Nevaeh Keyz Tries Huge White Dick At A Gloryhole

Nevaeh Keyz Tries Huge White Dick At A Gloryhole
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Work's done for the week, I'm showered, and I'm heading to my usual Friday night haunt.


As I walk in I'm greeted with a smile from Tanya. By looking at Her You wouldn't think She works in a porn shop and supervises the theaters and booths out back, too. I have found out over time that She has a kinky core. We talked for a while before I headed into the booth area. It was slow like it usually is when I first get there, but I knew that things would pick up in a couple hours. I headed straight to my favorite booth, locked the door and picked some porn to watch.

It wasn't but a few minutes before I heard someone enter the booth beside mine. I got on my knees and looked thru the gloryhole where I had sucked of countless cocks. I recognized one of the regulars and presented 2 fingers.

He dropped His pants and that familiar cock came thru. He has a plump sack and an above average sized cock. He is quick to get hard as I start sucking and fondling His balls. I have never been able to deep throat but over time I have learned to control my gag reflex. I take His now rock-hard cock to the back of my throat.

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Withdrawing to suck on the head and tease the hole with my tounge. After about 10 minutes I can feel the head of His cock swelling. I know I'm gonna get my first mouthful of cum for the night. As He explodes into my mouth I suck harder on His fat, swollen cock head. His groans are deep and restrained.

He begins to soften as I suck the last drop of cum from His cock. He is a smoker and his cum isn't the best tasting, but it is still exciting every time.

He tucks Himself away and gives my a 'see ya later' as He leaves the booth. Someone must have been walking by and heard Him cum because the booth was occupied right away. I hadn't even gotten the chance to get up off my knees. I looked to see that it was a Young looking Guy.maybe 25. Someone I had only seen a few times before. I only ever saw Him off to the side in the theaters stroking His cock under His pants. He had His hand down His pants and saw my fingers thru the hole.

He flipped thru videos and kept looking over at me watching Him. He came closer to the hole and unzipped his pants. I watched Him remove what appeared to be a fair-sized cock. As He started to slip it thru the hole, I saw that it was thick and about 7inches limp. I took it in my hand and began stroking. He immediately started getting harder and it continued to grow.

At half-hard it must have been 2inches thick and over 8inches long. I asked myself why He had been hiding a cock this impressive. I began to suck on the fat mushroom head as I continued to stroke the lengthening and thickening shaft. He was soon hard and too big to get much more than the head in my mouth.

He wasn't the biggest I've handled but was top-5! After a few minutes, the fat cockhead started swelling in my mouth to the point of hurting my jaw. He started shooting an amazing amount of cum so hard into my mouth that some shot right down my throat.

He continued to erupt as I struggled to maintain the suction I had from all the jerking He was doing. He came a lot but I managed to keep it all in my mouth by swallowing a couple times. He stayed hard even after I had sucked out the last drops of His cum. I sat back and continued to stroke His still hard cock and swallowed the last of the thick cum. It was tasty! Tastier than most I'd swallowed.

After a couple minutes as His cock had started to soften and He pulled it from the hole. I saw Him sit down and start stroking His half-hard cock, the whole time looking at me watching Him thru the hole. He went soft and zipped up. I left the booth and walked into the lobby-area. I saw Tanya was busy in the store half with multiple Customers. I went across into the Theater area and entered the 'Straight' theater. I could see 4 others spread out in the theater. I picked a spot and started watching the movie.

A few guys came and went as usual. I sat there for 15 minutes or so and decided to check out the 'Gay' theater. There were about 10 in there. 2 were at the far wall stroking eachother and a few were stroking themselves. I sat on the back couch between 2 Regulars. We gave eachother a nod. The one on my left was stroking so I unzipped and joined.

I reached out and replaced His hand with mine on His hard cock. The one on my right unzipped and I took His in my right hand as His left hand came to my cock.

Everyone in the theater started watching us. Me stroking 2 cocks and the Owners of the 2 cocks taking turns stroking mine. Soon there were cocks out all around Us. I released the 2 cocks and slid forward taking ahold of 2 others, one went straight into my mouth. I could see cocks coming even closer and I knew what was soon to start happening. I removed my shirt and put it on the back of the couch.

