Japanese girl makes delicious juicy noises as she masturbates

Japanese girl makes delicious juicy noises as she masturbates
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I needed to employ a new supervisor in my Cardiff depot so I rang the local employment agency and asked them to send me four or five likely candidates.

Faced with an afternoon of boredom, holding interviews, which I didn't want to do, I was amazed and very pleased when one of the applicants turned out to be an absolute stunner. I could also see through the office windows what a stir she had also created in the general office, particularly with the men, and who could blame them.

Her name was Sarah, 28 years old and 5ft 10 inches of all-woman, dressed in a peachy coloured "power" suit with red pin stripes comprising a very short mini skirt and a jacket with what looked to be nothing worn underneath. She didn't have large breasts but you could see the shape and the swell of them in the vee of her jacket, but what legs, they just went on and on and on.

Red killer heels completed the outfit. As she came into my office and sat down I couldn't help but see the fleshy upper part of the breasts and because of the short skirt I got a good glimpse of her "hold-up" stockings and even the skin above them. What a picture, my breath was taken away. Normally, I interview candidates in a little coffee area in the corner of my office where there are a couple of easy chairs.

Not today, no chance! I could feel my erection growing just looking at this gorgeous woman and I had no option but to sit behind my desk. I actually recall very little about the interview other than that I had this wonderful looking woman sitting in front of me and that she was having an extraordinary effect on me.

I think I was probably very red in the face and that I stuttered and stammered my way through 25 minutes of torture. I probably did 80% of the talking during the interview completely the wrong way round, but it didn't matter, she could have been a mass murderer, but it would have made no difference; Sarah had the job as soon as I laid eyes on her.

I also remember Sarah's first day at work very well too and this was almost as memorable as her interview because of the leather trousers she wore, which fitted her arse like a glove. A tight white T-shirt completed the outfit although I was relieved (from a dress-code aspect) to see that she was wearing a bra though her nipples were still plainly noticeable.

She was certainly stirring my emotions and throughout the time that I was with her that day I had a constant ache in my groin. It was a feeling I would come to recognise day in, day out for the months to come.

I spent some time going over the tasks Sarah had to do whilst quietly inhaling her perfume and discretely ogling her body whenever possible. God, I wanted to fuck this woman with a vengeance. Over the next few weeks Sarah learned the job and I got on with managing her.

I saw her often, although probably more often than I needed to, and we became more and more friendly. She always dressed nicely, always sexily but never tarty. I particularly liked the leather trousers and I am sure she knew it. I liked to visit her around lunchtime and we started having sandwiches together. We then began going to the pub on the odd occasion and overall our working relationship developed really well. But that was it; so far it had been just a friendly working relationship although I was definitely interested in taking it further and I'm sure that Sarah knew it.

She had a boyfriend in London although it couldn't have been too serious as it seemed that they only saw each other every two or three weeks. On the other hand, I was married although my wife and I were undoubtedly in a rut. Whilst there is, and never was, any argument that I love the wife and she has been very good to me and to our son, but after 20 years our love life was rather staid and unadventurous.

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I wasn't going to say no to a bit of excitement therefore if the opportunity presented itself. That unexpectedly came my way on the day a colleague was leaving and a few of us had been for lunchtime drinks at his local pub. Two hours later and about six drinks inside her Sarah was well on the way to being drunk, but we had to go back to work. I was driving, so I was sober; she wasn't though and it took some time to persuade her to go back to her office, but we finally made it to the car and then wallop.

She was all over me like the proverbial rash. As soon as we pulled out of the pub car park she started to kiss my neck and she put her hand inside my shirt and began to rub my chest and squeeze my nipples. I felt my cock straining against my trousers.

Sarah noticed this too and very quickly had me unzipped; my penis was first in her hand and then in her mouth. I was worried, as I don't think I had showered that morning, but she certainly didn't seem to notice as she sucked and pulled and licked and gobbled away as if the world was about to end.

I lasted about two minutes if that and luckily had just stopped at traffic lights when I shot my load. My cock was way down her throat at the time and she just swallowed it further down. It was a strange feeling, knowing that I was spurting a stream of cum straight down into her gullet and I could feel the muscles in her neck alternatively clenching and loosening whilst she drained me.

I finished pumping and she released my cock from her mouth. She kissed me passionately and I could taste myself as I licked her teeth and tongue. The car behind blew his horn as the lights had changed and we stopped kissing and had to move on. During the rest of the journey, Sarah, from time to time, lapped up the little beads of cum which continued to appear from my pisshole. There was no waste and no wet stain on my pants. We arrived back at the depot and I managed to get my limp dick back into my trousers before getting out the car.

Sarah dragged me through the door and into her office and locked it. She was not going to be disturbed. And you know how in films someone will clear a desk with their arm? Well it happened.

Pens, paper, phone, coffee mug all on the floor. She practically ripped her trousers and thong off and spread-eagled herself for me on the tabletop. She was gagging for it and I could see how desperate for sex she was but I wanted to enjoy this.

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I know I had already had a great blowjob, which was my first in I don't know how long as wifey doesn't do that, but I had waited for this moment for ages and I wanted Sarah to remember it too and perhaps more importantly, I was hopeful that she would then want to do it again. I know Sarah wanted me to either lick her out or fuck her and I doubt she could have cared which. I wanted to take my time though and I therefore started by undoing the buttons on her shirt, exposing her black and red bra.

