First Time gay experience young latin twinks

First Time gay experience young latin twinks
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Sorry 'bout the delay! ---- "Wh-What are you doing here?" I asked, more than a little surprised. She looked disappointed. "I'm sorry," she said, shifting uncomfortably, getting ready to leave. "I thought-" "No, no, it's okay, you just surprised me is all.

I wasn't expecting to see you tonight," I lied, trying to control my pounding heart.

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I hadn't thought of what I would do, despite my earlier thoughts. I couldn't get rid of either of them. I loved Brook, but I couldn't do that to Taylor, not in a million years.

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I loved her too. I did a mental sigh. I would have to deal with it tomorrow. "Well, do I get a hug?" She asked, a slight smirk on her lips.

I stood up and embraced her, our lips meeting. I lie back down on the bed, bringing her with me. Well 'shit' I thought, as Taylor laid there. I remarked on how well she looked. 5' 5'', Fine, light blond hair, just past her shoulders, pretty green eyes, pretty little B-cup breasts, hourglass figure, and a nice little ass.

But the thing that made her so remarkably beautiful was her smile. She was always smiling. Her eyes would get bright and pretty, and she would flash you that smile that makes you melt. It was beautiful. We had never really gotten intimate either. Sure, we made out a couple of time, I might get stiff, but we never went anywhere. "Goodnight," she said, shifting and falling asleep in my arms.

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I rested my head on hers "Goodnight Taylor," I said, wrapping my arms around her tightly. 'Haha' I thought This sucks "Yo, dude!" Tom called out from across the hall. I closed my locker and beckoned him over, shouldering my book bag. My school had 2 floors, the second stretching west, the first going east, in the shape of a tetris piece.

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My classes were on the first floor, as well as Brook's and Taylor's. There were people everywhere, from 9th to 12th grade, walking to classes, going to the bathroom, whatever.

"Hey," I said, pushing through a group of 11th Graders. "Hows it going?" "Pretty good. How was your weekend?" "Uh, uneventful," I said, distracted by the sight of Brook heading my way. tom looked were I was looking, and saw the expression on my face "Uneventful huh?" He asked, a grin on his face, I laughed as Brook walked up to me and I grabbed her around the waist, giving her a soft kiss.

After about 10 seconds of our lips being locked, I heard a cough from Tom. "ahaha, go to hell," I said, laughing. "No, dude," He said, looking past my shoulder "I thought you were dating Taylor." I turned around and saw Taylor, watching me, her fists clenched, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Uh, I- Uh." I said, walking towards her. She turn around and ran up the stairs, bawling, all eyes on her. I started to run after her. Brook put her hand up to stop me.

"I'll take care of it," She said, looking up at me before turning away and heading after Brook I turned to Tom, bewildered. "Meh, waddya gonna do?" He asked I sighed 'I knew I had signed up for this when I fucked him' I thought, walking towards the art room.

As I got closer, I heard crying. I looked in the mirror, adjusted my hair, pushed up my bra, and walked in. "Taylor?" I called, walking in the brightly decorated room. The first room was covered in abstract paintings, with orange and blue bases. The second room was connected to the first by a doorway with beads in replacement of a door. I pushed the beads aside and looked in the room.

Taylor was in a corner, huddled up with her knees up to her chin, crying her poor little heart out. Brook's eyes softened, and she walked up to her. "I'm sorry, Taylor, I-" "It's okay" she said, wiping her eyes. "I always knew he liked you more, but I thought-" I gently grabbed her arm, stroking her shoulder, slowly starting to massage her neck.

"Shh. He loves you, he really does." "Th-then why would he-" she hiccuped "I think he's just confused, he needs a little time.


It wasn't his fault, at any rate." I stroked the back of her head, running my hands through her hair. "I'd really like to make it up to you," I said, trying to push my point across. "How?" She asked me, a defeated tone in her voice. She looked up into my eyes as I stroked her cheek, and finally she understood.


I gently pulled the shoulder of her blue sweater down. I leaned toward her, and had my first bisexual experience. Our lips met, her moist lips against mine, my tongue in her mouth. She was reluctant. Her breathing got faster, and she got more into it as we got more and more intense.

