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Teen Titans  Cyborg Fucks Raven On The Couch
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Whoa! Ginger Visits Dean Malcomb Shortly after Jane left his home, Jason's phone rang. It was Dean Malcomb.

He was so excited he could barely contain himself. He began telling Jason about his evening in a rapid fire manner. "My God, Jason! Ginger came to see me this afternoon. She practically wore my old ass out. She sucked my cock, she fucked me, and then she even let me fuck her in the ass. And Jason, my cock stayed hard the whole time.

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I can't believe I could last that long. I never lasted that long with my wife. Did you have anything to do with that?" Jason tried to slow down the excited Dean Malcomb. "Take a breath, Dean. You don't want to have a heart attack just talking about it do you? I'll be in your office as soon as I can get free in the morning. Then we can talk about our mutual pleasures." "Okay Jason, I'll see you in the morning." Dean Malcomb agreed. He added, "Thanks again." At about ten AM the next morning, Jason walked into the Dean's outer office.

Jane greeted him with a broad smile. Jason noticed immediately that Jane's style of dress had changed. Her blouse seemed a bit too small for her and the top two buttons were not secured. Jane seemed quite comfortable displaying her cleavage for anyone who came to see Dean Malcomb. When he walked in to Dean Malcomb's outer office, Jane seemed to thrust her chest out for Jason's enjoyment.

She could barely contain her new found enthusiasm for her job, it's benefits, or showing off her tempting tits. "Go on in, Jason. Dean Malcomb is expecting you." Jane smiled and licked her lips as Jason walked past her desk.

Dean Malcomb was leaned back in his overstuffed chair. His eyes were closed and he had broad smile and a dreamy look on his face. As Jason approached, Dean Malcomb opened his eyes. "Oh hi, Jason. You won't believe what just happened this morning." "Let me guess, Dean. Did Jane just give you some loving?" "After you left my office yesterday morning, Jane came in and gave me a blowjob. It was one of those sloppy teenager things, but at least she tried. Then this morning, she came in here and sucked my cock again.

Though she didn't deep-throat me like Ginger did, she did give me one of the best blowjobs I've ever gotten. Before leaving, she said there was a lot more where that came from. My God Jason, she sucked my cock like she had become a professional cocksucker over night.

Jason, did you do something to Jane?" "Dean, what I do to get women to do as I wish will have to remain my secret for now. You will soon find that Jane will do anything you ask of her, as will any other woman you ask me to send to you. You remember I told you there was no woman on campus who couldn't be persuaded to come see you and pleasure you as you wish.

Susan, Ginger, and now Jane, or any other woman can be yours. All you have to do is let me know who you'd like to see." "I can never thank you enough. Jason, I remember you had some requests of me, but, with all the exciting things that have happened to me the past couple of days, I have forgotten what they were. Could you please refresh me?" "Sure Dean.

First, you must say nothing to anyone about how you get so many women coming to see you. Secondly, I ask that you keep alert to any girls I can play with. I prefer they be virgin so I can pop their cherries, but that is not required.

Just send them to me even if you have to order them to come. I don't care how you get them to come to me. Finally, to help you out, I'll be happy to assist you with any disciplinary problems you may have with a student, or even a faculty member that you or your staff can't handle. All you have to do is alert me to the situation, give me their name, and what you want of them. I will take care of the rest. Do we have a deal Dean Malcomb?" "We certainly do.

As a matter of fact, I have a young lady in mind already that is being a real pain in the ass in most of her classes. She is very bright, but lacks any discipline. She is about to be expelled if we can't do something about her attitude in class." "What's her name Dean?" "Her name is Sandra Mills. You can find her in her English Comp class with Ms. Ellis for the next twenty minutes. You can save her college career if you can do something about her attitude." Jason looked at his watch and smiled.

"Very well, Dean. I don't have another lab for about an hour. I'll go speak with her right away." "Thank you, Jason. Before I forget, did you have anything to do with my increased stamina with Ginger?

