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Sin "Damn I look good!", Cindy said as she checked herself out in the mirror. "Yea, I'd fuck you, no beers, well maybe it'd take 2 or 3.", Her husband Jake said as he laughed. "Whatever, if it were up to you I'd be naked all the time, ready and in the bent over position!" "Not true, some times I like you on top. I mean you always tell me that's your favorite position.", he replied as he slapped her on the ass.

Luna Lips being fucked from the back by zack

Cindy really needed this night out, she had just lost her job due to cutbacks and hadn't been out with her girlfriend Carla in a long time. There was a time in their relationship where Jake would have been pissed about them going out to the club, but not anymore. They had worked through their issues and now have a great relationship again. Although he still wasn't wild about her hanging out with Carla due to her track record.

Carla was married, but still acted like she was single by going clubbing and dancing all the time. Through Cindy he knew of at least 3 times that she had cheated on her husband Thad, not that he could blame her since the guy was some computer geek with no sex drive, but still it didn't change the fact that Jake saw her as a bad influence.

Besides he did trust Cindy, well as long as she wasn't drinking anyway. There was an incident or two in the past where Cindy got drunk and made some bad decisions, the plain and simple truth was that when Cindy got drunk she turned into a whore.

Now Jake wasn't much better and he knew that too, so that's why they agreed a long time ago that they only drink when they were together. However tonight he encouraged her to have a couple beers to relax a bit. He figured that she deserved it after the week she had, besides, he knew when she got home she'd be a fucking animal in the sack so he couldn't wait.


"Here you go Sin.", Jake said as he handed her a Bud Light as she was finishing her make up. "Thanks!", She said as she took it from him and took a quick drink without thinking. "Wait, are you sure you don't care?" "Na, I trust you, I just want you to have fun tonight. 1 or 2 beers won't kill you. Just help loosen you up a little bit so you two can have fun dancing tonight.

1 here, 2 at the club, Im ok with that. Just make sure you milk them out a little, dont pound them, and no more than two once you hit the club, deal?" He asked with a smile and a kiss on her forehead. "Deal, but you know how I get.", she trailed off and then smirked as she grabbed his cock through his jeans and squeezed. "Don't blame me if I'm blowing guys in the bathroom stahls or giving handjobs under the tables.

What if Im dancing with Carla and some hot guys come up and start dancing with us? I might not be able to tell them to leave.I get all this beer in me and you're not there I might be tempted to let them take me out to the parking lot and fuck me like a dirty whore. What would you think about that?", she asked as she took another drink.

Jake started laughing, "Well, I'd probably be ok with the dancing with the guys, handjobs, maybe even the blow jobs.but I think I'd have to draw the line at fucking guys in the lot.You whore!" "Really, your ok with me rubbing up against other guys hard cocks on the dance floor?

Letting them feel me up, touching my wet little pussy, jerking and sucking them off? Just no fucking huh?" Cindy felt a spark in her pussy as she left her mind wander and think about it for a few seconds, then laughed as she finished off her first beer, already feeling a little buzz coming on since she finished it off so quick. At 5'1 and 115 pounds it really didn't take much to get her drunk. "Yep, tonight is all about you baby, you just go out and cut loose a little.

Let'em rub those cocks up against you, feel you up some, slip a finger in that snatch, jerk 'em, suck'em, what ever you need baby.You just have fun dancing with your whore friend, and whatever happens, happens.

Just don't have TOO much fun." He said, as he walked back into the room with another beer for her knowing that he probably shouldn't be encouraging her too much since he wasn't going to be there. "Just remember, that pussy's mine!", He said as he reached under her little black dress and traced his finger around her mound covered by her sexy Vctoria Secret panties.

He could feel the heat coming off her and gave her a look. "Damn whore, you're all hot and ready, that pussy wet with anticipation is it? You can't wait to get out of here and get some new cock in ya can you?" He said as he rubbed her some more.

This was normal talk for them, they always joked back and fourth and he called her everything from slut to princess, and she loved it all. She always told him that she was a little princess, but truthfully she liked it just as much, if not more, when he called her a whore. She knew it was just his way of saying that he loved her, she knew he wanted her and only her, she knew how much he loved her and loved fucking her.

He wouldn't leave her alone, always chasing her around the house trying to "get that pussy" as he would say. Jake was right, her pussy was a little hot, a little damp, between him giving her beer and putting bad thoughts in her head, she couldn't help it.

"Yea~yea, I'll be good alright, good for some lucky guy at the club tonight.", she said winking at him as he continued to rub her pussy slowly through her panties. She was really getting turned on now and she couldn't take it anymore.

Due to Jakes schedule they hadn't fucked in the last 3 days, normally she would enjoy the break since he usually has to have it every night, sometimes twice. But with the beer, his bad thoughts he put into her head, and the 3 day break she really needed it bad now.

