Teen couple sexy brunette big tits

Teen couple sexy brunette big tits
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CHAPTER 1 ======================================================================= I woke up and I couldn't move. I couldn't see anything either - I was blindfolded. I was physically very uncomfortable as I slowly realized I was stomach down on some kind of flimsy plastic fabric which was spread on what I imaged was sand.

As I became more aware, I realized I didn't have any pant or shirt on. My hands and legs were behind my back, I tried moving them but couldn't. My ankles and wrists were tied together behind my back. I had only an underwear on. The air was thick with moisture and salt, and smelled of candles. My efforts to free myself rustled the flimsy plastic. "Oh good you're awake" The voice was familiar… "M?" M and I had taken some classes together when in college, hung out and done homework.

I hadn't seen her in a long time as she had moved to a different city. "Yes, but you dont get to call me that anymore. I am your goddess from now on, call me Goddess Tangent" l tried laughing it off, but something about her voice made me believe that she meant business. "Did you do this? What did you… How did you… " - "Magic" she teased. I tried to recollect my most recent awake memory. I recollected having got on the bus after work back to downtown where I lived in a tiny rented room, it was Friday evening, it was late, my boss has dumped some work on me at 5pm on a Friday night and I had to stay late.

I finished and was able to catch the 11.35 pm bus. How long ago was that? "I was on the bus, I don't remember anything after, what happened? Where is this? How - " I felt her pushing me and rolling me over onto my back on all my tied limbs with my stomach facing up, this was even more uncomfortable with my body weight on my awkwardly tied limbs. I couldn't see shit - I realized I was helpless as I couldn't move and my front from my face to my knees was vulnerable at her disposal.

"I got into your bus at the Ardmore stop and found you dozing off in your seat like a rock.

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I chloroformed you just in case, got you off the bus at Wissahickon and put you in my truck. We are in my tent now, at a remote rustic site on the beach in Maryland. There's no one around us for miles, we are a few hours away from the city and at least an hour away from human civilization. It's almost morning now, you passed out good with the chloroform." I then felt my underwear sliding down slowly - she was pulling it down, "I then took off all your clothes and tied you up.

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Oh by the way, you look adorable in my pink panties" Panties what? The slow rubbing down of the elastic on my shaft, her mocking and teasing me and her story about how she got me there made me very hard and erect. But she didn't let my shaft stand up free, she stopped sliding it down such that the elastic of her panties kept my shaft pressed down.

My shaft began twitching, wanting to stand free, I heard her laugh, wickedly.

She clearly was enjoying this. "This weekend is your initiation bitch, you'll learn how to shed your other identities and learn to be my slave - a body that is trained to satisfy my every lust and a pet trained to obey me" I laughed weakly again, but I was more trying to negotiate with her - "You're kidding right?

Why are you doing this, what have I done to you?" I then heard noises which sounded like she was looking for something in a bag, and then I felt a cold metal something between my shaft and ball sack, while the panty lining still held my shaft tucked.

"You should've known that I wanted you when all our friends teased you about me, you should've atleast made an effort, but you were stupid and thought of me as your sister?!… How dare you sister-zone me? I will make you cum a hundred times this weekend, I made up my mind a long time ago to break your spirit and make you my obedient bitch, I don't want your love anymore, I want your slavery, if you resist, I will cut your shaft off with the knife in my hand, feed it to you, let you bleed to death, chuck you in the ocean and go home, If you don't want that, shut the fuck up and do what I say, am I clear?" I didn't know what to say or how to react.

I then felt the panty lining ease off and my shaft was free. But only for a few moments as the elastic came back with a snap on the top of my shaft, my whole body twitched wildly.


She laughed an evil maniacal laugh, she had released the lining onto my shaft! "Exactly! Obey and twitch, bitch! Oh, the things I'll do to you and the things I'll make you do!" She sounded excited, serious and wicked. There was something very cruel and animalistic in her voice. I still couldn't get over her making me wear her panties, it was very emasculating but what she did to me with it was very arousing.

I didn't know I could be aroused by what she had done to me in the first place. She continued snapping the panty lining on my erect shaft over and over, it hurt but at the same time, I realized I was extremely helpless, blindfolded, and vulnerably exposed to her and she was having her way with me, and for some reason was turning me on… "Say 'thank you'" she whispered in my ear and let another snap on me, knowing I was in a state of mild shock.

She pulled the lining away and paused for a while, and whispered again in my ear "Say 'thank you' bitch!" I managed to hoarsely moan out a 'thank you' and she let the lining snap at me again "address me as 'Goddess'!

- I am your goddess from now" she pulled the lining and held it "You know what to do" ."Thank you Goddess" I hoarsely moaned and she made the lining snap again on my shaft, harder this time.

"Call me Goddess Tangent," she said as she pulled the lining back and held it again. "Thank you Goddess Tangent," I said anticipating a big snap again, but this time, she pressed my shaft pointing belly button, and let the lining snap on the exposed underside of my shaft.