"Dean, I thought you might like a little help, that's all." Jason replied. With a broad smile spreading across his face, Dean Malcomb rose and shook Jason's hand vigorously. "Thank you for everything, Jason." As he stood outside the English Comp. classroom, Jason looked through the small window in the door.

He had no problem identifying Sandra Mills. She had bright red hair and was constantly interrupting class with her mouth. He was waiting for her as she left the class. "Ms. Mills, I am Jason. Dean Malcomb sent me to speak with you. I would." "Fuck you and fuck that old bastard, Malcomb! I don't need to talk to either of you!

Leave me the fuck alone!" She was even more rude than Dean Malcomb had said she was. Jason mentally gave the rebellious girl an order. 'Sandra, you will be at my home immediately after your last class today. If I am not there, you will quietly sit on my porch and wait for me. Do you understand?" "Yeah, I understand. What the fuck for?" "That's not important now.

Just be there." Jason snapped at her. He then wrote his address on a piece of note pad paper and handed it to Sandra. He then turned and walked away. Jason arrived home at about five-thirty that afternoon. There, on his porch, sat a disgusted looking Sandra Mills.

His powers of command were apparently as strong as ever. When she spotted Jason she stood and began to yell. "Well it's about fucking time. I've been waiting here for over an hour. Now, what the fuck do you want with me?" Jason smiled at her as he stepped onto his porch and sent her a thought. "Shut up! You will speak only when it is required. Get inside and strip. You will always be nude when in my home.

Now move!' Sandra looked shocked but obeyed. As Jason unlocked and opened his door, he stepped aside to allow Sandra to enter. She stepped in and immediately began removing her blouse. As she stripped, Jason looked Sandra over. She stood a little over five feet, six inches tall. She had just enough body fat to give her some very nice curves. Her red hair seemed to be flying around her head. Her green eyes glared at him with anger. Her blouse sailed through the air as she tossed it aside.

She was a slender girl but but had a big set of tits for her build. Her tits were in the larger C-cup range and stood out proudly on her chest as her bra joined her blouse on the floor. Her nipples were erect. She had a flat belly and lower abdomen. Her hips were widening as is normal for a young woman whose body had recently reached maturity. She kicked her shoes off as she released the snap at the waste-band of her pants.

With one smooth motion, she pushed her jeans and panties over her hips and down her legs until she could kick them onto her growing pile of discarded clothes. Sandra then stood naked before Jason's appraising eyes. She had shaved her pussy, but she had not touched it up in a while. 'Sandra, you will remain quiet and stand in the corner of the living room until I tell you otherwise." Jason pointed his finger indicating the corner of his living room where he wanted Sandra to stand.

She immediately moved to that corner and stood silently. Sandra had stood nude in the corner of Jason's living room for nearly an hour before he approached her again. He silently communicated with her.

'Sandra, you are a nice looking girl and I intend to make full use of your body. However, after your having been in class all day, you need to clean up. My shower is down the hall. Use it, and while you're in there, shave that pussy!

That stubble is enough to be irritating. You will keep that pussy smoothly shaved from now on. Do all that without running your mouth. Go!' Sandra quickly walked down the hall toward Jason's bathroom.

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Jason enjoyed watching her ass sway as she walked away from him. She returned a short time later after showering and reshaving her pussy. Jason had her return to the corner of his living room where she had been standing. She remained nude. 'Sandra, you are here because you have been too disruptive in many of your classes. You will tell me all that I want to know.

You may now speak if you do so in a quiet and respectful manner. Now, what do you have to say for yourself?' With a soft voice, Sandra responded. "Sir, I don't know why I act the way I do. At times, I just can't seem to control myself. I know I am a pain in the ass. Are you going to help me find out why I act the way I do?" "No!

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My job is to stop your obnoxious behavior, not analyze you. If you want to be analyzed, go to the university's Medical Center. I recommend you do so soon. In order to stop your poor behavior, I am going to use different forms of punishment to make you understand how painful your behavior is to everyone around you. Tell me, are you a virgin? Do you suck cock and deep-throat? Do you give titty-fucks? Have you ever taken a cock up your ass?

