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Case Study 301: Come on let's suck his man stick together honey Chapter 11 Well you have once again returned to the next chapter, thank you. This chapter will not be filled with page after page of explicit sex so so so sorry. This chapter will be pushing the back story forward along with our protagonist. I understand you may not understand everything right now but that is the beauty of a good story it all comes together later on in the book.

As always constructive comments are welcome. But please if you have nothing to contribute to the story moving forward just keep it to yourself. Thank you. Meanwhile back in Los Angeles at Special Agent Tom Murphy's Hotel Room: Special Agent Tom Murphy was on his way back to FBI headquarters in Los Angeles after a long arduous day of canvassing the UCLA Campus for a young lady known as Farah Johansson a.k.a.

Debbie Reynolds with no luck. Tom sat for a while at his desk with his head between his hands. Tom was never this depressed before with his efforts to bring the guilty to justice but with this case he hasn't made very much headway in any direction. It seems that he has been spinning his wheels in some very deep mud.

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He felt that he actually had met his match with this case not being able to bring the person or persons behind the quadruple assassinations to justice. He thought that they may actually get away with murder and that sent a shiver down his spine.

His thoughts began to degrade to his very reputation in the Bureau. What it meant to have allowed such a high profile suspect such as Salvatore Palandolpho to slip right thru his hands. Then worst of all that he was assassinated on his watch that was even more devastating to his career in the Bureau. Tom's self loathing and deprivation submerged to a dark and ominous place where he actually considered leaving the Bureau in shame at one point.

After an hour or so more of this repugnance Tom decided that it was time for some well needed sleep hoping the next day would be a little brighter than this one. At the same time across town: Once again Gemma and Karen, who just happen to be Tom's two special playmates while he remains in Los Angeles, wormed yet another pass key from the night desk clerk to his hotel room. The girls were horny for their personal Adonis as they wanted to surprise their 'man stick' with another night of hot steamy pleasure but to their dismay Tom wasn't there when they snuck into his hotel room.

Despite their disappointment Karen, a highly decorated LA Homicide Detective just happens to be a true blue lesbian. With this new development Karen's new craving changed to taking advantage of their alone time and attempt to seduce Gemma her younger partner on the force again. Karen's limited but over stimulated sexual encounters with Gemma over the past several weeks very disappointingly included Tom making each encounter a ménage a trios and that was much more adventuresome than she had ever expected.

The opportunity to be naked with Gemma was always enticing and intriguing even though there was a swinging phallus in the same room with them. It just wasn't the intimate love affair that she fantasized about having with her partner Gemma for the past several years. Now, with no Tom around she had the time to work her special magical lesbian charms on her younger and very hot partner. Gemma has always been Karen's white whale ever since the first day when she walked thru the detective's door at her precinct and was paired up with her.

Gemma had become the one fixture of hot lesbian lust and overwhelming desire that Karen thirsted for. Karen's only other problem with being alone with Gemma is that she promised her life partner Danielle of the past seven years that she would never be alone with Gemma sexually again. But Karen just couldn't help herself. Gemma is that sweet piece of candy that she knows she shouldn't have because it's bad for your diet but you just can't resist having just a little taste to satisfy your weakness.

Karen not knowing the amount of time she had before Tom would waltz back thru the door of his hotel room or when Danielle her wife would call her to ask how much longer she was going to be for the day. So she quickly took charge of the fantasy she kept deep down in her sexual soul and pushed Gemma on her back onto the bed. Gemma smiled at her voluptuous partner noticing her piercing green eyes of passion looking right thru her soul and she said, "Hey!

What was that for?" She saw Karen licking her lips, "So, you don't want to wait for Tommy ~ Aye? Okay ~ come on honey." She patted the bed with her hand and said, "Come here and join me on the bed." Karen surveyed Gemma's succulent breasts that seemed to suspend freely because she wasn't wearing a bra under her halter top.

Karen fell to her knees in front of the bed in a begging fashion. Karen grasping her partner's ankles pulled Gemma to the edge of the bed while spreading her legs under her panty-less skirt. Karen began to caress her smooth creamy thighs and kissing them open mouthed with her tongue and she was greeted with the bitter taste of Gemma's salty and sweaty skin from walking all day in the hot sun.

Karen's head slowly gravitated to the point where Gemma's legs met at her precious treasure. Karen immediately was met with a new and intoxicating aroma of Gemma's musky smelling vagina after a full day of canvassing around on the USC campus looking for Farah Johansson. Karen wasn't apprehensive with Gemma's wonderful aroma as she opened her partner's labia revealing her dime sized black hole of a vagina. Then Gemma's sharp aroma hit Karen's nostrils and it smelled like fresh cookies to her that just came out of the oven.

She started snacking on her thirty-year-old pink snatch. Karen had her tongue buried deep inside of Gemma as her nose came to rest on her hard and sensitive clit. Gemma's moans and pants were soft and docile with a special loving sensual coo's. That was exactly what Karen wanted to hear from her.

It was the special loving sounds of pure lesbianism. Gemma moved her hand to the back of Karen's head pulling her hair and forcing Karen's face deeper between her legs, "Don't stop honey. Your tongue feels wonderful inside of me. Lick it deep inside and pull my juices out on your tongue and coat my clit sweetie." Gemma wanted a rougher feel to Karen's tongue inside of her tiny pink snatch.

Gemma's hips began to gyrate in small motions upwards and downwards as Karen's hot wet tongue bathed the insides and outside of Gemma's pussy. Karen looked up at Gemma's eyes and smiled at her partner and mouthed, "Your cunt smells like dark red cherry's baby ~ I want you to finish on my tongue baby ~ I want to taste you ~ then I want to you suck your cum off of my lips honey." Gemma's head was spinning in pure ecstasy.

She has had plenty of men who had gone down on her before but it just seemed so much more intense with Karen. With as much effort as she could exert Gemma reached for her purse that was lying next to her on the bed.

She pulled a small vibrator that was shaped like a small white egg. She handed it to Karen and Karen opened her mouth and put the whole thing inside of her mouth to get it nice and lubed then moved it to Gemma's hot and steamy pussy.

Gemma turned the vibrator on and Karen went back down on her younger partner's clit licking and sucking it. Several minutes of Karen's expertise work on Gemma's clit and the wonderful vibrations inside of her love canal was bringing Gemma closer and closer to orgasm.

Karen wanting to really make their time together more pleasurable turned the speed on the tiny egg shaped vibrator to high. Gemma's vagina began to close around the vibrating egg squeezing it tight and hard and the intense vibrations began sending shock wave after shock wave of pleasure over her entire body.

Several minutes later Gemma began to pull Karen's hair as Karen was licking the pussy juices that began to excrete out around the vibrator and past her aching pussy lips. Karen was in heaven as she was doing her best to not allow one tangy drop to escape from her vagina onto the bed.

As Gemma's body was convulsing on the bed like a demon possessed woman from head to toe a few minutes later Gemma tensed and screamed, "I'M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGG." Then her pussy walls opened releasing its grip on the small egg then it was launched out from her pussy and it flew across the hotel room landing on the desk where it bounced around until it fell on the floor and the batteries went rolling everywhere.

