Zuerst Sie ausziehen und dann ficken wir

Zuerst Sie ausziehen und dann ficken wir
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I've known for a long time that one of my wife's biggest and best turn-ons is having her ass rubbed. With that in mind, I share this story. One evening while on vacation in Florida, we decided to stop into a local pub by the motel we were staying at.

It was really crowded.

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I mean wall to wall people, it was difficult to get to the bar to order a drink. We finally made our way to the bar, it was packed.


As we tried to get the bartender's attention, a gentleman said here you go, I'm on my way out. So my wife slipped right up to the bar and I was able to squeeze in but it was tight. We ordered and were talking about our trip, there were three guys to the right of my wife talking and a couple to my right that were talking. We all introduced ourselves and commented on how great this was.


It was kind of funny, after a few minutes we were all back in our little groups and just talking. We ordered a second round and as we're waiting my wife whispers in my ear that the guy behind her keeps brushing up against he ass. Not thinking anything about it, I said go ahead and let him play and when she gets good and hot that I would take her back to our room for some hot and heavy sex. She looked at me kind of funny and said she needed to go the powder room. She was gone just a few minutes and when she got back I said "that was fast!" She said that she just needed to take her panties off because she wanted to enjoy this playful evening.

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Man, I knew that if this guy was going to keep rubbing her ass, I was going to get laid tonight. It wasn't long before he started to brush up against her again and my wife just arched her back, making her round little ass push up against this guys hand.

He got the hint right away. As he slowly caressed her ass and she started squirming, she was pretending to ignore him and was loving up on me. It didn't take long, my wife was getting really turned on.

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Now this guys buddies caught on and were right there making sure none of the other people were seeing anything. And I think they were playing with her ass as well. My wife, a very sexy middle aged woman all of a sudden had a very surprised look on her face, I asked if she was alright? She smiled and leaned forward and whispered that the guy had his dick out and slid it between here legs. I said to just relax and enjoy the sensation and excitement of it all.

This was going to be an interesting night. I had always wanted to see my get fucked by another man and this just might be my lucky day. The look on my wife's face was priceless. She also kept wiggling and playing around and then it happened.


He slid into her. it was as if the whole room stood still and she was in heaven. I couldn't see the guys dick, but it must have been better than average. Oh, she was enjoying this! Well, she was really getting into this public sex activity. Her eyes were telling a great story, I could tell this guy had slipped his hard dick up into my wife's pussy. I don't think she was expecting that and neither was I.

But she was really enjoying this, I could see his hands on her hips, dress hiked up and having his way with my wife. He was sliding in and out of her very gently as not to draw attention. What a turn-on ! Here my wife was getting fucked right in front of me and all the people at this crowed pub. He kept fucking her for at least ten minutes before he let her go.

I could tell he had a long orgasm and filled my wife's pussy with lots of cum.

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I was wondering if his buddies were going to have a turn as well, but… She said we have to go right now. I thought for sure she was going to be mad at me for allowing this to happen. As we walked back to our room there was no talking at all.

We got to the room, I unlocked the door and when we closed the door, she turned into a wild woman wanting me to fuck her hard.

The clothes were just ripped off. As we were loving up on one another, I kept telling her how hot she was and turned on it made me knowing a stranger just had his way with her. I asked if it felt good and told her she appeared to really enjoy our little adventure.

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She was soooo turned on and I kept getting her hotter and hotter, nibbling on her neck and working my down to her breasts, her belly and yes.

I when for the creampie as well.

Now that was a first for me. A very wet pussy and oozing cum, in fact I don't know that I EVER filled my wife's pussy with that much cum. It was an interesting experience for me, never having tasted cum before.

It wasn't bad, it was just interesting. And it just made here even hotter that I was lapping up all their juices. We fucked like teenagers for at least an hour. What a turn on, this guy filled her pussy up with loads of cum. It was my first time actually feeling someone's cum in my wife's pussy.

I mean, it was such a great felling knowing another man just had his way with my wife and I was getting all messy in his cum and her love juices mixed in as well. I'm hoping we can do that again ! I am the luckiest guy in Florida. Cum visit us !!!