Clerfort Pierre michelle de Haiti joue un jeux pornographie

Clerfort Pierre michelle de Haiti joue un jeux pornographie
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fantasy-pornography by Wrulf The Fithmeister Although being a cheap sleaze-pig of 24, Andrea subconsciously tried telling herself she really didn't know why she was skankily-dressed and standing outside The HotSpot Adult Theater shortly after dark on a sweltering Friday night in July except.

… well, that wasn't due to the night's high temperature. As a submissive and hopelessly whorish young woman with medium-brown hair, a cute face, nice though smallish milk-dumps, a shaved gash between her thighs and a sinfully round shitter, Andrea, in truth, was envious of the porn bitches taking all of the large and beautiful penises on-screen in the smut-house.

While one might say she'd often smutted herself with fantasies about working in porn, however, there was an easier way of satisfying her brazen needs, the true reason Andrea was standing in front of the theater and why her already-messy twat was itching.

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… though the indecent bitch sharply inhaled to see that the white, 26-y/o Thad not only was tightly muscled, but dangerously close to handsome. And a menacingly exciting glint of deprecating lust smoldered in his eyes as they boldly disrobed her while he walked up to accost her: 'Ummm, a nice piece of meat with a sweet cock-sucker hanging off the front of its slutty, fucking head!' Andrea quietly moaned, since his vulgarity had a drop of twat-grease oozing out of her front hole, being she was just smart enough to know that trashing herself around to strange dicks usually involved deprecation.

After all, while strange men didn't necessarily like her in the usual sense, they liked dick-stabbing her precisely because she was such a disgraceful fuck-pig. As it is and should be of all true sluts, though, that aroused her, even more when Thad thrust his hand inside her left bra cup and remarked, 'You can take it as insult - if you want - for me to say your cow-bags aren't a lot to write home about, although they'll do in a tight pinch,' - and he grinned into the tottie's eyes as he pinched her udder.

'But, you sexy fuck-wench, why are you wearing a tit-sling? You should be proud enough of your body to slop it around all over the street for guys to ogle.

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That'd be better than what they'd see in the flick-house,' Thad went on as he withdrew his hand from her bra before commanding, 'Turn around and bend over, slag.' Understanding that 'slag' meant sexual trash or refuse and feeling giddy, Andrea obeyed after giggling, 'Okay. sir.' Thad didn't answer as he raised her short dress and roughly drew her panties down.

He shoved 2 fingers into her snatch and grunted, 'Even a dog would know what that slit is for, twat-face!' - and he stirred her pot a few times before removing and goring his fingers up her entrails while she softly squealed. 'Amazing, bitch! You're mighty tight back here for such a loose cunt of a fuck-toilet, and, yes, you're a cunt in the shit-hole, slag!' he said.

Beyond the inspiring belittlement of turning up her rump on the street and though a bit startled, Andrea then became even hotter over Thad not asking if she wanted to copulate with him, instead growling, 'Hell, you're going to take something a lot bigger than my fingers in your turd-pussy! I already know; you're a dirty, fucking whore!' - with him then pulling his fingers out of her bottom and ordering, 'Follow me, you low-class slunt!' 'Slunt?' - that was a new term for Andrea!

Despite having the born-instincts of a massively-used harlot, however, Andrea wasn't sure she could believe she was tailing Thad by 2 or 3 feet as he led her around to his sports car in the theater's rear parking lot, where he silently opened the front passenger's door for her to get in.

He'd already removed his cell phone from his pocket and his gorgeous, brutally fat, 10-inched plunger from his jeans when he took the wheel. 'Nice and big isn't it, you no-name cock-hog?' he smiled, nodding downward and taunting the cunt by flexing his penile muscles as she reached for his man-tool.

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'Get your hand away!' he snarled, starting his vehicle and peeling out of the parking lot while dialing a number: "Yo, Jason, how's it hanging?" "Fucka'! You know how I hang or rear! Say, though, I have quite a servicable party-toy for you, Rick and me." "Not at all bad. You know, her fun-knobs aren't big and heavy enough to drag her face through the mud; no matter, the bitchie-bitch is a hole for studding, all she's any good for, man." "You really think I'd pay anything for the filthy bitch as prostitute?'' Thad snorted while looking at Andrea.

"Well, it'd be your problem if you'd want to toss her a 2-bit (50 cents) once you've had enough of her at our usual place." "Okay, see you in a few".

