Interracial Backseat Butt plug and Pussy Fucking

Interracial Backseat Butt plug and Pussy Fucking
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"It's strange being on your own," Derby thought. "I could hardly wait to get away from home, away from my asshole parents, my stupid cunt sisters, and my fat shithead brother. Now I'm here.

Now what?" Derby was surrounded by a mess of boxes and suitcases in the stark dorm room. Anxious to see what the next four years would bring, he had managed to get his family to bring him to campus as soon as the dorms opened up. He had had several motivations. First, he wanted dibs on what he would decide was the better side of the room. He had exchanged correspondence with his new roommate and had already decided that the kid was a dweeb.

Derby had been somewhat bullied by his siblings at home, but being the baby of the family, he had been both pampered and dominated by his parents. He wanted to be something he had never been before, now that he was away at college: free. More than that: independent. Maybe even more than that, since he knew he was going to have to deal with people in close quarters the entire time he was here. In fact, he knew the role he wanted to adopt: dominant.

Yes, that would be nice. Getting to campus early might give him an advantage, he thought. He could choose his space, mark his territory, so to speak. It was a small victory, granted. Having pegged his new roommate, accurately he hoped, as being even more sheltered and socially awkward than he was himself, Derby celebrated his moral victory in a battle of dominance won without more than a pre-emptive strike. If the roommate, Martin, turned out to be OK, he would let Martin be his pal.

If, as Derby suspected, Martin turned out to be an asshole, Derby would make the choice in his own time whether he would ignore him, dominate and use him, or drive him away.

Another motivation for getting to campus early was to explore the physical plant. Derby liked being familiar with his surroundings. Obviously, the returning upperclassmen would already know the best places for everything. When they got there, they would take over their old haunts. They would occupy what they thought were the best tables in the dining hall. They would use the best shower heads in the gang washroom in the dorm.

They would know which lounge sofas were the best for watching TV, which were best for watching girls, maybe even which ones gave the most privacy if the opportunity arose to get some random chick to give them head. Derby understood the concept of pecking order. Having been the youngest of four kids, but the first to actually move out of the house, he knew more than he wanted to about pecking order, thank you very much.

At least, being one of the first freshmen on campus, he could hope to establish himself at the top of the bottom of the pecking order. He knew he wouldn't be able to unseat the upperclassmen at first. He wasn't that naive. But, when the good stuff was taken away, he hoped to be the freshman who could claim the best of the rest. The last reason to get to campus before the rest of his incoming classmates was simple.

He wanted to scope out the chicks. If he worked it right, he would start filling his little black book and, if the fates smiled on him, his bed, with the pick of the litter. Derby was, after all, a good-looking boy. He knew it. He wasn't overly vain about his looks, but good genes were a family heritage that he embraced.

Derby was one of those guys who, at the age of nineteen, looked like a model from GQ. He was long, lean, mature-looking for his age. He had naturally good hair with enough body to be interesting, but enough manners to be easy to tame. People sometimes thought he highlighted it, which he would never have done, but there were several interesting shades of brown and gold scattered amongst his locks, and, depending on the light, red highlights.

Even though Derby didn't spend much time in the sun, his skin had an attractive, slightly tan tone to it, just dark enough to make his ice-blue eyes riveting. He had been blessed with a strong chin (Dad's Dad), high cheekbones, (Mom's Mom), a straight, bold, but handsomely proportioned nose (Dad), full, almost pouty lips, (dear old smokin' hot but impossibly stupid Mom), and naturally perfect and blindingly white teeth (which seemed to be shared by every family member he had ever met).

Derby's physique was good enough to be attractive, without being the kind that tempted him to go for the posing trunks and baby oil. He didn't even really work at it that much; he was just blessed. After all, how bad can you look when you're 6'2" tall, 205 lbs., with less than 4% body fat? He wasn't really all that muscled, although he certainly had nice definition.

In fact, the largest and best developed muscle he had was never seen in public. He had measured it once, though, just for fun.

He never spoke of it, but he knew that 8 inches with a diameter of nearly 2 inches was enough to put him in the higher percentile rankings. Derby planned to exercise this muscle a lot. It was time to examine the freshman girls.

After dressing in a well-fitting tank top and cargo shorts, Derby strolled over to the student union. There were a few girls there, but none that he decided to put on his short list of girls he wanted to fuck.

It wasn't that he didn't see any pretty girls. Some of them had very attractive faces, some had delicious-looking asses, some were dressed to display their full, firm, perky boobs, some had great legs, but none of the really hot ones had the characteristic Derby was looking for: an air of vulnerability. That was a problem, because Derby now subscribed to the doctrine of the three F's Find them, Fuck them, and Forget them.

Derby wanted girls he could sweep off their feet, pound silly, and dump. The last thing he needed was a girl who had enough self-esteem to stand up for herself or to offer him a challenge when he decided to seduce them. Derby wasn't a rapist, and had no plans to become one, but he wanted girls who were insecure enough and naive enough to allow him to sweet-talk them into bed quickly and who also were too insecure to attempt to hold onto him when he wanted to move on.

Maybe he would do better hanging out watching the incoming freshman girls arriving at their dorms. He would have to deal with their parents, but making a good impression on adults was something he could easily do.

