute.

When she regained a little control she looked down and Lewis' face was covered in a shiny liquid and the bed was soaked. He was licking as fast as he could, it appeared to her he was trying to get every drop out of her and she did not mind if he did. He finally stopped and moved up in the bed and lay beside her.

He was gasping for breath as heavy as she was. For a moment Lewis thought Anna was trying to suffocate him, maybe in revenge for shoving all of his cock in her throat earlier in the day. He quickly realized she was simply having an extremely physical and intense orgasm.

As he lay besides her gasping for breath he started to chuckle.


He looked at her and said, "I guess I deserved that after doing the same to you earlier." Anna quickly replied, "Your damned right, but you had me in a worse position than I had you." After arguing for a few minutes they agreed that they were even orally. Anna shockingly realized that she was laughing and enjoying what was happening. How could this be, he had abducted her, held her against her will, and raped her?

Never the less she had just experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life and for what it was worth was in a better mood. As they lay there, catching their breaths, she remembers what is to come next. Her initial reaction is fear; will that monster rip her wide open? She realized her pussy made it through the invasion just fine, a little stretched but overall just like before. She recalled the most pain was when he tried to shove the entire length into her and hit the backend of her tunnel.

That hurt like all hell, then she smiled as she knew there was no backend to her ass and when it did bottom out it would be because it was all in her. She could not believe how she was thinking. Was she actually looking forward to being ass fucked by this maniac and his huge cock, or was she just preparing herself for the inevitable?

She determined it was the inevitable and a little bit of curiousness mixed in. She figured since she was going to be in control she might as well try to enjoy it. If she did it would be a lot less painful and she would get something out of it. If not, well she did not want to think about what was behind that door. With that she rolled over and asked Lewis, "Would you happen to have something to lubricate your cock with?

I do not think you could even force that thing up my ass dry." Lewis grinned and told her to look in the drawer next to the bed. She rolled over and located a new bottle of KY Lubricant. She thanked the heavens for small miracles and rolled back over.

She looked at Lewis and said with a smile, "Are we going to do this with your clothes on?" Lewis had been so preoccupied with her and how things had turned for his benefit that he forgot he was still dressed.

He laughed and quickly removed everything. When he lay back down, Anna quickly started applying large amounts of lubricant and jacking him off. Her hands were magical. She worked both of them up and down the entire length of his hardening cock. He thought to himself how wonderful it would be to have her jack him off all over her face. He had to stop thinking about that or he knew he would cum and ruin what was to come.

Anna felt his cock stiffen to steel strength and prayed to god she would be able to handle sliding it up her ass. She leaned slightly forward and liberally applied lubricant to her puckering little asshole.

As she rubbed it she wondered what it would feel like next time she touched it. She inserted a well lubricated finger up to the knuckle, so as to make sure everything was well lubed.

To her surprise the discomfort was minimal; maybe that huge cock will not be much worse. With that she threw her left leg over Lewis and straddled his body. The feeling of Anna sitting on his crotch was heaven.

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He looked up at her and he swore he had never seen such a beautiful site in his life. She hovered over his hard cock like a cat hovering over a mouse. She reached down and pulled up and back, she rose up so she could move it back to her asshole. Anna took a deep breath and pulled his cock back until the head was slightly pushing against her asshole. She stopped there and took a couple of deep breaths, then looked down and said, "Remember I control everything." Lewis shook his head that he agreed.

She closed her eyes and slowly lowered her body, causing the head of his massive cock to push hard on her anal ring. She added a little additional force and the head broke through and past the ring. She gasped as this occurred more from fear than pain. Her ass ring was being stretched, but not to the point of being torn. Lewis was in pure bliss, he thought Lisa's asshole had been tight; it had nothing on this one.

His head was being crushed by the pressure her anal ring was applying. He could not wait to feel the depths of her insides, but he knew he had to be patient. Anna took a few seconds to get her wits together, while so far it was not been as bad as she expected she knew the widest part was yet to come. Once she got control of her nerves she took another deep breath and pushed down again on his cock.

