Gay bareback hardcore sex with creampie

Gay bareback hardcore sex with creampie
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It is a neighborhood of small homes on small lots so seeing what is happening in the neighbor's house is easy. I had some work to do at home and was at my desk editing some photos on the computer when I saw the light go on in the bedroom and then neighbor woman and some man enter.

My room was dark to work on the pictures and so they never noticed me and they did not pull the shades. Well it seems she was having an affair and it got hot and heavy right away. He all but ripped her clothes off and she did the same to him. Before his pants were completely off she was sucking his cock. This was too good to be true and I grabbed my camera with the zoom lens and started taking pictures.

The nice thing about digital cameras is the unlimited number of pictures. The camera just clicked as I watched. She sucked him for some time and then he started to eat out her shaved pussy. He turned her upside down and held her waist so she was sucking him as he ate her. After putting her on the bed he just jumped on her spreading her legs so wide I was sure it had to hurt, and ramming his cock deep into her pussy. This went on for a few minutes before he took his cock out and flipped her over lifting her ass high.

He then fucked her from behind while he squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. His other hand was fingering her clit and the other hand was on his balls.

He was thrusting long deep and fast. The camera was taking it all in as he brought a hand back and slid it in her ass crack and then pushed his thumb into her ass. She bucked up and back as her tight ass hole was penetrated. Too bad there was not sound for this but he could imagine the moaning and grunting sounds as he jerked off to the show. She was now jerking as it seemed she was having an orgasm and then he pulled out of her pussy and positioned his cock and as his thumb came out he rammed his cock into her ass.

She bucked violently and twitched as he pushed it deep. Finally he had all of it buried in her ass and he was pumping fast. Then he too went into convulsions and threw his head back hard. He did not need sound to know the man had cum in her ass. The ass fucking continues and the camera rolled. He came as well and shot a load into his hand. Setting the camera on automatic he went to wash up and when he returned they were lying next to each other and licking and sucking whatever juices there were.

She was playing with his cock and balls, kissing and licking them clean. There seemed to be a distraction and the fucking ended abruptly as they dressed and left the room. Well this is going to make some great pictures and mmmmmmmmmmm maybe a very interesting future. The next day he notices her car in the drive and went visiting.

He had downloaded the pictures and put them on a disk and made several copies. The pictures were something to behold for sure. This is going to be fun and mmmmmmm so rewarding. She opens the door and is wearing a house dress, very loose and buttoning down the front.

It is open showing cleavage and she has nice 36C tits. "Hi John come on in what can I do for you", she turns and walks in to the living room that lovely ass wiggling beneath the thin cotton dress. She is good looking and she know how to tease the men but things are about to change. "You know I like photography and have some very good cameras and well I would like to show you some of my most recent pictures", and with that he hands her the disk.

"Oh so you think I would be interested in your pictures do you." "I do and just put it in the DVD player as it is set to work on a TV and your big screen should do very nicely". She proceeded to put the disk in and it only took a moment before the first picture of her giving the fellow a BJ came up. "Oh shit what the hell did you do you bastard?" She was very angry and looked to kill.

"Easy woman, I was at my desk and you did not close shades and the show was very nice, I have the whole thing on disk now and this is your copy and by the way I have another for your husband", as he looked at her is a devilish way. "You SOB I'll kill you if you dare." "Oh shut up bitch and listen to me and listen good.

First you are going to give me a good fuck and then we are going to talk about what else you are going to do for me", and with that he made the rest of the pictures show up. She just sat there looking at the pictures as he explained how there were several disks and that he even had a file on the internet set to upload if you did not login every so often and stop it.

She knew there was nothing she could do and that she would have to do whatever he said. She looked him over and thought, hell he isn't so bad in fact I could fuck him without the blackmail. "Okay John let's do it." "Hey let's have a little more enthusiasm here, come over here and give me a kiss." She resigned herself to the task and approached him for the kiss.

At arm length he reached out and ripped open the house dress.

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"There now that's more like it", as he looked at her in the basic white bra and panties. "Looks like you were not expecting company today at least not the stud from yesterday". He pulled her to him with the dress and kissed her hard. His hand reached around and unhooked the bra and then pulled the dress and bra off with one motion of his arms.

