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As they drove up the tree lined driveway Lisa seen the lights of the house up ahead and the cars that were parked Lisa guessed there had to have been about twenty cars parked.

'' I didnt think it would be so big"She said and undid her seat belt. "We have done alot of extentions and remodeled alot inside to make more open space and some of the people that use this place are builders and a few store owners so that saved alot of money and everyone here pays fee' s as well to help with that.

And every week we all put in twenty five dollars to buy food and drinks we have a really good little system here Lisa." He said and took her hand and walked her up the stairs to the front door as soon as they got there it was opened and they were ushered in. 'Lisa this is David he is like the bouncer you have any hassles and you cant get to me come to David" Her father said as David looked Lisa up and down.

"You like what you see David?"Her father asked with a smirk. "Yeah i do Mick would not mind a taste.".He said as he licked his lips Lisa smiled. "She is not wearing any panties have a taste" Her father said and turned Lisa around and told her to bend over and spread her legs.


David dropped to his knee's and flipped Lisa's skirt up onto her ass and spread the lips of her pussy and gave it a long slow lick.He did that a few times before Mick tapped his shoulder and lent to his ear and whispered something Lisa couldn't hear.

David grinned and nodded his head. "For sure iam in" He said and licked his lips again.

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"You tasted great hope to get a longer taste later and a bit more".He said. Lisa grinned "Maybe you will David" She said as her father took her hand and lead her through her into a room off to the side. "Take your clothes off and put them in the basket with my name on it.'He said and undressed.

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Mick looked at his naked daughter and smiled even though his belly felt like it was tied in a huge knot knowing she was going to be fucking other men. "Ready Lisa?"He asked. Lisa nodded her head her belly was full of butterflies but she was excited too. Mick took her hand and lead her from the room and then through the dark drapes Lisa was meet with a sea of naked bodies she eyes opened wide when she realized she knew some of the people and knew them well.

"Can i have your attention please we have a new member to-night my daughter Lisa some of you already know but for those who dont she is only fifteen but like her daddy she loves to fuck so for those who dont like them this young your warned.".He said.

Someone stepped forward and grinned. "So she is a new member does she get what we all did the first night?" The woman asked then winked at Lisa. Mick nodded. "Yes she does now i need Luke and Shane and that table cleared" He called out. Luke walked out and stood near the table and looked at Lisa smiled then laid down.Lisa was wondering what was going on people had started to gather around the table as well.Shane walked out and grinned and stood at the top of the table.

Her father smiled down at her and walked her closer to the table. "Everyone does this Lisa on their first night.get on Luke's cock then bend forward".Her father said.Lisa looked around a blushed a little then lifted her leg over Luke so she was above his cock Lisa lowered herself down and bit her lip as he filled her pussy Lisa moved up and down a little then lent forward as her father's now wet fingers pushed into her ass Lisa wriggled a little as a moan escaped form her lips her father now pushing his cock into her ass Lisa let out a long groan until finally her father was all the way in.

Both men started to move slowly Lisa,s head was lifted up by Shane who then pushed his cock into her mouth Lisa began to suck and taking him deeper into her throat. Luke and her father had picked up their pace and where now really fucking her holes hard she could hear people whispering and some moans but her attention was on the three men who where now fucking her.

"How long you been fucking your daughter for Mick" She heard someone ask. "Just a week a very mind blowing week.".He said and squeezed Lisa's ass cheek tighter.

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Lisa felt Shane push into her mouth deeper and hold it there. "Oh fuck take it all swallow it all".He panted and threw his head back as he released his load a few second later he pulled out of Lisa's mouth. Luke was next to call out he was cumming Lisa looked down at him and smiled.

"Me too" she said in gasps and almost to the second Luke and Lisa came together staying where he was Mick started to really pound Lisa's ass Lisa let out a yell. 'Ohh god fuck me ride my ass".She called out it took Mick another good five minutes before he held his cock deep inside Lisa and released his load.


As Lisa stood a woman walked to her and smiled. 'Let me clean all the cum up for you" She said and sat between Lisa's legs and started sucking the cum from her Lisa moaned then looked to see her father beginning lead away by a man holding his hand. "Ohh god suck harder lick me oh god please lick me.".Lisa begged the woman flicked her tongue and every few seconds sucked Lisa's clit. A short time later once the woman had made Lisa cum she stood and kissed Lisa deeply then walked off smiling Lisa was breathing fast Bree had been the only girl that had eaten her out but this woman made her feel things Bree hadn't.

