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Big dick hunk trio fuck
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE BARISTA AND THE EMPRESS: I first encountered her, when I stopped at a new coffee stand on one of the few corners of Big City that didn't have one. I remember when most of these corners were empty lots or gas stations. And then the coffee craze hit Western Washington, and these stands multiplied like flea infestations. But, eventually we got used to them, and after all they were very handy, if expensive.

This one was of a series of franchised stands from California. And in order to make a mark in a market place with an overabundance of outlets, they had adopted the strategy of having their baristas, wear very abbreviated costumes.

And in some cases almost nothing at all. I had heard the rumors and so braced myself to see what I would see.

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Not that I am a prude, and if they wanted to flaunt their very pretty female selves, why would I want to discourage that? So, I drove up to it well before the lunchtime rush and was greeted by a young woman, who was about the age of my youngest sister, but with a considerably less covered body than she could have gotten away with in our home.

But, as the barista took my order, she augmented the process by flaunting her lovely female body to me. Her upper, almost blouse, was open and I could see practically all of her breasts. And lovely they were, too. She noticed my approval. And as some ingredients were being whipped up before putting the whole drink together, she managed to get her almost pants open so that I could see all the way back to her rear panty line.

Under it, too. As she breathed, her pussy would sort of flex and smile to me. Wow, I was in love! So, she got the money for the drink, the usual tip for her services and a special tip for the floor show. And along with that, my personal introduction card: Murray Flainer' Man About Town, with my personal secure phone number and on the back of the card, "I would love to see more of you!" I didn't expect a response, but it was a lot of fun watching her facial expressions as she examined the card and then read the back.

Made my day. I then drove off in my BMW, leased while I got my insurance agency off of the ground. A day later, I got a phone call at about three in the afternoon, and the voice on the other end asked if I was Murray?

I answered if there was a business deal that would make me money or a hot girl that would take some, I was definitely that man. She laughed and told me that she would like to interview for a position with my business.


So, I asked what position, and she remarked, "A horizontal one!" It was my turn to laugh my ass off and did so to not disappoint her. But, I did make an appointment for her to come around my office at about five thirty, because I close for the day at five. She seemed to get the message behind that and said that she would be there. When she got to the office, she came right in my personal office and took a seat in front of me at my invitation.

I then asked her why she would be interested in another job, when I couldn't pay her the same a she was likely making at the coffee stand. And she told me that the stand manager was turning from being a manager to a pimp, forcing the girls to fuck guys for money that he turned around and took from them, doling out what he felt like. And he felt like very little.

His name was Tyrone and he was becoming infamous in the city for his underhanded actions. So, I agreed that she might want to escape that. Then I told her that the only position available at the present would be my receptionist and typist.

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She would answer the phone, help walk-ins to be patient and when not doing those two things, do some typing for me. She said that she could do that. So, I instructed her to go out to the typewriter and type up a letter of introduction and bring it back to me in fifteen minutes. So, she got up and rushed out to comply with this. She got back in seventeen minutes and handed the letter over. The info was presented well, and the forms were observed, but there were a couple of typos.

So, I asserted that I would get her one of the self-correcting typewriters, called word processors to help her with that. And then I asked her why should I hire her for the job? She then got up and put the card that I had given her at the stand on my desk in front of me and after that progressively removed each article of clothing on her until she was totally nude before me.

I appreciated the follow through on my written request. And then she moved around to face me and to sit back on the ink blotter on my desk before me and with her legs splayed out, asked me if I saw anything of interest that I would like to keep about the office. I nodded and moved to my knees to closer examine with my tongue the tableau before me. And she appreciated my efforts in that matter.

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And when the scenery became inflamed in passion, I used my personal firehose to squelch the flames and cool down the interior of the fire. Then she rose and took me up into her arms and kissed me to emphasize her interests in the job. I hired her on the spot. She moved into the little apartment attached to the back of the office to ensure her separation from Tyrone. And I stayed over with her a couple of nights a week. Limiting myself to not arouse the sensibilities of my parents, with whom I was still living until my agency got onto a prosperous situation.

This would be somewhat delayed with my hiring of Glenda, but eventually would work out as the back payments from the insurance company started to increase. And besides, I was saving a lot of money on my social life with me having my own personal pussy in residence and handy for me any time that I wanted. Eventually, Tyrone figured out where Glenda was now and came into the office to try to intimidate her back into his service. But, I came out and asked his business.

