Most Amazing Body TEEN Sucking and Riding Cock

Most Amazing Body TEEN Sucking and Riding Cock
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Chapter 8: Dinner and an Orgy I led my fiancee, Mary, and our two, new sluts: the newlywed Chantelle and Lana; past the Maitre D' and into the Skycity Restaurant, located atop of the Space Needle.

The restaurant was a circular room, with tables lined around the windows that showed a magnificent view of Seattle at night. At the center lay a bar and the kitchen. As the restaurant slowly rotated in a circle, you could enjoy the entire panorama of the City of Seattle aglow with lights against the black pools of the Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

Mary gasped in surprise and pleasure. Earlier this evening, I had inspected the wait staff for the restaurant and kept the six most beautiful women and dismissed the rest. I had ordered them to line up, naked, save for the white, waist aprons of their uniforms. The aprons only covered their groins and the top of their thighs, leaving their flat stomachs and varied breasts on display. All were gorgeous in their own, unique and special ways.

"Choose three to wait on us," I told Mary, "and the other three will serve Chantelle and Lana." "Thank you, Master," Lana said, eyes feasting on the banquet of naked women, arm wrapped around her wife. Chantelle licked her lips. "Your welcome, Lana," I said. "Its your honeymoon, still, so you two have fun." Mary started walking around the waitress, eying them critically. She trailed a hand through the strawberry-blonde hair of feisty Fiona, pinched the plump, cinnamon rear of Hannah Smilingfox, and hefted the heavy, D-Cup tit of the otherwise petite Xiu.

Mary played with the butterfly dangling from a silver chain that pierced through Xiu's dark nipples. Then Mary was moving again, pinching the hard nipple on Wanda's tiny, bee-sting breasts, slid her hand across the shaved lips of doll-faced Korina's pussy, and goosed the slim ass of Ingrid, the lanky blonde.

Mary pushed Korina forward, wrapped one arm around Xiu's waist and a second about Ingrid's, pulling both girls tight against her sides and grinned wickedly at me. "Oh, we're going to have fun tonight!" Korina led us to a table against the windows, covered in a white, lacy tablecloth and set with sterling silverware and pink candles burning in silver sconces.

Pink and red rose petals were strewn across the table and two bottles of champagne chilled in an ice bucket. I held out the seat for my fiancee and she smiled prettily at me.

So prettily that I just had to bend down and captured her red lips in a kiss, before I sat opposite her. Korina heavy breasts swayed as she poured us each a flute of champagne and Mary reached out and played with her belly piercing, a silver heart dangling from a chain. Xiu produced two menus and set them before us. Across the room, Lana and Chantelle were being seated by Wanda. I looked at the menu then at Xiu and her magnificent rack.

I grabbed her and guided her to the floor beneath the table. The Asian beauty unzipped my pants and sucked my cock hungrily into her small mouth. Mary laughed, lifting the table cloth to watch. "Ohh, what a nasty girl," Mary cooed.

"You didn't even tell her to start sucking." Xiu gasped on my cock as Mary started rubbing her foot through her hairy bush.

"Give him a titty-fuck with those massive breasts, slut." Xiu's breasts were soft and silky on my cock, as she slid them slowly up and down. "Thanks, Mare," I groaned. "Her tits feels amazing!" Mary held up her flute of champagne and I held up mine. "To a night of pleasure!" she toasted and our glasses tinked together. The champagne was chilled and bubbly as it slid down my throat. Mary grinned licking her lips after what was probably her first taste of champagne.

Fuck, it was my first taste of actual champagne, too. Mary was smiling wantonly and then hiked up her skirt. "Ingrid," she beckoned at the blonde, Nordic woman. "Yes, miss?" Mary reached out, grasped the woman's long, tight braid that fell all the way to her shapely ass and pulled her face down, hard.

Ingrid gasped, but didn't fight. "Get down on your knees and eat my naughty pussy, whore!" "Yes, miss!" Ingrid gasped as Mary roughly shoved her head down. She got down on her knees, joining Xiu underneath the table and nosily started to eat out Mary's cunt. "Fuck this bitch is hot for pussy!" moaned Mary. Then she picked up the menu. "Mmhh, how about prawns for an appetizer?" I just grunted, my cock felt too good to care what appetizer's I got. Xiu was adding her tongue to her titty-fuck, licking the tip of my cock's head as she slid her firm breasts along my shaft.

