Horny asian babe has a new plastic friend

Horny asian babe has a new plastic friend
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The Chauffeur……First Day/At the office By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 Chapter 1 It was Sunday night. I was watching Sunday Night Football not really paying attention to the game as I kept thinking about Monday. Tomorrow would be the start of a whole new career for me, a real big throw of the dice. I made sure my best suit had come back from the dry cleaners. I picked out a shirt and tie, polished my shoes, and buffed the belt again.

I certainly was intrigued at what could possibly lie ahead of me after such an over the top 'interview'. My dick started to get hard just thinking about Tina and Sasha. Suddenly, my cell phone rang startling me back into the present.

"Hello?" I answered "Hi David, this is Tina from Happy, Happee Limo. Do you remember me?" "Of course, I remember you. How can one forget you?" I said with a bit of flirtatiousness in my voice. "Sasha wanted me to call you and ask several things.

First, did you have your attorney look over the contract? Second, are you ready for tomorrow? Third, and quite possibly most important do you have a backpack?" Tina said in her smiling voice. "Yes, my attorney looked over the contract and he pointed out an error. I was intending to discuss it with Sasha tomorrow. Am I ready? Well, quite frankly, I'm not sure. The job interview was unique to say the least. And, you my dear, were delightful. I certainly understand why you are Sasha's personal assistant.

Finally, yes, I have a backpack. What do I need that for?" I answered. I could hear Tina chuckle a bit. "Well thank you! You are so sweet. I have been excited all week thinking about you starting tomorrow.

Sasha says to be here by 9am sharp. No need to wear a suit as the first part of the day will be office time. Dress jeans and a white dress shirt should do just fine. The second part of the day is when you will need a suit again. The agenda is: Sasha will discuss various 'other' benefits you will receive. There will be paperwork that has to be filled out, like tax stuff.

You will be introduced to the 'day crew' and we will go to lunch. After lunch, you will go home until 8pm. When you return at 8 you will look your best. Sasha and I will introduce you to the night group and you will ride with one of our best and most successful drivers. She gets ask for personally ALL THE TIME. Any questions?" "She?" I noted.

"Yes, Jill. She has been with us for a year now. She is THE MOST sought after driver that we have. You will ride with her your first night. Monday nights are usually slow and steady, so you will have lots of opportunity to talk and ask Jill questions.

Oh, and she likes to be interviewed too!" Tina said with a big smile and a small chuckle in her voice.

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"What about the backpack?" I asked. "Just bring it with you in the morning. Security downstairs will check it to make sure you are not bringing a weapon or drugs into the building. I will give you a list of items you will need to have in the backpack to bring with you for the night shift. Got it now?" "Absolutely! Thank you, Tina, you have eased my mind about tomorrow. Sweet dreams and I will see you tomorrow at 9AM sharp!" I hung up my cell phone. Turned off the TV and headed in to take a shower.

Just hearing Tina's voice made me horny. I stripped down and turned on the water to get it warm. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I needed to do a bit of manscaping. I reached under my vanity and pulled out the electric shaver. I plugged it in and turned it on. I wondered to myself if I would get another chance with Tina. She was hot. Not that Sasha was an old bag of socks but, Tina certainly influenced my libido.

I finished my manscaping, stepped into the shower and felt the now hot water running over my shoulders and down my back. I wet my hair and shampooed it up. I soaped up my body including my cock and balls. The warm water, the soap, and thinking about Tina got me hard quickly. I turned and leaned back against the wall and used the liquid soap as a lubricant for me to masturbate. I stroked my hard cock slowly at first. I moved up and down the shaft.

I closed my eyes and relived the 'interview' with Tina and Sasha. I found myself working my cock faster and faster yearning for a reasonably quick resolution. Finally, after a few minutes, I felt that tightening of my balls and that point of no return feeling. "Oooooohhhhh". I moaned out loud as my orgasm erupted.

I shot several ropes of cum onto the shower floor. I kept stroking my cock until I knew that I was finished. I tilted the showerhead towards my spunk to make sure it all went down the drain. I stayed under the water for a couple minutes more making sure I didn't forget to wash everything. I got out of the shower, dried off, and headed to bed. I set my alarm for 6:30AM to make sure I wasn't going to be late on my first day. My head hit the pillow and off into dreamland I went.

