Cock ninja studios father helps daughter first tampon

Cock ninja studios father helps daughter first tampon
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He looked at the PC, saw that I was watching HIS scene, smiled an evil smile, rubbed his cock a bit, looked at me (still finger up my twat), and said "oh yeah, we can do that".

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He stood there for a couple minutes, and we both kind of watched the PC monitor, but we really "out of it", but he broke the silence a bit by saying "get dressed". I got dressed, as he stood there, and after I was dressed, he led me out to the living room. He sat me on the couch and said "now we are going to take this to the next level".

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He then told me that I was to call Jason (still hung up on Jason was he), and ask him to come over to our place. I knew what he was up to, but had to ask. "You dont think I am going to let him do those things to me that you do I hope"?

He looked at me, said "call them what they are.SUCK COCK".

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I looked at him, said "You want me to.suck his cock"? He laughed, said "in time you will, but first you need to get his trust, and so do I". He said to invite him over to watch a movie. I knew not to defy him, so I put my head down, walked over to the phone, and called him (I knew the number from when we hung out). Chaper 5 Enter Jason To say that he was shocked to hear from me would be an understatement. Jason came over later that day, and dad let him go up to my room and talk.

Dad knew that I would not tell him anything. We just chatted for a couple hours, Jason trying to ask "where have you been", "what about school", and the normal questions since I had really not been out for two months. the two hours flew by, then he was going home. Dad actually drove him home, and it took him about 45 minutes before he returned, I guess he was getting his time to gain his trust too. Jason came over for three more days in a row, with the same type things happening, but I knew my dad had a plan, the cocksucker always did.

That night, he told me in no uncertain terms that I was to start sucking and fucking Jason soon, or else. He set up one of those nanny cams in my room, tucked it in a bear and put it on my dresser.

He spent the next 2 hours telling me how to get him to let me suck him, etc, here he was trying to teach his young girl how to seduce a boy.SICK. The next day, like clockwork, Jason came after up to my room he went. As I was heading up, dad shot me a look that said "do it or ELSE", I hung my head and went up. About 10 minutes into our visit, I followed Dads advice.asking if Jason has a girlfriend (no), ever did (yes), does he like me (yes). Jason was a year older than me, I was 12 now, so he was 13.

I then got up the nerve to ask, as dad had taught me last night, if he ever had a girl PLAY sex with him. I turned every shad of red as I forced out the words.Jasons jaw almost hit the ground. His answer was no.and dad gave me my response."me neither, but I really like you and would like you to be my first and me to be your first".

Jason smiled, nodded, grinned, and then looked to the door as if to say "but your dad is here".


I said it is okay, he is busy at work, he probably has already forgotten that he was even up here, as I looked at the nanny cam watching us. Jason asked what did I want to do. I asked in no uncertain terms (this was easier for me to say than I thought it would be), I would like to try and give him a blow job. I think he almost came in his pants. His reply "SURE". I asked him to sit on the bed, and he did.but was away from the camera, so I knew I better fix that, I had him face in that direction.

I then told him to take off his pants and underwear as I got up to shut the door. As I turned back, he was sitting with cock out, it must of been no more than 4 inches long, not a bit of hair, and no head like dads.he was uncircumsized. I smiled at him as he had that shit grin on his face, not believing his luck. I knew what I had to do, so may as well get to it I thought. I said "this is supposed to be fun for guys, so I hope you like it" as I went to my knees and did what any young slut girl should do.

simply in one gulp took his 4 inches in my mouth (dad is about 7.5 inches so this was easy to take for me). He moaned as I took the first suck of his cock, and I swear I only gave him about 10 sucks when he said "Oh Oh Janet.Oh" and he had cum in my mouth.not nearly as much as dad comes, but the taste was familiar to me.I laughed to, that was quick I thought.

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I kept sucking him, and he stayed hard as I kept sucking.and a bout 3 minutes late.he moaned again and BAM.he came again.I was shocked Dad never comes twice like that (I did not understand boys and stamina). I swallowed this boys second load just like the first, and I lifted off his cock.

"Did you like it Jason, did I do good". He was amazed as he just nodded and went to get dressed.


We tried to make small talk for a couple minutes, but what do you talk about after that. He then said he had to get home, and was leaving. On his way down the stairs and out I heard Dad say "Jason, I hope you come again tomorrow.same time good for you?".

I knew what dad meant by come again, Jason said SURE and left. I stayed in my room, and a minute after Jason was out the door, Dad came in, cock in hand and said "Nice job dear, now suck me off with your mouth still fresh with his cum" and he sat down and I proceeded to blow dad.

He talked as he got sucked about what he saw, how "little" Jason did not last like he does, how his dick is small, how he knows how to really fuck my face better than Jason does. I do not think Dad lasted more than 4 minutes, but he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face and tongue.

