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Gypsy by Gail Holmes Gypsy was a girl that most men would give their eyetooth to date but she was a loner. She carried her name well, with her trim figure and lusty long dark hair and her dress sense was admirable, trouble was she didn't appreciate the effect it had on the male population, off the shoulder blouses, flared skirts.

Her mother had died when she was but eight years old, as an only child she'd been brought up by Bernard her father, he was a good man, but had some funny ideas from time to time.

He'd married late in life; now being in his fifties. Gypsy loved him to bits there was nothing she'd not do for him; as a child he took her everywhere, they'd have trips to the seaside, the country and even abroad. She wasn't a tomboy by any means; but she did seem to take to male interests, possibility due to Bernard's influence over the years. It was Gypsy who always took the dog out, he was a reliable friend and she knew she was safe in the house should she be alone, no one argues with a German Shepard.

Gypsy was not really into boys, well not into a heavy relationship, and if she brought them home Bernard would embarrass her in some way or another, She knew he didn't mean it, but it was a trifle uncomfortable from time to time. He'd often asked her boyfriend if his intentions were honourable, needless to say the boy was lost for words, in saying this Gypsy was one of the most fuckable girls in town, the male eyes were not just for her beauty.


I'm not saying she was a virgin, with Gypsy, she could take it or leave it; it wasn't uppermost in her mind so to speak. Okay, she'd enjoyed it! Which in most cases she did, at nineteen she wasn't ready to leave the nest, she'd too much going for her. Bernard was a real ladies man, okay; he never brought a woman home. However, Gypsy understood he was somewhat randy, she'd heard this through the grapevine so to speak.

She knew he'd have to have at least one woman a week, just to keep him going.

Nevertheless, she couldn't hold it against him; he'd been good to her over the years. She remembered two or three weeks back when he was in bed with the flu, he was in a sorry state. He was tossing and turning in his sleep, the bedding had fallen off him as Gypsy had gone into the bedroom. Although asleep, he'd one hell of a hard on; Gypsy knew he must have been dreaming of sex, she'd never seen his cock before, not realising it was so big. In order to help him through his dream she went down on him.

His moans grew even louder as she sucked the magnificent cock that it was; whilst sleeping he held her head and fucked his cock into her mouth.

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Gypsy nearly chocked as he came holding her firmly within his large hands, she barely tasted it, his cock was so deep into her mouth, the majority of it went straight down her throat. Even she herself had become damp, as soon as he'd finished she pulled the bedding straight and tucked him back in before leaving the bedroom.

She did wonder as to what he would think should he have known what she had done should he have woken up suddenly. Bernard was going away for a couple of days; he normally done this at the end of the month, to chill out as he would put it, but Gypsy knew of the real reason.

"I'm going to give the kitchen a spring clean!" She informed Bernard as he left. "You and you're cleaning, nothing gets a chance to get dusty" He chuckled as he got into his car. "Make sure you do a good job I might bring the Queen back with me one of these days!" "That wouldn't surprise me in the least knowing you!" Gypsy laughed.

Gypsy had taken a bath after she'd finished the kitchen, but had missed her mini shower for her hair; with no one around she put on her night shirt as she called it, in reality it was a short housecoat, and went down to the one of the kitchen cupboards where she'd assumed it to be. She was on her hands and knees with her head deep in the cupboard, when she sensed something at her rear, turning she saw Bruce the German Shepard.

"You don't think I'm a bitch on heat do you Bruce!" She chuckled to herself, and then put her head back into the cupboard. The abruptness took her by complete surprise, Bruce had climbed up with his forelegs around her waist, and there was nothing Gypsy could do, as he was too heavy to wriggle away from him.

It was but moments until his cock found her pussy, as soon as he sensed he was in the right spot he started fucking at a tremendous rate, Gypsy couldn't believe as to what was happening to her. It wasn't as if she wasn't enjoying it as she was, his cock felt like a huge cucumber, unlike any man; he didn't give her chance to catch her breath. It didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm, Bruce never faltered in his pace. It was almost as if he sensed that he was doing wrong, and needed to get his enjoyment before she was told to get off of her.

Never would she have thought he'd be able to continue at such swiftness, she bowed her head as he took her yet through another orgasm, she was thankful she was in the house alone, with the noise she knew she must be making she'd have woken the dead. Suddenly she was aware of a swelling along Bruce's cock, and then she remembered this happens to a dog when he's having sex, this is how they get stuck together.

She just hoped it wouldn't happen to her, she'd been told of this at school and that the human female was built different inside. She just hoped that they'd been right. The bulge was creating even more feelings; it was like a man having his helmet half way down his cock.

Bruce stopped for moments but it was only to get himself into a more comfortable position. Gypsy, sensed the extra depth he'd got by doing this, again she went into orgasm, Bruce was fucking her like tomorrow would never come, his paws were making Gypsy's waist sore his grip was so hard. Abruptly he went into turbo, Gypsy banged her head inside the cupboard he was being so aggressive.

The swelling in his cock seemed to be moving forward, as if some inner force was propelling it. Gypsy then sensed the warm feeling deep inside as he blew his load, immediately she contracted her inner pussy muscles, as if to grip his cock.

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Bruce edged forward licking Gypsy's neck, as if to thank her for her consideration. Thankfully for Gypsy Bruce didn't lock into her. As she managed to stand she looked down at him. Well you are a turn up for the books aren't you, who would have thought?" She reached down patting him on the head. "You've certainly left your mark!" Gypsy reached between her legs cum had already started to seep from her pussy.

"I suppose I'd better take another bath now?" She smiled toward him. Bruce followed her up the stairs into the bathroom, and watched as she showered her pussy hopefully to wash herself clean; as she stepped out of the bath Bruce immediately pushed his nose between her legs again.

