Cfnm she wants to be entertained

Cfnm she wants to be entertained
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On following up on part one, Sandy (My wife) and myself proceeded to make our sexual encounters more exciting. We pursued a career in oral sex, which we both found most stimulating, and although we did not replace our sex as such with oral sex, slowly the delight and coyness disappeared and in time it became more convenient to have oral sex than normal sex.

Especially so that mostly on holidays, I cannot say if it was mindset or just strange feelings that crept up that made us take up the challenge. As I mentioned in part one the one statement Sandy made with regards to semen whereby she proclaimed "I know how to swallow" made me always wonder if she had any type of oral relationship prior to us getting married. As we went along in our episodes of oral sex and more and more she demonstrated her ability to do a blowjob professionally, I realized one day the truth.

That is reality she had had plenty of cocks sucked, and build up an immunity to the taste of semen. This came to light when her visiting female friends would discuss sex with her, and by chance one day I peeped into the kitchen while she was baking, and making a mixture of icing sugar and some condensed milk she "simulated" semen by taking two tablespoons full in her mouth, she then proceeded to demonstrate of how to and what to do to get a wad of cum in your mouth.

Her friend was absolutely fascinated, and asked her how many cocks she had tasted and the reply was "plenty". Sandy also proposed to her that if she wants a personal demonstration, she had two choices.

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She could bring a male home, in my absence or she could sit in while she does oral to I had mentioned to her previously if she was game for a threesome she gave the nod. Anna (her friend), recommended the first option and they set a was an ideal opportunity to see my wife how she performs oral on another man.

I silently setup video cameras in the bedroom and conveniently on the day they were to do the act, had a meeting so I won't be home until late night.

Anna would be given a full view as the person she was to bring was a good acquaintance of her, but not her lover. He was one who had no problem in being watched when indulging in sexual practices. The day passed off and at my first available opportunity, I retrieved the cameras and was amazed at the way Sandy could handle and manoeuvre a cock.

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I mean this guy was no small man, his cock must have been close onto 10 inches and sure enough what followed told me more about Sandy than I ever knew. Firstly I must say it was a tremendous turn on for me to see my wife mouth and throat fucked as well as being throat raped. She gagged quite often and streams of saliva looking to resemble semen were continuously dripping out of here mouth.

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This guy proceeded in every conceivable way to thrust that cock of his in my wife's mouth. He here doing a straight forward mouth fuck, and then fucking her mouth with his balls touching her chin. He made her suck him laying on his back, made her gobble his shaft inside her inner cheeks from an angle and finally proceeded to throat fuck her by positioning her head over the edge of the bed and "fucking" her mouth from the top up pushing his shaft deep into her throat.


In his frenzy and hers she never complained a bit, enjoyed every minute of it and then the explosion. I have a fair amount of semen that I ejaculate, but this guy shot a load so intense and in such great volumes, that for the first time I think Sandy's mouth could not swallow it in one go resulting in a facial which she just laughed off.


She gradually sucked off the rest, licked him clean and he moved on. Anna helped her wipe the rest of her face, and, asking Anna, did she get a good picture, of it Anna instantly replied yes!

It was fantastic.

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She asked Anna to be bold and lick off the studs cum off her face, as that was what Anna always wanted to taste, and I could see that as Anna obliged she was actually enjoying the "cream" and slowly Sandy was cleaned up. Sandy than proceeded to teach Anna how to savour the feeling in her mouth, pulled her forward and started deep kissing her. My God I didn't know that my wife had bi tendencies.

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I also noticed that Anna's mouth had a substantial amount of cum in it as Sandy had still some of it un swallowed, when they kissed and she transferred it into Anna's mouth. What followed thereafter was I think the beginning of threesome for us as Sandy and Anna stripped naked, and went into a ardent lovemaking scene.


Anna embeded her mouth into Sandy's pussy and the the same for Sandy into Anna's Pussy. They proceeded into a 69 position and vehemently proceeded to suck one another off.

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Finally they both fell down exhausted hugged one another and the last words from Sandy were : "Anna that guys cock was the biggest I had so far and I think it was fantastic. I wonder if I must not suggest to Roger (me) how to throat rape me.

I wish I had this whole thing recorded as he would have been delighted to know what my capabilities are. Mouth Fucking is for me"