Finally she started using her tongue, lightly pushing it against mine, putting it in my mouth. It was an explosion of sensuality. It was just as sexy as kissing a man, but in a different way. A forbidden way. That's what made it so erotic. I lifted my hands without taking my lips off hers, and started to pull up her shirt, lifting it over her head.

I pulled away to examine her body. She was wearing a tiny little black bra, greatly complimenting her cleavage. I smiled and got right back into kissing her soft lips, while I let my hands stroll up her chest towards her supple tits.

I grabbed her round breasts with my hands. She shuddered, her spine going straight. She gasped, and slowly started breathing normally again.

I slowly pulled down her bra so that it was around her waist, taking the strap off her shoulders. She had a beautiful rack. Her fully tanned breasts with pretty pink nipples, perfectly elevated, perfectly spaced apart, just perfect.

I slowly reached down and licked her nipples, my tongue flicking over it as quickly as I could make it. Taylor moaned, arching her back and pushing my head again her body just a little closer. I pushed my hair out of my eye's, looking up at her as I played with her tits, enjoying her reaction. I looked down at her skirt -damn hair. I pushed it out of my eyes again- and my what a revealing skirt it was.

Short, above her knees, blue, complimenting her tanned skin, and made of a very thin material. She pushed it back, exposing her little black panties. I slowly reached down and massaged her though her underwear, while my mouth still worked her tits. I leaned up and kissed her, then went back to sucking her tits. I could feel my fingers getting wet.

I looked down. Her pussy was wet. 'Show time' I thought, crawling back. Now she was against the wall, her back straight, her legs spread open, with me on my hands and knees in front of her. I leaned down and slowly pulled her underwear to the side, exposing her beautiful cunt to the air. It was soaking wet by this time, and glistening in the light coming through the windows.

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I played with her pussy a bit, rubbing my hands over it, until it was just to hard to resist. I leaned down and licked her pussy up, down, left, right, every possible which way.

It was delicious. Her juices started running down my chin, as i tried in vain to capture all her juices in my mouth. It had a slightly fruity taste. It was impossible to tell when she orgasm. It seemed she was pouring juices all over me the whole time. Finally she stopped leaking, and I licked up the last of what I could. My pants were soaked, due to the fact id been fingering myself through them during the event. Taylor was sweating, her hair plastered to her face, her pussy still a little wet, even after the cleaning I had given it, her eyes half closed and drowsy.

But I could tell she wasn't finished. She slowly raised her arm, and ran a hand over my cunt through my jeans. She sat up, unbuckling my pants, and slowly pulling them off. My see-through-red panties left nothing to the imagination, seeing as how they were drenched in cum, on top of being tight in the first place.

She slowly pulled them down, taking off my pants and underwear at the same time. My throbbing pussy was so hot, it practically burned. She pushed me so I was lying on the ground, and then positioned herself with her face at my pussy.

Without hesitation, she rammed her tongue up against my pussy. She licked back and forth, sucking on my clit, licking up my juices, until I felt my pussy tighten and I felt a build up of cum. I burst. My juices flowing everywhere, running down her chin, drenching my already wet pussy. After she licked up her fair share, she sighed, and lie next to me on the floor. She kissed me, I kissed her. It was slow, passionate, and loving. "I think we can share him," Taylor said with a grin.

I laughed, and kissed her one last time before I fell asleep. I contemplated why I keep falling asleep covered in cum these days. 'Oh well, nothing wrong with that I suppose' I thought, a grin on my lips.

Taylor was already asleep. I kissed her one more time, before i too feel asleep. I was getting worried. I hadn't seen them in a while. I hopped in the car, starting up the engine. It was cold as fuck. I waited for the heater to start up, and then I drove home I pull into the driveway, and rush into the house.

I walk up the stairs. I plop on m bed, exhausted. I instantly fall asleep. I awake knowing I'm not alone. I look at the doorway, and see Brook step out of the shadows. "Now you're sneaking into my room?" I asked, with a light chuckle. "Well, I told her how much fun it is," said another voice. A figure steps out of the shadows Oh shit Taylor ---- Sorry for the delay you guys, I kind of lost motivation for this series, and ran out of Idea's, but expect the next one to be out soon ;-)