"Oh no, you've had you're enjoyment for today, you'd better consider yourself lucky, thankfully Dad wasn't home!" Gypsy couldn't believe as to what she was saying to him, feeling herself to be some kind of slut, letting herself be fucked by a dog.

However, she had enjoyed it, he'd given her at least ten minutes. It was much better than her toys. "Next time we'll have to do it in the comfort of my bedroom, and look at these claw marks!" Gypsy studied the marks he'd left around her waist. Bruce followed her around for the rest of the day, never leaving her side. At bedtime he jumped up on the bottom of the bed. "You'd better not think you can do this when Dad gets home, he'll never allow you in the bedrooms!" Gypsy informed him, reaching down stroking him on the nose.

Bruce watched as she picked up her book and started reading. She looked up from time to time as Bruce made noises in the back of his throat. "Be quiet Bruce you're making me lose my place!" Bruce just wagged his tail, thumping it onto the bed, watching as she went back to her book.

Gypsy ignored his panting and concentrated on her book fully, it was when she pulled one leg up the bed that Bruce slowly made his move, he crawled up the bed on all fours, the sight of her pussy again had really got to his nose.

Gypsy hadn't noticed his movement until his long tongue licked her pussy; the sensation was out of this world. She dropped her book without dreaming of saving her place.

Each time he licked his tongue seemed to go deep inside her then catching her clitoris on the way out of her. Pushing her hands down on the bedding she gripped hard.

"I thought you dogs only had sex once in a blue moon Bruce?" She stated looking down at him. Bruce wagged his tail, but never faltered in his licking motion its sensation bringing Gypsy into orgasm straight away. She lay still for what seemed hours, his tongue was almost licking her insides dry. Gypsy knew she had to give his rightful deserves, she eased him back down the bed then turned kneeling on the bed, but this time wrapping a nearby towel around her waist.

Bruce didn't want asking twice he was up and into her like a rocket from hell. He was so different to a man, with a man she'd the helmet to contend with at the start, but with Bruce his cock was pointed, there was no holding him back. As before he started fucking her at an incredible rate; so much so that Gypsy had to bury her face into the pillow to drown her squeals, his cock wasn't thick but she certainly knew it was there.

His paws seemed to add to her yearning for sex, with the towel around her it was like a man squeezing her. Bruce was literally pulling himself up into her with the grip of his paws on her waist.

This type of fucking really appealed to Gypsy; men would start plunging into a girl; but never keep up the rhythm; Bruce was real dynamite, she felt his every stroke as if his cock was a thickened wedge, the swelling within his shaft had already started, this was new to her, it was almost as if his cum was just waiting for release building up until he'd a full load to pump into her. Bruce's head was on her back she could sense his heavy breathing as the warmth spread around her neck.

She was going in and out of orgasm, almost as if it might go out of fashion. He was one hell of a lover, Gypsy could take this all night, and she'd not moved a muscle as he was doing all the work, never wavering in his momentum, with his physical exertion he was literally pushing her up the bed, but Gypsy hung in there, holding her rear up to him, never had she been fucked like this, he was better than any man she'd had.

Even Bruce was now making noises almost to show her of his own gratification. Gypsy lost her breath for moments, only to go back into another orgasm, by the time she was reviving from this Bruce was downloading deep inside her; the feeling was sensational it seemed more this time, much more. Again she needed the bathroom, this time she'd hardly manage to get to the shower before it started bubbling out of her. Bruce was completely shattered when she went back to the bedroom he was sprawled out full length of the bed.

"Tired out now are we?" Gypsy bent down kissing him on the nose, Bruce just wagged his tail and closed his eyes. There was just enough room for her to get into bed, she knew she couldn't turn him off the bed, his performance had thrilled her beyond all means, he if anyone deserved his rest.

Both slept soundly that night, in fact it was Bruce who was first up, licking Gypsy's nose as if to tell her it was time for his walk. He made no effort to snuggle in beside her, his need for a wee must have been to close. It was quite late in the afternoon when Bernard arrived back home; Gypsy had just taken a shower when he called up the stairs, quickly dressing and made back down to the lounge.

"Whatever is wrong Dad?" Gypsy asked as she sat down in the armchair. "I have a problem, I don't know if you'd be willing to help me out?" "You know I'd do anything Dad! How can I help you, you seem a little disgruntled" "I don't mean to be, you remember when I was ill a few weeks back.

You took it upon yourself to relieve sexual my tension with a blowjob!" "I thought you we're asleep, or I'd have never have done it!" she was surprised that now he'd come out with now, it had seemed so long ago. "The point is that you did, and if I might say so, you did a very hansom job of it, I can't think as to where you got the no-how to do such a good job, it was outstanding, never would I have considered you so proficient at it" "To be quite honest, it was my first attempt at it, I only practised what I'd been told by girlfriends, I didn't consider that I was that good?" "Well you drain me for a few hours; that I can tell you!" "Why are you bringing this up now; is that what you want?" "No, it's not that!

How are you in bed? It's not for me I ask?" "Dad, what are you saying, how do you mean you're not asking for yourself?" She wasn't sure; as to it being not he that wanted to bed her. "I've made a fool of myself, I'm sure you can remember Ronnie Stokes, I think you know his daughter?" "Yes I do, but what are you driving at, come to the point Dad!" "Well Ronnie caught me in bed with her, and now she is saying it was rape?" "Was it?" "Of course not, I've bedded her many times!" "So what's the problem then?" "Well the truth of it is that unless I can get you to let him bed you, he's going to press charges!" Gypsy was stuck for words at his request to let him have his way with her was unspeakable; Ronnie Stokes was an appalling man, fat, ugly and dirty.

