Amazing twinks Hot new emo Lewis Romeo debuts in his first ever

Amazing twinks Hot new emo Lewis Romeo debuts in his first ever
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I really didn't understand why my girlfriend Ashleigh couldn't stop yapping about how excited she was that I would finally meet her mother Rachel who would be visiting us for a few days on campus.

I'd never seen Rachel, but from my girlfriend's words, she wasn't much fond of her mother, and spoke more bad than good things about her. Ashleigh's father ditched them when Ashleigh was three and her sister Rona was one. Rachel never re-married but went through an unhealthy number of boyfriends (and abortions) who she used to support her children, although the main object of her concern had always been herself.

At the time when we met, which is a year ago, Ashleigh was eighteen and was majoring in anthropology in Dartmouth College, where I was doing my Master's in the Global Studies, both of us half a continent away from home. It was a sultry May afternoon when Rachel arrived on a coach shuttle from Logan Airport. I saw her pictures, yet I was baffled to find how closely Ashleigh resembled her mother. Same rotund, yet shapely body, same piercing dark eyes and same long tar-black straight hair, enormous mane covering this little round intense face that inspected me with much curiosity.

Rachel was forty-one, but she looked a decade younger.


She was dressed in baggy shorts and blouse of matching canary-yellow hue. "Oh, so this is your new boyfriend!" Rachel exclaimed, and without waiting for a response hugged me pressing me close, perhaps too close to her bouncy body. Her body was soft and vaguely smelled of sweat through the perfume.

Her body also FELT like it was a decade younger. I was stirred in my crotch.

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Rachel let me go and hugged her daughter next and said, "Surprise, surprise, look who I brought with me!" And she pointed at a sixteen-year-old girl who was pulling out two major duffel bags from the underbelly of the bus. The girl was all fleshy curves and lithe, jerky movements, and her black hair was pulled into two braids. The look in her eyes, when she turned around, gripping the duffel bags by the handles, was, to find no better word, wild.

She was dressed in the nylon athletic shorts and a tee that stopped just under her breasts the size of a grapefruit, about one size smaller than Ashleigh's.

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She flip-flopped towards her sister and encased her in a sloppy hug. My hard-on grew as I imagine the two of them in a lesbian duo. I just hoped that neither my hard-on nor my blush would be noticed.

We had a dinner in the Hanover Inn, the four-star hotel owned by the college. Rachel and Rona would be staying in the Inn for the duration of their visit. Rachel asked me a few generic questions, while studying me closely and intently, not paying any attention to my responses. There was something ravenous in her look, like she wanted to devour me, or something.

After we drank a few glasses of wine, Rachel began to flirt with me. I felt awkward and cast uneasy glances at Ashleigh, but Ashleigh either didn't notice it or didn't care. Her sister had been sulking throughout the dinner, her lower lip curled, twirling her fork dully and sticking it into her three-quarter-unfinished pasta dish.

I felt awkward, while the ladies were taking it easy, each one in her own way. Rachel allowed her daughters to drink wine; the waitress was looking the other way, being promised a generous tip.

Ashleigh and Rona were both lightweight, had gotten drunk after maybe four cups. I was a little tipsy, and could appraise the situation calmly, or sort of calmly, given the circumstances. "Guys, let's go check out our room. Wanna see what I'd paid two hundred dollars a night for," Rachel said. She laid her hand on mine, squeezed it lightly and gave me a lusty wink. She leaned over the table enough for me to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse. Rona noticed it and sniffed, like she'd seen it all before, her mother flirting with a boyfriend of her sis.

I looked at Ashleigh and this time she did notice it, she couldn't not to, and what she did, crept me out: she SMILED. What the hell is going on here, I thought, but didn't say it.

We left the table. Rachel left a wad of cash behind, with a generous tip to the permissive waitress, and we took an elevator to the seventh floor. When we stood huddled up in the tiny elevator, Rachel, who was behind me, grabbed my ass.

Just like that I felt her hand sliding down my butt and her fingers scooping up the flesh around my rectum, very tightly. Inadvertently I uttered a groan. Rachel said, "I heard that you like to be poked up there." I was dumbfounded. I looked at Ashleigh and this time, no doubt about it, she was grinning. Her sister, who stood to the left from me, half-turned and asked, addressing Ashleigh, "So you told me in your e-mails that your boyfriend's got quiet a cock." Ashleigh answered, a grin still on her face, "Wanna check it out?" "OF COURSE I wanna check it out, you stupid," Rona snapped back.

The door opened and we stepped out, a happy family of four. The room was spacious and sunlight was streaming through the window. Rachel went towards the window and drew the curtains together.