Korina was taking the order, her nipples were hard and her face flushed. I reached out and fondled her pert ass, dipped in and found her shaved vulva, wet and hot.

She gasped as I slid a finger up inside her. "What do you want for the main course, Mark?" Mary asked, breathless. "I was thinking of … ohh shit!" She broke off as she convulsed in her chair, gasping loudly.

"Jesus Christ, that little whore found my G-Spot!" Mary grabbed her flute of champagne and downed the last of it in a breathless gulp. Ingrid crawled out from underneath the table, lips smeared with pussy juices.

Mary held up her glass, and Ingrid quickly filled it. "As I was saying, I'll have the ahi tuna." "And you, sir," Korina asked, her voice high and breathy as my finger probed up inside her cunt. "Ah, the steak," I groaned. I was close to cumming and really couldn't be bothered to look at the menu. "And how would you like that prepared, sir," Korina asked.

She was biting her lip, struggling to focus on her job. "Medium … fucking … rare!" I moaned and spilled my white cum across Xiu's olive breasts. "Okay, sir," Korina said and started to head towards the kitchen. I licked my fingers. She had a sweet, musky flavor. Mary grabbed her arm, stopping her. "Let Xiu take the order to the kitchen," Mary said and pulled Korina down into her lap and sucked a dark nipple into her mouth.

Xiu took the order slip, and blushing furiously, walked into the kitchen naked and covered in cum. There were a few hoots and hollers and Xiu quickly returned, somehow even redder, but with a smile on her face. Maybe she enjoyed being humiliated. I downed the rest of my champagne and followed Mary's example and pulled Ingrid down onto my dick.

Her wet cunt slid pleasantly down my cock and she gasped as I invaded her, wiggling to adjust to the sudden penetration. I kissed her lips and tasted Mary's sweet and spicy flavor on her rosy lips. "Don't just sit on my dick, whore!" I scolded, slapping her ass. "Wiggle those hips." As she fucked my cock, I pulled Xiu over and had Ingrid lick my cum off Xiu's large, full tits. Ingrid started getting into it, moaning as she sucked and licked Xiu's beautiful tits while her hand sliding down beneath Xiu's apron to start fingering the Asian girl's pussy.

Ingrid's pussy was tight and velvety on my cock and I shot a load of spunk deep in her. She stumbled off my lap and started to frig her clit as my cum ran down her leg. "Service," a voice yelled from the kitchen.

None of the kitchen staff came out, I was quite clear with the cooks to stay in the kitchen. I smacked Ingrid's ass and she hurried to the kitchen.

"Fuck! The little slut's got cum running out of her cunt!" A cook yelled. "Stay, sweet Ingrid, I got a fat cock to shove up there." "No you don't. You're dick as small as my pinkie.

Now I got a monstrous cock for you!" Ingrid fled the kitchen, as embarrassed as Xiu had been. The table shook as Korina sat on the edge, moaning as Mary ate out her pussy. Korina back was to me covered in a sheen of sweat, her muscles rippling as she writhed on Mary's tongue. "Oh, fuck! Yes, yes, your tongue is amazing! Fuck! I'm cumming!

Oh, god I'm cumming!" Ingrid set the plate of steaming prawns on the table as Korina hopped off. Mary caught Ingrid and kissed her then grabbed a prawn and bit in hungrily. I grabbed one too and was about to take a bite when I had a depraved idea. I smacked Korina's ass, and commanded, "Bend over, bitch." Korina bent over, her shaved cunt showing between her sleek thighs and I shoved the prawn up into her pussy, sliding the prawn in an out a few times, making sure I got a nice marinade.

Then I popped the delicious prawn in my mouth, enjoying the sweet flavor Korina added. Mary smiled, and bent Ingrid over, covering her prawn with my cum and Ingrid's pussy juices.

"Mmhh," Mary said, smacking her lips. "They should sell this! What do you think, slut? Would you like to have customer's cum in your pussy and then use you for dipping sauce?" Ingrid shook her head. "No, miss." Mary stuck another prawn up her cunt. "Sure you do, bitch. I'm mean, look how wet you are. Your filthy juices are trickling down you legs. Here, try it." Ingrid bit hesitantly into the prawn, smeared with cum. "Good, right?" Mary asked. "Yes," Ingrid said, smiling shyly.