Ok Julie his daughter she'd known from school days. "What does Julie think of this?" I quizzed. "She in agreement with him, she can't say that she approved of me taking her to bed, as she'd be in dead trouble, and he can be an violent man so I hear, not toward me, her!" "Dad you know I'd do anything for you, but isn't there another way, he's an atrocious man.

The thought of him touching me makes me feel like heaving up!" "I can understand as to how you feel sweetheart, but I have no option in the matter, he's real mad, wanted to get the police involved there and then! I've taken the liberty of asking him around at ten tonight" "We could have talked about it first?" "Will you do it…I've never asked you for anything before?" "I seem to have little say in the matter, I'll have to switch the light out in the room, there is no way I want to see the brute of a man!

Does Julie know about this?" "Yes I'm afraid so, she thinks it's a way out?" "I hope you don't mind but I've told him he can stay the night?" "Not in my bed I hope!" "It'll be alright, if you're going to have the lights out, you'll be able to think of someone else, he has to be at work at 6 am, so you'll not even have to see him then?" "Dad, I've never spent the night in bed with a man.

It will have to be in you're bed, there's not room in my own!" Gypsy could see by the look on his face that he was in agreement with the idea.

"One thing I must ask is that he wears something as I'm not on the pill?" "Can't you go for the morning after pill in the morning?" "I wouldn't humiliate myself by doing that! It's that or not at all?" "Okay, I think I'll be able to help out there!" Gypsy was tucked up in bed by 9.30, she did here the knock on the door, and it sent shudders through my body at the thought of him.

It was sometime before he came to my room, she could hear him and Bernard arguing downstairs, their voices were pitched but she I couldn't understand a word with her head under the duvet.

"You fucked my daughter without any protection, I intend to do the same with yours!" Ronnie blurted out. "For Christ's sake man she's on the pill!" "And how did you know that, you never even bothered to ask, just dipped you fucking wick with no bother of the circumstances.

"Well for God's sake make it look as if you're putting one on. I doubt if she'd know anyway!" Bernard commented. Ronnie opened the bedroom door wide as he entered the room allowing him to get his bearings as to where the bed was from the light in the hallway, then closed it behind him as he walked across the room sitting on the bed.

He'd fancied Gypsy for a long time, he'd known his daughter was fucking her father and this gave way to him making a scene, then suggesting to him as to fucking his own daughter as compensation, but he never realised that he'd get away with it. "Hope you're not asleep my girl; the nights young yet!" He implied pushing his hand under the duvet.

His hand went straight up between her legs; the abruptness of it took Gypsy by complete surprise. The warmness of her body went straight to his mind; pulsations had already started within his groin. Ronnie had not had a fuck since he could remember; his wife wouldn't even share the same bed with him. At the best he could only wank himself stupid, and often he'd thought of Gypsy at that time; but now it was for real, even his wife wouldn't know, he intended to fuck her silly.

"How could I sleep with that racket going on down stairs?" Gypsy replied.

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By this time Ronnie was in bed beside her, he reached over taking her hand drawing it across the bed to his rampant cock, Gypsy felt repulsed by its clamminess. "There, that's a man sized one, not like the whippersnappers that you've more than likely had in the past, tonight you're in for a real fucking my girl, and with your Dad in the next room.

He moved across over her body leaning over her breasts taking them into his mouth. "My you taste sweet, you've bathed especially for me?" He questioned. Gypsy ignored his remark; it's a pity he not washed before he'd got into bed with her she thought! Slowly he moved down her body, licking his way toward her pussy, leaving a trail of saliva as he went the repugnant smell of sweat seeping up under the duvet filling her nostrils.

He'd now her pussy engulfed with his mouth, Gypsy wouldn't have like to admit it but he was doing a magnificent job, his beard was rough, however it seemed to make his efforts more tantalising, his tongue probed around her clit. The only reason she'd showered was that Bruce had left her with a fine load, she only wished now she hadn't, she would have loved Ronnie to have a mouthful of his sticky cum. Gypsy gripped at the sheet on the bed as he forced fingers up her, she said fingers as she knew it had to be more than two.

He was virtually eating her alive now, with that and his finger she went straight into orgasm. Bernard standing outside the door couldn't believe his own hearing; he knew she wasn't moaning for pain, it could only be for gratification, he couldn't believe his daughter could be so slutty.

Ronnie could hear her moans, his intention was not to get her to wet, he'd wanted to feel her when he pushed his cock up her, his cock ached at the thought. Gypsy couldn't help herself she reached down taking his head into her hands. Ronnie came back up the bed on top of her.

Now for some real cock my young beauty!" His hand went down between them, gripping his cock firmly. Gypsy gasped as she sensed it forcing her pussy lips apart, but she was nowhere near ready for the gigantic thrust as he forced himself violently up her. "There my beauty, not had one this size before of that I do know!" He leaned down kissing her abruptly on the lips.

He knew this wasn't rape but it sure did feel like it, she dug her feet into the bed pushing herself up the bed off his throbbing cock, but he was to quick for her. "Oh no you don't! Didn't I say you were going to get a good fucking, well I meant it?" Ronnie placed his hands under her armpits pulling himself deeply into her. Gypsy felt as if she was almost being split in two, if only she'd have had the sense to leave Bruce's seed inside her it wouldn't have bothered her, it was gooey enough to lubricate anything.

Ronnie was still gripping her under the shoulders as he propelled his cock deep inside. "Your one hell of a tight fuck young lady, I only hope my daughter was the same for your old man, still he never complained, hopefully she as good as you!" "My father is not old!!" Gypsy stammered between his aggressive trusting.

