Good looking stepson banging hot stepmom in the kitchen

Good looking stepson banging hot stepmom in the kitchen
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Kim had just not been happy with her life over time. Having been divorced, she had a few serious relationships, but they all ended badly. She was now in another relationship, but while he was good to her, it just didn't make her whole. The one thing in her life she was proud of, and satisfied with, was her son, Billy. He had grown up into a fine young man, even after everything that had happened.

Her life was not where she wanted it, but Billy made her happy. Kim felt age was coming upon her. She wasn't the small, pretty woman she had always been. She had put on a few pounds, though her boyfriend told her she now had curves. Her boobs had surely gotten bigger in the last year, though she felt they sagged too much now. Basically, she looked like a mom. She was still as pretty as anyone else her age.

Billy was home from college for the week because of issues with his wisdom teeth. He was going to have them removed. Because of the surgery, he needed to stay at his mom's to be supervised. He didn't like that since he now felt like he was on his own.

He had lived on his own for months and didn't want to be back at his mother's house. The day of the surgery came. Kim drove Billy to the office. The nurse had each fill out the forms needed and then they took him back to start the process. After an hour or so, the doctor came out to her and tell her everything went fine and she could come back and see Billy. He warned her that he was on some new painkillers and a "little loopy". When they got back to the room, Billy was in his chair and just talking about anything and everything.

His speech was hard to understand because of the cotton in his mouth.

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Kim just laughed and looked at the doctor. The doctor told her, "We didn't use a lot of gas with him, but he did take some new prescription painkillers which should keep his discomfort down.

He could have some side effects, but it should all be fine". Kim wondered what side effects he was talking about, but Billy grabbed her wrist and began telling her how good he felt, which distracted her from her questions.

She got Billy home to the house and then inside and to his room. He was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Kim went about cleaning the house and just taking care of things. Her mind began to wonder again. She thought about how nice it was to have Billy back home, even if he didn't even seem to realize where he was at this moment. It made her feel a little special again. Kim realized she had been missing her son and how him being gone and left her a little empty. Knowing he would be there for a week made her feel whole again. She realized just how much she had missed him being around.

Just then, she heard a noise coming from the bedroom area. She went back to find that Billy's bed was empty. She panicked, realizing he is up and moving around. He was supposed to be taking it easy. Just then, she heard the shower in her bedroom turn on.

She quickly ran into there to find Billy dropping his shorts down to his feet. She was looking right at his bare ass as he bent over to take them off. He then tossed them in the corner and turned to get into the shower.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked. This made Billy stop and look at her. "I am dirty from all the work I did today. I am whipped and want to shower and take a nap" he said. Kim realized Billy was still loopy from the painkillers and must have dreamed he had worked all day. He thought he was dirty and going to shower.

As to why he chose her shower made no sense, but then he was on some pretty good drugs she thought. She walked to him and put her hand on his shoulder to turn him and tell him he didn't need to shower. Just as Billy turned, something hit Kim on the side of her hip. She looked down to see that Billy had a tremendous boner pointing right at her. He was fully erect and it was poking at her lower stomach.

The shock of seeing her son's hard cock shocked her. Having it touch her made her step back and just look at it. She was amazed that her son had such a nice cock. His dad never had anything like that. Billy was saying something to her, but because of the cotton still in his mouth, he was impossible to understand again. He was slurring his speech too.

However, that cock pointing right at her really kept her from understanding Billy. Kim could not focus on anything he was saying at all. Billy then turned and stepped into the shower.

The water splashed over his body. Kim just stood and watched it, amazed at how good looking her son was. Of course, Billy didn't shut the shower door, so Kim saw all of him. He was lean and muscular, but not a big guy. She kept looking down at his cock, amazed her son packed so much down there. She couldn't get over it. She took a few steps towards Billy, who now didn't seem to even notice she was there. As she did, he dropped the soap.

This made Kim laugh as it was so cliche. It gave her a nice view of Billy's ass as he bent over trying to pick it up. As he fumbled the soap like a fool, Kim just kept thinking about how nice of an ass her son had. Clearly he had been staying in shape. Realizing he was too loopy to pick up the slippery soap, Kim squatted down at the edge of the shower and grabbed it for Billy. When she did, he turned to get it from her. Being down on her knees now, when Billy turned this caused his cock to be just inches from her face.

Turning to her caused water to flick from his dick and land on her cheek. As she wiped the drops off of her face, his dick just kept bouncing up and down in front of her face.

Billy was still completely hard.


Kim realized this might be one of the side effects the doctor was talking about. She just stayed down on her knees as Billy washed himself with the soap. She couldn't bring herself to get up. She thought to herself that had this not been her son, it would be like some porno movie. This good looking, well built young man with his hard cock in her face.

She felt almost compelled to get closer to him. She wondered if he had used the cock before on any of his girlfriends. She just could not take her eyes off of it. She thought it had to be 8 or 9 inches long. What Kim didn't realize was that the water hitting the floor of the shower was splashing up onto her clothes. Her shorts were soaked and her blouse was also wet from her breasts on down. Just then, Billy walked right out of the shower and past her to the middle of the room.

