Latin Whore Shy Love Gets Her Booty Nailed

Latin Whore Shy Love Gets Her Booty Nailed
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The Evil Twin Twin girls, identical in nearly every way except one. One was good, the other bad. And when she was bad, she was really bad. Author's note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older.

Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16. But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old. Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader.

But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older. Believe me. I know. I wrote the story. My name is Alice. I'm the evil twin. There I said it. I admit it. But what chance did I have with a name like Alice when my sister was named Melody, the epitome of gentleness and beauty, both outside and in?

I just hate it. We're identical twins. We look alike. We sound alike. We just don't act alike. So when I say she is beautiful to look at, so am I. In fact I think we're quite hot, tall, well built, firm, long blond hair, every man's dream girl. That's not the problem.

She is such a goody-good girl, always so nice. It makes me sick. I've tried being mean to her but it doesn't work. She just wants to know what's wrong and how she can fix it. Maybe I'm just jealous. She seemed to get the better boyfriends through high school and I attracted the, well the rougher crowd.

I tried being good, tried to do well in school, but I never was good at either. I even tried being the good little girl to one of my high school teachers but he shot me down. I thought all men teachers wanted their hot female students. I guess not me. Now here I am, back at my parents house and down the hall is Brad, my sister's fianc? soon to be husband in a couple of days. And I'm jealous, to the point that I don't like Melody all that much right now.

It's going to be tough being her maid-of-honor. I want to get back at her somehow for her getting all the good in life and me the bad. I've been thinking about this all day and I think I have a plan. It's bold. It's crazy. It's outrageous. But if successful it's something that once done can never be undone. I will take from my sister something she can never take back.

It's so evil. OK, first you need to understand our background. My family is a very religious family, well church-going anyway. But we have been brought up with an extremely strict moral code when it comes to sex.

No sex before marriage. It's so ingrained in us that I haven't even had sex yet and I'm the wild one who has had plenty of opportunity. So what's the one thing that can happen only once and never again? Right. You can give up your virginity only once in a lifetime. That's what Brad and Melody will do on their wedding night, give up their virginity to each other. It's that special moment between two people who love each other deeply and have saved themselves all those years for this one moment in time.

So what can I take from my sister that she can never take back? Brad's virginity and he mine. That's my plan. I'm willing to give up my virginity to hurt my sister. That's why I said I'm evil. I want what she is soon to get and I'm going to take it from her forever.

I've thought of a way to trick Brad. Melody doesn't know it but a year ago I got a small snake tattoo put on the underside of my left breast. I got the tattoo because I was protesting my upbringing. But I was still afraid of what my parents might think if they found out. It was my small way of rebelling, even though I wasn't even living at home anymore. No one in the family knows about it, certainly not Melody. You'll discover its importance soon enough.

Tonight I start my plan. It was after midnight. I hadn't heard a sound in a long while. Getting up I quietly snuck down to Brad's room and slipped inside. Kneeling down by his bed I covered his mouth with my hand and quietly whispered his name, "Brad, wake up, Brad." Brad woke up and pulled my hand away. "What?

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Whose there?" His eyes were barely open. "It's me, Mel," I lied. "I needed to tell you something and I didn't want anyone else to overhear." "It's after midnight Mel, it couldn't wait? That's a little eccentric wouldn't you say?" he asked. "Listen, this is hard for me. It's about Alice. You know I love my sister dearly. But you have to know she isn't like me. Sometimes she'll do things that, well she can just be mean.

I just wanted to warn you, to be on your guard." "Well that's all fine and dandy but if your sister wanted to do something to me I wouldn't be able to tell whether it was her or you, so what kinds of things are you talking about?" "I don't want her to take advantage of you Brad." "Listen Mel.

If your sister walked up to me stark naked I might think it was you, not that I've ever seen you naked but you know what I mean." He chuckled. This was going well. Brad thought I was Melody. I could tell him anything right now and he would believe it. "I am going to tell you something that no-one knows, not even Alice. About a year ago I did something on impulse and have regretted it ever since. Alice and I had just had a fight about how she wanted to be different than me.

So I snuck out and got a tattoo. It was stupid, I know. I've never told a soul, not even Alice." "She never noticed," Brad asked. "No. I had it put under my left breast. It's a small viper snake. I meant it as a way to sting back at my sister for the hurt I felt. Like I said, it was stupid. Anyway I am now marked forever. That's how you'll know." "Can I see it. . please?" he begged. I paused like I knew my sister would.

