Tattooed casting amateur tugging black cock

Tattooed casting amateur tugging black cock
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My Husband Works Nights My hair would tug while the comb finished reaching the tips of my hair while I finished up brushing it for the night. I put the brush down and leaned out the bathroom to the living room where my husband was drinking some coffee before he would head off to work. "Have a great night honey,' I said to him while walking over to the recliner across from him.

His eyes lifted up from the video he was watching on his computer and pulled one of the headphones off his ear and smiled. "What did you say honey," he said half aware I had even talked to him. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "I said have a great night", I repeated. He smiled his soft smile and nodded, "I am sure it will be easy, not much happens at night usually." I looked at the slight tired look in his eyes and wished he would find a day job some time. My husband was use to the night life after several months at his new job.

It was not stressfully job and he truly did enjoy the work. It was my own selfish wish for him to be on a normal day job so that we could spend more time together. As he gulped down the last of his coffee I watched him take the Bluetooth headphones off and set them onto the coffee table and plug them back into the laptop.

As my husband stood up and headed into the kitchen I heard him stack the cup on the counter with all the other dishes. I cringed at how cheap he is with money and has held off buying a dishwasher for our duplex. It may be expensive to buy and install but would be worth it, instead of him having to hear me nag at him to wash the dishes when it was his turn.

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He leaned around the edge of the wall and smiled, "I know, I know, I will get them when I get home tomorrow morning." I felt my eyes roll again and smiled. "Sure, you will", giving him my most whinny wife voice I could.

The red lunch box he always packed was in hand as he walked up to me in my recliner and kissed me on the forehead. "Love ya," was all he said as he walked down stairs to the back door and out to the car. I let out a long yawn before shutting off the T.V. and walked to the bedroom. I looked down at my body and signed. My body was not the most in shape…er…I was fat.

I reached up and lifted my small boobs, barely Bs, and let them drop from underneath my night shirt. I gave another yawn as I moved to the edge of the bed and set down.

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I pulled up my cell phone and checked facebook one more time. I turned to my alarm clock, clicking the button up to "On". With my head on the pillow it did not take long to drift off. &hellip. The feeling of a large hand clasping over my mouth woke me from my sleep like a bomb going off. The rush of adrenaline forced my brain into a sudden shriek of panic and fear that only those about to die in a car wreck might feel. That sudden feeling was followed by a soft "Shhhhh", that came from a deep throated voice.

My hands reached up to grasp at the hand and try to push it away. The muscle that surrounded the forearm was pretty thick and toned in a way that let me know instantly I would not be able to push it away even if I wanted to. I blinked in the pitch-black room. My husband working during the night ment he slept during the day and the windows would be blacked out completely. Suddenly my touch lamp setting on my night stand flicked on blinding me for a moment.

What I finally saw almost had me pissing myself in fear. This was defiantly not my husband. The guy was not quite as tall as him but was far heavier built. His hair was long and in tight corn-rolls with a dark color that matched his skin. The smile on his face was almost wicked when he whispered to me, "If you make any noise I will walk right into your kid's room and hurt her really bad." This caused me to freeze in a new level of panic I had never felt.

His other hand was pulled back to his chest and I could clearly see the outline of a knife, and although my husband always carried one, it was terrifying seeing it in this mands hand. Flashes of the worst death and pain he would cause my daughter made tears well up in my eyes and I felt myself struggle to breath as I started to sob into his hand. "Good girl," was all he said before looking down my body. When his dark brown eyes came back up to mine he tilted the knife back and forth a few times before speaking.

"I have wanted you for awhile now, I got a thing for girls like you." It was sickening to think he had been watching me. "I just had to figure out when a good time to visit you." He then pushed the knife down and held it over my face a few inches. "Remember, you make a noise and I will visit that little girl of yours and make sure she knows that it was you that allowed what I do to her to happen." After that he pulled the knife back and pulled his hand away from my mouth.

I reached up and covered it myself to keep from screaming in fear as I felt more tears roll down my face. "Good girl," he said again. Holding my hands over my mouth was more out of fear compared to what I wanted to do. To scream out and try and warn my daughter of the danger that was so close to her.

The knife he had seemed to disappear to a holder or pocket in his pants but what his hands did next made me want to puke right there. His hands slowly and deliberately undid the end of his buckle that held up his blue jeans. I closed my eyes but he told me to open them or else. When I forced them back open he let his pants drop along with his boxers. The size was massive compared to my husbands. Maybe about four times as thick and twice as long in its flaccid state.