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I felt her push me on the side and roll me over on my stomach again. My stomach was on the tent floor again, with my hands and legs still tied behind my back, my shaft was tucked pointing up with the underside of the tent floor, and the weight of my stomach on it.

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"Spread out your legs and push out your ass, bitch" she ordered. I tried but didn't get too far in the bizarre position I was in. I then felt her spreading my legs wide with my knees - she pushed it out as wide as my legs would go and this made my stomach press hard on my shaft.

I then felt something cold pressing at my asshole, I realized she was trying to force something in it "Looks like you need help keeping you ass pushed up" it felt like she was forcing in a metal ball getting it in deeper with every push "Your hole is tight! I'll have so much fun with it - by the end of the weekend I'll be using it as my purse!" she laughed wickedly again.


She pushed the metal into my asshole as deep as she could and I realized the metal ball had a rod connected to it that went outside my ass hole. "You know how pets get collars?" she asked and I felt her velcro-ing a collar on to my neck, "You're my pet now, pet what we'll play it by the ear" she laughed and then something locked behind my head and there was a tug on my asshole, every time I moved my neck forward even a bit, the metal thing in my ass-hole would dig deeper.

I was beginning to be fearful about where this weekend would go. She patted my head down and added tension to the thing connecting my neck collar and the hook thing in my ass-hole - "Now you're my pet worm, my pet worm that lives in my panties, my pet panty worm" I heard her take a few steps away, " I want you to crawl to me like a worm would crawl looking for food" I paused not knowing what she meant "Squirm yourself to me on the floor, worm!" she ordered.

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I started slowly squirm-moving to her on the ground and realized what she meant by worm, my squished shaft would literally squirm like a worm, while my stomach squeezed it while held pointing forward by her panty lining. This was humiliating and painful. "Move, worm!" she yelled and I started crawl-squirming my way to her "It hurts, it's hard to do this, I can't see you, take off this blindfold… please I beg you,, please stop this… " I cried out unable to bear the pain on my shaft "Move towards my voice, bitch, and good!

- you'll take the pain for me and I will enjoy watching you suffer - it gives me pure joy to see you in pain - especially caused by me, now squirm to me and lick my boots clean, panty worm!" she commanded.

I began squirm-crawling again, with my foreskin pulling back a little from its normal place on my shaft a little more with every inch forward, my sensitive insides were being exposed by the tent floor. "Follow my voice to know where to squirm to and repeat after me" she ordered: "Tangent is my Goddess," I repeat after her as I squirmed my way to where I heard her voice "I'm her panty worm" I repeated again "I'll squirm to her in her panties " I repeated after her again as I realized I had reached her boots and started licking them, they had a prickly feel to it.

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I also realized they were very high heeled, the pricks surface kinda hurt my tongue, - she did really enjoy making me suffer - after I had got a few licks in, she moved away and - "Until in pain for her I cum" and she stepped away as I heard her move away from a few steps. I slowly understood what she wanted me to do - she kept repeating this "poem" and ordered me to repeat after her as I squirmed around on the tent floor trying to reach her. After what seemed like hours, I was exhausted by the pain and being tied up weirdly and gave up, I could no longer keep my neck up to stop the hook in ass-hole from digging, my neck was sore and I let it fall forward, and the hook came digging in.

"Good, the panty worm's asshole is closer to being my purse" She walked to me and stuck one of her boots in my mouth and "Lick this clean, bitch" she ordered, and then I began licking her boot, some places were more prickly than others and I was afraid that I'd have micro cuts on my tongue.

"Now the other one" and she stuck her other foot in my mouth, after a while of licking, it turned out to be true and I could taste a hint of blood in my mouth. I suddenly realized I was slurping warm water.

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no, some kinda salty fluid off her boots. Before I realized it and stopped I had slurped a whole bunch of it.

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I felt some of the warm liquid on the back of my head - she had started peeing when I was licking her boots clean, "Suck my panty dry, panty worm" she ordered again and I sensed her panties, soaked and heavy, fall to her feet as she stuck both her feet in my face.

"While you suck my soaked panties, I want you to cum on the tent floor" and she started pulling and releasing the cable that connected the hook in my ass to the velcro collar on my neck, and the hook responded to her actions, digging deep and then letting go, over and over, while I was sucking on her wet panties.


I was disgusted with myself, felt deeply humiliated, but I sucked on, for some reason I couldn't resist the urge I felt to please her. This drove me nuts, here I was, after haven't seen her/spoken to her in ages, sucking her warm fresh piss from her panties that she had just dropped to her feet one random Saturday, while she had me blindfolded with my hand and legs tied behind my back and a kinky ass-neck contraption in her tent on a remote beach far from human civilization.

It was just too much for me to take and I didn't know what to think anymore, her ass hook drove me nuts and after a while of squirming around to adjust to the pain from the hook, I had major pain convulsions. I came on her tent floor, I came for a long time. ========================================================================= (to be continued. )