"Just this once. After we are married Sunday you can look all you want." Brad was still lying in bed and I was kneeling up next to his head. I slowly lifted my nightgown like I was unsure and hesitant but I knew it would have a seductive effect on Brad.

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I pulled it up over my left breast with both hands being careful to keep my right breast covered, just like I knew Melody would do. Brad reached up and tipped up my breast slightly to get a clearer view of my small snake tattoo.

As he examined it he let his finger slide across my nipple. "Oh Brad, your touch, it feels so good. I better go. I'm not sure I can last until Sunday." "Kiss me goodnight," he commanded, like the man of the house already. I obeyed, letting him cup my breast fully with his hand as my lips pressed against his. I let my tongue explore his mouth just a little bit, as he responded in kind. "If you keep kissing like that I won't last until Sunday either." "Remember, don't speak of this, my tattoo or what I warned you about Alice to anyone, not even me.

I don't want anyone to overhear you. I love my sister and I always hope the best for her. But I just wanted you to be warned." "Thanks. I'll be careful," he promised. I left then and returned to my room, knowing I had set the scene for Saturday night, the night I would complete my plan. Saturday went as expected with the rehearsal and dinner.

I was anxious for everyone to get to bed. In a symbolic way I wanted to execute my plan on Sunday, the day that Melody and Brad would commit themselves to each other forever, for better or for worse. I think when Melody finds out, Brad may be in for some of the worse right off the bat. I saw the clock click over to 1:00 AM and I hadn't heard anything for the last hour.

I was sure everyone was fast asleep. I slipped out of my nightgown and into my two-piece swimsuit before sneaking down to Brad's room. "Brad, Brad, wake up. It's Mel." Brad finally responded "Mel, what's up." "Put on your swimsuit.

We're going into the hot tub," I told him. "You're crazy," he said. "It's the middle of the night." "I'm serious. Get your suit on and let's go." "Is your sister rubbing off on you or something? This isn't like you," he said as he got up and grabbed his suit. "Turn around." I did as he got out of his pajamas and into his suit. "Don't make a sound." I took him by the hand and led him downstairs.

We were soon lounging in our massive hot tub on the far side of the pool, a safe distance from the house. The steam rolled up into the cool air, partially blocking our view of each other. I almost felt normal, thinking for a moment that Brad was there because he loved me, not Melody.

I pretended for a moment that it was me Brad was marrying and I liked it the feeling. But reality hit me and I remembered why I was there. I smiled and lowered myself so that my mouth was almost in the water.

Then without Brad knowing I removed my top piece. Lifting it out of the water I displayed it with a giggle. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Are you drunk?" "If being in love with you is being drunk then I am trip-over-myself fall-on-the-ground drunk.

I love you Brad and I want to please you the rest of my life." With that I lifted myself up so that my bare breasts were out of the water in plain view of Brad. "What do you think?" I asked as I flung my top piece almost into the main pool. I slowly turned all the way around showing off my body. "God you're beautiful." Brad just stared at me for the longest time. Then suddenly "Wait." He reached up to my left breast and he tipped it up so that he could plainly see my tattoo. "Just being sure," he said.

But he didn't let go. As he massaged my breast I moved in and kissed him full on the mouth. Our tongues danced together as he brought his other hand up to take care of my right breast. Wrapping my legs around his body I pulled myself up against him.

He was firm against my body so I slid my hand downward across his hardness. He moaned to my actions. I broke the kiss and leaned into his ear whispering, "What do you want most right now?" "You know what I want. I want to make love to you, tonight, right now. I know we can't and I know it won't happen. But nevertheless I want to." I feigned resistance like I knew my sister Melody would do.

"You know we have to wait? It's just a few more hours." "I want you so bad," he persisted. "It will be a long few hours." "I know. Just a little longer.


But let's pretend. Tell me what you would do to me, if we made love right now I mean. Tell me how you would do it. Whisper it in my ear." I kept rubbing him, knowing that each moment brought him closer to being mine.

"I would first remove our suits completely." "That seems harmless enough, especially since I've already removed half mine." I reached up to either side of his waist and pulled downward. He looked startled but responded by lifting his bottom up enough for me to remove his suit. I quickly removed my own and tossed them both out of the hot tub a few feet away but far enough that we would need to get out of the tub in the nude to get our suits. I giggled as I saw the look of fear on Brad's face.

