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Athletic studs hardcore threesome fun
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Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery Part 5 By Francis Drake If you like Francis Drake's stories please visit website for more books by Francis.

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Particularly She Shouldn't But She Will. Chapter 19: Megan woke up in Michael's arms. "Good morning, sweetheart," he said, kissing her lightly. "Michael! Good morning," she said sleepily. "What time is it?" "Almost seven." "Gosh! I've got to get back to my room before Amethyst gets there." She kissed him on the lips, and then crawled over him to pull her dress over her head and pick up her sandals.

He groaned as she moved over him, and then laughed as he saw how worried she was that Amethyst might suspect something. "See you downstairs for breakfast," she said, kissing him again before she left his room and quietly made her way back to her own. She messed up the bed, thinking that would fool Amethyst, and got into the shower.

"Good morning, Megan!

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I will put your clothes on the bed," Amethyst called through the bathroom door. "Is there more or less than yesterday?" "You will see when you get out here, but I would wash every part of your body." Megan finished her shower and came out of the bathroom.

She looked at the bed. Amethyst had made it and laid her clothes out. There was a pair of white shorts, white underpants, a leather belt and a white top like the one from the day before. The belt was rolled very tightly.

Megan started to get dressed, starting with the panties which were more like a string bikini than what she usually wore. Then she picked up the shorts. "Oh, these are the ones you showed me upstairs." "No, the ones I showed you upstairs were open six inches on each side and these are only open three inches." "Of course. How could I miss that?" "I detect a bit of sarcasm." Megan laughed. "This top is like the one yesterday, but isn't it a little shorter?" "Yes, just a little.

You have a very nice waistline and you should show more of it. You also have very nice legs." Megan looked in the mirror. "I do have nice legs. Michael seemed to like them last night." "Oh, did he? I'll bet that is not all he liked." "I have said too much already," Megan said happily. "There is one more item on the bed." "I don't see a place for a belt." "A belt? That is not a belt." Megan picked it up and unrolled it. "You're right. It's way too short for a belt. Oh, dear." "Hold your hair up and I will put it on you." "You mean it's a collar?" "You agreed to wear whatever we picked out." "So I did.

Okay, put it on me." "Sit over here and I will brush your hair after I do. You can think of it as a theater necklace." Megan sat and enjoyed her hair being brushed.

Afterward, she looked in the mirror. "What is Alberta going to think?" "Alberta won't care, but what is it going to do to Michael?" "If last night was any indication… Well, you get the point." "Yes, I guess I do." Amethyst giggled and gave Megan a hug. "You might remember, Megan, that when an actual body sleeps in a bed, the sheets are creased as well rumpled." Megan gave Amethyst a startled look, but Amethyst was already on her way out the door. As they reached the bottom of the stairs Amethyst said, "Oh, yes.

We have picked something different for you to wear this afternoon." Megan heard Alberta and Michael talking in the dining room as she and Amethyst approached. Megan stopped and waited for a second. Amethyst said, "You can stand out here all day, but I have to get into the kitchen." "Good morning, beautiful," Michael said as Megan came into the room.

She smiled at him, and Alberta smiled at no one in particular. Breakfast went much the same as the day before except Michael was even more distracted. All he really wanted was to have Megan upstairs in his bedroom, writhing under him in passion.

Down, boy, he thought. After breakfast, Megan took her coffee to the library to skim through the previous day's tapes and notes, and Alberta and Michael retreated to the great room where Alberta continued where she had left off the day before.

*** When we rose, we found Betty in the kitchen making breakfast. As we were eating, and before we told her our plans to learn more about the torture devices, the conversation turned to Betty and her current circumstances.

Allen asked, "How did you end up here at the resort, Betty?" "I prevailed on a float." This got my attention, so I listened as Allen and Betty talked. "What float?" "One of the floats in the wizard's selection parade." "Tell me more." "Once or twice a year the resort selects young girls to work here. There are interviews where girls compete for the chance to be on one of the floats. On each float there are representatives from the resort that evaluate the girls, and one prevails.

The prevailing girls are brought to the resort." "How old are these girls?" "They don't go by age. The girls are interviewed, and if the interviewer approves, they can compete. However, with few exceptions they are generally in their late teens and early twenties." "How old were you?" "I first got on a float when I was 17 but did not prevail until I was 21. I was on six floats." "When do they have these parades?" "There is always one during the festival, which is being held this week, and then sometimes they are scheduled by the resort at other times during the year." "When is the parade this week?" "In three days.

I think you will enjoy it and walking through town during the festival. There is a general feeling of good will and gaiety.

Lots of flowers and music and dancing in the streets, literally. But there really isn't much that's organized except for the day of the parade.

Then people really turn loose! All of the indecent exposure laws are suspended after dark, when most people choose to wear some sort of costume, or not. For instance, there always seem to be several Lady Godivas. Master or mistress and slave is also popular, but the costumes are all very different, usually. Would you like me to show you around?" I jumped in at that and said, "Yes, don't you Allen?" Allen said, "It sounds like fun, but we will have to come up with costumes.

I can pick out mine. You two can surprise me as to what you wear." Allen looked at me and said, "I want to hear more about these floats and what happens to the women on them." Then he asked Betty, "Which float were you on when you prevailed?" "It was the Sandwich float." "You mean sandwiches like we might have for lunch?" I asked.

"Not quite," she chuckled. "There is no food involved." "Tell us about it. Start at the beginning, when the girls get on the float," Allen said. "The float is quite ornate with a shiny brass cage at one end and two ornately carved posts with ropes attached to them near the other end. There are two shorter posts close to the middle and on either side of the float. The float is decorated with fine silks and flowers.

By late afternoon it is ready to go, and taken to the starting line. "The girls are brought to the float wearing cloaks. They are each asked, 'Do you submit to the pleasures and torture of the float for the duration of the parade?' They respond by taking off their cloaks, and presenting their wrists and ankles so that cuffs can be placed on their naked bodies.

They climb onto the float and get into the cage, hearing it lock behind them. The cage is kept locked except for when a girl is getting into it. They remain in the cage until the parade starts. There are usually ten or twelve girls on this float. "While they are waiting, the girls sit quietly or talk with each other. The cage is not very big, so as it fills up some of the girls are forced to stand.

Of course, people are coming by to see what to expect during the parade." "When do the judges show up?" "Oh, they are there before the girls so they can watch them surrender. Then a few minutes before the parade begins, they start the mounting process. A girl is selected and removed from the cage. She is led to one of the short posts and positioned so she faces the center of the float, straddling the post.

The post is a little higher than her knees, with rings near the bottom. There are five locks hanging from the rings and a chain. The girl is held by the arms as she feels her feet positioned on either side of the post and she hears two locks snap shut, securing her ankles.

She is forced to kneel and her wrists are brought behind the post before two more locks snap shut. The chain is pulled tight around her waist and the post. She hears the final lock snap.

She kneels there helplessly as another girl gets the same treatment at the short post on the other side of the float." I broke in, "What about the two tall posts?" "I am getting to them.

A third girl is pulled from the cage. Two men hold her arms and display her naked body to the onlookers, who cheer as the men lead her to the tall posts.

They position her facing the front of the float, so she can glimpse the crowd as they move down the street. The two ropes hanging from the top of the tall posts are attached to her wrist-cuffs and pulled until she is standing on her toes. The ropes on the bottom are attached to her ankle cuffs. They are used to pull her legs wide apart, leaving her stretched and ready to become the middle of the sandwich." Allen and I stared at Betty waiting for what came next.

"Just before the parade starts, six men get on the float wearing leather masks. They are presented with cards and each takes one, which determines his position on the float. Two of them walk to the girl hanging from the tall posts and two walk to the girls at the short posts. The other two sit in padded chairs, one on either side of the float, facing the three helpless girls and four men.

"Don't these girls protest or fight?" "No, not usually. This is one of the nicer floats. "The next thing that happens is that a woman dressed in a fine gown gets on the float with a gold trimmed jar. She puts some of the contents on the butt hole of the girl hanging spread eagle, and checks to see if she needs any lubricant in her slit." I blurted out, "Are they both going to screw her?