About 4 inches slid up her ass and the pain increased beyond her imagination. She froze in place and started breathing fast. Everything in her body told her to get it out and get away, her mind told her to stay in place and take it. Lewis knew she was at the point of either jumping off or taking it all. He knew to patient and let her get used to his cock being in her ass. Hopefully she will get pasted this point and take the rest on her own, but he was fully prepared to roll her over and slam it home if she started to move off of it.

Anna could not believe how bad it hurt. It felt as if someone had stuck a hot rod up her ass. She felt her asshole stretch way beyond what it should be to accommodate the intruder entering it. She was concentrating on breathing and was just about to give in to the pain and pull it out when the pain started to subside. She put her left hand down on Lewis' chest and calmly said to him, "Please do not move, give me a second and I will put the rest in." Lewis' cock was sending sensations to his body that he had never felt before.

He had never felt anything so tight around his cock in his life. As he heard he talk he knew a heard of wild horse would not get him to move.

All he did was shack his head yes. Anna saw that he was still sticking to his part of the bargain and not moving. As she sat there with half of his cock up her ass, she started to feel a strange sensation stirring deep in her body. Her pussy started to tingle and tighten. She started to enjoy the feelings cursing through her body. She decided it would be best to get past all the pain and forced her ass down on the rest of his cock.

The pain was no worse but the sensations increased tremendously. All she could was sit there and breathe. Lewis was taken by surprise as she lowered herself on his entire length. He lay there holding her hips not moving.

Her ass muscles were flexing up and down the shaft, as her anal ring clamped snug around the base and squeezed. He never knew something could feel so erotic and satisfying. Anna was just as surprised. When she pushed the last of his cock into her ass, she was taken away in a wave of erotic and intense sensations.

It still hurt slightly, but the other sensations made the discomfort forgettable. After a while she started to rock back and forth, this caused her engorged clit to rub against Lewis' pelvis bone sending even more sensations through her body. The more she moved the less she felt the pain and the more intense the erotic sensations became. Before she knew it she was rocking at a steady pace and grunting deep from within her body. She felt dirty, sexy, alive, but most of all lustful.

She wanted his cock in her ass. She looked down at Lewis, he had his eyes closed holding her hips tightly. She knew she owned him at this point; her ass was in complete control. The site of him holding her hips, the realization of control, and the intense sensations drove Anna over the edge and into the most explosive orgasm she had ever felt. She thought the oral ones as intense, this hand them all beat. She pushed down hard on Lewis' cock, wanting every last bit of it up her ass. She threw her head back and screamed to the top of her lungs, "OH FUCK, FUCK ME, MY GOD FUCK ME." Lewis opened his eyes just as she exploded and started screaming.

As she screamed she started to buck up and down on his cock. He tightened his grasp on her hips and thrust his cock up into her ass as she grinded it down on his cock. The sensations were out of this world. Anna was beside herself, she could not believe she was enjoying being fuck in the ass.

She felt him starting to thrust up to her, which sent additional sensations racing through her body and mind. She never wanted the sensations to end. She sped up her pace a little and started to move more of his cock in and out of her ass. Within a few minutes he was pulling all but the head out and pushing back in as far as he could bury it. All Anna could do was lay her head back in shear bliss and scream, "FUCK MY ASS, MY GOD FUCK MY ASS" Lewis could hold out no longer, hearing her scream for him to fuck her in the ass took him to that point of no return.

His cock stiffened ever harder, he pulled Anna down to his chest, and started grinding his cock up her ass in earnest. Anna knew he was about to cum and wanted to feel him explode deep in her ass. She moved her mouth to his ear and whispered, "CUM IN MY ASS BABY, I NEED YOUR CUM DEEP IN MY ASS." Upon hearing those words Lewis let forth a fire hose of cum deep in Anna's bowels. He pushed as hard and deep as he possibly could.