Once the egg escaped Karen was in shock as she'd never seen anything like that before. Her face was intent on her police partner's pussy then without any warning Gemma's cunt propelled a warm stream of her pussy juice that saturated Karen's entire face with her orgasm. Gemma remained paralyzed from the intense orgasm and it had expended all of her short term energy. She just lay in a shallow pool of her orgasm remaining perfectly still as if she were a corpse.


Karen was still in shock and surprise as she was sprayed with her partner's orgasm that was now dripping off of her eyes, nose and chin but Karen wasting no time and dove right back between her legs into her sopping wet vagina.

She was licking and sucking up every bit of Gemma's tangy cunt juice as if it was the nectar of the gods. When she had finished Gemma's eyes remained closed and there wasn't any movement on her part for several minutes except for her taught stomach rising and falling with each breath. Then once Karen was satisfied with what she had accomplished went to the bathroom to wash her face from Gemma's pungent excretion. When Karen returned with a damp wash cloth in her hand she gazed down on her partner's viral younger body and was jealous of how tight she was in all the right places and then very lovingly cleaned her partner's pussy.

Gemma's internal batteries began to recharge and she slowly flickered back to life. When she opened her loving and doting eyes she rolled over to Karen and kissed her on the lips, "Oh my fucking god honey ~ thank you so much ~ that was by far the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my entire LIFE!" She sat up and hugged her partner and whispered in her ear, "You know a few weeks ago if you would have asked me if I would let a woman eat my snatch I would have told you that you were nuts.

Now, I think you and I are going to have to keep this on the down low from Danielle and find time to take care of each other ~ privately ~ just us girls." Karen's heart leapt with excitement as her smile was from ear to ear as this was her intention when this all started several weeks ago.

Karen knew she owed this new and extraordinary relationship to Special Agent Tom Murphy and his willingness to be with both of them and especially for him agreeing to impregnate her and give her the love child she always wanted. Karen kissed Gemma back and then she took Gemma's top off and then her skirt so she was completely naked.

She then rolled over on her back and looked up at her young partner and said, "Do you remember how to do it ~ the way I taught you?" Gemma smiled at her older partner and said, "Yeah." Gemma moved her face to Karen's and started by kissing Karen passionately and she could taste her own spicy orgasm on Karen's lips and on her tongue. Their tongues dueled in the open air as they both hugged one another each pulling the other tighter to each other.

Their amorous kissing along with their impassioned squeezing made them both dizzy with their lesbian pleasure. Gemma's hand delicately moved along Karen's stomach then under her pants and panties then between her upper thighs as she could feel the lava like heat emanating from her pussy lips with her fingers.

Gemma then pushed Karen's head down on the pillow as she opened Karen's blouse and pushed her bra off of her round 34-c breasts. Gemma's tongue began to trace down to Karen's yummy tasting breasts.

Bringing spit up to her tongue she began to trace the outlines of Karen's areolas and gently with her lips kissed her nipples to full erection as her finger parted her inner pussy lips.

Karen moved her head to Gemma, "I'm turning you into a class 'A' lesbian honey. Damn you're doing such a good job of stimulating my whole body honey." After Karen released Gemma's face she traversed her tongue between Karen's heaving cleavage down to her bellybutton.

She gently kissed her belly as she unbuttoned her partner's pants. Then climbing off the bed she grabbed the cuffs of the bottom of Karen's pants and slid them off. Then she came back up and hooked her thumbs to her waist band of her panties and then with one motion pulled them off of her partner's body. Gemma looked down at Karen's naked and voluptuous body. She was a little bigger in certain places than she was.

Then Gemma had a sudden twisted thought of fascination of actually being alone with a woman sexually. She became excited as she gazed down at her nakedness taking it all in, that Karen is a real woman. Climbing back onto the bed she pulled her tongue back inside and got it nice and wet and then followed the light almost transparent colored peach fuzz trail from the bottom of Karen's bellybutton down to her small landing strip.

She then pushed Karen's thighs open and Gemma was treated with Karen's essence emanating from Karen's treasure chest. Gemma's tongue finally penetrated inside of Karen's inferno of love.

Karen began to moan immediately from the intense gratification that she was providing with her silky tongue and Gemma asked, "So how are my tongue skills partner?" Karen said, "You are definitely getting better honey.

I'm going to get you to flip over to the other team ~ I swear." Gemma giggled and said, "Like I said it before honey ~ I love the cock way too much to flip and become a full blown lesbian honey." Just then Tom pushed the door of his hotel room all the way open.

He wasn't in shock as this wasn't the first time he caught these two doing it in his room without him. He was just happy to see them both naked but upset that they started without him and he said, "Well ~ Well ~ Well. This is a sight for sore eyes. This is such a nice surprise seeing the two of you especially at the end of this horrible day where nothing went right. I am so glad that you're both here." Gemma's head shot up from between Karen's pussy as she heard Tommy's voice, "Tommy!" She sprang from the bed and met Tom by throwing her hands around his neck and then hopped up on to his torso and kissing him open mouth repeatedly.

Their tongues tangoed together as he could feel the fire from her pussy pushing against his stomach over his dress shirt and Tom smiled looking directly into Gemma's eyes and said, "I love the taste of Karen's pussy on your tongue honey ~ it just turns me on knowing that the two of you get it on the way you do!" Karen sighed to herself as her head plopped back onto her pillow in disgust and thought, 'DAMN IT!

I can never catch a FUCKIN' break and be totally alone with Gemma. Fuck I knew this was a BAD idea coming here. I got to convince Gemma to bring me back to her apartment.' Gemma excited by Tom's acceptance of Karen's essence on her tongue moved her mouth forward and frantically kissed Tom on the mouth.

Tom took in deep breaths allowing the aroma and taste of Karen's pussy quaff over him. When Gemma stopped she looked Tom directly in the eyes and Tom said, "So, you've been eating your partner's pussy it tastes so damn good." Tom moved them to the side of the bed holding Gemma tight as he sat on the bed with Gemma still in his lap. Karen moved over to him and kissed him slowly and passionately and Tom said, "Ooh and look at that ~ you mouth tastes just like Gemma's pussy ~ what a surprise that is.

So, how's my lesbian lover who wants to have a Special Agents love child? You still love me enough to want my cock?" Karen's eyebrows lifted up and down then smiled at Tom, "I love your cock baby because I know I don't have to marry it. So, did you store up enough baby juice to fill up my womb again today?" Tom was slowly emerging into his nakedness as Gemma continued kissing him on the lips while unbuttoning his shirt then his pants as she left Karen's pussy juice residue behind in his mouth and he said, "Karen I have so much cum that you're going to have to stand on your head for an hour to make sure that you don't spill a single drop." Karen rose up and pulled Tom's boxers down as his cock was pulled straight down then snapped up and made a slapping sound on his flat stomach.

Karen then reached up and with both hands on Tom's shoulders pulled him down on the bed so that he was on his back and his cock was pointing straight up to the ceiling. Then she looked at Gemma and said, "Come on let's suck his man stick together honey." Gemma didn't need her open invitation as she plopped on the bed between Tom's thick hairless thighs and opened her mouth and buried his cock into her mouth then after a few bob's of her head she readjusted her angle and Tom's manhood slipped deep into her throat.

