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This volume contains Ch. 1 to Ch 5 of 15 chapters in all. Chapter 1 As a professor of history at Wyndham College, Evan Anderson enjoyed teaching the introductory courses to the freshmen and other undergraduates as much as the seminar courses with the postgraduate students. He knew he was a marginal salesman, but hoped his enthusiasm for his discipline would transfer to a few of the undergrads and lead them to the major. It was during one of these large seminar courses that he'd met his precious Emily.

It was fate, he believed, that place her in the 10:55 class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The next event would be lunch. Although not shy, Evan did have some sense of professional standards. He didn't invite her to have a meal with him until after the mid-term exams. The pretext had been to discuss the interesting essay she produced on colonial trade between Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

In reality, her essay produced no new information, but was well organized and quite passably written. Evan smiled as he remembered that first date, although, officially, it wasn't a date.

He'd begun by telling her that she seemed an unusual student with some potential for further study in the discipline. She admitted to having taken time after her high school graduation to assist her aging parents before enrolling six years later than most other freshmen.

Evan acknowledged his preference for students who had some seasoning in real-world experiences. They knew, he told her, that grades were earned rather than given out based on the subjective influence of the faculty.

Mentally, he calculated the age difference and, although it spanned seven years, it was half the usual spread of the standard freshmen women in his introductory classes.

Lunches became a regular event for the two of them and topics ranged far beyond the narrow subject of academia. Evan was thrilled to hear she had no regular relationships. She claimed that she had little time or interest in the drama of the typical student and infrequent contact with graduate students who might be closer to her own age.

She seemed to welcome the interest of her history professor. Even on those days after class when no arrangement had been made, Emily waited by the door for him as he gathered his notes, packed his briefcase, and prepared to leave. Unless a departmental luncheon meeting intervened, Evan was always glad to accept her unspoken invitation to their every-other day assignation.

Her face, Evan decided, was more delicate that those of the models he'd seen on various magazine covers as he passed the checkout counter at the small grocery store that served the campus. Rather than the harsh, angular features that seemed to be the style of the day, hers was more rounded. Her eyes had a sparkle that consistently intrigued him.

Her nose was small and belied the roundness of her general facial appearance. The lips had a semi-permanent curl of a smile touching the corners, with lips proportionate, neither pouty nor thin.

She looked, Evan thought, natural. She had dark hair, brown, without the insane multi-coloring that seemed to be all the fad among her younger classmates. She usually wore it either loose, attractively draped from a slight side-parting, down across her shoulders, or in a tight pony-tail. It was a reasonable length, he thought, quite sensible.

In fact, he mused smiling, everything about Emily seemed reasonable. He anticipated a miserable summer session without their semi-regular meetings. The days after the semester closed out seemed endless and exceedingly dull. He was surprised and delighted when she arrived at his office in mid-June and tapped lightly. "Emily!" he nearly shouted in joy. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd be taking the summer off." "Come have lunch with me, Professor," she said.

"I'll explain everything." She had decided to continue with a series of electives and basic courses during the summer semester, she told him, in an effort to shorten her course of study.

"It isn't that I don't enjoy being here," she said, "but I do have to get on with my life." "What life are you planning, Emily?" Evan asked her. "I'm not sure, precisely," she responded. "My parents left enough for me to finish my degree and a little more to establish myself. I just believe I should get on with it as soon as I can." Their occasional lunch dates expanded to virtually daily encounters between student and mentor.

Evan recognized that the feelings he was developing for Emily went far beyond those he had experienced in the past. He felt a sense of joy and peace whenever she was present. When she was away he found himself befuddled and disorganized. He became increasingly aware that he not only enjoyed having her close by, he needed her. "Evan," Emily said, causing him to pause with the spoonful of his white-chili soup halfway to his mouth.

In the two years they had shared their regular meeting, she had never called him by his first name. It had always been "Professor." He looked at her, seeing her in a new light. "Evan," she repeated with greater emphasis.

"Emily?" he responded, taking in the vision of the beauty seated next to him. She'd worn her hair gathered today, the pony-tail tucked in the opening of a beige ball cap.

"It's been two years," she stated. "I'm not your student anymore." It was true. Emily had declared Business Administration as her major. It was a disappointment to Evan, but he understood. She would, after all, probably be seeking employment in the business sector. Evan put his spoon on the plate beneath the bowl holding his soup.

"You're right," he said. I don't call you Miss Patterson. The familiar names are probably more appropriate at this juncture in our relationship." "So, you recognize that we do have a relationship," Emily said.

"Yes, of course," he said, his heart racing a bit. "Evan," she said, as if testing the sound of his name coming from her lips, "I want to talk to you about, our relationship." Evan's heart began to pound as he nodded. "Very well," he said.

"Do you love me, Evan?" she asked. He was shocked and quite surprised with the question. "I certainly treasure our time together," he said carefully. "But, do you love me?" she pressed him. "You're quite obviously very attractive," he said. "I find you extremely attractive." Emily sighed. "That's not what I asked you, Evan," she said. "Do you love me?" "You are quite dear to me, Emily," he responded, obviously uncomfortable by the directness in her line of questioning. She demanded he confess the innermost feelings of his heart.

Emily bridled. Evan could tell she was becoming impatient. "It is a simple question, Evan," she insisted. "The ramifications are many, Emily," he said uneasily. "Fine," she said. "I've decided what I want to do with my life, Evan. But, before I can move in that direction, I need to know the answer to my question.