Chapter 2 When the alarm went off, I opened one eye thinking what the hell was I thinking setting the alarm so early. I debated in my head, get up or take a few minutes more to sleep. My conscious wouldn't allow me to go back to sleep. I got up and went pee, thinking about seeing Tina and Sasha again.

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Even though I masturbated before going to bed, I knew I had to, at least once masturbate before I got dressed for my new job. I sat down on my desk chair with a towel underneath my naked body. I reached over and coated my left hand with baby oil. I cursed to myself wondering why they put 'childproof caps' on baby oil bottles. I began to stroke my now hard cock. I closed my eyes again thinking of that wonderful interview and Tina's tight wet delicious womanhood.

I began stroking my shaft up and down with the baby oil coating my cock and making it feel so wonderful. Using my other hand, I began tickling my balls. I ran my hand around the purplish head of my rock-hard cock. Faster and faster I jerked my manhood. I kept going and going until I felt that wonderful twinge letting me know the end is near.

My cock swelled and cum spurted out. My cock spewed 5 ropes of jism all of it landing on the floor. I held onto my cock for a couple of extra minutes until I felt myself getting soft.

I looked down at the mess I made and shrugged hoping that there would be more to come (or cum) at the new job.

I got up and got some paper towels to clean up the mess before I jumped in the shower again to prepare for work. I looked at myself in the mirror, realizing that I had not shaved yet. I was still nervous thinking about the first day ahead of me. I did the triple S (as my Dad would say: Shit, Shower, and Shave). I did as Tina requested and got my best jeans and a white long sleeve dress shirt out. While in the closet I picked out another shirt and matching tie for the night shift to go with my suit.

I dressed and put on cologne and headed to the kitchen to eat a bit before heading out to my new job. Since I hadn't driven to the office building during morning rush hour I was unsure the amount of time it would take me to get there.

I decided to leave at 8am giving me an hour travel time. After eating a simple meal (Froot Loops and milk), I rinsed out my cereal bowl and spoon but, left them in the sink. I grabbed my back pack, the contract, and my cell phone and headed out. Traffic, as expected, was horrible. I arrived at the office building at 8:41 but parking during the day was not like the night time parking situation.

Thankfully, I saw a parking garage connected to the office building. I went in the garage entrance, pulled the ticket to get the 'arm' to raise then whispered to myself to hopefully find a parking spot quickly. I went up 4 floors to finally find a parking spot. Thankfully, I was parked next to the elevator. I took it down one floor to the 'crossover' bridge to the office building. As I entered the office building, I immediately ran into the security desk.

They politely asked to look inside of my back pack. They took a quick peek and sent me on my way. I took the elevator back to the familiar 8th floor, nervous as hell. Lots of people in the elevator, not like the interview night when I was alone. The bell rang for the 8th floor and the doors opened. I got off the elevator and headed to the doors of Happy, Happee Limo. No handwritten sign on the door this time I noted. I reached for the door latch and to my surprise it was easy to open.

I went in and stopped at the door looking around for a familiar face. A short red headed woman approached me saying, "Welcome to Happy, Happee Limo. What brings you to us?" "Um, it's my first day. I'm supposed to see either Tina or Sasha." I replied. "Oh my, you must be the new guy for the night shift. David, right?" she said with a devilish grin. I was stunned. I stood there for a moment before answering, "Yes, yes, sorry I didn't expect anyone to know my name." "Are you kidding?

After your 'interview'? Everyone in the office knows. You're becoming a cult hero already." She said with a chuckle to her voice. I was stunned. A what? Did she say, 'cult hero'? As if I wasn't nervous enough before, now I'm bordering on nauseated. "Let me take you back to Sasha's office." She said with a wink to me and more of that devilish grin.

I followed silently noticing a few ladies peeking up from their computer screens and whispering to their neighbor. I just smiled back and chuckled to myself 'cult hero?'. The short red head knocked on the castle doors and walked right in. I saw Tina first. She came over to me and squealed with delight. "DAVID!" she exclaimed. "Hello, my darling," I said with an air of flirtatiousness in my voice.

