Guy jerking and hearing lube gay porn xxx Kyler Moss is our very own

Guy jerking and hearing lube gay porn xxx Kyler Moss is our very own
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He rested there, on top of the sobbing girls for a moment, letting the spasming muscles of her asshole milk every drop from him. Even as he struggled to catch his breath, his hands were still everywhere on her petite frame, cupping and kneading her small breasts,exploring the folds of her now wet pussy. She no longer struggled, but lay there defeated, bawling her little heart out, tears dripping down the other girl's face.After a moment he braced his hands against her back, and began to pull out slowly, pulling also from her shrieks of pain.

"Oh quit your whining!" he snapped as he slid the head out, grabbed her by the hair and jerked her upright.Twisting her around on her knees, he pressed the tip of his blood-coated cock to her trembling mouth.

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"Open." he ordered, pressing harder, "And you remember what I said about those teeth." The girl seemed to break internally, and simply went slack. She slumped back against his hand, eyes rolled up in the back of her head. He dropped her with a sound of disgust, letting her fall across the other girl like a very fucked up crusifix.

The room was silent as he stood there, surveying the three teens that remained conscious, and tied up.

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Eyes huge in their faces, lips trembling, tears streamed down their cheeks as they tried desperately to stifle their shrieks of horror. He favored the brunettes with a large grin, and said, "Well girls, I'm gonna go shower and get something to eat.

That kind of workout takes a lot out of a man!

You sweethearts stay put, and I'll be back for you!" He strolled forward, and planted a big wet kiss on the cheek of one of the brunettes, who flinched away and grimaced. He pretended not to notice, scooped up his pants and left, locking the door behind him. He stood outside the door for a minute, counting down from ten. When he reached one, the screaming began.


"HELP HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US WERE TIED UP BY A CRAZY MAN!" He chuckled, shaking his head and continued down the hallway. There was no one around for miles, and they were too far from the main road for any passerby to hear. Let them scream their little hearts out.

After a refreshing shower, a huge steak and three helping of mashed potatoes, Randal felt like a new man. He decided not to bother dressing to visit the girls, clothes only got in the way during a good struggle-besides he enjoyed the fearful way they looked at his large cock. The screaming had lasted only about two hours, and he could hear nothing as he stood outside the door. Bracing himself, he opened it quickly, and caught the blond he knew would come barreling out. "Let me go!" she screamed, struggling futilely as he dragged her into the room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

As he turned to face her, she froze, overcome with emotion, and screeched, "Your a fucking coward!" Hot rage boiled his blood quickly. It wasn't the words she spoke, but how she spoke them. Not with the appropriate fear, not with the desperation, but with a furious anger that made him feel murderous. He took a step closer to her, she tried to flee but his arms were long, and his swinging hand struck her face with a satisfying Thwack!

She hit the floor, and didn't move.

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Beside him, he heard the sharp ghasp of the other three girls, and whirled to face him. "Did you hear how much pain she was in with me?" he questioned, his voice hard and brutal.When they gave no response, he lurched forward to tower over them. "ANSWER ME!" He roared, and the girls squealed, cringing back and nodding. "Do you want me to hurt you like that too?" This time they needed no prodding, they shook their heads no furiously.

"Then your going to be good girls aren't you? Your going to do what I say, and stay still. Right?" Big fat tears rolled down their cheeks as the three girls nodded once again, accepted their horrible fate.

He grinned, satisfied, and bent to scoop up the girl.He carried her to her own bed, and tied her arms snugly to the bedpost.

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Randal turned and surveyed the remaining girls, quickly picking the smallest brunette, who whimpered uncontrollably, and stared horrified at his hanging cock.

It thickened immediately, and began to rise as he approached her. Sitting beside her, he cupped her chin in his hand, and stared gently into her eyes.

"This doesn't have to be painful dear." he reassured her, stroking her cheek. "If you just do what I tell you to, be still and be quiet, you won't get what she did." he jerked his head at the unconcious teen sprawled across the bed.

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"Are you going to be good? Are you going to stay still?" She stared at him with enormous glassy eyes, a spectacular blue, so exotic next to her caramel skin.

Plump heart shaped lips quivered, and she nodded hesitantly. "Then let me hear you say 'Yes daddy'" "Yes daddy." she replied obediantly, but her voice cracked and she couldn't suppress the shudder that ripped through her small body. "That's a girl." he patted her knee, and began to untie the knots.

It was obvious someone had been working on them during his absence, but he tied a mean knot, and hadn't worried a bit about the free girl working them loose. Once the girl's hands were free, she held them above her head a bit longer, unsure what to do with herself. She was obviously fighting down the urge to try and escape, and he told her she was a very smart girl. "Now," he said kindly, pulling her trembling form onto his lap, "how old are you dear?" "I'm.I'm twelve." she stuttered in a tiny voice.

He frowned a bit, and then asked, "When will you be thirteen?" "In two weeks." "Ahh." he sighed, feeling better already.