So, please, just a simple yes or no. Do you love me?" Evan sighed, looking down at the table. The answer was clear. The confession, he knew, would mean major changes in his own life. "Yes, Emily," he said, so softly that she could barely hear him. "I do love you. I have been in love with you for some time now." Emily's eyes began to sparkle even more brilliantly than usual. "I've known it, too, Evan.

I've loved you for months and months. I thought you felt the same about me, but I need to be certain." "You're in love with me?" Evan asked, a little astounded at her revelation. "Yes, I am, Evan, my dearest. That's why I've decided what I want to do with my life.

I want to be your wife, Evan. I want to be married to you, to take care of you, and to love you with all of my heart." "But, Emily," he said, attempting to sound reasonable, "you are so young and so beautiful. Surely your prospects go beyond a stodgy old history professor in the cloister of academia." Emily laughed, her voice sounding like golden bells to Evan. "You're neither stodgy nor old, Evan.

You are exactly what I want in a husband and life mate. You are intelligent, quite funny in your own way, and you care so deeply. I have desperately wanted to be the one woman who is the object of your gentle and intense affections.

I have wanted you to love me for the longest time. I am so happy to hear you finally say it." "And you, my dearest Emily, are so bright, so intelligent, so beautiful and engaging," Evan said, emptying his heart of the feelings he'd held so tightly under control for so long. "How could I not fall in love with you? I have been bereft when we've been apart, unable to concentrate on anything, and constantly thinking of you and how dear you are to me." She reached for his hand.

He was amazed at how warm and soft it felt in his own. He realized that this was the first time they had actually touched one another in the long months of being together. "I am yours, Evan Anderson," she said, "to have and to hold forever. Please let me love you and be with you from now until you tire of me." "I will never tire of you, my darling Emily," he told her earnestly.

"You will be my love and my life from this day forward. All that you need and want will be yours as I am able to provide it." "All I want, dearest Evan, is for you to love me as I love you, completely, totally, insanely. As I am able, I will never be far from you, and will hold you fast in my heart and my mind," Emily said, tears of joy breaking loose from her sparkling eyes and easing down her cheeks. Evan looked at her for a long moment, reveling in the joy, beauty, and devotion of his newly declared love.

He had been correct in the assumptions that his life would change. Emily insisted that she surrender her small apartment and that they would share a small house near the campus. Though he protested his lack of interest in any particular dwelling as long as she was happy, she dragged him through the process of finding exactly the right house for the two of them. It turned out to be a two-bedroom, two story structure.

The second bedroom, Emily decided, would be his study. The kitchen was small but efficiently laid out. There was a dining room off the great room that would comfortably seat six so that he could entertain the dean of his college or two fellow faculty families if he desired. Emily assured him she would become the perfect faculty wife, attending the various functions on his arm and graciously providing for small gatherings as her husband thought advisable.

The yard was small, but the back yard held a spacious patio and deck for larger gatherings during the summer months. She furnished the bedroom with a dark wood bedstead replete with sturdy columns nearly as tall as she was.

She made him test a variety of mattresses until they found one that was firm enough to support them, but soft enough for comfort. She selected a matching bureau and chest of drawers and one easy chair. The bedroom featured a split closet. "Your suits will go here," she said, indicating one side, "and my clothes will fit nicely in here." Evan reveled watching her joyfully go about the process of making them a home.

They agreed to be married in the campus chapel in the Spring. It would be a small, late morning affair. The invited guests were Evan's dean and his wife, the chairman of his department and his spouse, and one or two of his colleagues.

Emily asked the wife of dean of the business college to serve as her matron of honor and two of her classmates to be bridesmaids. Rather than a gown, Emily selected a simple white dress with matching shoes.

She insisted Evan wear a tuxedo, that he select a best man and at least two ushers to accompany the bridesmaids. The reception was held on the patio of their new home, and was a simply catered event with hors d'oeuvres and a variety of wines, including champagne.

The cost of all this would have been staggering if Evan had not lived such a meager existence before meeting his new wife. As it was, he had substantial savings which easily absorbed the cost of the wedding, as well as the furnishings and supplies Emily purchased for their house.

She maintained that her needs were simple and that once the initial costs were handled, that she and Evan would be quite comfortable and parsimonious in their daily lives. Evan smiled wanly, wrote the checks, and watched joyfully as his wife distributed the funds as carefully and frugally as if they were down to their last few dollars. "I didn't marry you for your money, Evan," she reminded him. "I married you because I love you." For his part, Evan was astounded at her business acumen.

She seemed to make it all come together with elegance and style that would indicate a much more liberal application of funds. He had to acknowledge that Emily had excellent taste, an eye for the attractive, and a remarkable ability to organize and arrange that far exceeded his own.

As he watched her, he loved her even more deeply and with unbounded devotion. The physical element in their relationship was extremely limited. "We're adults," Emily told him. "We can restrain ourselves until the proper time." Toward that end, they limited physical contact to the holding of hands and the occasional kiss.

They held each other only briefly, yet constantly sought the reassuring contact of hand-in-hand whenever they were together. The wedding night was as spectacular as the months of restraint promised. The guests had all departed by seven o'clock. Evan helped Emily cleaning up the patio once the caterers had removed their serving trays and additional tables.

They loaded the dishwasher with the odd assortment of articles left behind by their guests. "Are you happy, Evan?" Emily asked him. He nodded and smiled at her. "Yes, my dear. I am at home with the wife of my dreams and the love of my life. I'm quite happy. Are you?" She put her hands on his shoulders. "Soon," she said. "If you'll let me, I'll go get ready for bed. Come up in about fifteen minutes and bring me a half a glass of the white wine" she ordered, "and we will make the months of waiting worthwhile." He nodded gently and leaned forward to kiss her.