When she finally came up off of it she turned to Karen and said, "Okay he's all lubed up for whatever we want to do to him." Tom became the director of his own fantasy and he pointed to Karen and said, "She didn't make you cum yet did she?" Karen quickly said, "No, she didn't have enough time.

You came back too early but she was working on it." Tom smirked and said, "Okay, so we'll take care of that problem right now. Come over here Karen and sit on my mouth and grind on me 'til you cum and Gemma sit on my cock and enjoy my throbbing cock inside your tight little cunt hole." Karen didn't hesitate as she spread her legs over Tom's face and her hands came to rest on his chiseled chest.

Gemma on the other hand wasn't fully satisfied that Tom's cock was properly lubed as she began to work her saliva filled mouth over Tom's shaft. After several minutes of sucking his cock Gemma spread her legs and straddled Tom's seven inches. She rode him slowly allowing every inch of Tom's cock to hit every nerve ending along her love canal. Then as their bodies began to be stimulated by Tom's tongue and manhood looked into each other's eyes.

There was something special between them aside them sharing the same man. Karen moved her hands to Gemma's face and pulled her to her lips to hers and they began to kiss each other. The room was now silent except for the slurps and sloshes of two wet pussies being satisfied by one man.

Gemma rode his shaft as the walls of her vagina hugged Tom's shaft intently. Gemma quivered each time she let Tom's penis penetrate her to the point where the tip of his cock pushed open her womb.

After several thrilling minutes of fanatical copulation Gemma's head fell back, "Tommy you're so fucking A-mA-Ziiing!" Then she finally succumbed to yet another explosive orgasm.

It was the second time in one night that the intensity of her orgasm not only coated Tom's shaft but there was so much of it that it pooled at the base of his pelvis. Gemma held onto Karen's shoulders as she was unable to remain upright under her own power. As payment for Karen's help her mouth went to work on Karen's breasts as Karen was oscillating her hips around Tom's face and her orgasm wasn't too far behind.

Gemma so weakened by her orgasm she could no longer hold herself upright and fell off of Tom's cock and rolled into the fetus position all by herself as her body continued to convulse on the bed.

Then it was Karen's turn as she blurted out, "Oh Tommy that's it tongue fuck me honey." Then Karen's pussy excreted its special sauce slowly but deliberately down onto Tom's lips and into his mouth. Karen then fell off of Tom just like Gemma did and she too curled up into the fetal position allowing her body to run its course until her orgasm subsided and said, "Why can't you be a woman Tommy?

You eat pussy so damn good." After both girls took about ten minutes to recover Karen finally opened her eyes and saw Tommy on his back with his eyes closed. She tapped him with her foot on his shoulder stretching her arms out then bit her bottom lip and said, "Tommy you said you had some cum for me?" Tom said, "Yeah my balls are heavy baby.

Are you sure you're ready to go at it so quickly after your orgasm? I know I'll impregnate you tonight once and for all. Tonight is going to be the night we make your baby honey." Tom now stood next to the bed and pulled Gemma by her wrists so her head hung over the edge of the bed. He then grabbed Karen by the ankles and pulled her over top of Gemma's torso so she was facing away from him and her ass was directly over Gemma's face. Gemma looked up and smelled the spunk from Karen's hot hole.

She spread Karen's ass cheeks wide revealing two small gaped black holes. Then she opened her mouth and began to bath Tom's balls with her wet tongue and Tom said, "Yes you sexy bitch lick and suck my balls." Tom feeling his shaft was dry and not wanting to just push it in Karen's pussy he knew he needed some lube so he deposited his cock into Gemma's mouth and then back down her throat.

Tom injected her throat with his manhood as Gemma's throat began to coat his shaft with her saliva and stomach lining as she choked and gagged on Tom's manhood. Then as his iron shaft finally escaped her mouth there was a massive amount of her saliva and mixed juices.

There were multiple thick white strings of saliva that connected her mouth to his balls, shaft and head. She reached out with her fingers and collected her wet stringy saliva and sucked it all back into her mouth along with Tom's cock. Tom continued to inject his cock until he could pump it easily in and out of Gemma's willing throat. Then he looked down at Gemma and said, "Spread your partner's ass open form me. I want to fuck her now." Tom looked down onto Karen's round and nearly hard ass with his hands on her hips pulling her back fast and hard as he matched his own thrusts pushing his hot stick deep inside of Karen's aching pussy.

No matter how much Karen claims to be a lesbian she cannot help reverting back to the typical whore like instincts of a typical sex starved cunt that she really was. As much as she puts down having a cock inside of her or that it disgusts her; deep down in her inner soul she knows she was born to fuck long thick cocks just like Tom's.

Karen looked back at her Adonis and squealed, "You feel so FUCKING amazing inside of me Tommy. Don't stop Tommy ~ fuck me. Gemma ~ come on honey lick my clit I want to get off on Tommy's big cock honey ~ Oh my FUCKING god!

~ your cock is so damn good inside of me ~ you know when a woman says that she doesn't need a man because she has a vibrator is a fucking idiot ~ it's a horrible substitute for the real thing baby ~ fuck me Tommy boy ~ ooh yeah baby ~ don't stop honey ~ pound me fast ~ hard and DEEP!" Both Tom and Karen began to moan loudly to point of screaming with ecstasy. Karen was literally howling at the top of her lungs but it was only muffled because her face was now buried in between Gemma sexy, silky smooth thighs.

Gemma who just had two of the most powerful orgasms of her life her pussy was gearing up for her third that night. Tom then matched the ladies octaves with his own deep baritone octave and then buried his cock deep inside of Karen's pussy.

Then the tip of his head slipped inside of Karen's tiny little womb. The sensation was so electric that Tom made a gurgling sound as he wanted to warn Karen of his impending orgasm but all he could do was give a warriors scream like he was about to go into battle.

Then he discharged his immense orgasm inside of Karen's vagina. Tom pumped his semen deep inside of her. There were multiple long ropes of cum that rattled quickly up Karen's tunnel that washed up against her aching and wanting womb of life. Karen's thighs were so weakened from being on all fours she began to quiver again and she fell forward on top of Gemma's torso pulling Tom with her, "Please Tommy, don't pull out yet honey ~ I want ever last swimmer inside of me." Gemma then squirmed out from underneath both of them.

Then Tom slowly slipped out of Karen but with the amount of cum he deposited inside of her there was a natural outflow as his shaft slipped out of Karen. Not to worry though Gemma was right there as usual to collect every last drop of their mixed orgasms. When Tom was fully out of Karen Gemma smiled at Tom with his cum dangling from her lips and chin then she asked, "Can I have the rest daddy?" Tom exhausted from pounding Karen's lesbian pussy looked down at the younger detective and said, "You can have as much as you want……" As Tom remained kneeling on the bed both Gemma and Karen took turns licking Tom's cock with their tongues.

Then Gemma noticed the smallest bead of cum between Karen's pussy lips and without asking permission delved her tongue deep between Karen's pussy crack.

