Storys defloration virgins df6org rape

Storys defloration virgins df6org rape
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Fbailey story number 483 I Am The Bug Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield…today I'm the bug. It all started when I got up on Friday.

It was Friday the thirteenth, I knew I should have stayed in bed all day long. But no I had to get up and go to school because I had a big test. I opened the bathroom door to take a piss.

My sister was standing there naked with one foot up on the counter shoving a tampon tube up her pussy. She screamed and I got in trouble.


As I was walking down the hall in school two boys pushed me into the girls bathroom. I knocked a teacher over and landed face first in her crotch. She screamed and I got in trouble. During my big test Betty Jo dropped her pencil and when I leaned over to pick it up for her, she leaned over too, and my hand wound up inside her blouse.

She screamed and I got in trouble. In the Principle's waiting room I was sitting innocently enough with my hands folded in my lap. A girl walked by, stumbled, and sat down hard in my lap. She wasn't wearing any panties and my two thumbs both slipped up inside her moist pussy.

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She screamed and I got in trouble. Even as I walked home with my hands in my pants pockets a girl on a bicycle knocked me down and sat on my face as she fell on me.

She screamed and wanted to have me arrested. Luckily her boyfriend had seen the whole thing. Once I was safely home I just went to my room and stayed there hoping the day would end. It didn't! My best friend Ted sent me an e-mail asking me if what he had heard about me was true or not. I filled him in on a couple of things that he hadn't heard and left it at that. On Monday morning as I approached the front of our school, about a hundred boys were chanting my name.

Over the weekend Ted had passed on my story to everyone that he knew and they in turn had passed it on to everyone that they knew. High school yearbook pictures had been added to my story and it had been on the Internet. Ted handed me a copy of my story.

It read, "In just one day my best friend saw his beautiful eighteen-year-old cheerleader sister naked and shoving a tampon up her pussy. He buried his face in Miss Amour's pussy, the prettiest teacher in our school. He had his hand in Betty Jo McAllister's blouse, she has the biggest tits in our school. He broke Sandy Clement's hymen with his two thumbs, she was the only virgin left in the senior class.

The Mayor's daughter knocked him down and then sat on his face. That is five women in just eight hours and he has only been a freshman for three days now." Apparently today I was NOT the bug.

Everyone knew me on sight, the guys slapped me on my back, and even the girls smiled at me. As I entered my homeroom I got a standing ovation. My homeroom teacher asked, "Did Miss Amour's pussy smell like you had died and gone to heaven?" A girl grabbed my hand and shoved it up under her shirt asking me if her tits felt anything like Betty Jo's tits. A couple of the guys asked me what it felt like to get a girl's cherry.

One girl asked me if I would show her how to insert a tampon. Yet other's asked if I was considering running for Mayor next year. Apparently today I was NOT the bug. At lunchtime my sister tracked me down and said that she would kill me. The whole lunchroom started chanting, "Show us your tampon string. Show us your tampon string." She ran out of there. Miss Amour called me into the Principle's office but he was not in there.

She said, "I'm sorry about Friday. I didn't realize that you had been pushed into me. I'm glad that you didn't get hurt." I replied, "You cushioned my fall." Miss Amour said, "I know, I was there.

I was wondering if you might like to put your face in my crotch for real this time. However, you can't tell anyone about it. Do you understand?" I certainly did understand. She lifted her skirt, lowered her panties, and then she sat down.

I got on my knees between her legs and looked at her wet pussy. It was covered with very short hairs, the slit was fully exposed, and her lips were wide open. My nose caught her odor long before my tongue reached her pussy. When it did her taste overwhelmed her smell. Then I felt the incredibly sooth silkiness of her inner lips as I ran my tongue up them to her engorged clit.

Holding her inner thighs open felt great too. All of my senses were on overload. Her pussy never did get any dryer. I enjoyed my first real taste of pussy and with Miss Amour's help she enjoyed it too.

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She said that I could do more to her, if I could go a whole week without telling anyone about what I had just done to her. She told me to stay right there and then she left. About two minutes later Betty Jo came in. She smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed feeling her up. I explained that I really hadn't felt anything that I had just been reaching for her pencil.

