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=================================== Chapter 07 It seems like any other Monday, except for the whispers and stares I receive as I walk around campus. In one way it's an improvement, no one calling me dweeb, or nerd, but it's also a little disturbing. Did someone discover my ability?

Did Gina tell someone? I remember Lindsey saying that I'm the talk of the campus, and that had been before I'd told Gina, so I doubt she'd told anyone. I walk towards a couple guys talking, to see what's up, but when they see me coming, they flee. In consternation, I stare after them, wondering what in the world is going on.

No one seems willing to talk to me about it, and those that are willing to talk to me, don't know. The whole thing is starting to give me a headache. The headache makes me remember old Mrs. Polkins. I walk into her office, and find her sitting behind her desk, a faint smile on her face.

I tell her my head hurts, and just need some Tylenol. I examine her as she moves around. It seems like she is moving faster, but that may be hopeful thinking. I'm certain the roots of her hair are darker, not gray, but there isn't enough there to tell what color yet. Her cheeks sag a little on her face, but there looks to be fewer wrinkles and better coloring to her skin tone. Checking her switches, I turn up the elasticity of her skin, as well as her metabolism, but leave her other two switches alone for now.

I thank her for the painkillers, and leave her office. I'll try to remind myself to check up on her after Winter Break and see the progress she makes. Standing right outside Polkin's office, is Robbie Mortensen. By the look he gives me, I know he's been waiting for me. I decide that running isn't an option, and besides, I should be able to handle him, as I'm feeling well rested.

As I walk up to the big jock, I notice his eyes looked haggard and sad. He looks like a man that's been to hell and back, only he'd brought hell with him. For a moment I feel sorry for the role I'd played in that, until I remember all the bullying I'd received at his hands.

"What's up, Robbie?" I ask, trying to sound unconcerned. The big man examines me for a bit, arms folded across his large chest, and his brow furrowed. "You been working out?" I almost laugh. Can THAT have been what all the stares are about? I still can't see a difference in myself, though I do notice things seem lighter than they used to be. As I think about it, even my shirt seems a bit smaller when I'd put it on this morning.

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Despite this, all I says to Robbie is, "Maybe." "I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe I feel sorry about what I've done to you, but you don't seem to be hurting from it." He looks me over some more, and I know he is looking for the bruises.

Bruises Lela had healed for me. "For some reason I feel like I owe you though, so I'm warning you." He takes a deep breath, and I tense. What is he going to do, threaten me some more? Try to beat me up? "Derek means to pay you back, and make you hurt. It's all over the campus. He seems to have it in for you." Before I can say anything in response, he turns and walks away. THAT must be why everyone is looking at me. They don't want to get caught up in whatever Derek has planned for me. I wonder if they're also supposed to keep me in the dark or if that is just an unintended side effect.

Did Robbie just cross some clique boundary to help me out? I resolve to keep my ability in reserve, so that I can use it if I need to, on a moment's notice.

I don't want to get caught unawares, or weak. An idea occurs to me, and I recall that I can sense my switches. I walk to a quiet spot, and cast my mind out, feeling for the switches that I know are Derek's. If he is anywhere close, I will know. I'm shocked to find him on the other side of campus. Not shocked because he is far from me, but because I can feel his switches from so far away.

My ability truly is growing. I also find Gina off to my left, not as far, and Robbie moving further away. I feel others too, but concentrate on Derek. If he is over there, I'm safe. My phone rings then, and my mind comes back to the here and now.

Shanna is on the other end. "I just heard something, you should know," she says without preamble. "About Derek? Yeah, I just heard. I'll be fine though, don't worry." "Oh, okay. Hey, are you working tonight?" She asks, sounding hopeful. "Yeah, I tried to get this week off so I could study for finals, but Bradley wouldn't hear it." "Great! About you working, that is. Not about Bradley. I'm working too, I'll see you there." Shortly after I hang up, I get a text from Gina, warning me of the same thing, but she's not worried either.

She knows what I'm capable of, now. The rest of my classes seem to fly by in a blur, as I concentrate on keeping track of Derek. Luckily, with my mind so preoccupied, I don't have any finals today.

Dennis gives me the same warning when I get home, and I only laugh. A couple weeks ago, no one would have said anything to me. Today I have plenty of friends covering my behind. When he looks surprised at my response, I say the same thing I told Shanna.

He doesn't look convinced but that's fine with me. I have a couple hours until I start my shift, so I play a few games, before getting ready. The snow is lightly falling as I drive to the restaurant, and I can't help but smile as I think about the last time Shanna and I had worked together.

The snow is still piled high on the sides of the road from that storm, though the power is likely to stay on tonight. Darn the luck. Of course, if push comes to shove, I could still turn off the power myself. . Shanna greets me with a smile as I walk in the back, and I give her a quick wink.

I suddenly wonder if this is Shannon, and realize the only way for me to tell them apart is when I'm sleeping with one or the other.

I can use my switches though, to tell them apart. I easily make a small switch that will make her happy when I move it, and notice that it's already on.

In fact, with the way it's shuddering, I'd have to say she's pretty giddy. There, that will do it, I think with satisfaction. Despite it being a Monday, it's a busy night. Shanna and I have little opportunity to talk. Bradley seems to be on a rampage, as he bellows out orders, and chews one cook out for being too slow, then chews a bus boy for moving too fast, and not being careful. He leaves Shanna and me alone, though, so I don't mess with him. I need to save my strength for whatever Derek has in mind.

I can just faintly feel him off to the east somewhere, at the edge of my awareness. When the restaurant finally closes, Shanna waits for me in the parking lot with a smile. We kiss for a while in her car. "We need to stop," she tells me breathlessly after a bit. "Why," I ask, cupping her cheek in my hand, and pulling her face back to mine.

"Because my sister is home, and I'm getting pretty horny and I don't want to do it in the cold car!" She laughs her wonderful little laugh as she pulls away from me. "We can go to my place," I whisper. "Didn't you say you needed to study for finals?" She tries to sound serious but I can see the mirth and desire in her eyes. "Sure. How about we study anatomy together?" I suggest, smiling wickedly. She giggles again, and I feel her long lashes against my cheek as she hugs me tight.

"Another night, I need to do some studying as well," she tells me, and I feel let down. Reluctantly I let her go, horny as hell, but unwilling to manipulate her into having my way. I really should study anyway.

I end up playing on my computer, instead, until I go to bed. I wake up immediately, when I feel Lela's switches close to me, and everyone else's switches vanish. I don't even realize I'm still monitoring all the switches, until they are gone. Where did Lela taken me that is outside of my newfound range? "Have you been practicing?" The dual-tonal voice of Lela asks me as I'm bathed in the tiring/strengthening white light.

