Morena deliciosa gemendo com vibrador

Morena deliciosa gemendo com vibrador
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My wife didn't want to go to dinner. She kept saying what if they are there. I said so what, they aren't going to say anything. It seemed like I would never convince her to go to anymore of our meals but I had a plan. "You know tonight is the formal dinner and there is dancing there", I told her.

It made her think. My wife loves to dance. She was going to miss this opportunity. She agreed to go on one condition. If they said anything about our sex at the pool, we are leaving. I agreed and we started to get dress. I put on my suit and sat back to watch my beautiful wife get ready. She was trouncing around the cabin naked. I love watching her body. She is a big woman but she has awesome curves.

She has such a fuckable body. She went over to the suitcase and pulled out a black lacy bra, black garter belt, panties, and black stockings. She then threw the panties back in and said that she wouldn't need them tonight. She sat on the bed and rolled the first stocking up and started putting in on her right leg. She unrolled it slowly up the entire length of her leg. She did the same with the second one. The whole time I was thinking I can't wait to fuck her later with those stockings still in place.

Nothing turns me on more then sexy lingerie and stockings. She knew it as she was teasing me right now. Like an animal scoping out their prey, she was scoping me out and hopefully she was going to go in for the kill later. She next stood up and put on her garter belt. She attached the stockings to the garter making sure I was getting a good show. She next covered up her luscious breasts with that black lacy bra. It seamed a little small for her but it enhanced her bosom, I wasn't going to argue if the popped out.

She walked over to the suitcase and pulled out her black strappy stiletto heals. They were at least 4", maybe 5". It wasn't the tallest heals I ever saw her wear. She bent over in front me placing them on her feet. "How do I look", she said. I told her she looks fine and will look even better with my cock shoved up her cunt. She giggled, looked at me, and told me she was ready. "Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked.

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She giggled again and told me she was going to go like this because she was already more exposed today one. With that I knew she was over our public sex act from earlier today in the hot tub. She walked over to the closet and pulled out a plastic bag.

She giggled as she opened it up. What was inside shocked me and I was totally surprise what she was going to wear. I was a slinky, small black party dress.

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I could tell it was going to be short and tight on her beautiful plump body. She asked me what I thought and I told her that I couldn't wait to see her in it. She pulled it over her head and pulled it down over her body. It was tight. It showed her ample breasts and beautiful curves. It was low cut which exposed the top of her breasts to the air. It was short and rode at least half way up her thigh. I liked it and I told her so. She told me she was a little concerned about wearing it but figured who would see her.

She went into the bathroom, put on a little makeup, and fixed her hair. She was ready. She walked over to me. I couldn't take my eyes of her. My eyes moved from her beautiful glowing face, down over her large breasts, over her silk covered legs, and finally reaching those high healed shoes. My wife was hot and sexy. I got turned on by just looking at her. She never dressed like this. We headed towards the dinner hall hand in hand. We were totally in love.

We got to dinner and the hostess sat us promptly as usual. Walking to the table I noticed all the guys were staring at my wife. They were lustful.


They liked all her curves. It wasn't often a BBW dresses like that. They are thinking that they would trade in their skinny wives for just one evening with my wife. It turned me on thinking about it. I wondered how many of them would be thinking of my wife as they fucked their wives that night. It turned me on for some reason. The woman had a totally different look on their faces. It was a look of disgust.

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They were thinking how can that fat pig dress like that. They were thinking that must be so embarrassing for my wife but it wasn't. She walked confident of her looks and her actions proved that.

Just a lesson for the woman confidence is what attracts us men the most. The proof was in their husbands face but they probably thought it was wrong for them to look.

We were seated at a table with two other couples. We sat with them before so we started a conversation. No one commented about my wife but I saw the same looks. The men were drooling; the women were ready to throw up. The next thing we knew another couple was seated with us. Guess who it was. Yep, it was the couple at the pool. We introduced each other and the man asked us if we liked the pool this afternoon. My wife snapped back and said the hot tub was much better. My wife wasn't ashamed of what we did and she just showed that.

The man commented that he and his wife need to try it out. We all laughed a little because we all knew what he was getting at. They didn't say anything else. They were a cool couple. His name was Joe. He was 43, worked as an environmentalist, and a very handsome man. His wife, Theresa, was 42, worked as a school teacher, and very pretty. She looked good for her age.