Now she stood in front of him in only her panties. "Well now that is a nice body and I am going to enjoy this". He stood up and stripped and when he took off his shorts she smiled and nodded approval. He was hung and she thought that this might be a lot of fun after all. She looked at him and thought, well it could be worse he is hung nicely and I do like to fuck so let's do this now. With that said she moved to him and took has cock in her hand and knelt as she guided his cock to her mouth.

She opened wide and took the entire shaft deep into her only gagging a little as the head hit the back of her throat. Then she started to pump and work her tongue around the massive cock in your mouth. His hands had gone to the back of her head and he started to pump her head on his cock with increasing speed. As he seemed to approach a climax he pulled out and pushed her back on to the floor.

He then grabbed her panties and pulled them off exposing the nice moist pussy. Then he spread her legs with such force she thought she would tear, and knelt down and licked her pussy with such speed she gasped out loud.

Then he lifted her by the legs and while he was on his knees he pulled her to his cock and then with one hand guided it between her pussy lips and humps his hips forward with a violent thrust. She moaned and winched from the pain of the violent attack on her pussy. He was enjoying the moment and started to hump with speed and force and then he came with a massive load. She felt the hot cum fill her cavern and then ooze out with the continuing strokes.

Slowly he softened and then it was out. "Here lick this off for me" and he held her head and forced her to lick the cum form his cock. "There now that was nice and a good start to our new relationship and from here on when you need a fuck you call me hear or I send out the pictures." He chuckled to himself; this is going to be very rewarding undertaking. She only did as she was told for she feared he would send the disk to everyone and her life as she knew it would be over.

She would have to go along for now. The Next Day John had called her and told her to dress like a whore and come over to his place. She had no choice now and so dressed as she thought a whore would.

The outfit was a very short pleated miniskirt, sleeveless blouse, black lace bra that came just below the nipples, black lace boy cut panties, black thigh high nylons and 5 inch stiletto heels. The makeup matched with the heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick. He had the house all set with hidden camera of several kinds.

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She looked like a cheap, well maybe not that cheap, whore and he loved it and in fact he got an erection the moment he opened the door. "Nice look, it is a real turn on woman." He wondered why he had not tried to hit on her sooner. Well she was younger and he was not rich so that is why.

"So what is it you want to day, I am dressed as much like a whore as I could think?" "Well you did a good job and I have a hard on already, so follow me." He led her to the basement where he had a recreation room and a room he has now fitted out with some special things.

There was a mattress in the middle of the room and some stuffed chairs and other odds and ends. "Okay I want you to strip over there slowly." Stripping was only the very beginning today he was going to break her good.

"Hey how often do I have to fuck you?" "I suggest you just do as you are told or the pictures go out not only to the net, your husband but his boss and your boss as well." He had done his home work and knew all about her and she had a great deal to lose if the pictures ever got out. "You bastard, you will pay for this." She was mad and scared at the same time and knew she would do whatever he said as it would destroy her entire life if the pictures every got out or if he found out who the man in the pictures was.

"Bitch you better just shut up and do as I say when I say." With that he walked over to her and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her to him. He kissed her with a mean fierce passion and pushed her back. "Now strip slow and sexy and do as I say or else." "Okay, okay you win" and she started with the blouse buttons slowly taking it off and then the skirt.

Now standing in bra and panties she removed the heels and started with the nylons when he stopped her. "Okay stop and stand up", and he walked over to her.

He liked what he saw, a woman of good proportion 36C tits, nice waist, flat belly with a nice piercing stud, good wide hips and an okay ass but the legs were great. Now his hands apprised the body very slowly. Just the finger tips moved over every inch of exposed skin starting at the shoulder they traced circles down and up each arm then down and up the spine and all over the back. The legs were also inspected with great care to every part.

She had her misgivings at first and then he started to touch her in a way that actually turned her on. The fingers moved so lightly that at times the tickled and other times they well, they turned her on. She actually like his hands moving over her body. This is not going to be so bad after all and the thrill and desires filled her body. Now she wanted this man and her need was increasing with every touch. He looked at her and saw the change of expression in her eyes and realized she was enjoying this.