Sarah strained her body upwards and I started to lick the top of her breasts. My right hand found her sopping wet fanny and I got three fingers in without trouble. Boy was she hot! And very wet. I managed to get my other hand under her back and unclipped her bra, it's like riding a bike, you never forget this trick and her breasts fell free from the lacy cups. As I said Sarah was not overly blessed in the chest area but big enough.

An old adage comes to mind here: - More than a handful is a waste. In spite of the small breasts however, her nipples were huge and to describe them as organ stops does them no justice. They were bright red in colour, at least three quarters of an inch long and about half an inch across.

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The areolae were a softer, lighter, dusty pink which served to emphasise even more the redness of the protruding bud. I ran my tongue across the end of one and she literally shook on the table as she quivered in pleasure.

Talk about sensitive? This was obviously one of her erogenous zones and I therefore spent some time licking the hard button, and tweaking the other one. She loved it. My bottom hand was getting wetter by the minute and I withdrew my fingers from her cunt and found her clitoris instead. This was at least as big as one of her nipples. My god, I have never felt anything like it.

I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and sort of rolled it between them. Sarah was moaning and calling out my name as she enjoyed the pleasure of this action. I decided it t was time to make some more progress. I stopped suckling her nipples and moved my mouth downwards across Sarah's flat belly.

I licked her skin all the way down. I put my tongue in her belly button and found I had discovered another trigger point as she twisted under the attention of my probing tongue. And then I reached the Holy Grail.

The musky smell of her cunt was almost overpowering and I am not sure that Sarah had showered either that morning, no matter; I had never smelled or tasted anything like this previously. My experience in this field is limited as my wife will not do oral on me and she is not keen on having it done to her.

This was something else however and it made me even keener to spend some time with my face in Sarah's fanny. I licked her wet hole, lapping up the salty juices.

I made long strokes with my tongue along the length of her slit, finishing with a circle of the love button and the folds of skin which surrounded it. Sarah was in ecstasy, she groaned and squealed in time with the tongue-lashing she was receiving, she pushed my head into her neatly trimmed, hairy bush, my nose at times in the opening to her cunt.

I finally grabbed hold of her clit with my teeth and gently applied pressure. This set her orgasm off.

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Her bottom was alternatively lifting and slapping the table as the pulses ran through her body. Sarah was having a big one. Her spasms subsided and she lay gently moaning on the desk and I was wanting and hoping that it would be my turn again. It had been a good half hour since my last ejaculation and I was hard and ready to go. I slipped my prick into Sarah's cunt and started to move. She wrapped her legs around my back to pull me I closer.

I was hitting something at the end of her vagina. She let go of my back with her legs and manouvered them onto my shoulders, I went even deeper, I didn't think it possible. I had been hard with lust since I had taken off her bra and began to lick her nipples. It had seemed an age ago and I knew therefore that I wasn't going to last very long.

I continued to pump, Sarah orgasmed again, bucking and writhing underneath me. I could feel my sperm gathering in my prick, I was cumming too. I held on and on to it for as long as I could, I just wanted this fantastic feeling to last forever but then my climax started and I had stars in my eyes and a blackness in my head.

It was so intense I thought I was passing out. I was finished and so was she. We had coffee and rested in the easy chair in her room with her sitting on my lap. We kissed and fondled each other in this position but eventually, I took Sarah home, that was enough of work for the day, she was in no state to do anything and neither was I.

I discovered over coming weeks just how horny Sarah was. I would turn up for what had become now, a daily visit and as soon as we were in the office we would start on each other. I love French kissing; I find it a real turn on and Sarah was an expert. Within seconds of locking lips my erection would be hard and my pre-cum would be leaking into my underpants.

She would stroke my penis through my trousers. I loved feeling her soft downy skin. If Sarah wore a skirt, she usually wore black hold-up stockings and I enjoyed stroking and caressing the warm, soft skin on the inside of her thigh between the top of her stockings and her thong. Her breasts were always accessible underneath a jumper or shirt and she would moan with the pleasure I was able to give her when playing with her nipples.

She loved it when I gripped a nipple between my forefinger and thumb and pulled it out away from her body. I was scared of hurting her, but I obviously didn't do it hard enough to start with and she showed me how she liked it by guiding my hand until the skin was fully extended. Holding it at this position for a couple of seconds before releasing it I was usually rewarded with a satisfied groan of approval.

We discovered that we both enjoyed foreplay perhaps almost as much as the sex act itself. We were able to enjoy each other knowing that our orgasms would intensify with the prolonged attention we were paying to special areas of each other's bodies. We would spent up to an hour exploring each other with touch and tongue either stood up against a wall or the door or sat in the large easy chair. We did also like the feeling that we got from penetration however and Sarah never let me down in that area and I tried to match her performance too.

There were no other full time employees in the building, the reps would call in first thing to pick up supplies and there were also a couple of cleaners who were also there only in the morning. Deliveries and collections usually took place before midday unless specifically booked for the afternoon so there was little danger of interruption. One of the rooms in the building was a rest/medical room with a bed and we made very good use of this facility. We shagged and shagged at every opportunity.

Sarah had a particularly liking for oral sex. This was something I also got great enjoyment from, both giving and taking except for one occasion.

This was when I discovered she was having her period and the salty taste of her cunt juice was tainted by the distinctive taste of blood. Her thighs and my face were covered in it and to be honest I found it a little repulsive. The fact that I didn't like it was actually a surprise to me as I'm not a squeamish person but Sarah understood and thereafter avoided me touching her intimately for those "off" days.

