Stunning Cougar loves to suck

Stunning Cougar loves to suck
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This is my first story so be nice please. :) This is also a true story! :) By the way I'm 16, this happened last summer when I was 15! In middle school I found out that I was bisexual.

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Only my close friends knew I was bisexual. I was bullied a lot because I was bisexual, and I was more attracted to guys than I was to girls. Anyways during my freshman year I realized that I wasn't bisexual anymore and that I was gay but i still told everyone that I was bisexual.


(This is where the story starts) So this story is about sucking my straight cousins cock(His name is Franky). So before I talk about last summer I want to tell you about the summer before. So me and my cousin have always been close we would do everything together. Anyways I never ever thought that I would think of my cousin in a sexual way because we were so close but it started 2 summers ago.

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Everytime I spent the night at his house I would always stare at his bulge under his shorts, and I would get hard as a rock(He never caught me). One night I decided to feel his package while he was sleeping, so I waited till he fell asleep and once I saw he was asleep I put my hand under his blankets slowly and I was shaking so bad and finally I placed my hand on his cock.

God the warmness of his cock felt amazing through his shorts.

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I started rubbing his now rock hard cock. I wanted to see it so I slowly pulled his shorts down and his cock slapped his stomach after I pulled his shorts down he was about 6 1/2 and he was uncut. I was just thinking "Damn there it is look at that uncut cock!".

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I touched it and it twitched, then I grabbed his cock and just looked at it and started playing with the head of his penis and pulled his foreskin back, after 3 mins of that. I wanted to do more so I put it in my mouth and god that almost made me blow right there.

I just played with it in my mouth and flipped my tongue on the head of his cock, then i started bobbing my head and after 20 or 30mins of blowing him I started to jack him off.

Two pumps and 1, 2, 3, 4 jets of cum shot into the air.

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Ever since then I would do that to him whenever he stayed at my house or I stayed at his for the rest of the summer then he moved to New Mexico (He never found out).

So last summer he came back with his family to stay with my family for the whole summer.


I was excited cause I missed them so much. But I was more excited cause my cousin Franky was "cumming" also. So as usual I did the same thing to him like the summer before but this summer was a little different.

There was one night where I fucked his face and there was another night where I fucked his ass (He didn't wake up). But one night I was doing what I usually do to him and I tried fucking him again but his shorts were being a bitch so I couldn't so I fingered him while I sucked him off and then i stopped so I can pull his shorts down more but he woke up.

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Franky: Dude what the fuck are you doing? Me: What? (While still holding his dick in my hand) Franky: I said what the fuck are you doing? I didn't know what to say but after he pulled his shorts up he sat next to me and we talked for like 30 mins and then something happened.

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Franky: Okay.I will do anything for just this night except for anal(That was for him). Me: Really?!

Black dude picks up and bangs fat bitch about just a blowjob? Franky: Okay I'll be right back So he went to the bathroom and then he came back and he layed back down and I was more nervous than the first time I did this because he was awake and I pulled his shorts down and he was already hard and I jacked him off a little bit and then I told him "You Ready" He looked at me and tried to say "Yeah" but before he could say that i shoved his dick in my mouth and he let out a little moan and I just started sucking like crazy and then I told him to get up and I sat down with my back against the bed and told him to face fuck me and instead of me shoving his dick in my mouth he did this time and he just started fucking my face like crazy god it felt so fucking good and I put my hands on his ass so I can feel his ass muscles everytime he thrusted I knew he liked it just by his face expressions and his little groans and moans after 10 mins of that I got on my knees and started sucking him off and thrn ask him if he wanted me too suck his balls and he said he didn't care so I did he liked it but I didn't.

Then my mom came home and we acted like we were asleep and she came into my room and then went out and 5 mins later she went to bed then Franky got back up started jacking off so he can get hard again and this time I was laying down on my bed and he was at the edge on his knees and I started to suck him off again and after 20 mins he said "Oh shit I'm gonna cum" and I took his dick out and he shot 6 jets of cum on my face my shoulder my pillow just everywhere and then he went to bed and then I jacked off and orgasmed like I never have before I asked if we could do it again he said no but I still sucked him off the next night.

So then after they went back home we still talk mostly about that night and I told him that If we could go back to that night I would ask him to fuck me he said he probably would have since we were caught up in the moment. Tell me how my story was and when I see him again what should I do give him another bj or something else or no? Pleas tell me in the comments and please be nice this is my first story :)