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Episode III Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 34: My Wild Love Holly: Samantha gently rolled her body off of me. We were sweaty from the "workout" we just had. We both lied on our backs, breathing heavily, coming down from orgasms. Samantha lay to my left, we both stared at the dark ceiling. I gently took her right hand into my left hand as she lay beside me. I rolled my head over to look at her. Her eyes met mine, beckoned from my touch on her hand. My heart was pounding for reasons other than sexual now.

"I love you" I semi-whispered.


Sam's grip on my hand tightened a little bit. "Don't say that" Sam said. I sat up in bed, looking down on her. "Why not…I love you" I said. "Holly…" Sam said, but didn't follow up with anything else. "There is something between us, something more than sex, you have to see that" I said, telling her what was on my mind.

Sam sat up too, looking me right in the eyes in the near darkness. "Holly, I do love you. But I love you like a little sister" She said. Stabbing my heart. I didn't have a response, sitting there mouth agape. "It's physical between us, that's all the sex means. And I do love you.

I just don't love you like that Holly. So when I say, don't say it, I mean that if you persist we won't be lovers, and we will lose what we have now.

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You wouldn't want that would you?" Samantha said. My hot sweat was now definitely a cold sweat. I tried to think if I should say something or just stay silent. "How can you say its only physical" I said, accusingly. "How can you not have these feelings. You must be suppressing your love for me for one reason or another." I said putting her on the defensive.

Sam just looked at me. "I know, I know, that there is something in you that feels the same way I do, and you are stopping it from coming to fruition for some reason, possibly subconsciously. There is no way that you don't have this to." I said, accusingly, but increasingly moving toward somber.

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How can she say that, she has to be suppressing her feelings. "Holly…I don't think we can do this anymore. You can't control yourself, and I won't let you fall in love with me when I don't love you back" She said very plainly.

"No more sex between us, its deluding you." Sam said, stepping off my bed naked, and walking the few feet to her bed. Sam turned back to me, as I sat there in shock. "Good night Holly" She said, climbing in bed. I stared at her as she rolled over facing away from me.

I sat there in my bed, eyes wide, not having a clue what to do. I need to talk to someone. I can't call john, he doesn't even know I like her. How am I going to confess that I love her.

There isn't anyone here I can talk to. I couldn't sleep, not here. I was very close to breaking into tears. I don't want to cry here, not with her here now. I have to get out of here… … I went to the only other place I knew, despite my better judgment. I knocked on Jack's apartment door, having walked alone in the dark streets. I had hastily thrown on some pajamas before giving Samantha a chance to stop me. I knocked again, waiting, hoping for an answer.

Finally the door opened. "Holly!" Jack exclaimed, pulling me inside. My eyes were clearly near crying. "What's wrong ?" Jack asked, trying to comfort. He held me in his arms, closing the door behind us as we entered his apartment. I looked up at him, his worried eyes.

"What's wrong?" He repeated. At that I uncontrollably broke into tears, collapsing into him. He held me up and moved us gently to the couch.

I sobbed into his chest, as he held me. After I cried for a few minutes I had enough control to attempt to speak. "I thought…I love Sam, but …but Sam won't love me" I managed, morphing straight into another round of sobbing screeches.

"It's ok." He said. "You are here now, just be here, forget that, be here, be in my arms, right here right now" Jack said calmly, rubbing his hands over my back, trying to warm me up. Soon we were lying on our sides, my face buried in his chest. He continually found ways to comfort me.

"Holly…I …I" he stammered. I knew he was about to say he loved me, which I didn't want and couldn't deal with now. "Stop" I interrupted him. There wasn't much we could do, I ended up sleeping in his arms right there on the couch. … John: Holly would be home in a week. When she returns, I plan on completely blowing her away.

I love her, and we have been apart for the longest time since we have met. This is the last day I would have any sex until she comes back. I had met Elizabeth three times this week. I have given her much pleasure this week. She called me wanting to meet again.

I briefly imagined what Holly might be up to. Probably fucking. But I don't care. I am absolutely confident in her and I, there needn't be any doubts of us.

So now here I was, reading Elizabeth's latest e-mail to me. She wants to come here tonite. So I was sending her an e-mail with directions. Stephanie walked up behind me. "Hey" I said. "What's up" She said. "I got a date tonite" I said. "Oh really" Steph said. "yup" I said. "Who is she?" She asked. "That girl Elizabeth; I have met her four times already, she has never had good sex until me" I said, bragging.

"Oh really?" Steph said, not really believing me. "She didn't even own a vibrator or anything" I said. "How old is she?" Steph asked. "Mid twenties I think" I said, not remembering exactly, there are too many women to keep track. "Really?" Steph said. "You think she's ever been with a woman?" Steph asked, a huge smile coming across her face.

"I doubt she even knows you could do that" I said. The scheming began. … Elizabeth arrived that night. I opened the door letting her in.

I told her to sit on the couch for a minute. She sat down, her back facing Steph's room. I walked into Steph's room, bringing her back with me. Elizabeth turned around as we walked in the room. Stephanie was completely naked, her small perky tits bouncing as she walked. I sat down next to Elizabeth, Steph sat across from us. "Elizabeth, this is Stephanie.

Steph, Elizabeth" I said, performing the introduction. "Hi" Elizabeth said, her eyes still a bit wide from the sudden nude girl. "Hi" Stephanie replied, sitting with her legs crossed, trying to cover her hairy pussy. "Have you ever been with a girl before?" I asked Elizabeth. After a pause "no, I can't say that I have." She replied. "Do you find her attractive?" I asked Elizabeth.