Otherwise we usually started all our sex sessions with me licking her out or her sucking me off and she often complemented me on my technique which considering my lack of practice during my marriage was surprising. The sex continued to be superb, and I was also still getting it at home although the normal missionary position with the wife, with little foreplay, paled by comparison. It was important to keep up appearances though because I still loved my wife and son and the last thing I needed was to break up our home.

I just lusted after my girlfriend. But boy was I tired at times. Unlike the wife, Sarah loved to be different and one particular instance of sex with her comes to mind. I arrived at the depot as usual with the sandwiches for lunch to find her office empty and a note on the door saying she was in the stockroom and to call out when I got there. This I did and she called back indicating that she was at the bottom end behind some shelving. I made my way there to be greeted by the sight of her bent over a large box, no clothing below her waist and her arse jiggling in my direction.

This was the first and as it happens the only time I have had anal sex and whilst for me it was initially exciting because it was new and I suppose it was ok, I was unsure that Sarah got much from it. I had not really touched her arse other than to grab her buttocks and massage the general area of her bottom, usually through her clothes, although occasionally whilst we were having sex I may have occasionally stroked the puckered skin around the outside of her arsehole.

She had never shown any interest in me progressing further in this place so I hadn't. She was basically resting on some cushions with her legs apart inviting me in.

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Sarah had lubed her ring presumably with either spit or pussy juice and whilst initially it was very tight and I couldn't get my cock in, the more I stroked her cunt and played with her clit and rubbed her erect nipples, the more turned on I got and the more pre-cum I produced. I layered this slimy liquid on her arsehole and eventually the wider and slippier the hole got.

I managed to get my prick in about half way and I felt that this was as far as it was going to go. She was moaning but I think not from pleasure, more from pain and although I eventually shot my load, it was not the best fuck we had. She did however suck my cock after I had pulled out and said it was to see if she liked the taste. She said it was definitely different, but that was it. Our relationship moved on to another level when I booked a room for the night at a hotel about 10 miles out of the city in a place called Castleton, near Newport.

We had no intention of staying there all night but I wanted some time with Sarah with no fear of interruption and for us to have longer than our usual one and a half hours. I had told the wife I was going for a couple of pints of Brain's beer and to play some darts with the boys and she should expect me back about midnight.


We arrived at this Travel Lodge type hotel at about 6.30 and we booked in. I registered under an assumed name and the receptionist made no comment when she saw that the name on my credit card was different. Bless her. Although we had up to now used the bed in the depot's restroom on a number of occasions, it was a single only and this was going to be much better with lots more room in a larger king-size bed.

I suggested to Sarah that we start off with a shower, as this was one of my favourite pastimes with the wife. I also wanted us both to feel and smell good as we had been in work all day and I had last showered that morning. We took the best part of an hour soaping each other down, stroking each other's bodies and working up the anticipation for what was to take place later.

We kissed endlessly whilst the water washed over us and we explored fully the insides of each other's mouths. I caressed Sarah's breasts and played with her nipples and her clit and I think she had at least one orgasm during this time, maybe two. She pulled on my prick and from time to time placed it at the entrance to her cunt. I could feel it as she stroked her pussy lips with my cock and I strained to push it inside her but she wouldn't let me enter her. She was brilliantly able to judge my state of arousal and though I was on the brink of ejaculation for what seemed an age, she never actually let me climax.

It was a superb interlude. We dried each other off with the towels and headed for the bed. I paid for the Porn channel on TV and we drank some Chardoney whilst watching orange tanned and siliconed bodies attack each other's genitals. The wine was still quite well chilled as it had been in the icebox in work for a couple of hours and it and the porn on the box was right in keeping with what I had planned for this evening.

My prick was still hard from the shower, but the sights and sounds coming from the TV ensured that it maintained its glory. I have got to say I do like watching lesbians and although she told me she had not seen much porn before, to my delight Sarah seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She became very turned on watching two very well endowed girls go at it and whilst fingering herself with one hand and stroking my cock with the other she described to me how she had been on holiday to Antigua and how she had fallen for and had sex with a girl she had met there.

Luckily as it turned out for them, they had met each other on the first night of their holidays. They had gone separately to the hotel bar for a quick drink before finding somewhere to eat with the intention of having an early night. However they had got chatting, bought a few drinks for each other and had enjoyed each other's company so much that it felt like a meeting of old friends after just a couple of hours.

After a particularly boozy evening, with as it happened, no food, they headed back to their rooms, arm in arm. They aimed for a parting kiss on the cheek, but somehow ended up kissing on the lips.

The fireworks went off and the peck turned into a full-blown frenchie. Sarah described how they had practically ripped each other's clothes off in the corridor before falling onto the bed in her room.

She told me that although she was undoubtedly drunk she knew exactly what was happening and after the initial shock found herself wanting to make love to her new friend Carrie. This was to be a new experience for both of them as Carrie was straight as well but they both felt that the time, the place and the circumstances were right and after listening to Sarah's story it became easier to understand why she liked oral sex so much.

Carrie had gone on holiday following a breakdown in a relationship. She was not looking for, but not ignoring the possibility of meeting a new man. Sarah, who had just gone through the trauma of a short-lived marriage which had recently failed, was there to lick her wounds as well. It seemed fate that the two girls, both with some fairly deep seated mistrust of men, should find each other and over the course of the next two weeks, Carrie and Sarah become inseparable.

