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India summer loves kate england teen shaved pussy licking it sexily pornstars and lesbian
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She came out of the shower wearing her bathrobe, and found her school uniform laid out on her bed for her. There were no bra or panties with it, she noticed wryly. "I may be a slut, but my brother is a pervert." she thought to herself with a grin. "I'm not the one who started this." She put the blouse on, then the pleated skirt. Instead of just wearing the sweater over her back with the sleeves rolled together to hold it on, like she usually wore it, she put it on and buttoned it, trying to hide her nipples showing through the thin cotton.

She found him down stairs in the kitchen, making French Toast for her. He slid the plate in place as she sat down, and poured a little syrup on for her. "Bon appitit." he smiled. "You did such a good job acting like a slut for me upstairs that I decided to give you a little treat. You can be just my sister for breakfast." he told her.

"Please, enjoy your food." She smiled at him and picked up her fork. "Thanks, Mark. After everything that happened upstairs, I need a little break." "Well, after a performance like that, you earned it. That last blowjob, man, I could hardly believe you were acting. You were sucking on me like you actually enjoyed it, not because it was something I was making you do." She chewed and swallowed the bite of French Toast to reply.

"Well, I did like it. I did it because I wanted to. Well, because you needed me to, as well, I suppose. After the thing you had just done for me, it didn't seem right to leave you like that. Besides, I like sucking on it." "How about the swallowing?" he asked.

"Do you like that part of it?" "I guess." she shrugged. "It's not so bad." "Good. You'll be doing it a few more times today. During the photo shoot, and after, too." he told her. "Are you almost done with breakfast? All this talk has kinda got me going again." "Me too." she smiled, pushing her plate away.

"I'm done eating." "Good.

Get your pretty little ass back upstairs. You're not my sister anymore, slut." he said. "Halfway up the stairs, flip the back of that skirt up and give me a good show." "Yes, Master." she said saucily, then went to the stairs. Halfway up, she turned, one leg two steps higher than the other, and looked over her shoulder at him. She flipped her skirt up, as directed, but was surprised when he took the photo, which she knew showed everything.

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"Oh! You did it!" she said, putting her hand to her mouth. He took two more pictures of her distressed expression, then held out the camera for her to see. She came back downstairs and peered at the back of the camera, seeing herself exposed utterly and a trampy look on her face, then the other two, with her blushing and covering herself as best she could. "We have to delete these right now!" she said, blushing.

"I can't believe that's me." "You're a natural, Jen. I can't wait to do the rest of them! Come on, let's go upstairs to Dad's room. It's got a much bigger bed." "Mark, I can't do that." she said, starting to whine a little. "It makes me look. You know I'm not really a slut, right?" "I know, Jen. But you're a really good actress, and it shows in the pictures, doesn't it? I knew it would. That's why I had this planned for today." He pulled at her hand, to get her going, and made her follow him to their father's room.

She put up a bit of a struggle at the doorway, balking at the sight of the 4 poster bed in there. Mark put his hand on the small of her back and urged her to walk beside him, right up to the edge of it. "Stay there." he told her, stepping away and raising the camera to his face. "Good. Begin unbuttoning your sweater. yes, look at me, you know the look I want." He began snapping pictures, moving closer, then to the side, then back a little again, directing her with his words the whole time.

"That's it, lick your lips. Now lay down on the bed and fluff your hair out behind you. beautiful! Leave it like that.

good, now, unbutton your blouse, slowly.


Yes, now bring your knees up, and let them fall apart. beautiful!!" He went over to the bed and helped her take the blouse off, then the skirt, leaving her naked. He stepped back to take more pictures.

"Okay, on your hands and knees. good, cup one of your breasts, yes, with the nipple, like that, good! And turn your ass towards me, let me see it, you little tease, good, legs apart a little more. and put your hand over it. yes, now, the middle finger in. a little more. good girl! Spread yourself open now, show me how pink you are in there, yes!" He went over to the bed, standing right next to it. She was still fingering herself, her eyes closed. "Look at me, slut." he said. He skipped taking photos while she came back to herself, almost lost in self pleasure.

Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. "Lay down on your back, sideways on the bed. Let your head be off the bed and hang down." "Like this?" she asked, doing as he said. He took a few more photos from the side, then moved right in front of her and pushed his shorts to the floor.

He lay his cock against her cheek and took another picture. "Mark, wait!" she said, panicking a little. "Open up, slut." he said, pushing his cock against her lips. She heard the camera click again, then again as it entered her mouth, and she was flooded with humiliation. In this position, he was able to get his whole cock into her throat, and he got quite a few pictures of her taking all of him like that.

In short order, he knew he was getting close, so he pulled out and got several pics of his jizz shooting into her mouth, and more of her swallowing it. She tried to smile for him, to show that she could act like a perfect slut for the camera, but almost every shot showed the shame and humiliation in her eyes. He finally stepped back and let her sit up, taking picture after picture of her come splattered face and tits.

"How do you feel?" he asked her. "Like a used piece of trash." she said, then started crying. "Why did you make me do that? Why did you take PICTURES of it?" "You're not a piece of trash." he said, coming over to her and putting his arm around her. "You're my beautiful little sister!" "I thought that when I was being a slut, I wasn't your sister?" she asked bitterly.

"You still don't see it, do you?" he asked. "See what?" she asked, sniffling. "What don't I see?" "My sister is a slut. You're a slut, Jen. Admit it." he told her. "No I'm NOT!" she insisted, her face twisting in anger. "How dare you say that!" "I say it because it's true." he told her flatly, and held up the camera.

"Here's the proof." "Mark, I was ACTING." she said. "Like you told me to. That's the only reason you have those pictures at all." "On some of them you're acting." he said.

"On some of them, you're not acting, though. You are being a genuine slut.

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Not acting like a slut. Being a slut." "That's not true." she whispered. "I was acting. I was!" "Let's go look at these on the big screen downstairs, shall we?" he challenged. "We need to look them over together anyway, so we can decide which ones to keep." "I thought you said we could delete them all." she whispered.

"Nobody can ever see these! I'll be ruined!" "I'll never show them to anyone." he promised. "This was about teaching you about yourself, and the photos belong to you.

I captured a very beautiful side of you, Jennifer, and I'm not sure you're going to be able to delete them yourself. I'm talking about real art." "Let's go see them." she said. "I bet there's not one shot in there where I'm not acting.

Especially the ones with you in them." "You bet?" he grinned at her. "I'll take that bet." "No, wait, I didn't mean that!" she yelped.

"Aww, why did I say that!" "A bet has been made. All that's left are the details." he told her. "You bet that there isn't one picture in here-" he waggled the camera, "that shows you BEING a slut, not acting like one.

Is that a fair summary?" he asked. She nodded glumly. "That's the gist of it. What are we betting?" "Your virginity, of course." he said, grinning at her. "No way!" she said, crossing her legs. "You. we can't!!" "What else would we bet?" he countered. "I'll bet you that there's THREE pictures in here that show you being a slut." "Three?" she said, sitting up.

"Okay, you're on!" she said, holding out her hand to shake. "I know I'm not a slut, and even though I was doing that stuff, I was only acting!" "The whole time?" he asked quietly, taking her hand. "Are you sure you never lost yourself in the moment and let go?

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Because I'm quite sure I caught quite a few moments where the enjoyment you were feeling came shining right out of your eyes and into the camera. Quite a few moments of the real slut inside you, Jen. Let's go downstairs, and you can see for yourself." "But. so what if I liked what I was doing!" she protested.