I smiled and gave her a kiss while she was hugging me hard. "Sasha stepped out for a meeting and will be back in a few minutes. I'm supposed to give you the five-cent tour to meet everyone. When Sasha returns then we will start the boring paperwork and go over other stuff. At noon, we'll go to lunch. Like I told you on the phone last night, you'll go home after lunch and come back at 8 tonight for your ride along with Jill". Tina went over with me in a matter of fact tone.

"Are you ready for your tour?" Tina inquired with a big smile on her face. "Before we start may I ask you a couple of things?" I said sheepishly. "Of course, if I'm not allowed to answer the question I'll defer it to Sasha. She will answer all your questions. Fair enough?" Tina replied still smiling. "Um, ok, fair enough. First, how does 'everyone' know about my interview? Second, what have I gotten into here? Third, and finally, are you single?" I curiously asked.

Tina, now smiling her beautiful smile, "Yes, I'm single but Sasha frowns on employees dating, if that is where you were going with that. We can have sex but dating requires 'permission'. As to your interview, of course everyone knows! The girls who came in to clean you and Sasha up that evening are big gossips. They are twin trouble. I'm guessing you didn't even realize that they are twins, did you?

As to your second question, I'm afraid I will have to defer that one to Sasha. When you ride with Jill ask her after Sasha tells you her answer. Why Jill? She is former military and is very plain spoken almost blunt when chatting with other employees. She'll give you her opinion without any political correctness. Does that answer your questions?" "Mostly. Can you give me an idea on who to avoid saying anything to because they are such gossips, like the twins?" I asked.

"Of course. When I take you around and introduce you, I'll introduce them as the 'friendly, chatty type' so you'll understand. Fair enough?" Tina replied. Clearly, she is smart as a whip. We left the office for Tina to be introducing me to the day staff. The very first person I meet is a lady who is probably reaching her mid-40's. Petite, short blonde hair, cute smile and small athletic type chest.

She had the appearance of someone who works out regularly. She was introduced to me as Paula. Paula, stood up, took off her headset and reached out to shake my hand.

She made some small talk after saying hello. Tina reminded her she needed to get back on the phones. Paula smiled and excused herself and went back to work.

Tina took me around to everyone in the room.


As she told me in the office, she introduced me to only 3 more 'friendly, chatty types' which, gave me a sigh of relief. Just as we were finishing the round of introductions Sasha walked back into the main room. She came over to me and asked me to follow her back to her office, which I did without a word.

"Mr. David, it is such a pleasure to see you here. My, don't you look less, hmm, what's the word? Stuffy. You clean up and look much more relaxed today versus your interview." Sasha said in her strong accent. "Tina texted me with information that you have questions. So, please ask. I want any objections out of the way right from the start." She continued. "Wow, ok then, I have several questions.

Most of them just curiosity, but a few of them are concerns. If you don't mind, I will start with the concerns first." I said in a non-emotional tone. "Go ahead Mr.

David, please" "Let me start with the contract. My attorney pointed out that the dollar figure in the contract is not what we discussed. In my interview, you offered me a sum of $200,000 annually. Yet, in the contract it says $300K. Did I miss something?" My curiosity quite peaked. "Mr. David, the $200,000 is your 'guaranteed minimum' with the $300,000 figure representing what we 'expect' you to make annually.

The better you do, the more you'll make." Sasha said with a grin. "I'm sure my Tina told you that you will be with one of my best drivers, Jill. She is our most requested of the entire drive staff.

With tips, bonus', and other 'perks' Jill will make in excess $600,000 this year. I expect you to make that much and maybe even more depending on what you're willing to do to service our clientele." Sasha continued saying.

"And?" Sasha questioned. "Well, let me just lay all of my cards on the table. In no particular order, here goes: 1. Why are employees forbidden from dating?

2. What have I gotten into here? 3. What is the list of stuff I need in my back pack? 4. Why did you request 'no condoms' when Tina, you and I had sex? 5. And finally, (looking at the clock seeing that it is a little past 11am) What 'service' will I be performing and on which of the clientele?" I said with a bit more authority in my voice.

Sasha sat pensively for a couple of minutes before inviting me to sit with her on the long red leather couch against the wall. She said that being behind her desk always made her feel too much like a corporate whore.