"No," I tell her honestly, "I have been saving my strength. Something has come up that I need to be ready for." I don't want to tell her about Derek since it's a personal problem. "More important than your entire race?" the question hurts all the more because it's said with almost no emotion. I know she is right, but what am I to do?

Derek plans on hurting me somehow, and I need to be ready to deal with him, but at the same time, the human race is depending on me too, though they don't know it.

If Derek beats the crap out of me, Lela can heal me. If I'm not ready to face the demons when they arrive, we're all doomed. "I'll keep practicing," I promise her. And what better way to practice than right now?

I flip the newest switch in the pink alien with a little effort, the one I hope will put her in heat, and watch as her eyes grow large, and her 'horny' switch flips hard to full blast. She makes a loud strangled noise, that sounds like two different voices sounding at once, saying two different things, but neither intelligible, before reverting back to English after a pause.

"What have you done?" For once there is emotion in her voice. Unfortunately, it's terror and despair. I know there is no way for me to deny it.

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She knows what I can do, and if she is in heat when she isn't supposed to be, the only rational explanation will be because of me. "You said to practice," I try to explain, knowing how lame I sound. "I need to practice on aliens as well as humans. How else will I know what I'm capable of?" She screams something that I realize must be her natural language, and it doesn't sound pretty. "Weren't the physiological changes you were making in me enough?

You don't understand. I was chosen for this mission because I'm not supposed to mate for many of your solar cycles. Offspring in our race has always been planned with genetics in mind." "Okay, I'm sorry," I tell her, getting defensive.

"I'll just turn it off." But the switch won't move. It refuses to even budge. I press against it harder, groaning with the effort and feeling a headache coming on, but to no avail. "It can't be turned off. I have to mate within two of your days, or I will die." Lela cries, and then screams again in her language, and I'm fairly sure I don't want to know what she's saying. "There isn't a mate-worthy male on this side of the galaxy. You have killed me!" She returns to yelling in her own tongue.

Complete and utter shame floods through me. This intelligent alien has helped me develop my ability and as trying to help me save the human race.

But in my ignorance, I have doomed this kind and trusting creature; and all because of my sexual curiosity. I truly am a failure and a pervert. The human race is doomed, because I'm not worth saving. Wait a minute. .

A sudden thought pulls me out of the depression I am spiraling into. "What about me?" I ask, doubting it's even possible, but grasping at straws.

My head is throbbing, and it's hard to think through her confusing language. She suddenly stops talking, and looks at me. Her silvery-blue eyes have turned a dark shade of green, and her slit pupils grow larger.

Her breathing is heavy, and I can see a light film of liquid already running down her legs. The light fairly dances around her body in her distress. "You?" Both tones of her voice sounded odd, ragged, as she asks me. "Our genetic code is different. It won't work. And you are only human." Her whole body shakes, and I can tell she is in dire distress. "We have to try something," I plead. "I may have no other choice." She now sounds resigned to the possibility.

Her hands move in the air before her, hitting her invisible buttons, and the white light around me turns to the healing greenish-yellow for a moment, restoring my strength and killing the headache, before turning off completely.

I step up to her, not sure how this works for her species, and place my hand gently on her shoulder. Or try to. An electrical shock fires through my arm, knocking me back a couple steps. "Wait until I get undressed!" She demands after she works out the words in English. But she is already naked. . My jaw drops in surprise as the dancing light around her body simmers, and then falls to the floor, glittering dully.

The light IS her clothing! It's not designed to cover up, but for protection. I look back to Lela, and she looks a little different without the light playing across her smooth pink skin. I tentatively reach out my hand to touch her shoulder, and this time my fingers touch flesh.

It's as soft and smooth as it looks, and warm to the touch. This is the first time we've made physical contact, and it sends a shiver down my spine. I realize she is glaring at me impatiently, and that I still have my boxers on. I quickly disrobe, and feel my face turn beet red as my limp member comes out. Filled with shame as I am, I have lost my other desire.

If I'm to have a chance at saving her, though, I have to get it up. I bring my face close to hers, and she backs away, uncertainly. "What are you doing?" She asks in alarm. "I'm trying to kiss you," I tell her, not wanting to explain the need for it. "You humans kiss. We just mate. We do not need to kiss," she replies matter-of-factly.

"Well I DO!" I say, frustrated. Pulling her to me, I press my mouth against her soft thin lips. She doesn't fight me this time, and accepts my embrace. I lick her lips, before trying to slip my tongue into her mouth.

I hear her sigh in resignation, before letting it in, but she just stands there, letting me do whatever, without returning the kiss. "You have to kiss me back," I complain. "You humans have weird, pointless rituals." Despite her words, she tilts her head back, and this time when I kiss her, I feel her tongue around mine. Or rather, I feel two tongues slide around mine. One goes into my mouth, and licks around my teeth, while her other one swirls around mine. She is definitely a novice, but the different sensation is nice.

I'm shocked, but at the same time, turned on. I feel my dick finally start to react, and let my hands drop down to her buttocks, giving them a nice squeeze. She does the same for me, and I guess she thinks she has to do whatever I do.

I'm not going to complain. It doesn't take long for me to grow fully hard, and I break the kiss. "I'm ready," I tell her, looking deep into her now fully green eyes.

"I—I've never. ." She trails off. "How do they do it on your planet?" I'm personally curious, as well as academically. "Usually, when the mate-worthy male gets our scent, it drives them wild.

They take us, and mate with us several times. I have heard it can be brutal and painful for the female. We are helpless to stop them, unless we wish to die." I can't imagine what that must be like for her people; to be in heat, and possibly hurt while in the act, basically raped.

I can't be brutal, but I can try to take charge. "Lay down," I instruct her, and despite her earlier anger, she meekly complies. As I drop to my knees between her slender pink thighs, I can feel the vibrations through the floor. I lean over her belly, kissing the smooth surface, and work my way up to her small breasts. Her nipples are already hard, when I pull one between my teeth. "Is this a necessary part of your human's mating?" She asks me, but there is a slight hitch in her voice as she asks.

Is she starting to enjoy this? I hope so, but can't be sure, so hurry myself along. I look down, and am thankful that her vagina is in the same place as a human's (and eerily looks like one, minus any hair, and completely pink), as I place the tip of my penis against it.

I can feel the heat of her sex pouring from her crotch, and as I rub my member up and down her small slit, she starts to shift underneath me. It doesn't take long for her juices, which are practically pouring out of her, to lubricate me, and I try to push my way into her.