Right there in front of everybody?" "Yes, at the same time. One in her love hole and the other in her butt hole.

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The one using her butt whole rubs her breasts keeping her nipples hard, while the other holds her head and kisses her hard. Shortly after the two men start pumping her helpless body she starts to wiggle and squirm. Meanwhile, the two girls locked to the short posts are used to make sure the next two men are ready to take over." I blurted out, "What do you mean? Oh, I see." I smiled wanly at Allen. Allen and Betty chuckled before Betty started again.

"When one of two men sandwiching the girl's helpless body shoots her full of his juice, he moves away to a bowl of water and cleans himself before going to one of the chairs.

A man moves from the chair to one of the girls at the short posts and the man he replaces moves to the sandwich. This continues until the lady on the float determines that the girl being sandwiched has had enough. When she is taken down, one of the girls at a short post replaces her, and a girl is removed from the cage to take her place." Allen asked, "What happens if one of the girls locked to a short post makes the man she is sucking come?" "Usually the men do not want the crowd to know he couldn't hold it, so he holds her head tight to his groin and she knows that after swallowing everything he has for her she must make him hard again.

"After the girls are taken down from the sandwich, they are quite weak, so they are placed in chairs near the back of the float. Their hands are tied behind the chair and a belt is pulled tight across their laps. There is a head rest on the back of the chairs and a strap is pulled around their foreheads to hold their heads up." "How does the woman decide when the girl being sandwiched has had enough?" "Usually it is when she is hanging limp, not moving except for the pumping of the men." I asked, "What happens when there aren't any more girls in the cage?" "The first one is used again.

One parade moved so slowly that some of the girls were used three times. They were so worn out that they had to be carried back to the tall poles, and their weak bodies supported while the men did their job. That was a brutal parade." "How do the men keep it up for hours?" Allen asked.

"I always understood that men in those positions can feel each other inside the woman, adding to the stimulation of the woman herself." I looked at Allen in surprise. He had 'always understood'? When had he ever heard of this kind of sex? I wanted to find out more about that! "The men are chosen for their stamina. However, when the girls at the short posts cannot get one of the men hard, he is replaced." I looked at Allen and said, "I have never heard about anything like this." Allen said, "I would like to hear more about some of the other floats, Betty, but I guess we will see them later in the week, right?" "Yes, but let me tell you a little bit about a few of them.

There is the Rocking Horse float, or as some call it, the 'moan and scream' float. It is called that because the girls on it ride rocking horses with a phallus attached to the saddle that rises and falls as the horse rocks.

It feels so good, that they moan as the rocking starts, and scream when they come." "We have a rocking horse like that at home. Does moan and scream adequately describe it, Alberta?" Allen went to the coffee pot and poured more coffee for us.

I looked at him and smiled. "Do any of the girls ever back out?" "Very seldom because it is a disgrace to the entire family." "Does a girl ever change her mind after she is on the float?" "It is hard to tell, because once the girls take off their cloaks and expose their naked bodies they have committed to sacrifice their bodies to the pleasure of the crowd.

Sometimes the girls resist, trying to influence their chances with the judges. But when they do resist it really does not matter because there are people with the floats who make sure that all who make the commitment meet their fate. Once we agree to ride the float there is nothing we can do to stop what the float or the crowd has in store for us. "The Wizard's Display is for girls who are new to the parade. These girls are selected in the interview process. On this float, the girls are gagged and mounted as decoration.

It is highly unusual that a girl is selected for the resort from this float, but only after they ride this float are they eligible to ride the others. Lots are chosen by the families on the island to see which float their representative can ride.

Then the girl herself declares if she wants to ride in that parade or not. "There is one float I should warn you about. It is the Watch and Wait float. This is one where you are likely to see some of the girls resist, and not just to please the judges.

The girls that ride this float surrender their soft young bodies to sexual but brutal treatment. "A family member brings the girl to a staging area near the starting point several hours before the start of the parade. When they are asked if they submit, it means more. Occasionally girls say no and are dismissed. Others sometimes need prompting by the person who brought them to take off their cloaks.

There is a different feeling watching these girls, knowing that the soft flesh being surrendered will be abused beyond what will happen on any other float. Those who surrender put on a short, very sheer dress that pulls tight just above the breasts and has a belt around the waist. It leaves their shoulders and most of their legs bare. Most of the girls have tears running down their cheeks as collars are placed around their necks and locked.

They all know what kind of treatment will come later that night, but they generally submit willingly as a chain is locked to each of their collars. One end of the chain is locked to the float. They watch the final stages of preparing the float, which includes loading the special restraining devices to which they will be attached later in the parade. Some of the girls hold on to each other for comfort." Allen asked, "Why do the girls gather so early?" "If too many girls decline, more have to be acquired.

They know that like the girls on other floats, once they submit they have no option but to continue." "What happens if they complain and beg?" "Often some of the girls start crying and the other girls try to comfort them. If a girl is making too much noise she is gagged and her hands are bound behind her. But the judges don't like to see a girl gagged before they get to the float. They are looking for girls who submit willingly. They don't mind if a girl struggles as she is being brought out of the cage because it adds to the show.

In fact, on this float it is expected." "What happens to the girls?" "On this float part of the entertainment is having the girl watch helplessly as the device that makes up her fate is assembled.

One of the girls is removed and attached to the front of the cage, where she will have a very good view of the device being assembled for her. If the girl is gagged the gag is removed but the people on the float ignore the girl's begging and crying for leniency.

If she closes her eyes or looks away, her legs are struck with a stick or riding crop. There is one thing all of the devices have in common: they all leave the girls' love holes and butt holes very accessible for penetration." "The girls must hate to get on that float." "No, not really. It is actually one of the best if the goal is to be sent to the resort. On most of the other floats, one girl is picked.

On this float, the judges can pick as many girls as they want. It is possible that all girls on the float could prevail." "Were you ever on that float?" "Yes," Betty chuckled, "I started crying as the first lock snapped shut and did not stop until sometime during the ordeal.

I don't think I passed out but I got lost in the passion and pain to the point where nothing else seemed real. The next thing I knew I was strapped to a chair at the rear of the float, and the people along the parade route where looking at my limp, naked body." "What device did you get?" "We call it the reverse stocks.

I was laid on my back and a wide bar was attached between my ankles, then to a winch. As my ankles were pulled up I felt my shoulders lifted and placed on a small ledge. My neck was moved into the groove and then my wrists were released and placed in their grooves. When the top of the stocks came down, I felt an emptiness deep inside of me as I remembered the parades when I was in the crowd watching other girls mounted as I was during this parade.

"I felt a strap wrapped around my stomach and I pictured it, seeing one end hooked to the float on one side of me, and the other end hooked to the float on the other side. I knew when they finished I would not be able to move, but I just let them do it. When my helpless body felt the strands of the whipping wheel I screamed." "Whipping wheel?" "Yes, this device has a movable wheel that runs on a track over the body.

Leather straps attached to the wheel flick against the body as the wheel moves along the track, getting harder and harder the longer the wheel runs. The wheel started turning and the strands struck my stomach with a stinging feeling. As it slowly moved toward my legs I felt something pushing against my love hole.

One of the men on the float used a handheld device with two phalluses on extensions. One was small and was inserted in my butt hole and another was huge and was inserted in my love hole. Both had thick, heavy ribbing. As he pushed on the handle, the dildos were forced into my orifices with friction that was both irritating and titillating. When he pulled back on the handle, the dildos were pulled from my holes.

As the wheel moved up and down my body, getting progressively harder, the device master manipulated the device faster. "It was not long before I was writhing against my bonds from the building excitement from the pumping between my legs.

Then I felt the wheel working its way up my stomach on its way to my breasts. The crowd cheered as I screamed and begged for it to stop. When I felt the leather straps strike my nipples, my exposed, helpless body started to shake from orgasm.