I shook my head "no" over and over, but kept holding my hands over my mouth. I felt my legs naturally start to squeeze shut, afraid of what was about to happen. To try and meagerly defend myself without incurring the wrath he had promised should I refuse him in anyway. "Now," he said still in a soft voice, clearly trying to remind me that to much noise would cause problems if my daughter woke up, "Open your mouth." There were no options, no way to argue, no possible solution to save myself from this horrible fate.

I closed my eyes and slowly started to pull my hands away from my quivering lips. My breath was so fast and my heart beating so hard it was amazing that I had not yet thrown up from fear and shock. "Open your eyes bitch," he said in a louder voice. I felt more tears drip down my face and when I opened them along with my mouth the tip of his huge cock pressed against my lips. My sense of taste was assaulted by a bit of salty pre-cum instantly but the size was more then I could ever imagine.

My husband was so small and honestly, I hated giving blow jobs. The taste, the way it made my jaw sore, the hair; all of it just made me mad when my husband asked me for one. However; being forced to give this man, this monster one and I could not refuse. Guilt was now assaulting my mind as the head of his cock started to push pass my lips and fill my mouth. I could not open my mouth very wide.

I may be a fat girl, but my genes where suppose to be of a petite girl. I am not very tall, only about five-two with small breast. I probable would have been a cute skinny girl if it was not for my weight I picked up in high school. I am not even sure why I got so fat, I was always active and seemed to eat Ok and never too much.

That was still no deterrent for weight to build up on my bones until I was almost a pear shape with big belly and plenty of fat on my ass. With small breast my anger about my weight was always something I hated about myself. My little mouth was not able to open wide and caused pain from his fat cock spreading my lips, almost unbearable until he started to pull it back out.

"Damn you are tight," he said casually while pushing the tip back further inside. My tongue was unable to do anything but slide along the edge of his shaft as he started to rock his hips back and forth only pushing the head in and out. My arms wrapped around my chest and belly feeling the shame and guilt wracking my body with so much nausea it was making my mind go blank with fear.

I was looking up at this man while the light of my lamp seemed to burn a little in my eyes. The smile on his lips was so sickening on how much he was enjoying this. How a human being would be able to do such a thing to another human.

Suddenly my jaw felt his cock push a little further. His tip stretching my mouth a little more as his blood flow caused its swelling to enlarge a bit more. The small grunt he was giving was deafening to my mind. Then he pushed it harder and I felt the stretching cause even more pain in my jaw when the tip hit the back of my throat.

I have a small mouth, it was not even reaching half way down his shaft. It pushed against my back wall and caused me to gag. That gag was interrupted when suddenly his hips bucked and that feeling of his hot thick cum spraying the back of my throat caused me to full on cough as I tried to keep from drowning.

His cock let out more and more sperm inside my mouth with such volume that I had to pull my head back away from him to let it flow out around his massive tip and pore out down my face onto the pillow. Slowly he pulled his dick from my mouth and was breathing heavy.

I reached up to cover my mouth to try and muffle the coughing and spit out the disgusting fluid. His hand reached down and pinched my cheeks hard, leaving a red indention for how hard he squeezed.

"Swallow what is in there bitch", his voice so quite that made it feel like a threat. My eyes shook slightly as he watched me slowly close my mouth and with only the fear able to make me do what I needed to survive I let his left-over seed slide down my throat to my belly.

I have never even swallowed my husband the many years ago when I did give him a blow job. It felt thick and sickening as it hit my belly and I lay there. The man reached down and pulled the covers off my body. Tossing them off to the side, the side my husband would sleep on. I must look horrible, my face red from the anxiety and fear along with tears and cum running down it.

"You look amazing girl", he mockingly said to me, "Spread them." That full-on fear kept me in a constant state of submission.


I slowly wrapped my arms around my body but felt my knees and feet slowly move further away from each other. I felt my eyes close again as more tears welled up and my breathing became little gasp as the fear kept building. "Open your eyes bitch and keep them open." His voice rang out louder then I wanted him to, my only comfort was knowing my daughter was a heavy sleeper like her father. The lids of my eyes opened as he looked down at my body. "Take it all off." Was all he commanded as he watched me lay there almost shivering from the adrenaline wearing off and just pure fear gripping my mind.

My hands not wanting to incur his wrath they obeyed him slowly. First sliding down to the edge of my purplish panties. Hooking on either side of the band and slowly rolled my hips up to give freedom to slide them down pass my knees and off around my feet.

I then felt my hands grab the bottom edge of my night shirt and slowly pull it up. I started to lean up but the man stopped me. "Slow bitch, you try anything and Ill make sure you both suffer." I carefully now set up fully and pulled my shirt up over my head. My shoulder length brownish blond hair falling in a mess. When I was done I looked over at the black man and saw he had worked his pants completely off. His shaft was semi hard, or was it as hard as he could git it due to the size, I was not sure.

