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Perky titty Daniella Pablo facialized by two guys
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Harry awakens with a groan. He feels the back of his head as he looks around the room.

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The room he's in looks to be a cell, one steel door, one cot, one chamber pot, and four gray stone walls. He doesn't feel anything unusual.He thinks to himself. "Ok, let's try to figure this out.

I was at Privet this morning. I went for my normal run. I thought I saw something in an alleyway and went to investigate it.

Suddenly, my head exploded in pain."He reaches into his sleeve, only to find his wand gone. As panic starts to set in, the door creaks open. Harry gets a glimpse of a sliver hand pushing against the door just before a familiar man steps into the cell. "Wormtail!"Just as Harry's preparing to launch himself at the intruder, the Animagus holds up his silver hand. "Please Harry, don't make me hurt you." He scurries forward and grabs Harry's hand, pressing a small piece of paper into it.

"We're even Harry. I can't free you, but that's just as good. You saved my life, and I just saved yours. Please remember that in the future."In a flash, the balding man is gone and the door closed.


Harry looks at the paper, only two words are written on it: Servus secus."Hmm, sounds like a spell of some sort," Harry thinks, just before the paper bursts into flames and is incinerated.Suddenly, darkness once again overtakes Harry.When Harry comes to again, he finds himself unable to move his limbs and the room's suddenly gotten a lot colder.He opens his eyes to find his arms shackled to the cot and himself without of his clothing.A familiar female voice says from the door.

"Ah, little Potty's awake."Harry looks and in walks Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy.Narcissa's clipped and cultured voice breaks in. "The Dark Lord wishes to reward Bellatrix and myself for capturing you." She closes the door. "So we are to do with you as we will for the next two days before he arrives to put you to death."Both of the women divest themselves of their clothing."Since you put poor Lucius into Azkaban, I'm afraid that I haven't been about to get any form of physical relief, so you have two months of frustration to help take care of and my sister just wants to be able to say she shagged the Boy-Who-Died."With no further warning, Bellatrix walks over and climbs onto the cot.

She places on knee on either side of Harry head and lowers her crotch to Harry's face. "Come now boy, surely you and either that mudblood whore or the daughter of the blood traitors have been fooling around."Harry's completely at a loss of what to do as Bellatrix reaches down and pulls his head up to her slit by his hair.

He exhales and accidentally brings the tip his tongue into contact with her cunny, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Bellatrix.As Harry contemplates what to do, he feels a hand wrap around his half-erect cock.

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"Hmm," says Narcissa. "What a delightful member you have boy. It almost makes me grateful you put my husband away."Narcissa lowers her head to and takes Harry's cock into her mouth, a few quick sucks is all it takes to have Harry at full mast. She then quickly straddles Harry and guides him to her waiting entrance.Bellatrix says, "Come on boy, eat my cunt," as Narcissa starts to bounce on Harry's dick.He feels his magic start to build up as the pressure in his cock does.

He tentatively runs his tongue along Bellatrix's outer lips. He finds a small nub that causes Bellatrix to gasp every time his tongue comes into contact with it."I don't know what those words meant," Harry thinks, "but it's my only chance." Harry suddenly clamps his teeth down on the nub in his mouth, earning a howl of ecstasy from Bellatrix; Harry frees his mouth and roars, "Servus secus!" Harry lets loose his seed as he releases his magic.

He can feel the magic leaving his body and entering the two women on top of him.The sisters Black feel the raw magical energy flowing into them, causing Narcissa to come. They can feel their priorities in life changing as the arcane magic does its work.Finally, all three collapse from exhaustion. A few minutes later, the sisters start to regain their senses, such as they now are. They both dress and Bellatrix releases Harry as Narcissa casts an Awakening charm on Harry."What's going on," Harry asks as Bellatrix helps him stand up, allowing Narcissa to transfigure the mattress into clothing for Harry."We're getting you out of here master," is Narcissa's response.Deciding to let that go for the moment, Harry asks, "Where's my wand?""It is with the Worm, unfortunately.""We have to get it."Narcissa looks pensive for a moment before saying, "It won't be easy, but for you master, we will."Bellatrix opens the door to find Wormtail waiting outside.

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He hands a wand to Narcissa, "Here, this is Harry's, now get out of here."With that, he transforms and takes off down the hall, Harry considers going after him, but considering all the traitor has done for him so far today, he lets the rat go.Bellatrix asks, "Where shall we go master?"Harry thinks for a second. "To your old home."Narcissa says, "Malfoy Manor?""No, the home of your family."Understanding dawns on the ladies faces; Narcissa pulls off her wedding band and casts a quick spell on it.

"Please grab on to this master."All three grab onto the ring and feel a familiar tug behind the navel.

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They stagger as they land in the entrance hall at number 12 Grimmauld Place, though they manage to keep their feet.All three quickly move to the kitchen to find it deserted. Harry says, "Narcissa, would you please light a fire and see about finding some Floo Powder?""Of course master."Harry shakes his head as he considers his other traveling companion, "Bellatrix, I hope you don't mind but would you mind handing over your wand?"To his surprise, Bellatrix holds up her wand handle first, "Of course master, after the trouble I've caused you, I understand why you want me unarmed."Harry takes the wand suspiciously as Narcissa returns with a large clay pot.