I walked over to the red couch and stood there until Sasha joined me. "Please sit, Mr. David." She directed. "Now, Mr. David, all of those are reasonable questions. It's good to see you have a bit of common sense by the questions. Not everyone does, I assure you. To answer your first question: Employees are not 'forbidden' from dating. We just strongly discourage it.

Why? Mostly because of our history. We've had people in the past that once they start dating everything changes. One partner wants the other to quit working here. Feelings are hurt easily and usually one of the dating couple becomes jealous which causes much tension here at work. Second, my favorite of your questions, you have gotten into one of the most lucrative limo businesses ever in the history of the United States.

We pay our staff top dollar and our drivers make more money than the combined sum of any 3 drivers of other limo companies. As you probably suspected by our interviewing technique full service is what we provide to certain customers. Before any customer steps into your vehicle we will know all about them, for your safety as well as ours. We don't necessarily break the law, but we bend the hell out of it." Sasha said in a matter of fact tone.

She continued saying, "Mr. David, you are worried about 'no condoms'?


It has more to do with Tina being allergic to latex. Her wonderful pussy swells up and she gets a rash inside of her. I don't want any of my staff to suffer because of the job. Make sense, Mr. David? Finally, what service you will be performing will determine what you are willing to do for the clientele." "Um, Sasha, I apologize for interrupting, but can we head to eat as I am famished and really didn't eat much breakfast before showing up here." I said.

"But, one question&hellip.do you need food or me?" She said with a very wicked grin, "BOTH! And Tina too, if she's allowed." I shot back. "TINA, come in here." Sasha bellowed. The door opened. Tina walked in with that cute lady Paula accompanying her.

"My Tina, Mr. David asked if you could join us for lunch?" "Absolutely! Am I allowed to bring Paula with us?" Tina inquired. "That will be fine. Is it ok with you Mr. David?" Sasha asked. "That would be great." I answered. "Well then, why don't we go eat in my private dining room. My Tina, call Luigi's an get our usual order. Paula and Mr. David, what would you like for lunch?" Sasha was asking. Paula was the first to speak up, "Maybe some spaghetti, so I can show off my sucking skills to our new employee." A huge grin came over her face as she said that looking directly at me.

"An Italian salad with grilled chicken on top with ranch dressing. I don't want to get on carb overload." I said cheekily. "Tina, go order the lunch. Mr. David, Paula, and I will be in my private dining room with the electronic lock on. You will need to use your electronic badge to get in. Be sure to bring some towels to clean up with. Have someone buzz us when the food arrives." Sasha directed. Chapter 3 As the three of us entered the private dining room, I marveled that the damn thing was nicer than my apartment.

4 large leather couches, 2 leather love seats, 2 reclining leather rocking chairs, and a huge pecan conference table that I'm sure seats 8-10. There was also a kitchen (fridge, freezer, ice maker, beer tap, sink, dishwasher, a small bar, and lots of cabinets). Jokingly, I asked, "Hey, this is nicer than my apartment. May I move in here?" "Of course, Mr. David but I'm not sure you could pay the rent and keep up with your duties here." Sasha said laughing, which was the very first time I had heard her laugh.

"You two need to get naked." Sasha directed us. I watched Paula begin to strip down while I was also removing my clothes. She was completely tan, not one single tan line anywhere. She had a beautiful yellow lace bra with matching yellow lace panties. As she got more and more undressed, I became more erect. When Paula was completely with out attire, she walked, no maybe sauntered over to me and knelt.

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My cock was at full mast, pointing up at the ceiling. Paula began licking the underside of my cock. She took the pre-cum droplets into her mouth letting out a moan of approval. With her right hand, she grasped my shaft and began stroking from the base to the underside of my thick bulbous head.

She kept flicking her tongue all around the head, occasionally putting the head between her lips. Her left hand began playing with my balls. Without warning, she inserted her pinky finger in my anus (Something I was not expecting). That move made my cock harder than ever before.

As I gently face fucked her, I felt the familiarity of the back of her throat. I knew if she kept this up I would be done rather quickly. I looked over at Sasha. She was also completely naked, sitting on the large conference table fingering herself. I heard the squish of her own fingers plunging in and out of her very wet pussy.