"Everyone's asleep," I assured him. "Now where were we? Oh yes, what else would you do?" I whispered, holding him close, our arms wrapped around each other. "Well I would slide my hand between your legs and caress you gently." "Brad, you're so bold. Do you mean like this?" I said as I took his hand and guided it between my legs, rubbing his fingers across my pussy lips." It only took him a moment to be doing it on his own without my help.

I took my free hand and squeezed his shaft. "Oh God Mel," he groaned as I began to gently stroke it. "Then what? If you were going to make love to me right now, what would you do next?" "Well I would enter you with my finger, like this." Brad was catching on. He took his middle finger and slid it up into my pussy.

"Oh yes Brad, finger fuck my pussy, that's it, yes. That would be OK. We could do that at least." By this time I was really turned on, mostly because he thought I was Melody. Within a few minutes I was gasping, "Oh God Brad, I'm coming already." I reached around and pulled his body tight against me, pinning his hand inside of me as my climax rolled over me. I couldn't believe I came so quickly, probably the excitement of what I was doing with Brad, doing to Melody.

After I caught my breath I whispered again, "Tell me Brad, what would you do next, tell me now." "I would do the one thing we cannot do.

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I would make beautiful gentle love to you all night." "On our wedding bed you can make beautiful gentle love to me all night. Right now I want you to fuck me. Pretend that I am Alice the bitch and fuck me hard. You won't be fucking Melody. Pretend I am Alice.

Give me what I deserve, a good hard fucking. I'm Alice to you right now Brad. I am Alice and I want you to fuck me. Right now." With that I again wrapped my legs around his waist. Taking his shaft in my hand I placed it at my entrance.


"You don't want that goody-two-shoes Melody. You want me, Alice, the bitch. You've wanted me ever since you met me a few days ago. You heard about me. I can make your dreams come true Brad. Take me now Brad.

Take me, Alice, and fuck the hell out of me." I placed both hands to the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine in a passionate embrace. He kissed me hard and I knew he was mine. He reached behind my back and I felt his grip on my butt cheeks. He pulled me down onto him, burying his hard cock deep inside of me with one stroke. There was instant pain but I knew it would pass. In that moment I was no longer a virgin and neither was Brad.

We had now given ourselves to each other totally. I had never had sex before and it was wonderful. Brad came pretty quickly and I let him come in me. I knew my month's timing and I wasn't worried about getting pregnant, not tonight anyway. I managed to get him hard again with some mouth work and we fucked a lot longer the second time. It was funny. He kept checking my breast to make sure I had the tattoo.

He never realized it really was me, Alice, with the tattoo, not his precious Melody. Finally we collapsed into each other's arms, exhausted. "Wow, you were wonderful. Promise me will do that again," I asked. "Are you Alice now or Melody?" he asked.

I told him the truth. "I'm Alice. We just fucked each other's brains out. Tonight, after the wedding, you'll make love to Melody but right now you are with Alice.

Melody will have you for a lifetime to make love to. Alice will come out whenever you need a real fucking. I want you to promise you'll fuck me, Alice, again. Promise me." "I'm confused," he said. But if this is what it's like to fuck Alice, then I promise I'll fuck you as Alice again." "Swear it," I demanded. "Swear you'll fuck Alice." "I swear it. I'll fuck Alice." "No. Swear that no matter what happens in our lives, if there is trouble and the Brad and Melody relationship is having problems, swear that nothing will come between the Brad and Alice relationship.

I need to know that there is always a way for us to be together. Swear that no matter what that you will always be ready and willing to fuck Alice, just like we did tonight, whenever Alice asks you to. I want to know that no problem will ever interfere with the kind of fucking we just had. Swear that nothing will keep you from fucking Alice." "OK.

The whole thing sounds a bit weird but here goes. No matter what happens between us, good or bad," he began. "Between Brad and Melody," I interrupted. He corrected himself. "OK, between Brad and Melody, good or bad, that I will never let it interfere with the fucking between Brad and Alice, that I will always and forever fuck the living daylights out of my sweet." "and bitchy," I added.

".sweet and bitchy Alice. Hell if you divorce me and marry someone else I will still come back and fuck you. How's that? Promise enough for you?" he spat out. "Thank you. Now we need to get back to bed, quietly, before anyone finds us. You go first. Then I'll follow." He left and about ten minutes later I dried off too and returned to my room, a satisfied woman. The wedding went well but the climax for me was about 11:00 PM Sunday night.

