Busty blond amateur POV chick

Busty blond amateur POV chick
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Ahh.Fall, such a good season to watch the Cherry Blossom petals falling.generally, I go watch this with my friends since Kain would be in some kind of Date with Kim.So it was just me, Yaji, Tyson and Ben. Yaji's full name is Yajirushi Solidor, his father, Mr.Takeda was the head of the Hospital, Yaji is about my height and he has silver straigth hair and green eyes, he is 13 as well.Quite an unusual look, but quite cool, he tended to be cold in relation to people, but I was cool with it since he was the little brother of my bro's Best Friend:Vaan Solidor.

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Tyson quite looked like me, he had straigth dirty blond hair just like mine and he was also 13 but was slightly shorter than me, his eyes were brown, he wears a red jacked over a white shirt, who would look at us from far would say we're twins. And Ben is the most different between us, to start with, he is 14 and he has a cool brown spiky hair, he uses a black coat over his blue shirt and black jeans that constrast his blue eyesquite cool if you ask me!And most important, he has a big brother that "played" with him like Kain with me, we're been friends for a long time and I never had a doubt that I could trust him on any secret as well as he could tell me anything, and he knew that.

After that little hangout, we stopped by to have ice cream by the park and then we started saying our goodbyes as Yaji and Tyson left, but Ben continued there so we sat down and continued chatting.


We talked about cars, games, animes and girls; it was fun talking to him as he could understand everything I was saying and we would always laugh during these chats, after I felt more safe and no one but we two was around I told him about my summer night with Kain, he seemed to be amazed by the details I told him.

"Really dude?He did all this stuff to you!?" He asked. "Yep!" I said with a smile. "If every little thing you said is true.then it was really nice right?" He asked getting closer to hear my answer.


"Uh.well.it did hurt at first but as soon as he noticed I was feeling pain, he would make me feel really good." I said, slowly moving back. "Man! You're so lucky! I mean, Kai is the kind of guy that likes it rough.I thought I'd be split in half!" He said while getting back to his former position but crossing his arms. His brother's name was Kai, in fact, his name is Kaiuri but he preffers "Kai".

Kai is quite dark, but he is cool sometimes, he has a pitch black spiky hair and he wears a black shirt under a jeans waistcoat, outside he would use contact lenses, but at home he always used glasses, just like Ben does.He is a little like Kain, but only in fitness terms, he was muscular, but of course he HAD to be.after all, he exercised himself everyday, somehow I guess I knew how they ended up "doing stuff" "But let's be true to ourselves.it did feel good right?" He said playfully punching my arm.

"I guess so!" I said giving him another punch as we laughed.

As I said earlier, we'd always end up laughing over our conversations. After this, we talked a little more about random stuff and gave our good byes, but we were to meet again the next day, after all, we had Karate class the next day. Saturday came fast, it was already around 4 PM when we left the Karate class, we talked and laughed on the way home, then I came up with an idea: "Hey, why don't you spend the night on my place?" I said, still walking.

"Gee man.I don't know.there's my dad and all, you know how he is." He said a bit disappointed. "You can call him! Come on, please, please, pleeease?" I said making a puppy face, that would change everyone's minds always, being cute had it's advantages.He just sighed with a smile, I knew it had worked. "Fine.I'll try it, can you lend me your cellphone?" He asked as I gave him it, I was really eager to hear his answer, after all, we were just a few words away from a night of pure fun, I really had no sexual interest on him, I just wanted him to play with me.After some minutes he gave me back the cellphone and lowered his head.

"So?"I asked. "Nope.no deal" He said still with his head down. "Aww man.that sucks." I said kicking a small rock on the way. "Just kidding! He said ok!" He said putting his arm around my neck and pulling me near for a small hug.

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"Cool!So we gotta go to your house first?" I asked happily. "If you still want to share your companionship with me" He said "like a sir". "Of course I do!" I screamed giving him a playful punch.

I should have figured that little trick of his, after all, his father and mine were friends since school times, obviously they wouldn't see a problem, for a moment, I felt the silliest boy in the world.and the world is big.waaay big.

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We started making our plans on the way to his house, so he could pick up some clothes for himself and when we got there we just ran up to his and Kai's room, Kai was there using the computer so he simply looked at us with his green eyes and then turned to the computer again. Ben grabbed his bag and told me to go to the wardrobe on the last drawer.


"2 Clean Underwears!" He screamed as I threw them to him. "Pajamas!" He screamed again as I did the same I did before. He just kept telling me what to get and I would throw it to him and in no time we were ready to go. As we left the room, Kai just looked at us again, taking off his headphones and said.

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"Have a nice Sleep over.behave" He just said that in a very low tone, it was creppy.but still cool. We left Ben's as we moved to my house, I told him about Kain's perfect cook and all the dishes he could do as they were just delicious, I could see that he was just dying to taste one of those dishes, for our age, we kinda ate a lot, strangely enough, we would never get fat, just a little "chubby", but it would soon go back to normal as we played and runned around.