"That doesn't make me a." "You were posing naked for the camera, Jen. You were sucking my cock and swallowing my come, every bit of it. A girl who likes to suck cock. what does that sound like to you?" "It's not fair! I didn't want to be like this! I only did any of this because you MADE me do it!" she said emphatically. "It's not my fault! It's not fair!" "I didn't make you like it, Jen. Come on downstairs with me. I believe we have a bet to settle." "I concede." she said dejectedly.

"I don't have to see the pictures to know what I am now, and you probably only took those pictures, the ones that show the real me-the SLUT me- knowing you, those are about the only ones on there. Bastard." "You concede?" he asked, surprised. "You know what that means, right?

The terms of the bet?" "Look, I knew you were going to do it this morning, when you made me take my bra off." she told him. "Frankly, it will be a relief to get it over with." "It honestly wasn't the plan when I started this, this morning." Mark told her. "I mean, yeah, I knew it was a likelihood, but if it turned out that you hated what I was making you do, I would have let you stop. I could see that you liked it, though, so I kept going." "What if I want it all to stop right now?

Would you do that?" she asked. "Tell me the truth. Do you want it to stop? Do you want to put your clothes back on and go into your room and pretend none of this ever happened?

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Could you even do that?" he asked. "If that's what you really want, then, yes, we can stop all this, right now." "Okay. That's what I want." she said. "Honestly, I don't want to be a slut, I really don't, Mark. Do you believe me?" "No, I don't believe you at all." he said frankly. "I know for a fact that you ARE a slut, and you know it, too. You might not want it, but there's no denying it.

And sooner or later, sooner is my guess, you're going to have to act on this new side of yourself, and you'll come to me, and I'll take you. Because I love my beautiful sister.

I love you, Jen." "I love you, too, Mark." she whispered. She slipped off the bed and went to the door, almost hiding behind it as she looked back at him. "But I still have to go." "You're right about me, Mark. I'm going to my room, and I'm going to try to stay there." She looked at the floor, then up at him. "Please don't come in there, okay? Please let me try to stop this from happening to me, okay?" "You better go, Jen." he said. "I'm still thinking about it." "Me too." she said, not going.

He saw that she was staring at his groin. "Get back in here, slut. You're not going anywhere." he told her. "No, Mark, I told you, I have to go. Please let me go!" she cried out. "Go, then." he said, getting up. "I'm coming over there, and if I catch you, you're not leaving here with that cherry intact!" "No, no, get away!" she cried out, frozen to the spot.

He pulled the door open and caught her wrist as she tuned to flee. "No you don't!" he said, pulling her back into the room. "You had plenty of chances to get away. That tells me you wanted to get caught!" "No I didn't!" she sobbed, letting him walk her back over to the bed. "Please, Mark, let me go!" He turned her around and pushed her on to the bed, then grabbed her knees and pulled her legs open, dragging her ass out to the edge. "Mark! Wait!!" she protested, pushing up against his chest with both hands.

She could feel him pressing up against her belly, the whole length of it hard and throbbing against her skin. "I'm not waiting any more, slut! This is what you wanted all along, and you know it!" he said, reaching down and taking hold of himself. He rubbed the head of it up and down along the length of her slit, seeking, probing, and then he found it.

"You've been wanting this all morning!" She let out a gasping wail as she felt him enter her. It was a tearing, burning sort of push into her, and it hurt like fire.

He paused at her loud cry, easing off a little, then began again. This time, the pain was much less, just the feel of him stretching her open, and then the delicious friction, almost an itch that was building towards the same peak she'd felt with his mouth on her, only this was BETTER, more fulfilling somehow.

The feel of him inside her made her feel complete, and her lusty moans filled the whole bedroom. "I'm, I'm, oh!" she whimpered, then clutched him to her with both arms and both legs, holding him as tight against her as she could, moaning as several powerful waves of orgasm crashed through her.

"You're a slut, Jen. Say it." he whispered. "I'm a slut." she whispered back. A tear slipped from the corner of her eye, but he kissed it away. "I'm glad you're a slut, Jen." he told her, then pumped his cock out and in again. He hadn't come yet, and he was fully hard inside her.