"Of course you do, you're a fucking slut," Mary said and shoved another prawn up her cunt to marinate. "A dirty slut who loves things shoved up her cunt!" I was alternating between Xiu and Korina's cunt. Each add subtle difference to the flavor. Xiu was a little more tart, and Korina a little more sweet. For my last prawn, I stuck it up both their cunts and savored the delicious mix of flavors.

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After finishing her last prawn, Mary stood up and began unlacing the corset of her white dress and let the dress slide down her lush body. Naked, she walked to the window and peered out at Seattle. Her ass was plump and I stood up and stepped behind her, rubbing my dick on her smooth, soft cheeks.

Mary fingered her engagement ring. "This is been such a wonderful day. Thanks." She turned her head and kissed me. "I would love to feel my fiancee's cock up my ass!" I smiled. "Naughty filly!" I whispered as I found her tight asshole nestled between the softness of her asscheeks.

Mary gasped and wiggled as I slowly shoved my wet cock inside her tight ass. "Fuck that's tight!" I groaned and started slowly fucking her. Before us, the city of Seattle slowly rotated about us, a jewel set between dark waters.

"I love you," Mary groaned as we fucked our hips in a slow rhythm, slowly building our pleasures. "I love you, too, Mare!" I whispered and started kissing her neck and ear.

I started fucking her harder, more urgent. Her hand grasped mine and slid it up to her breast and squeezed her firm flesh and hard nipple.

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We were moving in unison, working together to make the other cum. Her ass was tight and silky and hot with her desire. I felt the tightening in my loins, I was about to cum. I held off, wanting Mary to orgasm with me. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Mary hissed, wantonly. "Ohh, fuck me stallion, fuck me till I cum. Fuck me, you randy steed!" Her ass clench on my cock, milking it and I groaned and shot my seed into her bowels.

I hugged her tight and she rocked in my embrace, staring out at the city, tenderly enjoying the moment. "Sir, miss," Korina said, hesitantly. "Your dinner is ready." Mary's stomach rumbled and we both laughed.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, some cum leaking out, and held the chair out for her. Our champagne flutes had been refilled and two plates of food steamed on the table. My steak was juicy and pink, almost melting in my mouth. It came with a side of fries cooked in duck fat giving them a rich, wild flavor.

Not seeing any ketchup, I had Korina bend over and used her slutty juices to dip with. Mary stole some of my fries and tried Korina's special sauce, so I stole a bite of Mary's tuna off her plate, laughing as Mary tried to stop me. We polished off a second bottle of champagne, the liquid bubbling happily through my veins, the room was getting warm, so I pulled off my clothes while Mary and Ingrid hooted and whistled.

Mary had been eying Korina's plump pussy as she stayed bent over and stood up when she finished eating. She grabbed Korina and pulled her to the floor and scissored her legs with Korina, allowing their cunts to kiss.

Mary loved to trib another woman as much as I loved watching two women trib. Mary fucked her cunt hard against Korina's and both women were panting and moaning.

I downed some more champagne and eyed Xiu and Ingrid. Ingrid was almost a head taller than Xiu, lanky with small breasts. Xiu was petite in every way save for her D-Cup tits which looked almost ridiculously large on her tiny frame. Which to fuck. Well, I already had Ingrid's tight cunt. Slapping Xiu's ass, I order, "On your knees like a bitch!" "Yes, sir," Xiu quickly replied, kneeling down and exposing her thick mat of black pubes covering her wet pussy.

I knelt behind her, spread her ass cheeks. God that was an inviting ass. My cock had dried and her ass wasn't lubed. I tried to think, but my blood was boiling from the champagne, and her ass was so inviting. To drunk to care if it hurt her, I slammed my cock hard into her ass. Xiu screamed in pain, bucking beneath me as I fucked her ass with powerful, deep strokes. Xiu cries of pain were starting to grate my ears.

The bitch need something to do with her mouth and I spotted Ingrid masturbating. "Ingrid, stick your cunt in her face!" I yelled. "Xiu, that'll give you something useful to do with your mouth!" I ordered, really fucking her fast and hard. Her ass was almost painfully tight on my cock and dry, the walls of her ass rubbing roughly on my cock's sensitive tip.

My head swam from the champagne and feeling Xiu squirm in pain beneath me made her ass feel all the better. "Fuck that bitch's ass!" Mary moaned, tribbing furiously with Korina.

Korina was gripping Mary's leg, her tongue licking and sucking her cute little toes. "Fuck her hard, Mark!