He knew that the kind of girl he was looking for might gravitate toward him if she thought his parents liked him, and he might actually learn something about these girls if he could see how they interacted with their folks, especially their fathers.

If they were meek and subservient, they may be easy pickings. Surely there would be a few good-looking ones who still had the innocence, submissiveness, and insecurity required for his purposes.

It took him only about two hours to get four girls' names, phone numbers, and dorm addresses. All four were eighteen years old, cute, with nice figures. All four were very shy. All four seemed insecure and a little overwhelmed by the prospect of being on their own, away from Mommy and Daddy for the first time.

All four seemed to have been completely dominated by their parents. And all four had already begun to succumb to his charm, because Derby could work fast when he needed to. Perfect. These girls lived on different dorm floors, so they were unlikely to befriend each other too quickly. That was important, because he didn't want them to compare notes before he got as many of them in his bed as possible. Like a predatory carnivore, Derby understood the importance of separating a weak specimen from the herd to make the pursuit and possession of his prey as easy and quick as possible.

Christy was fair-skinned, with slightly wavy blond hair that almost reached her shoulder blades, about 5'4" and roughly 105 lbs. Even though she was pretty slender, Derby guessed she had B-cup breasts, and he had seen how nicely shaped her legs were, even though they were covered in tight, ass-hugging jeans. She had large blue eyes, a cute nose, and full, but not over-sized lips. She was quiet and reticent, but she favored Derby with several quiet smiles. He could tell she liked what she saw when she looked at him.

It might be pretty easy to get in her pants Melissa was a redhead, maybe 5'9" and, Derby guessed, about 140 lbs. She had full, high breasts, legs that just didn't quit, a nice ass, and a surprisingly small waist.

This hourglass figure was topped by a head of long, thick, wavy, fiery hair. She had shockingly green eyes and a pretty but shy face. She had a slightly haunted look, which, to Derby, screamed insecurity. She looked like very easy pickings. Josie was Hispanic, with lush, almost black hair.

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Her 5'6" frame sported big boobs, a bit of a bubble-butt, but no extra fat. Her black eyes could have burned a hole through a guy, but she kept them down-cast, looking scared of her own shadow. Her father seemed pretty tyrannical, and her mother, a very pretty woman in her own right, seemed as intimidated by him as Josie was. It should be easy to manipulate this girl. Anna was a tiny Asian doll, Japanese, if Derby guessed right.

She was extremely petite, and Derby had had to ask her twice to be sure she was eighteen. She looked much younger, considering she was only about 5' tall, with tiny breasts, an extremely small waist, and very trim hips and ass. Derby thought it might be fun to fuck a chick who was legal, but looked way underage. She was quiet, reserved, shy, and old-school Asian subservient, which Derby thought would make her easy to use for his needs.

Since he had worked quickly, he hadn't learned much about any of these girls. It didn't really matter that much to him. After all, he wasn't looking for relationships; he was looking for sex partners. They would be disposable. Derby hadn't always thought this way. He had had the usual succession of girlfriends throughout middle school and high school. Some of the relationships had been fairly casual, and some had been more serious.

Several had involved sex. The last relationship was the one that changed him. He and his girlfriend, Megan, had been together throughout senior year in high school, although they had been friends for years before that. Their relationship had become physical after only a few dates.

The sex was wonderful. Megan was an enthusiastic, inventive, and appreciative partner. She loved both tender and athletic, almost rough, sex.

She enjoyed both giving and receiving oral pleasure, she was multi-orgasmic, and she taught him new positions. She liked to find new places to have sex, and she was beautiful, smart, and funny. She was everything he wanted. The only problem was that she was not faithful.

Derby's parents had thrown a graduation party for him and his crowd at the house. There had been about two dozen kids there. Because his folks allowed alcohol, everyone was required to spend the night.

Derby's family had a huge recreation room in the basement, which was where the party was held. At 2am, his folks closed the "bar," removed all the alcohol (what little was left), cleared up the left-over food, and helped the kids push all the furniture against the walls so they would have room to crash on the carpeted floor, sleeping off the effects of the party.

For some reason, Derby woke up after everyone had been asleep for a while. He realized that Megan was no longer sleeping next to him. Concerned that she may have been ill, he started looking for her. He found her in the second-floor guest room, in bed, naked, with his equally naked best friend, Joe.

The two used condoms on the floor made it pretty difficult for them to deny what had been happening. Nobody took Derby's suicide attempt seriously, not even his parents.

When they spoke of it, which was seldom, they referred to it as his "accident." Nobody except Megan and Joe knew what had thrown him into a tail-spin, and they didn't seem to care. His family tried to gloss it over and to make his upset go away by pampering him, which he resented. He was in a very dark place for a while. He got a shitty job working in a warehouse, refusing to go to the college that had accepted him, withdrawing from everyone while he brooded.

Those black days lasted for almost a year. He spoke to no one he didn't absolutely have to, working quietly on his grief and pain. He was better now, he believed. He knew he needed to go to college, to move on with his life. He decided to re-join the world, but on his terms. He made up his mind that it would be wise for him to trust no one, to avoid being hurt. He also decided that, since Megan would not pay him back for his suffering, other women would have to do that.

