Big Ass Facesitting Goddess Dominates

Big Ass Facesitting Goddess Dominates
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Vlad awoke to see Rachel sleeping next to him. The sunlight almost blinded him as he looked up. Luckily after 300 years of magical experimentation he had created an immunity to sunlight. Watching Rachel sleep, Vlad suddenly felt a deep burning desire. Not love or lust. Thirst. His thirst kept building and building. One little bite he thought. Just a little bit of blood she won't even feel it. His thoughts kept circling. His fangs grew and he lowered his head down to Rachel's neck.

Growling his fangs were about to touch Rachel's skin. Suddenly Vlad darted out of the room and into the kitchen.

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He pulled open the fridge and began taking out small vials of blood. Drinking them greedily Vlad's breathes became rapid. "are you ok?" Vlad heard behind him. He turned to see Rachel behind him standing in the door way. "im fine" he replied. "small vials of blood aren't enough anymore. As my power increases, so does my thirst".

Rachel went up behind him and slipped her arms around Vlad. "Lets go out for dinner tonight. It'll take your mind off things." "maybe your right" he replied. The day went on the same as the night before. Full of hardcore fucking, orgasms and cum on Rachel's face.

Rachel dressed for dinner in her typical slutty red dress that showed plenty of boob and leg. Her hair was curled at the bottom and she had rose red lipstick on Vlad dressed in a black suit. The master and slave left the house walking arm in arm. On the drive to the restaurant Vlad gave Rachel a vial containing a purple liquid. "drink" he said.

"what is it?" "something I've been testing, not dangerous but alot of fun if it works". Rachel looked at him suspiciously and cautiously drank the liquid. It tasted like vodka and Rachel immediately began feeling light headed.

When they arrived at the restaurant they took there seats and began looking at the menu. The restaurant was packed full of people. Men, women, children. People of all ages. Rachel immediately started looking at Vlad and became very horny. He looked over his menu at her and smirked. Rachel was becoming more horny by the minute.


She felt a need to just rip her clothes off her fuck Vlad right here. She tried to push such thoughts out of her head.


The last thing she wanted to do was embarrass herself in front of all these people. "How do feel?" Said Vlad with a sly smile. Rachel was now panting and clutching the table."what's happening to me?" She said in a panic.

"the serum I gave you earlier is increasing your state of arousel. It'll keep going until you get the release you need or eventually your gonna cum right here in the biggest orgasm you've ever had". "You're an asshole, you know that" she said angrily.

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"do you have an antidote?" She demanded. "I spose that would've been a good idea to make wouldn't it?" He chuckled. Rachel tried to forget about it but her needs were too strong. She suddenly forgot about the people in the restaurant, all she wanted was to be filled to the brim by her masters monster cock.

Rachel jumped out of her chair and Vlad stood too. She jumped at Vlad and they locked their lips together. Everyone suddenly stopped eating and looked at Vlad and Rachel. Vlad's hands immediately grabbed the bottom of Rachel's dress and pulled it over her ass exposing it to everyone. He began spanking her making her squeal "Please, please fuck me right here" Rachel pleaded.

Vlad forced her face down onto the table and pulled her panties down to her knees. Freeing his 10 inch cock he thrust it into Rachel's burning pussy.

Rachel suddenly looked up with her jaw wide open and her eyebrows raised. Suddenly everyone began to cheer them on applauding them as Vlad ravaged Rachel's fuck hole. Vlad grabbed her hips and began to pull Rachel to him as he thrust inside her. Rachel was slamming her fist into the table and as she screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck yea master, that's it hurt me, fucking hurt me, fuck me". Vlad fucked her harder and faster slapping her ass making her squeal. SMACK! "OH!" SMACK! "AHHH" SMACK! "oooooh shit, thank you master". Vlad noticed many of the women trying desperately not to let their hands wander into their panties. Rachel noticed all the men had bulges in their pants. Vlad fucked Rachel hard like that for a few minutes before pulling out.

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"On your knees slave". Rachel did as she was til looking dazed and panting hard. "Tell everyone who I am". "You're my master, I worship your cock". "Tell everyone who you are". " I'm your little fuck whore". "louder!". "I'm your little fuck whore". "LOUDER" "I'M YOUR LITTLE FUCK WHORE.

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"DAMN RIGHT!". Vlad picked Rachel up and sat her on the table. He lined up his cock and thrust deeply into Rachel. Their audience were going nuts. Applauding, cheering. A few of the men were even shouting "GO! GO! GO!

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GO!GO!GO!GO!GO! as Vlad fucked Rachel's burning pussy. Rachel felt her pussy getting sore but couldn't help it. Her hand started stroking her clit to the point of orgasm. Vlad felt his orgasm growing as well. He began to fuck his slave harder and harder.



Rachel's orgasm put Vlad over the edge. Finally Rachel exploded all over Vlad's Cock and Vlad exploded inside her pussy. One final cheer and applause from the audience filled the couple with both pride and embarrassment.

Rachel more than Vlad who stood beside her smiling as he zipped himself up. quickly tidied herself up, grabbed Vlad by the arm and said "we're leaving". As Rachel left the restaurant she heard a woman say to the waiter "I'll have what she's having". When the couple got back to the car and Vlad was driving, Rachel vented. "What the fuck was that?" She screamed angrily.

"The best restaurant I ever went to." He said with a smile. "Take this seriously, that was so humiliating, there were kids their." "and you just made their night". "Vlad you can't just fuck me wherever you fancy. I have friends that work and eat their".

"Come on it was a good night you were so wet. You liked those people watching". Rachel opened her mouth to argue but she couldn't. Just remembering what had happened made her wet again. "I promise I'll warn you next time I try something like that." "Thankyou" "What the fuck!" Shouted Vlad as he pulled into his driveway. The house was on fire. Burning uncontrollably. Vlad watched as his 300 year old home crumbled filling him with rage. "Someone will pay dearly for this." Vlad looked down to see a silver necklace.

He felt himself getting weaker and fell to his knees. He removed his jacket and covered the necklace.Vlad couldn't deny the symbol he saw on the necklace. It belonged to someone he knew. Someone he spent a long time hiding from. Eckhart. Chapter 6 coming soon.