Chad bangs Lauren Phillips in her anal for tickets

Chad bangs Lauren Phillips in her anal for tickets
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Six months have now passed since my last chapter and I am now over sixteen years old. Whether I liked it or not, sex has now well and truly become part of my life. Between my Tuesdays at the MC and my escapades at school, I now had a very active sex life.

Sick-Boy had begun to learn the art of being a tattooist. I was one of his early subjects and now I had various skulls, roses and crosses spread across my neck and left shoulder. Almost every fortnight since he started learning I would have more ink added to my shoulder region.

All after a Tuesday fuck session and prior to the main contingent of bikers arriving back at the clubhouse, that night. I didn't mind as I was a fan of tattoos and liked the extra effort and detail he put into his work. By now joining Sick-Boy and Hammer on Tuesdays was new Prospect (Psycho).

This trio kept me and Shaz satisfied on a weekly basis. The other club members were kept out of the loop of our shenanigans. On Tuesdays I didn't even bother showing up at school and would go straight to the MC in the morning.

Mum didn't know I was skipping school but my grades did. I regularly would leave the clubhouse bowlegged and content with myself.

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Meanwhile back at school, Rusty was now into his final year at school. He was now probably the number one bully and I was starting to be known as the number one slut All of the boys that would challenge Rusty had now left and he was left with no rivals now. Even the teachers knew not to push him too far, so he basically did as he pleased. The sheer size of Rusty and his band of followers probably was too intimidating for them.

For the first part of the year Rusty made me or enticed me into blowing some of his senior friends on Fridays. At first he was grateful and would hug me tightly afterwards in appreciation. By mid-year I was blowing them and their friends on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as Fridays, after school.

The affectionate hugs from Rusty were gone but by now I was receiving money for my efforts instead. He would pay me between twenty to fifty dollars on Fridays, depending how well and how many friends I pleased of his. I was now nothing but his obliging moll. Then he brought in a new scam called "Friday fuck for a fifty." It all went down after school in his parent's bungalow.

I would receive twenty dollars from each senior I spread my legs for and allowed them to fuck me. It began to seem my time after school was no longer mine but my judgment was too clouded to see it. Rusty was a control freak and would parade me around like a trophy.

Around the schoolyard my reputation was growing as the school slut. I was starting to see derogative messages scribbled on toilet block walls mention my name.

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As I was paraded around the yard by Rusty with his friends in tow, whispers felt like knives from the other students. A part of me felt embarrassed but then there was another tiny part of me that enjoyed the attention. Hell I was the top bully's number one moll and this made me feel special. Some of his common actions would be to have an arm around my neck and shoulder, with his hand snaking its way inside my shirt and groping on a breast.

Also another common trait of his was to have a hand down inside the back of my skirt and fingering my anal pucker hole. On a few occasions my knickers elastic broke and my skirt almost undid and fell off. All he would do was smirk and smell his fingers as shocked students would stare and whisper amongst themselves. I would feel embarrassed but learnt to look down at the ground and block the world out.

The way he paraded me around and how I clung to him, made most people believe that I was easy. In turn it led me to have a constant supply of cock and usually of the seven to eight inch variety. It was often dark on Fridays when I would stagger home sore and bowlegged.

At times I was beginning to feel frustrated and I started questioning my wisdom at continuing this charade. Sure I had some money for my effort but was it all worth it? The pain and stiffness and at times humiliation were starting to make me question and second guess my future. Was I safe or could Rusty turn his bullying charms upon me. Would he threaten me if I were to refuse to go along with any of his scams?

In quiet times at home I would daydream about in end plan as I was starting to lose myself respect. My grades were falling apart and I had trouble concentrating on school. All I had on my mind was cock.

Am I going crazy as normal people don't act and do things like I do? Maybe I should mention something to Shaz as she was like my best friend. I tried to put a brave face on around Rusty and his crew but I was beginning to fight a war within myself. Eventually I will say no to Rusty and what his reaction will be? Rusty thought he owned me and could make me jump through hoops. Well that's what he thought anyway.