As he was shooting the last of his come on his 12 year old daughters face, he then said "I cannot wait until tomorrow comes". He put his dick away, then shocked me by giving me a big kiss on the mouth.and tongue action too.I knew he was tasting his cum. and that of Jason. Dad kept getting more and more weird like that.but I could do nothing.

Jason came over the next day, and the day after, and the day after.and so on. For 6 days in a row, he came over, we went upstairs, there was nothing more than him getting on my bed, me on my knees, my sucking his cock, him coming twice in my mouth, gettting dressed, and leaving.

I was being used by Dad and now him.and I knew dad was watching this each time. As soon as Jason left, dad came up, and got sucked off by me.

But each time for the last two, dad would open mouth kiss me BEFORE a blow job, then after it too. I realized he wanted to taste Jason first, then his cum.

I was a cock sucker for two now.and Dad was loving it. Chapter 6 Jason is not alone The next time Jason came over, I was shocked. Dad always answered the door, I think he got sick pleasure out of letting a boy enter the house for a blowjob from his daughter. This time, as Dad called me down for my company, I froze on the steps.Jason was not alone, a bigger boy was with him.Jason saw me and smiled.Dad smiled too.and this boy just had a shitty grin on my face.

I did not know what to do, but dad piped up with "you boys go on up and you all have fun. I will be busy down here working, so I wont bother you". I know he did this to put the boys at ease.and with that dad walked towards the den, and the boys bounded up the following along.

I thought.surely Jason is not telling this guy what happens we entered our room, and Jason shut the door. He quickly sat on the bed, patted it for me to join him, and the other guy stood there. Jason said "this is Brian, he is on my baseball team, but he is a couple years older and a junior in high school". Brian said hi, as did I. I looked at Jason, and he knew what I was looking for.Jason said "Brian knows how much fun we have, and he is a good guy, so I told him he can come along and have fun too".defeated again, I simply looked at Brian, and did a slow nod to more or less say, OK.

Brian smiled, and relaxed a bit. Jason said "I want you to start to suck me first, then Brian, and then we will just see who wants it it by ear more or less".

I nodded again, more heartily this time than the last, and went to my knees in front of Jason, with in a second, his dick was out, and Brian saw his cock (I imagine for the first time), and watched this girl he just met lower her head and start sucking his cock. I knew dad was down stairs watching, probably jerking off to this. I sucked Jason (he was getting more staying power) and it was about 4 minutes into it when I saw that Brian had his cock out and was stroking it.and his cock was at least 2 inches longer than Jasons, and MUCH thicker, and was circumsized like dad, and had hair.

I must say, I liked the looks of him (face, body, and cock), much more than Jason.

Without realizing I did it, I stopped sucking Jason and moved over to suck Brian as he stood there. I realized this was like those movies, one girl doing two guys, and I must say it made me feel hot, but dirty.

I kept sucking Brian for too long I guess because Jason said "suck me too bitch".and then I switched and went back to him. I sucked him for a bit, and he said "watch this Brian I come in her mouth too.and she swallows it".

He started squirting, and I felt nasty so I pulled off it, mouth open, tongue out, eyes open, and had him give me a facial.this was a first for Jason, he had always just come in my mouth and I swallowed, but I wanted Brian to KNOW what was happening.I took his load, and had some in my mouth and on my face.I then, went back to sucking the larger cuter boy with this cum still very evident. Brian shook his head, said "I did nto believe you man, but you are right.she does suck cock.and well too" as I sucked him.

I was liking this much more than with dad.a boy was liking me, who was cute. I forgot what I was doing for a minute, but a moan, and blast of cum in my mouth brought me back as Brian came in my mouth.his cum was much more, thicker, and saltier than Jason.much more like dads.but that is probably because of the extra years I thought. I kept sucking him, then Jason was back in my mouth.I kept sucking both of, then the other, etc.

Soon, Brian was on my bed too, me on my knees, and for the next hour I sucked them both. Brian came 4 times, Jason 3 times, and by the timie I was done, I had cum in my hair, on my face etc. They said they had to go to ball practice, but would come back tomorrow, and we could do it all again.I said "good, I had real fun today". Then I noticed the look on Jason, he was hurt, mad, etc.I realized my comment meant that he knew today was better than before with him.and his attitude toward me changed.

I kind of think he thought of me as his girlfriend before, but now, that changed. I was like a slut to him I guess.who sucks more than one cock and likes it. He sneered at me and said, "Oh, I will be sure you like it from now on then slut", slapped Brian on the shoulder, and out they went.