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She was about 5'6", a little plump, reddish brown curly hair, and a really cute face. Her body was awesome for her age. She wore a flowered dress, that was just tight enough to show her curves. She had on high white heals.

I started to wonder if she was wearing white stockings or pantyhose. We had a great conversation during dinner. We really hit it off with Joe and Theresa. After dinner we moved into the ballroom for the dance.

The tables were set up for four people and we all sat at one table. I couldn't keep my eyes of Teresa. She was a beautiful woman. At one point during the night, there was a Congo lined formed.

Joe headed out to the dance floor and took the lead. It was followed by Teresa, me, and then my wife. My hands on Teresa's round plump hips turned me on. I started to think what it would be like to bend her over and fuck her doggy style.

I would pull her dress up and reach up pulling her panties down. Her garter belt, stockings, and high heals would make a beautiful picture as I shove my hard cock into her pussy from behind.

She would moan in delight as I slide her ass back and forth on my throbbing cock. I would have a hand on both sides of her.

I would bend over her and reach around to her breasts. I would caress them through her dress and bra. She wouldn't mind. She would moan louder and louder as she came closer to her orgasm.

Just then the music stopped and we headed back to the table. My wife noticed the bulge in my pants and commented that I must think Teresa is hot. I did. My wife didn't care. Our rule is I can look and get turned on by another woman, as long as I don't touch and take out all my sexual energy on my wife.

This was one of those cases that the touching thins was exempt. Later in the night, the DJ called a dance that he called the switcheroo. We were to dance with the partner of the other couple at our table. None of the other couples were eager but Joe got up and asked my wife to dance. I followed asking Teresa. I was a little eager because I wanted to touch her again. We started out dancing far apart but soon moved closer.

As I danced, I kept watching my wife with Joe. Joe was about 6'2", medium build, and gray sophisticated hair. My wife looked good dancing with Joe. I liked watching my wife's long, stocking covered legs move to the music. I started thinking about Joe and my wife together.

I started to fantasize about the two of them getting it on. I fantasized later that night, after we go back to the room, my wife makes an excuse to go and get ice. My wife and Joe meet at the ice shed. They kiss passionately. His hands are all over my wife's body. She fumbles with his pants to expose his cock. He lifts her and pins her up against the wall. She wraps her legs around his body. Her dress slides up and you can she the tops of her stockings.

He reaches down and after first making sure my wife is wet, slides his throbbing cock into my wife. He fucks her as hard as he can. There is my wife, up against the wall with her legs wrapped tightly around him.

She squeezes her legs to get him as deep as possible inside her.

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Just then Teresa asked me what I was thinking. I couldn't tell her. We were making small talk but I kept thinking about the fantasy but this time with me and Teresa.

I would have her pinned against the wall. Her legs would be wrapped around me and I would have my cock buried deep into her pussy. With her pent up against the wall, my hands would be free to caress her body. I would spend most time around her breasts but I would also hold the sides of her neck and face.

I would pull her face towards me a few times and passionately kiss her. This would give my cock the rest it needed so it wouldn't blow its load too quickly. We would continue to fuck. Teresa would start screaming my name as she felt her body hit the point of no return to her orgasm. The waves of pleasure would come over her and she would just scream my name in pleasure.

I would feel her cunt tighten up around my swollen prick. I would slide it in deep at the exact moment of her climax. It sends pulsing waves through her body. At the same exact moment her vagina squeezes my cock and milks the cum out. I feel my cock explode. It shoots my hot load deep inside Teresa. Just then the music stopped.

The DJ announced the last dance and I headed towards my wife. We embraced each other and started the dance with a deep kiss. We started to dance and my wife made a comment about the bulge in my pants. I started to get embarrassed when she commented about how it would slide really easy into her very wet pussy. She then told me how she was so turned on dancing with Joe and watching me dance with Teresa.

We talked about what it would be like to switch partners. She wanted to keep in a fantasy while I wanted to make it a reality.


It would take me a few years to change her mind but that is for another story. We left that night exchanging contact information with Joe and Teresa. We never did contact them again. We left that night with Joe apologizing for watching us in the pool.

My wife spouted back, it is OK. Teresa laughed and said maybe you will catch us some day. We all laughed and said good night.