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Actor bollywood hunk gay porn first time The dudes love it
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A quick message before I start: This is my first story, and it's quite late so I might make a few errors.


I'll try make spelling as accurate as possible but If it isn't, please don't flame me for that as I wrote this on NotePad. Lol. :). (FYI: I'm from England, We start Highschool at 11 and college at 16 in England.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am Ryan, I live in England with my mother and have one brother named Damon, and a sister named Lisa.

I like my life at home, I'm a nerd, I play alot of games and it's how its been for most of my life. I never really had a thing for girls, and not many girlfriends, up until I was about 14 that is, when I decided I had fallen in love.


Despite my feelings of unbelievable emotion, I didn't exactly know what love was, or the journey I was in for. Her name was Stacey and I had her for most of my classes in school. I was doing very well in school although I never really studied.

Most of my class mates were okay I suppose, and knew if they needed any academic help to ask me for the answers. I was used, but didn't exactly mind. Stacey used to ask me for help quite often, although she wouldn't come up to me like the others, demanding I gave them the answer with no input into how I got it, Stacey would work with me to get the answer, so she knew how I got it in the end. This is partly why I had these emotions for her, other than her looks. I played out what I would say to her, to try and make her mine, or atleast go on a date with me.

I had wanted to take her to see a movie that had just released, but really didn't know how to ask her. It was Friday afternoon that I finally plucked up the courage to ask her on a date, but I was to scared to ask her to tell her it was a date.

I told her a few of my friends were coming and that she could invite any of her's. I mentioned it would be my treat, I had a weekend job and could easily afford to pay for the night, and didn't mind since she would be there. My brother Damon gave me some tip's on what to do, just some basics though, he was 17 and had knowledge on girl's, unlike me, the virgin. I got seats next to her and before I knew it, it was the following saturday, the day I had booked.

I was worried she wouldn't show up, but she did, and was stunning at that.She had black hair and brown eyes, D cup breasts and sexy ass.

She had her lips pierced with snakebites and looked very sexy. Another great thing was she only brought 1 friend along, Megan. I had brought Steven and Derrick, two of my good pals, we were all the same age, but only me and Stacey wen't to the same school, which made things kind of awkward. After I collected the ticket's we wen't into Screen 4, where the movie was just about to begin. As planned, I sat next to her, with my friends siting to the right of me, and her friend sitting to the left of her.

She had black leggings on and an awesome BMTH top, it really looked stunning and I had to try my best to stop my dick from emerging like a train out of a tunnel. The first 15 minutes or so was quite awkward, until I finally manned-up and slowly wrapped my arm around her, she looked at me and smiled, I immediatley smiled back, and couldn't stop my boner from showing itself, although with the dark screening room, I was sure I was the only one who had seen it. I spen't the rest of the movie with my arm around Stacey, only moving it occasionally, not wanting to disturb her.

After the movie ended I suggested we wen't for some food, I was really in the mood for some pizza so I asked if everyone was ok with that, but Stacey's friend Megan had to go after the movie finished, tough parents I figured. Derrick also had to leave so that just left Me, Stacey and Steven. We wen't to the place and ordered two pizzas, and we ate them and laughed about some things that happend in school over the past week. Steven didn't go to our school, so he just joined in where he could.

After Pizza, I asked Stacey if I could walk her home, and Steven got a taxi. Stacey didn't live too far from me and I figured since she let me wrap my arm around her, maybe she liked Me after all. "Thanks for tonight, Ryan, it was fun" Stacey said. "Yeah I really enjoyed it too, you really made me laugh tonight and." I replied as eagerly as I could, and my inability to talk to girls was clear.

"and what?" she said jokingly. "Your really pretty tonight" I replied.

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"Oh, just tonight?" she giggled as she spoke, I saw this as a time to make my move. "Your really pretty tonight, just like every time I see you at school" I told her sweetly, even though it was incredibley cheesy, she smiled and stopped. "I can tell you was impressed" She said with a grin on her face, as she looked down at my crotch. I blushed a bright red and she laughed.

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"Relax, Its alright" she assured me, as she leaned in for what would be our first kiss, and although it didn't last long, it was AMAZING. Her soft lips crushing into mine was enough to make my dick elongate again, right infront of her. I hadn't had many girlfriends in the past, if you could even call them that, and this kiss easily beat any I'd ever had.

She didn't realise at first, because she hooked her arms around my waist and I did the same to her. Where did this come from? Wherever, I loved it. We shared another kiss, this one was longer than the last and much more pleasurable, but as she backed away after, she glanced back down at my crotch, and there it was, standing stiff. She smiled again. "You get turned on easily" she pointed out.

"Oh Jesus!

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I'm so sorry" "Don't apolgize, I like it, it turns me on. I was shocked, and a little terrified that I might make a fool out of myself if I said anything. "We should get you home, it's getting late for a pretty girl like you out here" I finally said, and she let me take her the rest of the way.

She lived in a rich neighborhood, and had a beautiful detached house with a huge garden. Her mother took care of her on her own, her dad had died a number of years ago but he had life insurance which helped to pay the fancy lifestile they had. Her mother was a sales leader in a big company, and had to travel alot. When we finally reached her house she invited me inside as her mother wasn't home, and I jumped at the invitation.