It's no good. She is way too tight, and I'm too big. For a moment I'm afraid that I'm going to fail her. But then I remember when she'd shown me the holograms of her species in this room. I didn't pay much attention to the males of her species at the time, but if I recall properly, they are even better endowed than I am. If they can do it, then so should I. I wonder if that is why they have to be so violent. I continue to rub my cock against her opening, occasionally trying to push my way in.

She starts to make odd noises as I continue to do this, but I'm not sure if they are frustrated sounds or something else. About my sixth attempt to penetrate her, I push harder than before, and am gratified to feel my head finally slip in, past an extremely tight ring. Lela's hands grasp my back, her fingers digging in, as she cries out.

I hold still, not sure if I should move or not. Her inner muscles start milking what little is in her, and I realize that her juices are making my schlong tingle pleasantly. "Why did you stop?" She asks me after a while, and I still don't move. "I don't want to hurt you," I reply. "We need to get this done with.

Do you want me to kiss you again?" Her voice is soft, but not quite emotionless. "Only if you want—" I'm cut short as her lips meet mine, and her two tongues snake into my mouth. I move my hips, and am thankful for how wet she is, because she is tighter than I had thought possible. Her inner muscles seem to grip my cock in a strangle hold, tightly squeezing me, while at the same time, undulating around me.

I can still feel the very tight ring at her entrance, sliding along my tingling shaft. I soon come up to a barrier, which I assume is her maidenhead. I break the kiss, long enough to say, "This is going to hurt, and I'm really sorry." "Just do it," She demands, resigned to her fate. I press my mouth back to hers, and it almost seems as though this time she is hungry for the kiss, her tongues sucking and sliding against mine in a most erotic way.

I thrust my hips forward, and break past the thin barrier. Lela cries out into our kiss, and her fingers dig painfully into my back, but otherwise she makes no other movement or protest. Her pussy also grips me even harder, and I wait for it to loosen a little before I begin sliding in and out of her.

With the way her juices are making my rod tingle, I know I'm not going to last long. Part of me is grateful that she isn't going to have to endure the humiliation of mating with a human much longer. Another part of me wants to keep going, it feels so good. I feel my climax getting close, and pick up my pace, sawing into her with a frenzy.

I pull almost all the way out, leaving only my head in, and then sink fully into her. I'm surprised her small frame can take my length, but relish in the tingling feeling of being fully sheathed as well. Lela is grunting underneath me, moaning into our kiss, and I feel her hands go to my ass, pulling me in, in time with my thrusts.

We both cry out at the same moment, as I shoot my load into her alien canal, and I feel a hot gush of her fluids gush over my groin. Her whole pussy seems to be milking my cock, demanding every last ounce of seed in my balls. I truly hope this works. I desperately want her to come out of this okay, and for a moment I think I feel something move, but I can't be certain.

I roll off her, lying on my back, on the vibrating floor, and breathing heavily. "I am truly sorry you had to suffer that," I tell her, my shame crashing back into me, after our post coital bliss. She says something in her own language, and then switches to English. "That is not what I expected. Your human rituals are. . Nice." Her large head turns to look at me, and I can see her eyes are still green. "This kissing you do is nice, too." "Did it work?" I'm afraid it's failed.

Her eyes are still green. "Will you live?" "After one mating?" She laughs, and I realize it's the first time I've ever heard her laugh.

"It takes many matings before the need will leave me." It's then that I think to check her switches. Her 'horny' switch is still on, but is it down a little? She crawls on top of me, and I groan. I don't think there is a possibility of me getting it up right now, even though my entire groin is still tingling from her fluids.

"I have seen your females like this. Let's try this position now." I groan again. On the one hand I'm glad she is no longer angry with me, but on the other, I still feel like I have doomed her.

The males of her species must be some kind of super studs to mate multiple times in a row. "What is wrong? Do we need to do the kissing again?" She asks me, looking down at my slick limp willy. "I don't think kissing will do it this time. Human males don't recover that fast, without other stimulation," I tell her. There is a little part of me that can't help but wonder if she will do. Her head cocks to the side, as she looks at me.

Despite having no hair, I think she looks rather cute right now. .for an alien, of course. "I have seen one of your females do other things to help you recover quickly." It's then that I realize she has been watching me have sex, and she must have been referring to the other day when Shanna had given me a blowjob in her car, as I drove us to her place.

I don't know how I feel about her watching me. "That might work, if you're willing to," I hedge. "I want to live," she tells me, but somehow I don't think that is all there is to it, anymore. She did pretty much say she likes kissing.

She slides her body down, until her large head is over my soaked crotch, and her small breasts are pressed against my thighs. Taking my member in one of her three fingered hands, she examines it for a moment, before tentatively sticking out one of her tongues, and licking it. Her head cocks to the side again, as she returns the tongue to her mouth, and examines the taste.

I can only assume it's not offensive to her, because she immediately opens her small mouth, and takes the head between her lips. I can feel both of her tongues moving around my limp shaft, and despite having just spent myself inside her only a few moments ago, I moan at the pleasure this brings me.

Her tongues are wrapping around my member, sliding around the length. She must have been watching a lot more closely than I would have thought, because she really knows what she is doing (or two tongues gives her a superhuman advantage), as she starts to bob her head up and down in my lap.

It only takes a couple minutes of her two-tongued technique before I'm growing hard again. When she pulls her mouth off my member, her small lips seem to get stuck around the rim, before popping free. "Now my position?" She asks, and I just nod. More eagerly than I expect, she crawls up my body, and starts kissing me again. I can taste our combined juices on her tongues, and they make my mouth tingle, as they had my cock.

She presses her little hole against my rigid pole, and once again we have to apply enough pressure to break past the initial barrier.

I can't believe how light she feels on top of me. Once inside her, she wastes no time getting my full length up into her slick hole. The tingling starts building up again, almost immediately, and I realize I'm even more sensitive than I was last time. I let Lela set the pace, as our tongues meet and dance with one another.

She starts out slow, rocking back and forth on my body, and this time it's me that grabs her ass, enjoying the feeling of her vice-like pussy sliding up and down my cock, my head bumping around deep inside her. Lela starts moaning, and I know she is really getting into it as she picks up the pace. I'm glad I'm able to at least supply her with some pleasure, after the mess of a situation I've created, and want to give her more.

I break off the kiss, and lift her torso far enough away, that I can suck on one of her darker pink nipples. I keep one hand on her rear, and bring the other one to her left breast, squeezing the firm flesh in my hand.

