Ebony Gay Fucked Hard by Huge Black Cock

Ebony Gay Fucked Hard by Huge Black Cock
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I've been so excited since you told me you were gay. I can't believe my luck. I know a gay guy! I know a gay guy! I've fantasized about being with a guy for well over 20 years. Having always been horribly shy, I had a hard time with women. How could I tell a guy, possibly to the wrong man, about my desires without coming out?

Without risking loss of friendship or worse. The rejection. Wrong person, maybe getting into a fight. Too great of risk. But you. You, after a couple of drinks, just tell me you're gay. Why you felt that comfortable is beyond me, since we hardly know each other. It didn't feel like a pickup. Now, all I can think of is getting between your legs and finding out if sucking cock is all my 20+ years of fantasizing has led me to believe it is.

I know I didn't tell you at the time you confided in me. I now wish I had. Next time I see you, I will. We can come over here, put on some good music, get high. Then I will tell you that I'd like to try sucking your cock. Damn, just thinking about it gives me shivers.

I may actually get to suck a cock soon. Please, Tommy, make it easy to tell you. --------------- I just got off the phone with you. I was suddenly so shy, I found myself unable to approach the subject. Thank you for coming to the rescue. You nervously mentioned that you'd been worried I'd have negative reaction to your declaration. If only you'd been in my head these last 3 days! "I haven't told that to many people, I hope it didn't make you uncomfortable.

I like you and would like to be friends. It just feels good to be with you." I practically, blurted out my confession. "That's OK. In fact, I must admit I've spent 20+ years fantasizing about sucking a cock.

Could you? Would you consider letting me suck yours sometime? I was going to wait until the next time I see you to ask you that, but it is all I can think about. I've never had the opportunity before. I am a homophobe-phobe. I have always worried that if I brought up, I'd end up telling a homophobe and regretting it for forever. When I was in 8th grade I told just such a wrong person about putting milk on my dick and letting newborn puppies suck my little 12 yr.

old dick. He told the whole school. And it didn't stop there. There were far more people in high school that needed to be told. It was an awful 2 years of my pre-teen life and it left a deep mark." When you said yes (a couple of times actually), my heart leapt into my throat.

I said, as nonchalantly as I could. "I am free right now, if you'd like to get together. Maybe here?" Still trying to be somewhat cautious. Oh, the sound in your voice betrayed your own excitement at the prospect. "Give me directions to your place and about a half hour to get cleaned up. I'll then be there as soon as I find it." Now I am just sitting here, heart aflutter, giddy and light-headed at the prospect of getting to suck a cock!

And watching the clock. I decided to be bold.

I'm going to meet you at the door in just my bathrobe and as soon as you are in the door, I'm going to drop my robe. I hope you like it. --------------- I just heard a car in the drive.

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Is it? I hope. Yes! It is Tommy! It seems to be taking forever for you to come up to the door. Oh god. Rush! Whew.

The doorbell. "Hi Tommy" Close the door. Drop the robe. Without saying a word, you've dropped to your knees and taken my cock into your mouth. "Ooooh! OOoh. OOOOOHMYGOD. Ooooohhhh fffuuck! Tommy. Please. Stop. I don't want to cum yet." Like I'd have been able to do anything about it at this point. Man, you are good.

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I didn't even notice you take your pants off. Instead or stopping, you simply lead me down to the floor and rotate on my hot cock until your own cock is positioned right over my own mouth. Omygod, omygod, omygod. I love the taste of your cock. Especially the pre-cum. The texture. Finally. I can't stop to tell you about my own pleasure as I'd have to take your gorgeous, tasty, fuckstick out of my mouth. I'll tell you later. This is so weird.

It almost feels like I am blowing myself (sans the back pain). I always knew I'd be able to take a guy down to his nuts. Of course practicing on those 8" dildos makes it very easy to swallow your 6".

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maybe 7". The head of your dick goes just past my tonsils. You seem to really enjoy the fact I am using short fast strokes to keep the head of your cock just popping in and out of my tonsils. If it was just me sucking you, I'd get down to your nuts and lick them with your cock buried in my throat.

Kind of hard to do with them bouncing off my nose. And you being on top. Oh! I possibly couldn't get your lovely dick completely out of my mouth if I wanted too. If you decided to just bury yourself to the hilt and leave it there, I'd have to struggle to get your weight off me enough to free myself.

What a totally hot position to be in. I feel you're dominating me. I'm so surprised. I never thought I'd enjoy a submissive role, but if this is what being a sub is all about, I LIKE it. This is amazing! Everything I'd always thought it'd be like and more! Man, look at all the years, the decades I've already wasted. that I could have been enjoying this treat!

The taste of your pre-cum is changing. No longer salty at all. More sweet, actually. What an awesome cock. Perfect size around.

