Daddy Hunter Catches A Vocal Muscle Prey

Daddy Hunter Catches A Vocal Muscle Prey
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She woke slowly, her head whirling. As her mind began to clear a little, she realized she was lying on a bed, bound down spread-eagled, completely naked. She couldn't move a muscle, and was both blindfolded and gagged. She was terrified of the two male voices she could hear in the next room.

They were deep in a conversation that her mind would not comprehend in her terror. She heard one of the voices coming closer to her and stayed still, trying not to whimper. Suddenly, her right nipple was grabbed, twisted, and released.


Twenty seconds went by, and her other nipple was twisted. A minute and a hand ran up her leg and brushed her exposed pussy lips, followed immediately by another twist of her right nipple. She was paralyzed as she waited for the next touch. She had no way of knowing where it would be, and found all her muscles tensing. A minute went by, then another minute. She knew he was standing over her, watching her body as it began to quiver from the tension. A gentle finger traced her jaw, throat, down to her breast.

Both breasts were fondled, the hands squeezing and kneading for a full minute. In spite of herself, she felt the first stirrings of lust as her nipples went hard. The hands disappeared, and she felt teeth clamp on the sensitive right nipple and chew, lips sucked and pulled, and she found herself beginning to squirm. Another pair of hands grabbed her ankles and she realized that both men were now touching her.

The hands on her legs climbed as they stroked until they reached her crotch. A thumb found her clit and rubbed, while the other fingers played between her pussy lips.

The men were making her hot with their attention. In spite of her fear, her body was beginning to respond to the rude lust of the two men.

The one playing with her breasts stopped and she felt him grasp the gag and pull it from her mouth. "Drink" he said, and held a straw to her lips. She eagerly drew on the straw, her mouth and throat dry from the gag. Some type of sweet juice filled her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could, soothing her throat.

"Suck this" she heard as a hard cock replaced the straw and pushed against her lips. She gasped as fingers twisted and rolled both nipples, and other fingers played in her pussy and ran up the crack between her buttocks. The head and several inches of the huge cock pushed between her lips, filling her mouth and working in and out. She felt the man at her crotch climb between her wide-spread legs and position himself to thrust into her.

The cock in her mouth seemed to grow even bigger as she sucked it, and then the other rock hard cock blasted into her helplessly exposed pussy. The hands and fingers touching her had made her hot and wet, and he drove in until he was buried to the hilt. She felt as if the cock in her pussy was going to meet the prick in her mouth. The men started fucking her with long steady strokes, pussy and mouth both filled to capacity.

She could only submit, not just to them, but to the traitorous body that had now betrayed her and was trying to meet the thrusts of the two men hammering at her with their huge, hard cocks. She felt her desire rising fast, an insatiable need to be fucked like never before.

Her hips tried to lift, her mouth tightened on the huge shaft it surrounded. Suddenly both men stopped and withdrew from her mouth and dripping pussy. She felt them untying her ankles and wrists, pulling her onto her hands and knees, with her whole crotch and backside waving in the air, just inviting violation with its glistening promise of hot wet flesh.

She felt a cock slide into her cunt from behind, driving in until his balls slapped against her mound, as again her lips were parted by a cock head and shaft. Now the men alternated strokes so that she was battered between them, being shoved back and forth to meet their strokes. The men increased their tempo, thrusting their hard pricks in and out savagely. The man burying himself in her pussy jammed a finger into her ass, working it to the same beat as his pounding cock. She moaned around the huge prick in her mouth, her whole body responding wildly to the savage attentions of the two men fucking her.

The cock in her mouth was growing even bigger as the man neared his peak, and he pushed it in as far as he could as he felt himself starting to come.

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She swallowed fast as the jerking cock sent waves of hot sperm down her throat, and the man behind her buried himself to the hilt and filled her hot pussy.