She didn't respond, still staring at Steph. "It's okay, you won't hurt her feelings if you don't" I said, assuredly. "Very attractive" Elizabeth said very quickly, like she was short of breath.

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I think she was getting hot from looking at her. I leaned over to whisper in her ear. "What do you want to do to her?" I whispered. Let me back up for a second. Since the first time I had been with Elizabeth, I have been with her a few more times.

In those times I had, not introduced, but enlightened her to the magical vibrator. She had known about them, but never used one. Now she has one under her pillow. She had also dumped her cheating, terrible in bed, boyfriend. This week I was akin to a human sex toy for her, making 'visits' to her house when she needed to be serviced.

She had come to the level of sexuality that I had introduced her to. So of course, I was now pushing the envelope. Okay, lets pick up where we left off. "I don't know" She whispered back in my ear, unsure.

"Do you want to lick her pussy?" I asked, still whispering. "You two are getting me all wet, conspiring quietly over there" Stephanie said. "She's all wet…"I said, provocatively. "Why don't you go over there and taste her" I said, loud enough for Steph to hear. "Go over there" I said out loud to Elizabeth. She stood up, and slowly walked up to Steph, still staring at her naked body. I took the chance to go get the tools, leaving them alone for a few moments.

I returned to see Elizabeth sitting on the couch next to Stephanie. Elizabeth had one hand slowly, gently exploring Stephanie's body. Their eyes were locked together, and Stephanie moaned slightly at Elizabeth's caress of her breast.

I sat down on the couch across from them. I had a vibrator in each hand. "Need any help?" I asked them. Stephanie's eyes came over to mine, but Elizabeth was preoccupied with Steph's body. I tossed Steph both vibrators, one at a time.

Stephanie set the vibrators on the couch beside her. "Let's get you out of those clothes" Stephanie said to Elizabeth. For those not keeping track, Elizabeth has medium length, slightly curly blonde, golden blonde hair, and around c-cup perky tits, Stephanie has shoulder length dark, sandy blonde straight hair, and smaller, large b, small c tits.

They were making out on my couch, Elizabeth shedding clothes. Soon enough Elizabeth was naked too. They had their arms wrapped around each other, making out deeply.


I walked over to the couch, grabbing the two vibrators from Steph's side. I got down on my knees, Stephanie immediately spread her legs. I put my hand between Elizabeth's thighs, and she slowly spread her legs, exposing her dripping slit. I switched on each vibrator, the plastic buzz of sex toys overwhelmed the slight moans of the kissing couple. Vibrator in each hand, I extended my arms until the tip of the vibrators were pressed against their lips.

I slowly worked the toys up and down their slits, slowly working them up. Stephanie grabbed the vibrator in Elizabeth's slit from me, taking over.

I grabbed one of Elizabeth's hands from Stephanie's breast, putting the vibrator in her palm, then guiding her hand to Stephanie's pussy. I stepped back and watched as they continued making out, using their free hand to play with each other, and the vibrators working into each other. My cock was pushing against the inside of my jeans.

I unzipped my pants, dropping my boxers as well. My cock sprang from its cloth prison. I stepped up, putting my cock in the general area of their kissing faces. Stephanie knew what to do, immediately grabbing my cock with one hand, and disengaging their tongue lapping to suck on my cock. Elizabeth followed Stephanie's mouth, but I think only to keep kissing her.

Their hands were slowly pumping vibrators in and out of each other. Elizabeth was licking against Steph's tongue, which was licking up and down my shaft.

Their tongues were both flicking against my cock. Elizabeth seemed to open her eyes and suddenly realize what was going on. She knew she was licking my cock, but she didn't think about it.


Now she came from her feminine concentration on Steph, to wrap her bright red lips around my cock. Elizabeth started to blow me as she had many times before. Stephanie sat back, watching Elizabeth suck me off. Steph concentrated on Elizabeth's dripping pussy, pumping the vibrator faster and harder inside her. Elizabeth was moaning on my cock as she pumped her neck up and down, her lips and tongue blowing my cock. Elizabeth was nearing orgasm, and Stephanie leaned forward, still pumping the vibrator, licking and sucking her pussy vigorously, Elizabeth came, trying to scream, my cock in her throat.

Her juices squirted out on the vibrator as Stephanie leaned back, still pumping her. Elizabeth dropped the vibrator from Stephanie's pussy, and leaned back against the couch, breathing heavily. "Want to finish me off?" Steph looked up and asked me.

I wasn't sure if that meant fuck her or eat her, but I said "Sure". She immediately stood up, and turned around, facing Elizabeth on the couch. Steph bent over, putting her hands on Elizabeth's thighs to hold her up as her ass stuck out behind her.

I stepped up behind her, shoving my spit dripping cock in her dripping pussy. My cock slid inside her hot wet slit, taking in my cock. I pushed until I was all the way inside of her. I started pumping my hips into hers, fucking her, rather hard. Stephanie was moaning loudly, breathing heavily, as Elizabeth reached up and played with her tits.

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Stephanie came, her pussy milking my cock. She immediately pulled away, sitting on the couch beside a recuperated Elizabeth, and grabbing my cock with one hand, pulling me to her.

Elizabeth sat up, their faces beside each other. Stephanie stroked my cock vigorously for a few seconds, looking up at me expectantly. She was smart enough to know I would blow at any second, and she didn't want me to explode in her mouth. I did come with some strokes of her hand, blasting jizz all over their faces and tits. Cum covered, they continued to make out on the couch. I didn't want to interfere with them any further.

I walked a few feet to the tv, and put in one of the homemade porno tapes, and walked to my bathroom to take a shower; leaving them to their own devices.