"Look baby, you're right, I am hot, I am wet, I am your dirty little slut and I really need that fuck stick up in me right now. Come bend me over the bed and be my little Energizer Bunny quick before Carla gets here. I can't wait till I get home tonight I need it now." She said looking at the clock. It was 8:45 and Carla wasn't supose to be there til 9, and she was always running late so she knew she had a good 15 minutes left to get that dick.

"No, no, no." Jake smiled, pulling his hand back and putting his hand out telling her to get back as he smiled. "You can wait til you get home tonight, I want that little slut I married 20 years ago. You go out dancing tonight, rub that little ass against some hard cock on the dance floor, let some guys get a good look at that body, maybe a little feel too then come home after that and I'll see what I got for you.

After all that, you'll probably rape me, I can't wait." At 39 years old she was still smoking hot, she worked out every day, and kept her body tight. She had long brown hair and a beutiful face. She was part asian and looked like she was still in her early 20s. Often when out with her youngest daughter people asked if they were sisters. "C'mon baby, you know you want this.", as she pulled down her lacey maroon panties and bent over the bed. 8:51, still had a good 10 minutes she was sure, Carla was never on time, let alone early.

"Hmmmmm, maybe a little, I don't know let me inspect it some.", as he dropped down on his knees and took a big whiff of her now glistening pussy. "Smells good." As he moved closer and breathed on her cleanly shaven pussy as he slowly entered her ever so slightly with his tongue. "Damn, tastes even better." As he pulled back and stood up contemplating going balls deep because he too now wanted it bad.

"You know I hate all that foreplay shit, gimme that cock, NOW! Carla's gonna be here in 15 minutes, I need it now!" . 8:53 "Let me think about it.", as Jake pulled down his zipper and pulled out his 7 inch steel shaft. 8:54. Jake didn't put it in at first, instead he slowly rubbed it up and down her slippery slit, then pulled back. Jake slowly inserted just the head of his cock and held fast as Cindy moaned. She started to feel some relief knowing she was about to get what she needed.

"Ding-Dong", sounded the bell as a quick knocking followed. "FUCK!", Cindy said, pulling up her damp panties. As Jake started laughing, slapped her ass hard, left the room, and walked towards the front door all while attempting to stuff his monster back in his jeans.

"I guess that pussy will just have to wait till you get home tonight.", he said as he exited. "Not if I find a taker tonight at the club first you jack!", she snapped back at him. "Jack" was her affectionate way of calling him "Jackass". "Well hello Carla, you look nice, how are you tonight?", He said looking her up and down as if he was checking her out and liked what he saw when he answered the door.

"Ready to go out and do a lil dancing tonight?" "Well thanks Jake! And yep, can't wait! Been too long since Sin and I have gone out on the town.", surpised that he was aware of what they were doing, knowing full well that Jake wasn't a fan of hers, yet playing nice with him as he was with her.

If she didn't know better, she could almost believe he was being genuine. Back 5-10 years ago Cindy would just tell him that they were going to see a movie, shopping, out to eat, but never the truth when they went clubbing. Because he would get jealous. Carla's husband on the other hand didn't care, as long as she left him alone with his X-Box he was happy.

They use to go out as couples back then too. All four had gotten drunk many times together and Carla had even hit on Jake a few times. Once was at their place when Cindy had went to the bathroom and Thad ran out to the garage to get more beer.

Carla started rubbing his cock and asked him about meeting up to hookup sometime because Cindy told her how good of a fuck he was. He told her he thought she had a bit too much to drink and laughed it off. She told him at the time that the offer was on the table and he just needed to pull up a chair whenever he wanted.

She wasn't exactly his type being a little heavy and blond, but he still thought to himself that he wouldn't mind trying it out once just for fun. The other two came back shortly and that was that, she would continue to try to talk him into it now and again, but Jake never took her up on the offer.

"Yea, Carla, you look good, you been working out? You two are gonna have to beat 'em off with a stick tonight! Maybe we should just let Sin go clubb'n and we could stay here and party?", with a wink. Dumbfounded by the way Jake was acting she almost didn't know how to answer. "Well I'd be ok with that, but I doubt we could convince Sin to go along with our plan.", she said as she reached out and grabbed his arm squeezing his tricep as he involuntary flexed.

He was a good sized guy 5'10 / 220 and spent many hours in the gym "preparing for war" as he put it. He was a cop and knew he needed to stay in shape since he wasn't getting any younger and the criminals were not getting older.

"Yes, I've shed a few pounds at the gym, but obviously I'm no where near as hard as you!", she said winking at him as she squeezed his arm again but looked at the buldge in his pants.