Paula really had a talent. Possibly the best blow-job that I had ever had. Without warning, the door to the dining room opened and Tina walked in. While she was taking her clothes off she quipped to Paula, "Well, what do you think?" Thankfully, Paula stopped for a moment to answer Tina, "Damn Tina, where did we find him?

He is very tasty!" "He called us looking for a job and Sasha decided to interview him." Tina replied with a sultriness to her voice. "Paula, come over here and use your tongue on my pussy." Sasha directed.

Paula removed her face from in front of my very hard cock. As she stood up, I kissed her on the lips whispering in her ear that I was happy Sasha requested her since I wasn't going to last much longer. A big smile came across her face, "Really?" she asked. "Of course, why would I lie?" I said to her. Now she bounced over to Sasha. She put her head between Sasha's legs and began her assault on her womanhood.

I could hear the lapping and sucking on Sasha's very wet pussy. It was a beauty to behold. I always loved seeing my x-wife go down on another woman.

To me, that is just hot! I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Tina, "Remember me?" "Absolutely. I have been thinking of you all week." I said with a huge smile on my face. "Can we do it like the last time?" She asked sheepishly. "Anything you want. Just bend over somewhere it will be comfortable for you." I replied. Tina walked over to the table. She bent over it putting her face next to Sasha's face and began French style kissing her.

Her right hand began pulling and tugging on Sasha's right nipple. That was my cue to begin some hard fucking. I got up behind Tina's beautiful ass. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit making her moan loud. Teasing her, I wet my index finger and pushed it against her asshole flower.

It gobbled my finger right up, much to my surprise. "David, please, please fuck my pussy. I've been waiting for you all week. Thinking of that magnificent cock of yours. Please darling, fuck me with that hard cock." Tina was asking in a very submissive tone. With my other hand, I grabbed my cock and put the head in first. Slowly, I pushed into her, not wanting to hurt her. "FUCK ME DAMN-IT. FUCK ME. DO IT NOW!" Tina now spoke with a sense of urgency.

I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could. I felt her cervix hit the point of my cockhead. I pulled out and again slammed into her. I kept thrusting in and out as hard as I could. I was picking up speed and strength. As I hammered her from behind, her hips kept hitting the edge of the table.

She had to stop kissing Sasha as her head was moving forward and back not able to focus on Sasha's mouth. "Oh, my gawd." I heard Paula say watching Tina and my animalistic lust.

I was pounding Tina as hard as I possibly could. Tina was moaning, screaming, and balling up her fists as wave after wave of pleasure came over her. Suddenly, she squirted my cock with her lady cum. That didn't stop me. Instead, it only encouraged me to continue. I kept pounding that tight little pussy. Tina, in a wave of pleasure, stopped moving. I freaked. Never in my life had any woman done that before. I was worried that I had hurt her.

I stopped and started calling her name, "Tina…Tina…Tina talk to me. Tina are you ok. Tina, please talk to me." Sasha sat up, spun around to face Tina and slapped her across the cheek. Suddenly, there was a big gasp of air from Tina. "Oh, my goodness. What happened?" Tina quietly asked.

Paula piped up chuckling a bit saying, "Tina, he fucked you unconscious. Sexiest thing I have EVER seen!" I held Tina's face kissing her and asking forgiveness. I told her that I thought that I had really hurt her. She smiled back. She said, "David, your cock is like cocaine. I'm addicted to it and want more and more." Sasha piped up, "Mr. David, if you're done playing kissy, kissy with my Tina. I want to be fucked also." Just then the phone rang. A speaker came on. "Tina, you lunch just arrived.

Should I bring it to the private dining room or will someone come out to get it?" Sasha spoke up, "Deborah, I'm sending Paula out to get the lunch. Thank you, that will be all." Paula stood up from between Sasha's legs to begin putting her clothes back on.

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I walked over to Sasha. I stepped up between her legs rubbing my still hard cock against Sasha's very wet pussy. My cock slipped right in. I did not start slowly. I started to hammer away, remembering the last time we fucked. I hammered away for several minutes. Remembering the last time, I brought both of my hands up to start playing with her clit. I rubbed it. I pinched it between my index finger and my bird finger not being gentle at all. Rather quickly, Sasha began her shuttered breathing.