Derby taught himself how to fake "good" to get his family off his back, and he was going to use those same skills to get his satisfaction from women. If there was a tinge of revenge involved, so be it. Walking across campus after lunch, Derby saw that many of the minivans and SUV's, the vehicles of choice for parents bringing their kids to college, had departed. It was getting closer to the time when he could start his pursuit of what for him was going to pass as happiness.

The first girl he decided to bed was Christy. The fact that she reminded him, physically, of Megan helped him to make his choice, and her apparent attraction to him sealed the deal. He went to her room and knocked on her door. Christy opened the door. She had showered and changed since he last saw her, and she looked really good standing there in cut-off jean shorts and a t-shirt, even though her hair was still damp. Her pretty feet were bare, she wore no make-up, and, it appeared, no bra.

"Hi," she said, smiling up at him. "Thanks for helping us carry my stuff up here earlier. Do you want to come in?" "Thanks, Christy, that would be great," Derby said, walking by her into the room.

"How's the unpacking going?" "Don't ask," Christy laughed. "I still have some boxes to go, but at least I found my shampoo and some clothes. I'm not sure I feel like doing much more today. Do you have your room set up?" "Enough for now," Derby said. "Enough that I thought I'd like to take another look around campus to get myself better oriented. Have you had the chance to run around yet?" "No," Christy answered.

"I don't really have any idea where anything is." "I walked around some of it earlier. How about if we explore together?" Derby said. "Sure, I'd like that, if you're willing to wait until I dry my hair." Derby smiled at her.

"Can you put me to work with something while you do that? I see your PC sitting there, but nothing's hooked up. Want me to set it up for you?" "Do you know how to do that? That'd be great. My Dad was going to do it before he left, but I guess he forgot. I'm pretty technologically challenged," Christy said, giving him a shy grin. "No problem. I'll have you connected and running in no time. You just go and make yourself even prettier than you are already, if that's possible," Derby said, using his most charming smile.

He noted with satisfaction that Christy had smiled at his compliment. He also thought he could see a slight hardening of her nipples under her t-shirt. Good sign. This one might be easy. Christy left for the bathroom with her dryer and supplies, leaving Derby alone in her room. He quickly set up her PC. While waiting for it to boot up and connect to the internet, he decided to snoop. He quickly found her lingerie drawer and confirmed his earlier assessment: 34B. He also learned that she had a nice collection of translucent boy-short panties, bikinis, and thongs.

He wondered what she was wearing right now. Finding her laundry bag, he fished out the single pair of soiled panties, which she had undoubtedly worn earlier today while moving in.

They were slightly damp with sweat and girl odor, and they smelled heavenly when he buried his face in them. Although he was pressing his luck in terms of time, he still rummaged around in the rest of her things until he found her pack of birth control pills.

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Good. That took care of one problem. It would make it easier to get her to let him cum in her. It wasn't that he cared about knocking her up, but pregnancy would certainly complicate things when he dumped her.

By the time Christy got back to her room, Derby was innocently sitting in front of her PC, playing solitaire.

He had worked fast, making sure that everything he had touched looked un-disturbed. "Are you ready to see the sights?" Derby said brightly, his best fake charming smile painted on his face. "Will you be my tour guide?" Christy asked, returning the smile with a genuine, but slightly shy one of her own. She dumped her dryer and cosmetics on her dresser and slipped on a pair of sandals. "I would be honored, dear lady," Derby said, bowing slightly, then offering her his arm as though escorting her into a formal gathering.

Christy giggled and took his arm. He thrilled at her touch. He wondered how much bullshit he would have to go through to get her to touch him the way he wanted her to. He wasn't prepared to waste too much time and effort on getting in her pants, and he hoped he wouldn't have to. She was cute, although not quite hot, in his opinion.

She was also insecure, he believed. He had caught her looking at him this afternoon and in her room in a way he thought may mean she was lonely and scared enough to possibly hook up with him. After all, he was a good-looking guy. She ought to be willing to put out in order to land a handsome boyfriend early in the semester.

Together, they walked out of the dorm, Derby having guided them to a door he guessed would be less likely to be used by the other girls on his list.

It was a large campus and a large dorm, but he knew he should use caution when possible. As they walked, they talked about themselves. Derby knew that elaborate lies could be a trap that he could get caught in, so he kept most of the information he gave her truthful. He even told her the whole truth about his senior year with his ex-girlfriend Megan, including the event that caused their break-up.

He figured that getting a girl's sympathy was a good way to get her to open up to him with both her heart and her legs. He conveniently forgot to tell her about the depth of his depression after losing Megan, or the way it had hardened his own heart. Christy was soon telling Derby more about herself than she had planned to. He was so easy to talk to, and his sexy eyes seemed to fix on hers whenever she spoke. He seemed very interested in everything she had to say.

Although at first he had seemed a little intimidating, especially with the way he stared at her, she decided that her initial unrest had been caused by her own insecurities, rather than by anything "dark" or "off" about him. She even told him all about her senior year boyfriend, who had gone to a college two thousand miles away.

He had agreed with her that a long distance romance was impractical, and they had broken up amicably. Without actually saying it, she realized that she had clearly implied that, first, she was not a virgin, and second, she was available. "Wow," Christy thought. "I didn't mean to do that.