His eyes told me to lay back and spread my legs again. I simple did what I thought he wanted trying to pray the night would just end already.


"Good girl," he whispered as I felt his heavy body move over mine. His knees digging into the mattress. He was a good 40 maybe 50 pounds heavier then my husband and it was a good bit of muscle on him.

Having lost the adrenaline and falling into a pool of fear I finally took in his features of having a soft trimmed beard with a single earring in his left ear.

As his body straddled my legs just above the knees he pulled his shirt up and off. "Fuck you got big nipples," he commented before leaning his body down to put his head right above them.

"Please don't" I finally whispered. He did not know, he could not know how sensitive my nipples are. They are unbearable sensitive. I am talking about that it was so much overload of sensitivity not only did it send a weird nerve tickle that cause the roof of my mouth to feel it, but it would be painful if my nipples where pinched of nibbled on. A new feeling of guilt wracked my body think about how much my husband loved my nipples and would always try to play with them just enough for me to feel it with out hurting me.

Would this man be as gentle? My hand clasped over my mouth when I found the answer to the question and cried softly. He bit hard along the left nipple first, probable would leave bite marks if I had to guess. It hurt so bad, I sobbed heavily into my hand and breathed heavy through my nose. The man did not seem to care as he let his slimy tongue glide over the top of my right nipple before giving it the same bite. His arms came up to my wrist and suddenly dragged them away from my mouth. "Bitch, I want to taste you so bad." As he pushed his lips to mine in a violent battering on my mouth.

His tongue was rough and simple dominated my mouth as he let his tongue rub along my teeth, my tongue, my lips.

It was as if he was going to keep kissing me like this when I felt it. The tip of his hard-erect cock push against my entrance. I was able to pull my lips from him for just a second and said "Wait, I am…dry." Why was I saying this. Was my need to protect myself outweighing the realization that this man raping me should not enjoy himself.

He should not get to feel good and should just suffer at the cost of my pain. My eyes betrayed me as they looked over at the night stand. He seemed to follow along and let one hand go and reached over. Opening the top drawer and found the lube me and my husband would use. My husband was able to get me hot and ready, but I was one of those girls that just naturally did not make a lot of wetness. If we did not use lube even my husbands dick could leave me super raw and sore. This man gave me a wicked smile and then lifted himself up.

"Fine girl, only because you are being so nice and quiet", he said while opening up the lube and started to rube a good amount all along the shaft of his cock. I turned my head and tried not to stare at this brute. I gasped when the cold lube was suddenly pushed up against my pussy as his fingers began to rub a generous amount along my entrance. I felt my head arch back a bit when he pushed two fingers suddenly into my folds. "Damn you are tight, this is going to be the best." He said to himself as he started to rub his fingers in and out of my slick pussy.

"Better bite your lip bitch." He suddenly said. The tip was the first thing I felt after he pulled his lube covered fingers from my pussy. I reached up and covered my mouth again as he leaned his body forward and placed one hand on the other side of my shoulder.

His other hand was wrapped around his own meat and was gliding the tip along my pussy. Making sure that it was on target and not going to miss. The size was all my mind could focus on as the vision, even with my eyes open, was fading to white. I felt him shift his knees a bit and spread my legs a bit, "going to be so good." He mumbled as he pushed the tip into my pussy. The lube betrayed what should have been an impossible task as an almost audible pop sound occurred as his massive head sank him into my depth.

Inch by inch by inch, it was so much bigger then my husbands. I felt new tears start to flow as the pain was now wrecking my body as it tried to adjust to this new invasion.

As his cock reached enough depth he let go of his shaft and now placed his hand next to the other shoulder. His body over mine as he looked down into my eyes.

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"Move your hands now," he demanded in that low tone still dripped with threat. I moved my hands away as he could see I was in the middle of a silent scream. His face dipped down and his mouth once again began to kiss me like we were lovers while I sobbed.

This man did not care about me and just wanted to satisfy his own lust. As his tongue played with mine, my nipples started to rub along his chest as he bottomed out his dick into my pussy and pushed up against my cervix. He seemed to notice as he was pushing his weight down and my hips bucked backwards due to the pain.

"Fuck," he mumbled. "You got a small pussy" he said before pulling his cock back to where the head's ring was at the entrance again. "This is amazing." Was all he said before he buried himself into me again. The feeling of his cock stretching my pussy was making my head go blank as he was kissing both my mouth and cervix.

His rhythm increased with each new thrust wondering if I was going to die from this guilt. The new guilt was started to fill my belly with new nausea when I felt myself moan just softly into his mouth. Why I moaned I could not tell, sex with my husband was fantastic but we grew accustom to being silent with our sex to avoid our daughter overhearing us; yet here I had just moaned from this terrible man.