We wen't to her room and I sat on her bed. "So, do you fancy me?" she said with that same giggling voice as earlier "Yeah I do, your great" "What's great about me?" "Your sexy, smart." not being able to talk to girls was really starting to annoy me. we talked alot in school so it was easier, but still not easy.

"Well I like you too, your cute, and you can make me laugh" she said "Do you want to be more than. just friends. my girlfriend, maybe?" I asked, smiling brightly. "That might be fun, but, only if you kiss me again" she said. At that I immediatley wen't in to kiss her, and she added her tounge to the mix, I had trouble at the start but was soon okay with it, and it felt really great.

She tasted so sweet, and I loved every second of it. After about 10 more minutes of kissing I realised she was slowly getting undressed, and I wondered where this was going. "Are you a virgin" She asked. "Uhh, yeah." I replied, with embarrasement. "Don't worry its okay" She said as she got a silver packet from her drawers.

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"Do you want to?" She asked with a serious face, holding the condom infront of me. It was alot for me to take in, a few days ago I was masturbating about this girl and now she was asking me if I wanted to have sex with her on our first date. "Well, do you? It's okay if you don't" she reassured me.

"I do, I really want to" I said with honesty, although my terrified voice didn't project that. She pulled down my trousers and we helped each other undress, only leaving our underwear on. her amazing body had me in awe. I kissed her alot, her neck, and around her chest.

I removed her bra and rubbed her breasts, they were big and soft, and here nipples grew hard as I worked my hands on them. "Do you like them" she asked. "There amazing, like the rest of you" "If you like them, suck them for me?" I was shocked at her language and sex drive, and it was clear she wasn't a virgin, but never the less I wrapped my mouth around them and sucked.

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"Ohh. yeah! Mmmmm" she moaned. "Do the other one for me!" I sucked the other breast and started swapping between them, this really turned her on and I could see her panties had a dark patch, I was making her wet! I quickly learned that while one breast was being sucked, I could work the other one with my hand, and she loved this, rewarding me with moans of satisfaction.

"Do you want taste further down?" She suggested I didn't reply, but answered in actions, as I slowly worked my way down, carressing her body with kisses, I licked her panties, it tasted great. I had read about what to do in oral, but it was definatley time to put it into practice. I gracefully removed her panties, and was starring at the most beautiful, clean shaven pussy I'd ever seen, (and I had watched alot of porn.) I explored her surface with my tounge, and she moaned louder, I finally reached her clit, and started swirling my tounge around it, like how I had read.

She obviously enjoyed this, as she started moaning how much she liked it, although swore an awful lot during the whole time, but it was just so sexy and turned me on so much. "Oh fuck, yeah I fucking. love it. ohhh fuck It feels so fucking goood" Her body began to shake and she was rocking her hips into my face, I knew I was pleasuring her well. "Don't fucking stop this feels so good" "Oh my god, I'm fucking cumming!" She screamed!

I had just given her an orgasm, and was in turn rewarded with a stream of her incredilbey tasty juice. This was the point my shyness wen't out of the window, as I dropped my own pants, revealing my 6.5" penis, nice and thick, although that's compared to porn, which is never realistic. After she recovered from her orgasm, she realised that I had my cock out, and gasped at its size, which was quite big for a fourteen year old.


"Thats fucking sexy, I wan't it in me!" she demanded! She put the condom on for me, even though I knew how to do it, but I found this sexy anyway. I put my penis to her entrance and slowly pushed it in, hoping not to hurt her. It took me about 30 seconds to get it fully in, and then I began slowly taking it out and in again.

She was moaning and swearing the whole time I was in her. I knew I wouldn't last long inside her, and when I felt my self about to blow, I slowed down my pace, but as this was my first time, I couldn't really hold it much longer. "I'm cumming!" I warned her! "Fuck, me too! Cum with me babe!" She begged. Bolts of joy shot through my body and I had the best orgasm of my life!

It was unbelievable. We both let out our moans of joy, as we both came. She took care of the condom disposal and we got cleaned up. After we just laid there for about 10 minutes, wrapped around each other, still naked. "Sorry I rushed you into it, I was so horny and I've had feelings for you for a while, I've even masturbated over you." She apologized, and confessed.

"Don't apologize, that was the best moment of my life, and tonight, the greatest night of my life, and all because of you." I told her. "I still rushed it, I'm such a slutty girl" "No your not, you didn't rush it, it was amazing, and your mine now, and I don't think I can ever let you go" I said, as I dove in for another kiss.

Suddenly, the door slamed shut, and Stacey jumped. "SHIT, It must be my mum!" Stacey screamed in a whisper. She looked at her phone and saw a message that read, 'Coming home on tonight sweety, will be home late, don't stay up, xx, mummy'. "You gotta go!" She said, as she looked at the window.

"Alright, I'll do that" I said, scrambling my clothes on. After I was sufficiently dressed, Stacey opened the window for me and I climbed out, telling her I loved her and sharing one last kiss. I scaled down the pipes on the wall, and onto the garage roof, then just a quick jump down. I was happy Stacey only lived on the second floor. I walked home, still in awe about what had happend in the last few hour's. I hoped Stacey was okay, but didn't pick up her number, so I would have to wait until school to see her, because she obviously didn't want her mother knowing she had a boyfriend.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading, I know its short and it will be continued. I appreciate any comments, good or bad.