Pics of hot naked scene emo guys and boys receiving school punishment

Pics of hot naked scene emo guys and boys receiving school punishment
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Senior Moments Ch.4 By Jax_Teller Since I met Nikki and David, my life had changed on many levels. I was not just sexually more active, I had been a tool in a cougars' adventures.

It seemed as though I had awoke a sleeping Kink in Nikki. Together we were part of two threesomes in a month and were regularly having sex. David, Nikki's son and I were friends and I was quiet interested in how he could be so happy with me being sexually active regularly with his mother. I knew David was living vicariously though me.


I never held anything back when he asked, but didn't brag to him. I was very happy with my arrangement and didn't want to literally screw it up.

That being said I was frustrated for David that he wasn't getting laid. I talked to him about the next time there was another woman over that I would try and hook him up. Two weeks went by, Nikki and I were having regular interval sex, often with her fucking me with her strap on. Nikki told me that Jenny her younger sister was coming to stay through Christmas. She told me I was welcome to have Jenny if it came up.

I looked forward to meeting Jenny and fucking her. David filled me in about Jenny, telling me that Jenny was a nudist, and when ever possible she would be naked.

I thought about the temperatures and that it might not happen. David told me he had seen her naked and that he would love to fuck her. I think David was ready to fuck a squirrel if it would hold still for it. When Jenny arrived, I was surprised at how much younger two years looked on Jenny.

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Nikki didn't look old but Jenny looked much younger. David was very helpful getting her settled and making her comfortable. The first Night Jenny was there, I went home taking David with me after diner so Nikki and Jenny could catch up, and we could play video games.

David was apprehensive about not spending time with Jenny and possibly missing out on an opportunity to fuck her. When we got to my place David was ready to play games and I turned on the Big screen TV. I told him that there was something I wanted to watch first. David started to complain about not being around Jenny and not playing games, when he realized on the screen was an image of his living room.

He said what the fuck, and I told him that I suspected Nikki and Jenny had been lovers and I wanted to see if given the opportunity they might indulge themselves. David said dude, you are my fucking hero. We watched as they sat and chatted sipping wine. Their conversation eventually went to when they were seniors in high school.


They reminisced about boys they'd dated and then Nikki said remember the cottage? I could tell by Nikki's body language that she was getting turned on.

I had no reference but figured something happened there because Jenny said oh yeah with a southern drawl to her voice that made my cock stir. Jenny said that was when she first realized her propensity for being nude. Nikki said yeah they spent the whole week naked after their father got called away. They were 18 and 20 yrs old at the time and then they both giggled. I could tell by there body language that something sexual happened.

David and I waited on the edge of our seats as they talked about how great the week was. Then we struck gold as Jenny said she's been with other women since but it was never as good as it had been with Nikki. Jenny moved closer to Nikki and told her how beautiful she was and is. Jenny told Nikki how the orgasm she'd had at Nikki's mouth had never been bettered. They hugged and then Nikki asked her if she'd like to sleep with her tonight. Jenny said you mean,and before she could finish, Nikki said have sex and then sleep together.

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Jenny siad but I thought you'd been getting more than your fill with that Jax boy. David gave me a look, and Nikki said his cock is wonderful, but he isn't here right now.

Jenny said then I am second to him? Nikki said no, if he were here we'd all three be having sex. They laughed and got up to go upstairs. David moaned loudly at missing the chance to watch them.

I flipped through the menu and brought up the camera feed from Nikki's Cellphone. I noticed a few eeks ago that she likes to use in the cradle to play music and charge while she was in the bedroom.

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I installed an App on her phone that allowed me to access her phone at any time. Sure enough the camera was in the cradle facing the bed so she could see the display from bed. David just sat there and said dude you are wicked.

David said do you mind? As he grabbed at his dick in his pants making a jerking motion. I said no go right ahead. Nikki and Jenny undressed and got on the bed, Nikki taking the lead going for Jenny's honey pot with fervor. David pulled his pants down and sat back stroking his cock.

