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Legendary Shy Chapter 4 On the car ride back I noticed a couple of bikes following me, I picked up my phone and called home to see if anyone was there, after a few rings I heard Mrs. Higgins on the other end, before she could ask what I was going on I said in a calm voice, "Sarah I need you to do me a favor, call Angela, Penny, Raven, and Courtney and tell them to stay away from the house or a while, and you need to get out also, when you get away call the police and tell them to go too the house, ok can you do as I have said?" she listen intently until I finished and said, "ok I will, but let me guess your bringing trouble home?" yes please hurry." With that I hung up the phone I drove around for another 10 minutes to make sure she had enough time then I finally pulled into the drive way, the bikers pulled up there were at least 10 of them now.

I stood there and waited until some fat old guy spoke up, "so you're the prick who messed with our friends?" I gave him a sorrowful look then said, "Yes they were messing with some friends of mine." There was some laughter around the pricks then he said again, "yeah so you're the Mr. Hero everyone's talking about? Well your luck has run out tonight fucker!" With that they all got off there bikes, some had bats, pipes, then one had a 9mm pistol.

I knew someone was probably going too die tonight.

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One of the guys with a bat ran towards me he swung wildly, I hit the bat aside when he missed a swing and brought my leg into a kick and broke is knee and thigh bone, for some reason they were moving slowly.

Then a guy with a lead pipe came running at me I grabbed the bat from the guy who was screaming in pain on the ground, I swiveled around bring the bat around, the guy didn't see the bat coming and it hit him in the side of the head, I felt the bat vibrate from the force, the guy flew sideways, blood running from the side of his cracked skull. While I was looking at him, I feel another bat hit me in the back I hit the round, but before they could get on me, I rolled and jumped up, crouched and swung the bat bringing it into the side of the guys ankle, I heard it snapped and the guy slowly started to fall, then I came up with the bat, hit him in the jaw I felt the bone collapse under the pressure.

I turned and saw the guy with the 9mm pointing it at me, I threw the hitting the guy in the face he dropped the pistol while bringing his hands up to his broken nose, I dove and rolled picking up the pistol. Then they all froze when they saw the guy frozen with his hands half way away from his face, the blood was dripping down his nose and drenching his shirt.

But it was covering my hand which head the pistol positioned right under the guys chin, he stared to whimper and nobody moved, then finally a guy yelled and started at me with a bat, the guy who was in front of me flinched and new what might happen; he closed his eyes and heard a gun shot, but he didn't die, he looked and saw he was falling backwards, and a guy falling forward with blood spraying from a leg wound.

The kid was kneeling holding a smoking pistol in front of him. Everyone stopped when the guy fell. Then the sirens started coming, they started to move but 2 more gunshots filled the air ad the kid yelled, "NOBODY FUCKING MOVES!!" everyone froze.

I couldn't hear anything except my heart pounding in my ears, then blue and red lights showed up, at least 4 cop cars pulled up; all the bikers got on their hands and knees; the only left standing was ken, then I looked up and started to hear what some of the cops were saying, some were putting cuffs on the bikers, but 3 of them were walking toward me.

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I noticed one was Wesley, and then I heard her say, "Ken put down the gun, its ok, and its over." I looked her for a second then realized what she wanted, I slowly crouched and put the gun down but then I stood up, and stated to walk away before I got to my door I heard Wesley yell, "No DON'T!" then I felt a leg hit behind my knee I started to fall, I swiveled and saw a officer wide eyed, I didn't think better.

I shoved my hand under his throat and lifted; when I stood he went even further up.

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Wesley just stood there wide eyed, ken was holding a full grown man by the throat with one hand, then she saw his look, it was intent to kill look. Before she could do anything else the officer to her left raised the taser before she could stop him he fired it; it hit Ken square in the chest he dropped the coughing officer and withered to the ground from the bolts of electricity.


I felt a searing shocking pain hit my chest I dropped my arm to my chest to see to wires protruding from my shirt, I looked up and saw Wesley yelling at the other cop, then I started to fall, and everything went black.