She returned the kiss more warmly than he had experienced. "This will be wonderful," she promised, "for you and for me." She twirled out of his arms and nearly ran toward the stairway to the second story of the house. Evan poured himself a half a glass of the dark wine.

He didn't know what it was, but it seemed to lack the acidic bite of the white. It was mellow. That matched his mood, he thought. He selected a book from the shelf Emily stocked for him in the living room and pretended to read. His thoughts kept drifting to the vision of his bride, as lovely as he'd ever seen her. He mused over the past two-and-ahalf years, thinking back to the first time he noticed her.

He remembered thinking how lovely she appeared. He was not surprised to find that she was older than the other freshmen in the class. She was a woman among girls. He reached for the tie still fastened on his neck and pulled at one of the ends.

Emily had insisted on a real tie for his tuxedo. No metallic clips for his wife. He smiled at the thought. His wife. In spite of all the changes in his life he felt quite comfortable. He glanced at the grandfather clock and realized that ten of the fifteen minutes had already passed as he remembered the developments of the past. Taking mental inventory of his emotions, the primary feeling he recognized was joy.

He and his beloved Emily were married.

He stood up, replaced the book on the shelf, and sought a clean glass for her requested Chablis. He found one and recovered the bottle from the bottom of the refrigerator door.

He poured carefully. She'd asked for a half a glass. He eyed it carefully, thinking to himself, this is for Emily. It had to be perfect. He took the glass and carried it up the stairs to the bedroom she had furnished with such care and style. He looked around the room, his eyes taking in the semi-darkness, alleviated by soft illumination of lamps on each side of the massive bed. He looked for his bride. She was not in the room. Chapter 2 Emily emerged from the master bath. The white dress she'd worn was gone, replaced by a silken nightgown, also white, that came down some six inches above her knees.

For the first time in their relationship, Evan looked at her with the eyes of a lover. The gown revealed soft curves as she moved, clinging to delicate protrusions and flowing softly across her body. "You like it?" she asked, her voice hopeful. Her eyes sparkled with delight. "You are too beautiful for words," he answered. She held her hand out for the glass he held. He passed it to her and watched her lips as she sipped the golden liquid.


"Evan," she said, setting the glass down and motioning for him to come toward her. He was intoxicated with her nearness, the fresh smell of her young body, and the perfume in her hair. She began to dislodge the studs and buttons on his shirt.

"I want to be honest with you," she said. "I am not a virgin." "Should I be disappointed?" he asked, smiling. "I would hope not," she answered. "But, I did want you to know. I've had some limited experience with sex," she confessed.

"Most of it was quite disappointing, really. But, I'm certain that will not be the case tonight." "I see," Evan nodded. "I'm certain you've been with your share of co-eds," she said, "but all that is behind us now." Evan shook his head.

"I've always thought of my position as one of trust," he told her. "I've never taken advantage of that." Emily peeled off his shirt and began to attack the suspenders of his trousers. "But you have made love before," she asked. He flashed back to the encounter with the wife of a colleague who had backed him into a corner, bit his ear, and told him of her intention to have him as a lover.

She'd said it was retribution for her husband's dalliance with a student. She'd pushed him into a large bathroom, and through oral and manual stimulation made him hard. She mounted him as he leaned against the cabinetry, and humped him until he gave up his essence. As she dismounted, she told him that she was satisfied she had redeemed her self-respect, and expected no repetition of their joining.

"Just once," he said. "It was very rushed and not entirely pleasant." She smiled at him. "So, in the pleasure department, we're both virgins, then," she observed. "One of the nice things about being married, my love, is that we have no reason to rush.

We can take all the time we need so we both can experience the pleasure we've been denied." With that, she stripped his trousers off and ordered him to the easy chair.

She untied his shoes, removed them and his socks, and then, directed him to stand. "I am going to make love to you, my darling Evan. I expect you will make love with me, as well.


We've been so well behaved during our engagement that we deserve this pleasure, don't you agree?" "I do, Emily," he said seriously. "I promise to love you as best I can." She began by kissing him on the mouth, more sensuously and warmly than he had ever experienced. He felt her tongue press into his lips.

He opened his and let her have access to his mouth. He sucked and chased her tongue in his own mouth and hers.

He felt himself becoming aroused, and wrapped his arms around her. "Please," he whispered, "don't let me hurt you. If I do, just tell me and I'll stop." "You won't hurt me, Evan." She dropped to one knee in front of him and pulled his shorts down. His erection bobbed in front of him. She looked at it and smiled.

Evan felt her warm hand wrap around him possessively. "I just knew it," she said, almost in a whisper. "I just knew you would be perfect for me." She held him in one hand and explored his length with the fingers of the other. She touched it and lightly stroked him, gently pinching the head between two fingers. A small drop of his pre-cum oozed from the slit. She swiped her thumb across it and pressed it into his flesh.

She leaned slightly forward and placed her lips on the tip. Evan felt the pressure of her tongue on him and moaned. "Oh, Emily, please." She pulled away. "What, Evan?" "Darling, you don't have to…" "Evan," she said, softly but sharply. "This is mine. You gave it to me today. Soon I will take it into my body. But, for now, I want to own it, to make love to it.