Then the three of them fell to the bed together and spooned each other until they all fell asleep as sugar plums danced in their collective heads for the night…&hellip. The next afternoon in Los Angeles: The Interview of Farah Johansson's parents: After the team thoroughly canvassed both the UCLA and USC campuses they came up empty handed trying to find Farah Johansson.

Making matters worse they weren't able to put together any new leads as to the whereabouts of Farah from any of her supposed friends on campus. Agent Eric Walker had been sitting at his desk for an hour or so trying to think like a co-ed on the run, trying to figure where she would go to hide but after racking his brain around he finally had enough.

He fired up his computer and began the arduous task of now trying to find the young girls parents as they were not permitted to her private records from the University as she has yet to be charged with any crime. He first started his search with the database for the entire Los Angeles basin using the Johansson name and all of its various spellings. It turns out that there were more than 800 families living in and around the Los Angeles area.

Frustrated with that number he then put in the parameters of Farah's approximate age and a family of three. That lowered the number to fewer than 100 families then he remembered that his boss said that Farah had a faint Swedish accent. So, then he refined his search again to families that moved to the US from Sweden in the past fifteen years given Farah's current age and living in Los Angeles.

That narrowed it down to just four families. He then took his newly produced leads and asked his boss Special Agent Tom Murphy for permission to go out and interview each family with the hope of actually finding Farah's actual parents. Later that afternoon FBI Agents Eric Walker and Danny Lambert arrived in the town of Sherman Oaks after interviewing the three other Johansson families that were not related to Farah.

As they drove thru Sherman Oaks on their way to the last of the Johansson residences Danny and Eric took in the upscale homes and their three car garages, manicured gardens and lawns exhibiting their financial influence.

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They realized that the Johansson's were living in an upper middle-class town. When they finally arrived at their destination they sat in the car across the street from the house talking about strategies on how to approach the Johansson's just in case they were hiding their daughter. Eric took the lead walking up to the front door and rang the bell.

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As they waited for a few moments they picked lint and little shcnibbles from each other's suit jackets then the door swung opened. They both turned and their minds were smacked with the awe of Theresa Johansson the mother of Farah as the door swung open. She was wiping her face with a small white towel as sweat was profusely rolling down her entire body. Eric and Danny's eyes went wide with astonishment just like a wolf in the old Bugs Bunny cartoon's they're eyes were bugging out of their sockets with the initial splendor of Theresa's form even though she looked like she just came out of the shower.

Theresa was a tall woman being Scandinavian she stood approximately 5'10" and as she moved the towel away from her face they noticed it was flawless and she had lovely blue eyes and long natural dirty blonde hair that was pulled tightly back in a ponytail at the top of her head.

The ponytail came to rest in the middle of her back then she had the cutest smile that made both of their hearts melt and she said in a cute but faint Swedish accent, "Hello? What can I do for you gentlemen?" They both stood there like adolescent school boys who were staring at their friend's hot mother with their eyes bugging out and their mouths agape. Eric was the first one to snap out of her trance as he blinked a few times and shook his head and said, "I'm sorry Ma'am I am Agent Eric Walker." Then Eric slapping Danny's shoulder with the back of his hand without breaking eye contact with her as Theresa still held Eric in her trance and he said, "And this is my partner Danny Lambert." Danny mesmerized by the spell of her beauty just raised his hand in the air as his face was turning red with embarrassment and could only audibly release a single grunt of, "Hi." And then gave her a cute school boy smile.

Theresa noticing that speaking to Danny wasn't going to get her anywhere she turned back to Eric and repeated her question, "So, what can I do for you gentlemen?" Eric and Danny seemed to be in some sort of outer body experience as they heard her question but for some reason could only stare at her intently not answering her.

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Danny and Eric's eyes were fixated on the forty-year-old something woman as they were aroused by her appearance but that was made apparent by the sweat that was streaming down her face and dripping down onto her taut body. She was wearing a cream colored tank-top that now seemed to be completely transparent as her white skin was bleeding thru and the top of her tank-top dipped halfway down the front of her breasts.

That wouldn't have been so bad but she wasn't wearing a bra under her tank top and her sweat made it seem like she was participating in a wet t-shirt contest.

Her round white 40-DD breasts were completely visible under her white cotton tank top defying gravity and for both men to just stand there and stare at them. Danny's manhood began to grow in his pants as he fixated on her large pink areolas and hard nipples that were trying to break thru the cotton fabric of her top and all he wanted to do was suckle on them like a baby would.

Eric's head fell looking to her lower torso and he noticed that she was wearing soft pink colored leggings that were clinging to her lower half of her body because of her perspiration.

Her thigh muscles and calf muscles were clearly defined but the one muscle that caught his eye was her camel toe.

It was blatantly apparent that she wasn't wearing any underwear as her pussy was translucent thru her saturated leggings and he actually could made out her white skin underneath. She was a clean shaven woman and her pussy made Eric's mouth begin to water with anticipation.

Theresa looked at the two young agents with their eyes scanning her body and their mouths gaped in wonderment of her. For Theresa this wasn't anything new to her as she was used to men ogling her body ever since she began to develop into womanhood even before she was a teenager. Then she snapped her fingers and said, "Hello ~ Hello ~ gentlemen how may I help you?" Eric took the lead as Danny began to stammer and wasn't making any kind of sense and Eric said, "Yes you can.

Are you Mrs. Johansson?" Theresa smiled and said, "Yes I am." Danny recovered from his embarrassing stammering and with the best smile he could muster said, "Hello, Mrs. Johansson I am Agent Danny Lambert with the FBI. Are you the parents of Farah?" Theresa giggled at his awkwardness and said, "Like I've just said before ~ Yes." Danny said, "Then if it wouldn't be too much trouble we would like to come in and speak with you for a few moments about your daughter Farah." Theresa spun around and yelled, "Oh Gabe can you come to the front door honey.

I need your help." Eric and Danny were given yet another wonderful gift. They stood there poking each other in the ribs and pointing at her perfect round ass. But as if that wasn't enough her buttock cheeks were askew just enough so they both were treated to her very visible pink bleached asshole and her very thin pink lips of her vagina.

Several seconds later her husband Gabe emerged from around the corner and traversed the hallway to the front door stepped in front of his glistening wife and asked, "What is this about gentlemen?" Eric looked at Gabe and said, "Hi, sir. I'm Agent Eric Walker and this is my partner Agent Danny Lambert. It is about your daughter ~ Farah ~ sir. Can we please come inside and speak with the two of you instead of out here where the rest of the neighborhood can watch." Theresa moved her hand and took Eric's with trepidation and asked, "Why?

Is Farah in some kind of trouble?" Eric's entire body was charged with electricity from her soft touch then he finally let go of Theresa's hand and said, "At this point we are not sure Ma'am." Theresa turned and grabbed her husband's hand, "Follow us gentleman" and then her husband led them down a short hallway that was lined with family photos. Eric and Danny being trained scanned each photo as best they could to try and pick up as much detail as they could just in case they needed that information later on.