She starts to moan louder, speaking in her own language, as she increases her pace. When I feel her climax again, her sexual juices soaking me, I wrap my right hand around her back, holding her still, and start thrusting as hard as I can, sucking hard on her small teat, and tweaking her other nipple, not allowing her to move. Her loud cries of pleasure hit a crescendo, and then she collapses on top of me as she finds release. I pull out of her, lift her off me, and stand up. With my burgeoning strength and her light weight, there is a position I want to try.

Lela had whined when I pulled out, but when I explain the new position, she seems eager enough. What a change from her initial reaction to my meddling. I slip my hands under her arms, and easily lift her in the air. Her slender legs wrap around my torso and her arms around my neck, as I gently lower her onto my rod. I actually have to force her down a little, just to get past that initial barrier, but once in, she sinks fully, and pleasurably, onto me.

Her lips find mine again, hungry for more, and she uses her legs to move her pelvis against my invading cock, while I support her with my hands under her small ass. We are building a good rhythm together, kissing, and moaning, thrusting, and gyrating, and once more I feel the familiar churning in my balls, compounded by the tingling sensation everywhere her cum touches.

I break the kiss, and use my arms to pull her away, and then slam back into her. It only takes a couple powerful strokes like this before I shoot multiple gobs of semen into her. This seems to set her off once more, and our mutual fluids start dribbling down my legs. My arms are shaky as I set her standing on the floor, and then I sit down with a whump.

I'm exhausted; more so than I've ever been from Lela's white light. "That was good!" I hear the alien say cheerfully, the dual tones of her voice sounding melodic. "Whenever I've seen our species mate, it's never like that. The male just takes the female however he wants, and the female is helpless.

I have been told my whole life that it will be painful, and necessary.

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But this is something beautiful!" I crack my eyes open as I look up at her. Her breasts are heaving on her chest, and her small mouth is lifted in a smile, as she regards me.

"What position do you want to try next?" I groan as I hear her ask me this. I'm in no condition to try again. "Is it even working?" I ask, as I close my eyes again. She is quiet for a moment, and I open my eyes to see she is typing again on her invisible screen. After a moment she gives me the answer. "Yes, it looks like it is. The need has lessened in me, but there are still several more matings required before I will be done." She smiles down at me.

"Won't that be fun?" Kill me, kill me now, I think. There is no way I'm going to survive this. But I'm wrong. Lela uses her greenish-yellow healing light on me, and I'm soon back inside her, doggy-style, making her moan and scream in her own language, full of vigor once more, and getting more sensitive, as well.

By the time she is no longer in heat, I have lost track of how many times we coupled. Sometimes she uses her mouth, and sometimes she uses the healing light to rejuvenate me. I'm fairly certain the last time had been unnecessary, and just for her pleasure, as her eyes had gone completely back to silver by then. I've learned my lesson though: don't mess with an alien's physiology, unless I'm prepared for the consequences.

=================================== Chapter 08 By the time Lela finally lets me go, I am beyond exhausted. My whole body aches, and even the thought of sex makes me shudder. Not even Lela's greenish-yellow healing light can alleviate the last six hours of carnal bliss, or the bone deep weariness.

Despite the slight tingling, I think my penis is going to be out of commission for a while. Needless to say, when my alarm goes off, I roll over and go back to sleep. I only have one final today, and it's in the afternoon. My other classes will just have to suffer. Also, Derek can't hurt me, if I'm not around.

I'm too worn out to even think of locking my door though. My manhood feels like it wants to take a vacation that'll last at least a week. When I finally arrive on campus, I get the same treatment as I'd received yesterday. That is to say, most everyone avoids me. I'm okay with that, however, because I'm not much in the mood to talk, either.

I take my final, and go back home, skipping Prof.


Frankens' class. Both Gina and Shanna are in that class with me, not to mention the hot professor herself. I'm not up to dealing with them in my current mood, or predicament. My phone rings as I walk into my room. "Is everything alright?" Gina's concerned voice asks. "I'm not feeling too well today," I tell her honestly.

"I'm just going to get some rest. See you tomorrow?" "You don't want me to come take care of you?" I can easily hear her worry, and it occurs to me that she might be worried I'm avoiding her again. . Well, I am, but for different reasons. "Thanks, but I don't want you to get whatever I have. I promise I'm not avoiding you, so much as avoiding everyone. I'm quarantining myself, except for finals. After all the torture the professors have put us through, I don't care if they get it." I've never considered sex a torture before, but last night has opened my eyes.

I try to sound appreciative and light-hearted, but I really don't want company right now, especially not someone that gets turned on just by the sound of my voice.

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I hate lying to her, truly, but I can't tell her that an alien fucked me senseless last night, and that's why I'm so exhausted. "Well, okay, but you call me if you need anything." While I know she is still worried, her tone lets me know she understands. I hang up, and go back to sleep, only to be awoken a couple hours later, by someone knocking on my door. Groaning, I roll over, and ask who it was. At least, I try to ask. The words come out muffled, but somehow she understands me anyway.

"Shanna," the soft voice comes through my door. "You weren't in class this afternoon, so I'm stopping by to see if you're okay." Great!

I think. Shanna is only slightly better than Gina right now. I'm about to say that I'm okay, and thank her for her concern, but she opens the door and enters before I can. "I'm just tired, is all. Need to get more sleep, I guess," I say. "Too much stress from studying for finals, I think." Wow, I'm really racking up the lie-meter today.

She moves over to the bed, and places her hand lightly on my forehead and cheeks, just as she had in the auditorium last week. I wonder if this is truly Shanna, and feel for the one switch I'd made in her. It's there, and I can tell she isn't very happy. "You don't feel like you have a fever. ." "Too much stress over finals this week," I lie again.

I feel bad for it, but I can't tell her I'd stayed up all night having sex with a pink-skinned alien, either. "I just couldn't sleep last night. I've been trying to make up for it today." She looks at me sharply, her blue eyes seeming to penetrate my skull, and I wonder if she knows I just lied to her. After a second though, she sniffs and stands up. "You stink, and need a shower. Do you want me to do it for you, or are you going to take one on your own?" Apparently she has hit mother-hen mode.

"I'm just tired. I'll take one tomorrow," I complain. "No you won't. One way or another, you're taking a shower now." When I try to protest further, she cuts me off.

"What you need to do is get your mind off finals. Sleeping will only let your mind go over it again and again. I have a better solution." Groaning, I look up at her, note her smile, and know I'm not going to win, but I have to try one last thing.

"I don't feel up to anything frisky, right now." "Did I say I wanted to fuck you?" She laughs her beautiful laugh, batting her oh-so-long lashes at me, and I suddenly feel foolish. "There are other ways to distract a mind, and looking around your room, I see more than a few. Now go shower, or else. ." Defeated, I get out of bed, and go shower.