Uncut (never seen one of those before). Doesn't require really stretching my jaw the way my dildos did. No worries about scratching (or worse) with my teeth. Oh oh. No. I don't want to cum yet! Please slow down. What. can you read my mind or something.

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You ministrations on my cock have reduced. Whoooooa whoa whoooa. that rimming. Man, you have an awesome tongue. I hope you don't want me to do that to you. I'd have to release your dick from the confines of my throat.

OooooooooOOOO GOD, it feels soooo good. Especially the tongue fucks. As much as I am savoring your cock, I suddenly have to have it in my asshole. God if only you had 2 dicks. I push your hips up and away so hard, your cockhead makes a popping sound as it pulls out of my tonsils. "Tommy, I gotta have this bad boy up my ass. Please." Ungh. "Push it all the way home in one swift motion. OOOhhh yeah!

Baby, don't be shy. I may never had a flesh and blood prick up my ass, but I've had plenty of toys, etc. up there. Just fuck the hell out of my hole. Rough, tender, hard, soft, deep, shallow. I don't care, JUST FUCK ME." This is so much better than dildos, broom handles, butt plugs and cucumbers!


"Ooh FUCK! Oh yeah, daddy, yeah! GOD this feels good! Don't stop. When you are ready to cum, pull out and spray my gaping hole and cock and balls." I want to tell you more, so much more. I want to say that you fucking me like a girl is soo hot!

That I feel I was born to do this. I was born to be your "woman", your bitch. I just can't speak over my own pleasure. The sensation is so all engulfing, I was lucky to get that out. I like your stroke. Deep. Rythmn varying between gentle and urgent. The rotation of your hips. It isn't nearly this good doin' myself with a dildo.

Oh baby I could do this all night long. Omygod. No. Please don't be ready to cum already. No. It seems as though you just entered me and your ready to stop. Please don't stop yet. OH GOD!! Such an unbelievable sensation when you pulled out!

Oh shit. Oh man. "God, that was the most intense feeling I've ever had. There is just no other way to describe it! When you blew your load on my gaper and gonads, I thought I'd cum on the spot!

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Omygod! I can't believe how much cum I have on me. Did that all come from you? I looks like 3 times the amount I shoot." Yes, it did all come from you? Fuck, you'd have drowned me If you had cum in my mouth.

You roll onto your back next to me. I get my first closeup view of your manhood. I've got to say, having never seen an uncircumcised cock in person before, I expected it to be a bit gross. The way they look in the JPGs. Not bad at all in person. Just different. It feels the same as mine in my hand, once the skin is pulled back. Hey, that is kind of neat. I can hold your foreskin and give you a hand job. I'll bet it feels really good. I always avoid hand jobs. First off, women don't know anything about giving hand jobs to start with.

Always feels as though they are trying to peel it. But with this skin, hand jobs must be awesome. I'm jealous. You ask me if I want to fuck you, as you raise your legs off the bed for easier access to your fuckhole. I hesitate just a bit in my response. I never fantasized about being the fucker, before. My fantasies have just had me being the catcher, never the pitcher.

But, it would be too rude to tell you this. "I'd love to fuck you." OK, so I lied. You are spreading your cheeks so far, your own hole starts to gape in anticipation. What a deliciously beautiful sight. I suddenly have an uncontrollable desire to tongue fuck you.

Ooo. Mmm. Wow. So much. Wow. OK. Your hole offers no resistance of any sort to my tongue. It is even easier than lick out a cunt. Tastes far better as well. All the way.

I can't believe I can get my tongue all the way in your asshole. Without the sphincter restricting it, I am free to explore the silky surface of your inner asshole. This is way different from a pussy or even anyone else's anus I've ever rimmed. I REALLY like this! It feels like I could stick my dick in there all ready without discomfort to either one of us. I have to say, I am looking forward to that more than I'd have thought.

I slobber all the spittle I can muster all over and into your inviting hole. I've been paying so much attention to your sex, I didn't even realize my own dick is harder than it has been in years. Pulsing with the blood flow. As I start to crawl up to position, I pause briefly and rub your oozing staff on each of my nipples.

This is so hot, I am getting weak all over. I crawl up and just past the entrance to your inviting man-cunt. I've never experienced touching dicks with someone before. It HAS to be hot. It is!!! :D You are already pushing your hips up bring your hole within easy access, but I want to do this just a bit longer. "Huh. Looking at both our cocks together. The only apparent difference between them is I am cut, you are not. Wow. Now wonder I felt as though I was blowing myself when we were in 69!