They then passed the dining room on the left. It was very formal, the table chairs and floor were all deep cherry wood. It was very ornate and extremely beautiful. After a few more steps to the right they entered into the cozy but very plush living room. Danny nudged Eric in the ribs and pointed at Theresa's sweaty ass cheeks that bled through her pink leggings that seemed to be transparent and then licked his lips and pointing to the heavens whispering to Eric, "Thank you Jesus.

Thank you so much." They both smiled and giggling like adolescent teenage boys as they watched her hips sway ever so slightly left and then right like the timing of a pendulum of a grandfather clock (tic-tock, tic-tock, tic-tock). Before everyone was seated Theresa said, "I'm sorry, where are my manners gentlemen, would you care for something to drink?" They both looked up at her like two doting boys who had an infatuation with their school teacher and simultaneously said, "No thank you Ma'am." Gabe pointed to the couch acknowledging them to sit.

Eric and Danny took their places on the couch next to each other as Gabe took the oversized brown rich leather chair. Theresa moved in front of Danny and Eric as they sat on the couch. She then spun around and bent forwards pushing the coffee table away from the sofa. Nothing was hidden now as both men were given front row seats of her treasure chest between her legs. They both caught the quaffs of her fragrant vagina and it brought both of them to immediate full erection.

Then she sat down in front of them, "Excuse me gentlemen but I was doing my palates and I don't want to get my chair wet." As she sat with her legs opened just enough that both men couldn't help but stare at her pussy and it was so obvious that Theresa's face blanched a little as she looked down and noticed that her pussy was on display for the two younger gentlemen.

She then crossed her left leg of her right. She looked down and noticed that her tank top wasn't really covering her naked breasts. Normally she would excuse herself but there were two FBI Agents sitting in her living room wanting to ask questions about her little girl. So, she thru decorum out the window and rebounded a little getting their attention back from staring at her body by saying, "So, gentlemen you have our undivided attention what is happening to our daughter Farah?" Danny smiled and said, "We just have a few questions about your daughter." Danny then looked at both parents and asked, "Have either of you been in contact with your daughter recently?" Gabe entered the conversation and said, "You know it has been a little longer than usual.

I would have to say that it has been more than a few weeks or perhaps more since we have spoken with her. Usually she calls every other week. So, she should be getting in touch with us soon. Why?" Eric focused in on Theresa as he held his folder over his lap. His cock was fully erect underneath and he was enamored with Theresa piercing blue eyes he asked, "Isn't that kinda strange?" Danny moved on with what Eric was trying to convey as there was an awkward silence in the room as Theresa and Gabe didn't say anything and he said, "I mean Mister and Misses Johansson, your daughter goes to USC right?


And you guys live right here in Sherman Oaks. Why is there such little contact between you? I would think that there would be a lot more contact other than every couple of weeks." Theresa shot her own piercing look back at Eric that made his heavily beating heart to rise into his throat as she smiled at him making his cock so hard that he could cut diamonds at this point and said, "Well, you have to understand gentlemen ~ we didn't realize that we were being overbearing parents in her freshman year.

We would stop by campus unannounced ~ and well ~ we became quite the embarrassment for Farah. She asked us to just stop coming by her dorm and if we would just call instead of just showing up ~" Gabe shot in "Oh darling we shouldn't hide what happened. I mean they are the FBI and probably already know what happened her freshman year. You see my daughter is very attractive just like my wife here ~ and I ~ I just wanted my daughter to ~ to ~ you know stay ~ sorta like ~ pure ~ if you know what I mean?

I didn't want her to end up on one of those god damn, girls gone wild videos. I didn't want her going to those crazy fucking fraternity parties or worse yet end up on some video somewhere that if she broke up with some douche bag he would put it out all over the internet. But all of that went out the window her freshman year. You see we wanted to surprise our little princess and we snuck on campus one weekend.

One Saturday afternoon we knocked on her dorm room door ~ I heard some commotion from the inside. Then I heard a woman's voice from inside asking, 'who is it?' And I answered thinking it was just my daughter inside and said 'It is me honey.' When the door opened all my fears came true.

Inside, where about ten boys and about fifteen girls all nude in the throes of an all out orgy. There on the floor on all fours was my precious little princess with a man lying on his back on the floor with his penis in her vagina.

There was another man behind her penetrating her anally and yet a third pulling her hair and forcing his penis into her mouth. Well ever since that day my relationship with my daughter has been ~ let's just say ~ very strained to the least. After I jumped in and tried to save my daughter from what they were doing to her.

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The young men not knowing who I was took exception to my presence there and began beating on me very badly. I have almost stopped speaking to my daughter all together gentlemen. If she wants contact with me she needs to initiate it. She has a somewhat closer relationship with my wife.

I haven't given up on my daughter gentlemen but she must take responsibility for all her actions. It's the only way for a young woman like her to grow up." Theresa was tearing up and crying a little as her hand went over her face but Eric and Danny couldn't help but notice the way her 40-DD round breasts were bouncing up and down ever so slightly, "You see gentlemen that is why we she calls ever so often." She looked at her husband and put her hand on his knee, "We need to let our little girl grow up and make her own mistakes.

You can't keep your children locked up forever. It just isn't healthy. We need to give her ~ her own space ~ right Gabe?" Gabe was embarrassed and said in a dejected tone of a man that is clearly beaten down by his gorgeous wife and daughter on a consistent basis and he answered in a low town that fell to a whisper, "Yes dear you are right." Gabe then turned to the two of them and said, "We made a pact with her that we would not show up on campus unless invited by her.

We were going to give her as much freedom as possible and let her contact us when she was ready. She's a junior now and like clockwork she usually calls every other week. There are times that she might call every night then there are times we don't hear from her for a couple of weeks." Danny looking at Gabe said, "Well, she just may need your help now more than ever." Theresa's face was full of concern at this point, "Please gentlemen can you just tell me if my daughter is okay or not?" Eric then moved forward towards the coffee table and opened the folder and pulled out a photo of Alicia Fischer the head of Corporate Partners.

She was the one who sent their daughter to the private party that ended up with the assassination of Salvatore Palandolpho several weeks ago and said, "Well, let's start with this okay? Mister and Mrs. Johansson do you recognize the woman?" Theresa and Gabe took their time and looked at the picture as Danny and Eric were trying to pick up on any unusual behavior between them to see if they were lying or telling the truth.

Then both nodded agreed, "No, we don't know who this woman is, sorry." Eric then slid the next picture out of the folder of Kirby Smith who was one of Sal's bodyguards and asked, "How about this gentleman?" Theresa picked the photo and glanced at it and quickly dismissed it and handed it to her husband and Gabe then looked at the photo with the same intensity as he did with Alicia's.

Both Eric and Danny were already picking up one of Gabe's tells but he handed the photo back to Eric and said, "Sorry I thought I may have seen him before but ~ sorry I don't know him." Eric put is photo on the coffee table next to Theresa and slipped the next photo out of Tony Ricci the other bodyguard of Sal Palandolpho and handed it to Theresa, "How about this gentleman do you recognize him?" Once again there came the same reaction from both of them both with answer of, "No." Eric then put that photo over top of Kirby's.

