Amiga perra me lo envia por WhatsApp

Amiga perra me lo envia por WhatsApp
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After starting a new job in Chicago, I immediately became aware of one of my new team members. She was a beautiful young lady in her mid-20's with wonderful flowing brown hair with incredibly sexy brown eyes. Leah was her name. I've always been attracted to a particular look in women, and she definitely had the look. Tan complexion, beautiful smile, sexy face and eyes, gorgeous legs and a wonderfully funny personality.

Leah seemed to prefer to wear dresses and dress suit outfits. These outfits really brought out her features and frankly, made me steal a quick glace whenever I could. Over the next year I came to know Leah pretty well. Single, she had moved away from home in hopes of starting a new life in Chicago. I was incredibly attracted to her, but alas I couldn't act on this lust as I was a happily married man. And despite this fact, Leah seemed to make it a point to flirt with me.

She was always willing to share a story and a laugh or two with me. She was truly a delightfully sexy young woman. Then one afternoon she said something to me that caused me to really wonder whether all that I had been thinking, or secretly wishing, was indeed actually true. Could it be that she too was attracted to me? Now, I've never really considered myself as very attractive, but I guess I do clean up pretty well.

While by no means a stud, I think that I'm decent looking. But, did I consider myself attractive enough to get noticed by someone as sexy and beautiful as Leah? Not on your life. Still, that one day, while talking to me and another member of my staff, she mentioned that she thought men with thinning hair were very attractive.

Yep, I was beginning to thin on top, and while it never really bothered me much, this statement seemed out of character for her, and unless I was mistaken, seemed directed at me. As time went on she turned to me as a mentor. I always maintained complete professionalism and was pleased that she was trying to learn so much. We would sometimes spend one or two hours in my office talking about cases, and when finished we always chatted about non-business stuff.

It was common practice for managers to shut their office doors when meeting with people, so it was never considered odd that whenever Leah came in to see me that she closed the office door.

The office that I had been given was a converted file room. The door automatically locked when closed, and could only be opened from the inside, or by a key from the outside. So basically we had complete privacy. Some of our meetings and discussions would run well into the afternoon.

A couple of times we'd look over at the clock on my desk and it would have been after 6:00 in the evening. One time we actually found ourselves being interrupted by the cleaning crew because it had gotten so late. And throughout all of this, I had been maintaining complete professionalism with her only mentoring her on her work.

However, I would always steal a glace down her blouse, or up her dress when she wasn't looking. I couldn't help myself. Then one day it happened. I was holding a staff meeting. Leah was dressed in a very snug fitting dress suit, and the buttons on her blouse strained to contain her ample breasts. The conversation was at the opposite end of the table of where Leah and I were sitting, so when I thought no one was looking, I stared directly into the opening of her blouse.

I could clearly see the lace of her bra and fabric around the cup. Her breasts looked spectacular and I couldn't help myself. Well, Leah turned and saw me looking into blouse. I was busted. I looked away and pretended that nothing happened, but it was too late. Leah was looking down at her blouse and adjusted her blouse to try and close the gap between her buttons.

I was shitting bricks. The meeting ended and I tried to leave the conference room quickly to avoid further contact with Leah. As luck would have it, throughout the day it seemed that we would run into each other at every turn of the office, or at the copier, or whatever.

As time went by our afternoon meetings became more frequent. Leah seemed to want to go over more and more files with me, and as the good manager that I was, I made as much time as she needed to answer her questions and to mentor her. Then one night a couple of weeks later, we were meeting in my office, and the office was closed as usual. Leah was wearing another dress suit outfit with a white blouse. She wore black hose and black pumps with a skirt that was slit up the side up to about mid-thigh.

Very sexy. We were seated next to each other at my table. I was having trouble focusing on what she was saying because of the unbelievable leg shot I was getting. Her legs were crossed and I could see well up her thigh, and I could swear that I would make out the top of a stocking right at where the slit of the skirt ended. She seemed to sense that I was steeling more glances, and shifted her position to uncross and cross her legs in the other direction.