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I adjusted myself, and kept watching as Nikki ate Jenny's pussy and reached up almost mauling Jenny's tits. I was surprised at how rough she was. In my fantasy they made tender passionate love, but this was raw powerful fucking.

I glanced over at David and he was pulling down on his balls with one hand while jacking his cock with the other hand. His cock was average in size but the way he was working it, his cock looked angry, the head purplish, and the veins standing out on the shaft. I looked back to the Tv and Nikki let go of Jenny's right tit and stuffed two fingers in Jenny's pussy,moving her mouth to Jenny's clit.

Jenny rocked her hips thrusting her cunt into Nikki's mouth and fingers. The moaning grew to a pitch that I am sure Eskimo sled dogs could hear. I almost turned the sound down, but noticed as I reached for the remote the sound of David slapping his cock up and down.

He was so focused on the screen I decided not to ruin that for him by adjusting anything. David was obviously close to coming and from the sounds coming from the TV it sounded like Jenny was too.

Nikki was thrusting most of her hand in and out at rapid pace, rocking Jenny up as she thrust in and letting Jenny fall as she pulled back out. Then Jenny started to shake and growl loudly, and she grabbed the sheets pulling them from the bed. Nikki kept licking as Jenny squirted her lady juice all over Nikki's face.

The third squirt actually splashed right off Nikki's nose and eyes and back onto Jenny's belly. I was so engrossed watching them it was a jolt when David yelled Jesus Christ. He pumped his cock furiously and splashed come on his tee shirt and onto his own face.

He squirted at least half a dozen heavy thick globs of come and then a few more spurts of more watery clearer come. I looked back to the screen and Nikki and Jenny were snuggled up to each other kissing.

I looked back to David and he said wow, dude, I never came that hard in my life. I said no shit really man? And we both laughed. I told him to wait there and I got him a warm wet wash cloth and walked over to him. He looked and me as I hesitated to hand it to him, and he reached out. I said do you mind, if I do that? He said uhm what? I said here as I knelt down in front of him and I lifted his cock and wiped the come from his spent cock. I folded the come side in and wiped the come off his neck and face.

He sat speechless as I cleaned him up, and then I told him to take his shirt off. He did as I told him and I threw it in the laundry basket with the wash cloth. I came back in a minute with a tee shirt of mine that I knew he would like, that fit him. He had pulled his pants back up and took the shirt and put it on.

David was quiet for few minutes and things seemed weird and I asked him if he minded me doing that for him. He answered quickly, no dude it was cool. I joked with him and said oh I thought the wash cloth was warm enough. We laughed as I turned the video game on and we worked as a team killing zombies. During the night I fell asleep and woke up later to the sounds of the game. David was sleeping and I turned the TV and game off and went back to sleep. It was a few hours later when I stirred thinking I was dreaming of Nikki sucking my dick.

It really felt good but different some how, so real. I remember thinking I hope I don't wake up before I come, and that's when I realized I was awake. It also occurred to me,that I was still on my couch and I opened my eyes to see David sucking my dick.

He seemed to just know how to suck it perfectly. I watched as he pumped my cock with his fist into his mouth. It almost seemed as though he was waving as he jerked because it wasn't straight up and down but at an ark. I didn't want him to stop but I had questions that left my mind as he started doing something I couldn't identify, because it was so good feeling.

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I said oh god I am going to come and David surprised me. He slid his mouth off my cock and jerked it faster twisting his fist on my cock. I felt my balls tighten and my knees jerk and David aimed my cock at his face and open mouth taking every drop of my load. David used his fingers to scoop the come from his forehead and cheeks to his mouth licking them clean.

David sat back on the other side of the couch and said can we shower before going home? I said sure, and then added together? He said well yeah. That was the day when I realized the power of orgasms, and that I didn't care what the sex of the person was who was giving them to me.

It was also one of the longest days of my life. The End Ch.

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