… and the lascivious little fuck was feeling deliciously anonymous by the time, 20 minutes later, they arrived at a park rarely used after dark - and that considering she was about to rut with strangers who couldn't have cared less who she was!


Thad and Andrea had just disembarked his sportster, though, when he bent her over, with his cock digging into her backside as he told her, 'Listen, pig, you'll be safe, even if my boys and I are going treat you filthy. sooo, like the feel of my big club raring to drill a new hole in your fucking ass, tramp?' 'Yes, sir,' she panted, before Thad began using her tresses and dick against her rear to guide her behind the park's bandstand where the good-looking, white, 27-y/o Rick and equally hunky and white, 21-y/o Jason were waiting in only their hard pricks.

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'Excellent, dude!' Jason complimented Thad. 'Prostitute or not, the bitch is going to do a good job of hooking our cocks with her holes, aren't you, slut?' 'I'll try, sir,' Andrea murmured.

'You'll do a lot better than that after you strip, lowlife!' Thad grunted.

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'Here, let me help,' Rick offered with a put-down smile as he scrubbed a kiss across her lips before humbling her out of everything but her shoes and stocking.

'Shit, juicy, real juicy! - even if your knockers barely hit the scale in terms of size, bitch,' Rick went on, then took the skank's hair, pulling her suck-hole to the root of his 9-incher and saying, 'Choke on that, you worthless piece of trash!' 'Ummm!' Andrea mumbled over a lengthy throttling prior to Rick beginning to shag her mouth all the way up and down his rod as Thad smirked, 'Is she worth a 2-bit in the head?' - with him then going behind the fuck-stained girl, shoving his cock into and starting to rough-ride her in the smell-hole.

'We'll see, although I'll probably pay the whore with nothing but a load of cock-slobber, being she's already slobbering around my big thang! Fuck you, bitch, have you no manners?' Rick snarled. 'Who ever heard of a filthy whore with any manners?' Jason laughed. 'Just fuck the piece of shit, guys!' 'Ooooh, soooo dirty!' thought the gutter-tramp while having an orgasm with the turn-on of humiliation over hearing about herself as a 'piece of shit.' Meanwhile, Andrea's corrupt mind was replaying the times she'd been ganged, plus how she usually let dicks abuse her at her apartment or men's homes, as well as in motel rooms.


But that night was the first anybody let alone 3 guys had ever boned her so publicly. However, the burning shame of that made her feel like an in-heat sow to realize how exciting it was to feel so vulnerable and 'nakeder' than naked while being exploited as nothing but a toy for male pleasure. Yes, the very thought of that was as filthy as her sluttishness and, 'I don't care, god, I don't care!' her mind screeched just as Rick pulled out of her mouth to gruffly say, 'Lick my nuts, you sorry excuse for a nice girl!' The tart had just started obeying when Rick leaned back and pulled her mouth low enough to thrust it against the front part of his butt-slit.

'Better yet, kiss my crapper, whore!' he said. 'How nice! You're a multi-tasking low-'ho getting your cunt-rocks off on kissing the lowest part of a boy and, yeah, I'll fucking 'boy' you even lower than my ass, you shitty cunt!' 'Well, boy, are you being nice to the un-nice girl?' Jason chortled, with Rick coming back, 'If forcing her to lick my ass is being nice, hell, yeah! I love that with bitches, like my scag-sister, Mary, you know.' 'Fuck, call the pig and schedule her for after we're done with this scrap of trash and throw her away!' Jason replied, as Rick finally pulled Andrea's face out of his ass, then turned her suck-portal toward and stuffed it down his buddy's 8-incher.

'Fill your head with that!' he said as Jason took Andrea's hair to begin a full-stroke bulling of her mouth. 'Fucking dirty girl! That's the shit!' Jason hissed. 'Wipe your lips with something way cleaner than you are, slut!' 'Impossible, being how I'm shoveling the dirt from this end of it onto her lips! Yeah, dirt, and dirt you are!' Thad yelled while cruelly batting his club all the way into Andrea's rear 'cunt' and slapping her right arse-pad.

'Ummm, ummmmm, ummmmmm!' she once more went around Jason's prong as she continued cumming and messing her crotch with a greater amount of girlie soup, to the point that Thad gruffly remarked, 'Considering the slag's pure dirt, you guys should see the muddy water sloshing out of her twat-bucket! God, you're such a despicably trashy, low-down slut, fucking slut!' - and he rammed into her guts the most fiercely as yet.