I'm embarrassed that I've let him know that stuff considering we just met. Oh, well, he's being so completely honest with me. Besides, he's really cute." They found themselves off-campus at a little cafe. Derby held a chair for her at a little table outside, then went in and got ice cream and sodas for them. When he came back, he sat close to her. Derby was carefully calculating his moves. He wanted to tear her clothes off, feast on those nipples that were tantalizing him under that t-shirt, and then fuck her throat.

He wanted to lick her pussy to savor more of that taste and smell he had enjoyed earlier with her soiled panties, and then cram his cock in her and make her scream with pleasure. If there was some pain, if he was too big for her, so be it. A girl had hurt him terribly. Another girl was going to have to start to pay him back.

When they were finished with their treats, the sun had set. Derby led her away from the cafe, holding her hand. They walked back onto the campus through the lawns, avoiding the concrete paths. He knew where he was going. He steered them to a place that would be a perfect setting to move his plans along for the evening.

"Where are we going, Derby?" Christy asked. "To a place I found earlier today when I was walking around. It looked so good in the daylight, I wanted to see how it would look with the light of the moon. It's not as pretty as you, but you should be able to dress it up nicely." They had entered an area behind one of the old buildings of the original campus.

The area was paved with ancient, cracked flagstones. Vines covered the back wall of the building on one side, and trees and ornamental bushes nearly enclosed the area. The center was dominated by an old stone fountain, and stone benches were arranged around it.

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It was fragrant with late-blooming flowers, quiet, private, and softly lit by moonlight. In other words, it was the perfect place for a young couple to go. Christy imagined that some young men had proposed marriage to their beloveds here. Derby thought he might join the ranks of young men before him who had first gotten lucky with a new girl in this intimate setting. Derby and Christy sat on one of the benches. He held her hand in silence. She noticed how the moon lit his handsome face.

The romantic feel of the place nearly overwhelmed her. Christy felt a powerful urge to kiss this young man, but waited, feeling it would be proper to wait for him to make the first move. But he just sat there, staring at the moon, holding her hand, almost too tightly.

Christy stayed silent, looking at his profile. Derby's silence was not unsettling, but she found herself wishing she knew what he was thinking. She suddenly became aware of a trail of sensation coming from her hand, clasped tightly in his. Puzzled at first, she realized that the part of the trail that led to her heart could be the beginnings of real affection for this handsome, brooding hunk, and then she discovered that she was feeling sensations elsewhere.

Her pussy was becoming noticeably moist. "Derby?" she whispered. No response. "Derby? What are you thinking?" Derby suppressed the cruel smile that threatened to show itself. He knew his act was working. He drew a deep breath, and then let out a long sigh, marshaling his reserves to carry him into the next stage.

Deep inside, he was smug when he realized that he had managed to force tears to form in his eyes. Slowly, he lowered his gaze from the moon and turned toward her, allowing the tears to spill onto his cheeks.

Feigning embarrassment, he quickly wiped the tears away with his free hand. "Derby, what's wrong?" "Nothing, anymore. After Megan, I had decided that maybe I was just not the kind of guy who could ever talk to a beautiful girl again, let alone feel anything for one.

I assumed I would be alone for a long time. And yet, here you are. I guess I should feel ashamed to cry in front of a girl I just met, but I'm not. Those were tears of happiness. You're so easy to talk to. I feel I can be myself around you. I'm safe with you. I'm happy I found you." Now it was Christy's turn to feel like crying with joy. No one had ever said anything quite like that to her before. Abruptly, she came to the realization that she wanted Derby.

She wanted to kiss him, to hold him. She wanted him to make love to her. She could hardly hold back when she felt that he was moving in for their first kiss. She was prepared for a passionate, full-on kiss; she wanted it.

But what she got pleased her even more. Derby kissed her waiting mouth gently, tenderly, ever so lightly. He held the kiss for only a second or two and then pulled back slightly. He looked deep into her eyes. Her desire for him caused her to mistake the deep stare of his icy blue eyes for love, instead of the cold, calculating lust Derby was actually feeling.

Slowly, carefully, Derby kissed her lips again.

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Then he kissed her cheeks, one after another. He reached for her, deliberately using a light, comforting touch. In as reassuring a way as he could manage, he pulled her to him in a tender-seeming embrace. She responded by melting into his arms. He could feel her hard nipples against him. This was working very well, but he had to be careful. He wanted her to believe that she was the aggressor, that whatever happened was, at least in part, her idea.

He was pretty sure he would be able to fuck her before the night was through, but he didn't want to rush things and scare her away. As they embraced, Derby whispered in her ear, "May I touch your hair?" "Please," she said, almost gasping.

Derby gently ran his fingers through her hair, caressing her head and neck. He scooped up a few locks and nuzzled them with his nose, breathing audibly.


He had to admit to himself, her hair smelled very good. He wondered if there was hair elsewhere on her body that was just as blond, and speculated on how good that might smell. By this time, he was fairly sure he would find out before the night was through. When Derby combed her hair off her neck with his fingertips and began to plant feathery kisses behind her ear, Christy felt herself shudder.

She had only had sex with one other boy besides the boyfriend she had had senior year in high school, and neither of them had made her feel like this.