He tried his intimidations on me, too. But, six years of being a Marine didn't intimidate very well and I advised him to stay away from me, the business and Glenda in particular.

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The whole matter was taken out of my hands, though, because he must have tried his act on someone else, and he disappeared from sight never to be seen again. Good Riddance! Through happenchance, I got connected with the Blossom Legal Firm, the Sterling Investigation firm, a well-known investment firm and other peoples of notoriety and power in Big City.

With that my business accounts swelled and I was on my way. Soon after this, I bought a nice middle class home in the lettered streets suburb of Big City. And Glenda decided to move in with me. To the chagrin of my parents. My father's attitude was, go ahead and fuck this girl, but don't ever marry her. I informed him that I was totally able to make that decision myself.

Besides, though my mother is a fine woman, she was never much of an intimate partner to my dad as far as I could tell. So, I felt that I could make at least of as bad of a choice in that matter as he had. In the meantime, Glenda was taking care of me and my dick just fine as far as I was concerned, and she appreciated very much the free rent and the regular increases in pay as my business continued to prosper. As the next couple of years passed by, the insurance agency still was growing very rapidly.

In fact, it had gotten so big that I was taking on associate agents to help me with the overload. And even Glenda was being touted as entering the company's sales agent training program for those without a college education. With her advances in abilities that I was a ringside seat observer of, I was definitely all for that. Things were a bit more complicated between us, though.

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Since she had borne two children to me. And so with my newly attained financial wealth, I decided to make a break of it and buy into one of the fabulous mansions on the South Hill area of town. The one I chose was five floors and ten bedrooms gifted. And it had been recently completely refurbished.

It was very expensive, but would grow in value over the years, as the market grew as it was in such fine shape. So, I closed up our house and had it let out by one of the rental agencies of town, and then moved my little clan to the mansion.

I took up half of the third floor for my expansive bedroom suite and assigned most of the fourth floor to Glenda and her two children. Two of the bedrooms there were combined to be a personal abode for her.

But, she still spent a great deal of time in my bed as my primary lover and friend. However in a personal conference with my professional associates, like: Blossom the Attorney, Nestor the Investor, Edna the Rich Bitch, Richard Sterling (The Dickster) and others, it was asserted that I needed to have a wife to represent me in the community appropriate to my growing stature there.

They all knew that Glenda loved me totally and would be my lover for life, but that she had no intention of marrying anyone, not even me. So, it would have to be someone else. During the discussion, Nestor brought up a young woman of a very fine family that might just be the answer to this challenge.

She was the granddaughter of the Empress Mathilda, the self-style Matron of the city and generally recognized as being so. Abigail at the time was only seventeen years old, to my (Murray's) middle of the thirties age. But, the girl had been personally trained by Mathilda to be a LADY of note and everyone that knew her said that she would be the new social Empress when her grandmother passed away.

So, she would be expected to represent me very well in my social, charitable and official civic life. A regal wife to augment my wealth in my presence in the community. Even Glenda was all in for this, when she found out, as long as she remained my primary lover and friend. It was known that Abigail was relatively uninterested in intimate matters in contrast to her social instructress and grandmother Mathilda. So, Nestor since he had a fine professional relationship with The Empress, was designated to meet with her to run this idea past her.

And so the meeting was arranged without any announcement to its purpose to Mathilda in its arrangement. When Nestor got to her mansion, he was accompanied in his passage to Mathilda's personal office by her sex-mad maid.

He just barely made it up to Mathilda's presence without any sexual intimacies entered into. That could wait for another time. When Nestor entered into her presence, she motioned for him to take the seat up close to her as she really liked him. He servicing the Asian maid could wait until their intimate conference was over, so that she could have some peace in the house after he left the maid sated. After the forms were observed with each of their greetings, they got down to business.

And Mathilda was advised that her granddaughter Abigail was the object of this business consideration.

Mathilda was already familiar with me, because of my growing business reputation and also because I had the nerve to buy a mansion bigger and grander than hers. And her first reflection on a possible mating of her granddaughter to the newly risen business giant of the city passed her first sense of acceptance was based on his mansion right away. By, marrying off Abigail to me, it would in effect include herself in my mansion's reputation, adding to hers.

But, even more so, since I had a reputation for sensibility and graciousness, I was a good match for the girl. Also, an emerging future Empress would need a fief to practice her crafts on, you know. So, the reigning empress gave it her qualified acceptance depending on the girl's reaction to me. No arm twisting accepted in this possible match. So, it was arranged for the prospective couple to meet at a series of social and public events that the both of them would be invited to, and they would see if lightning would strike for them.