Breaths were heavy with deep guttural moans and her body began tensing up. Her hips were moving to meet my pounding of her womanhood. My cock was fucking her hard and my fingers were twisting and pinching her swollen clit.

I kept fucking her harder and harder. Tina climbed up on the table, squatting her freshly fucked love hole down on Sasha's face. "Lick my cunt." Tina directed. I saw Sasha's tongue come out of her mouth trying to reach Tina's wet wanton pussy. Her tongue was flicking back and forth as if it was out of a snake. Sasha lifted her head to begin sucking Tina's clit and puffy outer lips.

All at once, Sasha began that all too familiar foreign cursing. She tensed up and came all over my cock and balls. I just kept pounding that delicious pussy, going harder and harder with each thrust. Tina leaned into me kissing me with some force. Our tongues intertwined. She tasted and smelled delicious. I believed that I could look at that face forever, Sasha's eastern European cursing began again. Her body tensed up yet again and she splashed my entire crotch with her love juice.

My legs were now dripping with female cum. "Mister&hellip.Mister&hellip.Mister David, stop please. I can't breathe. Mr. David, please stop!" Sasha tried to say with limited oxygen. I was grinning from ear to ear, knowing full well that I again made two women cum multiple times and I had not yet cum. I slowed down and finally came to a stop. I released her clit. Her arms were hanging by her side. I gently grabbed each one and lifted her up to face me.

She had a look of curiosity. I cupped her face gently and leaned in to kiss her. It wasn't a romantic kiss.

Instead, it was more of a 'thank you for a great fuck' type of kiss. Tina jumped down off the table and went to get the towels to clean up.

Just as Tina brought each of us a clean towel, Paula re-entered the room with our lunch. "So, how did the 'new guy' do?" Paula asked. "You can try him for yourself Miss Paula." Sasha said breathlessly. "I'm not sure he wants an old gal like me. Let him rest." Paula replied. "Um, do I get a say in this?" I inquired.

"Of course, you do Mr. David." Sasha replied. "Well, if Paula is willing, I would be honored." I said. "And, he's a gentleman too!" Paula said with some excitement. All three ladies were smiling.

Obviously, I said the right thing. Paula asked if I could do her while she sat in one of the straight back chairs at the other end of the table. I readily agreed. We walked down to the other end of the table with Paula seated in one of the hard, straight back chairs. I gently lifted each leg one by one, draping it over each arm of the chair. Paula's pussy was clean shaven. She had nice pert boobs and a flat stomach. She was tan all over with no hint of tan lines. I made a mental note that she obviously sun bathes nude.

I stroked my cock making sure it was fully hard. I spit on my hand and reached for her vagina. Before I even touched it, I could see her pussy glistening with woman juice. I apologized and walked over to a towel on the table to wipe my hand off, getting rid of the spit.

As I walked back to Paula, I asked, "How do you like to be fucked? Hard, soft what?" "Hard if you still can. I know you must be pretty wiped out. I'll take whatever you can muster. Remember, I'm the old gal. I'm just happy to be included." Paula said with a disappointed tone. "Paula, you're a beautiful vibrant woman. Don't put yourself down, at least not with me around.

I have plenty of energy. Let me do. what I do. to you!" I said with enthusiasm. I looked over to see Tina smiling that beautiful smile. Even Sasha was smiling. "Tina, Sasha can I ask you to assist me please?" I asked.

Both Tina and Sasha came over to where Paula and I were standing. "Tina, please kiss Paula and keep kissing her while I fuck her. Sasha, please lick, suck, and nibble on Paula's beautiful boobs. Is that ok with everyone?" I asked. I got a unanimous agreement from all three women. Seeing all three women naked got my cock very hard again.

I placed it at the entrance to her womanhood. I pushed the head in slowly. Tina leaned down to begin kissing Paula. I saw Sasha's face lower down to Paula's beautiful chest, I thrust into Paula with my rock-hard cock. Paula gasped through Tina's kiss. I began sliding my cock in and out of her warm and very tight pussy. I slammed it in again and again, and again. I saw Paula's eyes begin to glaze over. Her breathing became short and shallow.