Her arousal was becoming more and more intense, and somehow, she felt that she was falling in love with this young man she had just met. By this time, Derby had covered the one side of her neck with tiny butterfly kisses and was going to work on her throat. He was moving slowly, in a carefully calculated plan to seduce her, but she perceived it as tenderness, almost reticence. She felt he was worshiping her delicate skin, and she was becoming hungry for more. She wanted to give him permission to proceed.

She wanted him. With her fingertips, Christy touched Derby's cheek. He paused, pulled back, and looked at her, a question in his eyes.

She answered it by pulling his face to hers and kissing his lips. Lightly at first, but then with increasing pressure and urgency, she kissed him.

Deciding that she needed to move things along, she parted her lips slightly, darting the tip of her tongue out to touch his lips. He barely opened his mouth, and she entered it with her tongue, seeking his. Using both hands, she embraced his strong neck. Their kiss deepened. She felt his hands tighten a bit around her shoulders. She needed more. Lowering her one hand, she began to lightly stroke his back. She shifted her weight to lean in more closely against him, knowing he should be able to feel the firmness of her small breasts against his chest.

The movement was not lost on Derby, and he had to fight the impulse to smile. This was going well. When they finally broke their kiss, he examined Christy's face closely. He could see the arousal in her, could hear her slightly labored breathing. He fancied he could even sense a hint of her musk in the air. Oh yeah, she was going to be easy.

He was definitely going to fuck her, and she was going to want it. In fact, he might not have to do much more work to get her to decide that she was seducing him. "Derby, why are you staring at me?" Christy asked. "I'm trying to figure out why I'm so lucky to be able to kiss such a beautiful, desirable woman. The moment I saw you this afternoon, I knew I wanted to get to know you. You are a woman any man would be crazy not to want to spend time with.

But I never thought I would be able to kiss you," Derby said. "I want to kiss you again, Derby, but I don't want anyone to see us out here. Let's go back to my room. My roommate isn't going to get here until tomorrow morning, so we can talk and kiss some more. Would you like that?" "Very much Christy. Very much." They walked, hand in hand, back toward Christy's dorm. A few times, when she was sure no one was looking, Christy would stop and pull Derby to her for another kiss.

They walked the last block or so with their arms around each others waists. By this time, Christy wanted to feel Derby's hand on her ass, but he seemed too shy and unsure of himself. She decided she would have to take control of the situation. She unlocked her door and they walked inside. She locked the door behind them, and turned on the small light on her desk. She pulled him over to her bed and had him sit down next to her.

They began to kiss, and again, Christy felt she needed to lead. She made her kisses more passionate, deeper, longer, holding him tighter. He responded well, she thought, but he seemed to hesitate a little. Finally, Christy pulled back. "Derby, do you like me?" "Yes, Christy, I think I do." "Do you find me attractive?" "I think you're beautiful. Your face, your hair, your eyes, your lips." She interrupted him.

"What about the rest of me?" Derby looked at her, seeming uncertain of what she was asking. "What about my breasts?" she whispered. She took Derby's hands in hers and placed them on her chest. Her nipples were as hard as she could ever remember them having been, and the feel of his fingers on them through her t-shirt made her feel new moisture seep into her panties.

"Amazing," Derby said softly. He struggled to resist the urge to rip her shirt off and twist her nipples. "Your touch is so gentle, Derby. That feels so good. Please, take my shirt off. I need to feel your hands on me." "Are you sure, Christy?" "God yes, Derby. I'm sure. I'm damn sure." She pulled Derby's shirt off over his head, then quickly removed her own.

She replaced his hands on her breasts and kissed him hard. It was Derby's turn to take control. He knew he had her now.

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Tomorrow when she woke up, Christy would remember that she had wanted this. Since he knew his orgasm with her would be more intense if she were a well-aroused and active participant, he didn't mind taking the time to pretend to make love to her. He did like foreplay with a pretty girl, especially if he could get her involved enough in the process to make her want to do good things to him. It was all right with him if Christy got off. In fact, he hoped she would, since he knew she would then do everything she knew to reward him.

He still wasn't going to respect her in the morning. He returned her kiss hungrily. Her breasts felt good in his hands. They were firm, a little smaller than his ideal, but beautifully shaped, with small, slightly puffy areolas in a pretty shade of pink topped with extremely erect, perfect nipples. Derby forced himself to remember how to make gentle love to a breast, resisting the dark urge inside him to hurt her.

It helped that these breasts were a little different than Megan's had been. Christy's breasts seemed more delicate, more virginal somehow, and his instincts told him that she would want them to be treated with care and reverence. He guessed she wouldn't like the rough, vigorous sex he felt he needed, at least not until he got her good and warmed up. He tuned up his sensitivity, concentrating on her body language to see how far and how fast he could push her. It wasn't really that Derby liked only forceful, athletic sex, but if he could get her to ride him like a rodeo performer, that would be good.

He had done the sweetness and light routine often enough with Megan, and that was fine with a girl he had loved. Now, he really wanted something different. He wanted a hot, nasty fuck, but he'd settle for "nice" if that was all that was available. As he fondled her breasts, skillfully stimulating her nipples with his fingertips, he decided to let her continue to lead for a while.

When he reclined on her bed on his back, she followed him down, lying on her side, partially on top of him, giving him continued access to her chest. She leaned in and kissed him again, hard, seeking his tongue with hers, gripping his shoulder firmly with one delicate hand. So far, so good. Never breaking mouth contact with him, she began to stoke his chest with that hand.