It turned out that we liked each other from the start. In a low cal way. A socially acceptable way, since she was so young. And within a few months an engagement was arranged and announced for us.

The wedding was to come six weeks after her graduation from H.S. since she had no desire for an advanced education. She was already prepared for her future life at the knees of her grandmother. The evening before the announcement of the engagement, Abigail was chaperoned to visit my mansion and taken on a tour of the house to familiarize her with it and allow us to discuss the arrangement of family matters, if she decided to agree to all of this.

When we went to the fourth floor for her to meet Glenda, my steady lover and her children, Abigail took to her immediately and they promised to be great friends. And when she saw my bedroom suite she was suitably impressed with that, but even more impressed with the two combined bedroom personal privacy suite that would be hers. Then the chaperone was dismissed to go to the kitchen for a snacky good time while Abigail and I discussed her place in all of this.

I let her know that she would be my official wife and expected to act as such from our marriage and on from then. She would after a breaking in period assume command of the affairs of the house.

She would be in charge of handling any visitors, the maids, the cook and any repairmen that might have to visit. She would be expected to share in intimacies with me regularly, though most of my attentions in that regard after the honeymoon would be taken up with Glenda in due regard to Abigail's relative lack of interest in intimacies.

And that she would represent me and the family in our charitable efforts and events, be the social leader of the family and be at my right hand when I was obligated to appear in public officially. I let her know that a successful marriage between us would qualify her to be my primary heir in case of my demise. That there would be provisions for Glenda, her and any children that we produced together over the years.

This gave her another stake in sexually pleasing me, and she caught that thought and realized that since Glenda already had two children, that she better get busy and catch up and perhaps pass her up in children produced to enable her to have the upper hand when I deceased. I also mentioned a pre nup to be entered upon to prevent any premature harvesting of my assets in case she should decide to abandon or otherwise terminate the marriage. If she left me, she would not be left penniless, but she wouldn't get the normal sharing of assets, because so far they had all been acquired before she was due to enter the picture.

Her grandmother and any lawyers that she chose could look these papers over, but since they would be prepared by the eminent Blossom, they would surely pass any professional examination. And then I asked her if she had any question at that time. She pondered over that for several minutes and I ordered her a tea to sip on while she gathered her thoughts over the ramifications of marrying me. Not that she had intended to cheat me out of my husbandly assets, nor my husbandly dues; but now she began to understand the considerable set of responsibilities that she would be entering on.

Her part would not be just for show, she would eventually and in the not too distant future enter upon a very comprehensive set of obligations.

And so the question now was would she want to do this.


She looked over at me questioningly, and evaluated the things that would come to her and the things that she would have to give to me. The interchange was profound and beyond the most that many wives are ever called upon to deliver. But, she recognized if she entered this with an honest and dedicated attitude, that the returns to her would be very profound indeed. Her elevated place in the community, not the least of those things. Finally with all of this at least provisionally balanced in her mind, she focused onto one area of concern, our sexual lives together.

"You know Mr. Flainer, that I am a virgin and inexperienced in sexual matters, though not totally unacquainted with them." I nodded to that.

"So, taking in my relative inexperience, what do you expect of me in this regard. Especially since you have a fine woman already to take care of those needs." I responded to her, "Since you directly address this topic, I will respond to it directly. Forgive me if it seems too directly. I will expect you to truly be my wife, if you agree to marry me. I have no interest in only an official one without the benefits that marriage normally grants a husband. I understand your sensitivities in this area of marital life and so am willing to adjust to these in the following manner.

You will be expected to spend at least two nights in bed with me, all night. And on one of those nights, we will do or not do to your desires. On the other we will do to mine. And that will regularly include sexual intimacies.

One night a month, you will do whatever I desire for you in that matter, including but not limited to anal and role plays.

I expect you to give me at least two children, or your share of the proceeds from my assets will be severely limited upon my demise. And on our honeymoon, all limits will be off for the two week duration. You should note that I hate condoms, so if you want to practice birth control, it is upon you to do so and to make sure the pertinent protocols are followed.

And you should also note, that I am not deterred in sexual practice by none but the heaviest monthly discharges of your periods. Any further questions?" "Not at the present. But, I will confer with my family and lawyers and get back to you. I might have some then. And I want to thank you for being so frank, it allows us to come to mutually agreeable decisions that we can both live by, if this all comes to fruition." And with that she gathered up her chaperone and left for her home and family.