Both men withdrew their shrinking rods from her, as she continued to buck and beg for more. She felt hands grab her hips and hold her in place. Once again she felt the head of a hard prick pushing at the wet slit of her pussy lips. As he pushed the head into her, she realized that this had to be yet another man, since this cock was even bigger than the previous two had been.

She was so hot now that she couldn't stop herself from pushing back at him, trying to swallow the cock into her raging pussy. He gave her a couple of inches, wetting his prick before pulling out completely and setting his cock head against the tiny asshole revealed by her widespread buttocks. She screamed as he worked the huge head and shaft of his hard prick into her ass until his balls slapped against her burning pussy.

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He was enormous and her ass was stretched to the limit as he began to rock gently back and forth, side to side, getting her used to the size of the awesome member buried in her tight throbbing anal canal. Pain was gradually replaced by pleasure as he began to use longer strokes, and she began to push back to meet him. She was completely lost in the fucking he was giving her ass when a cock pushed into her mouth and began to saw in and out.

Once again she was imprisoned between two enormous, rock-hard pricks, both drilling into her. Incredibly, she felt her own lust heighten as the men rammed their huge hard organs in and out of her mouth and ass.

The pain had completely disappeared, and she rocked back and forth, slamming herself back to meet the forward thrust of hard cock into her ass then eagerly lunging forward to meet the prick filling her mouth.

The men began to fuck her faster and harder, their hands holding her in place as surely as the ropes had. Suddenly the man in front of her shoved his hips forward, burying his prick in her throat as far as he could and spewing hot sperm down her throat.

She swallowed frantically, managing to get every drop of his hot semen. As he finished, she was driven forward by the strokes of the cock still drilling into her ass. It felt like she was being reamed right up to her heart, and she was loving it.

He gave her an especially deep thrust, and held her hips tightly to his as his cock drenched her asshole with hot semen until it began to run down her legs. Both men pulled their spent pricks out of her and hands pushed her flat and tied her hands and feet. She was confused and still so very hot, and she couldn't understand. She was again forced to drink, and then was left laying bound helplessly at the feet of the men as they discussed what they were going to do to her next.

Within just a few minutes, she could barely focus on what they were saying, her head was spinning, and she felt the heat building in her pussy again. She began to move her hips in slight fucking motions without realizing she was doing it, arching her back to present her tits and nipples to whatever abuse the men might bestow. She heard one of them laugh, then someone said "What's the matter, little girl?

That juice sure has you warmed up, doesn't it?" In the back of her mind a bell started ringing as she realized dimly that she had been drugged, and that was why she wanted to keep fucking, any man that wanted to, until she passed out. She still couldn't see her captors, but she knew there were four of them, and that all four were VERY well endowed, cock shafts thick and nine and ten inches long.

Her body quivering with drug induced desire, she begged them to fuck her. Someone played with her nipples, laughter erupted around her as she arched towards the fingers that were pinching squeezing and twisting them into hard super-sensitivity.

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Hands began the whole process all over again, moving all over her body, touching stroking thrusting in and out, only to be replaced with hardening lengthening cocks. The blindfold stayed but the ropes disappeared as she again lost herself in the feel of four cocks taking turns fucking her every way they could think of, keeping mouth pussy and ass full and moving for hours. She was completely out of control from the drugged drink and whenever the men stopped, she would beg them to start all over.

She heard someone talking, but couldn't make out the words. A few minutes later, she heard new male voices, and new hands and cocks invaded her from every angle. They used her mercilessly and she loved it, thrusting wildly to meet them as they filled her mouth and ass simultaneously, or her mouth and pussy. She wasn't sure any more just how many men were taking turns fucking her, but thought there were at least ten. Sometimes it was only one taking her, and she could hear the others laughing and making crude remarks and suggestions.

Other times she was being taken by two or three at a time. It went on for hours, until her drugged mind and body finally gave out in exhaustion and she passed out cold. She woke hours later, her body covered in dried semen, aching but still sexually aroused from the drug now weakly coursing through her system. Sometime after she'd passed out, her wrists had been secured behind her back, a collar and chain placed around her throat and the other end attached to the wall.