I heard the door shut, and instantly dad was in with a raging hardon, and he practically licked my face clean. He did not have me suck him that time, and I figured it was because he had jerked off watching me anyway. The next day, after school, like clockwork, Jason and Brian were let them in, I met them on the stairs, and to my room we went. No pretend, they were there for head, and I sucked them both much the same way. Jason was mean to me.calling me names like dad did slut, whore, cum bucket.and he would try to be rough by shoving his cock in and out of my mouth.but the little guy could not really hurt me, he was like I said only 4 inches long and not thick.

Brian seemed to like this, and he would play along too.but his cock would gag me as he fucked my face.and he would tease Jason."see, she chokes on my bigger dick YEAH". I took all they had, and kept sucking and swallowing.

They got more and more pleasure out of facials now.and seeing their slut covered in cum.

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These daily visits continued, then on the fourth or fifth time, things changed. As I was on my knees sucking, I felt Brian put his hands on my cunt and I froze.only me and dad had handled me there before, and I was shocked. As I stopped, Jason got mad and told me in no uncertain terms to keep sucking, which I went back to.

I dressed like most 12 year old girls.dresses and panties (I think they were hello kitty or some cartoon theme. I am sure my dress was short, but a 12 YO it is not a sexual thing at all.just how kids dressed.

Brian had his hands playing with my underwear and cunny.and he was rubbing it through the material. Jason said "Lets see what she looks like down there man" and with that, Brian was pullling down my underwear.I was now on my knees sucking Jasons cock, my short dress exposing my bare ass and cunny as Brian smiled. Brian lifted me up by my waist, and laid me on the bed, taking me off Jasons dick as he did. He quickly lifted my dress up, and fully exposed my hairless cunny for him and Jason to see.I wondered if dad was watching this downstairs and what would he do.come up and stop this, or jerk off as it happened.

Brian roughly poked and prodded me.and soon, had a finger in me exploring me.I am sure this was his first cunt he saw, let alone felt, and he was determined to learn and play a much as he could. Jason watched excitedly, still hard as ever. I was starting to like the attention, and it did kind of feel nice. What I did next shocked me. As I was sprawled our across the bed, feet off the floor as Brian explored my young twat, my head almost off the other side of the bed, I said to Jason "Can I keep sucking your cock while he does that?".

Brian looked, snickered at me, and started to reach for my head to pull me to his dick.but I remembered the movies and different positions, so I had him go stand above my young face and feed his dick to me.

It was the first time I felt this position, and I was liking it really. I then had Jason come down in an almost what I now know as the 69 position, but had only seen in the movies before.

This gave him a great chance to see my cunt and Brian playing with it. It did not take long before I heard the grunt and my throat was blasted with cum.but this time, with the new sensations in my body, I loved the taste of his cum.LOVED it and I sucked harder than ever before. Then.he was lifting off me. Quicker than quick, Brian was above me, raging pecker hard as a rock and said "my turn to get that treat now" and was in my mouth as fast as could be.

I then felt Jason playing with me, as Brian lowered into the same 69 position and I started to choke on his thick long first time in this position with a real cock.and Brian laughed, Jason sneered (jealous that he did not gag me no doubt) and he began to get rougher at my young cunt.two fingers and was finger fucking me and not just playing with me. Brian got a beat going with the face fuck, my throat got used to it, and I was able to suck him with out as much trouble now.and with the fingers going at my cunt, I was more at ease and I took the throat fucking in stride.then I felt Brian tense up, and ram it all the way in as he cam in my throat.I had it blast straight down my gut as cum shot after shot blasted me.all the while being finger fucked by Jason hard.

Today was the best day yet for sex.I had more fun, was not hurt etc like before. I realized the attention to my twat made all the difference. I laid there, Jason removed his fingers, and instinctively I took over and began playing with my twat. This made the guys laugh, but I did not care.

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I was playing with myself, and soon I noticed that they were jerking their cocks too watching me. I spread my lips, and pushed one of my little fingers, then two, into me and began to finger fuck myself watching them jerk their cocks. What I said next shocked them and me."I want you two to cum on my cunt now".they widened their eyes, and smiled.then Jason with his 4 inch cock moved forward, frantically jerked and I felt it blast my cunt lips, and fingers.

About 4 shots.he smiled a wry smile as he pulled back.then Brian said "my turn now" and stepped up, and did the same.but had more cum as always and it landed on my cunt, on my fingers, and in my felf warm and nice.

THEN dad yelled up."Time to go boys, I am coming up in one minute". Talk about boys put their dicks away and get out in a hurry.they flew down the stairs and were ready to leave (no doubt thought they were caught) when dad yelled to them as they were leaving."See you boys tomorrow, sorry I had to cut you short today". As I laid on my bed thinking of what just happened, in stepped dad.and he had THAT look.