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Big Tits Babe Do A Good FootJob
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Olivia loved her new house, Olivia, who loved antiques and sculptures and every carved piece of wood that lavished the old house in the country. The old mansion was left to her by her late grandfather, which suprised her because her grandfather, Grandpa Jerrod, had always seemed to loathe her.

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The mansion was even paid for, for 80 years. Her elder sister was given a load of money that came out to exactly 1 million dollars when taxes were done with. Her brother was given the family buisness of architecture. He was always wise and an "A" honor student.

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Her sister was always the artist and loved to write poetry and novelets. While Olivia was the "rotten kids these days" type of girl. She was a cheerleader in highschool that loved to hang out with the jocks and blow them in their cars but would never let them in her panties. She had 7 seperate cheerleader uniforms which she wore everyday of the week in highschool.

She was blonde with golden hair. She wore them in pigtails on each side of her head back then. Now she worked at a bank making a fair amount of money. She loved that fact that she didn't have pay rent anynore. She would have rather of had the family buisness but she had always loved visiting the house and would spend hours just staring at the magnificent structure.

With 30 acres all to herself she would flaunt around them her entire first day. When dusk fell she ate dinner. A healthy bowl of salad and chicken.

When night fell she went to her grandfathers bedroom which she had already personalized. The bed was a custom bed bigger then a king sized spring bed, made thread by thread.

The covers were a red crimson silk the blanket was a large hand knitted down blanket with many pictures and emblems on both sides. Every floor in the house was oak wood and perfectly stained. She slept without a care that night. But during the night when she slept a presence watched her.

Eager for it's new guest the shade crept from the ceiling, it's form looking like a black floating cloak with peering red eyes.

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Black hands crooked looking hands with long, sharp, black fingernails reached for her as it levitated down slowly, menacingly. A fingernail lifted the blanket and covers off of her firm taut body. Her white skin gleamed as the moonlight reflected off of it. His fingernail grazed down her nech between her breasts touching her pink lace bra.

Her breasts were a low C-cup but firm and soft as his hand slowly grasped them, she gave a light moan of comfort. His finger glided down further ping down her tight but reserved looking abs, then to her pink laced G-string. His fingernail scratched the fabric of the undergarmet, causing a slight thrust from Olivia. It's hand glided even farther feeling her shapley legs. She turned to her side giving the shade a chance to peer at her sexy firm pronounced butt.

How it curved ourward then so perfectly back in. It had such an urge to sink it's teeth into her ass and hear her scream of pain and hopfully excitment. Olivia awoke at the rising sun and felt horney.

Hornier then she had been for quite some time. She swathed her left hand across her chest as she felt a twinge of deligh from her pussy. She played with her breasts for quite some time, sqeezeing them gently and twisting her nipples gently and rubbing the base of her stomach softly until she was so wet she couldn't was starting to drive her self crazy.

She slowly reached into her G-string and plunged her middle finger into her soaking wet pussy. She couldn't believe how good it felt as she just gave a complicated moan of pleasure. Started flicking her clit starting finger herself madly. She gyrated her hips wildly forcing her left hand through her hair.

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She picked up the speed when she opened her eyes and screamed an orgasm so loud you would hear it throughout the entire house. But no one was in the house to hear it, and she knew, that fact started to turn her on again. While no "one" heard it, the shade awoke of it's slumber. The shade raced through the entire mansion and went through walls to see her breathing heavily licking her fingers moaning softly to herself giving slight delighted giggles. Knowing she had nothing to do that day she decided to dress up like slut for no real reason other then she wouldn't dress like this in public.

She could only do it here. So she wore her cheerleader uniform, a yellow one laced with green, with a wolf as the mascott. The miniskirt came up to the point of, if she bent over her ass would be in plain view, but this is an adjustment she made after she graduated. She wore pigtails again, and 4 inch yellow high heels. Her sparkling blue eyes glimmered. She painted her long sleek fingernails green and put on a ruby red shade of lipstick. Olivia started taking pictures of herself with her phone all around the house uploading them to facebook.

After taking one she looked at herself in the picture, biting the rightside of her lower lip she grinned. She knew she would drive her male "friends" mad. Olivia stilled around the house all day never getting tired of the clicking noise from her shoes that was made on the floor boards. When night fell she sat outside staring at the moon. She yawned after a good hour and couldn't wait to get back to her new bed. She gave herself a sexy strut as she walked she put her right foot almost on the left side of her left foot and vise versa for the other foot.

Her miniskirt swayed back and forth as her ass jutted from one side to the other. She entered her room with the shade only paces behind staring up her skirt. The spirit like fiend greedily eyed her gliding along the floor. She turned around sitting on her bed and caught a glimpse of it, only a glimpse before it's drove at her.