Good now we can get down to some serious sex. His hands moved to her back as he unhooked the bra and removed it and then he pulled down her panties. She looked very hot in just the nylons. "Okay you undress me now" and he stood in front of her as she stepped to him. She thought that this is okay and she actually was looking forward to fucking him again as she took off his shirt and pants and as she started to pull the boxers down he stopped her by grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.


"Not so fast now, we are going to play with some of my toys first", and he pulled her over to the bench where he bent her over it and then tied her ankle to the legs on one side and wrists on the other.

She had done a little bondage in the past so it was no big deal and she played along. He picked up a ball gag and put it on her, "don't want to much noise form you now". As she had not been gagged before she was a little scared now and there was nothing she could do. He opened a box and she saw all sort of thing from everyday dildos to drills and saws and who knows what.

"First I want to clean you out good and then your ass and pussy need to be stretched out a little." He then took a bag with a hose on it and inserted the hose in her ass. There was no foreplay now just invasion and the tube was pushed deep into her ass.

After it was in a foot or so he squeezed the bag and a soapy liquid squired out and filled her. He must have pumped a gallon into her.

Oh god what is he doing, that hurts and oh what is that in my ass ahhhhhhhh, oh shit the bastard is giving me an enema. Oh god how much is he going to pump into me, I'm going too drowned.

She bucked her ass and the tube was pushed in and then when the liquid was injected she moaned and wiggled. He pulled the tube out and the liquid gushed out of her along with everything else. The floor drain took it all and he walked up and pushed a finger deep into her ass pulling it out and looking. "Well that hole is clean so now we need to check the other, up for a douche bitch?" and he then produced a plastic bottle with and long hard tube.

This he jammed into her pussy pushing it deep and then when it was in as much as possible he squeezed the bottle and then the liquid was squirting out of her pussy. She felt the finger in her ass and well that was not so bad and then the douche hurt when he pushed it into her so violently. When the liquid had flooded her pussy she bucked up and thrashed around a little. What the hell is this bastard doing? "Okay not that is clean we can put some nice tasting juice in there", and he then took a tube of flavored lubricant and squirted some into her ass and pussy.

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"I do like strawberry and this should be fun." He began to lick, suck and bite her pussy lips with increasing speed and was soon pushing his tongue between her lips and then he found the clit which he sucked hard and bit. Two fingers were pushed into her pussy and a thumb was now rubbing her bunghole. The sensations of the assault on her pussy were causing arousal and she was hot and she wanted to be fucked good NOW. He found the G spot and worked his touch on it with a devilish glee.

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The ass was getting its own attention now. He licked and sucked the pussy until she was moaning and working her pubic mound against table. All the while his other hand was probing and fingering the tight little ass. He now had 3 fingers in the pussy and was working on getting 3 in the ass. He stood up and looked at her ass and then bent and kiss and licked the strawberry liquid off it.

Taking his very hard cock out of his boxers he rubbed the end up and down her crack and then as it touched the puckered hole he pushed it hard. The end disappeared and he moan a little as it clamped around the head.

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Oh god that feels good and he pushed hard and cold feel the tight muscle around his cock as he pushed deeper into her ass. Soon he was thrusting with increased speed and then he could not contain it and he exploded filling her with his cum. His body shook as he pumped his entire load of hot sticky cum. At first the feel of his cock in her ass hurt a little but then she started to like it and then it felt good.

Then it felt real good and she wanted more. She wanted him badly and finally she got him and the feeling of the hot cum shooting up her ass was good and she actually had a small orgasm. As his cock seemed to get softer he pulled out. "Oh I may have cum once but the show is not over by a long shot." He then rolled her over on her back and retied the hands and legs.

Now she was facing the dark ceiling and he was standing there with a reciprocation saw with a dildo on the end. "It will take me a few minutes to get hard again so we will let mister saw fuck you for awhile." And with that he put the head of the dildo between her pussy lips and pushed hard. The dildo meets some resistance for only a short time and then it was buried into her pussy at least 8 inches.