Despite the fact that I'm following her directions, she ends up joining shortly after I get in. "Don't try anything," she tells me, "I could just use a shower, too, and don't see any reason to waste extra water. Have you been working out?" I nod as though that's the only plausible reason, but not believing her one bit. She helps wash my back, and I return the favor. I can't help but notice how smooth her back feels, or how beautiful she looks with water streaming from her brown hair, and dripping off her round tits.

Despite my admiration, there is no movement from my second brain. Shanna seems to notice it as well, and other than a slight tightening of her lips, she makes no comment, and we get out and dry off. Her reaction surprises me, but I don't know what to tell her. And besides, she DID say she doesn't want to fuck me. . Not right now anyway.

She puts her hair up in a towel, and there is no denying the beauty of a woman coming right out of a shower, mist streaming from her shoulders, and an appearance of overall cleanliness adding a glow to her skin.

Once back in my room, Shanna goes right to one of my gaming consoles, and begins flipping through my games. "Beat it. . Got it. . You seriously still have this? Lame. . Good, but I hated the ending. . Nope. . Too easy. . Ah, here we go." She holds up one of my favorite games, and puts the disc in. It is a two player. I'm starting to feel like I was in an interview, and doing poorly, with the way she reacted to my game collection.

"The best way to get your mind off finals," she tells me, "is to absorb it into something else. Let's see if you can keep up with me." I decide to go easy on her in the first round. I mean, I know she is a gamer, but she IS a girl, after all. She ends up thoroughly trashing me. "Do you think you might actually try to win this time?" She asks, her smile nearly splitting her face as she teases me.

"If you keep making it this easy, I'll have to take your geek card away." What is it with everyone trying to take away my geek card? "The exhaustion," I try to defend myself, but from the smirk she gives me, I know she isn't buying it.

After that, it takes every ounce of skill I have to win at least some of the rounds. In the end it's pretty even, and we start going through my other games. Shanna promises to bring some of hers over next time, and before either one of us knows it, the sun has set, the moon risen, and the snow is falling hard.

And I haven't thought about finals, the demons, or even Lela the whole time. "Thank you," I tell the brunette. "You really did get my mind off—" "Don't say it!" She warns as I walk her outside, and we both laugh. The flakes are huge as they come down from above, and soon it looks like Shanna's brown hair is white, it holds so much snow. "I don't dare drive home in this," she tells me nervously. "You're welcome to stay here, but—" she cuts me off as her arms wrap around my neck, and she presses her lips to mine.

"Thank you. I appreciate it." Yep, her happy switch is maxed again. "I was about to say, I don't have any clean clothes for you, and the couch is lumpy, so I'll let you have my bed.

Also, my roommate is a pervert, so watch out." She looks at me like I'm an idiot. "That's okay. I keep a bag in my car, just in case of emergencies. And what's wrong with us sharing your bed? It's big enough, and Dennis doesn't bother me." "How can I argue with that? I just don't want to presume anything," I laughingly joke.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow," I recognize the quote from one of my favorite fantasy novel series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' and we both laugh as she brush the snow off my shoulder.

"Have you seen the HBO series based on the novels?" I ask her. "Yeah, I've seen them but it's not as good as the books," she replies earnestly. I smile as I agree with her assessment. Live action never compares to the book. "More boobs, though," I come back, and she smiles, but backhands my chest, with a muttered, "Pervert." She grabs her emergency bag, and we quickly run back inside. Shaking the snow off, I joke that maybe we need another shower. "I thought you weren't up to anything. ." she teases me again, batting those beautiful long lashes at me.

"Do I have to be up for that, to want to admire beauty?" I ask back, and am gratified to see her blush. "Besides, did I say I wanted to fuck you?" I throw her earlier words back at her, and we both laugh.

Shanna calls her sister, telling her not to worry. We opt not to shower, and with the late hour, we decide to just go to sleep. Shanna actually has me leave my room as she changes into her pajamas, and when she lets me back in, she is already under the covers. I'm curious about her behavior, it's not like we hadn't seen each other completely nude a few hours ago, but decide to let her have her way. I usually sleep in just my boxers. Since I don't care if she sees me, I strip right there, and slide under the covers, next to her.

Shanna scoots her back to me, and I pull my arm around her, enjoying the delicious warmth of her body pressed close to mine. Despite all of the sleep I've had today, it only takes a few minutes, and I'm out, the soft scent of Shanna's hair filling my nostrils. When 'Aeris's Theme' starts playing on my phone, I'm confused. Lela hadn't taken me last night.

Is she still upset about what I'd done to her? Or worse. . Did we not do it enough, and she is right now, all alone on her ship, dying. .

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STOP IT, I demand of myself, knowing that worrying will change nothing, and help even less. "Is that from Final Fantasy VII?" Startled, I fall out of bed. I'd completely forgotten that Shanna had stayed the night. She laughs at me, as I try to recover, and get back to my feet.

The attractive brunette gets out of bed, and I see for the first time what she is wearing. It's a pink camisole, with matching pink shorts, which show off her figure well.

Her legs look long and lithe, coming up to her nice ass. She catches me looking, and gives me a small smile, and a sexy little shake. Despite how I'd felt yesterday, my penis has finally woken up, and it likes what I'm looking at just as much as I do. "Ahh! I look a fright this morning," she cries, as she spies herself in the mirror.

I have to argue with that though. With her hair all mussed up, and no makeup on at all, she pulls the sexy bed-head look off pretty damn well. She locks the door to the bathroom, however, before I can state my case, and stays in there for almost half an hour. By the time she finally comes out, her makeup is done, her hair flawless, and she looks smoking hot in a pair of tight jeans, and a red top that is loose, and yet still shows her figure well.

Dennis has been complaining about being locked out of the only bathroom, but even he shuts his mouth when Shanna walks out. Since I'd showered last night, I only need to brush my teeth, run my fingers through my hair, and I'm ready to go; being a man is just easier, sometimes.

Shanna is disappointingly gone by the time I come out of the bathroom. For the first time in a long time, I feel fully refreshed, as I start my day. My finals today go by pretty easy, and even though people are still avoiding me, Derek stays away as well, so I don't mind too much. I see Robbie sitting by himself at lunch, and something inside me makes me sit by him. "What do you want?" He asks me snidely, and I almost regret my decision.

"I think you could use some cheering up," I tell him. "And you think you're qualified to do that? Ha!" Even though his tone is filled with bitterness, I can tell that it is directed more inward, than at me. More qualified than you can know. But I keep the thought to myself. "Look, I know you're still upset with me, and I understand why." "You understand nothing," the big man turns and glares at me. "I was going to break up with her anyway.