It's almost spooky. Hey check this out, our vasectomy scars are even in the same place." "That's no vasectomy scar, but it is a long story and would ruin the mood", was your reply. Fair enough. I poke a finger in your anus. Oh yeah, still ready, maybe more so. OK. My pulsating penis is hovering just outside your gaping invitation. "Get ready. I'm going to take you that same way you took me: one fast, deep thrust." "God, I hope so", you coo back.

Here goes. Aaahhhooo. WOW! This is much better than fucking a woman in either hole. It is like a combination of best of both woman holes. Not too tight or loose. Just right. Yes. I like it! Slow, you tell me. You like a slow, romantic rhythm.

Fuck you from tip to base with each stroke. I am enjoying myself way too much to ask if this is the way you always like it, or just the mood of the moment. Maybe you just want to make sure I don't cum too soon, like you did with me. That did leave me wanting for more. It just teased me into a heat. Your plan? Now you want me to fuck you slow. I find the feeling of your hole to be very uniform. Even your anus is applying just enough pressure to be enjoyable match.

A cunt always has uneven surfaces with different points of firmness. I like this better. You ask me to start increasing my speed. Ooo, different. Good different. Ooo, I feel my orgasm approaching. It's just caught my attention that you are beating your meat. I wonder. The tip of your manhood looks close enough. I'll bet I could just bend over and. Yes! Yes, I can suck you while I fuck you.

It is easier than I thought it'd be. OK, I'll suck the head, while you keep jacking the shaft. It is so awesome to eat your meat. The firm, yet soft texture of the head. My own cock is getting more sensitive and ready to spray. Uuuunnnnngghh. Oooooo. Aaaaaaahhhh. God, you just whispered "shoot it in me" in my ear, moments before I was ready to cum! It pushed me right over the edge.

A fraction of a second later, you put both hands on my head and push my head down to the base of your cock and spray the back of my throat with yet another fresh volley of cum. One more shot squeezed it's way out of my own cock in response.


Yeah, I guess all your loads are huge. Shooting down my throat directly made it way easier than I imagined to take your load, I don't think I lost one drop of that excellent Tommy elixir. I lay on top of you, spent.

Cock still up your ass, slowly shriveling away. What are you doing? OK, you are squeezing my dick with your sphincter. I get that. I like it and I get it, it's the thing you are doing deeper in. Like there is another group of muscles in there. Whatever is doing it, my pecker is getting hard again. I reach down and take your nuts in my hand and gently massage them against each other.

Whoa. Your shittin' me. Your getting hard again. That's it. "You have to fuck me more now. You pulled out too soon before and left me wanting. Do me some more. Now." That didn't take much encouragement. You roll me over to my back and push my legs up they are resting in the crotch of your elbows.

I want you back in me so bad, as soon as I feel the tip of your fuckstick touch my fuckhole, I grab your ass with both hands and pull you in as hard and fast as possible. You starting banging me like a broad again. What a fucking turnon! My balls keep getting in between your abdomen and mine. The pain is unbelieveable. The stabbing pain in each nut as your pelvis bounces off my ass. At first, I wanted to tell you, to change positions. You were making noises that told me you were clearly enjoying yourself, so I put off telling you for a few moments.

Now I don't want to tell you. I don't want it to stop. The fact that it is my sex getting hurt by your pleasure has a strangely hot feel to it. I wonder. I love to tie my balls up while pulling my dick, if I tied them up know, would the pain/pleasure get more intense. Sure it would. There are so many good ways to tie up my nuts, I could easily increase the intensity.

I'll talk to you about ball bondage later. Just don't stop what you are doing right now. Every time you bounce off my nuts, I am sure I am going to shoot my load in the next second, yet it doesn't happen. Awesome tease! I found if I shift my hips about 1/2 inch up and to the right, I maximize the pain in my balls.

Oh yeah. If we do this again, and we will if I have anything to say about it, I am going to have to tell you about this painful pleasure. All I need is a shoelace. Wow. You must be about ready to cum. The extra speed in your strokes. Let's see can I reach your sac? Yes. Omigod. Tight as hell. I give your nuts a little squeeze. You let out a little yelp and slap my hand away.

I guess you don't get into a pain in the nuts. Too bad Don't know what you are missing.


"Tommy, when you cum, push as deep inside of me as you can. I want to feel the heat of your jism as all the way up to my stomach." Just that second, you bury your bone pelvis deep into my ass. I tighten every muscle in my asshole in anticipation. You moan and shoot yet another load in my ecstatic fuckhole.

Yes. I swear, I could feel each spurt as it splashed off the intestinal walls. "Baby, let me give you a kitty bath to clean off that beautiful tool of yours." You tell me you'd love it and that you want to rim me until I am done draining. With that, you move into a side by side 69 and immediately start lapping your cum from my gaping sexhole. Your cock has a new element mixed in with it's regular aroma and flavor. I think it is probably my own body's anal lube.