"Here you go master; it was right where it used to be."Harry's head is spinning as he says, "Please call Dumbledore and have him come here quickly.

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Make sure he knows I want him to come alone."Harry then sits down in one of the chairs and almost passes out from a combination of magical exhaustion, physical fatigue, and raw shock.A while later, Bellatrix is washing Harry's forehead with a cool washcloth when the fireplace belches green flame and Albus Dumbledore emerges in the Most Noble House of Black.

His wand is instantly on Bellatrix."Hold on professor," Harry says quietly. "I think she's a friend."The Headmaster walks over to Harry, while keeping his wand trained on a docile Bellatrix. "What's wrong with him?"Narcissa says, "Nothing serious, I'd imagine, he's just been through a lot in one day.

If you have some Pepper-Up Potion, I think that should take care of most of the problems."Albus reaches into his robe and produces a small vial. He feeds the contents to Harry and, to his extreme dismay, only a small amount of steam comes out of Harry's ears. The old man asks, "Feeling better Harry?""Yes sir.""Good, then perhaps we could go to the drawing room and discuss today's events."Harry stands up and finds that he's remarkably stable on his feet.

"Let's sir."The two move to a small library, with a fireplace and two chairs, escorted by two women.As the men are seated, the women take up flanking positions next to Harry."If you ladies would kindly leave, there are some sensitive matters I need to discuss with Mr. Potter."They merely look at Harry, "Why don't you two go get freshened up and then bring up some refreshments?"They give him a dazzling smile before leaving, as Harry's eyes track Bellatrix's bum, a rather naughty thought crosses the teen's mind."Thank you Harry, now, would you please explain what's happened so far today?"Harry gives a very quick over view of the day's events until he comes to the part where he has his meeting with Wormtail in the cell."It was weird professor; Peter gave me a piece of paper with two words on it that looked like a spell.

I passed out and when I came to, I was naked, tied to the bed. Then Narcissa and Bellatrix came in and well. I don't think I have to paint you a picture. As they continued, I felt my magic building up. My only real hope was whatever Peter gave me, so, I just focused all my magic into that and since then the ladies have been outright submissive; doing what ever I say, calling me `master', that kind of thing."Dumbledore's face is study in contradictions as he says, "Do you happen to remember what the spell was?""Serve us something.""Servus secus?""That sounds about right."One emotion finally emerges victorious within Albus Dumbledore.

The old mage bursts out laughing. Not a quiet chuckle, not a polite laugh, but a full-fledged belly laugh. Harry stares at Dumbledore until he gets his laughter under control."Harry please forgive me; but the situation was too much for me.""What situation professor?"Dumbledore looks at Harry for a moment before he blushes. "Again I apologize Harry. I doubt you've even been really been able to think since you're escape, let alone analyze the situation. Why don't you give me your take on the situation before I explain mine?

I just wish to see how much insight you gleamed from what's happened.""The only thoughts I have professor, is that he was trying to pay off the Wizards Dept he owed me, but he was also trying to make inroads with our side for when Voldemort loses.""Very good Harry, I hadn't even considered the last part.

Allow me to explain my take on this. It would appear to me that Wormtail attempted to pay off his Wizards Dept to you while helping to secure his position with Tom.

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But he also delivered a rather potent intelligence source to us. This is one of the major weapons we have against the Dark, their greed."Also Harry, I'm concerned that this could be a new plot by Tom.""How so professor?""How much do you know about the spell you used Harry?""Nothing sir, what's so special about it?"Dumbledore looks at Harry with concern etched on his face, "Harry, the spell you used is the Sex Slave Curse and it's the parent of the modern Imperious.

It's not an Unforgivable, or even illegal for only two reasons. The first is that it's ancient and requires an immense amount of power, until today, I thought there were only two people who could have cast that spell, Tom and myself.

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The second reason would infuriate Ms. Granger should she ever learn of it. The curse will only work on women, and the Ministry is still mired in what can only be described as chauvinistic tendencies."Just as Harry opens his mouth, the door opens.

He looks over and his jaw goes completely slack. Standing in the door are Bellatrix and Narcissa, but what causes Harry to almost need dental work is that the two are wearing skimpy French maid outfits that have been modified so that they just cover the pink bits.


As they approach the men, carrying trays, Harry notes that each of them has a black satin choker on, that appears to be pressing into the flesh, with metal disks directly over the larynx, on them is a shield in Gryffindor colors and has a large `P' superimposed on it.They place the trays on the table between Harry and Dumbledore. Bellatrix quickly pours out two cups of tea while Narcissa prepares two plates, placing them on the end table next to the chairs as her sister hands the cups to the men.