I started to feel a throbbing pain in my chest, I slowly sat up and was in a cell alone, and I looked down to see myself in a strap jacket. I slowly stood (with trouble) I prayed to god they everyone wasn't hurt. I walked over to the celled, and said with a hoarse voice, "hello? Anyone?" a few minutes later I heard a door open then came in Wesley and some middle-aged man with her then she said, "Ken im sorry that you have to be in that&hellip.but they say it's a precautionary measure." I gave her a sweet mile and nodded, "I figured so, is the officer I grabbed hurt?" that when the guy spoke, "No, but we would like to talk to you about the…incident, you don't mind answering any of the questions?

We have what happened at the diner thanks to officer Teltings, but we need your word about what happened after at your residence." Then I answered every question the guy looking grim the whole time then finally broke into a grin and said, "trouble seems to follow you doesn't it?" I smiled back and replied in an innocent voice, "Yeah I wish I knew how to stop it." Then he stood and unlocked the door and untied the jacket then said, "Well you're free to go, but you will have to show up later to testify against the suspects, but you did a number on them." They had and officers drive me home.

There was some cop cars near the house, there was blood in the drive way. There were lights on in the house the second I opened he front door, I got tackled Angela was crying into my shoulder and Courtney was on the other, I looked at the two then patted their heads awkwardly, finally they rose before I could get up, Raven and Penny did the same.

When I was finally able to stand Angela asked, "Ken what happened? Why are there cops around and why is there blood in the driveway what happened?" I yawned; feeling the exhaustion coming like a tidal wave.

I said through drooping eyes, "you'll probably see on the news tomorrow." With that I head for my room with worried looks following me.

The second I hit my bed I was out. When I woke up I felt something on my dick, I knew the feeling and knew what I was going to see when I opened my eyes, when I did, it was none other than Angela, she didn't see my eyes open but kept on sucking before I could warn her I was cuming, I shot my load, it shot down her throat, she didn't miss a beat or a drop, when I was finally drained she looked up and went wide eyed, "K…K.Ken.Your.Up?" I looked at her for a second then I sat up and picked her up, I wasn't thinking straight I just let instinct take over, I bent her over the edge of my bed, she turned around to see me pull down her panties, before she could say anything he let out a small moan as I teased her with the tip of my dick, I slowly started to shoved it in.

she then started to moan louder, when I was all the way to the end, she start to pant; she turned and looked at me with lustful eyes, I pulled out getting a small gasp, then I rammed into her hard getting a scream of pleasure out of her. After a few more strokes she started to scream louder as her body start to shake wildly, I just kept pounding into her as hard as I could, then I finally stopped and pulled out, before I could do anything else I was moving towards my bed, I laid down and looked up to see penny standing above me, she looked at my sister in a pleasurable high in a heap on the edge of the bed, she got on her knees and slowly glided the still hard dick into her tight puss, she clenched her eyes in the pain of the size, when she finally was at the bottom she looked down at me, she started to ride slower it was tormenting me, I finally rolled over with her and got on top, I spread her legs and started to pound into her hard, she was moaning and looked almost unconscious; I knew I was going to be cuming soon, I pulled out then my sister had recovered she jumped on my dick and shoved it down her throat as I shot another load.

Then Penny was right beside her, Angela pulled it out but I wasn't done shooting, it hit her across the face as she passed it to Penny, t hit her a few as she shoved it into her mouth, I finally stopped and sat down in my computer chair, both girls started to lick the cum off each other. I didn't know what was happening.

When they both were finished they looked at me and giggled and left without another word. I looked over to the clock and jumped out of my seat, I was going to be late!

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I quickly took a shower, when I finally walked into the kitchen, all the girls were there, except the had their eyes glued to the TV, I got a piece a toast and started to watch also, it was our house on the TV, some reporter came on and started to say, "Last night about 1 pm there was a major disturbance last night at the house hold of the teenage boy who was in last weeks incidents.

Last night many residents of this street saw men on bikes pull in after a Black Dodge Charger. Apparently a disagreement happened, and a fight broke out, the bikers were part of the biker gang that ahs been bothering this city lately&hellip." I decided I better not stick around or I would get an ear full from the girls. The second I opened the door, I just realized something, I looked back at the TV and I was standing at the front door, I turned back around dreading what was about to happen.

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I guess the reporters just realized who just stepped out. I started to quickly walk to my car, but they caught me before I got there; "Mr. Gethings, do you mind if we have a quick word?" I sighed and turned around, there was at least 3 of them, I quietly said blushing, "sure." they all gave me a weird smile, not like that but &hellip.I don't know something was just wrong with it. ""Mr.