Compliments your natural taste quite nicely. I am wondering if you're going swell back up during my minstrations. Maybe a little. I want to swallow your semi-hard stick all the way down. I mean swallow.

I want my swallow muscles to work your meat like a milking machine. It's way more difficult than I thought. The gag effect I over came decades ago by using rubber dildos, suddenly re-awakened, from the effort of trying to unsuccessfully swallow your gorgeous tool.

My throat wants it to go down when I swallow and since your cock is, of course, attached, it is only going so far down.

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Such a strange sensation. Curiously sensual. Check it out, I am hard again. Throbbing hard. I haven't gotten hard this many times in one night since the time I took Ginny Shannon to the M&R Twin to see all 5 of the "Planet of the Apes" films back to back.

Turns out Ginny wasn't much of a fan. She spent much her time coercing useful hardons from me. But this is better. Way better. "Yeah, you're right." I tell you. "I'm exhausted as well. I just hate to go to sleep with this awesome cock still hard.

I don't want to miss a second of it. Do you mind if I go to sleep with your dick in my mouth?" "It's not only OK, but encouraged", you reply. I scoot down the bed to bring my head to your cock. It feels different in my mouth somehow. Not as hot. Losing it's proportions. It is almost asleep. So am I. Man, I love being your friend!

Where were you 20 some years ago? --------------- I awake to getting face humped. Man are you a horndog! Way cool. I always hoped the first time I slept with a man, he'd want to fuck all night. You are definately not disappointing me at all tonight.

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I try to gesture to you to let me catch your rythmn. That's when I realized you are still sleeping. OK, I'd catch on my own. Are you dreaming? About me? Or is it just instinct because your dick was in my mouth? Probably dreaming about me because your dick was in my mouth. ;) I love having you fucking my mouth! You are the perfect length for a balls deep skull fuck. your fuckstick lightly bumps the back of my throat. Just enough discomfort to be a turnon.

It's actually better than when you are awake. The sleeping version of you is treating my mouth like a meat hole. I've fantasized about this kind of treatment. It is just as cool as a reality. Truthfully, better. To have your sleeping body greedily fucking my mouth. I have my hands on your ass guiding direction and encouraging your thrusts.

By gently tugging on your hips, I have your glans hitting the back of my throat hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

I really never knew I was into sex related pain before. You and I really got talk about future encounters. I think a little bdsm would be fun. I hope that doesn't scare you away. It should be scaring me, but the pleasure is too great to care about the source. Your cock really is just the right size for this. I have no trouble getting air past it through the throat fucking to breathe, so there is no reason to interupt your rhythmn.

I love that you like a full stroke. Even in your sleep, you pull out until tip is just about to come out, then all the way to your pelvis in a smooth, easy, stroke. Ooo. Your rhythmn picked up on it's own.

Oh my. Such forceful, full stroke, fucking. I could get into this. I want to do something else, something I always thought of as gross, but at this moment, I really want to do it.

Lowering one hand away from it's cooresponding butt cheek, I reach out and lightly touch your nuts. Whoa, that thrust was extra hard. :) OK, sac tight. Balls pulling up. I slowly move my mouth off your rod and replace it with my hand. Smooth transition. Just as my lips leave contact with your cockhead, you annoint my face and hair with another large load. Somehow, your sleeping self managed to guide your cock back into my mouth and pull my head close.

I guess it'll be a while before I can clean this gooey mess from my face. It really does feel as gross as it looks, but I don't want to wake you, so it can wait. --------------- I must've fallen asleep as well. It is so cool to be kissed awake. Your soft chuckle in response to my "makeup". I have to take your word for how it looks as your cum has dried and I can no longer open my eyes.

You've gotten up. Hurry back, I want to suck your cock again. Oh. You came back with a warm, moist cloth. I feel so loved at the moment with you gently dabbing and wiping your cooz from my face. Ha, ha. You accuse me of getting "active" during the night.

I got news for you, mister. Hey, I am starting to be able to open my eyes. Whoa. It is very daylight out. I just spent my first night as a cock sucking faggot. Wow! Oh. Oh my God! I AM a fag.

"Ooo. Get the fuck away from me". I feel so dirty! I suddenly feel like puking. I can't wait for you to go. I want to shower until the water runs cold. "I never imagined I'd regret what we did. I've looked forward to sucking cock and getting a good fucking for so long. Now I just feel. Awful." God, you are being so understanding, Tommy. Under other circumstances, it'd bring a tear to my eye. Understanding or no, I feel awful. What? You felt this exact same way the first time? You are being so sweet about this.

No, I don't want to lose you as a friend either, I just need to be alone right now. "Please go. OK, you can call me later, but please, Tommy, please go now."