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Are you on the pill? Answer me now, please." "No Sir! I am not a virgin. I haven't been a virgin since I was a teenager in high school, and yes I'm on the pill. I have sucked a few cocks, but not many. I swallow, but I don't do deep-throat. I've never been titty-fucked nor have I allowed anyone to even touch my ass. Sir, why am I telling you this. It's really none of your business." "Sandra, you may call me Jason instead of Sir.

You are right about one thing though. Your sex life is none of my business, but it soon will be. Before this evening is over, we will do all those things I mentioned. Some of them may cause you pain. Others you may enjoy. I don't care either way. The end result will be that your classroom behavior will improve. Now, follow me." Sandra obediently, if reluctantly, followed Jason to his bedroom.

As he instructed her, she laid across his bed and let her head hang off one side. Sandra glared at him as Jason removed his clothes. She gasped when she saw the nine inches of fat cock he was about to use on her. "Jason please, it won't fit. I can't take that much cock in my mouth." Sandra pled with Jason. "It will fit.


You can take it all. Others have happily taken my cock in all three of their holes as you are about to do, whether you like it or not.

All you have to remember is how much trouble you have been in your classes. Here it comes. Now open wide and don't spill a drop." Jason then offered his cock to Sandra. She refused to open her mouth. 'Sandra, you will open your mouth and suck my cock. You will take my cock in any hole I wish to put it.' He silently suggested to the resistant girl. Sandra then opened her mouth wide. "Come on you bitch. Open wider. You can open your mouth wide enough when your bitching in class.

Now, open your fucking mouth." Sandra stretched her mouth open as wide as she could. She offered Jason the access he needed to push his cock deep into her mouth. He stopped pushing when he felt he had filled her mouth to its capacity. His cock's head rested near the entrance to her throat. "Now Sandra, let me show you what your mouth is for. It is not for bitching in class, but it is well suited for sucking cock." Jason then began sliding his cock in and out of Sandra's reluctant mouth. After a short time, he warned her of his impending eruption.

"Sandra, here it cums. Don't you loose a single drop. As a matter of fact, here's how you take a real cock." Jason then shoved his cock fully into Sandra's mouth and down her throat. She gag and tried to push his legs away from her head. Unfortunately for her, Jason had her head trapped between his cock and the side of the bed. He held his cock deep in her throat until he had fed a substantial load of cum down her gullet.

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She had no choice but to to swallow all he gave her. She thought he would never stop cumming, but she succeeded in swallowing it all. As Jason withdrew his cock from Sandra's throat and mouth, he said to her, "I hope you now understand what your mouth is for.

The next time you feel you're are about to raise hell in class, remember the load of cum you just swallowed." "Now, I think it's time to fuck you. Get to the middle of the bed and open yourself to accept my cock in your pussy." Sandra did as she had been told. Once in the middle of the bed, she raised her knees and spread them. Her pussy was thus offered to Jason for him to do as he wished.

"Sandra, I intend to give you a fuck deeper than you're used to." He then quickly shoved his cock fully into Sandra's cunt. She grunted when his cock rammed into her cervix. She was still defiant. "Is that all?

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I've had cocks that deep before." Was she trying to piss Jason off? Jason pulled his cock out of Sandra's pussy. He then pushed forward until only his cock's head entered her pussy. With no warning, he mentally added three inches to his cock. "Let's see how you like it now." He then slammed his cock back into Sandra's cunt. When he rammed her cervix, his cock pushed through it and embedded itself in her womb.

Sandra screamed in pain as Jason's cock penetrated her womb and remained buried there. Without further delay, he pumped a massive load of cum into the bitch's pill protected baby chamber. When he finished cuming, he pulled out of her cunt. "There cunt, you should now see how that mouth of yours can get you in trouble? Now, I'm going to show you what a pain in the ass you've been.