They found themselves spending all their time together, sleeping, shagging, sleeping, more shagging. They had occasionally gone out to clubs in the evenings where they had been chatted up incessantly as they were both very attractive young women.

But both were enjoying their own new relationship with each other so much that the fella's never had a chance. They had sex mainly in their rooms but they had also done it in the showers in the hotel gymnasium and in the hot tub by the pool.

They had also gotten very frisky in the swimming pool and been asked to cool down by the hotel manager. They had also finger fucked each other on the beach and on the back seat of a bus returning from a boat trip. They quickly obtained a reputation as "lezzies" and other guests in the hotel had seemed very interested in their activities. Sarah described to me one occasion when they had acquired an audience of three other couples who, returning from a night out had spotted Sarah and Carrie in a passionate clinch in the bubbling water of the hot tub.

The three couples had initially concealed themselves in the bushes, but had became so aroused by Sarah and Carrie's love act in the spa that they had engaged in some heavy petting of their own and had brazenly moved onto the sunloungers. Sarah became aware that she and Carrie were under scrutiny from these other guests but she told me that she certainly didn't mind and if anything got some perverted pleasure watching the watchers whilst Carrie was sucking her tits and fingering her under the water.

Rather than stop she put on an exhibition for these viewers although Carrie was so intent on pleasuring Sarah and receiving it back that she never knew until later that they had had company On the occasion that the girls had sex on the beach they had spent an uncomfortable 10 minutes back in the hotel bathroom getting all the sand out of each other's cunts.

They had found the easiest way was for one girl to direct the showerhead up into the other's vagina. Whilst the water was being aimed with one hand the girl used the other to gently clean the insides with a finger whilst the other girl concentrated on holding her labial lips open. They also quickly discovered what a turn on this was and once they had cleaned each other out a further bout of energetic sex had resulted.

Their dildos were in use non-stop and both girls became expert at making each other orgasm as they took pleasure in ramming large plastic cocks up each other's hairy quims. They found that there was no embarrassment in directing each other to their most pleasurable places and they were therefore able to find the most sensitive spots on each other's bodies.

It was through this prolonged two week long exploration and experimentation with their female parts that both had become experts, especially at oral sex. Back in the UK, Carrie's home was in Manchester, Sarah's was in Cardiff and after a number of months of seeing each other only at weekends which grew further, and further apart, they reluctantly called the relationship off.

Sarah said that because another girl understands your body better than any man could, Carrie was the best lover she had ever had. At the end of the day though, she wanted a man, as did Carrie who had also recently met someone she thought she might get engaged to. So, back to the main story and the hotel and the bed.

Sarah and I spent the next two hours in foreplay, I got her so wet, the sheets were soaked, she continued what she had started in the shower, wanking, licking and stroking my penis but always only to the point where she could stop my orgasm by pinching the base of my cock and letting my passion subside before starting on me again.

She occasionally licked the clear translucent juice which emerged from the hole in my prick and I was in dreamland. Sarah also was having a great time and over the course of the evening she had a number of shuddering orgasms. I was licking her cunt and at one stage I had my tongue so far up it that the cord attaching it to the bottom of my mouth was getting sore. I was kissing her breasts; her nipples were standing out proud, I was softly chewing her clitoris.

She was high. It was during this period of prolonged foreplay that I also found another much more unusual erogenous zone and I discovered that by going nowhere near her tits or her cunt I was still able to make Sarah climax with only about three minutes kissing and nibbling. This special area was her ear lobe and the skin behind it and because her ears used to stick out when she was young, Sarah had cosmetic surgery when she was about thirteen to pin her ears back.

The scar tissue and the skin around it had become super sensitive to the extent that she told me later that she deliberately and sometimes aggressively avoided any contact in this area with her boyfriends as she was scared what might happen. I found it by accident really. I was licking, kissing and biting her all over. I had started on her feet, sucking her toes and pushing my tongue down between them.

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I licked the soles of her feet and had nibbled her ankles and sucked on her lovely calves. I had kissed her behind the knees and burrowed by face between her soft thighs licking the peachy skin on the inside of her upper legs.

I had so far purposely ignored Sarah's cunt, much to her obvious disappointment, and I had turned her over to lick her arse even to the extent of gently probing her hole with my tongue. Remembering our previous experience however I was not bothered about prolonging this and neither it appeared was she and so I moved on to her back and shoulders.

Sarah was relishing all the attention and affection she was being given and for more than a few minutes I concentrated on her spine and the tops of her shoulders, massaging the bones and muscles. I eventually turned her over and probed her belly button with my tongue.

She liked that, and I continued upwards and kissed her breasts but deliberately avoided her, by now rigid, nipples. She rolled back and forth trying to get me to take one in her mouth but this was not the time for that.

I kissed the valley between her breasts instead and nuzzled her neck. I sucked gently on the skin below her chin and continued sucking around to the sides of her neck trying to make sure that there were no love bite marks, I licked her cheek, I took her nose into my mouth and softly sucked it and I kissed her eyelids too.

Sarah loved all this attention and I was enjoying giving it too. Eventually her head rolled to one side exposing the side of her face and I gently bit her ear lobe but she snatched it out of my mouth. I asked her why and she couldn't answer, I think there were too many other things going on with her body for her to formulate words at that moment in time.