She screamed aloud falling back. The Midnight Shades hands clasped her ankles like iron and spread them wide exposing her thin pink G-string that rode between her lips. It came forward getting it's body between her legs. She cried out in fear as it's hand grabbed the fabric between her breasts, ripping her shirt in half, letting her tits bounce up and down from the force of it and exposing her pink lace bra that was nearly see through. It's hand then lowered to her pussy, slowly rubbing her clit.

She screamed it terror. The hand grabbed her undergarmet and ripped it from her body. Staring into her eyes a long almost moldly looking green and black tongue emerged from the darkness' cloaked face, the tongue was covered in bumps and dripped with a viscous ooze.

The tongue reached down licking between her breasts, it went further, down her her belly, it was cold and smooth, it went further, over her miniskirt, rubbing her cunt with it's tongue. The tongue went under the skirt and entered between her soft, wet, virgin folds. She gave a contorted cry, one of fear and a bit of pain and pleasure.

"please! Help me!" she screamed in almost defeat. She tried to fight what was coming but she couldn't help it when she cried in an orgasm. It's hands ripped off her bra starting to grope her tits. It's long pointed fingernails pinching her nipples. It's tongue dislodged from her pussy and a phallus of shadow formed from it's base. It thrusted inside of the woman. She jerked her body as it stretched her pussy. It violently thrusted back and forth violating the poor girl.

She cried out for help and in pain as it grabbed her nipples with it's incissor like fingernails.


She felt something cold and wet fill her vagina. It pulled out it's sticky member forcing her to the her knees and shoving it into her throat. She choked as it was thrusted in and out over and over. It held her arms pulling them forward and using them to push her back making her force it a blowjob, using her throat for it's pleasure as the length of it's member extended to a full 12 inches.

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It pulled out letting her gasp a breath of air. She looked at it with fear through tear filled eyes that smeared her mascara, running down the sides of her face. Her mouth was wide open letting in breaths of air still gasping then it's big dick was forced back in all the was down and back up again over and over until she felt that same cold wet substance leaking down her throat and trail all the way up her throat as it pulled out it's phallus, the member exploded in the black semen upon emerging from her mouth covering her face.

As much ad Olivia hated to admit it, the black semen tasted good, sweet, yet a little bitter, smooth and full of taste. She actualy started to lick her lips and scrap it from her face eating it.

Her eyes opened wide at the realization of what she was doing. She looked down in shame. The Midnight Shade grabbed her by the hips tossing her belly flat on the bed. It's long tongue emerged licking the back of her thighs and then going between her cheeks. It came forward as deep crimson teeth gleamed in the moonlight. Sharp and in perfect order. It bit into her ass. She screamed at the sharp pain. It tasted her blood reinvigorating it, but it feel of her ass itself on it's teeth alone would have been enough to raise it's member again, it unclentched it's jaws and spread her cheeks shoving it's long tongue into her asshole.

She took a deep breath in unable to control the pleasure from the rough bumpy tongue inside her ass going deeper and deeper.

It pulled out and shoved all the way back in. It repeated it over and over, she moaned wildly, uncontrolably. Finaly she screamed in an orgasm as her ass tighened upand her toes clentched.

She had never had an orgasm to match one such as this. It moved up dragging it's tongue up her back and then wrapped the tongue around her throat as it's hard as rock member penetrated her asshole throbbing.

She gave out a forceful broken moan. Grasping the bedsheets as she tried crawling away, her leg both raising at her sides to her hips ever-tightening her asshole. It's slapped her ass hard. It's raised it's fingernails scratching, not deeply, her back. It's tongue that was wrapped around her throat extended licking her wounds, healing them upon the black ooze of te tongue touching them.

It's ravished her asshole drilling in and out with such forced she gave a half scream every thrust. It's felt the walls of her ass crushing against it's large cock. It loved it, how soft she was, how she struggled, it would have been nice to have a willing slut but this was perfect. It had not had a reasonable subject to rape in years. It's tongue wrapped along her bloody wound on her ass, that too healed.

It finaly ejectulates into her asshole.


It pulled out and twisted her around, shoving it's long tongue into her mouth shoving it in and pulled out. A voice inside of her head spoke.

"One last taste to remember you by invade you decide to leave my company." It backed away and disappeared into the floor.

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She was balled up in the fetile postion til morning came. Then she left and never came back. The Midnight Shade stared out the windows all day and all night like usual. Almost like a meditation, it's version of sleep. It's attention was caught however when a car pulled up.

A young red head got out of the car. She had big thighs that gave a very small wobble and she also had a large ass. Her tits were an acceptable middle C-cup. Her face had few freckles and her hair came to the bottom of her chin. She was also thin. "I can't believe she actualy traded me this beautiful of a house for a only a million dollars. Why, it's so beautiful." She looked a bit like Olivia, a sister with a different father perhaps, the artist she spoke of.

The Midnight Shade smiled. She was endure the same thing Olivia did, it would fuck her senseless and then some with this one though. It liked red heads with buxom bodies. They were nortorious sluts and partiers, at least that's what the old man, Jerrod had told it.