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She's a naughty bitch who needs to punished!" Ingrid was writhing on Xiu's tongue, Xiu's whimpers muffled by Ingrid's muff. Xiu's ass felt so good it wasn't long before I was cumming in her bowels. I slammed all the way in and rested my girth in her ass, savoring the afterglow of orgasm and watching Xiu lick and suck Ingrid's filthy cunt.

Ingrid had a hand wrapped in Xiu's black hair and started grinding her blonde pubes across Xiu's lips. "Fuck, fuck, make me cum, Xiu!" she moaned. "Oh, fuck you're tongue's so good, so good!" I finally pulled out of Xiu's ass, my cock sticky and grabbed Xiu and forced her to clean my cock.

She gagged as I fucked my cock down her throat, gripping her head tight and watched my fiancee tribbing feverishly with Korina. The doll-faced slut was gasping and shaking, her large tits bouncing as she came on Mary's cunt. "Oh, you fucking slut!" Mary groaned.


"You came before me, you damned whore." Mary really started to grind her cunt on Korina who continued to shudder as her orgasm rolled on and on under Mary's relentless fucking. "Oh, you god damn whore! Make me cum, make me cum!" Then with a loud yell, her toes curling, Mary writhed and collapsed, breathing heavily.

I reached for more champagne and found we were out. I pulled my hard cock out of Xiu's lips. "Go get more champagne, slut," I ordered. Xiu stumbled towards the bar, my cum leaking out of her sore ass. I grabbed Ingrid's braid, pulling her up and shoving my cock in her mouth. I fucked her mouth a few times then shoot my cum down her throat as Xiu gingerly walked back with two more bottles, and a big smile on her lips.

She reached me and kissed me hotly on the mouth, her lips sour with the taste of her ass and salty with the taste of my cum. "Thank you," she husked. "I've never cum so hard!" I took champagne bottle and popped the cork. "So you like it rough, huh, bitch?" "Yes!" she moaned. I took a swig of the bottle and offered it to her and she gulped down a big swallow. I shoved her roughly against a table, rattling the dishes and almost knocking over the candles. I grabbed one candle and winced as hot wax touched my skin, cooling and hardening instantly.

I shoved the candle up her ass. "Stay like that, then bitch!" She writhed. "Fuck that's hurts," she groaned as hot wax ran down the candle and cooled on her ass. More ran down her taint and got tangled in her pussy hair. "You like that, whore!" I demanded, slapping her ass hard. "Yeess!" she screamed. Fuck, this bitch was cumming again. "I'm going to make you my slave, bitch!

How do you like that?" "Fuck yeah!" she groaned as more wax ran down to mat her pubic hair. "Use me, abuse me! I'll do anything!" "Then I'm your Master and Mary's your Mistress. You'll do whatever sick, twisted things we tell you to do, slut!" "Yes, oh yes!" she panted like a bitch in heat.

I drank more of the champagne and spilt some on her ass. I bent down and licked it off the silky, smooth skin of her firm ass. "Ooh, that looks like fun!" Mary cooed from behind, stumbling over to me. God, she looked even more beautiful, body flushed from her orgasm, juices staining her thighs. Mary licked some champagne off Xiu's ass and bit her asscheek hard, leaving teeth marks. Mary pointed to Ingrid and patted the table next to Xiu. Ingrid sat on the table and I dumped champagne down her body, the gold liquid running in frothy bubbles across her breasts, down her stomach and matting her blonde pubic hair.

Mary licked champagne off her tit, sucking a pink nipple into her mouth. I joined her, sucking the bubbly liquid off Ingrid's other tit. "Mark," Mary said, giggling, "there's a candle in this whore's ass!" I laughed. "I know, I shoved it there." She was laughing hysterically and stumbled back, almost falling. "What a nasty bitch! You have a candle in your ass!" Mary started spanking her ass.

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"Your naughty, slutty ass!" "Ohh, spank me harder, Mistress!" Xiu moaned. "Mistress?" Mary asked and then started giggling and slapping her ass. "Are you my naughty, dirty, whorish slave!" Every word was punctuated with a hard slap. "Yes!" Xiu panted, writhing on the table. "And look, there's wax all in your pubes!" Mary exclaimed. I was hard again and my head reeled from the champagne. I stumbled into Korina. "I haven't fucked you yet, right?" I asked.

I was pretty sure I hadn't. "No sir," she answered. I shoved her up against Ingrid, Korina's large titties rubbing against Ingrid's wet breasts.