She was no longer blindfolded, but was still helplessly in control of whoever held her captive. She was in a small closet, light leaking around the edges of the closed door, laying on a thin pallet and covered with a blanket.

She could hear male voices on the other side of the door, but couldn't make out what they were saying.


She moaned, squirmed, and heard the chain leash rattle. Evidently someone had heard her as footsteps approached the other side of the door. The knob turned and the door swung open. She looked up into a leering male face. He reached down and grabbed the chain leash close to the collar, using it to bring her to her feet as his other hand unsnapped it from the wall. She was led out and through a large room where there were at least a dozen men silently watching her as they lounged on chairs and sofas.

She was taken to a bathroom, released from her bonds and collar, and ordered into the shower.


The hot water felt wonderful on her aching muscles, and she soaped herself and shampooed her hair twice before she got out to find the same man waiting with a glass of juice that she knew was drugged with whatever had taken away her inhibitions the night before.

There was no way she could get away with not drinking it, and as she did, she realized that since the previous night's dose hadn't completely worn off, this one would hit her fast and hard.

She combed out her hair, and was put back into the collar and leash, naked and wet from the shower, and led back to the waiting men in the big room.

She was placed on her knees in the center of the room, the end of the leash secured to a ring bolted in the floor.


Her head was whirling and her body tingling. Her nipples were hard and aching with desire, her pussy spasming as the drug sent her into a lustful frenzy. Suddenly a door opened and in came a man with a huge german shepherd. The dog stood at least three feet tall at the shoulders. It was panting and straining at the leash as it caught her scent, and she could see its prick emerging from its sheath as it became more excited.

She was ordered to lie flat on her back with her legs spread wide as the dog was released from the leash. It sniffed her pussy and immediately began to run its long tongue across her exposed private parts, starting at her asshole and cutting through her pussy lips to end by flicking her clitoris. He worked at her, his tongue delving into her cunt and snaking its way deep inside her.

She was lost in the sensations coursing through her as the dogs tongue made the desire burst into lust.

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She forgot that there were men surrounding her, watching the dog turn her into a squirming bundle of raw nerves with the attentions of his tongue. His prick was fully extended and occasionally rubbed against her leg as he thrust his long tongue deeply into her quivering pussy. Suddenly the animal stopped lapping her fiery pussy and tried to mount her. She flipped over and rose up onto her hands and knees as he lapped between her buttocks.

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His tongue was soon replaced by his hard animal cock as he mounted her, sliding effortlessly in to the hilt and humping her as if she were a bitch in heat, which is what the drug had actually made her as it destroyed her inhibitions and aroused her lust. She screamed and moaned in ecstasy as the huge dog rammed his cock in and out of her in uncontrolled animal lust, his front legs wrapped around her waist as he fucked her mercilessly. He was panting and jerking, his knot inside her as his cum rushed from his cock to flood her heated cunt, as she came yet again.

The watching men were laughing, cheering and applauding as the huge dog finished fucking her, and two of them pulled the dog after some time. Her ass was still exposed and waving in the air, and she felt a man push up against her as soon as the dog was out of the way. His hard cock settled against her puckered asshole, and he began to push. Another man appeared in front of her and rudely shoved his cock into her mouth as the head of the cock at her asshole entered her and the man started to work the length of his huge hard cock into her hot ass.

The men were shoving their cocks in and out viciously, pounding at her mouth and ass, and she was meeting them stroke for stroke. Her lips sucked the cock in her mouth as it slid back and forth, growing even bigger and filling her mouth and throat until she could barely breathe.

The cock in her ass was driving her crazy as she swiveled her hips and drove back to meet it. She felt someone grab her hanging tits, squeezing the nipples and making her jump and moan as sharp surges of sensation raced through her body.