I leaned over the side of her head again and blew softly down her ear and Sarah response was a throaty moan. Encouraged by this I once again placed my lips around her ear, about half way up it this time and I began to explore the ridges with my tongue. This time she didn't pull away but it was obvious to me that something extraordinary was happening with her. Once again I returned to the lobe. This time she let me take it between my teeth and I was able to lick along the fleshy part of it.

Her moans became more strident and I became a little more determined. I finally had the whole of her ear in my mouth and my tongue was running up and down the back of it where it attached to her head.

I was able to push my tongue part way down the ear hole and I worked and worked this small part of her body over and over as I could see the effect it was having. She was screaming by now and bucking and kicking on the bed. She finally came with a great shudder and immediately burst into tears. Through her sobs she told me that she knew this was the most sensitive part of her body and had never trusted anyone other than Carrie with it previously, not even the husband she had been married to for a couple of years.

I felt so privileged. From time to time during this extended period of foreplay, we rested and continued to drink the wine and watch the sex on the screen. Sarah continued to gently wank me and I had a couple of fingers in her cunt or I caressed and massaged her clit. We had enjoyed each other's bodies for three hours without me once penetrating her and this was by some distance the best non-fuck I had ever had.

We finally decided it was time to think about going home so she rolled me on my back and after just a little oral to make sure I was rock hard she lowered her oozing cunt onto my prick.

She rocked her pelvis backwards and forwards pressing her clit into my groin and I could feel her pussy gripping the shaft of my penis. Sarah was fucking my cock vigorously with the effect that it felt as though she was sucking the semen out of me with her cunt and it was an extraordinary feeling. In no time at all we were both close to climax, me for the first time that night; her?

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Lost count!! I came in a great gushing burst inside her and again the stars came out in my head. Sarah was, I was learning, very noisy during sex and it was good that it was still fairly early and people were not yet in bed trying to sleep. Although I was spent, my cock thankfully remained hard enough for her to climax too although by now I was sore. When she finally stopped writhing and moaning and had gasped enough breath to speak, she agreed and said she was also quite sore.

The night was over far too quickly but I had a wife to return home to and thankfully Sarah understood that certainly at that point my marriage was still important to me. She was still seeing her guy in London so casual sex with no strings attached suited us both. We continued to take advantage of the depot's rest room bed at every opportunity but again I was looking for more.

I decided that I just had to sleep with this woman ie spend a whole night with her. I therefore arranged to go on a seminar with work and made sure the information came to my home and that my wife saw it.

It was then a simple matter to cancel my attendance at the meeting but the deceit had been performed. I booked us into a different hotel just down the motorway from Cardiff at Pencoed. This time we knew we could take our time and enjoy each other's company as well. We therefore had an early dinner in the restaurant although I had no appetite, not for food anyway. We had a few drinks and held hands and gazed into each other's eyes. Sarah said she didn't want a pudding and that afters would be on her.

I didn't quite understand this little throwaway remark at the time. I would find out later. We got back to the room and opened some wine. Again we paid for the porn channel, as this had been quite a success with us both last time. I slowly started to take Sarah's clothes off and she mine. Again I was able to explore that great body, those great nipples, the waterfall of a fanny, her smell, her ears!

When we were naked Sarah pushed me back on the bed and climbed astride my chest. She said that when we had been to the hotel last time it had been the first time in her life that she had ever felt so special with a man. Other than with Carrie, she had never received such attention before and didn't realise how good foreplay with a man could be.

I told her that I was not the greatest in holding back my ejaculation and I therefore thought that to make it good for her I should make sure that she had a good time before coming myself.

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I know she appreciated this and she told me she loved me for it. She told me that tonight she was going to make it special for me in return for what I had done for her last time. I asked her what she meant and in response she pulled a number of silk scarves out of her bag. She asked me whether I trusted her and when I said I did she quickly tied my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed. She also blindfolded me and I felt, and was, totally helpless. I could hear the sounds of sex coming from the porn on the TV but her having got off the bed I had no idea what she was doing.

I then felt something trickling onto my penis and seconds later I got a squirt of it on my face. It was honey, thank goodness. Sarah kissed me and licked the honey off my face and then shared what she had collected in her mouth when we kissed again. This was extraordinary. She moved her position and clamped her mouth over my erect organ, running her tongue up and down the rigid shaft. She licked and cleaned my cock and sucked gently on my balls. The feeling was intense and very frustrating, as I had no way of reciprocating.

She licked my legs around the groin area and across the bottom of my belly. My cock was on fire, I felt it was going to burst it was so hard. Again her timing was excellent and she stopped my climax by pinching the base of my tool. Then she was off the bed again and doing something else I couldn't see. I felt something quite wet but also quite cold splash on my chest. Sarah stuck her finger in my mouth and I got a taste of what was on me - blackberries I thought, and cream.

She then laid herself across my chest and belly and ground the fruit and cream to pulp between us with her body. This felt like it was getting really messy. She placed one of her breasts in my mouth and allowed me to lick it and then she offered up the rest of her chest to clean. If blackberries wasn't exactly my favourite fruit this certainly changed my mind and this was a wonderful new way of eating them.

Again she left me and I wondered what was next. I felt her get back on the bed and all of a sudden her pussy was in my face. I started to search for her clit with my tongue and then discovered that she had placed a peeled banana up her cunt.