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The room got semi-darkened. She flipped the bedcovers and bounced on the mattress.

Suddenly it occurred to me that there was only one bed in the room, and there were two of them to stay here. "Nice soft bed," Rachel said and began to undress. She took her blouse off and tossed it on the floor. I could see from that far that her tits were firm despite her age. She lay on her back, raised her legs and with one deft move removed her shorts and underwear. She stood stark naked in the middle of the room. I stared at her pussy, which was surrounded by an unkempt forest of pubic hair.

The strip of hair continued up her belly to the navel. It was big explosion of kinky hair. Her stomach was tucked. And her compact body was all oiled up and ready for some action.

I remembered hearing that older women were more sexually charged than their younger counterparts. "Are you going to show your cock today or not?" She asked, no, demanded. I swallowed, and looked at my girlfriend for guidance. She gave me the same dumb grin as before.

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She poked me in the rib and said, "Yeah, why don't you show my mom what you got there. I want her to be proud of me you know." I looked at her sister. Rona was sitting in the armchair, pouting. She didn't look surprised in the least, she was more kind of tired and jaded, like she wanted us to go through this charade already so that she can start unpacking her stuff or something.

I pointed at Rona and said, "Ah, Rona probably wants some privacy." "The hell she does," Rachel said tersely. She stood straight with her hands on her hips. "She thinks you're a nice guy and she hates nice guys. She thinks that all nice guys are gay and don't know how to treat a real woman.

Am I correct?" Rona gave her mother a superfluous nod.

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"My Rona likes to be humiliated. Right, Rona?" Again, Rona gave a barely perceptible nod and concentrated on staring down at her nails with flaked polish. "Get undressed already," Ashleigh prodded me, "my family's seen lots of cocks before, so don't be shy." Then seeing my irresolution, she came to my help. "Here, do you want me to get undressed first?" And she began to take her clothes off.


I wanted to stop her. I wanted to scream "what are you doing" but I didn't: the devil in me wanted this show to go on and on. In a few seconds Ashleigh stood next to me naked. I looked at the familiar contours and protrusions of my girlfriend's compact body with its trimmed cunt I'd given a lot of action throughout the year, bubbly ass and eager tits that loved to be licked and tickled.

"All right, young man," Rachel said. "If you gonna deliberate five seconds more, we're gonna go down on you and rape you, and the police will be on your side. So, hurry, young man if you wanna keep the face." What the hell, I thought, and unzipped my jeans, wiggled out of them, pulled the tee-shirt over my head, and then, before the sanity returned to me, removed my boxers.

From the corner of my eye I saw Rona peeling her eyes off her nails and for the first time focusing her undivided attention on me. I felt odd and awkward my nakedness being inspected by three women, all from the same family. "It is quite big," Rona concluded. "You got me interested. But if you will be NICE to me and shit, I will kick you there with my knee." She beckoned me with her bent little finger.

I flinched. "Go," my girlfriend whispered in my ear, "my sister seems to like you." I gave my girlfriend a look that had more anxiety in it than a class-ful of students before the finals. Like a sheep prodded towards the slaughterhouse I neared Rona. Rona took my cock and examined it. She bent and casually stashed it into her mouth like it a spoonful of mash potatoes.

She slobbered it and massaged at the base. She played with my balls. My cock was growing in her mouth. She released it. "It'll do," she said. "Now take my clothes off." Playing along, remembering what her mother had told me about her, I said, "No, you take your clothes off, bitch." "Did you call me a bitch?" She growled at me. "Yes, you little piece of stinky cunt. I called you bitch." I liked it. I liked not being nice for a change, not having to go around and treat a chick like she's a queen.

I always hated that shit and yet had to do it, be hypocritical if I wanted to get laid. And yes, I did want to get laid. All the pent-up anger boiled in me now. I slapped her on her soft baby cheek, not altogether lightly. Her head swayed back and her cheek turned scarlet.

She clenched her fists and went towards me, a berserk sixteen year old. I slapped her across the other cheek, even harder, then grabbed by the shoulder and began to strip her. She resisted, but kind of half-heartedly. I tore her tee-shirt at the elbow, I unclasped her bra, I ripped her cheap shorts at the seam too, I pulled out her thong like it was a rotten tooth. I shoved her into the armchair, jerked her legs under her, wrestled her down on the floor she put up a put up fight, striking me painlessly with her little fists, quietly, without screaming for help or anything.

