Vintage mom Junge Dreier von matureside

Vintage mom Junge Dreier von matureside
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He walked into the room, and eyed the recently conscious form of the woman as she lay completely naked before him. She was even more beautiful than he had originally thought, and he felt his cock jump in his pants as he thought about reaming her highly fuckable pussy.

Dropping his pants, he started getting ready to fuck this helpless, pretty little thing. He pulled out his cock, and started stroking it as he finished stripping.

Now he was as naked as she was, and he was ready to get to work. Walking around to her head, he positioned his dick right in front of her lips and used his fingers to pry open her mouth. Once it was open, he placed the head of his dick on her lips and slowly pushed himself into her.

There was no resistance, and he bottomed out before slowly sliding in and out of her face as he slowfucked her mouth. He loved the sensation of giving himself a blowjob on those sexy lips of hers, and he moved her hand up to hold his cock as he darted his swollen member in and out of her. He grabbed her head and started pulling her down onto his cock in a steady, sustained rhythm.

She felt so good that watching her suck and jack him off at the same time made him swell and cum all down her throat. His dick filled her mouth and his cum overflowed her lips. She must have liked it, because she guzzled down all the cum that was left in her mouth.


He pulled away, but he wasn't even close to done yet. He had only cum once, and he could tell by the tingle in his balls that he was going to be able to fuck her at least two more times.

He liked seeing his cum on her face, and he started getting hard again. Walking behind her, he grabbed her ankles and twisted her onto her stomach and pushed her forward so that her naked breasts were just hanging off the bed.

He had positioned a mirror in front of her, and could now gaze lustily over her naked body from the front and the back. His dick jumped as he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up in the air so he could fuck it, and for a moment he stared at her bared ass and pussy, relishing the view as he teasingly pumped his cock a few times. Pulling her wrists back to her ass he tied them together with japanese silk handcuffs and let her arms fall again to the sides of her ass.

He could see her hands framing her ass, and it made him so horny that he started fondling her thighs and groping her naked ass and exposed pussy. He was fully hard again, now, and he pressed his swollen member up against her pussy and rubbed her slit with his shaft while he held her to himself by stroking her thighs with his passionate hands. Now he craved her cunt, and wanted to be in her more than anything. He positioned his dick with the head just touching her pussy lips and, grabbing the handcuffs with one hand, pulled himself into her, bottoming out inside her pussy with a swell of relief and pleasure to dominate this beautiful woman.

He could see her naked back arched before him, and his free hand stroked the smooth skin. He moved his palm down to the base of her back where it met her ass and slowly caressed her cheeks and slid his hand down to her legs, feeling her up while his cock jumped inside her.

Sliding his hand now to the front of her legs, he ran his fingers along the inside of her thighs, up past her pussy (briefly feeling himself inside her), along her naked stomach to her swaying breasts. Her breasts made his dick tingle with pleasure, watching them lightly giggle as he man-handled her, seeing them press together as she grabbed them each in his free hand, and feeling the hard nipples brush against his palms.

He loved fondling her tits, and loved even more watching himself sensually pleasuring himself on her in the mirror.


Grabbing her wrists with both hands, he eased her off of his cock until his head was almost out of her, and then he slowly pulled himself back into her. Just as his balls tapped her clit, he started pulling out of her again; he continued this rhythmic slowfucking of her helpless womanhood, enjoying the sensation of dominating her so completely. He smiled as she coated his dick with her pussy juices and when her pussy tightened around his cock and she came, tensing and moaning with pleasure, he kept reaming her steadily until she was almost finished and started to relax.

Knowing that she wanted him so much that he could make her cum just with his dick inside her drove him to the brink of his own climax. His dick was now over engorged, and he started violently driving himself into her gaping sex hole again and again, bottoming out inside her with every stroke. Finally, his balls tingled and he plunged his raging cock into her and held himself deep inside of her, grinding his hips against her ass.

His cum erupted into her, gushing in waves from his pleasured, swollen member.


Her pussy was so filled by his cock that his cum spurted out and all over her pussy, ass, and thighs, as well as onto his own cock and balls.

Never before had he been so satisfied, and he didn't want to stop now. He pulled his dick out of her and wiped himself off on her asscrack. He wasn't hard enough to fuck her in the ass just yet, so he decided to have some fun with his helpless new human sex toy before fucking her again.

Grabbing her knees, he turned her over and pulled her pussy to his hips, letting his dick lie under her ass.

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He could feel her tied hands on either side of his dick, her fingers moving slightly to caress his dick, and he wondered if she knew she was doing it. He smiled as her legs folded naturally around him and he licked his lips as he reached up and grabbed her tits.