I was able to eat about half of it before I got to her labia and clitoris and was able to make her climax very quickly by licking and nibbling at the engorged protrusion and its surrounding hood of skin Sarah finally removed the blindfold from my eyes so that I could see but she left me tied up, and still helpless.

This situation was heightening my feelings of pleasure and I was straining at the scarves which were starting to bite into my skin. Feeding time was apparently over with and Sarah began to give me oral sex and I started to realise what an expert and innovative lover she was. She held and pinched my cock at its base and it seemed to swell even more with the blood circulating within it.

She rolled back the foreskin and having exposed the swollen bell end placed her teeth over it and on closing her mouth, began to exert pressure with her teeth. She chewed and gnawed at the top end of my increasingly reddening member and continued to then nibble and nip at the flesh.

She was being quite rough with this delicate and valued part of my body but there is a fine dividing line between unacceptable pain and desirable pleasure and she knew exactly how hard to nip and make it good not bad. Ultimately however I know she could sense that I could take little more of this particular treatment and she then transferred her attention from the bell end top of my prick to the swollen and engorged shaft and whilst still gripping me at the base, she took the whole of my cock into her mouth.

As she moved her mouth up and down on it, she ran her teeth along its length scratching at the veiny, waxy skin. All the time she was staring at me and our eyes were locked on each other. The sensual feeling I was getting was unimaginable and although I was a little uncomfortable, any pain in my cock was being overwhelmed by the love and passion she had stirred in me.

Sarah could obviously see my discomfort but painful or not it was another new experience and no way did I want her to stop. I was in a place I hadn't been before. Pleasure and pain were mixed with equal force and the feeling was just something else.

I was nearing my climax and it was only the pressure at the base of my cock exerted by Sarah's expert fingers which was stopping me from shooting my load. I was writhing in a mixture of agony and ecstasy and the fact that I was still tied up and could do nothing for myself was driving me mad with passion. Sarah instinctively knew that it was time she released my pent up emotion.

A few quick soothing strokes of my cock with just her lips and with her hand gripping the shaft as she pulled it up and down a couple of times, I came in a fountain of sperm. Because she was so close, the first spurt hit her in the face as she tried to catch it in her mouth.

She missed and it was in her eyes, up her nose, in her hair, everywhere. Further spurts of spunk hit her breasts, and finally I pumped some more onto my own chest.

I could not believe how much there was, this was an amazing amount of cum. Sarah began licking the creamy white liquid off my chest and by cupping her own breasts and pushing them upwards towards her mouth she could lap at the cum which had splashed onto them. Her tits were just in reach, enough for her to lick on her erect nipples and she teased and taunted me as she ran her tongue over the ends.

Teasing me she may have been but Sarah also found her own pleasure in this act and one hand crept between her legs and she started to masturbate herself. I think she then remembered that this was my time and with a sly smile, she returned to cleaning up all the cum which was on her head. She rubbed her fingers and palms over her face, massaging the goo into her skin and hair; she then stroked my cheeks and forehead with the remaining moisture.

With the remnants of the fruit also sticking to our skin, we were in desperate need of a shower. She was however not finished yet and obviously wanted to atone for making my cock sore. I had forgotten it in all the excitement I had just had but Sarah extracted what was left of the banana from her cunt, put it into her mouth and chewed it to make it soft and pliable.

She worked at it with her fingers, lubricating it further with gobs of spit and ended up with a poultice which she wrapped around my penis in an effort to soothe the tender flesh. The effect was remarkable and as she was putting it around the fleshy end of my cock, I began to feel eased and less sore by the second.

My limp dick was however a bit of a sorry sight and was in no fit state to play at least for the moment so Sarah left me and went to run the bath. We had all the time in the world and I knew that a luxurious soak in hot water was going to refresh us both for the night ahead. I was still on the bed tied up whilst Sarah was in the bathroom and I began paying some attention to the fucking on the TV.

Sarah was gone a while and by the time she came back to untie me, the action on the box had to my surprise affected me such that my cock had actually started to stir and was even in some sort of shape to possibly perform.

The banana dressing had also fallen off due to the way my cock was beginning to stand at attention. I forget the title of the film but it was some corny hospital drama where all the nurses were gorgeous nymphos and the doctors and patients all had 9 inch dicks. The interplay between the nurses was particularly arousing however and I enjoyed seeing up close some hot lesbian action.

In particular, there was one nurse with a very well developed labia with protruding lips. She obviously knew how to pose and arrange herself as there was a stunning and memorable shot where her pussy lips formed an almost perfect heart shape and because she had just been fucked by one of the quacks it looked as if her heart was weeping when some semen trickled out! Once Sarah had untied me from the bed she lead me by the hand to the bathroom where the light was out but there were thirty or forty small candles spread around the surfaces.

Sarah had put some great smelling bath oil in the water - ck1 perhaps? The room was steamy from the combined heat of the candles and the water and she had poured some more wine! We climbed into the bath, me first with her then laying her body between my legs, with her back to me, resting in front and on top of my chest. In this position I could easily reach her cunt and I started to play with her clitoris. With my other hand I tweaked and massaged her breasts whilst my tongue caressed the back of her ears.

This was payback time and within only a short time the water was splashing onto the bathroom floor as Sarah thrashed in her climax. I continued to play with her clit, alternating this by slipping a couple of fingers inside her.

She surprised me by how she could exert control with her cunt muscles and she gripped my fingers so hard that at times I could not move them around or get them in or out. Sarah was finally spent and exhausted at the prolonged period of cunt exercise plus the orgasms she had experienced and she lay back on my chest to rest. We were able to sip at our wine and enjoy the closeness of our comfortable position in the bath and we lay there until the heat of the water dissipated and it was time to get out.