I went back to sucking and stroking the cocks around after another. I heard groaning to my left and turned in time to take His cum in my mouth. I tried my best to get all the cummers in my mouth but cum was shot onto my face and shoulders. I felt a hand slide down my back and into the back of my pants. I rolled my hips forward and the hand continued until a finger reached my asshole. It rubbed and pressed at my asshole as I felt other hands pull at my pants.

Not even a month before I had taken my first real cock in my ass in this same theater. I had been butt fucked only a few times since then. I stood up and removed my shoes and was helped out of my pants. I directed my pants onto the back of the couch with my shirt. I managed to slip my shoes back on before many hands went to my ass and cock. The excitement of my first gangbang was intense. I was busy concentrating on stroking and sucking so many cocks.

Having my cock and balls played with and pulled. All the hands on my ass and fingers now darting in and out of my asshole. I swear there were 4 fingers in my ass at once and I think they were from at least two different hands.

I turned and bent over. I was looking right at a hard cock belonging to one of the regulars sitting on the couch. As I took his cock in my mouth I felt another press against my asshole.

He wasn't slow or gentle. Within seconds He was pounding deep in my ass. The pain subsided and He came a few minutes later. Another cock was slammed into my ass and was pounding for a couple minutes before the cock in my mouth exploded. Another cock was ready for sucking next to Him.

I angled over with my ass still getting pounded and started to suck another cock. Cum shot onto all parts of my body at about the same rate as it shot into my ass and mouth. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th cock in my ass I managed to work my way over to the end of the couch. I put my chest on the arm lessen the load on my arms. I noticed the Young Guy from earlier sitting off to the side again with his hand in His pants. I motioned to Him over. After another load of cum shot into my ass, He got up and disappeared behind me as another cock sat down in front of me.

I felt a fat cockhead pressing against my well-used cum-filled asshole. With one long push He popped into my ass and I felt His balls slap mine. I let out a 'fuck-yea' and went back to sucking. He pounded my ass intensely for over 5 minutes. He then began pulling completely out of my ass and slamming balls deep into me. Again and again He did this.

The hard slamming was making me take the cock I was sucking into the back of my throat. I saw one Guy was also naked and He began to work His way under me.

He alternated between sucking my cock and licking the cum off my balls that had run out of my asshole. The Young Stud was starting to groan and I could actually feel His cock swell in my ass. He was soon exploding in my ass and the feeling of it made me cum in the mouth of the Man under me.

The cock that I was sucking shot cum down my throat. The Young stud continued to pound my ass and His cock didn't seem to soften at all after cumming. Another cock sat in front of me while more came on my ass and back. The whole time the Man sucking my cock was still sucking my empty and soft cock. I was soon getting hard again. I swallowed another load. The Young stud pounding my ass started to moan again! Not only was He young and fit, but He was also hung and multi-orgasmic!

He shot ANOTHER load of cum deep in my ass at the same time I was swallowed another load. As the fat cock kept pounding after a 2nd huge load of cum, I sat up a bit to see the man sucking my cock. I could feel load upon load of cum running down my back, across my ass, and down my legs and balls.

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I started to pump into His mouth at the same pace the Young stud was pumping my worn-out asshole. I was sliding in and out of His throat and He wasn't flinching. I started to feel another load building up and I slammed deep down His throat as I exploded.

The clenching of my asshole made the Young Stud cum for a 3rd time deep in my ass. I pulled out of His throat and managed to get that still hard Young cock out of my ass. I sidestepped to take a breather. The Young stud stood there for a few seconds. He stepped forward and the Man started sucking His cock.

Within seconds was deepthroating that big multi-orgasmic cock. I realized I was covered in ALOT of cum and was stark naked except for my socks and shoes. I grabbed my shirt and pants and left for the restroom in the "straight" theater. I walked the short hall between theaters. Cum running down my face and back. My half hard cock bouncing. Tanya was standing there with a look of shock and excitement.