The saw had a stroke of 2 inches and a speed of up to 6 strokes a second. He squeezed the trigger and the saw started to stroke. The dildo move in and out at first with only a stroke a second and as he noticed the look on her face change he increased the speed until the expression was pure ecstasy at the 6 strokes a second.

When she saw the saw she was a little afraid and then he rammed it into her pussy and started it moving. She slowly began to enjoy and then the passion took over and she liked the feel.

She wanted more and she got it when the saw hit maximum strokes she hit her maximum orgasm and bucked and thrashed around. He had gotten a hard on again and now pulled out the saw and rammed his cock into her deep and hard. Then he reached up and pinched her nipples hard pulling back as he thrust into her.

His strokes did not match the saw but his cock was bigger than then dildo and she was bucking again. She had an orgasm as he shot another load. He collapsed on to her and kissed and sucked her nipples. He licked her body all over. He released her and sent her home but he was only starting with her and he had plans. A Couple of Night Later He had invited some friends over for some entertainment and now he was going to get the main part of the show.

"Hello neighbor I have a need for a good woman tonight and I know your free cause I saw your husband leave with a suitcase this morning".

"Listen how long is this going to go on, how many time to I have to fuck you?" With a devilish smile he said, "Woman there is no limit and I have a new DVD for you which I am considering selling it to a porno company." The DVD is of the session he had with her the other day. It had stills and a video from various angles showing everything along with sound.

"You bastard, you filmed the other day?" And she took a poke at him. He ducked easily, grabbed her arm and pushed her into the house. "Listen and listen good bitch, you are going to do as I say when I say from now on. You belong to me or this DVD goes worldwide for free and that last session was a real eye opener." She was beaten and she resigned to the fact he was going to fuck her again and again. "Okay let's get this done." "Okay I got you some clothes for you to wear and I want you at my place at 7pm sharp." She was wearing the black pleated mini skirt and black sleeveless blouse along with the black lace lingerie and stockings with the 5" stilettos, he had given her.

Looking like a whore was becoming second nature to this scenario and she found she sort of like it. As she walked in he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. "Okay woman tonight I going to be a little different", and he put a leather collar around her neck with a leather strap attached. When he pulled on the strap the collar tightened and chocked her. "There that is so you behave better when I tell you what to do, see if you don't do as you're told I just pull this." She gasped as the collar bites into her neck and cut off her air.

She now fears what is ahead of her tonight. "You will do as I say when I say and if you don't you will be extremely sorry, you understand?" She nodded as she understood full well that she had no choice any more. He pulls her into the basement again and there she sees the three friends he has invited over. "Okay fellows here is the entertainment for tonight what do you think of this?" They all smiled and were eager to get started with the action.

First he put on the big screen the DVD from the other day so they could all watch the show and she could understand her exact position in this. As they watched the show on the screen he pulled her to his lap opened his pants pulled out his cock and grabbed her head forcing his cock into her mouth.

After a few moments of sucking his cock he stood and jerked the leash pulling her to the next man. Each in turn opened their pants and pulled out their cocks to be sucked. She was not to upset about giving these men a BJ as she liked sucking cock. Still she was not sure what was in store for her tonight and she was a little afraid. The men he had invited over were some out of town business men and they had paid him $500 each for the evening's entertainment.

She had liked sucking the cocks and two of the men had cum in her mouth. Having a cock deep in her throat and the cum being shot deeper had made her gag but he had pulled the collar tight and told her to swallow it all or else, and she had. Now he had her standing up and each man got to take a piece of clothing off her and so she was stripped. She was on a small platform with the leather leash attached to a hook in the ceiling so if she moved down at all the collar chocked her.

The first man took the blouse off and his finger moved over her breasts in a very seductive manner. He finished by pinching a nipple through her bra and it made her winch with pain.

Next was the bra and her tits were now free and open and his hands squeezed each hard and pinched hard both nipples causing her to winch again. The pain was mixed with a little pleasure as she did enjoy men looking at her and well the idea of being stripped by men was sort of a turn-on for her but the pinching was painful.