Then he pulled out the next photo and handed it to Theresa first and asked do you recognize this gentleman?" Theresa quickly began to scan the picture expecting it to be the same as the other two. Once she looked at the photo she turned to look at her husband and she held it up for him to look at. There seemed to be some sort of silent communication between them and she turned back to Danny and Eric and said, "I recognize this man.

I've forgotten his name ~ I met him I think maybe once or twice before at like ~ one of our parties or functions that we may have attended." Gabe then took the picture and looked at it and said, "Yes, gentlemen I've seen him several times as well and he's involved in one of my business dealings but I haven't seen him for quite a while.

I just can't seem to place his name right now. I know he has an Italian last name though." Danny thought, 'finally we've broken thru the invisible wall' and said, "Well, sir, that is Salvatore Palandolpho." Gabe came right back in and said, "Yeah ~ you're right.

He's the other silent partner of one of the night club's that I invested some money and time into several years back." Eric said, "So, you invested money in a night club and he's a silent partner as well?" Gabe said, "Yes.

I met him maybe once or twice but we had a sit down meeting with the lawyers when we signed the paperwork and corporate documents ~ my other partner introduced him to me and we exchanged pleasantries and then went our separate ways. I mean I met him at opening night of the club and that was pretty much it. I know he doesn't live here in the Los Angeles area." Danny said, "So, can you tell us the name of the night club?" Gabe said, "Sure it is the Vanguard. I was approached to help create a Micro-brewery for the club.

You see my family has been in the brewing business for hundreds of years now. We still have three breweries back in Europe. So I was a perfect fit for them. I helped them and got a small ten percent of the profits of the club. I have nothing to do with the day-to-day-operations. So, I guess that I am a silent partner just like that Sal fellow there." Eric looked at Danny as the Vanguard is an iatrical part of their investigation.

Eric knew he was lying but not wanting to let the cat out of the bag just yet put the picture over top of the other men then pulled out yet another photo of Alejandro Ruiz and handed it to Theresa, "She smiled and said, "Ooh look honey a Latin lover ~ he's cute boys." She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head negatively, "But I don't know him." Theresa handed the photo to her husband and once again Gabe eyeballed the photo his eyes seemed to pop out of his head and his pupils dilated and he quickly handed the photo back to Eric as if was a hot potato.

He didn't want anything to do with it. Both Eric and Danny both knew he was lying but then he and said, "Sorry, I've never met him." Danny asked, "So, is it normal for you to just invest in a company without knowing all the players?" Gabe said, "Well, do you own any stock, Agent Lambert?" Danny said, "Yes, I have a small portfolio?" Gabe said, "So, do you know all the corporate players involved in the companies that you invested money with?" Danny said, "Don't be absurd although I do know the reputations of the companies, though?" Gabe began to giggle and said, "You only think you do.

How about all the people who invested in Enron? They thought it was good stable company and yet it fell. I was given an opportunity to open a small version of my family's breweries right here in LA and I took it. We needed this man's money so he was brought in. My friend who has been running night clubs for over twenty years was going to handle the day-to-day-operations. I trusted him and just like Enron I speculated with my money but unlike a stock as long as the micro-brewery is operating properly we should remain profitable.

We even have several new brands that we are thinking of putting out for distribution ~ but only in California first." Eric shook his head and put it in the pile with the others. Then he pulled out one more photo of an attractive teenage looking girl and handed it to Theresa. She looked at it and then without looking at her husband this time she smiled and said, "I can't remember her name it begins with a 'K'. She's a friend of my daughter's ~ she was with her the last time she was home.

They were swimming out back and sunbathing together. She stayed for dinner and then they left and went back to school together." She then looked at Gabe handing him the photo and said, "Do you remember her name honey?" Gabe looked at the photo and realized that he was going to have to agree with his wife and said, "Yes.

I can't remember her name it was Kelly, Kirsten or Karen ~" Danny then chimed in and helped them with her alias and said, "You're right, Karen?" Theresa said, "Yeah that's it Karen and her last name is the same as the love holiday here in the States ~ oh shoot ~" She snapped her fingers as it hit her like a ton of bricks and said, "That's right ~ Valentine is her last name." Gabe snapped his fingers as he just remembered something he felt important, "Yeah that's right honey she said that she was named after a real TV star of the '70's or something like that." Danny said, "So, she was here just the one time?" Gabe said, "Yes sir.

She was here just once." Eric placed the photo along with others. Then he handed her a photo of Adam McCormick and said, "Do you recognize this gentleman?" Theresa looked at the photo and quickly recognized him and said, "Yes, of course I do.

That is Adam he's my husband's partner of the Vanguard." Gabe then looked at it and said, "This is my partner in the night club. Theresa's eyebrows went up as she gazed at the photo and with a raised voice almost screamed, "PLEASE stop all of this.

What is this all about?" Danny very softly put his hand out to Theresa's sweaty thigh trying to calm her and said, "You see Mr. Johansson ~ Mr. McCormick ~ well he's told us that he knows you two personally ~ he says that you and your husband have sorta ~ well ~ a special biblical type of relationship ~ if you know what I'm getting at?" Theresa looked at the two young agents and said, "You mean to tell me ~ he actually told you ~ that we ~ that he and his wife ~ they are part of our small swingers club?" Eric said, "Well, right now we are not sure how Adam is involved in the investigation and no we don't feel that he has harmed your daughter in any way.

And, yes, he also elaborated that you two are a part of a close knit group of people who swing together." Danny pulled out the photo of Alicia Fischer again and held it for the two of them to view, "Are you sure neither of you know this woman?" In unison they shook their heads and said, "No." Then Eric pulled out the picture of Alejandro Ruiz again from the pile and showed it to both of them again, "Neither of you recognize this man here?" Gabe was quick to answer, "No." Theresa looked at the picture for a minute or so and in a coy voice said, "Ooh look at this Latin lover.

Sorry but I told you before ~ I don't know him ~ sorry." Then Eric took the pictures and placed them in two separate piles and said, "Here's the situation. These five people over here in this pile&hellip." Eric placed his hand over the photos and Danny broke in and said, "Hey what are you doing?" Eric looking at Danny said, "They deserve to know the truth Danny!" Danny said, "We're under strict orders you can't do this Eric?" Gabe was intrigued by this sudden departure of interrogation and how the two agents quickly disintegrated into a fight, "Please just tell us ~ is our daughter okay?" Eric put his hand over the pile and said, "I don't care Danny they deserve to know the truth." He turned and looked back at the Johansson's and said, "Everyone in this pile ~ they're all DEAD!


They've all been murdered." Theresa's reaction was a normal one as she took in a deep breath and released it with a sigh, "Ooh my! That young girl that was here with my daughter has been murdered?" Danny said, "I'm afraid so Ma'am." Gabe was in shock as well. His mind was racing when he heard that five people had been murdered in a hotel room and the FBI Agents have yet to tell him about his own daughter's fate and as he tried to keep his cool he cleared his throat and asked, "How?

How did this happen? And who is responsible for all of this?" Danny realizing that Eric let the cat out the bag said, "The two of you may think you know Adam McCormick as your partner in Vanguard but just like Enron Mr.