We were both feeling sleepy and fulfilled and after drying off, climbed into bed and like spoons cuddled until we quickly fell asleep. At some point I began to dream and of course my dream was of Sarah. I imagined us in a darkened room and her gently sucking at my cock, the feeling was sensational, she was tenderly massaging my prick with her lips whilst cupping and playing with my balls.

I saw in my minds eye the head bobbing up and down and her then turning her body around until she was able to climb over my face so that I could insert my tongue up her juicy slit. I then awoke from the dream and of course discovered that this was a reality and that Sarah had woken up and must have felt so horny that she needed once more to make love. This must be the most perfect way to wake up. I licked and drank at her tasty cunt juice whilst I could feel at the other end, my cock receiving the most gentle and careful blowjob imaginable.

Compared to the roughness of earlier, Sarah's lips felt like the silk scarf she had used to tie me and she tenderly caressed and nurtured my stinging erection to another fulfilling climax. In turn I was able to make her shudder with feeling as I brought her off with my own mouth.

Rough sex versus gentle sex? I'm not sure and the jury's out at the moment. Satisfied, we returned to go to sleep, it was only two in the morning. I woke later needing to pee and looked at the clock on the TV.

5.30. Did she want it again, I sure felt horny enough and as evidence had a decent erection although perhaps that was what is generally known as piss-proud. I went to the loo and emptied my bladder and as I climbed back into bed, I felt Sarah adjust herself to me so that we were together again, my front to her back.

As she had her back to me, I gently prised her legs open and rested the top one on mine whilst I searched for and found her cunt with my hand. I slipped a couple of fingers inside and she moved gently against them in an encouraging way.

As soon as I felt she was lubricated enough, I adjusted my body position so that I was able to slip my cock into Sarah's vagina. More gentle pressure from her backside into my groin told me she was feeling something too and I started to move my cock in and out of her cunt. I was expecting to feel some soreness but whether it was the banana salve or the gentle 69 of earlier, I don't know but this was getting better and better. Sarah and I made love for five or ten minutes and I was still not sure whether she was awake.

She was certainly moving her arse around in a sort of circular motion as I thrust my cock inside her but apart from a few small whimpers she was unusually quiet. I finally came, not in the gushing throbbing torrent of earlier or the blackout state I had experienced before, but in an incredibly satisfying and warm way. Whether she was awake I don't know, and I was also half asleep by the time I came, but it just felt so good, and within seconds of finishing I was asleep too.

When I next awoke it was light and it was about 9.30 and I was ravenous. Sarah seemed to wake up at the same time and we kissed and cuddled and talked and felt good about each other as we lay together. Bearing in mind I was supposed to be at a seminar all day, it meant we could spend some quality time together as I would not be expected home until evening.

We therefore checked out of the hotel and looked for somewhere to eat. I was starving and we were lucky enough to find a nice café with a decent greasy breakfast and a great cup of tea with which to sate our appetites. The hills and valleys of South Wales are magnificent and driving through the picturesque countryside we found a nice spot in the Vale of Glamorgan where an old canal undergoing restoration came to an end.

This meant that there was an easy level walk along the side of the canal on the towpath and we walked hand in hand for about an hour. Near to one of the bridges, I spotted a store and we were able to buy some sandwiches, cakes and drinks. We returned to the path and continued our walk until we saw below us in a shallow valley the glint of a small river. Turning off the canal path and scrambling down the bank we got to the riverside and found a nice spot to have our picnic.

The day was warm, the sun was out, the sky was blue and God was in his chair. The exertions of the previous evening and our walk meant that having eaten we were both able to quickly doze off in each other's arms, listening to the babbling river, lying on the soft grass.

We must have slept for an hour or so and on waking knew we both wanted each other again. This was heaven, no traffic, no people, no work, no stress, and no pressure. We took things slowly and whilst being fairly sure that we wouldn't be seen, decided against taking all our clothes off for the sake of public decency. Sarah removed her panties from under her skirt however and unzipped my cock from my denims.

For comfort I also loosened my belt and undid the button. Sarah, as I have said before, loves oral sex and she assumed the classic position on top of me with her hairy bush in my face.

She pulled aside my boxers and went down to take my erect cock in her mouth. My cock was sticking up like the proverbial flagpole and Sarah lowered her face to my groin, swallowing and gulping my cock way down into her neck in a deep throat The swallowing action was like having a warm wank.

I was concentrating on her sopping wet pussy. I probed the outside of her hole with my tongue, lingering on her seemingly always, erect and swollen clit before plunging it as deep as I could into her vagina. I licked at the lips of the entrance whilst pushing fingers in the orifice where my tongue had been.

I gently bit at the engorged button whilst wiggling my fingers, and circled with my tongue around the hood of skin. I felt Sarah's legs tighten around my ears and she exploded with a gush of juice, which I drank lustily as her orgasm made her bounce her body on my face.

I continued to work on her clit despite the damage she was doing to my nose and was rewarded shortly after by her having yet another thundering climax. Her pussy contracted around my tongue and the juices flowed over my face as if someone had opened a floodgate. I was concentrating so much on her pleasure that I had given little thought to my own position but whilst savouring the juices running from Sarah's slippery pussy, I began to feel the semen gathering in my cock. She had by now ended the deep throat and was sucking on the knob end whilst exerting increasing pressure on the shaft.