I just kept fucking her harder and harder. In and out. In and out. Watching Sasha work on Paula's breast and Tina continuing to kiss her passionately had Paula really worked up. All at once, it was if her entire body shut down. She stopped breathing. Her arms went limp. Her eyes were closed. Sasha stopped working on Paula's chest. She stood up and slapped her cheek. All at once, there was a big gasp of air, again.

I breathed again. This time knowing what I had done, but still worried none the less until she came around. CHAPTER 4 "David, that's what happened to me?" Tina asked. "Yep" I replied. "Oh, my gawd, Paula was right, that is so very sexy!" Tina exclaimed. "Ahh, what happened?" Paula asked. Tina smiled and said, "David fucked you unconscious." "WHAT? You're telling me he did to me what he did to you? NOOOO WAY!! That's so cool." Paula exclaimed. Paula stood up, a bit wobbly to lean into me and kiss me.

Tina came over and joined in the kiss. Sasha stood there smiling. I spoke up saying, "Sasha, why don't you come over here and join us?" "No, Mr. David. But my girls will make you cum if you let them." Sasha replied.

"WHAT? You haven't cum yet? You just fucked three women and yet you haven't cum. What the hell are you taking for that?" Paula asked completely floored. Tina and Paula both knelt to begin sucking me. I stepped in between them to sit in the chair as my legs were now getting tired from the standing and fucking. The gals spun around to face me. Tina began licking my very wet cock. I was still covered with woman juice.

Paula began sucking on my balls. I put a hand gently on the back of each ladies' head. Not trying to force them but more to stead them in what they were doing. Sasha suggested that they kiss with my cock between their lips. I thought that was a great idea. Tina released my cock from her throat and put it between herself and Paula's mouth.

I slid forward on the chair thrusting my hips making my cock move up and down between them. "Tina, would you mind if Paula finishes me off?" I gently asked. "No, that is fine. That's her specialty anyways." Tina replied.

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"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt your feelings. I just felt like I 'owed' her for not letting finish with the earlier blowjob." I said with a bit of tenderness in my voice. Paula grabbed the base of my dick. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock.

I felt her warm mouth glide over my rigid cock. The head of my cock passed her gag reflex all the way into her throat. She began to bob up and down licking, sucking, and swallowing my cock. She made loud slurping sounds which turned me on even further. She reached under my balls and inserted a wet finger into my ass. That got me there. I felt my balls tightening up passing the point of no return. "I'm going to cum." I emphasized. Paula pulled me down her throat even further and held on to my hips with both hands.

"I'M CUMMING. OH GAWD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!" I said almost out of breath. I shot about 8-10 heavy ropes of cum inside of her mouth and throat.


Paula smiled at me and winked. She swallowed every drip not letting any escape her warm cum filled mouth. She licked my cock clean.

Then she stood up and kissed me passionately. Our tongues intertwined with me being able to taste my spunk on her tongue. "OK everyone, let's sit down and eat lunch. Everyone agree? Even you Mr. David?" Sasha said. "I'm starving, let's do some grub." Tina exclaimed.

We all went back down to the other end of the table to fill our plates and enjoy each other's company and a fine meal. "Oh yeah, before I forget Mr. David. Miss Jill wants you to meet her in the parking garage on the 12th floor at 6:30 not 8. I think she wants to 'interview' you. HA HA HA!" Sasha bellowed loudly. We ate until we were stuffed. I got up, got dressed, and kissed everyone before I left.

Tina walked me to the exit. We stepped into the hall. I spun around and kissed her as passionately as I could. I kept kissing her until she broke the kiss. This woman affects me. I think she knows it. She leaned in and kissed me gently and whispered in my ear. "You are a passionate and wonderful lover. Under any other circumstances I would be happy to spend the rest of my life with you.

But, that is not the cards that have been dealt. I'm an assistant and you're the chauffeur. I'll see you later tonight." She turned around and went back inside, the door closing behind her. Off I went to get the items for the back pack from the list that Tina had given me earlier. Thank you for reading the second part of "The Chauffeur series". Please leave me a comment (good or bad) so I can continue to craft my stories to be better and better for your enjoyment………PABLO.