Big breasted slut rides big black cock

Big breasted slut rides big black cock
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It was 2 weeks ago when Rachel met Jake at at the local food martsince then her life has been nothing but submissive sex. Currently the 56 year old married slut was on her knees blowing her 23 year old ,master's cock. Her husband Bill knew all about it & approved.

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You see Jake had hypnotized the married couple. & now Bill loved the fact that his wife of many years was the sex slave to a man younger than his son. In his bedroomin his apartmentJake had Rachel wearing a dog-collar with the word Slut on it & 4 inch spiked heels & nothing else ( the collar & heels were bought by her cuckold hubby Bill )Totally nudeJake had told her earliershe'd be spending the weekend with him.

He had a lot of surprises for her. Jake covered Rachels face with jism & immediately took a pic with his cellphone & sent a text of her face to Bill & told him Rachel would be busy satisfying him on Saturday & Sunday. Chapter 1- The weekend Rachel was licking Master Jake's assholeearlier she was introduced to his long time sex slave & couldnt believe it.

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Sheila was Jake's mom but a year earlier she was his first submissive. The 50 year old redhead was deepthroating her sons penis like there was no tomorrow. Rachel knew this woman had no gag reflex cuz she was downing the 11incher to the end. This she had never done ( yet). Rachel kept up with the rimjob & Jake shouted out dirty instructions to his mom/slave Sheilaeat it your whore, come on bitchdo you want the jism all over your throat or on your cumslut face.

Sheila wasnt given a chance to respond as Jake pulled out & unloaded all over her face. Rachel licked the cum off Sheila's face.

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Now spreadeagled on Jake's bed, Rachel was experiencing her first pussylicking from a female tongue. Within 5minutes she peaked & had her 1st orgasm. Sheila was a pro at pussylicking. Just last week Sheila had eaten the 20 year old ebony cunt of Dianea submissive Jake had brought home from the mall. Since she had become a submissiveSheila had eaten the pussies of various ladiesages from age 20 to 65 Last count she had eaten out 30.

Sheila was now sitting on Rachels face as Jake fucked Rachel. Moaning with pleasureSheila was enjoying the inexperienced tongue of Rachel as she rubbed her clit. Meanwhile Jake gave Rachel her first creampie of the weekend& ordered his mom/ slave to eat his man dessert out of his newest sexslaves pussy. Sheila ate it like it was ice cream.

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Jake now had the two submissive french kiss each other while he made a phone call. Greta how are you bitch he said. Greta was his oldest sex slaveshe was a 65 year old granny& she had been his for the past 3 mths. I want you to come over this afternoon & join me and my two other wenches.

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Bring your collarleash & hooker boots you'll be spending your time naked til Sunday night. Yes dear she said in a monotoneobedient voice. See you soon Granny Cumslut Jake laughed. Sheila & Rachel were in the doggystyle position getting fisted by Master Jake screaming in pain & ecstasy both reached orgasm in 10 minutes & then they french kissed Jake in appreciation. Chapter 2-Greta The Granny Sheila was wearing a 10inch strapon dildo.


which she had lubed & now was fucking 65 year old Greta up the ass withScreaming in pain & ecstasy Granny Greta was wearing a collar & leash which Sheila was pulling as she fucked the retiree without any mercy. Meanwhile Jake had just finished a couple of beers so he had Rachel get on her knees before him & he decided it was now time for her to drink her golden champagne. Opening her mouth wide so she didnt miss a drop Rachel drank Master Jake's urinetrained as a human toilet she even thanked him afterwards.

Greta was still getting fucked up the ass with the rubber phallas. So Jake fucked Rachels face with his rod til he was hard again. Then Sheila & her son/master Jake stuffed Greta like a xxxmas goose.

Greta's mouth though was also full of pussy as she licked Rachel's clit. Greta was moaning with pleasure as she licked the younger woman's cunt.


Rachel was now experiencing a granny tongue on her middleaged pussyonce again Rachel reached orgasmic bliss from a lezzie tongue. Greta moaned & screamed as her ass was gaped & her cunt purred & she was super wet & reached orgasm, as her Master hit her G-SPOT with his massive dong. Chapter 3- To the washroom All 3 sexslaves were collared, leashed & wearing heels or hooker boots as they were lead doggystyle to the washroom.

It was timeJake thoughthe hoped the ladies were thirsty. All three were on their knees & they knew what was next.

Jake took out his his massive 11inch dink & began spraying their facestits, & hair with golden champagne(aka pee )covered & showered in Master Jake's urine had become a norm in their lives.

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All 3 thanked him as usual before they were told to go take a water shower Stay tuned for whats next ?, for Rachel, SheilaGreta & Master Jake