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It is you, Evan, and I love you. So, you must let me." He shook his head slowly. "If this is what you want," he said. "I do, my darling. This is what I want." She put her lips around him again. "I just thought," Evan said, uneasy with the mixed emotions, "that it was unpleasant." Emily chuckled around him, making him twitch with the sensations. She pulled away. "You just thought this is what whores do," she said easily.

"And, it is. But, there's a difference. They do it for money. I do it because I love you and it makes you feel good. Besides all that," she told him, "we are married. We will make love. Later, we will fuck." The word caused Evan to inhale sharply. Emily giggled. "I've shocked you, haven't I?" "I'm, uh," Evan said, "surprised." "And shocked," she said defiantly.

"It's all right, Evan. We can do these things together. We can say these words. They're entirely appropriate to the situation." He put his hands on her soft shoulders. "Emily, you are my wife. You're not some whore from the street." She stood up and looked him in the eyes. "But I am, Evan. I am your whore.

In the privacy of our bedroom, I will be your whore, your lover, your wife. Outside, I will be your lady and your love. But, here, I am yours as I wish to be. I am intent on keeping you excited, interested, and satisfied. I am yours and you are mine. You'll need to get used to that." "I'm not sure, Emily," he protested mildly.

"I know you're not," she said, "because you have limited experience. So, just let me take the lead here. Let me love you and make love to you, all of you. Let me become the object of your desire. I want to do this, Evan. Please, set me free to do this for you and for me." "It is totally unreasonable," he told her, "and so unlike you. Yet, you make it sound so reasonable and rational." "What it is, my darling is more worldly than you're used to, but, yes, it is totally reasonable and rational.

Now, be an absolute dear and set me free to do what I want. I promise, you won't have any regrets." He bowed his head, his eyes taking in the glorious shape of her under the white shift she still wore. He looked into her eyes and nodded. "Very well," he said. "Let the student instruct the teacher." She beamed at him, planted a quick kiss on his lips, and then dropped to her knee again.

This time there was no pretense. She took his length between her lips and sucked him into her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue danced along his flesh. Evan groaned with the overwhelming sensations. He touched her shining hair with his hands as her head moved back and forth while her lips pressed and sucked at his member. Her hands crept along the outside of his thighs, and then caused him to tremble and moan as she gently scraped her nails along his scrotum.

She hummed approvingly when she heard him, the vibrations shooting a sparkling sensation through his lower abdomen. She pulled away from him, giving the head several tiny licks.

"You like that, do you?" she murmured, smiling wickedly up at him. Evan was breathless. "Yes," he gasped. "Good," Emily replied. "We're going to do that a lot, my darling, because you have no idea how much I like it, too." "Emily," he started to say.

"Hush, Evan," she ordered him. "Sometimes you get to be in control. Tonight, it is my turn. Will you let me guide you in making love to me?" "Yes, my darling," he said softly. "Show me. Tell me. All I want is for you to be happy." Emily stood in front of him and slid the small straps of her nightgown off her shoulder.

"I'm really very aroused, Evan," she said, holding the small gown to her. "You can see how my nipples are distended, can't you?" "Yes," was all me managed to say. "I would love for you to kiss and lick them, Evan." A slight smile crossed his face. Emily released her hold on the fabric and the gown slid down her frame. She heard the breath catch in his throat.

"You are so beautiful," he told her, his eyes sweeping across her naked body. Her breasts were rounded and full without being obscenely overlarge. The quarter sized areola was a light brown, bordering on pink, and her nipples were definitely distended and engorged. She had trimmed herself to an inch-wide landing strip no more than three inches in length. "Let's go to bed, Evan," she said. "We'll be more comfortable there." She quickly turned away from him and stepped to the huge bed, pulling back all the bedclothes except the bottom sheet.

She faced him as she sat on the edge, and then pushed back until she was centered. "Come and make love to my breasts," she invited him. Evan climbed into the bed after her and leaned over her prostrate body.

He lowered himself until his lips captured a nipple. "We're going to be so good together," Emily whispered. "I just know that we will." Then she groaned softly as she felt the sharpness of his bottom teeth scraped her nipples from underneath.

Evan suckled, nipped, licked, and kissed each of those delicate morsels for minutes. Emily held his head in her hands, pressing her body toward him as his efforts caused tiny shocks and warm waves to sweep through her body.

Each wave seemed to travel between her legs. She ached to feel him there, yet was reluctant to allow him to stop exciting her. Her hips arched upward and she held her breath, releasing it in a gasp and groan as her first orgasm swept through her body.

"Oh, my God, Evan," she whispered. "You've made me come already!" Evan smiled and pulled up and away from her. "I want to be inside you, darling," he whispered. "I've never felt such a need." "Yes, my dearest Evan," she whispered back. "I am aching to feel you there." She reached down to pull him up her body, and was startled when his lips pressed into hers, his tongue licking at her lips and teeth, probing gently into her mouth. She sucked on his tongue, pulsing with the natural rhythm that her body wanted to feel with him lodged into her.

"Help me do this right," he encouraged her, concerned that any fumbling would break their pattern of perfection. She gently guided him toward her opening and raised her hip. She gasped as he penetrated her, whispering an encouraging, "Oh, yes!" She felt him filling her.

"Wait there, just a moment," she said softly. "It feels so good having you in me." "I would melt into you if I could," he told her. "I want so much to be one with you." "We are one, Evan," she said lovingly. "I love the way you feel." Evan held his weight on his knees and elbows. The feelings he had for her were overwhelming as she tightly held him inside.