She only hope there would not be a lot of pain involved tonight and maybe this would be the end of it. Next came the skirt and now the hands ran up and down her legs and caressed her pussy and then reached around and squeezed each ass cheek hard.

There was a sensation of pleasure as his hands had caressed her pussy and she thought this might be okay. He simply walked up and whispered in her ear, "good girl you just do as you're told and enjoy it". Then his hands roamed all over her body touching every part. His hands had sent tingles and some shivers through her as they touched every part of her. She liked the feel of his hands and all of a sudden she wanted to be fucked by him. He motioned for the first man to come back and take the panties off, which he did with a zest driven by desire.

Her bare pussy was stroked by him and was just about to push a finger into her when he was stopped. "Not to fast now we want this to last. So what do you want to do to this beautiful woman now? What is your wildest desire? "I want to fuck her in the ass" was the first response. "Okay and how do you want her positioned?" "Just bend her over and I will take care of the rest." He took the strap down and led her to a padded bench and bent her over.

The fellow had taken off his clothes and was behind her with a massive cock. Her ass was tight and the cock was big so getting it into her required some force. He moaned pushed hard and it slipped into her ass. His hands were on her belly playing at her clit and the other on a tit playing with her nipples.

She winched as the cock pushed its way into her and then as she gave up the pain subsided. Then she felt his cock go deep into her, deeper than she had ever known and he was pumping with a rhythm. The strokes became faster and faster until she felt him explode and shoot a load of hot cum deep into her ass.

She quivered as sensation of pleasure ran through her body. She could not believe she had an orgasm from that. He pulled his spent cock out of her and slapped her ass hard. "Hey I want to fuck the pussy but I want her bent in half", and he proceeded to put her on her back and bend her in half. With her legs bent to her head he rammed his cock quickly into her pussy and pumped away with a frenzy. As the action leading up to his turn he was so excited that he came after only a few strokes.

Whatever he had left was pumped into her pussy. She felt the cock enter her and then is seemed he came instantly no waiting there.


She liked the feeling of warm cum filling her pussy. "Okay my turn" and the last fellow moved in and also pushed his hard cock into her pussy. He lasted longer but still he to exploded into her. She now had two loads of cum inside her and it was leaking out and down her butt, which was also leaking.

She had been filled with cum in all holes. Now he took the leash and made her stand on the platform again. "Okay any more requests?" "Hey I want her fucked with some toys" "Ya fuck her with something big". With that he led her to a table where he forced her to lay with her legs spread wide.

Then he took a toy that looked more like a forearm with extended fingers. She saw the toy and shivered at the thought he was going to put it in her pussy.

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He put some lubricant on the finger end of the toy and pushed it between her now swollen pussy lips. She wiggled to resist but to no avail and she felt the toy move in spreading her pussy wider. She winched in pain as he pushed hard and then she felt it pass the lips and she shuttered as there was now a hand inside her.

It was a soft plastic hand but a hand none the less and it was big. He twisted and pumped it back and forth and soon she was accepting it. She then faked an orgasm because he soon pulled the hand out. Her pussy hurt and so did her ass as she had never been used this hard before.

He then jerked he lead and tied it to the ceiling again and she stood on the platform with cum dripping from her pussy and ass. The men had to leave but said they did enjoy the evening and would do it again next time they were in town.

She heard them but was not sure what they meant by "next time in town". The idea they would be doing this again did not set well with her. She put her hands on her knees and started to bend over when the collar chocked her and she remembered everything. After the men left he came back into the room taking her by the lead to the bathroom where he made her shower and clean up. Now she was naked except for the collar around her neck. After the shower he had dried her off and caressed her body and fingered her extensively.

He made her dress in some other clothes he had bought, a very simple house dress and white bra and panties. With the collar off she was ready to leave when he came up to her and held out the money. "Here is your cut for the evening, its $500 for a couple hours work." "What the hell is this, you son of a bitch, you pimp, you you" and she swung and hit his face with a resounding slap.

He reached out grabbed her hair and jerked her to him. With her face an inch from his he said, "don't you ever to do that again", and pulling back he kissed her hard. "Now you take the money and go home I will be in touch." She left with the money thinking that things could not get worse and she was afraid not to obey him.