Roll over and get on your knees." Sandra complained as she got into the position Jason had requested. She begged Jason not to fuck her ass. "Please Jason, don't put it in my butt.


I've never let anyone put anything in my ass." "Well, you're about to." Jason warned her as he placed the head of his cock to the crinkled brown ring of her asshole. His cock was still somewhat lubricated with her pussy's juices. "Please don't fuck me there." "Remember how much of a pain in the ass you have been in class?

You even admitted to being a pain in the ass. Here's a pain in the ass to remind you to be sweet from now on." With a quick push, he shoved the head and several inches of cock past her sphincter. "Oh shit! Take it out! That hurts!" She begged Jason to pull his cock out of her ass.

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Jason hesitated. "Sure Baby, I'll take it out. I'll take it out as soon as you realize how much of a pain in the ass you've been." He then gripped her hips and shoved his entire cock deep into Sandra's ass. She cried out as Jason's long cock burrowed deep into her bowels. "Iiieeeeeee! It hurts! Take it out." After giving Sandra little time for her ass to adjust to the cock buried in its midst, Jason began sawing in and out of her tender backside. As his orgasm neared, he firmly grabbed her hips and again buried his cock deep in Sandra's ass.

He soon filled her bowels with cum. Sandra groaned and slumped down to the bed. Jason pulled his shit and cum covered cock out of her ass and had Sandra roll over. He dribbled a small amount of baby oil on her chest and laid his cock between her tits.

"Wrap your tits around my cock, bitch." Sandra did as she had been told. She used her hands to press her tits tightly around Jason's cock. He quickly began sliding his cock between her ample tits and gave her another order.

"Suck it, bitch!" Sandra sucked Jason's cock into her mouth each time he pushed forward and it popped out from between her tits. As his balls prepared to send another load of cum up and out of his cock, Jason pushed forward, grabbed Sandra's head, and fed her a mouth full of cock.

His cum quickly followed his cock into her mouth, and she swallowed it all. When he was finished cumming, he gave Sandra another order. "Now Sandra, lick my cock clean, go clean yourself up, and return to your spot in the living room." "Yes Jason." A much meeker Sandra replied as she did as she had been ordered. When she came from the shower, Sandra returned to the corner she had been standing in earlier in the evening. Jason silently gave Sandra her final instructions.


'Sandra, from now on you will be respectful in all your classes. You will not disrupt your classes or instructors. If you do, your next punishment may be worse.' Do you understand, Sandra? "Yes Jason, I understand. I am sorry for my bad behavior in the past. It won't happen again." "Good! You may get dressed and leave." About a week later, Dean Malcomb called Jason to his office.

When Jason arrived he was again greeted by Jane. She smiled broadly and thrust her tits out when she saw him. She licked her lips and told Jason, "Go on in. Dean Malcomb is waiting for you." "Good morning, Jason. I have just received her professors' reports on Ms. Sandra Mills behavior this past week. They were all pleasantly surprised by the marked improvement in her classroom attitude.

I want to thank you for your efforts with Ms. Mills." "I am glad I could help Dean." Jason replied. Dean Malcomb continued. "Also, I can't believe how much Jane has changed. My God, she has become one hell of a horny little bitch. She is even more of an asset to me now than she was just a few days ago." "Anyway, I wanted to asked if you could look into helping with another problem I'm having.

You see, there's a tenured professor in the Business Technology Department that seems to think this entire university is her private fiefdom. She treats her fellow professors like they are of no consequence. She acts like the students are her personal servants. Do you think you can do something with Professor Wayne?" "By the way, I have instructed a new student, a Kelly Ann Black, to see you for orientation.

I know you can have her properly oriented in no time." The Dean then gave a knowing laugh. "Dean, I'll see what I can do with Professor Wayne's attitude and thank you for Ms. Black's orientation assignment. I'm sure I can get her properly oriented." Jason then left Dean Malcomb's office and headed to the School of Business Technology.