"Is there anything else master?"Harry can barely shake his head and his eyes bug out as they turn to leave, he gets more then a few looks at their naked bums. He looks to the old man sitting across from him, "How?!?""What do you mean Harry?"Harry closes his eyes and takes several deep breaths to calm himself and to help get rid of his body's reaction to the women. "I was thinking about seeing them in something like that, but I didn't say anything.""Harry, the curse literally binds their will to yours.

You wished to see them in something provocative, I'm guessing, so they took the image you had and, in their wish to please you, took it even further.""Wait a second professor, could they have been trying to bind me to them?"Dumbledore shakes his head.

"That's quite impossible Harry. You see, the curse will only bind a woman to a man, even if a woman performs it, it will be her will that's bound, not his; thus my comment about chauvinistic tendencies. It was originally created to ensure longevity when marrying a woman from an opposing faction as a way of making peace.""So what can I do about it?""Very little, I'm afraid.

I believe Tom's intent was to seduce you with the possibilities of power he could offer you. I knew Peter well when he was a student; he could not have found the curse on his own.

I suspect that Tom made a sacrifice of Bellatrix and Narcissa in the hopes that you would come to him, looking for more sources of pleasure.""`Sources of pleasure' professor?""Yes my dear boy, it's called the Sex Slave Curse for a reason, the two women will now do anything you want, including any sexual act you wish. Their loyalty to you is literally fanatical; they will do literally anything for you, even at the cost of their own lives, in a most painful and humiliating manner.""So what do we do now professor?""Well, with you permission, I'd like to question the two women to get as much information as possible from them.

Beyond that, it's up to you. I would hope that you would return to Hogwarts to finish your schooling, but it's no longer required. I would also ask that you return to the Dursleys household to finish cementing the protections."Harry closes his eyes and thinks for a second, "If I were to return to the Dursleys, would Bellatrix and Narcissa still be able to do magic?"Dumbledore looks at Harry in surprise, "I'm surprised you're willing to even discuss the possibilities.""I'll be honest with you professor.""Please Harry, when we're alone, call me Albus.

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Last year I promised to start treating you like an adult and adults will generally address each other by name.""All right prof. Albus; but as I was saying, if the ladies are there, I'm quite sure that the Dursleys will be more then civil. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I wouldn't give a damn if Tommy-boy got Vernon or even Dudley, but Aunt Petunia is family, so I do want to help keep her safe."Albus smiles, "Harry, I don't believe I've ever been prouder of anyone then I am of you right now.

You're willing to help protect a woman whom you have every right in the world to despise and wish a rather gruesome end on; and even though you've stated a willingness to throw the other two to the wolves you're willing to tolerate them for the sake of your aunt.""Actually professor, I figure if I have Bellatrix and Narcissa living at Privet Drive as well, then the threat of two full-fledged witches should be enough to keep my loving relatives in line.""Ah, an open threat?

Viable, not normally recommended, but considering that the vehicles of your threat will know in an instant if you are harmed, it's certainly a viable option.""Professor, arg, Albus, would it be possible to have a rather pointed talk with Fudge about getting the restrictions on underage magic lifted?""Why would you need that Harry?

As you said, with the Black sisters living with you, they shouldn't be a problem.""For once it's not my family that's got me concerned, it's that thrice-damned prophecy and Tommy. I want to be able to train this summer without those idiots who run our world coming down on me."Albus raises his eyebrows, "An interesting choice of words Harry, but you do get your point across.

Yes I will speak to Cornelius immediately. Now, what shall we do with you in the interim?""How long have I been gone?""Only about five hours actually, why?""A rather simple plan, depending on who knows I was gone.""No one knew what had happened to you, just that you'd disappeared, why?""Well Albus, we can simply tell the Dursleys that I had a little accident and the Black sisters are around to help make sure that nothing happens to my family as a result.

The Order could be told that I was kidnapped and by a twist of fate, I managed to escape by accidentally binding the ladies to me.""That could work; it covers all the basics, while still being vague enough to allow others imaginations to fill in the blanks, very Slytherin of you Harry.""I'm not sure whether or not to be insulted professor, so I'll let that slide."Just as he's thinking of calling for Bellatrix and Narcissa, they appear in the doorway."Ah, perfect, now Harry, I know I said I'd try to treat you as an adult, but.""But because I still can't do Occulmency, you want me to leave while you talk to them?"Albus cringes, but says, "I'm afraid you put a much finer point on it then I as looking for, but that's essentially it."Harry stands up and walks to the door, "Tell him anything he wants to know." With that, Harry walks down to the kitchen and pours himself some pumpkin juice and waits until Dumbledore.Less then an hour later, the door to the kitchen opens allowing the other three residents to enter the room."Ah Harry, they've been most informative, shall we return to Privet Drive?""Just one thing first, ladies would you please either put on some robes or change into something much more conservative, I don't want my uncle to die of a heart attack."The two women in question raise their wands and summon their robes.

After they don their robes, Albus picks up a kitchen towel and quietly whispers a spell; he has everyone grab hold of the towel, as the last person touches the towel, they all feel a tug behind the navel.