He looked into her face and saw her eyes shining brightly. "Are we good?" he asked. "Oh, yes, darling!" she said. "I knew you would feel wonderful inside me. I just didn't know how absolutely incredible this would be." "I love you, Emily," he said, his eyes flickering back and forth to hers. "And I love you, Evan," she answered.

"Now, I think we can begin to move." Evan lifted his hips, and Emily felt him partially withdraw. "Oh, my!" Emily said. "Put it back in, darling. I feel so empty without you there." He gently pushed himself inside one more time. Emily's hips rose to meet him. "Better?" Evan asked. "Yes, but," she said, pausing a moment. "I want you inside me, but I love feeling you move." "Perhaps a little quicker, then?" Evan asked. "Let's try that," she agreed. Evan began to move himself in and out in a rhythmical pattern.

Each time, Emily rose up to meet his thrust. He could hear her breathing as the sensations welled up within her. "Oh, Evan," she moaned, "my husband, my lover. This is wonderful. You can love me like this. You can fuck me. I want you in me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to love me. Faster, now, and harder. I love you so very much." Evan was silent except for the occasional panting of his exertion.

His emotions were overflowing with love and desire, yet he was unable to speak. He was delighted to hear Emily's expressions of love and need. Her usual restraint seemed to dissolved as he pounded himself into her. "Yes, my darling," Emily gasped.

"Like that. Oh, Evan. Thank you, darling. Thank you for making you mine. You're making me come, my dearest." He felt his heart swelling with desire. He loved the feeling, her warmth, and the tightness of her love canal enveloping his member. He continued a regular rhythm of pushing into her and withdrawing. He looked into her face, and loved the tension he could see there. "Oh, my God, Evan!" Emily moaned. Her tongue whipped around her lips, counteracting the dryness of her gasping breath.

"Harder, my love, and faster, now. Yes! That's it." Evan watched her carefully. Her hair was spead gloriously beneath her. Her eyes shown and her beautiful mouth was open, gasping.

He felt her hands on his shoulders, grabbing him. "I love you, my Evan," she said quickly. "Come in me, darling. Fill me with your hot seed. I need to feel you come inside me, darling. Please." He was ready. In an overload of his senses, he could no longer hold back. He groaned as the burning sensation moved through his thighs and into his lower abdomen.

He nearly quivered with the release of his essence, feeling it pulse and shoot into the welcoming cavity she had opened for him. "I can feel you, Evan," Emily told him, his voice on the edge of a wail. "Yes, darling, fill me. I'm coming, too," she confirmed, "and I'm loving you with my body! Make me yours!" She stopped speaking and cried out with release as he plunged deep inside her, feeling all of his being flow from him into her.

Chapter 3 Emily made Evan's transition to married life as easy as possible. She achieved her goal of making him happy, as happy as he had ever been. His colleagues at the university noted that he became more confident and outgoing.

Always grounded in his own professional knowledge of his discipline, Evan even seemed to be more assured of himself in his interaction with students. He continued to enjoy the basic survey courses taught to freshmen and sophomores.

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In his graduate studies courses he challenged his students to find new data, reveal new information and develop their own theories in the discipline. The boards for the master's and doctoral candidate found Evan's students among the best prepared and knowledgeable in their topics.

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Their theses, papers, and presentations were challenging and interesting. Emily continued with her own studies and even discussed the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree with her husband.

He encouraged her with enthusiasm. "It's not like I'm going to need an MBA, though, Evan. My life's work is here with you," she told him. "If you enjoy the studies," he replied, "you should continue, though. You might find something in the course of your education that you'd like to do in addition to our life together. I think you should go on." Each morning they would make love, snatch coffee and a light breakfast, and leave for school together, he to his office, and she to whichever class or study group she'd joined.

They would always meet for lunch to continue the pattern they had established in the early days of their relationship. He would regale her with tales of joy when a student did well, and with his frustration with the uninterested or challenged student who just didn't seem to be grasping the material. She would commiserate, but rarely had much to say about her own experiences. She knew her husband was virtually uninterested in the machinations of management and thoroughly distraught with the mysteries of accountancy.

She did share her reactions to the variety of faculty members, commenting on the relative abilities of some as experts in the field measured against their capabilities as educators. "I know you're a competent historian," she would tell him. "But you're a wonderful teacher. You make the subjects come to life for your students, and you enjoy telling the stories." On the subject of raising a family they had come to a temporary agreement. Emily admitted that caring for her aging parents had been a labor of love, but one which had burned her out.

"I have you to care for," she told him. "That is enough for me." Evan, with some reservation, accepted his wife's conclusion with a rationalization that Emily helped him develop. "You have thirty to sixty youngsters each semester," she said. "They are your children for as long as you mentor them. Isn't that enough for the time being?" He reluctantly agreed.

Yet, deep in his heart, he knew his desire was to produce another Emily with her. He especially longed to dote on a daughter who would be the image of her mother. He looked forward to the day when Emily would agree that it was time for them to start a family. Their social life was limited to other members of the faculty. Emily was, as she had promised, both an efficient and dedicated hostess when the opportunity presented itself. Otherwise, she was always stunning and gracious when she accompanied her husband to various required functions for his department, college, and the university.

He knew other male members of the faculty saw her as his devoted wife and as an object of desire. He loved watching their reactions to Emily's presence. She was the frequent recipient of longing looks from some of the faculty. While she could be flirty at times, she managed to convey an aire of restraint and maintain an affect of friendly aloofness. Then they met Rich and Janice. Rich was a new associate professor of physical training in the Athletics Department.