The heat from his body was radiating into mine, making me feel the heat begin to rise all over. I was feeling the sweat start to build along my skin as he drove himself in and out of me. "Please," was all I could muster to say between his brutal pounding and unwanted kissing. I lay there stiff and doll like until my hips felt the agonizing pain of his size and wanted to help reduce the pain a bit.

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Slowly my legs started to lift up and he smiled into his next kiss as he felt my heavy hips start to squeeze along his side as he started to quicken the pace. As his cock slide in and out with my legs up it was easier to feel it, easier to endure it, and more horrible easier to enjoy it.

With another soft moan he pressed himself inside me harder and faster. I shook my head just slightly in a no, still trying to resist this man from doing what he was doing. Whether he noticed or not did nothing to slow him as he pushed his cock in and out.

With my legs high in the air and him having a bigger frame then my husband my legs came to rest on his hips helping push him into my body, not because I wanted him there, but to keep him from hurting me more with his large size.

As I did this a sudden flush of pleasure had built up so deep in my belly there was no way to hide form it, and with my rolled back eyes closing slowly the orgasm I felt sent a wave from my pussy down to my toes and up to my brain. The worst guilt I could imagine as he kept moving inside of me, going through the orgasm and forcing my legs to pull on his hips.

With new vigor he seemed to push a bit faster, oh gosh was he going to make me cum again and so quick. Another orgasm flushed my body into a new level of heat that was only reached on the best nights with my husband, no not even as good as my husband.

My legs felt like jelly and had to wrap around him in order to keep from falling down. It would end quicker if I could make him cum soon.

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"Yeah bitch, enjoy this with me." He said as he lifted himself up away from my face and was able to drive himself in me over and over. Each time his cock would push up against the back wall of my short small pussy. Then he gave me a small grin as he leaned in and whispered.

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"I am cumming now babe." As he suddenly pushed himself into me like a dog locked to a bitch. My hands came up and grasped around his shoulders feeling the first thick hot spirt of cum coat my pussy insides. I felt myself moan deep as this orgasm sent my mind blank into an almost shaking quiver as my hips bucked against him.

The walls of my pussy squeezing down around his thick manhood milking him dry. The volume was just as much as the blow job if not more as it was gushing out from walls of my pussy and around his cock. The warm liquid flowing into a thick pool down my ass crack and onto the bed. With several grunts and hard thrust to push himself deep inside I finally felt him relax and let himself breath heavy as the last of his cum dripped out the tip of his cock.

I cursed myself wanting to scream and cry at my betrayal only to remember his threat, keeping my mouth shut I let me legs unwrap around him. Realizing they had wrapped around him tight and was holding his massive cock inside me hard. While I laid there motionless for a moment the man lifted himself off me and pushed me onto my side away from the edge of the bed as he set down on the edge himself. "Hmmmm, so good." He said letting his hand trail down the side of my body.

He played a little with my fat on my side and then slapped my ass softly. "I am going to leave now", he said quietly. "If you call the cops or I see you go to the cops I will take your daughter when you least expect it." The mans hands kept moving up and down my side as I started to sob.

"I plan to come back at a later time, and you will be more willing for me wont you", his words came out still quiet but so threating they might as well have been that knife he had nearby. "I also plan to fuck your ass, and as tight as your pussy is you better practice before then or its going to hurt enough you might wake your daughter." I lifted my head looking over my shoulder at him.

"No, you cannot, I have never had anything in there." Was all I could say. His eyes darkened as he glared at me. "I will not say it again, you better practice before then." I let out a soft sob as I turned away from him, feeling his load of cum dripping out of my pussy down my thighs to the bed. I could hear him get up off the bed and redress. I just stayed motionless until he petted me on the head and kissed my shoulder. "Fat girls are the best, and remember," his voice cold "tip off anybody that I am coming back or we did this and your daughter is as good as gone." &hellip.

I did not move for so long that hours turned to near morning. With a body full of regret and fear I got up and stripped the bed. Anger was the only emotion I could feel right now as I took them down to the laundry room and started to wash them. I then got up to the room and put on new sheets before making the bed. Like a lifeless doll I ran the night through my head over and over wondering how and why this had happen to me.

I then moved to my recliner in the living room and then wept till I heard my daughter's alarm clock go off. I tried to act like I was just up early as she got ready for school and then made her way to the bus stop down the road. Shortly after that I could hear the downstairs door open and my husband yelling up to me. "Mornin' honey", I set there a moment before he called up again. "You sleep Ok", he said as he walked up the stairs to the kitchen to set down his lunch box.

Without looking at him and keeping my teary puffy face away from him I spoke, "Yeah, it was a good night how about yours&hellip."