Arriving at my house I simply turned on my computer so he could play, after that I went to to take a bath and change clothes, after I was done he got in and took a bath as well and we went to watch some anime, mostly "Bleach" and "Sword Art Online" as we both enjoyed those, after that we went to play Dragon Ball on my Wii, and we kept on playing until it was time to eat and my mom called us to the dining room, so we ran down, to our luck, the one who made diner was Kain himself!

Not that mom's food wasn't good, it was delicious as well, but Kain had this "special secret ingreient" he would never tell anyone about. Near bed time, Kain asked us: "So.how are we gonna split it?" "We thought of staying down here in the living room 'camping' " I said. "Well, ok.this way I can sleep better." He turned his face to Ben and let out a joke: "He snoozes a lot." I blushed a little from his comment, even though I knew he was just kidding so he just messed our hairs with his hands and went up saying "night night, have fun", I guess he was expecting something to happen.

So we got our sleeping bags and started talking about school and stuff, and by the time we knew everyone in the house was sleeping we started talking about our nights with our brothers. "How did it start off?I mean.what triggered that?" he asked curious. "Well.I stared at his morning bulge and somehow he noticed.guess I was a little careless" I said scratching my head. "so after mom and dad left to my uncle's house and were only coming back in the morning, he simply confessed that he knew I was staring at his dick and had me touch, lick and suck it.it was nice" I continued.

"must have been quite a night, just like mine with Kai, problem is he doesn't know how to go slow, but.did you two do anything else after that night?" "humm.yeah, yeah we did, sometimes when I was watching a movie by myself or anime he would put his hand inside my undies and play around, sometimes he'd suck me too." I said trying to remember. "Kai's like that too." he said, I could see he was getting hard as he was rubbing his dick from inside the sleeping bag, I could see that even though it was dark, that's when he asked me: "Hey, dunno if it's ok to ask this.but.can I see your.you know." "My what?My.penis?" I asked as I blushed a little, but I guess he couldn't see, but he sure knew I was hard as well.

"Yeah, come on.if you show me yours, I'll show you mine." he said trying to put a reason to it. "I don't know." I said reluctant.

"Come on, just wanna compare it, I'm curious" he asked, he did that so many times that I just gave in and stood up. "k, but just look." I lowered my PJs and showed him my little 5 inch dick, already hard, I could swear I saw him biting his upper lip.

"You are a little."he started. "little?" as I completed. "Well.yeah." he said, but then he made me another request. "Can I.touch it?" he asked a little ashamed. "Well, I guess.you can." so I just lifted I little my PJs shirt as he touched it slowly, that made me let out a low moan, his hand was soft and shaking from nervousness.

"You like it?" He said as he started grabbing me tightly, this was leading far, and he just wanted to look, as of I actually believed that story, I guess that.deep down I actually wanted to do something with him. "Ahh.I'm gonna.come." I came a little from that, it was just so good.he stared at his now cummed hand and looked at me.

"uh.sorry."I said. "it's ok."He said licking it up. I got really turned on by what he had just done, my best friend, just licked up my cum from his hand, after stroking me! "So.I get to show you mine right?" he got up taking down his PJ's pants and letting out his hard 5 inch just like mine.

"Wow.it's.just like mine.you must have around 5 inches there" I said surprised. "so."I looked at him as if I wanted to touch it as well "go ahead" he said. I simply started holding him, as I could feel him pulsing so I started jaking him off, and he moaned a little louder than I did before, that chilled me as I thought that someone had woke up, but then I felt more calm as I realized that no one had woken up so I simply continued stroking him "dude.your hands are soft.almost baby-like" he said closing his eyes in pleasure.I knew he was near, so I dared, I simply remembered my time with Kain and put my mouth around his dick, it felt weird, after all, he was my best friend and we were doing that on my living room, I felt him twitching and he shaking a little, and he backed off a little which caught me on a surprise as his shot came directly on my face, I guess some even got on my hair.

After that he simply sat on the couch breathing hard. "wow.you're.good, Kain sure is lucky" he said between his moments taking breaths.

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"why?" I asked moving to the kitchen to wash my face and then the bathroom to get him a towel. "you have some kind of.'special touch', you made me cum in no time!" He said grabbing the towel and lifting his boxers and PJs Bottom as I did the same with my briefs and pants.

"Well.if you did like it, I can't deny it." I said getting back into my sleeping bag, so he did the same "I sure did, it was great!You are soft and your mouth is warm, it's a perfect combination" He said as I could see he was getting sleepy like me.

"Thanks.I guess.but we can't tell anyone.right?"I got near in my sleeping bag and gave him one small kiss on the lips, he answered kissing me back.

"night night" I said closing my eyes and finally sleeping. I only woke up on the next day with Dad and Mom looking at us saying that we were cute sleeping, I didn't understand it at first because I was still sleepy, but I saw Kain looking at me with a small smirk, as if he knew what we had done. Thanks for the support on the first story, more is yet to come, God! I Love vacations!