He was about the same age as Emily, devastatingly handsome, with a sense of humor that often approached the line of decorum but never crossed it. His wife, Janice, was a former cheerleader whom Rich had met and fallen for while a graduate student at a large mid-Western university.

Her stunning good looks, blonde hair, and molded athlete's body put students and faculty alike into a state of stunned awe.

Emily bonded with them almost immediately. She attributed their attraction to the similarity in age, although Evan recognized that Rich's nearly ribald nature was diametrically opposite to his own reserve. Where Evan was serious, studious, and intense, Rich was fun-loving and somewhat careless.

As the relationship between the two couples developed, Evan saw Rich as a daring foil to his own restraint. At the same time, Rich seemed to have a respect for Evan's intellect and dedication to his students. "I love my guys and gals," Rich told Evan as the four of them gathered for a weekend dinner at the local steakhouse, "and I want them to succeed.

But, the ones we share, Evan? They tell me you're the best professor they ever had because you really do care that they do well." "That's my Evan," Emily grinned broadly. "He thinks of them as his children. He sets high expectations for them and they love him for it." "From what I can see," Rich kidded her, "he's got high standards in women, too." "Are you flirting with me?" Emily snapped back at him with an evil grin, "in front of your wife and my husband?" "At least they're open about it," Janice said with a saccharine smile, reaching out and placing her hand on Evan arm.

"I'd hate it if they were sneaking around." Evan grinned bashfully at her. "It's quite harmless, isn't it?" he said. "It may seem harmless now," Janice told him, her voice lowered in a mock secretive tone that they all could hear. "But, I'll bet you if we left them alone they'd be banging away in less than five minutes." "And in five minutes it would be over," Emily joined in. "The strong, manly types don't last very long. They talk big and swagger, but when they get down to it, its kiss, cuddle, and come." "Emily!" Evan said sharply.

"I'm astonished!" "It's all right, dear," Janice told him, patting his arm. "It's all in good fun." She withdrew her hand and placed it delicately in her lap. "Well, I've learned my lesson," Rich said, nodding toward Evan. "I compliment your wife and she insults my endurance. It won't happen again." "Oh, no! I'd miss your obtuse compliments," Emily said with a phony pout. "And I'd miss her deft parry of your obvious passes," Janice told her husband. "Did he make a pass at her?" Evan asked. "I missed that." "Speaking of missing things," Janice said with a broad smile.

"And, just by the way of information, Missy," she directed at Emily, "Ole Quick Draw does pretty well, considering he's a jock." Rich and Janice had been married four years compared to the eighteen months Evan and Emily had been wed. Janice kidded them about them still being in the honeymoon phase.

Emily teased back, calling them an old married couple. The two of them began to meet for coffee and chat on the odd occasion when both their husbands were working. "I know you and Evan just got married," Janice said.

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"I suppose you're still going hot and heavy in the sex department." Emily smiled and nodded. "It's just so much fun," she said. "I love teasing him and making him hard and desperate. I told him I'd be his whore, and I guess I am." "Me, too," Janice admitted. "At first, Rich was pretty much insatiable.

Things have slacked off recently, though. Well, until you came along." "What does that mean?" Emily asked her. "Honey, you had to notice the chemistry between the two of you," Janice said.

"You've got Rich fascinated." "Oh, dear," Emily said ruefully. "I'm sorry, Janice. I certainly didn't mean to lead him on. I thought we were just having fun." "You are, sweetie," Janice said. "Nothing's awry. In fact, Rich's fascination with you has had a real positive effect on us. I think he's a little jealous that you and Evan are still having honeymoon sex." Emily blushed. "Did he tell you that?" "Not really," Janice replied. "But I've been the beneficiary of his renewed interest in matters of the bedroom.

He's gotten pretty randy in the last couple of months." "You think that has something to do with Evan and me?" Emily asked in wonder. Janice laughed. "More you than Evan, sweetie," she said. "I'm pretty sure I'm the surrogate Emily after our dinners together." "Surely not," Emily said. "I'm deeply in love with Evan.

I'd never cheat on him; not with Rich or with anybody else." "Of course you wouldn't," Janice said. "That's not even among the possibilities." "What kind of possibilities?" Emily asked her. "For right now, just a little play-acting," Janice grinned. "I'm quite satisfied to play Emily for Rich, if he wants." "Doesn't that hurt your feelings?" Janice shook her head.

"We're just playing the fantasy game every now and then, sweetie." "And Rich's fantasy is to do me," Emily said. "And is it your fantasy to have sex with Evan, too?" "Oh, most definitely," she answered with a wide grin. "But, for now I'm just helping Rich fulfill his fantasy of being with you." "Why would you do that?" Emily asked her. "I mean it's so far from the realm of reality." "For the same reason you and Evan are still probably doing it nightly.

Just to keep my man happy." "We don't do it nightly anymore," Emily said, a little embarrassed. "Just a couple of times every week." "Rich thinks Evan is having you nightly," Janice chuckled, "and probably twice or three times a day on weekends." "He's dreaming," Emily said. "We don't do it all the time." Janice shrugged. "Maybe not," she said, "but that's the perception Rich has. And, if that's what he thinks and it makes him horny, well, that's fine with me." Emily shook her head slowly.

She certainly didn't want to hurt Evan or Janice. Yet, the fact that Rich found her sexually stimulating did have an effect on her. "Tell you what," Janice said, "let's agree to be brutally honest with each other, Emily.