I thought I had a chance with someone else, but she apparently changed her mind, after what kept happening when I was around you. You only saved me the hassle of breaking Gina's heart." For a second I'm angry that he'd been ready to hurt Gina like that, but I'm also curious. Then I remember the look in his eyes that night in the basement, and know he is just trying to save face.

"Why did you want to break up with Gina?" I ask, playing along. He looks at me for a while, and I wonder what's going through his mind. There are times that I wish I can read minds instead of making my switches, but things are as they were.

After a few uncomfortable seconds, he decides to answer. "She was being too needy; talking about marriage, and kids. I'm not ready for that, so I was going to dump her." At first, I can't imagine someone dumping a girl as hot as Gina but thinking back to how Gina has acted at times, I can't argue that she can be clingy.

I understand why he would want to break up with her, but at the same time I'm still bothered. Gina is a good friend, if not more. "So who is this other girl?" I ask, trying to dig deeper.

"What do you care?" I just look at him, willing him to give me the answer. I think I might be able to use my switches to get it out of him, but I'm tired of manipulating the man. "Fine, if it will get you to leave me alone. It's Nicole Hama." The bully nods, and I look at another table to see the redhead eating with her friends.

I have always thought she was cute, but rather stuck up, personally, and nowhere on the level of Gina. . Or even Shanna for that matter, though I can't deny she has a racking body.

A small part of me feels that since I was the one to ruin things for him, I should be the one to fix them. Damn my conscience anyway. "Gimme a second," I tell Robbie, and stand to walk over to Nicole. "What do you think you're doing?" Robbie demands, but I ignore him as I walk over to the woman's table. Nicole is the head cheerleader, and she is perfectly suited for that, attitude and all. She surrounds herself with other cheerleaders everywhere she goes, and today is no different.

A plan starts to form in my mind as I walk over to her small group. The table goes quiet as I approach, and I assume it has something to do with Derek's threats, but he's not even close right now, so I brush the thought away.

I quickly make memory switches in the five girls at once, and am thankful I can affect groups. I wonder how many I can affect at a time, but just these five have already started a small throbbing in the back of my eyes. It's more work to affect groups, than it is to do them one at a time.


One of Nicole's groupies leans over and whispers something to the redhead as I wait at their table. Nicole looks up at me, her blue-green eyes sparking with annoyance, and I notice that her nose is a little pointed for my tastes, but she is attractive enough.

Once you get past her attitude, at least. "And, like, what do you want?" Her snide tone grates on my nerves, but I answer her anyway. I try to make my voice sound as conceited as possible. "I understand you turned Robbie down, and wanted to know if you're waiting for a real man?" The table laughs, but I hold my ground. "A real man? Like, what makes you think you're a REAL man?" She laughs some more, but I only smile, as if I know some great secret. Which is true, now that think about it.

"I stole Gina away from him. There must be a reason for that." My grin gets even bigger, as I watch the women's eyes grow larger. The cheerleaders murmur amongst themselves, but I can't understand a word of it. "I turned Robbie down because he—" I flip the switch in all of them, making them forget the thoughts they were just having. "—he, umm. . Like. . Well, there was that time—" FLIP "You always did think he was cute," one of the other girls say.

"Yeah, and you always complain that Gina is a bitch that doesn't deserve him," pipes up another crony. Nicole looks to her fellow cheerleaders at a loss for words. If my plan has worked, she will have completely forgotten about Robbie's incontinence problem.

Or rather, the problem I had caused for him. "Well, like, it is no business of yours, anyway, dweeb. Go bother someone else," she demands snidely, not very happy about getting advice from her crew in front of a geek. "Just let me know when you tire of him, doll. I'll be ready to show you what a real man can do." Okay, so maybe that was going a bit too far, but I'm sick of being treated like I'm less than I am, and she needs an attitude readjustment. Then again, she and Robbie will fit perfectly well together, I think.

Smiling I walk away, sure of myself. I'm smart enough not to walk straight over to Robbie, knowing that the cheerleaders will be watching me, but I'll tell him to try again with the stuck up snob. I wish them the best of luck. After classes, it's my first day on the math team, and Prof. Frankens confronts me as soon as I walk into her classroom. "I missed you in class yesterday." Was that sadness in her voice, or just a concerned teacher? "Sorry, I was sick. I barely made it in for one of my finals.

I'll be there for your class tomorrow," I sincerely promise. She gives me a funny look, and too late I remember that I'd made the switch in her that makes her wet whenever I speak. I'm going to have to be careful. I'm not worried about forcing the professor to do anything she doesn't want to; but then again Gina has convinced me that she still has free will. Today she is wearing a knee length skirt, and a white blouse that is getting stretched taut by her large bosom.

Her dark hair is mostly down, with some of it pulled back. I meet the other students on the team, Donald, Barbara, and Adam. I know them well enough by reputation, all of them pretty smart. Donald is wearing large thick glasses that make his eyes look really small.

Barbara is rather heavyset, and Adam's acne is so bad, his face looks more like the surface of the moon, than anything else.

None of them are popular, but then again, neither am I. Professor Frankens asks us practice questions, and I let the other three answer most of them, trying to keep my voice from affecting the professor. I do answer a number of questions when the others are stumped, but try to be as quiet as possible, constantly monitoring Prof.

Fankens's 'horny' switch. When none of us knows the answer, our coach goes over the math problem with us. During the practice, I decide to help out my fellow teammates. As I had done for Mrs. Polkins, I turn up Barbara's metabolism, and then turned down Adam's acne and try to regenerate his skin, but that switch won't form.

For Donald, I adjust his eyesight a little, not wanting to cause him any stress if his eyes suddenly work, and his glasses fail. I figure if I work with him slowly over time, it'll work out best.

Practice is over before I know it. I'm walking out of the room, when Prof. Frankens stops me. "Nick, stay for moment, will you? I want to talk to you about your performance." Uh-oh. I turn around, and sit back in the chair I'd used while she drilled us on her math equations.

She sits on the edge of her desk, and crosses her legs. Taking her large glasses off of her nose, she sticks one earpiece in her mouth as she looks at me. The silence seems to drag on, and I start fidgeting in my seat, wondering what will happen next. I can feel my palms grow sweaty, as I try to consider the possibilities. Have I talked too much? I honestly tried not to. I check her 'horny' switch and it is turned up, but not extremely so. "You need to have more confidence in yourself," she tells me, finally breaking the silence.

She takes a deep breath, and I watch as one of the buttons on her shirt looks perilously close to snapping, and freeing her bosom. I can easily make out the lacy white bra underneath.

I have no doubt that her students have enjoyed her outfit today. For only a small moment, I'm jealous of her other students, but immediately know I'm being foolish.