Gethings, how did the events last night happen?" I looked up for a second then said, "I was driving home when I decided to stop by a restaurant. When I pulled up I found a man harassing a female, I nicely asked him to leave her alone, he refused and attempted to assault me. I dealt with him and went inside to find 2 other men harassing the female sister, I dispatched one and asked the other to leave with his friends; after that I lost my appetite and left, then I noticed someone following me, when I pulled into my drive way, a lot of men pulled in.

but from what you said earlier on the TV I could say you know what happened after that right? Since you live next door Ms.

Jenkins." Ms. Jenkins blushed, at what I said, and slightly nodded, when she did that the two other reporters turned and looked at her. Before they could ask anything else I said, "I need to hurry so I wont be late for school, so if you would please excuse me." I turned and suddenly flinched, what I saw was 4 very angry girls giving me a look like im going to get hell and a half.

I opened the car door and sat, and waited but they just stood there, I saw in the corner of my vision the reporters turn of their cameras and start to back off. I knew they could feel it. I then said, "We can talk about it later ok? Get in or were going to be late." They all jumped and realized what I was talking about; they bolted into the car but didn't say a word to me.


The car ride was for some reason awkward and uneventful. When we pulled in they quickly got out and walked off, I quietly said to myself, "am I going to always get into trouble?" then I heard a voice say, "it would seem that way." I jumped and turned around to see, "wait aren't you that girl from the party!?" she gave me this kind smile and said, "Sadly yes, but just forget about that incident, im Jennifer, Jennifer Connolly. Ill be going to this school for awhile." I looked at her in disbelief; I blushed then turned and said, "Im Ken Gethings." "Oh, I know who you are Ken, and I know what your going to become." I turned when she said that, but she was already walking away waving her hand goodbye, I shook my head and started to walk away then felt a arm close around my neck and start to get pulled to the left, before I knew what was happening I was in a locker room in a chair.

I looked around to see some of the guys I knew from school then I realized I was in the football locker room. I looked over to see Zach going through some equipment; he turned around and gave me this victorious grin.

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I sighed and knew something was up, when he finally walked over I said, "Ok man what am I doing here?" he gave me a slight frown then said, "Have you forgotten already? Well you're here so I guess you kind of remember, I already got all your classes switched around, you still got your homeroom 3rd hour but 1st and second are for kendo and football." I knew that was so, I guess I might as well do as I promised.

He held up a jersey which said the number 3 on it. I took it then turned around to see a helmet with a darken eye shield. He then said, "That is yours, the teams we will be playing don't know your on our team, more or less likely they have already heard the tales about you. Seeing as Jake put them on YouTube and god knows what other sites." He let out a sight then continued, "they would be scared, hell half of this team was against letting you on the team because their scared, hell you took care of 3 guys easily, also you survived a toxic accident, and not to mention what happened last night at your house." I quickly looked up when he said that, but he was only grinning.

I couldn't help but laugh. But at that second he door opened and Ms. Higgins walked in and saw me then said to Jake, "I need to see Ken right now, he will be back by 2nd hour." Jake frowned and nodded, I gave him a sorry look then left with Ms. Higgins, when we finally stopped we were somewhere in the building I hadn't been before, she turned and said, "Ken has someone approached you lately?" I looked at her for a second then said, "Explain what you mean approached?

I was attacked by bikers, and having this girl follow me, do you mean any of those?" she gave me a stern look then relaxed when she realized I was being serious, she said softly, "who is this girl who's following you?" I explained the whole time she just listened.

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After I finally finished she said, "Watch out for her ken I don't like how it sounds ok?" I gave a knowing smile then said, "Ok I will, but can I ask you something?

Why am I always getting into these situations?" she turned her head then said in a low voice, "I don't even now that, I asked god the same thing but he said he wasn't doing these things.

It looks like someone else is pulling the strings." I turned and start to walk away and said over my shoulder, thank you ill keep my eyes open." When I started to turn my head, everything went black for some reason, but not knocked out black light darkness black, the I felt my body hit something I looked up to see something evil looking back at me. Then I heard Sarah gasp and in a hoarse voice say, "why.why…is one of those here?" I back up a view paces then said, "what is that Sarah?" she gave me a frightened look and said, "a&hellip.demon."