He continued his manipulations of her breast flesh with one hand, and began to gently rub the smooth skin of her naked back with the other. He noted with satisfaction that her hand moved southward across his chest and firm abs as he extended his strokes down her back toward her ass. Christy loved his touch.

He was being so gentle with her, and it made her trust him even more. She was not used to being so forward, but she was feeling pretty horny by this time, and Derby was pretty much forcing her to take the lead.

He was a gentleman, and, apparently, a little shy. Then it hit her. This poor, sweet man was afraid of being hurt. That bitch Megan had hurt him terribly, and now he was afraid of letting himself go with another girl. Christy suddenly felt she understood. She decided it was her responsibility to make him feel good. She moved farther on top of him. That way, she could let him feel the warmth of her crotch against his leg, and she could feel his growing hardness against her thigh.


It allowed him easy access to caress her ass, which she really wanted, and made it possible for her to really push the issue of deep, sexual kissing. Derby knew what she was doing, and it was exactly what he had hoped for. He continued rubbing her back, sometimes lightly, sometimes firmly, with ever-longer strokes. When he finally got to the waistband of her shorts, he paused for a moment, tracing a line on her skin with the tip of his index finger against the edge of the denim.

After a second, he got the reaction he was looking for. He felt her tighten her leg and butt muscles to more firmly push her sex against his thigh at the same time as she renewed her assault on his mouth. He eased his hand into the gap between the denim and her skin at the small of her back and began to explore and fondle her ass.

Nice. A thong. He wondered if she liked to be spanked, but decided to wait a while to find out. He knew he would have to guard against the urge to hit too hard, to avoid crossing that line between spanking and beating. Christy loved the feel of Derby's hand on her skin. She was glad that she had chosen to wear a thong tonight.

This was one of her favorites. She remembered having posed for herself in the bathroom earlier, admiring how the pink color of it matched the color of her areolas and how its flimsiness showed the shape of her lips.

She hoped Derby would like it, and she knew by now it would be transparent, considering how wet it was. Progress had stalled again. Sure, they were making out furiously, and Christy was aware that she was lightly humping Derby's leg, but she wanted more. He felt big against her thigh.

It was time to learn more about him. Making sure that Derby wouldn't lose contact with her ass, Christy rolled slightly to her side to give her hand room to move. First, she touched Derby's hip. Then, she ran her hand down the front of his thigh to the bottom of his shorts.

His leg felt strong, firm, hairy, and masculine. With a firm touch, Christy inched her hand upward again. In less time than she expected, she felt the tip of his cock. Damn, he did feel big! Derby shuddered slightly when he first felt her hand grasp his manhood through his clothes. He made a little gasping sound, which he knew she would like. He didn't have to work too hard at that one, since it did feel really good. Christy heard him and smiled to herself.

Rubbing his length more firmly through his clothes, she decided that he was a lot more well-endowed than the other two guys she had been with. She knew he liked her touch, but still, he wasn't stepping up the game. Poor boy, she thought. Poor sweet, injured, fragile boy.

She was going to make him feel better. Better about himself. She was going to make him feel really good. When she opened his shorts and worked her hand inside, she was well-pleased with what she found. He was not yet fully hard, so she had little trouble in freeing him from the confines of his clothes. She bent him upward and ran a single finger up the underside of his shaft. When she got to his most sensitive spot, she found a drop of his clear, slippery fluid that had leaked down to it.

She used that to moisten the head. Derby pulled Christy to him and moved her up so her chest was at his face. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too, so she positioned herself so he could taste her breasts. The first touch of his tongue to her nipple made her moan. He was kneading her ass firmly now, exploring it, enjoying the feel of the firm flesh in his hand.

He sucked gently on the nipple that had been offered to him, and Christy began to stroke him. Their kisses became even more urgent. Suddenly, Derby rolled Christy on to her back. He undid her shorts and worked them off her legs, throwing them onto the floor. It was as they both had suspected her tiny pink thong was soaked. He leaned in to kiss her briefly on her belly, teasing her navel with his tongue, and then removed the last scrap of fabric to reveal her completely to his view.

Another question answered. She was a natural blond, the hair neatly trimmed, baby fine, beautifully decorating her small pussy. Oh yeah, this one was really worth fucking. Twice, if he liked it well enough. She spread her legs slowly, her firm little breasts heaving with her breath.

For an instant, she felt shy and a little apprehensive with him, but when she saw the look of longing in his eyes, the same as she felt, she whispered, "Make love to me. Please. Make love to me." "Not yet," Derby answered. "I want to taste you." He lowered his face to her, extending his tongue.

From her pink rosebud to her clit, he took one long, slow, deliberate lick. Then he lifted his head and stared at her. Christy looked back, lust and need in her eyes. Barely audible, she said, "Do that again, please." Derby complied.

He didn't mind. She tasted good, so his ministrations to her sex were unrelenting. He was a machine. Christy had been eaten out before, but not like this. She hadn't imagined that anyone could stimulate her so well. His tongue, his lips, his fingers, even his teeth, all were bringing her more pleasure than she had ever felt before.

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This boy was amazing. She had never dreamed that there were so many different parts of her pelvic region that could be made to feel wonderful in so many different ways.