The pain of the leather strikes on my nipples just made it more intense. I was totally consumed by the sensation as my body got more and more sensitive with each pass of the wheel, and the building and releasing of the passion between my legs. I do not remember being carried back to the chairs, but people watching said I could not stand on my own when they took me down and tied my arms behind me again." I broke in, "You girls get your brains screwed out during this parade." Betty smiled and said, "You could put it that way.

The crowd controls much of what happens in the parade, and it seems to like it better when there is some pain mixed in. The hardest thing to get accustomed to is the total loss of control." Allen said, "And that brings us to the subject of what to do today.

Betty, I can't wait to see this parade, but we first want you to show us more about the devices we have here in the cottage. Alberta will be our model." And that set the tone for the next few days. *** Chapter 20: "Michael, I need to jump out of context now so that the next part of the tale will make sense." "Okay." "I will give you a little background. While Allen and I were at the resort and Elizabeth was at the house alone, something happened that we could not have predicted.

We had all assumed that the wizard was dead or not around for some reason. Actually, so much had happened that we just hadn't thought much about the wizard. Maybe we should have, but I don't know if it would have made any difference in the long run." "Now let me till you what happened to Elizabeth while Allen and I were at the resort." *** Elizabeth was at the house alone.

Edward was gone on a project and would be away for most of the next week, so Elizabeth was feeling pretty lonely and restless. She decided to see what was happening in the village. She went through the time door and to the observation post, watching the villagers doing what they usually did, seeing nothing special.

She was there for an hour or two before going back to the dungeon. As she entered the anteroom she froze. There was a giant of a man standing between her and the door into the house. Where had he come from? She looked at the door into the house and saw that it was closed, as she remembered closing it before going to the cave. Her heart was pounding as she realized there was no escape, either behind her or in front.

What was even more frightening was that the man didn't seem surprised by her presence. He had been expecting her. He spoke in a language she didn't recognize. Finally, she heard something she could recognize. It was the name "Alberta." "I'm not Alberta," she said, pointing to herself and shaking her head. Then he held up both hands, palms facing her as though to say, Wait! I will explain. Elizabeth shook her head again, indicating that she didn't understand.

She was still frozen in place. The man took a deep breath and said very slowly, "You are not Alberta?" Elizabeth pointed to herself once again and said, "I am Elizabeth." He held up one of the books on the desk and pointed at it, then at himself. She moved slowly toward him, and when she got close enough, she realized he was pointing to a picture of the wizard.

She blurted out, "You are the wizard." Happily, he nodded his head. Elizabeth stumbled, as every bit of energy drained from her. She moved to a chair and the wizard rushed to help her, but when she put up her hands for him to stop, he did.

Then she said, "Where did you come from?" "Cave." "You have been in the cave but you came into the house?" He nodded. "Why?" "Home." "You mean you used to live here in this house?" His expression turned sad. "Yes." "What happened?" "Trapped out there." "For how long?" "I do not know, but it has been very long." Elizabeth suddenly realized he was picking up her language very quickly.

How? "Where have you been?" "I have been in the land of the village you were watching." As he slowly and carefully explained how he had been roaming the land, Elizabeth was regaining her composure and noticed again that he was very large. Much bigger than Edward or Allen. Actually, much bigger than any man she had ever seen. When her mind came back to what he was saying, she realized that he was asking about Alberta. Without thinking, she said, "Allen and Alberta have gone to a resort for the week." "Which resort?" "I can't pronounce the name but there is a booklet upstairs." "May I see it?" It suddenly hit Elizabeth that she was talking to a total stranger who could pick up her skinny body like a twig and do with it as he pleased.

There was nowhere to run. She thought for a second and realized that there seemed no need to run, so she said, "Of course. Come upstairs." As they went through the basement the wizard stopped to look at one of the electric lights. "Things have changed a lot." Elizabeth watched him as he looked around, studying what he was seeing.

When they got to the den Elizabeth handed him the resort brochure, and stood back, looking at his enormous size. She judged him to be over six and a half feet tall and about 260 pounds.

It was hard to tell with his robe covering him, but the way the rope was pulled around his middle it looked like he had a slim waist, and there was no mistaking how broad his shoulders were. Then her thoughts were broken. "Oh, I know this place." "You do!" "Yes, it is on an island I used to visit. In fact they had parades in my honor." "What did you do to get that?" He looked proud. "I started the resort. It was very exclusive because very few people could get there and it was very expensive." Elizabeth was amazed that they were carrying on a conversation when just a few minutes before they could not understand each other.

"Why did you start the resort? And by the way, how did you learn my language so quickly?" "I like to help people, and the resort brought in wealth so that the people nearby could trade with others and live better. I am surprised that it is still there. I learned your language as you were speaking to me and to yourself." He acted like it was a small thing and that anyone should be able to do it. "You mean you can read my mind?

That's impossible!" "No, it's easy." He chuckled. Elizabeth decided she would have to think on that for awhile, but only with carefully selected thoughts, just in case. "Did you have anything to do with the village outside the cave?" "No, it was created by a wizard that predates me. He lived when wizards had dragons to help them." "You know they still sacrifice maidens?" "Yes. The belief in the dragon is a major part of their existence. Would you like to visit your friends at the resort?

I would like to see Alberta. Is Edward with them?" "No, he is…" Her head snapped up. "How do you know about Edward? No, don't tell me." she sighed. "How did you know he was not here?" "If he had been, you would have called to him or he would have been with you in the cave. I just seem to know things sometimes." "It may take me a while to get accustomed to that. And yes, I would like to see the resort." "Let's see if that door still works." Elizabeth followed the wizard back down to the dungeon.

As they went through the anteroom, she got an anxious feeling, thinking he could grab her, drag her into the torture chamber and there would be nothing she could do to stop him. Then, as if he knew what she was thinking he said, "I will not do that.

You are safe with me." They went into the time room. Elizabeth watched as the wizard turned the dials and pulled one of the levers on the time door. She looked through the window where they had viewed the cave, but now she didn't recognize what was on the other side.

Her thoughts ran wild. Where was he taking her? He could take her to an unknown land "I won't do that, either." Elizabeth sighed. "Okay, I guess I will trust you. But this mind reading thing has got to stop." She took a deep breath as he looked at her questioningly. "I do have one question. Will we need a torch for the other side?" "It is dark where we come out." "I'll get a flashlight." "A what?" "A flashlight. I'll show you." She went back into the anteroom and returned with two flashlights.

She showed the wizard the on-off switch and handed him one of them. As they went through the door the wizard said, "Stay close." "Don't worry!" She said as she grabbed his robe.


They came out on a hillside. Below them was the resort with its cottages and gleaming white sandy beach, and beyond that lay the town. "This is fantastic! I was just getting used to the village, but I see now that there are wondrous secrets about that time door that we don't know." The wizard said, "It is indeed a very special tool.

Look, Elizabeth. It looks like they are getting ready for a parade. They used to be a lot of fun. Do you want to go?" Elizabeth was beginning to feel comfortable around the wizard and without thinking she said, "Yes, that would be fun.

Maybe we will run into Allen and Alberta." "Yes, maybe we will. We will need to get costumes so that people don't realize that you don't belong here.

I don't know what is going to happen when they see me." Elizabeth said, "There were pictures of a parade in the resort pamphlet. Maybe we could get some ideas for costumes from them." Having found out that the time door would get them to the resort, they returned to the house and talked about going back to the parade.

As they looked at the brochure, Elizabeth pointed to a picture of a person dressed as a wizard. "That looks like you." "That gives me an idea. I will go as a wizard and you can go as a boy carrying my bag. That way you can stay close to me without raising suspicion." "That sounds like a good plan." She furrowed her brow momentarily and shook her head. "I must be out of my mind even talking about this to you, but I really do think it will work." "Elizabeth, you'd better get some sleep if you are going to work today." "Today!" she looked at her watch and saw it was 1:30 AM.

"Yes, I should. What are you going to do today?" "The village is going to sacrifice a maiden soon. I am going to try to find a way to bring her back here without letting the villagers know what happened. It's been a very long time since I did this." "Well, I will see you tomorrow sometime. Will you be alright tonight?" "Yes, Elizabeth. Thank you." With that, she left the dungeon and went to her room. Elizabeth left the next morning without seeing the wizard but wondered all day what he was doing.