"More confidence?" I ask dumbly, my mind unable to switch gears. "Yes. I know how smart you are, Nick. You knew every one of those questions that the others got, but you waited to answer. This is a competition, and the quickest one to answer, gets the points. You need to have more faith in yourself, and answer sooner.

Don't hesitate. Take what you want, and forget about the consequences. ." She trails off, and suddenly I'm wondering if we're still talking about the math team. She gives herself a little shake, and then continues talking. "Our first competition is after the holiday break. Do you think you can work on your confidence in that time?" I nod, still not wanting to talk too much.

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Apparently that was the wrong thing to do. "See, that's what I'm talking about. Don't just nod at me; Tell me your answer," she demands in a tone that brooks no argument.

"Yes, professor," I say, trying to sound confidant. "Yes, what?" She is making me talk more and more, and with each word, I can feel her 'wet pussy' switch move, and gradually her 'horny' switch is moving as well. "Yes, I will work on my confidence." I try to say it quietly, yet confidently. I failed. "I can't hear you," she coos, and I wonder what is going through her mind. Fuck it! "I WILL BE MORE CONFIDANT," I nearly scream, and she smiles pleasantly.

"Do I intimidate you?" This question completely throws me off. "I-intimidate me?" I ask, flustered. "I don't see you with girls or even a girlfriend. I know what other students think of me. I'd have to be blind to miss all the stares I get. So, I'll ask you again: do I intimidate you?" She doesn't see me with girls? If only she knew what the last week has been like for me!

I can't tell HER that, of course. "You are attractive, Professor Frankens," I hedge, not sure where she's going with this, "but I think I do alright with the girls." "Do you have a girlfriend?" The question almost sounds more like an accusation, than a curiosity. I think about Shanna, but she had made it clear we are just REALLY good friends. Gina will say yes if I ask her, I know, but I'm not ready to commit to her.

"No," I finally answer, hearing the sullen tone in my voice, and cursing myself for it. She is chewing her earpiece again, as she gives me a penetrating stare. I wonder if all women practice that look, or if it just comes naturally to them. "We're going to try a little experiment," she tells me, and I have a bad feeling about where this might be going.

"Stand up." I do as I'm told, and look down at her as she walks up to me, nearly touching me. I hold my ground as she looks up, and I can smell her sweet perfume from this close. "Good. Now kiss me." I take a step back, shocked at her boldness. "I didn't say step away from me. See, this is what I'm talking about. You need to be more confident." I can hear a note of laughter in her voice, and it strikes hard after years of being bullied. Confident? She wants me to be confident?

Fine, I can do that, I think. It's just a kiss, nothing more. But I know it IS more than a kiss, and I know where this will go, if I don't stop it right now. I should walk away, and not look back. I should run for the door, and lock myself in my room. Instead I step forward, closing the distance between me and my beautiful professor, and think, I'll show her confidence. I put my right arm around her waist, pulling her body against mine, snake my left hand through her hair to the back of her head, and pull her face up to meet mine.

Our lips meet, and too late, I feel her 'horny' switch crank fully on. Professor Frankens moans as her arms pull me tighter to her, and her tongue darts into my mouth, and back out. I chase hers with mine, only to come up against her teeth. It's a game of cat and mouse, her lips parting freely to mine, but her tongue only darting out from time to time, before retreating back into her mouth.

She wants confidence, I remember, and drop my right hand along her back to her ass, giving it a little squeeze, and press my tongue forcefully against her teeth. They part for me this time, and she sucks my tongue into her mouth. Hungrily she nibbles on my tongue without hurting it, and I can feel my hard cock pressing against front of her skirt.

This woman really knows how to tease and kiss! Part of me cries out that this is wrong and that I have manipulated her into doing this.

Oddly it's Gina's voice that argues, saying she has free will, and she doesn't have to do anything if she doesn't want to. This isn't like Lela, a matter of life and death.

For good or bad, Gina's voice wins out. I feel the zipper in the back of her skirt, pull it down, and a second later, it lies crumpled up on the floor.

She pulls away from the kiss then, but keeps me in her arms, and doesn't try to get out of mine. "What do you think you are doing, Nick? I'm your professor." Almost. . Almost I back away, but I see the gleam in her brown eyes, and remember what she'd said about confidence. "I'm taking what I want, and forgetting about the consequences," I tell her, throwing her words from earlier back at her. She smiles up at me. "And what is it you want?" I slip my hands into the back of her panties, grab her by the rear, and lift her up.

Her legs wrap around my torso, and we are now eye-to-eye. "I want you." My voice sounds odd to me, full of a mix of confidence, desire, and longing. Even when I'd talked to snobby Miss Nicole Hama earlier, I hadn't sounded this confident. She moans as she pulls me back into our kiss, this time her mouth is completely free and open to me, and our tongues wrestle, while my hands grope her tight ass.

I walk us over to her desk, and let her small weight down onto the corner. I bring my hands between us, and start working at the buttons to her blouse, while her fingers undo my pants. Her buttons are small, and I'm having a hard time with them as we continue to kiss. Confidence. Slipping my fingers between the buttons, I tear the two sides apart, sending buttons flying everywhere.

She moans again, and just about tears my pants off in her haste to get them down. My boxers follow my pants, and we have to break the kiss to get my shirt off. She looks down at my rod, and I hear her gasp. Maybe it is the mood of the whole scenario, or the fact that I'm really into this role of being confident and in control, but the words are out of my mouth before I want to think better of them.

"Suck it." Her hands grip my dick, as she looks up at me, questioningly, and almost fearfully. "I said, suck it," I repeat myself. Her fear turns to a smile as she scoots off the desk, and drops to her knees in front of me. "It's so big," I hear her murmur, just before her lips touch the tip of my penis. I realize that Prof. Frankens likes to be dominated. Placing my hands on the back of her head, I moan deeply as her lips stretch around the bulbous head, and then slide partway down my shaft.

My moan triggers a small orgasm in the mature teacher, and I enjoy the sensations her moaning is causing along my rod. I have seen a few porno's where someone is being dominant, and while I don't think I can do the whole whips and chains thing, I think I might be able to do the rest.

I kick off my shoes, and then my pants, while I use my hands to guide her mouth up and down my shaft. She looks so sexy in her white lacy bra and matching panties, my large cock distending her lips and cheeks as she tries to swallow as much of it as she can.

I lean over her, and unsnap her bra, freeing her two large melons from their lacy prison. Her nipples are large and hard, and her breasts only sag a little, despite their large size. Remembering something else I'd seen in a porno, and hoping that my new strength is up to it, I bend over and to the side of Professor Frankens, wrap my arms around her waist, and she looks at me in confusion.

