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Boys sex tube video and gay porno movie twink russian penis Naked on
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Sorry for the gap I'll try to keeping posting new stuff As it turned out Crystal's belly was normal by the time Elle's dad returned home and she was saved the embarrassment of explaining things. Elle was upset about this until she noticed how affectionate Crystal suddenly was to her husband. Seeing her father so happy placated Elle for a while but fucking Crystal and Darci had given the teen an appetite, no doubt enhanced by the alien lodging in her uterus.

This had caused her to practically rape her step mom whenever she felt too horny.

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Elle always felt bad about this but it almost seemed Crystal liked it. One day a strange thing happened as she arrived home to find her step-mom doing aerobics in a vain attempt to keep her figure as her body change to accommodate the coming brood. Elle once again felt arousal and suddenly ran to her room knowing she would rape Crystal if she stayed much longing watching her tight ass and swollen boobs shaking to the beat.

Elle closed the door of her room and prepared her equipment she knew the only ay to prevent attacking her step-mom again was to relieve the aliens, but first she had to make him emerge. Elle pulled down her jeans and panties and rapidly began fingering her still tight pussy.


She thought of the cute guys at school she wanted to fuck trying to erase the image of her step-mom hoping the alien would not make her jack it off. No luck though Crystal would not leave her mind. "Why so hesitant and modest Elle," Peter's voice said in her mind, "behold the body you helped sculpt, admire how much more feminine you made her overly toned form." Elle ignored the voice and continue trying to fight the images until a voice broke her concentration. "My you are a tasty morsel Elle, aren't you?" Crystal said as she walked in stripping off her few items of clothing.

'I don't know what your secret is, but…oh wait yes I do your little friend has done this hasn't he?

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Well he's done an excellent job Elle, you are a knock out the boys must be falling all over you no wonder Mrs. Malko is so worried about Darci, you must have knocked that little bitch right off her high horse!" Crytsal said with a smile then noticing where Elle's hand was she smiled even wider. "Ddddon't come any closer…I don't want to hurt you!" Elle said struggling against her urges. "Hurt me? My dear step-daughter you can do nothing of the sort! In fact our little sessions are about the only reason I stay her any more you my dear are the best sex I've ever had, and if it means I have to carry that friend of your's seed then so be it." Crystal said as she moved on to the bed.

"Now lay back my dear and tell mommy where it hurts." Crystal said with a wicked smile.

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Without waiting for Elle's answer Crystal leapt between her step-daughter legs and began lapping away at her pussy with a will. Crystal was instantly in heaven and even as she felt her friend awaken she didn't even try to stop it. As the tip emerged from Elle's soft fold Crystal immediately gave it a hard suck and lick.


"Come on little friend come to momma!" she cooed to it. Rise it did in a matter of seconds the full shaft stood proudly out of Elle's body. "My you are lucky Elle it must feel amazing to feel this thing cum out of you I can take all the sticks out, but you take all of him every time." Elle gave no response and barely heard her step-mother praising the large phallus, the pleasure it emergence had caused was too great.

All she felt was Crystal's warm wet depths descending upon the hard shaft.

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She opened her eyes to she the once hated Crystal riding her new appendage like there was no tomorrow this time she had done it willingly in fact this time she had seduced Elle! Elle felt a surge of power radiate through as she realized the control over her step-mom she now had.

Elle gather her new strength and pulling the pleasure ridden woman to her rolled them both over and began brutally fucking Crystal, her knowledge that the little slut enjoyed it and wanted it spurring her on more and more.


She lost count of the times Crystal orgasmed as Elle pistoned the blue rod between her thighs. All she knew was the release she built towards and when she let the pleasure go nothing existed in that moment but the cum gushing from the rod. Her own climax coming with Peter's and Crystal's the three of there juices mixing between her and Crystal. Invigorated by the process Elle got up as she felt peter receded back into her pussy. Once Elle had dressed she looked at the bed and smiled then she leaned down and kissed her near comatose step-mom.

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"Same time tomorrow mother dearest?' Elle said with a wicked smile. Crystal smiled and gave a nod before passing out.

Elle left the room after all she had to babysit tonight and she wouldn't want to be late of that. Seeing the transformation in Crystal had given her ideas, after all Mrs. Hollis was just too busy for her own good. No good mother should neglect her darling children like that. Perhaps Elle would teach her a lesson tonight.

Elle grabbed the bottle of wine off the counter it had been Crystal's but she wouldn't be in any fit state to drink it for some time. Then again, Elle smiled at the thought, neither would Mrs. Hollis after tonight if things went according to plan…