I pinned her hands down, then slapped her on her left cheek, and, on a spur of a moment spat on her face. Staring down at the gob of my spit resting in the hollow of her eye and the side of her nose, I felt incredibly aroused. I pushed her legs apart and entered her.

She was wet, she was wet around her cunt and she was drenching inside. The bitch loved being roughed up. Her pussy was tight and slippery and it engulfed my cock protectively. My girlfriend's sister was a good piece of underage meat if there was ever one! "Bravo, bravo!" It was Rachel.

She was clapping her hands. "Now, soldier, come here and show your tough love to the other ladies." I froze in midair for a second, and Rona used the opportunity to push me off of her and released herself. She distanced herself, panting hard, a wild, unfocused look in her acute eyes. I covered the distance and slapped her on her cheek again, and she took it quietly.

She wiped my spit from her face. Her eyes were glistening both with pleasure and rage. A little wild animal. "Enough. Come here now," Rachel said. Rachel climbed on the bed and raised her ass up, offering it to me like a sacrifice.

I strode towards her, my dick stiff and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and lapped my tongue at the offering: dense pubic pussy with vagina lips curled to the sides, its pink glistening with pussy juice and the wide crater of her asshole: both orifices looked like they'd been fucked thousands and thousands of times and each time the proprietor of this rich genital equipment must have felt like she was in heaven.

I stuck my tongue into her pussy and chased around her clit, then I stuck my tongue into her asshole. I was surprised how deep I could get it in: almost half of my tongue got entrenched in it. When I took my tongue out it had a vague taste of shit, which I didn't entirely dislike.

Ashleigh's ass was right next to her mother's, obediently raised up for my tasting. I probed my girlfriend's familiar pussy, much tighter than her mother's.

I fucked her in the ass about two dozen times and it didn't get stretched, not nearly as her mother's had. I used both of my index fingers to compare the pussy juice, of the mother and the daughter, and the smell of their asses. I put both fingers in my mouth and tasted them. They were delicious. Rachel mewed and slid down the bed and unzipped the duffel bag. She rummaged inside and produced a strap-on.

She put it on and buckled it from behind. The eight-inch glass dildo locked in a leather triangle covered her forest-grown pussy.

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She leaned towards me and we merged in a kiss. Playfully I massaged her dildo-dick. Her breath and lips tasted of wine.

Our tongues explored the insides of our mouths. Meanwhile the two sisters were re-united on the bed. Rona was lying on her back, her breasts had the most perfect, symmetrical nipples I'd ever seen. Geometrically round circles with tiny pins in the middle. I nibbled at her nipples. One of my hand was buried in her pussy and the other in the pussy of her sister.

I clasped both hands and for a second forgot which one was which, who was my girlfriend and who was her sister. It didn't matter anymore.

I was inflamed. All I knew was that there were three chicks on the bed and one of them had a strap-on and we gonna have first-rate orgy. This was so much better than sitting in the damn restaurant and pretending to be interested in other their bullshit. We broke into couples. Rachel straddled Ashleigh and I took on Rona.

As we were pumping at our girls, Rachel and I locked our hands around each other, our mouths merged in a kiss, my hands kneaded at her breasts. The girls were groaning and screaming underneath us. Both pussies were hot and eager; the cunt juices of both sisters stained my dick. Then we changed our partners. I was straddling my girlfriend, and Rachel her other daughter. We climbed off and prepped for next act. The three girls, all members of the same no-male family, piled up on me, like it was a football game and they'd just tackled a player of the opposite team who'd made it almost all the way across the field.

They leaped and bounced and smothered me. The drenched pussies, the sweaty asses, the dangling tits, the poky ears, the exploring hands, the cool legs, the squelching mouths and a lonely glass dildo seeking my asshole. Pinned to the bed, for a second I was afraid that I'd been deliberately lured into this trap and would be killed like some kind of sacrificial offering on the altar bed to Diana or some other Heathen Goddess those three witches were worshipping.

First they'll rape me, and then kill me. Maybe torture first. But they wouldn't let my body tense up and get prepped up for resistance. The soft compact bodies were in constant motion and were offering various parts of me to my mouth and to my dick.

I couldn't tell which pussy had just impaled itself upon my stiff dick and after a few pumps slid off for another one to take its place, then another, if to believe the super-tightness -- an asshole, accompanied by collective moans and groans. A tit filled my mouth, then a tongue, then a farting ass filled my mouth with gases, then a mouth again, then a pussy that was literally dripping juice, and skin, miles of it for my hands to grope, pinch, caress, fondle.