Johansson something has gone terribly wrong here." Gabe said, "You two still haven't mentioned my daughter ~ is she okay?" Eric was said, "Our purpose here today was to find out if you know her whereabouts so we may interview her about her participation in this matter." Theresa quickly and very loudly defended her offspring and said, "May daughter may be many different things but being involved in this seems a bit farfetched Agents." Eric said, "Well, once again going back to your analogy of knowing a business or a person, Mr.

Johansson, but do you know where your daughter works?" Gabe said, "Works? My daughter doesn't work. She lives off of the allowance that we give her. I mean we pay all of her expenses and credit card bills." Danny jumped in and said, "So, if she was working with this woman ~" Danny grabbed the photo of Alicia Fischer ~ "at Corporate Partners would that surprise you?" Theresa said, "Yes. My little girl has never had to work her whole life." Danny giggled and said, "Well, you two seem to be in the dark about a great many things with your partners as well as your own flesh and blood." Gabe was struck hard by that shot at his family and said, "Well, if you know so much, why don't you enlighten me…………" Danny said, "Well I'll admit right of the bat that we still don't have all of the answers that is why we are looking for your daughter, sir.

We are hoping that she will be able to shed some light and corroborate your partner's story." Theresa said, "You mean Adam's story?" Eric said, "Yeah well, your friend and partner is ~" Danny jumped back, "Well, as I said before Mr. Johansson it seems that you are involved in an Enron situation with your two partners. Let me run down the events of the evening that we've been able to piece together for you and your wife." He held up at the photo of Sal Palandolpho and said, "So let's start at the beginning.

Your friend and partner Adam McCormick received a phone call from the New York crime boss Jo-Jo Moretti telling Adam that he was sending this man ~ your silent partner in the club ~ Sal out to Los Angeles to have some fun.

He told him to spare no expense to show him a good time because he's his best earner and he deserved some time off." Theresa said, "Who is this Jo-Jo?" Eric said, "You and your husband are linked to some very scrupulous people Mrs.

Johansson whether you know it or not." Gabe said, "Yeah I know Adam mentioned that Sal was in the mob but he wasn't really all that important but he had cash to cover most of the expenses that we needed to open the club. He said that he wanted something on his own ~ away from the life he lives and wanted to get out ~ this was going to be the start of a new life for him and his family." Danny said, "Well, there goes your judgment right out the window.

Sal was on the FBI's top ten watch list. Just so you know how serious this is we are not the Sherman Oaks Police Department or the State Police sir. We are the FBI and when cases come across our desks ~ well let's just say the people we hunt are much higher up the food chain if you know what I mean." Theresa sat as her knees where bouncing up and down as well as her huge mammary glands that became the fixture if Eric's attention she put her hand on Eric's and once again her touch was electric to Eric resurging his cock under his pants and then she asked, "Please is Farah okay?" Eric touched her hand and caressed it, "If you know where she is, just tell us.

She will be safer with us rather than her trying to hide from these bad people." Theresa turned to Gabe as tears welled up in her eyes and said, "Our baby!" Danny continued pressing them hard by giving them the difficult news.

Holding Sal's picture he continued, "Well, Sal is ~ well he's was a real scumbag of a person Mr. and Mrs. Johansson. You see he was very important in the New York Moretti crime family. You see aside from being in the mob he was developing his own cartel right under the Moretti noses. He was running guns all over the country. He was moving drugs in the country from Mexico and South America. He had female runners from all over the world. He would kidnap these young girls that were teenagers all the way up to your daughter's age.

Then when he was done with them he sold them into prostitution or worse he sold them to individual men never to be heard from again." Theresa's shaking was severe now, "Please Agent Lambert has my daughter been kidnapped?" Eric chimed in and said, "We just don't know Ma'am. We need to know what happened that night. Eric picked up the photo of Alicia Fischer and said, "Well, you're good friend and partner Adam was told to find a special girl for Sal several weekends ago.

So, he called this woman here ~" Eric holding Alicia's profile picture in his hand, "~Alicia Fischer who owns a company called Corporate Partners ~" Gabe shot in, "What does this have to do with my daughter. So, he called a caterer, so what." Eric in a softer tone than Danny's said, "Well you're right she caters alright but it's not food.

See Corporate Partners caters to very wealthy men who need companionship. We interviewed Ms. Fischer she says that her company is a dating club and she matches people up. But the men pay exurbanite fee's each year and the girls get paid for their dates. Sex is not expected but like she says they are both adults so if they have coitus then it's consensual but that is the statement of a true escort service." Theresa asked, "So, you're saying my daughter is an escort?

What does she have to do with the murders?" Danny said, "Yes, we're saying she works as an escort. As far as the murders, nothing! Alicia was asked by your husband's partner Adam to find a young, teenage looking girl for his partner Sal. He told her that he likes his girls young and who like to party well into the night. So, this is how your daughter comes to play into the night of the murders." Gabe was shocked, "You're telling me now that my daughter is involved in all of this?" Eric said, "Sir, why do you think we are here?

Your daughter was in the company of these men." Theresa said, "That's impossible. I mean Farah can be a petulant little thing but she would never be involved in this and she would never be an escort ~ not my daughter." Eric's hand went to Theresa's knee, "Ma'am I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your lovely daughter Farah is working for Ms. Fischer at Corporate partners." Gabe said, "No. That is impossible we pay all her bills why would she need to work?" Danny said, "The girls that are involved in this company make money but they are also hoping to land a very wealthy man to take care of them.

I mean that is what Ms. Fischer tells us. She was the one that sent your daughter to the night club that evening. We are not sure why Karen was there. Ms. Fischer indicated that she was being considered for the club but we feel your daughter Farah just happened to bring her along. Adam claims that he had no idea that Ms. Fischer was going to send your daughter that night.

He didn't even know your daughter was part of the club." Danny held up a photo of Kirby Smith one of Sal's bodyguards and pointed at the photograph. "Kirby here was sent to pick up your daughter and escort her to the club." Gabe said, "Oh dear god, please tell me she wasn't with that black man sexually." Eric said, "We have no evidence either way if she was with him or not sir.

Again this is why if you know of her whereabouts then please tell us." Gabe said, "I keep telling you Agents I haven't been in contact with my daughter for some time now. Danny moved on and said, "Well, your daughter and Karen were taken to the VIP room at the Vanguard that night. Adam told us there was a large meeting there that night.

He has video and audio tapes of that meeting and we are subpoenaing them as we speak." Gabe said, "Wouldn't that conversation be classified as privileged and private to the members?" Eric and Danny once again looked at each other as it was curious as to why he was so concerned about that meeting and not his own daughter. They are both attorney's and Eric said, "Privileged?

No, sorry. But we do have some video from the night club that your daughter and Karen did show up. Sometime after eleven that evening then the party moved out of the nightclub and went to the Viceroy Hotel. Your partner paid for two suites that evening.