"To old to be fucking my daughter though!" Ronnie grunted without losing momentum. Gypsy never answered him; she was more concerned with the continual banging at her cervix. The man was an animal; he'd no consideration for her at all. Even Bruce wasn't as bad as this and he could fuck at a tremendous speed. Gradually she succumbed to his thrusts, it almost seemed as if he'd realised he was hurting her, now his movements we're not so forceful, well at least he wasn't going into her so deeply.

"See you're enjoying it now, little bit of roughage is good for you, and we've hours to go yet!" She felt more relaxed now, and actually working with him, his grip on her shoulders had now become more comfortable, his cock felt gigantic against Bruce's; still his was pointed and without the large helmet, and it always went in easily. Gypsy couldn't believe how quickly she went into orgasm with him, never had she done this with a man before, considering the roughness of the man in more ways than one, she was actually enjoying him apart from the smell.

Ronnie had never had a fuck like her, he was soon to blow, but he wouldn't take rest that night, he wanted to fuck her till he left in the morning, he'd get good mileage out of her if it was the last thing he did, he didn't consider he'd get a second chance. The likelihood of him catching his daughter at it again was very slim, of that he was sure. His roughness was a real turn on she couldn't comprehend as to why, perhaps he was something out of the normal so to speak, orgasms were coming ten fold, she couldn't hold them back.

Ronnie suddenly increased his momentum; she knew he was about to cum; readying herself, she eased her legs up under his arms thinking that his last trust would be deep, she wanted to feel it when the condom filled with his seed. The movement of her legs wasn't unnoticed, Ronnie start fucking her hard, this would be the first young pussy he'd blown up in years, he knew he'd fill her to the brim, his hands went under her shoulders once more readying himself for that final plunge.

Gypsy sensed his cock pulse, his seed was on its way, she relaxed spreading her legs wide, willing him to go deep. Ronnie obliged willingly; even he sensed his cock thickening as he started to blow. Gypsy squealed as she felt the gush, it splashed heavily against her upper pussy walls, as Ronnie had considered, he'd cum buckets, and he had. Gypsy could only assume with the swelling it was that condom filling. He collapsed over her his energy gone, Gypsy tried to push him to one side, to remove herself from the stench of his sweat.

He lifted himself onto one elbow. "Were not finished yet my beauty, let him rest then we'll continue. We'll leave him where he is at present, no need to waist a good condom is it?" "You can't use it twice, we both know that I'm sure?" "Twice…to fuck with that; it'll stay in there till I'm good and done, you'll not be getting much sleep tonight young lady, perhaps you'll be grateful for it when John Thomas has finished with you!" Gypsy knew she have no say in the matter, the quicker she could wear him out the sooner he'd be finished, at least he'd be the one in the mess and not her.

In less than ten minutes he was up and running again, this time it seemed much easier; almost as if she'd flooded her passageway with her own juices, he seemed to be fucking her with much more ease, even though she still sensed his hugeness.

Even Bernard was getting hornie as he listened from outside the bedroom door. He just hoped Ronnie's daughter was worth it; still he didn't know for sure as to whether Gypsy was enjoying him or not, it certainly sounded as if she was. Ronnie was in his glory, not only did he know she was unprotected; however, he himself was very potent in that region, although it was thought that he'd but one child being Julie his daughter, he had in fact eight children, mainly due to his playing around over the years.

At one stage he'd but to hang his underpants on the bottom of a woman's bed and she'd be bound to become pregnant. The thought of wearing a condom didn't appeal to him one bit, the longer he managed to keep his cum inside her the happier he'd be. Once again Gypsy was on a high, this time it nearly made her blackout the orgasm was so forceful, Ronnie sensed the gratitude of her nails digging into his back, but this just spurred him on, he fucked her even harder if that was possible.

At one stage she just seemed to hang limp under him where her orgasm had drain her. When this happened Ronnie just plough into her, hitting bottom as often as he could, knowing she couldn't rebel, before much longer he was reaching orgasm himself, he just hope it would be as powerful as his first, he was adamant as to getting as much spunk up her as he could, whilst she still considered he was wearing one of those bloody condoms.

Gypsy was just coming out of a large orgasm as he started to cum once more, again he went deep, forcing the remnant of his last load back deep inside her. With his currant download Gypsy sensed the inner pressure as it built up, again, he'd done himself proud.

Nevertheless, the effort had drained him somewhat, but true to his belief he kept his cock within her, okay this time he eased it back, allowing his seed room to settle, not wanting it to try and force itself back along his shaft.

Again Gypsy sensed that the build up of pressure was because of the filling that the condom was getting. Even she was glad of the rest this time, the trouble was when Ronnie was in this state, her mind went back to the dirty degenerate that he was, and the smell was getting to her. If it wasn't for the fact that he was so repulsive as he was, she would have suggested that she took a turn on top; not that she'd done this before, but she knew it was excepted.

Nevertheless, should she have mentioned it to Ronnie he'd never have agreed to it, for fear of losing any of his build up of cum, he wanted her jam packed by the time he'd finished with her, even then he'd not take it out until he was good and ready. He only wished he'd have asked Bernard to come into the room and watch his daughter being fucked, still that might have made him fuck her even harder.

"I could do with a pee!" Gypsy questioned, hoping for some relief on her pussy. "I'm sure you did that before you came to bed, you'll have to suffer it until I'm finished, anyway it should make the sensations even more delightful with a full bladder!" Ronnie sniggered; the last thing he'd have wanted was for her to go to the bathroom and lose half of his efforts.

In all, he fucked her six times; even he himself admired his own stamina, the time was coming up toward 4.45 am, however by now Gypsy herself was more than shattered by the amount of orgasms she'd had. "Is it possible that you could remove yourself now, I really do need to sleep?" Gypsy implied, with the hope of getting into a comfortable position away from him.