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I spread her legs and shoved into her wet pussy. She was tight and wriggled pleasurably on my cock. Ingrid started kissing Korina and the girls began to trib as I fucked Korina from behind.

"You're pussies too hairy," Mary giggled, toying with Xiu's curly mat of black hair. "It's … it's just to hairy! Nasty, nasty hair. My sluts must be … fuck, um … yeah, waxed!" Xiu screamed and bucked on the table as Mary ripped out a piece of hardened wax, taking a chunk of curly black pubes.

"Holy shit, Mark!" Mary gasped, slurring her words a bit. "This bitch came when I … uh … shit that was amazing!" Mary ripped a second piece of wax and hair out and Xiu just writhed on the table, moaning in pain and pleasure.

I was fucking Korina hard, shoving her pussy into Ingrid. The room was spinning and I stumbled back, falling onto my back.


Ingrid and Korina didn't even notice, just kept writhing on each other. Mary snorted with laughter and sat down on my cock and started bouncing. God, her pussy felt good. "Get over here!" Mary ordered. I blinked, trying to focus, my head fuzzy with booze and Mary's cunt felt too good on my cock to think. Then Mary said something about a "face." I closed my eyes, enjoying her tight twat and when I opened them a pair of pale legs were straddling my head and a red-furred muff descended to my face.

I struggled to think whose cunt had red hair. I started licking her lips, her red hair tickling my nose. She tasted tangy and I realized I just didn't care what her name was, just how her cunt tasted. She moaned above me and then there was a wet, smacking sound.

Was that kissing? An image of the two red-haired beauties kissing over me flashed through my mind. Mary cooed, "Who's pussy did I taste on your lips?" "Chantelle," the woman sitting on my face answered with a giggle. Mary's cunt contracted about my cock.

"Oohh, I need to eat her out!" Mary moaned and then there was a wet, sucking sound. "Naughty girl! Suck my tits you fucking whore! Oh, this is amazing! A cock in my cunt and a woman's mouths at my tit!" Mary's pussy was twitching on my cock, her hips fucking me hard as she howled her passion wordlessly. I groaned into the red-furred muff, my mouth thick with her tangy honey, and shot several powerful squirts of cum up her pussy.

Mary stopped bucking, resting on me and she started kissing … Fiona, that was the red-haired sluts name. Fiona was writhing on my tongue, her moans muffled by Mary's mouth. I found her clit and sucked hard and Fiona flooded my mouth with fresh girl-cum as her orgasm swept through her body. Mary stood up, my cock flopping free of her pussy. I pushed Fiona off my face and struggled to my feat, falling back once. With Fiona's help I got up and found some more champagne to drink.

On the other side of the room, Mary was in the midst of a daisy chain. She was eating Chantelle's cunt, who ate Lana, who devoured Wanda, who happily munched on Ingrid, who munched on cinnamon skinned Hannah, who finished the chain by licking out Mary's cunt. "Fuck that's amazing," I whispered in awe. I looked around for my duster and found it next to Xiu who was still bent over the table with the candle burning in her ass.

More wax matted her thick pussy hair. In the pocket of my duster I found the camcorder. I just had to film the daisy chain. I rushed back over next to Korina and Fiona who both watched in awe, fingering their juicy cunts. I started filming, my cock growing hard at the beautiful, sapphic tableau laid out before me. The women all moaned and writhed on each other's lips. Lana was the first to orgasm, gasping on her wife's mouth.

Chantelle never even let up, just kept munching on her wife's muff. Hannah was next and then Chantelle and Wanda came at the same time. Lana had cum a second time before Mary had her first orgasm. The air reeked of feminine lust; a pleasant musk that was sweet, tangy, sour, spicy, and tart.

My cock ached. "Suck me off," I ordered, not caring whether it Korina's doll-face or Fiona's freckled face who blew me. Both girls knelt before me, Korina sucking my cock into her greedy mouth as Fiona sucked my balls, rolling them between her teeth. Korina looked up at me with her deep blue eyes, so happy to serve me. Fiona started licking the shaft of my cock and then she forced Korina's mouth off my cock. She swirled her tongue around my cock's tip and then started to suck and I groaned in pleasure.

Korina fought back, and the pair started licking and kissing around my cock head. I stroked Fiona's strawberry-blond hair with my free hand. "You bitches are so beautiful," I moaned. "You're my sex slaves now, aren't you. You'll do any fucked up things Mary or I tell you, right?" Both sluts moaned in agreement around my cock and I shot white seed across their faces, filming the sluts as they started eagerly licking my cum off each other's faces, tongues stained white as they started to kiss.

