Brunette kacey liebt dieses großen schwarzen Monster Schwanz

Brunette kacey liebt dieses großen schwarzen Monster Schwanz
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I had just been working for 18 hours, chopping trees, and was ready to go to bed when my ex-wife called: "Carl, you have to come pick up your daughter, you do realize you were supposed to take her three days ago? How come i haven't been able to reach you?" She said with a hissy voice "Relax, I've been borrowing a friends luxury-cabin in the woods, and I've been working as tree-chopper the last couple of days.

You know i'm unemployed, and I have to take every job I can get" I replied "All right, if you just tell me where this cabin is, i'll drive her up there tomorrow" I gave her road directions, and went to bed, looking forwards to seeing my daughter, Jenny.

She was only 12 years old, but very pretty. Blonde long hair, and very athletic and flexible due to her participating in gymnastitics and various other sports. She was very popular among the boys her age, probably because she was very physically mature for her age, but still only 5'2 feet tall. She had developed small tits, and if i were to guess i would say they were an A-Cup, a flat nice stomach and a wonderful ass.

This I had only seen in picutres of her sent to me by my ex-wife considering I had been unemployed for the last two years. The next day i woke up 6 AM and started chopping trees. The work was really exhausting and I had a lot of work to do, so my body was filled with tension.

I worked untill 9 PM non-stop when my ex-wife called, and I had to get back to the cabin in order to meet my daughter. I hadn't met my daughter in almost two years now, and I was afraid there was no real connection between us anymore.

My predictions turned out to be correct, and when my ex-wife dropped off Jennyr, the mood was kind of tense. She was acting like a very typical preteen; Full of hormones, questioning authority (me) etc.

Jenny was supposed to stay with me for six weeks seeing as it was summer vacation. I wasn't sure i would be able to stand it, with all her bitching and hostility.

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That night she went straight to bed after taking a hot bath. The next morning I woke up a bit later than regularly in order to eat breakfast together with Jenny. I made her some pancakes, and when I went into her room to wake her up I had the sight of my life. Jenny was laying there with nothing but a tiny lingerie, and I got a great look at her ass. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before, but I could feel my penis rising in my trousers, and considering how tense I was i really needed an ejaculation soon.

I suddenly snapped out of this sexual euphoria of thoughts when Jenny said: "Why are you just standing there, you freak?" She said "It's time for breakfast, I made pancakes" "I can't eat that many calories, i'll become fat! Get out of here!" She almost screamed at me. Dissapointed and tired of her, I took her advice and went to work. Since I woke up later to enjoy breakfast with my daughter, I had to stay longer at work, and I didn't get home untill 11 PM that evening.

I was really exhausted and I planned to take a bath in the jacuzzi that was on the terrace of the cabin and masturbate for the first time in four days. I got undressed and went straight to the jacuzzi and just sat there for a little while. I started playing with myself when my naked 12 year old daughter suddenly stood in front of me. She was also planning to use the jacuzzi that evening. She was shocked when she saw me, and she tried to cover her breasts and pussy.

That wonderful hairless pussy. My penis turned rock hard the second I saw her. "Dad, what are you doing!?" "It's completely natural honey, come over here" I said with a rather horny and soothing voice "No way!

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Are you crazy? You fucking perv" She screamed back at me "I'm not going to hurt you, but if you don't come over here you'll have to sleep in a tent outside for the remaining six weeks of your stay" I said with a firm voice and continued with a soft voice: "Don't worry, I wont hurt you" Reluctantly she came over to the jacuzzi, and got in.

"Good girl, now just touch my penis a little bit" She did exactly as I said, and she softly jerked it up and down. The grip of her tiny twelve year old hand felt wonderful "What do you think about this?" "Well, it's big" she said.

It wasn't really that big. At only 4 inches I had always been the smallest among my friends, but I guess she only had seen small twelve year old cocks. Suddenly she let go of my cock and said :"That's enough, I don't want to do this anymore". She stood up and was about to leave the jacuzzi when i took a firm hold of her right arm and dragged her down onto her knees. She got a panicky look in her face and screamed: "What are you doing dad?!?!

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Someone help!!" Her despair made me even more horny and i answered: "That won't do you no good, we're more than 80 miles from civilization honey" I said with a satisfied tone of voice and continued:" Now, suck it" She had obviously realized her minimal chances of escape, and she did as I said.

Her lovely and warm mouth felt wonderful on my cock, even though she lacked experience. "Swirl your tongue around for me honey" I told her She started swirling her tongue around my head gently and it felt amazing.

I started grabbing her small titties with a firm grip. She was obviously in pain, because she removed her mouth from my cock and said, while dropping a tear "Stop that, please" I didn't reply verbally, I just squeezed her tits even harder, and grabbed the back of her head, and pushed my cock far down her throat.

Her faced turned red and she was gagging like crazy.

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When i released her, I felt i was on the brink of an orgasm, and i leaned the back of her head to the edge of the jacuzzi, and I stood up, and started to mouth-fuck her. It felt more amazing every time I entered her throat, and she finally stopped gagging. With a final thrust, I got all of my cock down her throat and her throat-muscles tightened around my cock.


I held it there for about ten seconds before pulled out of her throat and blew a huge load over her face and her chest. Now she was sitting there crying, and i was sitting there still moaning from the amazing orgasm. "Eat it all you slut" She used her finger to scrape it all together, and put it in her mouth.

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It took her almost five minutes to get rid of it all. "Go take a quick shower to rinse yourself off and come back here. You have two minutes" I told her with a firm voice While she was away, I went to get some lubricant, and she returned two minutes and thirteen seconds later.

"You didn't listen" I told her loudly. "I'm so sorry daddy, I tried my best" "Well that obviously wasn't good enough, you'll have to be punished. Come over here and lick my cock" My cock was soft and she used quite some time to get it hard, and her blowjob felt even better now than the last one.

She was a fast learner. I started massaging her pussy while she was sucking me. I asked her if she was a virgin, and she nodded her head. I was afraid her mother might check her hymen, so didn't want to penetrate her pussy, not yet anyway.

I applied some of the lubricant to my finger and started to penetrate her tiny, very tight asshole with my finger. She started moaning carefully. After I had been spreading her asshole with my fingers for a couple of minutes, I felt it was time to enter her. I put her in a doggystyle position, and put my cock at her entrance. I filled my cock my lubricant, and poured some on her asshole too.

She was crying.

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I thought it would be best to just get all the way in with a forceful thrust, and that's exactly what I did. She screamed out in pain, and her ass just felt wonderful. I had never felt something so tight. Her muscles was doing all it could to push my cock out, but I just pushed it back in.

Gradually her screams of pain stopped, and she actually started moaning a little bit when I stimulated her clit.

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I bent over and squeezed her tits so hard, she started to scream again. I just kept thrusting and thrusting, when i felt I was on the brink of another orgasm. I reduced the pace, because I wanted to get as much out of this as possible, but when she turned her head around, crying and said: " Please stop daddy, I'll do whatever you want" i just couldn't take it anymore, and I blew another huge load right into her ass.

I layed back in the jacuzzi, with a stiff cock filled with jizz and poo, and I told her to suck it clean. While she was sucking it I could see my own cum dripping from her ass. I really had to take a leak, and I thought to myself, what the hell, I have my own little drain right here.

Without warning her, I stood up, and started pissing on her. She closed her mouth at first, but I commanded her to open it.


Just looking at her sitting on her knees crying, and being pissed on was an amazing feeling, and I topped it off by saying: "Never call me a fucking perv again". We slept in the same bed that night, and she gave me a blowjob the next morning.

The six week of my daughters stay turned out to be much better than i had thought.