After work, she rushed back to the house. For some reason, it did not occur to her to be afraid of the new person (or whatever he was) in her life. She found the wizard asleep on the couch in the den.

She looked at him on the couch that had always looked so big to her, and noticed he seemed to cover it completely. He woke and stretched as she came into the room.

"How was your day?" "Fine, but I could not help but think of what was happening here. How was your day?" "I got a lot done and found that it will be tomorrow when they sacrifice the maiden. Do you want to help me bring her back?" "Oh yes, if I can." "Good.

I will show you everything you need to know in the morning, but tonight I would like you to acquaint me with what has changed since I have been gone. Like, what was that thing you left in this morning?" "You mean the car." "How did you make it go?" Elizabeth made dinner as they chatted.

His questions went on and on. They were up most of the night, talking about the many changes that had taken place since the wizard had last been in the house. The next morning she found the wizard in the kitchen, where he had fixed breakfast for them.

"This is pretty good for your first time in a modern kitchen." Then, like a kid at camp, she asked, "What is on for today?" The wizard looked at her for a second and she got a little uneasy, thinking maybe she had said something that she should not have.

Then he said, "Oh! You mean what are we going to do today. Well, I thought I would show you your part in tonight's rescue. Basically, you are going to calm the maiden down while I convince the villagers that something big and mean has gotten her." "What will we do with her when we get her back here?" "I do not know, but if all goes as planned, her hands will already be tied behind her.

You will gag her, tie her ankles and try to calm her until I get back." "Why would I gag her?" "The maidens who are sacrificed think that whatever is going to get them will kill them in a very unpleasant way.

So they tend to scream a lot, and frankly it gets on my nerves." Elizabeth broke out laughing. "Oh! Well then, a gag sounds like a good idea." "I will get her into the dungeon and onto the floor.

You will get a gag in her mouth and tie her ankles. She will be very scared and will have no idea what is happening. When I get back from the cave, we will bathe her and make her feel as safe as we can. I will stay with her in one of the rooms off of the anteroom for the night. That will remain her room until she does not need it anymore." "What do you mean, 'anymore'?" "I am not sure.

It will depend somewhat on Alberta." "I don't understand." "Well, the maiden cannot go back to the village or anywhere in that world, because they will all think she is dead. If she appears suddenly, it could undermine some of their society's core beliefs. I know you have seen some of what goes on there and from what I understand about this world it must seem very brutal. However, it is a very fragile society and if people start questioning the core beliefs and traditions it could very easily return to chaos." "What about setting her free in this world?" "We may be able to do that, but only in a very controlled way.

If she told people about her previous life they would think she was crazy. Or they might try to get to the time door. The time door must be protected at all costs." "Yes, of course you are right. That is something the four of us have talked about." "Then you understand some of the problems associated with saving these maidens. We can take them to other places through the door, but they have to look like the locals or find some way to fit in." "What would you recommend?" "I don't know.

I don't know enough about how things have changed. The resort and the house are certainly not the same. For that matter, neither is the village or the surrounding area where I have been since the door closed on me." "This really means that we cannot let her out of the dungeon, because she might get away." "That is right. It is strange, but we may not be doing her any favors by saving her. Of course, we can still kill her and throw her body over the cliff in the cave.

But surely it won't come to that." "You're right. This is very difficult. Nobody will know she is here and the only people who know she ever existed will think she is dead. The poor girl." "Don't get too distraught. There are some options that we have not explored on the other side of the door. And don't forget that she is better off, for the time being, with us than with her lifeless body lying at the bottom of the cave." "Yes, I guess she is." Elizabeth was quiet for a few seconds then broached a topic that had been bothering her.

"Changing the subject, there is something that I have been wondering. What made you come back to the cave now?" "I had a feeling that someone was in the house. I had gotten the feeling before and nothing had ever happened.

But this time when I came to the cave, it was obvious that someone had been in the observation room. So I waited, and you came. I was expecting Alberta but anyone opening that door would do." "How do you know Alberta? And why couldn't you open the door?" "I was expecting Alberta because she is mistress of the house. This is something I just 'know.' The door can only be opened with the acceptance of the house.

I was the only one that knew about it. When it closed, the house did not allow it to be opened again by me, and there was no one on this side to open it. So I have been waiting for what has seemed like an eternity for someone--anyone--to open the door." "What did you do when you were locked out?" "Well, at first I could not believe it happened.

I had always been in total control of what went on around me, or so I thought. It did not take me long before I realized that I had a problem.

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No magic! This house is the power and without it I had only my wits to live on. It was hard for me to realize that the house didn't want me back, and at first I was very angry and then very depressed. "It was very hard, but it did not take too long to discover that the more I helped people the more they helped me. Soon, everywhere I went people were seeing to all of my needs. A new kind of magic! All I had to do was roam the countryside being nice.

However, I really missed this house and all that came with it. But I guess it is Alberta's now." The wizard looked a little depressed so Elizabeth decided to change the subject. "You know, I don't know your name." "You would not be able to pronounce my name," he smiled, "so how about Henry?" "I like that.

It is a strong name, befitting a wizard. Okay, Henry, do you think the parade will be today?" "No, Elizabeth, probably tomorrow night. So, we will get the maiden tonight and tomorrow night we will join Alberta." He sat and tapped his index finger against his mouth. "It might be worth checking about the parade sometime today, though.

Did I tell you that the resort used to have a parade in my honor?" She just laughed and patted his hand. After breakfast, they went to the dungeon for Elizabeth's maiden saving training. It turned out that her part was very simple. She was to stand by the door in the time room and wait. As the maiden passed the door, Henry would conjure a flash of light to blind the men and scare them.

Knocking the stick off of the maiden, he would push her through the door where Elizabeth would be standing with a gag to slap in the maiden's mouth before Elizabeth tied her ankles together. She would hold her until he returned. After Elizabeth was comfortable with her task, they went to the resort to check on the parade and confirm that it would be held the next night.

Elizabeth was following Henry around like a schoolgirl, not really thinking about the fact that she had just met him.

On this trip, they stayed and watched some of what was going on at the resort. It looked interesting and made her anxious to hear about the week from Alberta. They went back to the house.

Soon it was time to get the maiden. There was a certain excitement in the thought of capturing a maiden. They sat in the observation room watching her get tied to the post. She was not taking it well, struggling against her bonds and crying. Elizabeth wished she could tell her that they were here and would save her.

Soon, two men were removing her from the post and the third man, with the pole, started pushing her toward the cave. Henry told Elizabeth it was time to go through the door and wait. It was not long before Henry and the maiden came crashing through the door.

Henry laid her on the floor and Elizabeth quickly applied the gag and tied her ankles, then Henry darted back through to the cave. Elizabeth held the maiden in her lap, running her fingers through her hair and speaking to her in the softest voice, trying to assure her that she was safe. Elizabeth thought the maiden was stunned because she just laid there not moving a muscle. When Henry came back, he closed the time door and picked up the maiden.

She was crying but not fighting. Elizabeth followed Henry into the torture chamber wondering what was going to happen. He had not said anything about torturing her. He was speaking to her in that strange language Elizabeth had first heard him use, and whatever he said made her stop crying. When Elizabeth saw the bucket of water, the cloth and soap, she knew what he was up to.

As Henry held the maiden by the upper arms, he told Elizabeth to untie her hands and put cuffs on her wrists and ankles. When she had done that, Henry lifted her arms and attached the wrist cuffs to a chain hanging overhead. They used a spreader bar to separate her legs before they soaped her down and rinsed her clean. Soon, Henry carried her back into the antechamber. She was still gagged but her limbs were not tethered. Henry wrapped a big towel around her and sat her in a chair in front of the fire.

She sat there quietly, waiting for what would come next. She made no attempt to remove the gag. Henry placed a stool in front of her and told Elizabeth to sit on it so that her knees held the maiden's legs together, and to hold her hands. The maiden stared at Elizabeth as Henry removed her gag. The maiden sat quietly as Henry brushed her hair. As Elizabeth held the maiden's hands, she felt her relax.