"I'm sure I've more than paid for my fathers guilt?" "Not yet young lady tonight is the first of many!" He replied knowing only to well that he'd lied, but perhaps, just maybe there'd be a chance of another session with her, she really was a delightfully tight fuck, even with six loads of cum up her.

"You have to be joking Gypsy replied, knowing only to well that she'd enjoyed every minute of it, even though she felt bloated with the amount of cum within the condom. "You just rest your weary head my dear, sleep if you may, but we'll stay like this until I'm ready to leave!" She knew she'd no chance, she'd just have try and sleep with his cock jammed fully up her, even though it had shrunk in size it still more than filled her, she just hope the condom wouldn't come off as he withdrew.

Before long she was in another world, Ronnie still pumped his cock, every now and again it would start to transform, but it's firmness had left him.

At 5 am he finally withdrew from her, but in saying that he had had one more stab at her, only really gentle this time for fear of waking her, slowly he withdrew allowing her pussy to contract when he finally cleared from her, she was oblivious to his movement; she was miles to tired, now being in a very deep sleep.

He reached over her manipulating her pussy, it was extremely puffy, which was only natural under the circumstances, he'd fucked her for at least six hours or more, and not wasting a drop from her pussy. Bernard adorned with a tray and two cups of tea awaked her later that next morning. I hope you're all right sweetheart?" Gypsy awoke turning toward her father with a smile, the thought that she was now on her own, well at least her pussy was please for her, now finally being devoid of the huge cock.

"Hi Dad, well at least you're of the hook now, she turn onto one elbow to face him properly. "I hope it wasn't to much of a turmoil for you sweetheart, I do owe you now?" "You owe me nothing Dad, I done it for you" Her pussy felt mighty sore by now, and as she sat up her pussy belched and spewed cum over the bedding beneath her. "Jesus Christ, he wasn't wearing a bloody condom…its no wonder he'd not wanted to pullout. Dad I'm in shit, with the amount he pumped into me I can only assume the worst!

It must have been accumulating inside me for hours" Bernard looked at her with sorrowful eyes. "I gave him the condoms, I was sure he'd have used them!" "Well it was obvious that he didn't, he must have filled me to the brim. The bastard, he knew I wasn't on the pill! If I'd have known that I'd have gone straight to the bathroom and flushed myself out! It was obvious to me now as to why he would not pull out of me, assuring that I was plugged for the duration.

"Could you not do that now?" Bernard was as worried as she herself was. Gypsy knew by the amount of time that his seed was pressured up inside her the flush wouldn't help, she'd to work her dates out, she prayed to God, he'd not got her pregnant, God, fancy having an off spring of such a monster.

Still, Julie was a nice girl she couldn't help him being her father she considered. "Go and do it now love, at least give yourself a chance, but don't worry I'll stick beside you, if the worse could happen!" Even nude she didn't mind Bernard seeing her naked, they both knew of her need.

Gypsy got straight up from the bed heading for the bathroom. She stepped into the bath adjusted the shower then took its head off and pushed the pipe up into her pussy. The feeling was good, but she was sure that most of the remnants she'd lost in the bed as she'd sat up earlier.

Gypsy was gutted, all through the following day she sensed seepage into her panties, it was obvious that the shower had not cleared every globule. As she walked home she bumped into Julie, Ronnie's daughter.

Gypsy was aware that she knew of her fathers visit, however, they got to talking of family life, both had been the only child. Julie stated that she'd have wished for a brother or sister, but considering that her mother had gone off him, telling Gypsy that they still both slept in single beds.

The thought that she could well be carrying Julie's stepbrother or sister didn't appeal to her one iota; there was no way that she could inform Julie of his cunning method with her.

She knew that his idea of getting her pregnant, and from her leakage throughout the day he could have well achieved his goal. She hadn't even gone to the family planning clinic as Bernard had suggested. "Well how has you're day been then; I hope you're feeling better now?" Bernard said with a smile, but he could see that Gypsy was far from pleased.

"It's been one of those days Dad, I've been leaking all day, I've had to place tissue into my panties it was that constant throughout the day, I should have realised and taken some clean ones into work with me. Friends had told Gypsy that if she were fucked afterwards, then any new semen would kill the semen that was already in her.

She knew that Dad was going out that evening, so she decided to bring Bruce up to her bedroom, and let him take her. It could solve the problem, she hadn't realised that some of Bruce's cum could have already been within her; he did fuck her deeply. Bruce climbed the stairs in leaps and bounds he knew exactly what his mistress wanted, and he was more than up for it. As soon as Gypsy got into the bedroom she undressed and lay on the bed on her back, she did this for a change, Bruce had always taken her from the rear, this was that she'd more control of his movements, needless to say he wasn't bothered.

Once he'd place his paws at the sides of her waist; she lifted her legs up under her chest, Bruce had soon located her pussy and started to plough into her straight away. After Ronnie's huge cock this was some kind of relief, she could restrict his depth by locking her knees against his ribcage, every now and again because of his glossy coat, he'd slip through her grip, he'd plunge deeply into her, adding to the pain she'd experienced from the night before.

At one stage he by chance popped out of her pussy, then went straight into her back passage, this jolted her concentration, still the filling was good, with his pointed cock it when in easily, trouble was that her back passageway was build different to her pussy, it didn't have a gland that secreted juices. She felt the swell along his cock and readied herself as she had done before, he packed a fair portion and she felt the difference, she knew that he was going harder into her, it was more than likely the tightness, the feeling was excellent, it made a nice change.

The swelling along his shaft she'd felt before it was the telltale note that he was about to explode in her. This was going to me a completely different ball game.

