I love working a bull to cum

I love working a bull to cum
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Emily: a rather shy thirteen-year-old girl, quietly snuck in through the front door.

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She was a fairly pretty girl, standing at about five feet tall, and weighing about ninety pounds. Her red hair was cut short and her blue eyes sparkled with a sort of teasing look. She still wore training bras and had just a patch of peach fuzz. Her friend, Jamie, had taken her out to a party; hoping that she would open up a bit and loose that shyness about he. It was close to midnight and she was supposed to be in bed.

Closing the door behind her, she started up the stairs when she heard Sue's, her mother, voice, "What are you doing home so late?" Emily froze in her tracks and turned around to see the light flick on and her mother sitting in an armchair dressed in just a bathrobe. Sue looked like her daughter, but (obviously) bigger. She stood at about five feet and eight inches, weighting about 120 pounds. She kept her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail and her sky blue eyes always showed a bit of lust.

She had firm, 38C breasts and was shaven clean.

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"Oh, hi mommy…" Emily said cutely. "Don't 'hi mommy' me!" Sue snapped. "What do you think you're doing, coming home at this hour?!" "I was… I was with Jamie…" Emily said, looking at her feet, holding her hands behind her back.

"Doing what?" Sue interrupted. "Just… hanging out… Well, we went to this party…" Sue's eyes widened with anger at the sound of this. "And… and I lost track of time…" Emily continued. "Didn't I say that you couldn't go to that party?!" Sue shouted.

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"DIDN'T I?!" "Y… yes you did…" Emily said, her voice barely above a whisper. "Come here, you're getting punished!" Sue said, standing up. Emily slowly walked over to her mother, still looking at the floor in shame. She stopped in front of Sue and looked up with tears slowly running down her face. "What are you crying for? You haven't been given something to cry about!" Sue said, slapping Emily's face hard enough to knock her to the floor. Sue's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened with what she saw: Emily's skirt had ridden up to her waist and showed that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Where are your panties?!" she shouted, demanding an answer. "J… Jamie said… that I shouldn't wear them…" Emily said, crying softly, holding her cheek. Sue grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her to her feet. "OW! Please…! Stop mommy…" she begged. "Why?!


You deliberately disobeyed me and you're dressing like a slut! You need to be punished! Now, turn around and bend over." Emily reluctantly did as she was told. Taking the hem of Emily's skirt in her hand, Sue raised it over her daughter's tight ass and let it fall down her stomach.

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Emily trembled slightly and blushed as she felt her ass being revealed. Sue rubbed it softly before raising her hand and spanking her daughter hard, a loud smack noise echoed through the room.

Emily cried out in pain as she felt a second, a third, a fourth, and even a fifth one land. "Are you going to disobey me again?!" Sue shouted, planting a sixth one. "No…!" Emily sobbed. "I won't… I swear…! Please… just stop…" "Oh, we haven't even begun! That was just to just to punish you're disobedience. Now it's time to punish your sluttish actions! Stand up and face me!" Emily slowly stood up, her ass giving her too much pain to move quickly.

Tears streamed down her face, dripping from her chin to the floor, as she sobbed from the pain. Sue just smiled, "Now, strip for me" "W… what…?!" Emily shouted surprised "What did you expect?

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If you're going to act like a slut, you're going to be treated like one! Now strip!" Emily hesitated for a while, then saw her mother raise her arm, ready to strike. Not wanting to get hit, she slowly stated to unbutton her blouse. She slipped her blouse from her shoulders and let it drop to her feet. She then reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, letting it join her blouse on the floor.

Gulping hard, swallowing her pride, she removed her training bra and dropped it to the floor. Sue circled her daughter, visually examining her. "You've gotten so pretty," she said, standing behind her daughter. Quickly and quietly, she removed her bathrobe and threw it in the corner.

"Spread your legs." Emily spread her legs to shoulder width slowly. Sue hugged Emily to her, pressing their naked body to each other. Her hand slipped between her daughter's legs and a finger slid into her tight young pussy.

Emily gasped at the touch of her mother's hand. "You're so wet…" Sue whispered into Emily's ear. "Does this turn you on?" Her finger started to pump in and out of her daughter's pussy, and she could feel it getting wetter and wetter.

"N… no…" Emily moaned slightly, trying to pull her mother's hand away. "Please… don't… stop…" she begged.

"All right, I won't stop," Sue said with a grin, sliding another finger in. Emily tried to pull away from her mother, but the pleasure was overwhelming. Her body started to go limp in her mother's arms as she was getting close to climax.


Sue sensed her daughter's readiness and slid a third finger in. Emily now grabbed her mother's arms, trying to keep herself standing.

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She moaned loudly as some of her juices started to drip down her legs. She felt as if she was going to explode, when… Sue pulled her fingers out and grinned evilly at her daughter.

Emily looked at Sue, longing for more. "W… Why did you stop…?" Emily panted, falling to her knees. Sue sat down in the armchair, "You aren't aloud to cum, not yet. You must first please me!" She spread her legs wide, revealing her soaking wet pussy. "Now, come lick my pussy, like the bitch you are!" Emily blushed at the name calling, but it just compelled her to do it.

Slowly, she crawled to her mother and kneeled between her legs. She leaned in and stuck her tongue out slowly. She started to lick, unsure on what to do. Her mother let a slight moan escape her lips that encouraged Emily to go on. Her tongue found the opening to her mother's now soaking wet pussy and slipped in easily. Her tongue moved up and down inside her mother, making her moan and groan softly.

"Oh… Emily… You're such a good bitch…!" Sue moaned, pushing her daughter's head in deeper. Emily licked harder and faster as her tongue slid deeper into her mother. Sue moaned loudly as she became wetter and wetter with each lick. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed and massaged them wildly. The thought of her daughter licking her pussy was so overwhelming for her. Try as she could, she just couldn't hold it back any longer; she had to cum.

Her back arched and her hips started to buck slightly. "Oh…! Emily…!" she shouted, cumming hard. Emily pulled her head back a bit as an explosion of cum met her, soaking and covering all of her face.

She started to wipe it off but her mother grabbed her hands. "Don't, leave it on…" Sue panted. Slowly, she pulled her daughter up to her, holding her.

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"Oh… my dear, sweet Emily…" she said as she started to slowly lick her cum off Emily and sliding a finger into her pussy. "Would you want to do this all the time?" "Oh… yes…" Emily moaned, holding her mother tightly.

She was still wet from her mother's earlier fingering and stayed wet through licking her mother. She was now more than ready to cum. "Then you'll be my slave, my bitch!" Sue hissed into her daughter's ear. Emily's eyes widened and she gasped at what her mother was saying, but gave no objections. "You'll do what I say, when I say it!" Sue continued.

"You'll wear a collar and always crawl around the house naked!" Emily could only moan, on the verge of climax. She held her mother close; her finger nails digging into Sue's back.

With a loud scream, she came hard on her mother's hand. Sue just smiled, pulling her hand away. "Good bitch!" To be continued in: Dom Mom 2