Lisa was turned around when her eyes seen who was standing then Lisa almost went white. "Mr Murphy.".Was all she could mange to get out she was so shocked. "In the flesh" he said and started running his hands over Lisa's tits.

Mr Murphy took her by the hand and lead her away from the room and up the stairs to one of the bedrooms as soon as they entered he grabbed her and kissed her his tongue exploring her mouth. Once the kiss broke Lisa looked up at him. "I have had the biggest crush on you and P.E i love going just to see do know all the girls love you and we all try and guess how big your cock is." She said then looked down.

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'Now i know" She grinned and took it in her hand and stoked it slowly. 'Yes you do and shortly you going to know what this nine inch black cock feels like in your cunt" He said and lifted her up and walked to the bed and laid Lisa down.

Lifting her legs he put one over each shoulder Lisa was so wet just waiting for him to enter her he lent forward the head of his cock finding her opening.Lisa let out a yell as she stretched to take him. "Oh fuck your so big" She said and bit her lip as he pushed in further. "Just relax i will just go half way and start fucking you and little by little i will push further in until you can take all of it.'.He said.

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"Ohh godd you feel fantastic.oh god fuck me hard i want all of you in me'.Lisa said and arched her back as he pushed further in he started getting faster Lisa gasped then she yelled.

"OHHHHHH GOD IAM CUMMING DONT STOP." She said and gripped his arms tighter. Mr Murphy was all the way in and pounding Lisa hard. "I wont be it takes me awhile to cum"He said with a grin. And true to his word he didnt it was nearly forty five minutes later before he finally climb from the bed he had made Lisa cum four times and twice himself he had eaten her out fingered her just as fast and nearly as hard as he had fucked her.

'I will close the door i think you need a bit of a rest after that but Lisa you want to go again to-night let me know".he said and closed the door behind him Lisa was exhausted and laid back on the pillows. Walking from the room about twenty minutes later Lisa decided she really needed a shower all the inside of her thighs were sticky looking up and down the hallway Lisa headed to the right. Hearing noises and a guy saying "that's it take it all" Lisa walked towards the voice reaching the door she stopped dead her mouth gaping open at what she was seeing.

Her father was all fours and four other men were on the bed with him one was fucking his ass and another was being sucked off by her father the third man had his hand under her father stroking his cock the fourth was stroking his own. The man in her father's mouth looked up and made eye contact with Lisa and grinned. "If only your daughter could see you now Mick cock up your ass a cock down your throat and you have two more cocks to go do i taste good Mick are you going to swallow all of it when i blow.?" He asked Lisa watched as her father groaned and nodded his head yes.

The man fucking his ass pushed in deeper and held it and let out a yell he was cumming pulling out a few moments later one of the other men was ready to take his place her fathers asshole was gapping open and Lisa could just see cum dripping from his ass. Lisa felt her pussy getting really wet as the new guy rammed his cock straight into her father Lisa was getting so turned on by just watching then looked at the man who was in her father's mouth.

"Iam cumming Mick" he said and pushed down deeper Lisa heard her father gag. "Take it all swallow it" the man said and pushed her father's head down and held it Lisa heard her father again gag as the man blew his load.the man playing with her father's cock got to his knee's and pushed Mick's head back. "Open your fucking mouth" He said and put his cock into her father's mouth Lisa heard her father moan as he began to suck on the man's cock.

The man in her father's throat looked up and seen Lisa and smirked. "Does my mouth feel as good as your daughter's did my ass feel as good as her tight little ass hole?" He said and smiled at Lisa.She smiled back and walked away her pussy now throbbing Lisa didnt want a shower now she was so horny at seeing her father she just wanted a cock to fuck.

Finding some stairs she made her way down half way down she heard voices so she headed towards the noise and entered a smoke filled room. "Well look who has found her way here" A man said Lisa counted three men and she realized then it was weed she could smell. "Well now your here want some cock?

He asked 'Fuck yeah iam so horny" She said the man walked to her and put his hand between her legs and raised a eyebrow.