I heave, and she squeals, as I spin her upside down and bring her panty-covered crotch to my mouth. She moans as my lips touch her already wet panties, and I feel her warm wet mouth engulf my cock once more, and her arms wind around my legs. I nibble and lick her covered crotch, eliciting moans from her, as she sucks some bliss-filled sounds from me as well. She really knows how to give head, and I feel myself coming close, but I don't want it to end yet, so I pull her up some more, then gently turn her, and set her back upright on the floor.

I yank her panties down, before lifting her back up and setting her on the desk. I'm truly enjoying my new strength, and what it's allowing me to do. Pulling her legs apart, I'm now able to dive my face into her pussy, and taste her juices as they pour from her honey pot.

She digs her heals into my back, as I attack her labia and clit with my lips, teeth, and tongue, crying out her pleasure at what I'm doing to her. She has a small patch of brown hair that slightly tickles my nose, but I'm enjoying this too much to care.

Soon enough, she starts coming, and my mouth is flooded with her juices. Much more than I think is normal, and I look up at her in confusion, some of her cum-flow dribbling off my chin.

"Professor Frankens, I believe you just squirted," I tell her with glee. "Call me Donna," she says, but I just look back to her pussy. I step to her side, and slip my two middle fingers into vagina vigorously rubbing in a back and forth motion against the top wall.

Sure enough, after a few frantic seconds of this, she is cumming again, her juices arcing away from her desk, and splashing the floor in front of the first row of seats. Her body is shuddering violently in the throes of her squirting orgasm. Thank you internet, for teaching me that technique. By this point, I'm dying to get into this hot older woman, and I hope that there has been enough of a break that I won't blow my load right away.

As I place the tip of my prick at her opening, I hear Donna suck in a fearful breath. "I—I don't think that will fit. . It's too big." I smile, as I rub the head of my granite hard prick up and down her sopping slit. I then start to push forward, only to pull back, before I feel any pressure against my cock.

Donna moans in frustration, but I have to keep playing the confidence game. I repeat the action a couple more times, each eliciting frustrated noises from the professor. "Do you want this?" I ask, and she nods eagerly." I can't hear you," I state, using the same tone she'd used with me earlier. "Yes," she whimpers. "Yes, what?" I ask her, wanting her to tell me how badly she wants my cock.

"Yes, master!" Master? That's unexpected. "Your slave wants her master's cock to pulverize her cunt. Your slave wants to be split in two by that monster rod of yours. Fuck her, master.

Make your slave happy, and fuck her!" I'm stunned by this sudden switch in behavior for only a moment, and then before I can let doubt sink in, I say "Then take it, and put it inside you." She eagerly reaches for my member, gripping my rod, and pulls me towards her small flower.

She rubs my head against her slick vagina a few times, moaning as she does so, lubricating my cock, before wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling me hard towards her. All fear about my size must have been lost in her lust and desire for me. She is a tight fit, though not as tight as Gina or Shanna, and nowhere near as constricting as Lela.

There is a fire burning in her that almost scorches my pecker from its heat. Donna cries out in bliss as bit by bit I sink my meat into her, and as with Nancy, I'm soon fully sheathed in her burning pussy.

She loosens her legs, and I pull back, but she tightens them again forcefully, slamming my rod back into her depths. Reaching for her tits, I tweak her large nipples, making her moan even louder. I devoutly hope no one will hear us, and come to investigate, but I'm also too far along to try and put a stop to this now. "Yes, master. Fuck your slave. She has never had anything so big in her before," Donna cries out. The third person speech is a little odd, but erotic at the same time.

Almost as if I have my own cheerleader. "Ruin her pussy, and claim it as only yours, master!" Our pelvises take up a steady smacking rhythm as I slam in and out of her. Her arms grab the back of my neck, and pulls my mouth down to hers as her inner muscles suddenly grip me hard, and her cum squirts all over my pelvis, and dribbles from my balls.

The feeling is exquisite, and I moan into our kiss, intensifying her orgasm with the sound of my voice. I'm about over the top, all of this master/slave stuff seriously turning me on, and pull out, not wanting to get her pregnant, when another idea strikes me. "Suck me off, slave" I order her, and she immediately hops down off her desk, and swallows my cum soaked dick back between her lips.

"Your slave wants her master's cum all over her face and tits. Will master reward his slave?" It only takes a couple seconds with her talented tongue, before I start to unload. My first volley hits the back of her throat, and then she pulls back, using her hands to jerk me off as the rest of my ejaculate sprays across her chest and tits.

She smiles up at me, as she begins to rub my cum into her skin, tracing around her hard nipples, before scooping up a glob, and bringing the cum covered fingers down to her pussy. She fingers herself until she comes once again, leaving a small puddle of cum under her. When she's done, she stands back up, and looks me in the eyes. "I hope you'll be more confident from now on?" Her personality has completed switched back into teacher mode.

I'm curious about the change, and conclude that after spending all day being in control of students, it must be nice to being controlled by someone else. I laugh, as I tell her that I will indeed be more confident. And just to show her, I reach around and grab a handful of her firm ass.

"I hope this goes—" she starts, but I cut her off. "No one will hear about this from me," I assure her. She slightly moans and her eyes smolder, as I forcefully kiss her one last time before leaving. Shanna calls me on my way home, to see if I need any more help forgetting about finals, but I turn her down.

I really need to study, instead. Gina calls not five minutes later, and I wonder how on Earth I'm going to juggle these two women. Or is it three now with Prof. Polkins? Should I include Nancy as well? My life truly has changed over the last week and a half! "I think someone has been sneaking around my house, and my mom is still at work" she tells me worriedly, bringing my attention back to the phone call. "Lock your door, and I'll be by shortly," I tell her, but when I get there, I don't find anyone.

Gina thanks me with a big kiss. And for a moment, I wonder if it was just a ruse to get me over here. Remembering the fear in her voice, and even when I arrived, I know she was truly worried. "Want to come inside? My mom's not home, but if you want I can call her up. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, during one of her breaks. ." I laugh, but turn her down for the same reason I'd turned down Shanna, and relieved that Gina is safe.

"I really need to study for finals. I only have a few left, and next week is the start of the holiday break." Gina pouts, but in the end lets me go. For some reason, I feel like I'm missing something as I leave, and the feeling sits in my gut the whole way back to my apartment. I don't get much studying done (Dennis and Robin are really going at it in the other bedroom), but when ten o'clock rolls around, I decide it's time for bed.

I truly hope that Lela comes to get me tonight. I'm afraid she's still mad at me.