I shot Her a smile and I entered the 'straight' theater. As I walked thru to the small restroom in the corner, all eyes were on me. I heard a few 'wow' and 'damn' comments by the time I entered the restroom. It took a while before I was confident I had all the cum cleaned off of me and out of my ass. I even went thru my hair twice. After getting dressed I walked out and took a seat on the back couch. Soon, one of the Regulars got up and came & sat next to me.

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He took out His cock and started I decided to join. After a few minutes He reached over and replaced my hand with His and started stroking my cock. After a while He bent over and started sucking me. I have blown more than a few loads of cum in His mouth and I knew He never rushed. He sucked my cock slow and after about 15 minutes I placed my hand on His back and laid my head back on the couch. He knew He was about to swallow another load from me. I let out a long deep moan as I shot into His mouth, and as usual, He didn't miss a drop.

I lifted my head, gave Him a quiet 'thanx'.


I sat back to watch some more of the 'quality' entertainment on the big screen. He got up & left and I noticed a Couple had come in. The Wife was looking at me. She whispered something to Her Husband. He whispered something to Her that gave Her a big and mischievous smile. She got up and walked towards me. She looked to be late 20s, petite but had a 'fun' amount of meat on Her bones.

B-cup breasts and plump nipples were barely covered by a thin white tanktop that was 2 sizes too small. A pleated skirt that was just above mid thigh.

She walked to the couch I was sitting on and sat down next to me. I don't know if She could see my drained and limp cock laying across my thigh, but She sure had a big smile on Her face. Her Husband walked over and sat on the couch in front of Us.shooting me a grin as he sat down.

She put Her face in my lap and sucked my limp cock into Her mouth. I have had alot of Women and Men suck my cock, but few could come close to the skill in this Woman's mouth. Not 2 minutes ago I had blown a load and She had me half-hard within 10 seconds and full erect in less than a minute. She positioned Herself with Her left knee on the couch, right foot on the floor, and my cock down Her throat.

She then reached back and flipped up Her skirt. There were only a few Guys still in the theater. They had all lined up behind Her. Within seconds She got a cock rammed into Her willing pussy.

He was fucking Her hard and fast but the slow and steady sucking of my cock had most of my attention. The first guy blasted into Her pussy. He was replaced with another that didn't last but maybe a minute. The next Guy took Her ass and by the way She paused and breathed deep, He had a fat cock. After His cock pumped Her a few times, she went back to sucking me. She got an ass full of cum.

The last load shot into Her ass. Thru all that, She never took my cock from Her mouth. She had slid 2 fingers up my well used asshole. She finger fucked my ass while She deep throated my cock. After the last cock came deep in Her ass, she slipped a third finger into my ass. She continued to finger fuck my ass and suck me like a Pro.

I lasted longer than I thought I would. I came so hard down Her throat I thought I was gonna black out. She kept my cock sucked down Her throat and milked the last of the cum out of my with her fingers that were still deep in my ass. After She was satisfied I was empty, She sat down next to me. She almost slid off the couch from all the cum that was oozing from Her holes. Her Husband got up and slid across in front of Her.

He reached down and lifted my right leg He knealt down in front of me. He already had pulled out His massive cock.

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He slid it easily up my well-used ass. He had no sooner got balls deep in my ass when His cum filled Wife stood up on the couch. She strattled me, bent over and placed Her cum filled holes in Her Husbands face. He began cleaning up all the cum that was oozing from Her holes. As He was butt fucking me He ate a multiple Stranger creampie from His Wife. She and I made out while She stroked my limp cock and fondled my nuts.

I had lost track of time while He was fucking me. He finally shot huge amounts of cum in my ass. I soon noticed everyone had left and Tanya was enjoying the last of the 'show'.

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The Wife climbed off the couch, and sucked the Husbands cock clean. They both gave me a passionate Kiss and They left. I pulled up my pants as I stood and smiled at Tanya. She commented that I had never been there till close before and that tonight really seemed special. I smiled as We walked towards the door. The massive load of cum seeping out of my ass. We talked a while outside about what had gone on that night. After a while I walked her to Her car. She told me that just because She can't play where She works doesn't mean She doesn't play at any of the other Adult locations.

I handed her my number and told Her that if She wanted to text me a place and time, that I would be there. She winked at me as She got into Her car and said, "See You tomorrow night!"