She was leaning forward a little more and I could see down her blouse to see her voluptuous breasts and ample cleavage. The position of her legs gave me an opportunity to look down her legs into her crotch. I couldn't really see anything, but it was incredibly sexy to know that right down her skirt was something beautiful. When we finished her case our conversation became personal. We talked about this and that how she's doing, was she enjoying Chicago, etc… I said that I enjoyed working with her and that wasn't it weird that we always seemed to be there late.

I was shocked at her response. Looking down at the table, she asked me if I found her attractive. Swallowing hard, I asked why she had asked me that question. Leah then said, "Well, because you seem to stare at me a lot." She continued… "You were looking at my boobs in staff, and I've seen you checking out my legs." "And ever since I came into your office this afternoon you've been checking me out." I could feel my heart racing.

Trying to think fast I said "Well, honestly Leah, yes I think you are very attractive." "I am very sorry if I've made you upset or made you uncomfortable." Leah uncrossed her legs and leaned towards me and said "To be honest with you, I've been attracted to you too." Her smile and sexy eyes just about sent me over the edge.

Then I noticed that her nipples had become hard under her bra and blouse. Noticing my stare again, Leah said, "See, there you go again".

Looking away I said I was very sorry, but said "Well Leah, I couldn't help myself. You nipples are hard and they are asking to be stared at!" Laughing nervously, she rubbed her arms on her chest to try and cover her rock-hard nipples. Leah looked over at me and told me that she didn't think her breasts were very pretty.

She said that she lost some weight recently and it seemed all the weight loss came from her breasts. She held them in her hands and said "I bet they are only a "B" cup now". The conversation had gotten really weird. I didn't know what to think. I had fantasized about this sort of encounter many times often with Leah, but now it was happening for real! So I said the only thing I could think of.

"I think they are perfect." Still holding her breasts in her hands, she asked "Do you really think so?" "Absolutely!" I replied. Then there was silence. We just looked at each other. It was very weird and awkward to say the least. I got up from the table and said something like "Well, its getting late". Leah stood up to, and dropping her hands to her sides and asked "Would you like to see them?" My penis twitched.


Clearing my throat I said "Pardon me?" "Would you like to see my boobs?" she said more loudly. "I'd love to" is all I could say. Leah then told me to sit back down in the chair. She then walked around the table and stood directly in front of me. She then reached up and started to slowly unbutton her white blouse. As she slowly unbuttoned each button I could clearly see her nipples getting rock-hard under her outfit. She untucked her blouse and finished unbuttoning the blouse.


She let it hang open for a moment. My penis had become rock hard and was clearly straining against my dress pants.

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From this view I could see her wonderful cleavage, sexy little underwire white bra and her flat stomach.

I looked up at her face and Leah asked "Should I continue?" "Yes, yes, please continue!" I said. Leah slid the blouse off each shoulder and let it fall to the floor behind her. A moan escaped my mouth. Smiling she unfastened her bra and held the front in place while she slipped off each shoulder strap.

"Ready?" she asked. "Yes, please let's see them" was my response. She dropped her hands and the bra fell to the floor. I was speechless. They were beautiful. Her nipples were rock hard and sexy as hell!

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Her breasts were definitely "C" cups for sure, and simply incredible. I shook my head hard because I thought I had to be dreaming. This made her laugh. "Would you like to touch them?" she asked. This time I didn't speak. I simply placed my hands on her hips and pulled her toward me. I placed her left breast into my mouth and sucked her nipple gently. She shook and shivered and tilted her head back with a sigh. I did the same with her right breast.

Her nipples seemed to get even harder and were shaking from her nervous shivering. I then cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. As I did this I kissed the area in the center of her breasts. Following her cleavage I gently kissed her chest while rolling her nipples in my fingers. I reached the top of her chest and Leah, still holding her head back, said breathlessly "I've gotta sit down". I held her hips again and moved her back onto the table and sat her on the edge.