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He just stood there dripping and looking at himself in the mirror. Kim just laughed and got a towel off the rack.

She put it over his shoulders and began to dry him off. She wiped off his back and then over his shoulders to his chest.


She began to bite her lip as she started to kneel down and dry off his lower back. She was now down on her knees with his ass right at her face level. She wiped his butt off with the towel, admiring his ass as it shined because of the water. She then wiped down both of his legs. Billy was this handsome young man who right now couldn't even dry himself off.

Just then, it happened. Billy turned around quickly, before Kim was prepared for it. His cock hit her right in the cheek. Her own son's cock had just smacked her face. The shock of it startled her as it smacked her good. It even stung a little. The sensation of it shocked her and caused her to gasp.

As she did, that rock hard cock poked her right in mouth. His head hit her teeth. It caused her to become flustered and freeze. Her son's cock had hit her mouth, almost entering it. As Billy swayed back and forth, his hips did the same. This just kept making his dick rub back and forth across her face and mouth.

As Kim tried to say something, this just backfired and cause his dick to run into her mouth. Billy for the first time showed life as he felt the moistness of his mother's mouth. It felt good to him and he wanted more. As Kim just sat there in shock, Billy grabbed her head and held her still.

He then pushed his hard cock right into her mouth. Kim almost gagged, but made sure to not harm Billy. "Ahhhhhhh, man" Billy said as he slid his dick back and forth in her mouth. He began fucking his mother's mouth. Kim, still in shock, just sat there with her mouth wide open allowing him to do this. Realizing she was now giving her son head, Kim had no idea what to do.

She then just did what came natural. She reached up, grabbed the base of this big cock, and began to suck it. Billy stopped thrusting and let his mother blow him. Kim had never wanted to suck of a dick so bad in her life. She went wild, pulling and stroking his dick as she sucked so hard on the head it made loud, wet sounds as it popped out of her mouth. The want of her own son had taken over and Kim was giving the best blow job of her life. She sucked that big dick for all she was worth.

Her body took over and her mind was not thinking. Her head bounced back and forth on Billy's cock. She could feel his body tense up as she kept going. Billy grabbed her head with both of his hands, helping her speed up on her sucking.

Kim then reached both hands around his hips and grabbed his ass cheeks to pull his cock into her deeper. She was drooling now as she sucked his dick. Spit and slobber was dripping from her lips but she never stopped. This was the greatest cock she had ever seen, it was rock hard, and she was going to make it cum. Just then, Kim felt his ass tighten up. He pushed her head down onto his dick. She knew what was happening. Just then, she felt his warm cum shoot from his dick and hit her throat.

She swallowed quickly, trying to take it all. She kept blowing his cock, sliding her lips up and down the shaft. Another load shot out, much bigger than the first. It made her choke and forced her to pull his dick from her mouth. As she did, a third load of hot cum shot out and sprayed across her face. Then another load and another shot. Her face was covered with her own son's cum.

She grabbed his shaft and jerked him. Another last load came out, hitting her nose and mouth. It went all the way down to her chin and was dripping down from it. Kim could only breath loudly, as if she had run a race. Billy, could barely stand, having just shot a huge wad all over his mom's face. Billy stumbled backwards. He then turned and walked from the bathroom into his mother's bedroom.

He put a knee up on her bad and crawled onto it. Kim stayed on her knees in the bathroom. Her face was covered with cum. It was dripping from her nose and chin. She used a finger to wipe it off. She didn't know what to do with it, so she licked it off that finger and swallowed it. She didn't know what to expect, but the taste appealed to her. It was warm and salty, but she liked it. She kept doing it, wiping it off her face and eating it from her fingers. She then stood up to look at herself in the mirror.

Her blouse was soaking wet and you could see right through it. Her face shined from the cum on it. Her shorts where also soaked. Since they were white, you could see through them too. She noticed her thong showing through. Kim grabbed a towel and wiped the remaining cum from her face.

She then turned and walked to the bedroom. Billy was laying flat on his back on her bed. She unbuttoned the wet blouse and took it off. She tossed it over to the hamper. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and did the same.

She stood there in her bra and thong looking at her son. He was conscious, but had his eyes closed while laying on her bed. He had just cum and was enjoying the afterglow of it.

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Immediately, Kim noticed his dick had not gone down at all. It was still rock hard. She couldn't believe he was still hard.

"Youth" she thought to herself. Kim walked over and sat on the bed next to Billy. She reached down and grabbed his dick.

She couldn't believe how hard he was after shooting such a big load of cum out of it. She stroked it up and down. This caused Billy to squirm. The feeling of his mother's hand pumping his dick felt good. He couldn't talk because of the meds, but he knew the handjob from him mom felt good. She kept the same pace up, just admiring how her son looked. She knew he could go all night. Kim knew what to do. She stood up from the bed, letting go of his cock as she did this. It plopped down into his stomach.

She took off her bra. She noticed her nipples were rock hard. They almost ached as the air hit them. The moistness from the shower was still on them. She then slid her thong down her thighs and off her feet. She was now standing completely naked in front of her son. He wasn't looking at her, just laying there. She then stepped over to the bed and got on it next to Billy.