I think that's the only way we can develop a real trust between us." Silently, Emily nodded. "So, in the interest of that honesty," Janice continued, "I'm going to tell you that Rich wants you. He visualizes you and Evan having sex all the time, and pictures himself in Evan's position at some point." "Oh, my!" Emily said. "I can't imagine where he would get that idea." Janice laughed. "I told you, Em," she said, "it's a fantasy he's developed.

He just thinks you're hot. The question is, how does that make you feel?" Emily was quiet, drumming her fingers lightly on the table. "Conflicted," she said. "On one level, it's very flattering." "Good," Janice replied.

"Honest. What about the other levels?" "Well," Emily said thoughtfully, "I'm a little shocked that he would think I'd be interested. I mean, I'm Evan's wife." "But that inaccessibility is part of the allure," Janice told her.

"It's what makes you even more desirable to him. I guess my real question is, does it turn you on?" Emily shrugged. "Rich is cute," she said. "But, he's your husband. I would never consider…well, you know." "Never is a long time, Emily," Janice said. "And, as far as being my husband, yes, he is. But, I don't own him.

The important thing is that he be honest with me." "Which makes me wonder," Emily said, "if he has talked to you about this fantasy of his, or did you sort of figure it out?" "Oh, no," Janice said, chuckling.

"He told me. We have this sort of agreement. I promised not to be hurt if he lusts after others as long as he tells me the truth. Part of that agreement is the knowledge that we really are partners for life. It would be stupid to deny attraction, physical attraction, to others.

But, the emotional part, well, that belongs only to us." "Really?" Emily said. "So, you don't get jealous of him when he's drooling after some co-ed?" "It took some doing," Janice admitted. "But, yeah, basically that's it. We're devoted to one another. But, at the same time, neither of us is dead. "Jealousy comes from fear, Emily. I have no fear that Rich will ever desert me. And he knows that I'm not going anywhere, either.

I guess that's the best way to explain it." "Wow!" Emily said. "I don't know if I could ever do that." "Sure you can," Janice told her. "Just give it some time. One day, you'll see some hunk somewhere and wonder what it would be like to fuck him. If you and Evan completely trust each other, you can find out.

Otherwise, you'll forever wonder. It's an attitude, Em. You've just got to learn how to adopt it. And, Evan, of course. He's got to have the same attitude." "And the two of you, you and Rich, you have this same attitude?" Emily asked her. Janice nodded. "We do. It doesn't happen all the time, but every once in a while, maybe a couple of times a year.

And right now, you, my dear, are the subject of Rich's interest. That's just the way it is. Whether anything comes of it or not is totally in your hands." "So, have you, you know, done anything naughty?" Emily asked. Janice smiled at her. "Very infrequently," she admitted. "But, yes. We've both had experiences. But, we're very picky about our partners." Emily nodded. "I'm intrigued," she admitted. "Do you see Evan and me as potential partners?" "I've already admitted to the fantasy, Em," Janice responded.

"So, the brutally honest answer would be that we would definitely consider it. "Well, since Evan and I haven't even thought about something like that yet, I don't see anything happening," Emily said.

"Yet," Janice said, looking closely at her. "You said you hadn't thought about it yet. So, we'll see what may develop." Chapter 4 "What the fuck is wrong with you," Emily screamed. Evan shook his head slowly. "Nothing. Not a thing." "You don't care about what just happened?" she continued. He smiled at her. "What just happened?" "Rich," she spat. "He came in here and just fucked me and you don't care." "We talked, Emily," Evan said.

"You and I agreed. Why should I be upset?" "You stood there," she said, her scream turning into almost a sob. "I saw you standing there on the landing.

You just stood there and watched." "Emily," he said as gently as he could, "I'm not sure why you're reacting like this." "Because," she said. "I wanted you to be angry, or jealous." Evan chuckled.

"My darling Emily. We agreed, don't you remember?" "But you weren't supposed to be there," she groaned. "Did he hurt you?" he asked. "No." "That's the part I care most about," he told her. "But, he's seen me naked. And, I came. A couple of times. And he came inside me," she moaned. "But you enjoyed it." It was a statement rather than a question.

Emily hesitated for rather a long time before responding. "It felt good, yeah." "I thought it would. We both thought it would, remember?" "But I really didn't think it would." That drew a chuckle her husband.

"Now I think I see your issue. It isn't that you did it. It's that you liked it." "You're going to hate me. You're going to be jealous and hate me." "I doubt that." "It did feel really, really good," Emily confessed. "That's fine. It looked fantastic.

It sounded fantastic. Yes, I watched. I watched your face. I saw your every reaction. And I heard you when you came. It was wonderful." She eased into his arms. "But, Evan, I'm going to become a slut." That drew an outright laugh from Evan as he held his wife. "Really? That's just a name. You just liked it. You know I can't be here with you all the time.

Now you know it can be good without me. Just don't fall in love." "I didn't even kiss him," she said, sounding sorrowful. "On the mouth, no, I noticed. Did you want you?" Her dark curls shook.

"Not really. I just wanted, you know." He wrapped her closer in his arms. "I know. You wanted to play." "I don't feel okay." "Why not? Look, you just had sex, okay.

You liked it. It felt good. It didn't hurt you and it didn't hurt me. We agreed you could do Rich if you wanted to. So, you wanted to and you did it. All this emotional stuff is baggage.

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I want you feel good about it." "How much did you see?" "Most of it. I knew he wanted you. From the way he licked you, I think he liked it." "So you saw that?" "I did." "And what else." "Well, before that, I saw you attend to him." "Oh, God!" she moaned.