Now, brace yourselves as this may be difficult." Eric held a photo of everyone standing at the hotel front desk, "See there is everyone involved including your daughter Farah but the difficult thing here is that ~ Mr. McCormick took one room and he admitted to ~ well ~ I know he's your friend and all ~ I mean he's part of your little swinger's club but ~ he took your daughter Farah into his room ~ alone." Theresa's hand went to her mouth, "No, not our baby.

Gabe! That was never part of our arrangement with him or his wife. Children are strictly off limits." Gabe looked at Eric and said, "What did he do to my little girl?" Eric said, "According to your partner there was some sexual activity but there was no intercourse." Gabe shrugged his shoulders, "I guess that's okay." Eric said, "You're okay with your daughter having sex with your business partner." Gabe said, "If she's an escort apparently she was there to make money and my idiot partner paid her money.

All I want to know is if she was in the other room with the other partner?" Danny said, "Well the others went into the adjacent suite. We are not sure sir but that's when this man ~" he held up the photo of Alejandro Ruiz ~ "you're Latin lover broke in and killed everyone in the room that night. There was a big gun fight in that room. Alejandro is a well known hit man for one of the top Columbian cartels.

Your daughter's girlfriend died later that night at the hospital of complications from her gunshot wounds." Gabe said, "Well, if you talked to Adam then he didn't hear anything and our daughter wasn't in that room?" Eric said, "No." Theresa and Gabe let out a huge sigh of relief but Danny said, "Adam told us that he left the room with your daughter and that his alibi is this man ~" he held up a picture of Tony Ricci ~ "You see he said he was standing outside of the hotel suite.

Unfortunately when we arrived he was inside the room lying next to the door shot three times in the head and three times in the chest." Danny held out the horrific photo of the dead body.

"Then your Latin lover shot and killed Kirby Smith." He held up the photo of Kirby shot in the head and the chest. "You see his hand is still in his suit coat holding his revolver but he was shot three times in the head and then three times in the chest as well." He then held up photos of the bedroom and Sal sitting in the bed shot and then another photo of Alejandro on the floor.

"Your Latin lover kicked the door open and the two of them shot it out. Alejandro shot Karen several times but even though they operated on her ~ the surgeons weren't able to save her life." Theresa fell backwards off of the coffee table onto the floor as she fainted.

Danny took charge and he looked at Gabe and asked if they had any bleach or ammonia in the kitchen and if they did to dab a rag with it so they could use it as smelling salts. Gabe shot out of the room and the two delinquent Agents were left alone with Theresa.

Eric was tapping Theresa's face and calling her name but Danny couldn't help his self as his finger ran over her labia and tickled her clit but there was no reaction. Eric saw what he did and whispered, "What the fuck man." Danny said, "Squeeze her tits and play with her nipples." Eric smiled knowing that's exactly what he's been fantasizing about since they arrived. He moved his head down to her oversized 40-DD's and he began to squeeze and play with them.

Danny got up and looked down the hallway watching for Gabe. No reaction came from her and he pulled her tank top down and released one of her large breasts and he started to suck on her oversized and sweaty areolas as the tip of his tongue began to flick over her nipple making it rock hard. He then moved his finger down over her camel toe. Then he pushed her tights up inside of her pussy feeling her wet hot pussy.

When he felt like he was going t get caught he looked up at Danny and said, "Come on hurry up and switch places with me." Danny ran down and tapped Theresa on the side of the face trying to wake her but she was still out. He wasted no time as Eric nodded that the coast was clear. Danny sniffed her dirty snatched and then he licked her pussy over her leggings. Then he took the ultimate chance and pulled the leggings down and ate her pussy a little. Then he pulled his phone out and started taking pictures of her pussy with his tongue over her pussy and his fingers inside of her.

Then he spread her legs and played with her breasts. Both were violating her horribly but they couldn't help themselves. Then Eric coughed and Danny put her back together quickly.

Gabe ran into the room and said, "There was some Clorox underneath the kitchen sink and he dabbed the end of the washcloth." Danny was kneeling next to her head and he ran the rag under her nose.

He kept it up and tapping her on the side of the cheek very lightly and then she came to. They waited several minutes. They got her to sit up and then helped her to her feet. Gabe said, "Let's get her to the kitchen." Eric and Danny helped her to her feet.

They each took an arm and let it drape over their shoulders. Their faces then rested on the sides of her oversized breasts. Danny let his hand fall on her wet ass cheek as Eric's and fell lower between her legs. Theresa was still a little out of it and didn't say anything as both men took full advantage of the situation as they were groping her the whole way to the kitchen. They helped her into the kitchen and made her some tea to try and calm her and then Theresa asked, "So, do you think that these men are going to come after my little girl?" Eric said, "Ma'am that could be a definite possibility but we can't be sure of that.

Listen is there any place where she would go to hide like a secret boyfriend or a girlfriend's house." Gabe said, "I am telling you I haven't been in contact with her." Then Theresa let her wall down and then told the men, "Well, give me a piece of paper. First off she might run all the way back home. We have a large chalet just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden that is where she grew up until she was fourteen.

We have a penthouse in Stockholm as well. Here are the addresses and phone numbers. We also have a flat in Paris here is the address and phone. The she continued to think and said she also could be in Taos. We have a small chalet there as well." Danny said, "That's it! She hasn't turned up at any airports and her passport hasn't been used. She's either at a boyfriend's house or there." Theresa got up and brought in the phone and handed it to Eric and said, "Call her see if she's there." Eric took the phone and put it on speaker phone as he dialed the number and looked at Theresa and said, "You speak with her if she is there.

Don't let on to anything just tell her to sit tight and that you and your husband are going to come out to see her." The phone rang and then after several rings a young woman answered the phone, "Hello." Theresa said, "Oh god baby are you okay?" Farah said, "Mommy? Is that you?" Theresa said "Yes honey. School called us because you haven't been to classes for a while now.

What's going on honey ~ can you tell me?" Farah said, "I just needed some time to think mommy. Things are sorta spinning out of control and I needed to try and figure some things out for myself but I think I need to talk to someone." Theresa said, "Look if it's that important I can be there tomorrow afternoon and just you and I can have some mommy and daughter time if that's what you want?" Farah said, "That'll be great mommy.

Tell daddy, I Love him and if he wants to come ~" you could hear that she started to cry ~ "tell daddy I love him and that I'm sorry for everything and I promise to be a good girl from now on." Gabe said, "I love you too honey listen sit tight and we'll be there tomorrow. When I get there we'll fix everything I promise Princess." Farah said, "Thanks daddy, see you tomorrow." She hung up the phone. Danny excused his self from the room and made a phone call to Tom Murphy his boss and told him that they found Farah Johansson.

Tom said that he would call the Taos Police and put her into protective custody. Then he walked into the kitchen where everyone was and said, "Good news we will have your daughter in protective custody in about thirty minutes or so." Gabe yelled, "What? We never agreed to any of that." Eric moved to him and said, "Sir, it is for her protection.

Trust me sir if we can find her the cartel's have as much influence as we do and if they find her they are not going to talk to her they are just going to do unspeakable things to your daughter." Theresa moved to Eric and in her sweaty and nearly naked body hugged him and kissed him on the lips and said, "Promise to take care of my baby………&hellip." Here ends Chapter 11.

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