I got a call from my hysterical sister Melody who detailed to me everything I'm about to tell you. Apparently she brought up the fact that she, and Brad, were no longer virgins at the moment they consummated their marriage, well Brad wasn't anyway. Brad made some comment about her playing a game again like the night before. He wanted to know if she was Melody or Alice.


She didn't know what he was talking about until he reminded her about them giving their innocence to each other in the hot tub. She was shocked and he grabbed her left breast, her unadorned left breast with no tattoo at all. She exclaimed that she never had a tattoo and that if he fucked someone in the hot tub it had to be me. Brad got on the phone line and spewed out an endless stream of vulgarities.

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"Brad, Brad, stop, wait, please, just listen to me for a moment. I'm a bitch. But I'm not heartless. What I did was wrong and I will forever be sorry for that. But it can't be undone. I could blame it on too much booze, or just being an evil person. Listen; what I have to say now is for you alone, not Melody, please.

I need to ask you something. Please Brad. It's important to us all. Are you far enough away from Melody that you can talk without her hearing?" "Yes. She's in the bathroom crying. There's not a whole lot you can say that's going to make any difference now.

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You are an evil person. You know that don't you Alice?" "Yes, what I did was unforgivable. And I don't expect you to forgive me for it. I can't even ask you to.

But I am being totally honest with you now. I've admitted to my wrongdoing. I'm not trying to hide my actions or my feelings.

I feel like shit and I should. There's no excuse for what I did. God I'm so sorry. But I have to tell you that while it was happening, for a short little while I believed that I was someone else.

You made me believe I could be someone else, someone good, a person that could one day have a good man like yourself. For that short time that we were together I wasn't the evil Alice but someone who loved you.

What we had together last night was beautiful, it was magnificent. You sent me to heights I never dreamed existed. You gave me the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. As wrong as it all was, for that I will never forget you. I will cherish that moment forever because I gave you my virginity. Can you be as honest with me this very moment? Answer me this question. Did you go to bed last night with the same feeling, that you had just touched a piece of heaven? Yes or no." "You know I hate you for this Alice," Brad spit out.

"And what I hate even more than the fact that you did it is that, yes, yes I did love it. I loved being with you. I loved fucking you until your screams were muffled with my kisses. Yes. That's what makes it so hard. As you can guess, our lovemaking tonight, Mel's and mine, didn't go off all that well. Damn you Alice. I had to force myself with her to finish off as she was screaming obscenities about you. The excitement you brought into my life has been incredible, both with you and Mel.

Yes, I loved fucking you. So there. I said it. Are you happy? Yes, yes, yes. I loved every second of it. But it was so wrong of you. You ruined it for Mel. She'll never forgive you.

I'll never forgive you." "But you were honest to me just now. I'll never forget this moment, where you could put aside your hate for me and tell me honestly what you felt, what we felt, when we were together.

It takes a real man to be so honest. No matter what happens in life I believe I will always be able to trust you. You would never lie to me and you can step back from a situation and really look at it with clear intelligent eyes, not swayed by emotion but see it clear and true." "Thanks Alice.

I pride myself on being able to act ethically and honestly in all that I say and do. That's why this hurt so much, because I was deceived." "You do recall that I told you I was Alice, that you were fucking Alice," I reminded him. "But I thought you were just playing a game," Brad replied. "Do you remember your promise?" "What promise?" "The one that you promised me that you would fuck me, Alice, again, whenever I want. That promise." "You're not going to hold me to that.

I thought you were Mel." "I might buy that argument if it wasn't for one little thing. It just came to me out of the blue, during the wedding. I didn't connect it before because it was such a quick comment. Mel and I talked the other day, you know girl talk.

Somehow the topic of tattoos came up. She shared that you two talked about it and decided that since you don't like them she would never get one. That means Brad that you knew all along it was me you were fucking and you did it anyway. It also means that you sabotaged your own wedding night. Maybe it was to get the kicks of feeling like you were raping Melody.

Maybe it was to end your marriage. I don't know and don't care. You may fool Melody and I'm not about to tell her otherwise no matter how you play this out.

But I have one question for you. Are you going to honor your promise to me?" There was some hesitation on the line before I heard him say that one word I wanted to hear.

"Yes," Brad said. "Good," I told him. "Now go patch up your marriage. We'll talk later and then some." The end (of the beginning)