Over the next couple of weeks I was very busy with other matters, including Glenda trying to get pregnant by me again, in anticipation of my probable marriage. She didn't see how I could pass up such a sweet cupcake as Abigail. And in fact she looked forward to being her friend, too.

But, Glenda wasn't beyond establishing her own holds on me in addition to her sexual ones of frequent quenching of my sexual exotic thirsts. But, finally I got a sheaf of legal papers sent to me by FEDEX and I sent them on unopened to Blossom to go over with a fine toothed comb. She called me after a couple of days and indicated to me that Abigail's lawyers had tried a couple of legal tricks in the agreement papers, but with her, Blossom's, editing and return of them for resubmission, that they should be fine.

I was requested to send the refiled ones on to her too, when I got them. When they arrived, I sent them on to Blossom and she ran a comparison to the original ones on her computer and found all of her concerns addressed and even one that she had not caught addressed too.

Evidently the first version was involved in a reading of our STUPIDITY METER, and we passed. So, they even fixed another thing, too. To prevent a very important melding of two lives from not happening or some very ugly legal repercussions occurring in the future. And with the second set came a letter from her family thanking me for considering their dear girl for such a wonderful life with me. We married on her eighteenth birthday six weeks after her H.S.

graduation and after the reception we were flown directly to a honeymoon hotel, with her still in her wedding dress. When we got into the honeymoon suite, we couldn't help notice the rather crude decorations around the room to sponsor an overriding of any sexual hesitancy in the new wife.

I could tell that that would not be necessary in this case. Upon arrival, we were very tired, but she let me undress her out of her wedding gown. It was a beautiful set of moments as each layer came off of her and I got to see the young woman that I had just married in all of her glory. The taking off of her garter and stockings were the most fun, but the removing of her wedding panties was the most significant, especially when I fingered her and found her hymen still intact as she had asserted to me.

She grimaced a bit at that penetration of her virginal orifice, but recognized the importance of it to me, not the fact, but the truthfulness of what she had said.

Then I took her up into my arms with her naked and I still fully dressed, and we danced to a selection of music that was available on the room's sound system. At first she was a bit traumatized by her nudity and my not being so, but as the dancing went forward, she recognized the terrific hold that she now had over me. I would desire her for the rest of my life and it would be her challenge to manage that in a way to not override her feelings unnecessarily, but not my desires, either.

It would be a tightrope off into the future with the able help of my lover and her new friend Glenda. Since we were both very tired, she asked for me to complete our marriage right away and so I moved forward in that effort.

I kissed her soundly and caressed her bare gorgeous young woman's body. Then after she removed my clothing, I laid her back on the bed and with a couple of pillows stacked up and covered with a provided virgin's towel, I lubed up and entered her birth port for the first time of her life.

She took the initial pain rather well under the circumstances, having been warned about this. And after that initial pain, she began to feel much better about this ritual and sex in general because of the dynamic feelings that it was generating in her abdomen.

When I finally came up into her, she grabbed me and hugged me off into our shared sleep till we awoke several hours later hungry for a meal. The rest of our honeymoon was wonderful and not just or mainly in the bedroom.

She turned out to be a wonderful companion and I was looking forward to working with her into the future. When we got back home, Glenda was among the ones to greet us upon our return.

And Mathilda came to stay with us for the first three months to guide Abigail in her new responsibilities, except in the bedroom. There on the one day of the week that was her choice, it usually involved a shared affectionate shower or soaking in the swim spa and on my elective nights, it usually involved a bare bones fucking session. That despite her concerns, she came to like very much. But, on the one night a month of no holds barred sex, she really got into the spirit of the special nights and became very skilled at the role plays that we shared.

Anal never became one of her favorite things, but when requested she granted it and tried to make it as pleasant for me as possible. And over the years things balanced with three children from Glenda and her. As the years went by she matured into a formidable woman and took her grandmother's place as the Social Empress of the city upon Mathilda's death.

Her unofficial social board of directors included Blossom, Edna, Candy and others of the notable women in the city with Glenda included as the acting manager of our insurance agency.

They remained fast friends, though they never graced my bed together. But, in the mornings, as I puttered around the house, I could often hear them sharing anecdotes about me, with gentle shared laughter. I was never treated in person impolitely by either of them in all of our years together. But, girls have to have their fun, don't they?