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"Your fucking soaking wet.".He said with a grin and lead her to the bed. "Get on your hands and knee's" He said and waited as soon as Lisa was ready he slammed into her pussy making her cry out.

'Ohh fuck yeah thats it fuck me hard' Lisa called out and pushed back onto the man's cock one of the other men walked over and held a joint to her lips.

"Take some will make you even hornier well it does that to me anyway" He said Lisa drew on the joint and held it in her mouth before releasing the smoke a few seconds later four more times the man held the joint to her lips. Lisa by now as feeling so good and smiling non stop all three men took turns fucking her as the last man called out he was cumming she heard voices alot of voices the man released his load and pulled straight out of Lisa. 'Ohh come on i want more iam so fucking horny.".She said and giggled then turned around and sat on the bed and seen her father.

'Hello daddy" She smiled. "Hello Lisa you having fun? and looks like your high as well." He said with a grin. "Yep to both questions" She said and spread her legs apart and started rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. Mick walked to the bed and pushed two fingers into his daughter and began fingering her Lisa let her head drop back.

'Oh fuck yeah dad iam so horny fuck me hard." She asked in between groans." 'I will sweetheart Lisa remember your fantasies the threesome and the gang bang you wanted well we have done the threesome now its time for your gang bang do you still want it Lisa"He asked. "Oh god yes daddy" Lisa said and let out a long moan. "Alright Lisa these men here are going to help with your fantasy get on your knee's " He said and removed his finger's Lisa got to her knee's it was then see really noticed the other men in the room.

Lisa smiled when she seen them. "Oh fuck yeah how many of you?" she said then counted there were six men counting her father she looked at their faces and recongized Luke,Shane,Gary,Mr Murphy,David. All the men stood on the bed around Lisa her father was the first to put his cock into her mouth Lisa began sucking and reached up and took two of the others with her hands and began stroking them.

By the third cock she sucked Lisa looked down and giggled. "Oh fuck i came".She said and took the fourth cock in her mouth. When she had finished Mr Murphy laid down on the bed and pulled her to come to him so she was laying on top of him. 'Sit on my cock Lisa"He said Lisa smiled and lowered herself down and gently pushed until finally he was all the way in Lisa began rocking. 'Ohhh god i have been dying to get back on your cock.".She said then felt herself begining pulled forward and cock was beginning pushed into her ass Lisa looked over her shoulder and seen her father.


'And i have be dying to get your cock too daddy" She said as both began fucking Lisa she dropped her head as they really began pounding her moans and grunts filling the room. Lisa's head was lifted up and David put his cock into her mouth. Just hold it firm with your mouth Lisa i want to face fuck you" He said a few minutes Lisa came as David pulled out her mouth Lisa cried out for them to fuck her hard she thought she was going to explode with the intense feeling running through her body.

As one man finished filling her with his cum another cock took his place Lisa was fucked non stop for nearly the next hour and half her ass hole was gaping open he pussy not much better but Lisa was content Mr Murphy rolled over and looked down at Lisa.

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"You going to coming here every week with your father.?'.He asked. Lisa nodded.

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"Oh yeah i will be".She smiled. "Good' he said and rolled on top of her again and pushed his cock back inside her Lisa bit her lip hard she was swollen and sore but within a few seconds the pleasure over rode the pain. Her father laid beside her and kissed her cheek.

"You done well sweetheart and glad you had a good time"He said and watched his daughter groan then arch her back as she came once again. Once Mr Murphy had finished and got off the bed Lisa waited until everyone had gone bar her father then rolled over to look at him.

"iam done for the night iam so sore but i feel amazing but i want to see one thing dad only if you want to though' She asked. 'And what is that Lisa"He asked back. "I watched you get fucked by those men and dad it turned me on so much i want to be in the room and watch you do that again and see you fuck a man." She asked. Her father raised a eyebrow then smiled. "Well actually in about a half a hour another session is planned and you can come and watch." He said then helped her from the bed Lisa finally found a shower once she was done she put a robe on and went and found her father.

Taking her hand her father lead her up to one of the back rooms and closed the door behind him in the room was seven men.Mick lead her to a seat and kissed her softly before walked over to the group of men. For the next two hours Lisa watched the men she had come herself a number of times and decided then she was going to ask her father to buy a strap on for her so she could fuck him at home. to be continued.