Standing up in front of her, I continued to work her breasts with my hands and mouth. Her breathing became heavier and shorter. Feeling bold, I stopped and said "As much as I love your breasts, I think your legs and ass are incredible too." "May I touch them too?" "Oh God yes" was her response. I pulled her from the table and sat her down in her chair. I then got down onto my knees and lifted her right leg up by her foot.

I held her foot with my right hand and began stroking her calf with my left. Her stocking made her leg feel incredibly smooth and sexy.

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I'm definitely a "leg man" and I was beginning to think I had died and gone to heaven. Leah had some of the best looking (and feeling) legs I had ever seen. My penis was so hard that it was very noticeable in my pants.

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Even though I wore pleated slacks, my penis was making my pants stick way out. So there she was, leaning back into a chair, without any clothing on her upper body, and me holding her right leg up even with my waist. Leah looked absolutely incredible. She looked down at my pants and smiled coyly.

When I saw her staring at my crotch, I slid my hand further up her leg under her skirt. My hand disappeared under the hem of the skirt and just as I had suspected, it reached the top of her stocking.

Yep! This hot little minx wore a garter belt and stockings! Yeah baby, yeah!!! I almost came in my pants right then. I set her right leg down and did the same thing with her left. This time when I reached up under her skirt I pushed the hem of her skirt up to reveal her thigh and the garter strap. I had to stop for a moment because I was feeling light headed and thought if I didn't slow down I would probably cum. Leah's eyes were now closed and she was simply enjoying the attention I was giving her.

Regaining my composure, I knelt down to her thighs and started to give her soft sensuous kisses across her thighs.

As I did this I was pushing her skirt up her thighs to reveal more and more of her sexy body. When I reached her waist I slid the palms of my hands down the sides of her hips and thighs, and on down to her stocking covered legs. Still giving her little pecks and kisses on her thighs, I reached back up and found the elastic band of her panties and pulled them down.

As I did this Leah lifted her ass off the chair to make it easier for me to tug down her panties. When she sat back down she held her legs together while I slid the panties down and off her legs. My mind was racing even more. Leah, the young lady whom I had fantasized about for months was now sitting before me, naked on top, and pantyless on the bottom, and I was touching her.

I knew what I had to do next. I lifted her right leg up and onto the table and I moved her left leg out towards my desk. From there I saw the most beautifully trimmed pussy I had ever seen. Her lips were full and glistening with moisture. In fact, I could see a small wet spot form on the chair's fabric from Leah's love juice. So I again kissed her thighs and moved ever closer to her honey pot. Leah's breathing was becoming more labored and she was straining in the chair, gyrating her hips.

When I got to her pussy I savored her musky sex. Fabulous! I blew very softly onto her clit and Leah slid down the chair and raised both legs in the air. Holding her legs up with her arms under her knees, I had the sexiest view of Leah's beautiful pussy and rose bud asshole. I was in absolute heaven! I dove in and began to lick her pussy. I stretched my tongue and ran it from inside her pussy up and over her clit.

After only three licks from top to bottom she let out a breath of air, inhaled deeply and held her breath. I kept licking and was rewarded with a gush of pussy juice into my waiting mouth. Leah grabbed the back of my head with her right hand and came hard. I continued to gently lick her sex while she convulsed in post-orgasmic pleasure. I couldn't get enough of her pussy and while her orgasm subsided I resumed my kissing.

In her position I was able to kiss the backs of her thighs and her beautiful ass. I found myself wanting to lick her asshole, but wondered whether she'd be repulsed by this. I kept kissing her thighs, ass and pussy area, while gently working her overflowing pussy juice all around her pussy and ass. Feeling brave, I rubbed her asshole with her juice and waited for a response.

I got one alright! Her hips began to move again and she sighed. So I kept kissing her in smaller and smaller circles around her pussy and ass until I was right on top of her ass hole. So I went for it. Leah inhaled deeply when I touched her asshole with my lips.