At one point I was flipped over, my face buried in the chemicals-smelling bed sheet. My ass cheeks were parted, not altogether violently, lubricant applied with a long finger that had a long nail, which scraped me inside. I cried, and the nail-applicant apologized (Rachel? Rona?). Then the prior-mentioned glass dildo burrowed in my rectum. I gripped the bedding and screamed.

The dildo went in and out, my contracted sphincter pulling me irrevocably towards an ass orgasm. But I wasn't left alone with my pleasure. Belligerent Rona sat next to my head and gripped me by the hair. She pulled my head up and I screamed, this time in agony. "You motherfucker," Rona hissed, "you thought you could trample on me. I'll fuck you up good, you hear me?" I collected enough saliva in my mouth and spat at her. My spit landed on her chin and hung off it, like a booger from a nostril.

I felt even more aroused. My body had become a six-foot penis. "Hey Ashleigh," she called for her sister. "Get the handcuffs from that black bag, will you." Ashleigh came to the help of her sister and with that stupid grin on her face brought two pairs of police handcuffs.

Without no further ado Rona locked my hands up to the bed railing with the cuffs before I comprehended what the hell they were doing to me.


"All right, young man, my girls will take turns in sodomizing you." Rachel said and pulled out. She unbuckled her strap-on and tossed to her younger daughter. Half-turned I saw Rona buckling it around her waist, and then lowering herself towards my ass, and ramming right in.

I groaned. The sensation wasn't altogether unpleasant. Her fucking was violent, her movement abrupt and jerky, she would intensify the speed, then she'd slow down, and go fast again. When she got tired she gave the strap-on to my girlfriend.

And my girlfriend, who'd done me with an ass pug a couple of times, shoved it up to the tilt. My ass was on fire, presently it ignited and detonated the rest of my body. I was very sore when she stopped, pulled out and unshackled me. I'd had two ass orgasms by then: the tiny explosions of ecstasy somewhere in the nether region of my colon.

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Rona unshackled me. I waited for this moment of release to go for Rona's throat. I locked my fingers around her little neck and pinned her down. She growled and her face resembled a semi-ripe tomato. "Chain her up," her mother suggested mockingly. Two pairs of handcuffs landed on the bed next to me.

I flipped Rona over and chained her to the bed railing. I stroked my dick, until it stiffened and shoved it down her ass without using any lubricant. Rona billowed, but I was merciless. "We can do it together," Rachel said. "Here, make space." Rachel swung herself under her daughter, with her daughter's ass facing her face, held her ass cheeks and plunged the dildo into her pussy.

I lowered my butt onto Rachel's face (she immediately began to lap at my asshole) and stuck my dick back into Rona's asshole. Ashleigh, who would take whoever's side as long it's the side of the pleasure was feeding her pussy into her sister's mouth.

Her sister was greedily lapping at it, with the same gluttony as her mother was doing my asshole. Rachel and I were pumping Rona for maybe two minutes.

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Then Rachel pulled out and changed places with Ashleigh. I particularly enjoyed fucking Rona with my girlfriend. We changed places and I fucked Rona's pussy lying underneath her and Ashleigh took it up her ass with a strap-on. A few minutes later that to me lasted days, or rather nights, of fucking, Rona's body began to shake and shudder, she screamed and started cumming. I pulled out of her and offered my mouth for her profuse squirts.

We unshackled her. She was all spent, half-dead, her eyes closed from exhaustion. That left the three of us to finish up with each other.

Ashleigh unbuckled the strap-on and tossed it on the floor. Rona lay curled up on the corner and we took the rest of the bed for our gymnastics. Rachel lay on her back in a missionary position. I plunged into her pussy that had had been caught in a tropical rain and Ashleigh dipped her pussy into her mother's mouth. I grabbed my girlfriend's tits from behind and massaged them while pumping at her mother with all the strength that was left in me.

Suddenly Rachel's body quivered, she screamed (waking her daughter up) and lay still, her eyes half-closed, her body slackened. I felt lightened, and I intensified my movements. Ashlegh slid off, came around me and stuck her tongue into my ass, speeding up my orgasm.

At the very brink, I pulled out and began to spurt on my girlfriend's mother's face. She opened her mouth like a grounded fish but my sperm was streaming all over her face: eyes, nose, cheeks, everywhere.

When I was done, Rachel said languidly, "I think that of all Ashleigh's boyfriends I like you the most." "Well," I said, lying on my back next to her, stroking the jungle of her pussy with my hand, "I'll take it as a compliment. Thanks." My girlfriend lay on the other side, hugged me and kissed on the mouth.

"Didn't I tell you that my mom's the best?" I didn't want to contradict her so I nodded and said, "Absolutely."