I went back to filming the daisy chain. All the women were moaning and cumming into each other's mouths. Ingrid came, her head arching back and exposing Hannah's pussy to my sight. She was shaved clean of hair and her cunt was an enticing pink surrounded by cinnamon-red skin. I stumbled over, pushing Ingrid's face out of the way and rammed my cock up her cunt. She moaned into Mary's pussy as I started to vigorously fuck her. Ingrid's tongue started to lap at my balls as they slapped against Hannah's ass.

Hannah came all most the moment my cock plunged in, primed by Ingrid's carpet munching. About to cum, I pulled out and shot my white cream on Hannah's cinnamon-red skin, like whip cream sprayed on dark ice cream.

The sight made me want some dessert. I slapped Hannah's ass. "Go get some whip cream!" I ordered. Mary moaned in disappointment. "What the hell, Mark," she yelled. "That bitch was making me cum!" The daisy chain fell apart after that as Mary stood up and then straddled Wanda's face. "Eat me, bitch!" Mary reached down and tried to squeeze Wanda's tiny, A Cup tits, but they were too tiny to get a good grip on them and she ended up just squeezing Wanda's nipples.

Where was Hannah? How hard is it to grab some whip cream. I grabbed a bottle of champagne, took a big swig, and stumbled towards the kitchen. There were some muffled shouts and cries. I peered in and Hannah was shoved up against the wall by one of the cooks, a skinny guy with a thin mustache and a weaselly face. His white pants were bunched around his knees as he fucked Hannah.

The other cooks were watching intently and two had pulled out their cocks and were stroking away. I started stroking my cock, watching Hannah gasp and moan as she got fucked.

It took me a minute to realize there was a room full of pussy behind me that I could stick my cock instead of using my hand. "Lana, Chantelle, get your lesbian asses over here!" The newlyweds walked with the grace of dancers, or at least the grace of strippers, across the room. Chantelle was slim and lithe, with a dancer's body, while her wife was a curvy woman, her large tits swayed and the gold rings pierced through her nipples bounced about.

They were both strippers at a club in Lakewood, where they had met and fallen in love. They both greeted me with a kiss, pressing their nubile bodies up against mine. I shoved Lana into the kitchen, right into one of the guys jerking off. "Have fun," I told her and Lana grabbed the guys cock and started stroking it. "What a wonderful cock," she purred in her Slavic accent. "Oh, fuck!" the guy gasped and came quickly from her handjob, shooting white cum on her belly. Chantelle stared queasily as she watched her wife scooped the guys cum off her flat belly and licked it off her fingers.

I pushed Chantelle up against a counter and slid my dick up her cunt. "You don't like watching Lana with men?" "No," Chantelle confessed as I slowly fucked her. Lana had moved onto another cook, fishing his cock out of his pants and she knelt down greedily sucked it into her mouth. "Lana knows I hate it. She gets off on it," Chantelle's voice complained in her thick, sexy Quebecois accent.

"In the club, she enjoys giving men lap dances when she knows I am watching. She really grinds on them. Sometimes she pulls their cocks out and actually fucks them. It makes me so jealous, and she loves how aggressive I get. I will pull her backstage and just eat her spunk filled fanny, making sure the slut knows who really gets her off." Chantelle was panting, eyes fixated on her wife as the cook came in her mouth.

Chantelle's cunt was squeezing my cock tightly, her hips writhing in time with my fucking. Lana was pulled up by another cook who bent her over a stove and started ramming his cock up her cunt. Lana turned her head around and smiled at Chantelle. "Dirty whore!" Chantelle hissed and shuddered on me as came. "Ohh, she's going to get it!" Hannah was on her knees, taking a cock up her ass and another in her mouth while a third cook shot his cum on her back.

The man in Lana's cunt didn't last long. Her cunt was a sloppy mess when he pulled out and the first cook she jerked off was ready to fuck again and shoved his cock up her pussy. "You're wife's is pretty cock hungry for a lesbian." Chantelle didn't answer, just kept fucking me.

Lana was cumming on the second cook fucking her cunt. "Oh, Chantelle, his dick is so wonderful!" she cooed, wantonly.


"And his warm spunk is shooting up in me." "Whore," Chantelle whispered and moaned as she orgasmed again. A third cook stepped up and had his cock deep in Lana's cum filled cunt, fucking her hard.