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He pressed his palms into her nipples and stroked her breasts with his fingertips. He could hear her moan softly as he gently massaged her naked chest and a yelp caught in her throat when he unexpectedly pinched her nipples. His eyes were riveted on her rack, mesmerized by her undulating tits even as his hands roamed all over her torso, gliding across her stomach, holding her ribcage, caressing her clavicle, and fondling her bouncing bust. Overwhelmed by lust for her tits he lost track of time as he bent over her and gently sucked her nipples, pushing her forward so she would be able to watch his enjoyment in the mirror, intimately stroking and sucking on her beautiful breasts.

To his delight, he felt her hands working his dick, massaging him until his cock was hard again, still pressed between her ass and the bed. Standing up, he maneuvered up to her face and started rubbing his dick on her cheeks, nose, and throat. He saw her close her eyes submissively as he dominated her with his dick, rubbing himself on her and forcing her into absolute submission before him.

But he was not finished satisfying himself on her tits. Leaving her face, he straddled her chest and placed his quickly hardening cock between her tits. He placed his knees on her shoulders and used his thighs and hands to smother his dick with her boobs. Now he began to ride her, titty-fucking himself on her beautiful cleavage.

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Just looking at her jugs again made his knob hard, and he stared lustily at his manhood invading her personal intimate Shangri-La, now laid bare, and started building to a climax once more. Reaching down, he fondled her breasts and nipples that gently squeezed between his legs and hands.

He could feel her twin cities brushing against the base of his cock and he knew he was in heaven. He could have driven himself to climax right then and there, but he wanted to make sure he dominated every part of her, and he smiled as he moved back down to her loins and prepared to fuck her in the ass.

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He had prepared a long, realistic rubber dildo even bigger than his cock, and made sure it was close at hand before grabbing her ankles and pulling them to her chest. Now her pussy and ass were exposed once more and he pressed his dick up against her asshole, thinking, "I hope this doesn't hurt her so much that she can't enjoy it," and started pressing himself into her.

He could feel her start to open up and he slowly, haltingly plunged himself into her until his cock was buried entirely inside of her. He pulled in and out of her a few times to open her up before pulling out the dildo.

As he touched its realistic rubber head to her pussy lips, he felt her surprise and saw her look at him through the mirror. He inserted it steadily into her pussy until it bottomed out inside her, and as he did so he felt her tense up in pleasure. The end of the dildo rested on his lower abs, and as he pushed his own dick into her waiting ass, the dildo also invaded her helpless womanhood.

He pulled out until the heads of his dick and the dildo were all that was left inside her, and then slowly pushed back into her. He slowly built his pace, fucking her over and over until he was pumping her at a reasonable speed. He could hear her let out a muffled cry, and he smiled to see he was pleasuring her.

Now he was nearing his climax and started going for it. Fucking her a little bit slower but much harder, he brought it out and plunged it into her with a strong determination.

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When he pressed into her he filled her ass with his entire dick, not stopping until his entire shaft was completely lost inside her and his balls were touching her ass. Holding himself inside her, his cock throbbed and exploded into her ass in yet another strong climax.

Pulling out of her, he tossed the dildo aside and kept masturbating as he looked at her lying totally naked, helpless, and ravaged.


He started walking around her and shooting his domination in streams from his raging manhood all over her body. When he had finally finished, he gently untied her hands and picked her up, carrying her to the bathroom. He ran a bath and softly stroked her all over, cleaning her off from her exhausting ordeal. He touched every inch of her skin and with loving tenderness cleaned every crevice he had so violently shoved his dick into.

He dried her off and took her back to the bedroom, laying her back down on clean sheets. It looked like she was getting some motion back, but she still wasn't moving much. "You're free to go," he said, "but I hope you'll stay." She pondered it for a while, deep in thought, then lay back on the bed and placed her arms above her head in submissive acceptance. Smiling with supreme contentment, he went to the dresser and returned with several articles of lingerie.

She sat serenely as he dressed her in a corset and adjusted it snugly. When he slid crotchless panties up her legs to rest on her voluptuous hips, she smiled and shifted slightly to help him. And as he fastened fine fishnet stockings to her panties, she got up and walked over to his dresser of sexual attire. Choosing a black choker for herself, she put it on and laid back down on the bed. Now she was definitely his; she even had a collar.

He placed silk covers over her, and he watched her drift quickly off to sleep. He stared down at her as she slept, and his cock started getting hard again as he gazed on his beautiful new sex slave.