In die strumpfhose kacken

In die strumpfhose kacken
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I watched as his rounded ass bobbed up and down in the waves at the edge of the pool as he was bent over the side of the pool talking to friends.

He was hot, and he knew it. He was 26, about 6ft tall and had a sexy tan, he had short brown hair, spiked from the pool water and bright blue eyes, his tan adding more tone to his gorgeously muscular body. I was on holiday with my parents in Corfu, I was out to them but they weren't comfortable with it at all so I kept myself to myself around them.

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Id spent a good portion of our holiday carefully checking out guys from behind my reflective sunglasses and he was hotter than all of the guys id seen. I watched intensively as he played about in the pool with what I assume were his family, splashing around and laughing through his sexy smile.

He was the type of guy who you could tell from his appearance that he loved working out and loved showing it off even more. Since the first day on the holiday id only ever seen him wear tight pants as he walked around and out of the hotel (This definitely showed off the size of his package!).

Id caught his eye a few times when I didn't have my shades on from the side of the pool and I smiled at him once before quickly deciding it was stupid to hope he was anything but straight.

As he left the pool for the afternoon, dripping wet, flexing his muscles above his head in the sun as his six pack tightened I felt a little disappointed as I feared I might not see him again, and I re-adjusted my now fully erect cock in my shorts which Id been teasing the end of now as I watched him for a good 20 minutes. I decided id been out in the sun long enough and after a few minutes of letting that thing in my pants calm down I headed off to our apartment.


I passed the pool and headed down the side of a block of studio apartments and span left to head up the stairs to our block.

Just as soon as Id started to climb the stairs I heard a whistle of someone trying to grab my attention, I spun round confused as I knew my parents were off out in town, feeling a rush of excitement as I saw the guy standing over the edge of a balcony on the opposite block with a cheeky smile on his face. I was about to ask what he wanted as not to give away my excitement but before I could speak he gently flicked his head back and slightly to the right as to invite me up to his apartment.

This was too good to be true!

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Surely he was gesturing to someone else but as I looked around and saw nobody else in sight I knew it was definitely me he was looking at, and I shot off in the direction of his apartment block.

My hand totally missed his door as he flung it open as I attempted to knock to reveal him stood in a pair of tight red pants, outlining his rather large bulge.

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"H-hi you err-." I stammered, but it didn't matter as I was now locked in a passionate kiss as his hands ran across my back, his muscular arms locked around me, pulling me inside, me kicking the door shut as he pulled me onto the bed. I pulled away from his lips, I was in heaven, he tasted so sweet and I wanted more but I didn't even know who he was.

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"WAIT" I blurted out, "I don't even know your name." He looked mischievously into my eyes and breathed softly "Joe, I've seen you looking at me, you seemed to be enjoying me when I was bent over the edge of that pool earlier" I blushed as I realised I cant have been all that discrete, but I had no chance to ponder on that thought as he pulled me on top of himstraddling his crotch in doing so and pulling me into another strong kiss.

Blood was rushing to my cock as I felt his hard length press against my ass and <word for space between cock and ass> slide back and forth against me. I had no idea how big he was yet, but I think I was right when id guessed he was big, he felt huge beneath me and it seemed to be swelling all the time as he broke the kiss.

I ran my hands over his tough abs, groaning in pure ecstasy as he began to grab my cock through my now tented shorts. I sat up a little, about to move forward to kiss him but as I straightened up and shuffled forward a little, before I knew what was happening I felt soft wet lips followed by the warmth of saliva as he engulfed my cock in his mouth after ripping down my shorts.

I gasped in shock and pleasure, falling forward and slamming my hands down either side of his head which only forced my cock deeper into his mouth which he took with ease, he'd done this before. He groaned deeply as he sucked my cock, the vibrations of his voice massaging my pulsing cock, if he kept this up I might blow my load right down his throat before id had the chance to do anything to him.

I pulled back out of his throat groaning as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand. I looked sat down again on his crotch, pressing my ass against his rock hard cock and swirling my hips around, teasing him against my asshole through his tight pants.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down hard onto his throbbing cock. It felt bigger than ever as moved around feeling the solid end of his cock thickly outweighing the rest of his cock. Id had enough of this play, I wanted his cock.

I slid backwards off his lap and sat between his legs. I admired the way his cock had grown and caused a large thick outline in his pants, just under half of it now poking out of the top of his tight underwear. I quickly got to work, pulling his cock up and teasing the end with the tip of my tongue. His cock stiffened repeatedly, as he let out groans and gasps of pleasure. I forced my head down as quickly as I could, opening my jaw as wide as possible, engulfing three quarters of his meat and tasting his sweet precum in the back of my throat.

I grabbed what I couldn't take with my other hand and pumped up and down, tonguing, sucking and licking like id never taste another cock again. Joe was groaning and sliding his legs around as I went to work on his cock, forcing my head down further with both hands on the back of my head causing me to gag a little.

Id had enough of this oral crap, I took one look at his glistening cock as I lifted my head up and knew that I needed it inside me. I jumped back up on top of him, straddling his length as I did and kissed him, sucking his tounge as I pulled down my shorts, causing my cock to spring out again.

Joe pulled away breathing out his sexiest line yet; "I need to fuck you, so badly" I could feel his throbbing purple cock head against my ass hole, I spat on my fingers and attempted to lube myself up, I knew this was going to hurt. I pushed my ass outward, taking the head straight up my hole and relaxing my ass slowly slid half of his length up inside me. I was in heaven and hell at the same time, this really fucking hurt but I was in pure ecstasy and just wanted more, regardless of the pain.

"You don't have to take it all" he smiled, turning me on even more.


"Fuck that, I want all of you" I gasped forcing my ass down and down thinking id never reach the bottom, my cock now ridiculously hard and leaking precum across his washboard abs. I suddenly felt my ass press against his thighs and his balls against my hole as his cock reached a whole new place inside me. I gasped, fearing I was already nearing orgasm and he hadn't even touched my cock!

"Fuuuuuuck" Joe exclaimed, "how the hell, oh my god that's fucking AMAZING" My breathing was rapid and I panted as I threw my head back, his rock hard pole twisting inside me a little, reminding me of how he was now fully inside me.

He Dug his fingers into my shoulders, his eyes rolling back in his head, mouth wide open as he began to slowly move in and out of my ass.

"Fuck Joe, fuck, oh my god fuck me harder" I groaned as his length was massaged by my tightening asshole.


Joe suddenly sat upright, still inside me as I slid up and down his pole so that we were almost in a hugging position and took the head of my cock into his mouth sucking hard and swallowing the precum that was now oozing from the head of my cock. "Fuck, Yeah" I groaned with each thrust as his cock rammed up my asshole, his lips working on my throbbing head. Joe laid back after a minute, placing his hands on my hips and working my ass up and down on his cock.

Suddenly it felt as if his cock went even deeper into my ass as I rode his huge manhood. "Fuck, FUCK IM GONNA CUM!!" he shouted. I rode him harder than ever as his cock solidified harder than ever and his big balls tightened against my ass. His whole body became rigid, abs tightening and muscles pulsing and he came, load after load of thick creamy cum far up inside my ass.

I suddenly became aware of how hard he was as his cock was pulsing inside of me. I couldn't take it any more, he was too sexy and as he sat up and took my cock into his mouth once again, it pushed me over the edge.

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"Shi-" was all I managed to get out before my balls had tightened and I came right in his mouth. He kept sucking and swallowed every drop of it as I fell sweating and panting on top of him, his big muscly arms embracing me into a tight hug as his cock began to shrink inside of me.