If he knew of my MC connections he would probably tread more cautiously. All he had to do was overstep the line once and I would definitely mention something to Shaz or one of the club's Prospects.

The day occurred on the last day before the August school holidays. It all went pear shaped after I had been fucked by three of Rusty's friends in his parent's bungalow. I was starting to get dressed again when Rusty walked inside and stood by the door watching me.

He had a smirk on his face and was rubbing his chin. I thought nothing of it as I thought he was going to pay me. "What?" I said puzzled. He walked up to me and squeezed my breasts through my shirt. I put my arms around his back and began to gently hug him as he did this. I could smell weed and beer on his breath.

He started to become a little rougher then usual and squeezed my breasts with a real tight grip. This made me flinch and wriggle in discomfort and I broke my embrace. "Aw stop it, asshole." I protested and slapped his chest repeatedly to move away from him.

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This ticked him off as he tore open my school top. "Fuck what are you doing?" I screamed at him in protest. That's when he raised his right hand and slapped my face hard. The force made me tumble to the ground next to the bed. Tears formed and began to flow as I held a hand to my smarting face. I glared at him in a confused state of mind.

"You disrespectful little bitch." He yelled out and started coming towards me.

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I sensed danger as his eyes were wild and the expression on his face was scary. I tried scrambling away from him but in vain.


Now I was crying and yelling out for help. Rusty clawed out a hand and latched on to my left ankle and pulled me violently towards him. I briefly flew in the air before banging my head on the wooden floor. All I saw were stars and then felt him grab a hold of my skirt and knickers. With one almighty yank I was naked from my waist down. I screamed out as I knew that this wasn't going to end well for me and for what reason I never found out.

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"Shut up." He bellowed at me. I was in sheer terror and tried in vain to scramble as far as possible away from him. I had never seen him in this frame of mind before and it scared me. His anger was that of a rabid animal as he wrenched my arm and picked my small frame up. Then he tossed me like a sack against the wall that made a cracking sound and left a hole. From then I bounced onto the bed. Before I could regain my focus Rusty forced me face down on the bed. He had one palm on my spine pushing me down.

With his other hand he quickly undid his belt and eased his pants off. He whipped me hard along my spine with his belt before wrapping it around my neck. I winced as he slapped across the back of my head.

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"Are you going scream or be a mouse?" He leaned over and asked. I didn't answer and he yanked the belt making my head jolt backwards.

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"Good." He said and spread my legs apart. I was whimpering but I didn't say a word, so he released the belt slightly. I felt him attempt to slide his cock into my already used up pussy and begin fucking me and he did so hard. I normal would enjoy a good shagging but this was not by my choice.

The whole time he plowed into me I was whimpering and crying silently. I was thinking of ways to get back at him if I ever got to tell anyone. All my scenarios led me to the Clubhouse and telling Shaz or one of my biker friends. I was oblivious to time and pain by now, as I found a peaceful place in my mind. My body or my pussy was beginning to let go and enjoy the torment.

By the time he had cum inside me I was in a trance like state and took relief at that fact my ordeal would soon be over. So would my association with Rusty and his scams. But my relief was not quite over just yet. Not until I was made to suck his cock by force one last time. While on my knees and looking up at him with both vengeance and fear in my eyes, he once again brought down a hand but in a fist.


Bang it landed again to the left side of my face. This time the lights went out as I was knocked out unconscious. When I came too I was outside; mostly naked and dumped near the railway tracks.

My torn skirt lay across my head and my bag was next to me. I put my skirt on as best I could and tried to stand up. Dizziness set in and I had to brace myself against a telegraph pole.

The whole left side of my face felt numb and I spat blood out. I then slinked my way home crying and hoped my mother wouldn't beat me home from work.

She didn't and I ran a bath and put ice on my swollen face before going to bed. More next time in… >>>>Jessinta Ch03b