Anna pushed back just as ever bit hard as Lewis was. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her. She had one orgasm after another; her mind was a blur of erotic pleasure. Each blast of hot cum from his cock sent shivers throughout her body. By the end they both were pushing into each other with everything they had and screaming to the top of their lungs.

Totally spent they collapsed holding each other. Anna could not believe what she had just experienced. She looked up at Lewis who was just recovering as well. She slowly raised her lips to his and kissed him deep and passionately. Lewis was shocked by her unsolicited display of affection.

Here he was being kissed by a woman he had abducted, abused, raped, and still had his dick in her ass that he made her fuck him with. He kissed her back and slowly rolled her over. He removed his cock from ass, which popped when his head came out. This caused them both to laugh. Lewis finally got up to use the bathroom. While he was pissing Anna entered and started the shower, she looked over at him and ask if he would like to join her. Could this actually be true, he thought to himself.

He looked at her and she motioned him to join her. Once in the shower she washed both her body and then his, paying close attention to the cock. She scrubbed it completely clean. She then turned to Lewis grinned and dropped to her knees. She took his half hard cock and placed it in her mouth. Lewis let out a groan, and leaned back against the shower wall as he felt his cock slide in and out of her little mouth.

Anna was absolutely consumed with desire for his cock. She had never felt anything as intense as the day's orgasms. She had to make him cum one last time. She worked his cock for all it was worth, she never could get it all in but she was finally rewarded as he cummed on her face and tits. Once out of the shower Anna jumped back on the bed. She started to think twice about heading home, maybe she could stay the night.

Lewis knew he had to get her back now. She was starting to enjoy everything and that could really lead to a lot of trouble. They talked and he explained that it would be best if he take her back to town. Her wireless phone was in her purse and she could call her parents as soon as he dropped her off.

He told her it would be best if she was returned the same way she was brought here, blindfolded and unconscious. It would be best for him and her.

She reluctantly agreed. Lewis gave her the pants he had removed from her. She put them on, but he had cut her shirt and bra off, so he gave her a t-shirt he had bought. Once she was dressed he told he need to knock her out with the chloroform. She quickly kissed him, and turned around. Anna did not want to go, but he was right it would be best for both of them to do it this way. As she was thinking this she realized she had not asked him his name, just as she was about to ask she felt a damp rag cover her mouth and nose.

She quickly went to sleep. Lewis gathered up everything and took it to the car, then returned to get her. As he drove back to Knoxville, he reflected on his little encounter with Anna. He wondered to himself if under different circumstances they could have a relationship.

He knew the answer. NO. He told himself next time he would not allow his feelings to get in the way. He had started to feel for Anna, he had let the experience turn into something that he had not intended. He would keep everything cold and calculating next time. After about 20 minutes he pulled into a parking lot of a local ball park. He knew he could place her on a bench and drive away without anyone noticing. Before he left her he checked to see if she was starting to wake up, she was still out probably exhausted from all the recent activities.

He did not want to apply any additional chloroform to her, as he wanted to her to awaken quickly after his departure. Once he felt she was secure he made a quick retreat to his vehicle and left. Once back at the cabin he went straight to bed and asleep. He wanted to hit the road early in the morning and get back home.

Anna had awakened on their way to the ball park. When she opened her eyes she realized a hood was over her head. She quickly remembered what was going on and decided not to let on she was awake. Shortly after she did awaken the vehicle stopped and she was carried to what felt like some metal table or bench. She continued to pretend to be asleep.


She hoped Lewis would not give her anymore of the stuff he used to sedate her with and to her pleasure she heard him walk away after checking to see if she was still asleep. She reached up and pulled the hood up when she heard his vehicle start. She quickly focused and saw a dark colored car that looked like an American model.

He slowly pulled away, and Anna read the license plate number as he did. She repeated the number over and over in her head, until she saw him pull onto the main road and drive away.

She rose up, located her purse, found her address book, and wrote the license plate number down. She then located her wireless phone and called her parents.