She heard of this before, and she was willing to sense the difference. Bruce's paws we're now gripping her waist tightly, she knew download was eminent. Then it came, literally buckets of it, it came in spurts. Gypsy went straight into orgasm, she couldn't help herself, when she came to Bruce had collapsed over her, his breath although not pleasant, it was nothing like Ronnie's the night before.

Then came the shock, Bruce lift himself, turning he leapt backwards over her. His cock was locked, and if she might have added quite painful. If her father had have been there he'd have more than likely thrown a bucket of water over the pair of them .

Gypsy knew the only thing was to wait until his cock shrivelled back to normal; the trouble was he kept trying to pull himself off her; it was relatively painful!

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After about twenty minutes his cock had diminished sufficiently to be withdrawn. Trouble was Gypsy needed another cum load up her pussy to, kill any form of cum that was left from Ronnie. She got up and went to the shower cleaning herself, Bruce's load never really came out, because of it's sticky substance it always seemed to leak slowly as it had to be warmed before it would dilute enough to seep on it's own.

Gypsy hurriedly threw her housecoat over her shoulders and went back downstairs watching television until Bernard came back home. "You didn't have to wait up sweetheart!" Gypsy had not considered that she had, but a thought came into her mind, her father had never brought her blowjob up before, she knew he'd more than likely fancied a younger female, Julie, was a prime example, she consider that he might fill her pussy, killing any chance of Ronnie's seed being left up inside her, still if more alien cum filled her the better chance of killing the offending seed, he was the man to do it!

"Like a nightcap sweetheart?" He asked smiling down to her. "Love a hot chocolate Dad; with added cream!" "Thought cream was the last thing you'd have wanted?" He chuckled, was he left the lounge? It was then that an idea came to her, if she could get Bernard to fuck her, this would suffice, he'd enjoyed her blowjob, and perhaps now he could repay his debt! "There we go sweetheart, one hot chocolate with a nice head of cream, just what the doctor ordered. I know I've said it before, but thanks for last night, I know it must have been harrowing for you.

However, tell me one thing?" He looked at her sitting not to ladylike in her housecoat. "Fire away Dad!" "I noticed that you we're doing quite a bit of moaning, did you enjoy him?" Gypsy knew only to well she couldn't disclose to him the truth of it, yes she had but it was just the dirtiness of him that wound her up, and his aggressiveness, she still couldn't make out why she wasn't split in two.

"I was just trying to make him finish sooner, I thought if I moaned he'd consider that I was enjoying him. The last thing I'd have considered was that he was going to be in me all night!" Bernard picked up his cup with a smile. "I didn't think he could have been that good. By the way you do realise that the way your sitting is the quickest way to turn a man on don't you?" "I be a fool not to, that's why I'm doing it, thought you'd not noticed.

You've had my friend Julie so I know you like the younger woman!" Gypsy said no more but just watched his eyes. She knew only to well that she was going to be in luck; any other father would have told her to close her legs. Her pussy was almost burning with desire, his eyes we're glued under her housecoat. She lifted her feet up in front of herself onto the settee, and then spread them widely exposing her full pussy toward him.

She hadn't anticipated that it was also an opening for Bruce to come looking. "There now look what you've done, even the bloody dog is turned on. Are you telling me that you want me…especially after the hammering you received last night?" Gypsy pushed Bruce to one side as she spoke.

"Are you saying you're going to refuse me then! Thought you liked the younger ones, going by Julie she's just a bit younger than myself?" "I am you're father!" "You never grumbled about the blowjob, and now I'm offering you the real thing!" "Right you're on, it'll have to be my bed mind?" Gypsy never answered him, standing she placed her cup down and left the room, turning to smile when she reached the lounge door.

"Three different cocks on the same day, not a lot of girls can acclaim to having that," She thought as she got back in to her fathers bed. She heard Bernard go into the bathroom; she assumed that he was freshening up for her. Coming into the bedroom he pulled the duvet back examining her body, leaving her naked as he undressed; she then moved to one side as he lowered himself onto the bed beside her.

"Christ, I never thought the day would come that I'd be lying beside you my girl especially at this age!" Gypsy reached across taking his cock into her hand, rubbing it gently within he fingers, he lie back with his head on the pillow with his eyes closed. He gave a low moan when she took it into her mouth. She didn't want him to touch her pussy it was still juiced up from Bruce; she never could wash herself clean after he'd been in her. Bernard's cock soon thickened, it didn't seem as long as Ronnie's but it sure did seem fatter.

"Whatever is wrong with that dam dog?" Bernard questioned hearing Bruce wincing outside the bedroom door. He'd not known that Gypsy was also his for the taking. "He'll shut up soon I'll expect!" Gypsy lifted herself over her father and adjusted her pussy just above him.


If Julie could take it then so should she. She sank down very slowly, with the remnants of Bruce's seed it went in quite easily; however, she didn't want Bernard to realised that she was getting plenty, or at least now she thought she would between him and Bruce.

"God, you're likened to a silk purse, he opened his eyes reaching up taking her pert breasts into his cupped hands. One thing I am sure of is that Ronnie would have enjoyed you!" Gypsy rode above him running fingers over his mouth. "Schuss! Don't lets talk of him, I hope I never see him again!" Bernard tried to lift as to push his cock further up her, but Gypsy wanted to take him in small pushes, his cock felt nice and thick, she wanted it a little bit at a time.

"Don't be greedy now, I'm in the chair, you'll have more when I allow it!" Gypsy smiled down to him, she loved to tease. Bernard lie beneath her looking down between her open legs, watching as his cock gradually disappeared within her, even at this slow pace she was an excellent fuck.