Henry must have brushed her hair for most of an hour. Much of the time she had her eyes closed, but would occasionally open them and look at Elizabeth. She did not once try to see who was brushing her hair. When Henry finished, he put the brush down and picked up the gag. Elizabeth was still holding her hands and did not feel her resist the least bit. As the gag touched her lips, she opened her mouth, taking it in without hesitation.

Henry stood her and finished drying her before tying her wrists behind her and leading her off to one of the rooms down the hall. He returned saying, "You should go up and get some sleep. I will stay with her tonight and tomorrow night we will go to the parade." "I have to work in town tomorrow but should be home in time." "I will leave your costume on your bed." "See you tomorrow." Elizabeth stopped just as she was leaving the dungeon.

"Henry, you were very kind to her. Thank you for letting me help." "Good night, Elizabeth." *** Chapter 21: Michael sat quietly for a moment and then asked, "Is Henry the wizard?" "Yes, he is. But you would never know it by looking at him, would you?" "No, I thought he was just someone that worked here.

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I won't be able to look at him the same way again." "He knows I am telling you about this, but you need not change the way you and Megan act toward him. It is important that Megan understand all I have told you." As he was mulling over this new information he asked, "Did you and Allen run into them at the parade?" "Yes. I will tell you about that later." "It must have been a surprise to find strangers living in your house when you returned." "Yes it was.

That is all part of what we will talk about after lunch. I will meet you and Megan in the dining room in a few minutes." While Alberta and Michael were finishing the morning's interview, Amethyst went into the library and said to Megan, "It is time to change for lunch.

Shall we go to your room?" "Change for lunch?" "Yes, we picked out more than one outfit for today. We did not want you to get bored." "Yeah, right." "No, really." Megan laughed and squeezed Amethyst's hand. "I did agree to wear what the two of you picked out for me. Just let me finish these notes and then I will be current with what Alberta and Michael are doing." "I will wait for you upstairs." Megan went into her room and came to an abrupt stop as she glanced at the bed.

"I am not going naked!" "No, no. I have a different top here. I just did not put it on the bed." "Oh. You scared me." "Take off your top and I will help you into this one." Amethyst held it up.

"It is just a little less than the one you are wearing now." "I'll say! There is nothing in the back except a strap." "You have a lovely back. You should not be afraid to show it." "It isn't the back I am worried about." "Don't bend over. Except around Michael of course. Play your cards right and you will be walking funny in the morning." "Stop that! Michael is not that kind of guy." Megan smiled at Amethyst.

"But it does sound like fun." "Do you want me to put some toys in his room?" "Toys?" "Yes, you know. Fun stuff." "No, I don't think so." Amethyst shrugged resignedly.

"Okay, if that is what you want." Then she brightened and there was a decided twinkle in her eye. "Oh, yes. There is another change before dinner tonight. Isn't this fun? Now we had better go down for lunch." Alberta and Michael were not in the dining room yet, so Megan went back into the library. She felt the nakedness of her back as she leaned into the chair, and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

It wasn't long before Michael went into the library looking for her. She was reading and he bent over to kiss her. "It is time for lunch." "Would you like to see my new outfit?" "Yes." Megan stood up and turned around slowly. "Do you like it?" "Very much. You really are beautiful." "It makes me feel warm all over to hear you say that." He took her in his arms, kissing her and running his hands up and down her back.

With effort, he bit back a groan. "Do I have to go into lunch dressed like this?" "Only if you want to eat. I will be very disappointed if you don't." He took her hand and led her into the dining room. Megan gasped when she noticed that lunch was being served buffet style. She would have to walk around with most of her body exposed instead of being served while she sat in a chair. Michael just grinned at her, holding up his hands in mock surrender.

"I swear I didn't know!" Megan was blushing over most of her body as she faced the sideboard to serve herself. Shortly after they had started eating, Alberta described a party she and Allen had given shortly after they moved into the house, and how the party might have been different later. Megan was still blushing over her outfit, but that did not stop her from going back to the buffet for small portions of food several times, just to see Michael's reaction.

She was definitely enjoying herself. Alberta stopped telling her story during these episodes, telling Michael to get control of himself. This only added to Megan's fun. After lunch, Megan went to her room with the morning's tape while Michael and Alberta went out to the patio. Alberta said, "Before lunch I told you about how Henry came to be here. Now I want to tell you more about Allen and me at the resort, and about the parade." *** A few days later, after breakfast, we went into the living room of our cottage and started playing with more of the devices.

After several demonstrations and Allen's very special hands-on exploration of how each piece fit and could expose me to his pleasure, we were exhausted. Betty and I were lying on the floor resting while Allen was on the couch. I turned to him and said, "Instead of our picking out our costumes separately, why don't you go as a sheik and we will go as your harem slaves?

You can lead us around on leashes or something." "That's a good idea. This afternoon we can go to the shop and pick out our costumes. If the two of you are going as my slaves, do I get a say in your costumes?" "Of course. We are your slaves, silly!" I giggled. "You mean if I want to tie your wrists together and lead you around by them, I can?" "You can do just about anything you want." This was Betty's response.

"Betty, is there anything that the authorities will not allow?" "The only thing that is discouraged is anything that will draw blood." "You mean I could occasionally hit you with a riding crop or something?" "Yes, that is allowed.

However, you will want to keep faith with your costume and I do not believe that sheiks of old had what we call riding crops." "Right. I will check at the costume shop. Alberta, what do you think of your idea now?

Is it something you still want to do?" "Yes, if you do." "Okay, after we have rested a bit the three of us will go to the costume shop and see what they have." The next thing I knew, Allen was shaking Betty and me saying it was time to get up, and we dragged ourselves off the floor and got dressed. Once at the shop, Allen asked the saleslady if there was a book he could pick costumes from, and she pointed to a book on a stand not far from the counter.

Allen flipped pages, writing down reference numbers. Betty and I watched as he made his selections. For himself, he picked a sheik's costume with a pouch that went over his shoulder and a thin cane hanging from his belt. For us, he picked costumes that had us covered from head to toe, except for our eyes. The top was sheer silk, and had long sleeves, which were very loose.

There was a hood with a veil that buttoned on with very fine buttons. Attached to the bottom of the hood with small buttons were several short veils that came just over our shoulders.

More veils attached to them with small buttons that covered from our shoulders to our waists. Dropping from the waist to our ankles were multiple veils attached to the waistline with buttons about every two inches. Under them was a belt that went low around our hips.

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The belt also had buttons around it, with eight or ten very sheer pieces of silk in the front and the same in the back. This left the side slightly open. While we were modeling our outfits, Allen handed the clerk another list and she fitted us with silk collars and wrist cuffs. Finally, she handed him two pieces of silk rope.

When Allen approved of the costumes, the clerk boxed them and we went back to the cottage. We spent the rest of the day playing with the devices Betty had shown us that morning. I had another session with the tree that night, and the next day we did not do much except rest so that we would be ready for the parade that night.

We decided to get an early start and watch some of the floats being prepared. Allen had said that he wanted to see the girls surrender at the Watch and Wait float. As we were getting ready, Allen handed me a gold chain with clamps on each end that Betty had shown us the day before. The small clamps attached to the nipples. I was somewhat relieved when he told me to put the clamps on Betty, which I did under his watchful eye.

As we left for the parade, I noticed that the fabric hung over Betty's breasts in such a way that it was clear she was wearing the nipple clamps and chain. We arrived at the staging area and found the Watch and Wait float. One girl was already chained to the float. It was just a short time before a man walked up with another girl and presented her to the float representative.

We went closer so we could hear. "So this girl is assigned to this float?" "Yes, here are the papers." The float worker looked at the cloaked girl. "Do you submit to the pleasures and torture of the float for the duration of the parade?" The girl, looking down at the ground, took a deep breath.

She turned and looked at the man she was with. He motioned for her to go ahead. She hesitated a moment, removed her cloak and handed it to the man who was with her.