The men came and were replaced by two others, who fucked her as savagely as the first two had. The men continued to take turns with her throughout the rest of the evening and night, fucking her mouth, ass, and pussy until she could barely move and they were all satisfied.

As the last man finished with her, she saw the dog being led forward.

She was told to get on all fours, and the dog again used his long tongue to lap her into submission to his beastial lust. This time as he mounted her, she felt his dog cock push against her asshole and start working into her. He fucked her ass fast and savagely, and she came just as he did.

Once again they had to be separated by the men, his huge prick stuck inside her. The men lounged around the room as she was ordered to clean up again, and she went back to the shower.

When she returned to the main room, she was given yet another glass of juice and tied down so she could hardly move, her legs spread as far apart as they could be, her wrists bound together and stretched over her head. The dog settled between her legs and again started lapping her helpless pussy to fiery readiness, his long tongue burrowing up into her occasionally and making her moan and jerk.

The men were laughing and drinking as they watched the dog use his tongue to drive her into a sexual frenzy. The man closest to her reached down and twirled a hard nipple between his fingers, making her arch against the restraints. Caught between the dogs tongue and mans hand, her mind fogged with lust, she began to beg for someone to fuck her. The men continued to laugh and joke, as if they were waiting for something to happen. She was thoroughly aroused and begging hysterically to be fucked, when a huge man walked into the room.

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His eyes raked over her helplessly bound form, his pants bulged obscenely as his prick grew rapidly. He stepped up and shooed the dog away as he dropped his pants to expose a truly magnificent cock. The head looked as big as a light bulb, while the shaft was at least twelve inches long and three to four inches around.

She squirmed and fought the ropes as he loomed over her and the other men suggested different ways for him to take her, but he dropped between her legs and drove into her pussy to the hilt with one long hard thrust. She screamed as the huge prick filled her completely and he bottomed out. He bent his head and grabbed her right nipple in his teeth, biting and chewing on it while rocking his hips back and forth to rub his cock head against her cervix, and she thought she would faint from the pleasure she felt surge through her.

She was quivering all over as he released her nipple and reared up over her. He braced himself and began to work his huge hard prick in and out of her hot wet pussy.

He kept a slow steady pace until she was begging him to go faster and harder.

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He started driving into her harder and faster, then suddenly slowed down for a few strokes, then hard and fast again. He would pull out until just the head was inside her, and then slam his hips forward until he was in as far as he could go.

She was no longer aware of the rest of the men around her; she only knew the bliss of the hard cock fucking her so well. Now she was begging to be untied so she could move and match his thrusts, but the men were enjoying watching the brutal fucking of her helplessly tied body, and they egged on the giant man atop her. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her, reaching for the ropes binding her legs down and releasing her ankles, forcing them back over her shoulders so she was almost bent double.

He placed the head of his cock at the puckered opening of her anus and began to push firmly until he popped into her. He stopped for a moment, then started a steady push, working his prick into her ass an inch at a time until his groin was firmly pressed against her ass cheeks.

He stayed still for a few seconds, giving her time to adjust to his huge cock in her ass, and then began to fuck in and out, picking up speed and force until he was slamming in and out fast and hard, her whole body shuddering with the force of his pumping. She felt him swell even bigger as he neared his release, and then the huge cock inside her began to pump out staggering amounts of hot cum, quickly filling her ass and running down beneath her to soak into the mat she had been placed on.

As the big man pulled out and turned away from her, two other men stepped up and slammed their cocks into her pussy and mouth, starting another round of men taking their turns with her.

Hours later, as she lay exhausted on the floor covered in cum and sweat; she saw the leader of the men step up to her side. He didn't touch her, but held his cock in his hand and jerked himself off; aiming his shooting cum all over her face as he informed her that she was now the property of the Order and would serve them all from now on.

His final words rang in her head as she slipped from consciousness…"Welcome to your new home slave."