Christy didn't really like giving head. She had done it before, but it didn't do much for her. She knew of some girls who claimed to like it, and a few even said that giving a blowjob had almost made them cum themselves. She couldn't imagine that. Her old boyfriend used to beg her all the time to suck his cock, and she sometimes had, but she had always finished him with a handjob or by having him cum in her pussy.

She had always felt a little guilty when her boyfriend went down on her, since she had liked what he had done. Still, her dislike of giving oral sex had always been great enough that she had had trouble reciprocating. This time was different. When she regained some of her senses after her third orgasm, she was ready to give the blowjob of her life.

She struggled, exhausted, to push herself up on her elbows. "Derby, that's enough. My God, that's enough. It's your turn now. I want to make you feel good." Derby crawled up in the bed and lay on his back, his cock throbbing noticeably. He gave her a warm loving smile as he thought to himself, "About fucking time! Now it's about me." Christy knew the basics, of course. But she wanted this to be much more than just a basic blowjob.

She felt obligated to repay Derby for the pleasure he had given her. She wanted to give him the pleasure that he so richly deserved, having been without a woman for over a year while recovering from the pain Megan had caused him.

Plus, she needed to demonstrate her growing love for him. The feel of his large cock in her hand had turned her on, and the phenomenal orgasms he had given her had shown her how much he cared for her.

Relying on her instincts and her lust, she began. She touched his penis gently, using just the tips of her fingers to make long, slow strokes on the underside of his shaft. Every time her fingers reached the edge of his helmet, his cock jumped from where it lay on his belly, pointing toward his chin.

She lowered herself to him, making sure to brush her hair away from her face so he could watch her take him into her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and positioned herself so that the tip of it would brush the head of his cock when it jumped. Every time she made contact, she got a new taste of his pre-cum. It tasted good to her, exciting a need she had never felt before. Once, twice, three times, twenty times, she made his cockhead rise to her waiting tongue.

Finally, it became too much for her. She wanted more, and she needed to give him more. Christy looked at Derby as she lightly licked the tip of his twitching manhood.

She smiled when she saw the look on his face. He looked pleased, and that pleased her.

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She wanted to do well for her man. She wrapped her one hand around the base of his cock, noting that her fingers could not quite encircle it. She held it up straight, opened her mouth, and took the head inside. Tightening her lips around the base of his helmet, she worked a few inches of his length slowly in and out of her mouth, bathing it with her tongue, and sucking with her cheeks. She wanted to make him cum for her. She wanted to drink from him. "I want you to cum for me, baby," Christy said.

"I need to feel you shoot in my mouth. I want to taste your cum. What do you need me to do to make you cum really hard?" Derby was smiling inside. He wanted to ram his cock down her throat and cum straight into her stomach, but he knew that would be too much for her.

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After all, he wanted to fuck her. To use her. But a blowjob was good. He could tell she was not very experienced, and he liked the fact that he was ruining her innocence. Still, he would only feel completely successful in owning her if he fucked her, and he couldn't ruin his chances. He said, "Honey, you're amazing. You're so beautiful.

Just do more of what you're doing." Christy loved his compliments. She wanted him to love her, as she was beginning to love him. So she sucked him more. Deeper. Harder. And a little faster. Christy lost herself completely in the act of making oral love to his cock. For the first time, she wanted a man to cum in her mouth.

For the first time, the act of performing oral sex was making her hot, wet, even more needful than she had already been. As she worked on him, she began to work on herself. She penetrated herself with two fingers, rubbing her clit with her thumb, all in rhythm with the bobbing of her head on his love muscle.

She felt him growing in her mouth. His flesh was hot on her tongue. His taste became her whole world. As his hips began to thrust, she sucked him harder, more urgently. Her own hand on her own sex became a blur.

She was going to cum with him, and it was going to be very, very good. When she felt the first spurt of his seed slam into her throat, she began to swallow, and she herself began to cum. Hard. He came a lot, rope after rope of delicious cream. She pulled him out slightly so she could relish the taste. She flooded her hand with her own sweet juices. When they were done, Christy dragged herself back up in the bed and held him. She had cleaned him up with her tongue, noting with joy that he stayed hard.

"Derby, please make love to me. Please, I need to feel you inside me." She was begging for it. Derby was glad he had done so well on his first attempt. There would be time to de-brief himself later, to see if he could think of anything to improve his game with the next girl. Right now, it was time to fuck. He kissed her, tenderly at first, then with ever-increasing passion. Rolling her onto her back, he knelt between her legs. "God, Christy, you are so beautiful. I want you so much." Using his cock like a paintbrush, he drew patterns of his moisture on her lips.

Dipping just a fraction of an inch into her center, he coated his cockhead with her juice, and then lubricated her clit with it. She gasped in anticipation, spreading her legs to open herself to him. Slowly, deliberately, he began to penetrate her. When just his head had pushed between the tight muscles of her labia, he paused and stared deeply into her eyes.

She wore an expression that was a mix of pleasure, surprise, and a little bit of discomfort. The biggest component, though, was need. This couldn't have worked out better. Moving slowly, he pushed further inside her.

Each time he advanced an inch further, Christy gasped. She was tight, a lot tighter than Megan had been the first time he had fucked her with his big dick. Compared to Megan, Christy felt like a virgin. Idly, he wondered how tight the others would be, especially that cute little Asian girl. But, back to the task at hand; filling this little bitch with his spunk, as many times as he could manage before he lost interest in her.