"Yes I do." She put on the sheer dress and was taken over and locked to the chain. She hugged the girl who was already sitting there and then sat back, knowing there was nothing else to do. Several more girls were led to the float and got the same treatment. Allen turned to Betty and said, "They seem to think that their bodies are not theirs, and that they must surrender to this fate." "Yes, that is true." It was not long before we noticed other girls, submitting to the ordeal, handing over their cloaks to whomever was with them, and being locked into the cages of the various floats.

Somehow, when Betty had told us about it at the cottage it did not seem so real. I had lost track of time when I heard Betty say we had better find a place along the parade route.

Allen said, "First, we had better finish your costumes." I asked, "What do you mean?" "Betty, hold out your hands." "Yes, Master." Allen pulled a piece of the silk rope from his bag and tied her wrists together. He then looked at me, and I surrendered my hands so that they could be tied. Allen held the other end of the ropes and told Betty to lead so that she could find us a good place. We arrived at a spot near the beginning of the parade and Betty said, "We can start here and watch as the floats start out, then later walk toward the end and watch them progress." When the parade began Allen said, "Betty, take off one set of my wife's veils.

Take them from the top and the bottom of her costume and give them to me." "Yes, Master." She bent and released the top veils on the front and back of the skirt, from the buttons holding them together at my ankles. I had forgotten that the veils came off, so I was surprised. But I stood there, just thinking of what this meant for later that evening. Betty removed the veils, folding them and handing each to Allen, who placed them in his bag.

After the first float had passed, Allen told me to remove the top layer of veils from Betty. I said, "Yes, Master," and did just as Betty had done. After the last float passed the starting point, Betty and I were down several sets of veils.

I looked at her. I could not see through to her body yet, and I hoped the same was true of my costume. As we walked along looking at some of the people at the parade, Betty said, "There is a show you might like to see later this evening." Allen asked, "What kind of a show?" "I don't want to tell you too much about it, but I will say it has to do with cages and tying up girls selected from the audience. Tickets are free to guests of the resort." "I'll trust your judgment.

Why don't you go to see if you can get tickets?" Allen untied Betty's hands and she drifted into the crowd. Allen and I continued walking along the parade route very slowly as we watched the girls on the floats being abused in all sorts of ways. Some methods did not seem all that bad except that everything was taken to an extreme. I was just beginning to feel comfortable in that Betty was not around to remove any more of my veils when I heard, "Alberta!" I recognized the voice but I couldn't believe it.

Elizabeth couldn't be here. "You two look like you're having a good time." "Elizabeth! How?" "Let me introduce Henry. He is a wizard." "Look around. So are a lot of people here." "No, that's not what I meant. He is our wizard." "You mean from the book?" This from Allen, who was regarding the large man with Elizabeth somewhat warily.

"Yes, Allen and Alberta let me introduce Henry. I came back to the dungeon from the time room the other day, and there he was, bigger than life.

And that's saying something, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, we will be seeing a lot of him I hope." At that, Allen took a long look at Elizabeth and then at Henry. "You came into the house while Elizabeth was in the time room?" Henry, who had been silent until then said, "Yes.

I'm afraid I frightened her." "Guess what? Henry can read minds, so be careful what you are thinking. We rescued a maiden last night!

Henry was ever so gentle with her. She is back at the house right now, so when you get home we have some planning to do to decide what to do next. This rescue stuff isn't as easy as we might have thought." She stopped to take a breath, as Allen started to chuckle. "We came here through the time door. Henry knows all about it." "I am glad to hear that. We have a lot of questions about many things in the house.


Is the house yours?" Allen waited to hear Henry's answer. He didn't want to believe there would be trouble, but he was preparing for it just in case. Henry smiled ever so slightly. "No, the house is Alberta's. And yours of course, through her. I am just here to help." Allen smiled and held out his hand to Henry, who smiled back and shook it.

The four of us walked slowly, I in tow, and Elizabeth staying very close to Henry. Henry and Allen were talking and seemed to be having a good time, but there was a lot of noise and I could not hear them well, so Elizabeth and I talked to each other.

She told me a little more about meeting Henry. Elizabeth looked at the silk rope a couple of times but did not say anything about it. Shortly, Henry turned and said, "I think I will look around a little more before we go back. I hope you enjoy the parade. We can talk more when you get home." Henry walked off with Elizabeth glued to his side. Just before they got out of earshot, I heard Elizabeth say, "Yes, Henry, I know they used to have this parade in your honor." Allen and I were discussing the ramifications of our new situation, when Betty came back with three tickets to the show.

She handed Allen the tickets and he put them in his bag. Betty then held out her hands to be tied. As Allen tied the rope around one of her wrists, I looked at Betty and noticed that the gold chain between her nipples was very visible. I said, "Allen, look. You can see the chain." "Yes, I see what you mean. I can't see any of you yet, though. Betty before I tie your other wrist, take another veil off of Alberta's top." "Yes, Master." "Allen, people are watching." "Yes, I know.

Betty, take your time. Alberta, raise your arms so Betty can get to the buttons easier." I stood there with my arms in the air as the veil was removed, not knowing how much people would be able to see after Betty did her deed. "Thank you, Betty. Alberta, it looks like you are safe until the next one." Several minutes later, we had passed most of the floats, when Betty said, "Here is the theater." Many girls were sitting on the backs of the floats, having been used thoroughly, but the parade was far from over, and I was sure some of them would be put through their paces again.

By this time, Betty and I were down several more veils and Allen had started having us take them off one at a time instead of in sets. I still could not see through Betty's bottom veils very well. By my count I had one layer more than she did. Looking at some of the other costumes, when the details of our bodies started to show we would still have on more than many others had started with, and there were many people removing what few items they had.

In fact, several people were walking the streets completely naked. However, this was the first time I would have so little on in public, and by now I was embarrassed each and every time a veil was removed.

But it was also exciting watching people watch me. Allen presented the tickets at the theatre, and we were escorted to our seats.

We had not been there long when the house lights blinked and a few more people hurriedly came in and sat down. On the stage was a very large cage, like one a circus might use for a large cat show. On one side stood three men, wearing masks and carrying whips. On the other side was a cage with a large dog with little leather sacks covering its paws. A man appeared center stage and announced, "We need a volunteer. Who will be first?" We looked around at the silent audience.

Then a man pushed the girl he was with to her feet. She was resisting, but after she was forced to her feet she stood up straight and said, "I will volunteer." "Very well, please remove your clothes." I looked at Allen, who was watching very intently as her beautiful body was exposed for examination. As soon as she was unclothed, two men approached her with what looked like a large pet carrier. She climbed in and was carried to the stage.

The audience applauded its support for her. The men at the side of the large enclosure went into it and closed the gate behind them. Then the girl's cage was placed in front of a small gate and latched to the large cage before the door opened.

The cage with the dog was attached to the other. The girl was pulled out by her hair. Her ankles were locked to rings that spread her legs and her hands were tied together with enough rope to let them drop to her sides. Her elbows were pulled around a post and tied together, pushing her breasts out in front of her.

Ropes were placed under her shoulders to hold them up. A leather mask was placed over her head, allowing her to breathe and speak, but not see. One of the men spread some sort of brown paste over her body, but not on her breasts or crotch area. The girl was trying very hard to get loose, and was breathing hard, making her naked breasts rise and fall. Suddenly, the dog was turned loose. It ran to the girl and started licking the brown mixture off of her.

The crowd cheered as the dog went all around the girl, running its rough tongue over her body while it cleaned her and drove her crazy with sensation. The man spread more of the concoction on her, and the dog kept licking.

The girl was first screaming in fear and horror, but very shortly she was squirming and moaning. After several minutes, the man put the brown goo on the girl's breasts. The girl thrashed against her bonds, and the crowd was cheering even louder. Her body was getting red from the activity of the dog. With encouragement from the crowd, the men put the mixture between the girl's legs.

She went wild, as the dog stuck his tongue up into her slit to get at the mixture waiting there for it. She screamed in passion and wilted. While her limp body hung on the posts, the dog was led to its cage and carried off.