"It was okay, Emily. I could see you were into it. It was the only time I had any twinge of jealousy. But, the more I saw, the more I got turned on." "You were jealous?" "Only a tiny bit. I could almost feel it when you slid him into your mouth. Very erotic." Emily shook her head. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about," he told her. "You are sexy, sensual, and a great lover.

I watched you in action. I'm the luckiest man alive because you love me." Emily shook her head again. "I really don't know what the fuck is wrong with you," she whispered. "Not a thing, Em," he whispered. "I watched you. You were good.

You're going to like it the next time it happens." "You heard that, too?" she said softly. He nodded. "He asked you if it would happen again and you told him you really hoped it would. It really aroused me when I heard that." "He's not you, though," Emily told me. "I mean, it felt good, and I liked the feeling of his cock going into me, but he isn't you." "And that," Evan said with some emphasis, "may be exactly why you enjoyed it so much.

Rich is not your stodgy old husband. With me, you want to be sure I don't think you're wicked or too salacious. You seem to believe I won't respect you if you act out on your innermost desires. It's not true, but that's what you believe. With Rich, you have no such concerns, so you can be as wanton as you care to be.

That's why it is so exciting." "I was wicked, wasn't I?' Emily asked. "Delightfully so," he agreed, chuckling. Chapter 5 The phone call from Janice came about a half-hour after Rich left.

Evan answered with his name, as was his habit. "I heard my husband fucked your wife," Janice stated. "That's true," he admitted. "So, it worked," she said. "Just like you said it would," he agreed, smiling. "I told you they would do it if they knew it was okay with us," she reminded him. "Well, Rich didn't know I'd consented. Did you tell Emily it was okay with you?" "I had to," Janice said, sounding somewhat rueful.

"Tell me how that happened," Evan directed her. "Em wanted to know if I was aware you'd given her permission to take on Rich. I tried to act surprised, but I don't think I fooled her. She told me she thought you and I had talked about it.

She said I had to tell her the truth. I admitted we'd talked. Then she asked if you and I had been screwing." "You denied it, didn't you?" he asked.

"I told her the truth. I said we hadn't, but we noticed that the two of them were intrigued by one another. I told her that when we talked we agreed that we should let them have a go at it, that we didn't think it would hurt anything." "So she knows that you told Rich to proceed with her?" "Something like that. I said I trusted her, and that I thought it would be better for all of us if we agreed to let them have a try with each other.


There was such an obvious attraction." "Did Rich tell you about it?" he asked. "Yeah, sure," Janice replied. "I asked him how it was." "And?" "He said it was great. He said he was a little surprised she surrendered like she did. I told him you encouraged her to enjoy herself with him.

He seemed surprised at that, too." "Well, Em seemed to like it. She told him she hoped he'd come back." "Good," Janice said. Evan could almost see the smile on her face. "So, you're good with it?" he asked her. "Yeah, I'm fine," Janice replied. "It's just fucking, isn't it? I'd rather know that they're doing each other than have either of them sneaking around, trying to deceive us." "My thoughts exactly." Evan confirmed. "So, what happens now?" Janice asked. "I was thinking we'd go out to dinner, you know, as a foursome, sometime next weekend.

Then, we can just send them off to be together." "You're kind of a manipulative son of a bitch, aren't you?" she said. "Am I? I don't mean to be," he said. "If we send them off, we'll be left to our own devices," she noted. "That would seem to be the case." "I think it will be interesting." "What do you hope it will be?" "Exquisite.

Agonizing. Thrilling. I want to feel your skin under my hands. I want you to cup my breasts in your hands, to thumb my nipples. I want to touch the tip of your cock with my tongue and taste your salty essence.

I want to feel you stretch me as you slide inside me." "You can have all that with your husband," he reminded her. "Yes, I can. And, I do. But, you will be different. That's what I want. I want different." "Like Emily had different with Rich." "Yes," Janice said emphatically.

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"Exactly like that." "She saw me watching them." "You watched them? What did she say about that?" "She seemed upset at first. She saw me on the landing. It was really quite incredible, watching her take him in her mouth, seeing her face as he slipped inside her. I'd like to do that with you." "What do you mean?" "I mean I would like to have you with me, feel you next to me, be touching you as we watch them together." "That's an interesting idea.

We could do that." "We would probably have to agree to reciprocate, though." "You mean let my husband watch me getting fucked by you?" "Don't you think? Would you object?" "It wouldn't be the first time he's seen it," Janice said.

"So, you've done this kind of thing before," Evan said. "I already told you we have, Evan. That's why we can lead the two of you through this." "And I'm grateful.

There was a great sense of relief when I saw that sexual tension between them released. It was quite arousing." "And next we'll release that tension between us." "You think there is sexual tension between us?" "You're kidding, right? I'm sitting here soaked through just thinking about it." "I think you'd better go find your husband." "I just may do that," Janice said.

"Will you be thinking about our first time together when you do?" he asked her. "I've been able to think about little else. I'm so glad we're going to get to do this. I can't believe how much I want to be fucked by you." "I hope it lives up to all the expectations," he replied. "If it doesn't, we'll just have to do it again and again until it does," she joked.

"Go find your husband," Evan ordered her. "Tell him I sent you to him." "I just might do that," Janice said. "Then Friday night, you can do it yourself." "Indeed," he said. "See you then." "Yes, you will," she responded. "All of me." Watch out for Book 2 Please Rate