She then put one leg over him and straddled him. She reached down between her thighs and grabbed her son's cock. She guided it to the opening of her pussy and sat back on it. It slid right in as she noticed her pussy was soaking wet. She rocked back and forth on it, an inch more with each pump. Eventually, she had him all the way in her.

He was so much bigger than any man she had ever been with. The discomfort of his size in her hurt at first. Kim kept riding that dick though, moving up and down on Billy. Soon the pain from his size left and she felt the tingling of an orgasm coming. She had adjusted to his dick and was now riding him for all she was worth. She put her hands on his chest to give herself more leverage.

This allowed her to fuck that cock faster and faster. Her ass was now slamming down each time onto his hips. It made a smacking sound as her asscheeks hit him. She realized those extra pounds she had added was making this happen.

She had a booty now and it was bouncing up and down on her son's dick. When her orgasm hit, she sat back on that dick, forced it all the way in her. Her pussy spasmed, almost trying to push that dick out of her. She reach down and began to rub her clit. The made her orgasm just keep on coming and coming. Kim realized she was now yelling out loud, shouting "Yes, yes, yes.". It was the most intense orgasm of her life.

She was fucking her son and it was turning her on like never before.


Kim wanted to try something else. She got off her son's cock and turned around. She was now looking at his feet. She again straddled him and put his cock into her wet pussy. She then rocked back and forth on his dick. She had seen this in a porn movie one of her boyfriends showed her and wondered how it would feel.

She loved it. She kept going back and forth on Billy. She looked back over her shoulder at Billy to see the look on his face. His mouth was wide open and his eyes were also wide open. It was the first time in this experience Billy had his eyes open. He was looking at his mom's ass as it bobbed up and down on his dick. He was loving it. He reach forward and grabbed her ass to help her go up and down on his dick. Kim could feel his grip on her. This made her ride him harder.

She was now grunting and trying to move her pussy up and down that dick as fast as she could. She felt Billy clamp down on her ass with his hands. He was spread her wider and pulling her down hard onto his dick each time she moved up on it. He was even thrusting his hips up to her. Seeing him do this, seeing him try to fuck her, his mother, caused her to orgasm again.

She moaned out loud as she came hard on her son's hard cock. It overcame her causing her to stop riding him. She just shook, her whole body shook, as she sat on that dick. Billy wanted more. He needed more. His mom was cuming hard and wasn't fucking him. So Billy took over. He pushed his mom's ass off of him. She fell forward, laying on her face.

She felt that long cock pull out of her pussy as he slid out from beneath her legs. He grabbed her hips and lifted them up. She was now in the doggie style position, her ass right there in front of her son as she was on her hands and knees.


He grabbed his big dick and aimed it right at her pussy as it glistened between her ass checks. It was so pink from all the fucking it had endured so far. He pushed the head of his dick so that it split open her pussy. He then thrusted that big cock of his into her. She arched her head back as he did this because she could feel that cock filling her up. Billy reached forward and grabbed his mother's hair.

He held onto it as he began pounding her pussy hard. He had her hair in his right hand and the left was holding her hip. He then smacked her ass hard with that left hand. The sting of it caused her to buck harder on his dick. "Come on mom, fuck that dick" she heard Billy say.

"Damn this pussy is good, come on mom, take that dick" he said to her. Kim realized Billy knew what was happening and he loved it. "Mom, how many times have you cum on my dick? I didn't realize you were such a slut". The vulgar words coming from her son's mouth about her both shamed her and turned her on at the same time. She now was no longer fucking her son.

He was now fucking her. Her pussy was being used by him. She kept feeling him smack her ass but he wouldn't let go of her hair. He pulled it a little more with each thrust. "Ahh fuck mom, you are so wet. I am going to shoot all up in that pussy" Billy said to her. Billy then let go of his mother's hair and grabbed onto her hips with both hands. He then fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

The pounding caused her to drop her face to the bed and just hold on. The smacking sounds of his hips hitting her ass were loud. That big dick of his ramming in and out of her caused her to lose her breath. An orgasm overtook her again and she grabbed the bed sheets with her hands to try and keep from falling down. Just then, Billy thrusted hard into her.

She was cumming. He shot his load of hot cum into his mom's pussy. He would draw his dick almost all the way out and then shove it in again as another load would shoot. He kept doing this at least 5 or 6 times. Kim just took it. She let him fill her pussy up with his cum. She could feel the warm liquid in her. As he shot a 7th load, he fell foward on her back. He was done shooting in her, but his dick was buried in her. He breathed heavily onto her back for a moment.

Then he set back up and slowly pulled his dick out of his mom. She felt the hot cum drip out of her as he did this. He was dripping out of her pussy and onto the bed. Kim sat back up and felt the cum run down the inside of her legs. Her legs were still shaking from the fuck they had just had. She looked back over her shoulder at Billy. He was laying back on her bed and had his eyes closed. She thought he was already asleep.

She slowly turned towards him, thinking about she had just fucked her own son.

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She then noticed something. His dick was still hard. She knew this was