After several of these treatments, the girl was wiped off, placed back in the cage and returned to the man who had pushed her to stand. Her limp body was removed from the cage and placed on the floor. There were other "volunteers" after that, and it was surprising how many variations they could produce. We had been in the theater for about an hour when Betty said it might be fun to go back out and see the end of the parade and the fireworks. After we got outside, Allen said, "I think it is time for you to remove three more of Betty's veils." "Yes, Master.

But there is only one on the top." "Take it off anyway. She is going to do the same for you." I took the veils off the lower part of her body first. Betty stood with her arms up while I unbuttoned the veil and handed it to Allen.

There was the chain glistening in the dim light of the street. Now it would catch peoples' eyes. My heart sank as I realized I too was going to be on a crowded street, naked from the hips up. I had never even worn a skimpy bathing suit before. My emotions were running wild as I waited my fate. "Thank you, Alberta. Betty, you can put your arms down." With us in tow, he headed slowly toward the end of the parade. The ordeal on the floats was still in high gear, but now there were spent girls on all of the floats.

I was watching one girl's limp body being carried to the back of one of them when I heard, "Alberta, raise your arms." "Yes, Master." Betty started to unbutton the next veil on the top. I was not sure how many more there were, but I thought there were two. I was sure one would not hide much from the people staring as I was slowly stripped. "Betty, how many more veils does she have?" "One on the top and two in front and back on the bottom." "Take off one more in front and back on the bottom." "Yes, Master." I stood there waiting my fate and watching people turn to watch me.

I felt the buttons release and a blush of embarrassment covered my body. I was sure that anybody who looked carefully would not be denied sight of what they were looking for, and I put my hands in front of my crotch to try to save some dignity. "Thank you, Betty." We arrived at the platform where the girls are selected.

We watched as the girls were removed from the floats and their naked bodies were led or carried onto the platform. At least, most were led or carried, but some were placed in a large cage.

I asked Betty why the girls were being put into the cage and she said, "They will be going to the resort." Allen pulled my silk rope. Betty watched knowing what was coming. "Take off the last two of Betty's veils." Betty said in a pleading voice, "The nipple clamps and chain are bad enough. Do I have to be so exposed, too?" I looked at Allen and he said, "Go ahead." I did so without saying a word and left Betty standing there naked except for her shoulders and arms.

She placed her hands over her crotch. "Alberta, raise your hands over your head. Betty, remove the top veil." I was breathing hard as Betty did as she was commanded.

I was sure the jerky nature of my breathing was jiggling my breasts and giving everybody a show. "Thank you. Alberta, untie Betty's hands. Take this lock and lock her hands behind her. Good," Allen said as he watched me do the deed. Betty sighed, knowing she was defeated. "Now, tie the rope to her collar." I was nervous because I knew Allen had two locks. We watched the fireworks and on the way back to the resort, Allen stopped at the entrance unlocking Betty's hands.

"Betty, take Alberta's last two veils off." "Yes, Master." There were not as many people as when I removed Betty's veils, but there was little comfort in that. "Untie her hands and lock them behind her." I resisted slightly as she pulled my hands away from my crotch and behind me. I heard the lock snap shut. "Now, tie the rope to her wrists." "Yes, Master." "Put your hands behind you." Her lock snapped shut. Allen removed the rope from Betty's collar and tied it to her wrists. "Now, lead on to the cabin.

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I will watch." Allen walked slowly, holding us back to give everybody we passed a good, long look. As we started our walk back, all I could think of was what Allen might do when we got back to the cottage. *** Chapter 22: In the late afternoon, while Alberta and Michael were still in the great room, Amethyst went to get Megan for her afternoon change.

"Amethyst, if you reduce this top much more there will not be enough to cover me." "Don't be silly! There is all that wasted fabric between your breasts, not to mention the fabric that goes around the side a little bit." "What do you mean? That would leave two little rectangles, and that would not be enough." "Oh, of course it would be. Well, as long as you watch what you do." "I didn't think Michael would let you go this far.

I'll bet you are changing the skirt." "That too." "What do you mean 'that too'?" "You will see when we get to your room.

I put your new outfit on the bed before I came to get you. You will find out why you are wearing the collar." When Amethyst opened Megan's door, she laughed as she watched Megan staring at the bed. "Amethyst, there is only a dress and panties." "Yes, Megan, there is." "What is the chain for?" "All in good time. Now take off everything except the collar." Megan did as Amethyst asked and watched her approach with the chain. It was about three feet long and about a quarter of an inch in diameter with a large jewel at one end and a small clip on the other.

"Hold your head back so I can hook this to the clip on your collar." "You are going to make me wear a leash?" "I am sure Michael would not mind if you did not wear it," and she giggled, "But why don't you try it and see how you feel?" With that, Megan heard the clip snap. Amethyst had hooked the chain to the collar, about four inches from the end with the hook.

"Why did you hook it like that?" "You will see. Now your panties." "How did you match them to my skin so well?" "There are a lot of panties upstairs of about any shade you can imagine. Let us get you into your dress." Amethyst handed Megan the dress and Megan stepped into it. Amethyst pulled the hidden zipper up in back while Megan held up the front. Then Amethyst walked around in front of Megan and clipped the end of the chain to the top of the dress.

"There!" she said, standing back and examining her efforts. Looking in the mirror Megan said, "Amethyst, this dress is too short" "It is adjustable.


Just move the chain using the clip on the collar." Megan stood in front of the mirror adjusting the dress, which matched the panties perfectly. It was an inverted V in front, tapered at the waist and with an open back. "I see the catch now to this dress. If I pull it up to cover my breasts then you can see my panties, and if I let it down you can see the sides of my breasts." "There was a longer one upstairs but Michael liked this one better, and so did I" "I'll just bet you two did.

Michael is a wolf in sheep's clothing, the fraud!" Megan adjusted the dress the best she could before turning to Amethyst. "Well, what do you think?" "Maybe a little long." "Real funny." Amethyst giggled.

"You had better stand up straight and watch how you sit down. You don't want to wrinkle the back. Shall we go down?" Megan opened the door and they went downstairs just as Alberta and Michael finished for the afternoon. Michael took Megan's hand and stood back, inspecting her outfit from head to toe. "Amethyst, we did a great job selecting this outfit! Thanks for your help and advice." Alberta snorted a laugh and went past them into the dining room.

"You're welcome, Michael. Megan has a beautiful body, but it's been a challenge to get her to recognize it with the appropriate clothing." "Well, I intend to take on that challenge more myself." He took Megan into his arms and kissed her deeply before leading her into the dining room.

As they sat, Henry started serving dinner. Michael was staring at Megan but said to Alberta, "Alberta, I would like to ask a question about Amethyst, if that is all right?" "Of course it is, but I don't know if I can answer it without jumping ahead in the story. Besides, I don't know the point of my answering while you are distracted by Megan's lovely body." Alberta seemed to be delighted at their reactions to each other.

"While choosing clothes for Megan, Amethyst has been an absolute delight, but she seems almost childlike and innocent." Alberta put down her utensils and leaned back in her chair. Presently she said, "Amethyst had a rough life before we found her. When we discovered her, she was young. We guessed about 13 or 14. We had gone through the door to a land we had not visited before, and literally tripped over her.

Henry picked her up and we looked at each other wondering what we should do next. She was so terrified that she did not move or make a sound. I quickly checked her for injuries, but when I looked into her eyes I froze. When I broke the fixation on her eyes, I told Henry that we needed to take her back with us. She was a mess and looked half-dead. When we got her in the light, I really thought she might die. She was almost starved and had sores all over her. We had to cut her hair off, it was so matted." "What did she do when you got her in the dungeon?" "Henry slowly turned her loose and she just stood there looking around, not moving.

Henry said that we should clean her up, and she looked at him almost as though she understood him, or maybe she was just amazed at the sound he was making. When we finished, she was bald and nothing but skin and bones." "How long did it take for her to get her health?" "Her hair took many months to grow out to where it is now, but the sores and malnutrition took less time.

For awhile, I thought she had a tape warm she ate so much," she chuckled, "and she still puts a lot of food away for a girl her size. "Amethyst is our special person and as such has been protected most of her life here. She has seen very little of the outside world.