I finally came in her mouth and she swallowed the gobs of sperm which I had spurted. I was in honesty surprised there was much left after the previous night but the body and its abilities of recovery is an amazing phenomenon. We lay down together again like spoons and I played with her tits under her t-shirt whilst gently nibbling her ear. Sarah was able to reach round and grasp my ever-hardening cock and then shortly after she moved away from me and kneeled on the grass, resting her head on her arms with her arse in the air.

I slipped my erect penis into her wet and slimy quim. We humped like dogs until I came, I don't know whether she had orgasmed that time or not. The sun was going down and we walked back to the car and drove home and I felt an amazing calmness and feeling of well-being. I dropped Sarah off at her parent's house in Culverhouse Cross in the west of Cardiff and headed for mine.

When I got in the wife seemed pleased to see me and she wanted to know all about the seminar and what it was all about. I created as much bullshit as much as I could and then made some excuse and headed for the shower to wash off the taste and smell of Sarah. No sooner had I got in the shower than the wife came into the bathroom, took her clothes off and got in the shower too. Another bout of lovemaking was pretty far from my mind at that point in time but she wasn't to know that and started to soap me down.

She gave me the soap and the sponge and obviously wanted similar attention. Despite all my exertions of the previous night and earlier that day, my prick still rose to the occasion and once more I ended up fucking. I was bone tired however and I have to say that whilst the soapy massage of my body felt very soothing and I always enjoy fondling the wife's arse and tits, other preliminaries were fairly short.

My wife ended up balancing on one leg whilst resting her other leg on the bath surround. In this position I was able to stick my cock up her cunt and there was no doubt that we both enjoyed the unplanned coition. I still couldn't get her to French kiss however and she pushed my face away whilst I was trying to get my tongue in her mouth.

We finished the fuck and ended up washing each other's hair following which we got dried and I went to lay down on the bed.


In probably less than 30 seconds I was "fasto" and snoring my head off so I learned later. I slept for 10 hours unbroken and woke up thinking I'd been in a car accident. My eyes were heavy, my neck ached, my back ached and I was still so tired. It was probably three days before I felt right again but I was able to blame an imaginary late night in the bar at the seminar for it.

Screwing two women on the same day got me thinking and whilst I know that every able bodied man dreams of having two women at the same time, it just wasn't going to happen. Sarah and I had actually spoken about this when we were watching the TV porn and she had told me that as a present for her (at the time) husband's birthday she had arranged a threesome with one of her girlfriends who had made it clear that she fancied him.

The birthday present had been a great success but had ultimately proved to be a big factor in the breakdown of their marriage as her so called girlfriend and her husband had continued to see each other on the sly. It was on this basis that Sarah realised what a big mistake it had been and vowed that she would never be repeating it. This was a shame because she had a friend, Kay who I had met and liked and we had flirted enough for me to think that we could have had some fun.

In the end we did have an affair after Sarah and I called off our relationship, but that is another story. So, next to screwing two women together, what would be the next best thing?

I had fucked the wife after had had fucked Sarah, I thought it was time to do it the other way round. One morning therefore, having already made arrangements with Sarah to pay her a planned visit, the wife and I made love before I went to work.

I went straight round to Sarah's depot and once reps and the cleaner had gone home we went to the restroom. I manouvered it so that Sarah started by giving me a blow job and fair do's, she quickly spotted that my cock tasted different and guessed what the wife and I had done a couple of hours previously. Just knowing this heightened my arousal and increased my smugness in fucking two women who loved me and me them. My feelings of self satisfaction were not to last much longer however as not many weeks later, whilst I was supposedly out on another "darts" night, but in fact Sarah and I were again using our local Travel Lodge, she dropped the bombshell that she was leaving Cardiff and had got a job in London.

This she said was not specifically because she wanted to be with her some-time boyfriend as she told me she expected to finish up with him, more that she did not want the responsibility of breaking up my marriage.

I likewise did not particularly want to break up with my wife who was still ignorant in her bliss. I knew I was going to miss Sarah however not least because she was by some faraway distance the best shag I had ever had.

And there is no doubt also that I had fallen for her big time. So that was it. I saw her a couple of times more, once on a Saturday afternoon when I was supposed to be playing golf and we went to the depot to renew our acquaintance with the rest room bed and again on a mid-week evening which because it was arranged at short notice, all we could do was have a meal and a drink in town.

I wanted to get down to London to see her but no suitable seminars or training courses presented themselves. We did speak fairly regularly on the phone however until she eventually bought a flat in Grays in Essex with a new boyfriend someone she had met at work who had left his wife for her. And that was it; I thought about her constantly, it hurt like hell that I couldn't see her and more importantly that I couldn't make love with her.

Thankfully my wife never found out and our little humdrum life continues. I am I believe what they call "a serial adulterer" however and I have had the odd liaison since, and for a period of a couple of months with Sarah's friend, Kay. No-one has taken Sarah's place however and I still think about her very affectionately.

I have only one possession of hers a photograph taken by Carrie of Sarah in Antigua. She wears just bikini bottoms and has her right arm strategically placed across her breasts. Her hair is a mess and Sarah told me it had been taken by Carrie just after they had made love and was a keepsake for her.

I am so pleased I also have a copy. I hope Carrie looks at her print as often as I look at mine and with the same reward. The End