'Right, though the best way of despising the little swine is to bang her silly! She's nothing but a slam-hog!

Trash her ass inside-out, man!' Rick encouraged his brother in arms, with that term being fitting for the moment because of Andrea's love of losing the battle with a pair of large penises.

While several guys, including an ex-boyfriend, had told her she was a 'disgustingly filthy skank', however, none of them had never talked about 'despising' her. And it made her feel utterly self-defiled to know how turned-on she was by the disdain of Thad, Rick and Jason's contempt though what else did she expect, other than to succumb with her mind wailing, 'Oh, god!

This is what I have coming! I'm such a dirty, n0-good piece-of-shit whore!' - and she couldn't help dumping more swamp-juice out of her vag with another climax. At that point, Thad said, 'Let's spin the bottle, guys,' - which Jason did by using her hair to swivel the slattern around off his dick so that Thad could drop his down her oral hatch while Rick started a ruthless hammering of her snatch. 'Are you okay, honey?' Thad then once again mocked her. 'Like us FUCKING YOU UP, SLOB?' 'Uh-hmmm,' Andrea mewled while nodding, though the young men next fell silent while Rick and Thad bestially knocked her back and forth between their pizzles.

While people hardly ever were in the park at that time of night, however, it wasn't long until Andrea looked his way with apprehension when a middle-aged white man appeared out of the shadows. 'Want the whore for less than nothing but your cock and anything it has to spit in her eyes?' Rick mirthfully asked while fisting his prick.

The newcomer didn't say a word.

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He took his cock out and jacked-off in the bitch's hair with a series of mean grunts. 'Now, the dirt-bag's mouth,' he finally spoke, with Thad popping his rod out of and turning her face-hole toward the man massively urinating into it. And more than ever, Andrea felt exploited by him next stowing his faucet in his pants prior to silently dissapearing as suddenly as he'd arrived on the scene! 'Shit, maybe you're a fucking prostitute after all, since that duffer paid you with a mouthful of chur-chur (piss)!' Jason laughed.

'Yeah, a 3-potty outhouse in the park!' Thad sneered as Jason went on, 'For sure, even if this set-up's no good.' He lay back and instructed, 'Drop your cunt on my stick, Mz. Filth!' 'Okay, sir,' Andrea responded, doing as told with a hog-lustful squeal before Rick began taking her in the dirt-pussy and Thad her mouth again.

While she couldn't have said why, though, Andrea felt steeped in humiliation to realize that the studly boys were in no hurry to finish off with and dispose of her, being they also had the stamina of male pornstars.

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Over and over they rotated her fuck-gulches around between their cocks in the same position. Meanwhile, the fuck-sloven was amazed that it wasn't until about an hour later before her users finally jizz-besmirched her holes after which they made Andrea suck them up hard again. And since That had undressed, none of them was wearing anything when Rick ass-fucked her into men's room where the guys mouth-drilled, cunt-banged, sodomized her before withdrawing and slopping-off on her body.

Sensing what Jason, Thad and Rick next had in mind, though, Andrea was hoping they'd indulge themselves in the 'other' park 'outhouse.' Oh, no! - they took her back to the bandstand. All of them dressed before they drove to the theater parking lot where Andrea had left her car. And once she was outside Thad's, he told her to take her clothes off and tossed her garments on the trunk of her car.

That done, he bent her over a gas meter so that he and his friends could piss on her smutty nakedness just as a young black guy walked out of the theater's rear door.

He was very amused by Andrea's toilet-soiling, but glad to have one of her skull-jobs, with him pulling out of her mouth, blowing-off on her face and pissing on her, as well.

'Now, bitch, Rick's slut-sister isn't nearly as shameful as you are, though we're going to go fuck her like she is. And how you get home is your problem! Goodbye, you little shit!' Thad then shouted before he and his friends got in their cars to drive away. As shamefully disgraced as it made Andrea feel, though, she still was so excited as to almost wish somebody would non-violently rape her. But no men came out of the theater during the 30 minutes she waited.

By then, she was dry enough to get in her car with her clothes and start turd-bare toward home while masturbating in orgasmic disbelief that she didn't know the names of 3 men who hadn't given a turd who she was! As never before in her life, though, Andrea was glad that she was the dirtiest of dirty sluts - and nothing else but! (The End) [/b]