Her pussy was simply overflowing with juice and was running down the crack of her ass and onto and around her asshole. I decided to insert my tongue into ass and when I did she let out a small scream and said "God, that feels incredible!" "Please stick your tongue deep into my ass!" I was able to maneuver my right hand to get my middle finger into her pussy and I began to work on her g-spot.

Leah's breathing had again become very labored and her hips were thrusting into my face and hand. With my tongue in her ass, my right hand in her pussy applying pressure to her g-spot, I took my left hand up around her thigh and over her pelvic area and began to work her clit.

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In a matter of seconds I had Leah coming again. She came hard and furious. I was amazed at how hard she came. It was such a turn on.

Her pussy juice was all over the place including the chair. Her sweet juices had soaked my goatee and were running down my neck. I let her wind down and catch her breath. Her spasms and twitches lasted for several minutes.

I was simply in another world as I looked at this beautiful woman, practically naked in my office, in my fantasy attire stockings, garter belt and black pumps. A skirt wadded up around her waste was a nice touch as well.

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Once somewhat rested Leah pulled me up and as I slid up her body to see what she wanted, she met me half way with a sweet French kiss. She had the softest, sweetest kiss that I've ever experienced. She sensuously kissed me and sucked her own cum off my lips and chin. She then wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. Licking my neck clean, she reached between us and began to tug at my belt and trousers. Once she had freed my penis she stroked it softly feeling its hardness. I leaned back straight as she guided my hard penis into her sopping wet pussy.

Now I'm not hung like a horse or anything, but she seemed to like what she saw and felt. She began to grind her pussy against my pelvis driving my penis further into her sopping wet pussy. The feeling was incredible.

I had to concentrate hard to keep from cumming, as I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. However, Leah had other plans as she began to pick up the pace.

Suddenly she told me that she didn't have any birth control. I eased my thrusting and told her that I'd pull out. But she had a better idea. My little Leah was a real vixen all right. She said "I need to feel you in my ass." "Besides, you can cum in my ass without worry." I loved her way of thinking! I pulled my wet penis from her pussy and she pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around her the backs of her knees to totally expose her ass to me.

Her ample supply of pussy juice provided the necessary lubrication. I knelt down and placed the tip of my penis against her asshole and gently pushed into her ass.

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Taking my time, and giving her a chance to relax and get used to my penis, I slowly worked my penis in and out in short thrusts. She began to push back as I carefully thrust forward. A few more movements, and I was all the way in. I had never been able to convince my wife to give me her backdoor, and here was this beautiful sex kitten meeting me thrust for thrust. The feeling was incredible. I cannot begin to put into words how it felt. It was so sexy, so dirty, so beautiful, and damn it felt great!

After a couple of minutes I was beginning to feel that familiar feeling of my impending orgasm. Leah sensed it, and began to increase her thrusting. Then I felt her move her hand between us and she began fingering her clit. I was getting closer, but I wanted her to cum again, this time with me in her ass. I didn't have to wait very long.

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Leah all of a sudden stiffened slightly and her hand became a blur on her clit, and all at once she yelled "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" "Cum with me now! Cum on my face!" This sent me over the edge and I began my own orgasm.

I quickly pulled out and stood up next to her face. Leah turned her head and opened her mouth for me. She was still moaning from her own orgasm when the first stream of my cum hit her tongue and upper lip. I kept jacking off towards her face as the second and third jets of cum hit her nose and forehead. She then grabbed my penis and kept jacking me off on her face.

After I had deposited my sperm on her face she began to lick me clean. I was in heaven, for sure! She continued to make love to my penis getting every once of sperm out of it. What was deposited I her mouth she swallowed, and the rest she played with using my still-hard penis.

It was awesome! After I had come down from my unbelieveably strong orgasm, Leah gave my penis one final kiss and sat up. I gave her my box of tissues from my desk and we cleaned ourselves up. Totally spent we agreed to call it a night. After a soft kiss goodnight, Leah left my office. Soon after I packed up for the evening and headed home. My mind was filled with thoughts of what had occurred. It made for a long train ride home.