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She shoved my hand up under her blouse and told me to feel her up good and properly. While my hands were under her blouse she unhooked her bra in the back and raised it up to give me better access.


Then she raised her blouse and told me to look at them and suck on them too. Again with her instructions we both enjoyed ourselves. Her huge melons just sat there in my hands like two giant bowls of Jell-O.

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They were soft yet firm, they were almost hot to the touch, and they were everything that a man could want. I kneaded them like Silly Putty, I pulled on her nipples and then let then snap back, and I sucked on her nipples until I gave her an orgasm. She begged me to stop because her nipples were getting too sensitive, then she bitched me out for stopping. She promised me more if I didn't tell anyone. She put her bra back on and adjusted her blouse telling me to stay right there in the Principle's office.

Sandy Clement came in next. She said that I had broken her hymen and that the least she could do was give me her virginity. I told her that I was a virgin too and she smiled saying that I was perfect, that she hadn't given herself to anyone else because she couldn't find a boy in her class that would admit to being a virgin. We both got naked because that was what she wanted, we cleared off the Principle's desk, and then she lay on it on her back.

She pulled me in between her legs and then she pulled my cock into her pussy. I slipped right in without causing her any further pain. We quickly got into a nice slow rhythm for several minutes until I couldn't take it any longer and exploded inside her. We both got dressed but only she left telling me to stay right there in the Principle's office.

The Mayor's daughter stepped into the office with me and said, "I owe you an apology for the other day. It was I that knocked you down and it was I that wound up sitting on your face.

I had no idea until later that your hands were in your pockets. You see riding my bicycle gets me very excited and my boyfriend likes that. He got me a special seat that massages my clit as I peddle. We had been riding for a very long time and I was so excited that as soon as my pussy hit your face I had the biggest orgasm of my life, seriously.

I just finished riding my bike over here if you would like to try it again. You can use your hands and I'll remove my panties this time.

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So it was that I performed oral sex on the Mayor's daughter with everything that I had previously learned from Miss Amour. The Mayor's daughter claimed that I was the best lover that she had ever had. As she left the office she told me to stay right there. My sister then entered and I ran behind the desk. She laughed and said that she no longer wanted to kill me. She said that she was even more popular, thanks to me. Boys that she dated over the past few years were now in college and contacting her to come to their Fraternity parties over the next few weekends.

Then she mentioned the name of the girl in my homeroom that wanted me to teach her how to insert a tampon. She then pulled out a half dozen tampons from her pocketbook, removed her panties and placed one foot up on the Principle's desk. She pulled her tampon out telling me that she had just changed it and that it shouldn't be very bloody. Then she proceeded to teach me how to shove one into her pussy.

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I got to remove and insert the next five just to make sure that I really knew what I was doing. When we were done she told me to stay in the office, and that I wasn't done yet. I couldn't figure out why because all five girls in the e-mail had been in to see me. I smiled as Samantha the girl from my homeroom entered carrying six tampons. She blushed but removed her shoes, her blue jeans, and her panties. I then proceeded to teach her how to insert them but I only let her help me because I was enjoying doing it and she was enjoying having me do it.

She made me promise to help her again if she needed it. I got a great kiss and was told to stay there when she left. The Principle and my mother both entered next. I should point out that the Principle was a woman about my mother's age. Mom said, "Well young man you have had quite a day. What do you have to say for yourself?" I replied, "Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.

On Friday I was the bug but today I'm the windshield." I left them both with confused looks on their faces and headed to my last class of the day. When I walked out of the school with Sandy Clement on one arm and Betty Jo on the other. My sister and Samantha were behind them.

Miss Amore, my mother, and the Principle were behind them. I was escorted right up to the Mayor and his daughter and then I was presented with the key to the city for exemplary service to my community.

The Mayor had no idea what I had done. However, everyone in school kept shouting my name until I got in Mom's car and we drove off with a police escort.


Today I was definitely NOT the bug. The End I Am The Bug 483