Chantelle's cunt was sucking at my dick so nicely that I came inside her. Angrily, Chantelle strode into the kitchen and shoved the third cook off her wife, grabbed Lana and pulled her out of the kitchen. "Dirty whore!" she scolded, slapping her ass. "You know that pussy is mine." "Ohh, I've been bad again," Lana said with a naughty smile.

Chantelle knelt before her and vigorously ate out Lana's cunt. Lana wantonly moaned and panted, writhing on her wife's face. The cook who had been fucking Lana, shouted at Chantelle, "Fuck, bitch I was about to cum in that whore!" The cooks deserved a reward for such a great dinner so I sent Ingrid in and she was quickly bent over the stove and fucked hard by the protesting cook. The guy fucking Hannah's ass had come and she was on her back getting fucked by a huge Samoan cook, almost disappearing beneath his bulk.

The whip cream I sent her in for was on the counter, so I ducked in and grabbed it. I also saw a spool of cooking twine. I bet Xiu would love to get tied up, so I grabbed the twine as well and left the two waitress to the cooks pleasures. "Mark, you got to try this," Mary said and then giggled. She had Wanda sitting on a table and had shoved a bottle of champagne up her cunt, golden liquid leaking out around the bottle and into Mary's open mouth.

I knelt next to her and she pulled the bottle out and a flood of pussy-infused champagne poured out. We pressed our mouths to her cunt and drank the heady liquid that gushed out. Mary's hand found mine and she squeezed it gently.

"How 'bout some dessert, Mare?" Mary laughed, loudly, clutching at her stomach. "Why … would I want … a desert?" she asked between laughs. "I mean … all that … sand?" "No, des-sert," I said, pronouncing the word slowly. "Ohh, I like dessert," she cooed, "but I don't like deserts. Too much sand." She giggled again. "Promise me will never go to the desert." I shook my head, geez she was wasted. "Yeah, I promise. Who needs all that sand." Her face was red from laughter and she bent in and kissed me.

"Good! Let's have dessert!" I shoved the can of whip cream up Wanda's champagne soaked cunt and shot frothy whip cream up her. Mary eagerly dug in, lapping whip cream out of Wanda's twat. I sprayed some more and licked the sweet cream mixed with champagne and tart pussy juice. Wanda was moaning as Mary dug in with her tongue, digging deep into her cunt for more cream. I sprayed some on Mary's freckled tit, and licked it off her dusky nipple, sucking the hard nub into my mouth.

"What's this for," Mary asked, picking up the cooking twine. "Xiu," I answered, diving back into Wanda's cunt to lick up more cream. Mary hopped up to her feat and stumbled over to Xiu, who was still bent over the table with a burning candle up her ass.

The candle had almost burned down to a stub and had covered her pussy and ass in melted wax. Mary yanked the candle out of her ass, dumping it in the ice bucket. Xiu moaned, a mix of pain and pleasure, as Mary peeled off the wax and her pussy hair, leaving a nearly bare cunt.

"Oh, yes, keep ripping," Xiu moaned, her pussy dripping juices as she got off on the pain. Mary grabbed her hands and tied her wrists together behind her back with twine. Then she wrapped the twine around her legs, the thin cord biting deep into her flesh, as she tied her legs together.

Next, Mary pinned her arms to her side and crisscrossed her large tits until they bulged obscenely around the tight bindings. Finally, she tied the twine through Xia vulva, her labia engulfing the twine as Mary pulled it tight. Xiu purred in pleasure, writhing bound on the floor. Her slut all tied up, Mary flipped Xiu onto her back and sat on her face, moaning as the Chinese waitress ate out her cunt. While Mary tied up Xiu, I flipped Wanda over, bending her across the table and groping her slim, boyish ass.

I shoved the whip cream bottle up her asshole and she gasped as cold cream shot into her bowels. I pulled the bottle away and shoved my cock up her ass, watching whip cream squeeze out of her ass around my cock. "Your limo is here, sir," the Maitre D announced from the restaurant entrance. He surveyed the orgy with a look of dismay at the mess we had created. I frowned, Limo? Out of the drunk fog rose the arrangements I had Allison make yesterday which included a limo to arrive at 1 AM and drive us to the Four Seasons Hotel.