"That's good, that's great. What your name?" "Amanda." "Amanda, how pretty." he was letting his fingers rove in lazy circles on her creamy thigh, slowly and casually moving them closer to the edge of her skirt.

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"Are you a virgin Amanda?" She flinched, and tears sprang from her eyes,but the child maintained her composure, and nodded her head shamefully.

"Wonderful love. See, I can be very nice, if you can behave yourself. Now I'm going to kiss you Amanda, and you are going to kiss me back. Understand?" The girl nodded stiffly, closed her eyes, and froze, as if waiting for a harsh blow. Randal very slowly advanced, letting her adjust to the feel of his breath on her face, and then closed the distance between them.

Her lips were incredibly soft and pouting, his mouth seemed to melt into hers. When his tongue demanded access, she parted her lips for him, and allowed him to swirl his tongue around hers in a childish unknowing. Rather than break the kiss, he continued it down her jawline, to her graceful swan neck.

"You taste delicious." he murmured, and nibbled lightly at the skin there. While his mouth devoured her flesh, kissing her over and over, his hands picked up pace, caressing the flesh of her thighs beneath the skirt, outlining her panties with her fingers. She stiffened up when he cupped the mound of her cunt, pressing two fingers lightly through the fabric and massaging her hole in light circular motions, but then relaxed when she felt no immediate pain.

"Oh.yes." he moaned against her neck as his fingers explored her pussy through the cotton, "Your being such a good girl Amanda.That's right just stay still, just like that." His fingers pulled at the fabric, and stole into them, to rub gently at her tiny button of a clit, hoping to encourage some moisture. She was too young, her body was confused and didn't react the way a woman would. Not yet anyway, so he withdrew his hand a coated a finger in spit before pressing it into her tight entrace.Her eyes clenched shut, and she let out a low moan of shame.

"Oh, don't be scared sweetie," he murmured, laying her down onto her back, "your doing so good I'm not going to hurt you just be good." Her breathing was coming in hitches as she tried to hold back the sobs, and her body trembled when he unbuttoned the shirt to reveal round glowing caramel orbs. The nipples were tiny and erect, an exotic brown.

He nibbled around them before taking one into his mouth, sucking and licking, biting lightly, then the other, as his fingers continued up her silky hot cunt, gently rubbing at the hymen he felt. He pulled his hand away, and sought hers instead, bringing it to his throbbing cock.

Her breathing came faster, but she didn't resist as he wrapped it around, encouraging her to rub it up and down. "You feel that?

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It's not that bad right?Not that scary?" She stared at him with a child's misery, before lowering her eyes and replying fearfuly, "It's so big." He chuckled, and slid off her panties smoothly. "It won't be that bad, I promise. Just a tiny bit of pain"-Her face crumbled at this-"And then it will never hurt again. As long as you are a very good girl.

Understand?" Once again, she nodded, and leaned back, closing her eyes tightly, waiting. He leaned forward, using one hand to hold himself above her, and the other to guide his cock. The tip pressed against the folds of her tiny pink pussy,still wet from his spit, then passed them. She almost seemed to hyperventilate, as he slowly eased his thick swollen cock into her tiny young slit. He felt the head pressed against the thin skin of her virginity, and then jerked up smoothly to break it.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore, and she panicked, let out a strangled cry and began to struggle against his weight. Too late he thought, as he slid in to the hilt, letting out an explosive sigh. He rested there for a moment, oblivious to her weak thrashing, and reveled in the feel of her muscles contracting wildly around his cock, gloved so tightly.


"Oooooooh.Oh yeah SO tight so young little girl.Oh yes FUCK do you like my cock in your little pussy?"As she fought to push him out of her, she tightened around his buried cock, making him groan and he began a slow building rythym. Pumping slowly and deeply into her little slit, he pulled all the way out and groaned every time her pussy-hole swallowed it back up, picking up speed and thrusting a bit harder. Amanda remained silent but for the occasional sob that escaped, but she still fought valiantly to rid herself of this painful intrusion.

Still, she took it much better than the first one, and he was gentle with her, drawing her trembling form into his arms,and pumping with a slowly growing intensity.

He reached his hand around, grasping at her ass cheek, and diving his hand into it,seeking her little pucker of an asshole. "Ooooooh GOD fuck yes SO tight that's a good little girl just stay still.GOOD .AHHHHHHH!" He jammed a finger into her ass, and screamed his orgasm into her halo of chocolate curls, pumping his cum deep into her womb and spasming wildly inside of her. She moaned, and sobbed brokenly when he pulled his bloodied cock out, and he quickly re-tied her arms.


"Don't be such a baby," he chastined lightly, "You were a very good girl-Amazing really. And look how much better you are off than her." Amanda's eyes followed his, to the still unconscious. He turned now, to the blonde who had yet to be touched.She stared up at him, transfixed in her horror. "Your next," he warned, "I'll be back for you.

Now you look at your little blond friend, and you look at Amanda. While I'm gone, you can decide if you want to be good or bad." The blond's face crumpled immediately and fresh sobs tore from her as he exited the room, locking the door behind him.