She shuddered under him. "I like to fuck, and so do you. I love fucking you, Jen. I love you, my little slut." "I love you too, Mark." she said. "I love fucking you. I love being a slut with you like this." she panted. He was thrusting in and out of her slowly, looking deep into her eyes. "I can't come inside you. I don't want you pregnant the first time we fuck." he said, pulling out and rolling off her.

"Take me in your mouth and swallow it all again." "Okay." she said eagerly, scooting down in the bed. She opened her mouth and took him in, just in time for him to go off. She didn't miss a drop this time, greedily sucking the last drops out and drinking those down, too. "Mark?" she asked, sitting up. "We need to talk." "Right now?" he asked, a little sleepily. "Yes right now!" she said, hitting his stomach lightly.


He chuckled and sat up. "Okay, okay, what is it?" he asked. "Am I your girlfriend now?" she asked. "Uh, no, you're still my sister." he said. "You know how weird it would look if we were going out?" "Exactly my point." she said. "You need a girlfriend who will understand about us." "I do?" he asked. "Well, duh! It's not like your going to be able to keep something like this SECRET from her, do you?

Girls aren't stupid, Mark. We just know shit like this, okay? Trust me." "Okay, so what do we do about it?" he asked. "I assume you have an idea, since you brought it up." "I think my friend Tara should be your girlfriend." Jen said, matter of factly. "You do, huh? Does Tara know about this?" he chuckled. "Well, not yet, but I know she likes you. And I'm pretty sure we can get her to share." Jen told him.

"Wait a minute, share?" Mark asked. "You don't think I'm giving this up, do you? No, Tara is going to have to share you with me if she wants any of you at all." "And does she want me, then?

Who is this Tara? Have I ever met her?" Mark asked. "Surely you've seen her, Mark? She's my best friend at school?" "I've seen a few f your friends from school.

None of them really stand out in my mind, though. Refresh my memory. Is she the two hundred pounder, that red head who always wears yellow for some reason? Looks like a whale that grew legs?" "No, that's Linda Jorgenson, and she can't help her wight; it's glandular!" Jen laughed.

"Quit being so mean!" "Well, I can't place this Tara right off the bat, then. Is she pretty, at least?" he laughed.

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"Yes, she's beautiful, way prettier than me. I think her boobs are a little bigger than mine, too. You'll like that about her, anyway!" Jen said, hefting her own at him and laughing with him.

"Your cock should fit nicely, right between them!" "So when do I get to meet her?" he asked.


"I've never had a girlfriend before. This should be interesting, neh?" "Tomorrow is Saturday, maybe she could spend the day over here?" "Unless you wanted to have a sleep-over this week end." Mark said slyly. "Tonight? Sure, I guess. Let me go call her." Jen said. Mark grabbed the phone off the bed stand and handed it to her, raising one eyebrow. "Now? Okay. You are a pervert, you know that?" "I'm horny all the time and I like to fuck. What's wrong with that?" he chuckled.

"Nothing, I guess, since I'm the same way." she answered, then held up her hand. "It's ringing." "Hello? May I speak to Tara please? Sure, it's Jen Naderson calling. Thanks." A long pause. "Hello, Tara, how's it going? Oh, okay, I'll be brief, then.

Do you want to spend the night here, for a sleep over? Well, yeah, he'll be here. Okay, I'll hold." "She's asking her mom." Jen told her brother, then picked the phone up again. "You can? In about 20 minutes, okay. We'll be here! See you then. okay. Bye." "Her parents have to drop her off right away." Jen told him, hanging up.

"Yeah, I can see you just hate that idea, hah. Pervert. You just want to fuck my friend!" "Not just that." Mark said. "You want to know what's got me so worked up about this whole thing? The idea of having two girls sucking on me at the same time." He shivered and grinned at her.

"Prettier than you, huh? We'll have to see about that. You look beautiful, little sister."