But, Wanda's ass felt to good for me to stop. "Tell him we'll be done in a few minutes. Then go to the kitchen and have some fun." "Very well, sir," the Maitre D replied stiffly. I looked over at Mary and she had Fiona sucking on one tit and Korina on the other while Chantelle and Lana were sixty-nining near the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, the Maitre D had found Ingrid's ass and fucked her hard as Hannah had a cock in all three holes: ass, pussy, and mouth. I fucked Wanda's ass hard while watching my fiancee get pleasured by three sluts.

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Mary was panting in passion, writhing on Xiu's tongue as her orgasm swept through her. I added more cream to Wanda's ass, leaving a sticky mess of semen and whipped cream.

I grabbed my duster and Mary found her dress, draping it over one arm. I hefted the bound Xiu over my shoulder, she was light and must only way about 90 pounds. I led Mary, the newlyweds, and the waitresses, save Ingrid and Hannah, who were busy entertaining the kitchen staff, naked towards the elevator.

As the elevator descended, my cock found its way into Fiona's cunt and I almost came inside her when the elevator reached the bottom. The limo driver was waiting and he was didn't even react as one naked guy and six naked ladies stumbled towards his white limo. I guess he was just used to wild parties. He just held open the door for us and we piled into the limo.

There was a sunroof. I opened it immediately and stood up, pulling Fiona up with me. I wanted to finish what we started in the elevator. I fucked her hard as the streets of the Seattle passed. I was drunk on champagne and power, not caring who saw me fucking this Irish beauty. Hell, let the world see my power. Nothing could stop me! Mary stood up next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and holding Wanda's face to her cunt.

Just like me, Mary was getting off on the thrill of being watched, knowing there was no one who could stop us. If I had been sober, I would have been amazed at the miracle of not passing any Seattle cops, but I was too drunk to realize that. By the time we reached the Four Seasons, I had cum in Fiona's cunt and was well on my way to cumming in Lana's tight cunt.

Mary had Chantelle eating her out, now, after cumming on both Wanda and Korina's faces as we drove. For a tip, we let the limo driver have Wanda for the rest of the night. She went willingly slid into the front of the limo with the driver, rubbing his cock through his pants.

The hotel lobby was almost deserted, only the night concierge, an attractive black woman with coffee-cream skin, and a bellhop lounged behind the counter. I confirmed our reservation in the presidential suite and gave Chantelle and Lana the honeymoon suite for a week, charged to Brandon Fitzsimmons credit card.

On the elevator ride up, I enjoyed some black pussy, fucking the concierge hard. Her pussy was tight and wet and she curse and swore like a wild bitch as I fucked her from behind. Her wide ass jiggled every time my groin smacked into her as I rapidly fucked her. I left a load of hot cum up her nasty pussy. Meanwhile, Mary had started kissing the bellhop, a handsome, square jaw guy, and unbelted his pants. He then pinned her to the elevator wall and frantically fucked her pussy, his black slacks falling down to bunch around his knees.

Mary gripped his clenching ass, and then slid a finger up into his asshole. They guy bucked wild, groaning "Fuck, I'm cumming, you nasty slut!" the bellhop moaned.

Anger surged in me, how dare this asshole call my fiancee a slut. Without thinking, I drew back my fist and punched him in the side of the head. He stumbled back and glared at me.

"That's my fiancee you're talking about, asshole!" I roared and punched him a second time, breaking his nose. "Your fiancee's a whore!" he shouted back, clutching his nose, struggling to keep his balance, hampered by the pants around his knees. "You will never get hard for a woman again," I told him fiercely with righteous anger. "The only pleasure you'll get is from your hand.

Now apologize to her and get our bags." "Sorry," he muttered to Mary, blood trickling from his nose. "You're not a slut or a whore." The elevator dinged and the doors opened on the top floor.

"God that was hot," Mary moaned, rubbing up against me. She pushed me out into the hallway and up against the wall, kissing me passionately. "The way you broke his nose," she panted and wrapped her legs about my hips and slid my cock into her sloppy pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet with another man's cum. Fuck, there was this weird, wrong thrill at feeling my fiancee's pussy greased by another man's spunk.

She fucked me hard, panting with pleasure, and it was exciting being in her after another man. This was my cunt and someone had been in it. Another man had violated her pussy and sullied it with their nasty cum. I could feel how eager her cunt was for my cock. And now it was time for me to reclaim her, to mark her as mine. She came quickly on my cock and I filled her with my cum, washing her cunt clean of that other man's violation. To be continued …