Reaching down he tweaked her clit, just enough to give her pleasure, but not over doing it. Once she was satisfied that she engulfed his complete organ she sat momentary, smiling down at him. "Feel good?" she asked, knowing only to well that it must be by the way his cock was throbbing.

"Just lift for a couple of minutes, let me give you pleasure that I'm sure you'll enjoy!" He father assured her. Gypsy lifted very slowly; not to sure of her father's meaning, but she was assured that his intention was not to hurt her. Without more ado he started fucking her in swift upward movements, his speed was not that far out from Bruce's, Gypsy threw her head back, the sensation was over powering, with his thickness she felt more than full, due to this, she also felt every ripple along his shaft.

Bruce was getting more than agitated outside the bedroom door; he'd heard the noises she was making before, he turned his head pointing it under his belly, licking his proud cock, which by now had come out of its sheath. The furiousness of her orgasm threw her forwards over Bernard; she only just managed to throw her hands out stopping her collapsing completely on top of him. Still he continued fucking her; she lent onto her elbows taking her weight off him, this was new to her, never had she been fucked in this manner, wondering as to where he was getting his energy from, sweat was poring from his brow from his vigour.

"Rest awhile!" Gypsy said lowering her body. "Let me take over now?" "Any chance of sorting that dam dog out?" Bernard said with a smile. "He's putting me right off!" Gypsy eased herself off his cock swinging her legs to the floor. "I'd better let him in, he'll only continue downstairs with his racket" Bruce went straight to her pussy as Gypsy opened the bedroom door. She took his head into her hands easing him away from her then headed back toward the bed.

Bruce jumped straight up beside her as she climbed over her father once more. "Get him off the bed you'll have hairs everywhere!" Bernard managed to say before he was taken up with her pleasure again. "He'll be okay, he often sleeps with me when you're away" Gypsy leaned over him kissing him on the lips. "Anyway I feel more secure when he's in here with me!" He layback letting Gypsy do the work, it had been a long time since her a woman fucked him, and what's more he was enjoying it.

"I don't believe it!" He father stammered. Gypsy knew only to well as to what was happening as she herself was enjoying it. But before she could attempt to answer him; Bruce was up over her backside, he soon found the aperture in her backside.

Gypsy let out a loud gasp, as he entered her, not one but two cocks now. "For God's sake Gypsy, your letting him do it!" "Quite Dad, he's as much right to take enjoyment from me as you yourself have. He's part of the family she answered with a hint of mischievousness in her voice.

He father knew he couldn't complain as if any one was in the wrong it was him, Gypsy now let him fuck her at his own speed whilst Bruce was ploughing into her firebox, even Bernard sensed Bruce's swiftness along his own cock, if anything it was stimulating him. The only thing that worried Gypsy was the chance that Bruce would get locked inside her at the finish again.

However, at this moment this was the least of her worries her enjoyment was at it's highest, orgasm came and went, with Bruce's cock being so lubricant there was nothing but pleasure from them both and with the extra friction on Bernard's cock from Bruce he was near to cumming.

"Christ this is dam good!" Bernard now started to increase his momentum, but his pace couldn't keep up with Bruce's rhythm. Gypsy's fingers were locked into the bedding, her orgasms now most violent, she knew soon she was about to be filled in both cavities with both of her lovers exerting themselves to the limit, she didn't know whom would blow first she just hung in there with her eyes closed waiting, with heavy breathing from in front and behind her it would be anyones guess who'd be first.

Whether it was the tightness of her back passageway or not she couldn't say but Bruce was first; he excelled himself, whether or not it was because Bernard was also fucking her, and that he'd been excepted by them both for his lovemaking Gypsy wasn't to sure, but she sensed every drop as he blew his load up her arse.

Father followed suit with another enormous load up her pussy. Gypsy collapsed down beside her father as Bruce withdrew from her. It didn't bother Bernard as to the mess she'd be in; his bedding didn't matter to him at this stage.

He sat up beside her leaning over and kissing her on the lips. "So this wasn't you're first time with Bruce then?" he managed to ask when Gypsy had let go of her hold on his neck.

"Does it bother you Dad?" "It's you're pleasure sweetheart, I must admit though it's a first for me, I've never partnered with a dog!" As Bernard spoke he looked down at Bruce who was lying at the bottom of the bed wagging his tail, knowing they were speaking of him. "Perhaps we should take in a lodger now?" He questioned.

Gypsy smiled. "No, I think your both enough for me to contend with!" "I didn't mean for sex! After this it is with hope that you'll share my bed, your bedroom will now be vacant? At least now I won't have to go out looking for it!" Gypsy sat up on the bed and smiled at him. "You sound as if you mean that, if someone came to live here they'd soon know I was you're daughter and then what would they think?" "Pity that, I think we could have enjoyed each other!" "Without a lodger we still can.

Anyway I have to go to the bathroom, or I'll be leaking all over the bedding before very much longer!" Gypsy swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood. "I take it that you want me to sleep in here tonight then?" "Sounds good to me, I must warn you though; I always wake up with a perpetual hard on, you'll have to be ready for that?" "I think I should be alright, it's not as if I've not had him before is it?" "I can only agree with you there; but I have to tell you he's much fatter in the morning, after a good nights sleep!" Gypsy smiled at his remark.

"Then you'll have to make sure that I'm good and ready for him wont you?" She grinned as she left the room. "So how long have you been fucking her then?" Bruce looked up to his master wagging his tail. "Bit of a tall order sharing my daughter with you, I wonder what would have happen should I have been on top?" "You talking to yourself?" Gypsy questioned as she came back into the bedroom, she reached back over her shoulders pulling her hair back and placing a band on it.

"I was just trying to find out how long Bruce here has been having his wicked way with you. It's no wonder you don't have a boyfriend.

