Big Titty Seductress Blonde Beauty Begs For Cock

Big Titty Seductress Blonde Beauty Begs For Cock
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Terry could hardly believe his eyes. Marsha was getting into this scene, very quickly. Maybe this was not such a good thing after all, he mused. Meanwhile, his clock was running. He had chosen a regular looking dildo, but black. It would have shined had there been enough light to reflect from.

He stepped into the straps, applied the slick fluid, and walked towards his "new" Marsha. She looked at him with a pleasurable gleam, and motioned him over. "This is great. I can't wait to try some of this at home," she whispered. Terry's member had become enlarged by now, and he looked deformed as he moved to Marsha's inviting rear.

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The timer dinged and Terry moved his double dicks to Marsha's waiting backside. She leaned into and over Gary, who took the hint and leaned over also, giving Terry all the room he needed. The black dildo was slightly shorter than the seven inches of Terry's natural member and stood straight out from Terry's pelvis. His own dick had a slight upward bend.

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He knew Marsha had never had anything in her rear, sexually speaking. He took a short time to massage her pussy and asshole, gently moving his fingers in and out of both at once. He used both hands to guide the duo to his wife, and it took a few seconds to gauge it just right. When Marsha let him know he was at the center of her universe, he plunged both cocks all the way in without hesitating or pausing to allow Marsha's anus to pucker. Marsha could not help herself; she gasped and shouted, "Oh, yes, yes, yes-s-s-s." Some of us laughed, but Terry seemed to be enjoying this new position very much and moved in as close as possible.

With her ass spread far apart and held that way by the dildo, she could feel the pubic hair of Terry pressing against her open area, tickling each time it brushed against her. We all thought Marsha would come out of Gary, but she did not have the chance, as Terry muscled her into Gary even further.

He took her hair and moved it to one side, as it had fallen between them. Wow, was all I could think. This is getting very interesting. Instead of looking like six people fucking, it looked like one long object, with a pointed end, stuck into this poor (or was she lucky?) woman at the end of the line, or the beginning of the line, whichever you choose. Couple number four, come on down. Trish and Marv were next. They seemed very anxious to join the club and took their toys excitedly to the front.

Trish decided to turn things around, so to speak. Trish was one of the women who kept her garter belt and white hose on. She had also kept a matching push-up bra on, making her boobs swell out of the cups of the large undergarment.

She was wearing a panty girdle, with a dildo attached, but had slipped it on backwards. There she stood, with a penis sticking out of her butt, instead of in it.

Marv helped her place herself butt to butt to Terry. Marv smoothed the gel onto and slightly into Terry's anus, and then onto the twelve-inch slender rod-shaped penis that protruded from Trish's backside.

Marv held the dildo as Trish backed up to Terry, who was wrapped around Marsha and massaging her small breasts with both hands. The rod was so slender, Terry almost did not notice the entrance of the foreign object into his rear.

He did notice that it was very long and touched a sweet spot on it's way up, because he shuddered ever so faintly. He might just want to explore that more with Marsha in private, he thought. After Trish was connected to the line of couples, she stood up and spread her legs.


There were snaps at the crotch of her undergarment, and she undid them, letting her vagina be revealed and open for the next insertion. Marv had donned a simple flesh-colored dido, but with raised veins and rings up and down the shaft. He sashayed towards his wife and kissed her deeply, burying his tongue into the recesses of her hot mouth.

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He traveled a small distance lower and kissed and licked her ball-shaped breasts that were spilling out of the boundaries of the bra. He soon knelt before Trish and licked her vulva, and then eased his tongue past her velvet vagina lips, now parted and anxiously waiting for something to come in. When the timer signaled, Marv stood up and eased the unnatural penis into Trish, who parted her pussy even wider with her hands and welcomed the invasion.

Her natural fluids began to drip down the artificial cock and glisten on Marv's own pubic hair, winding its way to his throbbing member. He stopped pumping her and embraced her, kissing her deeply and shutting out the world.


After a few deep, exploring kisses, they began their unified motion towards Terry. The rings and veins began to caress the lips of Trish's pussy, as they pushed them in and brought them out with each movement, sending shivers of delight up and down her spine, and making goose bumps stand out on her hosed legs and bare arms. The extra-long dildo gave them room to work at their own level, while still keeping up with the group. Terry was probing himself, more than Trish was probing him, but it did not matter.

The group was connected, the purpose of the sexual exercise.

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Well, this shed a whole new light on things. It seemed that anything was possible, given the right tools. And the right tools were available, for the right craftsman or craftswoman. Time was moving on, and we were waiting for couple five. This couple, Adam and Yolanda, had moved around the tables, but had chosen nothing as of this time. They had but a short time before the timer would go off. I took a gamble that they were not really into this type of sex play. I stepped over to them and asked if they were familiar with the things they had seen.

They advised me they were not, and were not sure they wanted to participate. Melissa and I had been given the last slot and were wondering what we could possibly do as the last couple that had not been done already by someone else. I quickly saw that I could change that situation, and volunteered to change places with Adam and Yolanda, if they wanted to. They seemed very relieved and accepted the offer immediately. I helped Melissa gather the toy she had chosen. She had liked the double dildo that she saw Cindy pick, and decided to use something like it.

The one she chose had a thick, purple penis of gelatin-like material, very flexible, on one end, with a clit teaser just above it.

The other end was an eight-inch real-looking penis, upturned so much that it was nearly parallel to her stomach when she held it next to her. I helped her step into the straps and pull it up and fastened it around her waist, holding the dick facing her away from her body.

She was dripping vagina juice already, and slid her end of the twin dicks into her relaxed cave very easily, and the teaser coming to rest against her rigid clit. The purple dick was thick enough to fill her love cave, and the clit teaser massaged her sex point to a nearly dizzying threshold; and she was not yet connected to the train. She had just plunged it home, when the timer let her know it was her time to link up.

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She prepared the opposite end of her protrusion and moved towards Marv. Since Marv was standing up and embracing Trish, the member Melissa had chosen was near perfect. Melissa was just an inch or so taller than Marv, so she dipped her knees a bit and waited to plunge her rigid penis up and into Marv's anus. Marv let go of Trish long enough to put his hands on his buttocks and part them, giving Melissa a better target. Trish gently pushed the head of her dildo to the sphincter that waited to give the penis a place to dock.

There was a small, but audible, pop, as the head cleared the tight hole, causing Melissa to halt her progress.

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Marv let his cheeks go, and motioned for Melissa to continue her incursion into his rear cavity. Though she was new at this end of the sex act, Melissa was a trouper and plunged right in, so to speak.

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After a few short strokes, the slick dildo was now buried into Marv, who could feel the hair of Melissa's pussy tickling his bottom with every stroke.

He became used to the motion and returned his attention to Trish, who was pumping in and out of Terry, who was busy with Marsha, etc, etc.