She does watch television but she does not seem to relate it to anything, or maybe she just does not care. For years I have been waiting for her to ask to go somewhere, but she never has and we have never talked about it." "It must have been hard on her when she first got here." "I think it was.

After we had cleaned and fed her, she curled up on my lap and hugged me. She would turn loose of my neck only when she was in my lap, but as soon as I tried to put her down, she would hang on for dear life.

She was very light for her height, so for the first day, Henry or I carried her around. I slept with her that night. She stayed close to me or Henry for several weeks and learned our ways very fast." "What about when you and Allen wanted to be alone?" "At first we would have to make sure she was asleep. But it wasn't long before she would play quietly, as long as she was not by herself. Henry was here and she seemed to want to be around him as much as around me.

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After her hair grew out, she would carry her hairbrush around waiting for someone to brush her hair. She was so small that she could curl up in a chair and sleep as well there as anywhere, so she spent the nights in either Henry's room or ours.

She would just follow someone around until bed time." "The way you're talking she sounds more like a pet than a person." "There were times when I had to wonder. There seemed to be nothing we could do to make her want to break away from us. Which, I guess is good, because we really like having her around and I don't know where else she would go." "How long has she been here?" "Eighteen years." "My gosh! That would make her 31 or 32." "Yes. I know she seems much younger.

Remember, there's been no outside influence on her. She acts as she does, and has no reason not to." "What has she done all of these years?" Megan asked.

"Well, we tried to give her what we would considerer a traditional education, and she did very well. She is a good reader and is good in math.

Although she worked very hard at her studies and learned quickly, all she ever was really interested in was playing games." Michael looked at Alberta. "What kind of games?" "Well, at first she liked children's games like hide-and-seek, but she was raised around adults so she quickly got into adult types of games like cards. The training going on in the dungeon also fascinated her. It did not take long before she was spending a great deal of time assisting in the training.

The maidens seem to trust her and she is a good influence." "Training? Is this something from today's tapes?" asked Megan. "Yes. I will catch you up tonight before we go to bed," Michael answered, "if I can keep my hands off of you long enough." He waggled his eyebrows at her across the table.

She blushed and looked down at her plate, but she was laughing, too. "Eventually, of course, her games evolved into much more than hide-and-seek. There was one she really liked." Alberta smiled. "It seems a little silly but we had fun. You may have noticed that she is a sexy little thing." "Yes, I certainly have." Megan broke in, "What do you mean by that?" "Well, not as sexy as you, of course." "Good save, Michael!" Alberta said before she returned to her story. "She has calmed down quite a bit, actually." "That's hard to believe." "Yes, I know what you mean.

This game was developed because we wanted to give her some sexual relief. I called Amethyst in and told her we wanted to play a new type of game. I remember the conversation very well because of Amethyst's reactions. "When I told Amethyst that we wanted to make her part of a new game, one that made her the center of attention, her eyes lit up as only her eyes can.

I have all of this documented and I will give it to you to read through." She picked up her fork and continued eating. After dinner they retired to the library, where Alberta found her journal.

She pointed out the section on Amethyst, and left Michael and Megan to read through it. They snuggled close on the sofa and opened the journal. Michael put his arm around Megan's shoulder and slipped his hand down to fondle a breast. "Michael!" she squeaked, but she didn't move, just snuggled a little closer.

Allen and I had noticed that Amethyst was helping with the maidens more and more in the dungeon, and she certainly noticed that much of the training was sexually oriented. After a particularly graphic training session that week I had seen that she was squirming and touching her breast.

I thought she was frustrated but did not know what to do about it and might not even know how to approach one of us. Allen suggested that we devise a game that would help her. It would involve the rocking horse, since that might seem like a toy to her as opposed to some of the other devices in the dungeon. I took Amethyst aside and asked her if she was interested in a new game.

She asked, "Oh goody, what type of game?" "One where you are the center of the action." Her eyes lit up, "How do we play?" "Allen or I will make a challenge to the other, where your reaction is part of the challenge." She was giggling as she asked, "Like what?" "We have come up with an idea, but we want to ask you first if you are interested." "What is it?" Amethyst could hardly contain herself when I told her, "It has something to do with the rocking horse in the dungeon." She knew what the rocking horse was used for because she had helped tie many a maiden on it.

"Allen has bet me that he can keep you rocking and building toward an orgasm longer than I can." She was quiet for several minutes and I thought maybe I had been wrong. Then, "What do you get if he wins?" "We will go to the resort for a week." "What happens if you win?" "I get to go on his next business trip with him." "Will I be tied to the horse like the maidens? I have never been tied up." "Would you like to be tied to the horse?" I detected a bit of trepidation in her voice as she said, "I think so.

I don't want to fall off." "Would you like to feel what it is like to be tied?" "I think so." "Go to the basement and bring up several pieces of rope, four cuffs, a collar, a gag and a blindfold." She hesitated and then turned and left the room. When she came back I told her to put the restraints on the table. "Should I undress?" "No, that won't be necessary. Just hold your hair up off your neck." I put the collar on her first, then the blindfold over her eyes.

I put a cuff on each wrist and ankle. She stood quietly as I placed the restraints on her. I pulled her wrists behind her and tied the cuffs together, before tying her ankle cuffs together.

I helped her to sit on her ankles so I could tie her wrists to her ankles and around her waist, and I put the gag in place. I told her I would release her when I finished reading. After about ten minutes, I removed the gag. "Well what do you think? It would make the game more fun for Allen and me." "Will I be blindfolded and gagged?" "Blindfolded yes, but not gagged.

You will be blindfolded so you cannot see which one of us is rocking the horse. " "Okay. If you say so, I know it will be alright." "When we are ready to play we will let you know.

Allen and I will flip a coin to see which one goes first. One of us will take a turn one day and the other the next." I looked at Amethyst and she was breathing hard. Having her hands tied behind her made it more noticeable. I removed the ropes and blindfold. She hugged me and asked, "When will we play the game?" "It won't be too long." I peeled her off of me and said, "Now back to your work." She was still wearing the cuffs and collar, and she was all but skipping as she left the room.

I did not say anything about the cuffs and collar and she wore them the rest of the day. I think she might have had second thoughts about the game, because the next day she asked if her part in the game would hurt. I told her I didn't think so, and asked if that would mean that she wouldn't want to play.

She hesitated and said, "No, I still want to play if it will make you and Allen happy." I tried to explain that Allen and I were trying to make her happy. On Saturday afternoon I called for Amethyst and asked, "Are you ready to play the game I mentioned a couple of days ago?" "Oh, yes." Allen, Amethyst and I went to the torture chamber and walked over to the rocking horse.

Amethyst stopped and looked at us. "You should get undressed now." "Oh, yes." While she undressed Allen rocked the horse several times to get the lubricant started. "Is it time for me to get on?" "Yes, get on and let the probe work its way into the hole between your legs.

We will help you." She looked at us with a questioning look but we tied her to the saddle, and her hands to the neck of the horse, before putting the blindfold on her. Allen asked, "Are you all right, Amethyst? You're not in any pain, are you?" "No, Allen. I feel funny, but I don't hurt. Are we going to start now?" Then Allen started the horse rocking. He kept it going fifteen minutes before Amethyst's moans turned into screams of passion and she wilted into my arms.

Allen carried her to a cot in the antechamber and covered her. Allen led me to the stocks and we had our own session in how to inspire passion. The next morning, Amethyst hugged me and thanked me and Allen for thinking of her. She said that now she understood. And she skipped off. Megan and Michael sat quietly for a few minutes pondering what they had just read. It was a bit unsettling, but Amethyst seemed so happy, so who were they to say what was right or wrong for her?

Alberta, Allen and Henry cared for her and would never do anything to hurt Amethyst, so in the end they agreed that it seemed right to trust their judgment.

Before Michael and Megan left the library, he caught Megan up on what Alberta had told him that day. It was a sign of how they were changing that the events at the resort did nothing more than amuse and enlighten them, not shock them.

They left Alberta's journal where she had gotten it, and retired to Michael's room for the night. Particularly She Shouldn't, But She Will.