Does he serve you well?" As well as can be expected, I'm not complaining, he's apt to be a mite rough from time to time!" Gypsy reached down stroking his nose, "I'm sure he enjoys it anyway" Bernard pulled the duvet across the bed allowing her to get in.

"You're alright for an early start in the morning I hope?" "What time do you call early?" Gypsy snuggled into the bed, pulling the duvet over her. "I have to be at work at 6 am!" "Well I'll not be coming with you!" Gypsy grinned as she turned to switch the bedside lamp off. "I know that; I meant that I intend to have you before I go to work that's all!" "At that time it will be fine, just make sure you don't wake me!" Bernard turned to face her his arm going around her waist then gradually sliding up cupping her breast into his hand.

"I could get used to this!" Gypsy chuckled. It was quarter to five when Bernard awoke, he'd forgotten that Gypsy was in bed with him, but his cock reassured him of its needs. Gently he prised her legs open and eased her onto her back, her inner pussy felt warm as he slipped a finger up inside her it. Gypsy gave out a low moan as his finger started to work soothingly in and out of her.

He father took up his cock into his free hand; even to him it felt gigantic. He knew he'd have to be gentle with her if he was going to be able to get this each morning.

He moved down the bed between her legs, he could smell the aroma of her pussy before he'd actually got to it, once there his mouth went straight over it, the pungent fragrance went straight up into to his nostrils.

He sensed his cock lurched, as if it wanted to be first; but he knew he'd some opening up to do first. Gypsy squirmed beneath him as he re-entered his fingers, her moistness was a real turn on for him, and he'd not had sex in the morning since he didn't know when.

To him it was the best time for him; his cock was always rampant at this time of day, he just hoped it wouldn't be too much for her, at present she still slept, which was as he'd wanted, he wanted to get in her before she had a chance to wake, if he could be gentle enough she might not even do that, even though she was gyrating her hips in time with his finger movements.

Once he'd considered her damp enough he climbed up over her taking his cock into his hand then lowered his hips. His cock nestled between her pussy lips; he rubbed it gently up and down the tight fissure as to collect some of her own juices.

He leaned on his cock lightly the pressure was immense, he eased back withdrawing from her then back again, continuing to do this, slowly but surely his cock made headway. Gypsy was moaning lightly but still in a deep sleep.

He wondered who in her dream was fucking her. The sensation once fully in overwhelmed him, he wedged his elbows each side of her, assuring no weight went onto her body then he started to fuck her in gentle but meaningful stokes. Soon, very soon she went into orgasm, he never increased his pace just fucked her gently through it, the sensation of her inner pussy muscles contracting as she went through the orgasm was breathtaking; her moans intensified his own pleasure, he wanted to fuck her at a faster pace, but the fear of her waking unsettled him.

He turned looking back at the bedroom door; Bruce had also heard her moaning, and was sniffing under the door and scrapping the mat outside. Bernard knew he'd have to let him in before he woke the whole neighbourhood, leisurely he pulled his cock from her and made for the door. Bruce dived in the door as soon as it was opened, then up onto the bed, it was lucky that he never woke Gypsy with his hast. He looked back at Bernard as he climbed back onto the bed, he'd not bothered to pull the duvet back over him as the room was fairly warm.

Gypsy moaned as she sensed the cock being gently pushed back up inside her. Bernard couldn't remember such a delightful fuck, she was so tight, he could only put it down to her age, and lack of experience in sex.

Gypsy could have been awake with the effort she was putting into her repose to his cock; Bernard was now ploughing into her, as she'd now become very moist with little or no resistance with her inner muscle grip.

Her moans were enough to turn any man on, Bruce couldn't take anymore of her noises, and his cock was fully out at this stage. Bernard stopped abruptly as he felt Bruce at his rear, then he clambered over his backside. Bernard winched as he felt Bruce's cock enter his anus, he knew only to well the last thing he could do was to scold the dog, for fear of waking Gypsy. After moments he'd got quite used to Bruce's tempo, matching his own with it.

Gypsy was thrusting up to meet the pair of them as Bruce's movements aided her fathers. Bernard knew he was not to far away from cumming, with the dogs cock up his own arse he could but sense the inner feelings of his daughter.

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To Bernard's surprise Bruce came first, the inner swelling in his back passage knocked Bernard for six, he couldn't believe that the dog would have had so much blow, then he realised as to how tight his arse must have been to him, with him being a virgin in that area so to speak.

Bruce lifted himself off Bernard and lay beside him panting, whilst Bernard carried on with his own thrusting, time was getting on he knew he'd have to finish soon. Pumping harder he soon brought himself to finalise his efforts, he blew buckets, it even took him by surprise, but the sensation was good, he held himself deep for a few minutes making sure she got his last drop before he pulled from her, he didn't want to leave a mess in the bed.

Bruce was still lying on the bed when Gypsy awoke; she sat up rubbing her eyes. "What are you doing here I though I'd left you in my room" She chuckled thinking that he'd got his own way in the end from her fathers demands. Slowly she swung her legs off the bed onto the floor, undone her hair and shaking her head from side to side allowing it to fall over her shoulders then headed for the bathroom; Bruce was on the floor beside her as she walked. She wondered as to why she'd not heard her father leave, and felt somewhat gutted because he'd told her she was on a promise in the morning.

After her wash she went back to her own bedroom putting on clean underwear then got fully dressed, she knew she'd to do the shopping first thing. It was almost as if they'd both collectively thought it was time to release; Gypsy was in the supermarket whilst her father was up a ladder cleaning windows, but both felt the suddenness of the dampness, Bernard thought he'd shit himself, whilst Gypsy just smiled knowing that her father had kept his promise.