Finally, he was balls-deep inside her, buried to the hilt. Hepaused for a moment, letting her stretch to accommodate him. When he started to move, she moved with him. When he withdrew, she pulled back, and when he pushed forward, she thrust her hips up to meet him. They found a slow, steady rhythm.

Derby thought of it as a slow, comfortable screw. Christy felt that it was a show of their mutual, new-found love. She urged him to increase the force and speed of their thrusting, and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him deeper. When she came, it was good for her because of the satisfaction she felt in giving herself so completely to this loving, needy young man. Derby was amazed at how tightly she held him as she rode out her orgasm. For a "good" girl, she certainly seemed to like sex.

The pulsing of her pussy muscles as they clamped around him felt really good, making her feel even tighter than she was. For a "good" girl, she could fuck like a little slut, and that was what Derby wanted. Christy then surprised Derby by holding him tightly and rolling them both over, so that he found himself on his back with her on top.

"Cool!" he thought. "Ride me, bitch!" Aloud, he said, "Oh honey, you're amazing." She kissed him long and hard, their tongues dancing and thrusting with passion. Then she raised herself and squatted over him.

"I want you to cum for me, baby. I want you to cum inside me. Don't worry. I'm on the pill. Just let me make you feel really, really good." She held his cock to steady it, and slowly lowered herself until she was fully impaled, resting her weight on his pelvis. Then, she raised herself until only the head of his beautiful penis was still trapped inside her, and then lowered herself again. Over and over, in and out, up and down she moved, giving her lover the most pleasure she could. She rocked forward and back, left and right, squeezing, pulsing, even twisting her hips as she rode him.

Although her movements were not fast, Christy knew she was giving her lover the fuck of his life. Derby was impressed. He had needed this. He was glad he had chosen Christy as the first girl to try out. "Wait a minute, buddy," he thought to himself. "Let's not get carried away here.

She's damn good, better than I thought she might be, but it's only going to be this one night. There are other conquests to make. They could even be better." The thought of that, the thought of how good the others could be, got him closer to orgasm. Christy felt blessed when she felt him expand inside her. Her lover was going to cum. She plunged herself down onto him as hard as she could, her cunt muscles sucking him. When the first jet of his semen exploded inside her, the sensation overwhelmed her, and she came with him.

When they were done, she felt her fatigue. Her arm and leg muscles trembling, she raised herself one last time to allow his softening cock to fall from inside her, and she collapsed next to him.

In a few minutes she was asleep. Derby considered leaving at that time, but he was tired too. Besides, Christy had wrapped herself around him, cuddling, making it difficult for him to leave her bed without risking waking her. He decided to let himself sleep. A few hours later, Derby woke up, feeling aroused. For a moment, he couldn't figure out where he was, or why his cock felt so good.

Then he recognized Christy sleeping next to him, her hand wrapped around his penis. He used her hand to jack himself for awhile, and then started to finger her. Christy moaned in her sleep. Her nipples came erect, and Derby could feel new moisture seeping from her opening.

He knew she was almost wet enough to enter. This time, though, he wanted something different. "Honey, roll over," he said. Still only half awake, but feeling her arousal, Christy rolled onto her belly. Derby grasped her hips and pulled her to her knees. "What are you doing?" Christy asked. "Making love to you again," Derby answered. Without further preamble, he began to enter her tight little cunt doggy-style. "Oh, God," Christy moaned, fully awake now. Derby said nothing. He pushed himself inside until he could go no further, and then began to fuck her.

This time, there was nothing slow and tender about it. This wasn't making love like the last time. It was fucking. Hard, fast, vigorous fucking. Christy struggled to catch up to him. It felt good, sure, but it was a little more than she was prepared for. But, it was what he seemed to want, and she wanted to please him. She concentrated on the sensation of being so filled, the friction, the feel of him opening her and possessing her.

Soon, she overcame her momentary unease and allowed herself to get into it. Not her style, really, but after all, this was Derby. If this was what he needed, she wanted to give it to him.

Soon, she had talked herself into enjoying it. This was her new man, and she was going to please him. She knew that, in time, she would learn to love it, too. Although it took Derby a while to cum, Christy never quite got there.

When he was spent, he let go of her hips and pulled out. She was tired, so she lay down, disappointed. They were new at this, she reasoned.

There was no way he could know what she liked, so he couldn't have known that this hard, animalistic approach wouldn't satisfy her. It was probably her shortcoming anyway.

She resolved to do better for both of them. Derby pretended to fall asleep. Christy, worn out from her exertion, soon slipped away herself. After Derby had listened to her steady, slow breathing for fifteen minutes, he made his escape. It was mid-morning when Christy awoke. When she didn't find her man in bed next to her, she was upset. Then, she understood. Her roommate and her family could show up at any minute.

How considerate of this great guy to spare her embarrassment! She quickly put on her robe, grabbed her discarded clothing and stuffed it in her laundry bag, made her bed, pulled out clean clothes, and headed for the shower.

But first, she had to call Derby. It didn't really disturb her when he didn't answer. She just left this voicemail: "Hey sexy. It's Christy. I really enjoyed last night. Call me."