Almost feeling like old times between the two. "Haha, yea, you can thank Sin for that, she always encourages me to keep it up at the gym and home." He said smiling back as he adjusted himself. "So what are you two talking about?", cindy asked as she walked into the room surpised that Jake was even talking to her instead of letting her wait at the door. "Oh nothing, Jake was just telling me how you help keep him motivated at the gym.and home." Carla said with a evil smile.

"I do my best.", Cindy said as she winked back. "Well baby I think we're gonna go, you sure you're ok with everything?", meaning the dancing and her leaving after she had a couple beers. "Yep, you guys go have fun. Just remember what I said, not TOO much fun.", he said as he kissed her on the cheak and grabbed her cute little ass.

And out the door they went. Once in Carla's SUV it was a contest to see who could get out the first word. "Wow! Jake was in a good mood tonight, what's up with that? You must of fucked him good right before I got there, I couldn't miss the buldge in his pants apparently he hadn't calmed down yet!?!?!" "I wish, actually it was the exact opposite.

He got me all hot and horny, gave me a couple beers, and then wouldn't let me get any. He just got the tip in and then some bitch decided to break tradition and show up early for a change!


Worst part is he just got back from training for three days and Im dying for some dick. Then he teases me, talks about you and I dancing with other guys, me jerking off other guys, etc. Getting me all hot and bothered with an itch I can't scratch till I get home! I could kill him!

You're not gonna believe this but he even told me that he didn't care if I blew guys in the bathroom or jerked them off under a table, just no going to the parking lot to fuck! If I didn't know better, I'd think he was serious! He even gave me a couple beers while I was getting ready.

What an ass!"' Cindy said as she started laughing. "Tell me about it, that's just mean! You poor thing, wait, you don't think he was serious do you? You think he'd be ok with any of that?" "Uh no, he talks about that stuff all the time, and I play along because I know he likes it.

He gets rock hard when I talk about cheating and what a slut I am. When I get home I tell him about the guys I fucked when I was on one of my business trips and how I would use my pussy to 'seal the deal' if need be. He loves to hear me talk about how big of a whore I am, even though I'm his sweet little Princess." "Yea, 'Sweet little Princess', I wonder if he'd still believe that if he knew about our Chicago shopping trip?", Carla said with a smile.

"Hey! That was a long time ago and we were in a bad place, I honestly thought our marriage was over at that time. Besides, you were the one that kept giving me those stupid 'ice teas', and before I knew they were from Long Island it was too late! I blame you for that! You know how I get when I'm drunk, so I got a little naughty on the dance floor that night, Jake knows about that anyway." "Really, Jake knows you snuck out of our room after we got back when you thought I was sleeping?" Cindy just looked at her.

Carla continued, "Jake knows that you met him in the parking lot and then fucked his brains out in the van while I watched from our hotel window on the 2nd floor? Does he Sin? Does Jake know that? Tell me, what did Jake say when you told him how you sucked that guy off for a while and then rode him like a horse before he took you to the back of the van, out of my sight and did who knows what for the next 45 minutes.?" Cindy didn't know what to say.

It was five years ago, she really did think that her marriage was over and when Carla asked her to go on a shopping trip to Chicago with her to blow off some steam and she couldn't resist. They had been at one of the clubs near their hotel dancing and having fun.

She met up w this guy while dancing and spent most of the night grinding on him. She slipped him her hotel info and told him to wait outside for her on the west side of the building in an hour if he wanted to hang out some more. .she really was a whore when she got drunk and she knew it. Anyway, when they got back to the hotel she told Carla that she was about to pass out and went straight to bed, and pretended to be sleeping, so did Carla.

After about 10 minutes she checked on Carla thinking she was asleep, and then snuck out to meet her new friend. He had parked against the back edge of the lot facing the hotel and flashed his lights at her as she exited the hotel.

She didn't waste any time when she got in either, she went right to his crotch and unzipped his pants pulling out his semi hard cock. He grabbed the back of Cindy's head and guided her down as she placed him in her mouth. There was some light coming into the front of the van from the parking lot and she could see her diamond off her wedding ring sparkle as she pumped this strangers cock and swirled her tongue around the tip driving him insane.

The new wedding ring that her husband just gave her 6 months before, the new wedding ring that he designed and had made for her and then paid for by selling 3 of his guns.

She smiled a little bit and thought to her self how pretty it was. She actually started to have second thoughts at that time and started to pull her head off this stranger's dick. However, at that exact moment he reached up under her mini skirt and slid a finger in her sopping wet pussy. She was done. She was so wasted and horny that any thoughts of regret or stopping disappeared as he slid her panties to the side and entered her. Now it was just physical. She needed a cock and he had one.

She would have fucked him in front of Jake at that point she was so far gone. Taking him all the way in her mouth feeling him slide down her throat as she pumped harder and squeezed his balls with her other hand. He was really pounding her cunt with his fingers now and she couldn't take it anymore. She never was one for foreplay, that was always one of Jakes complaints, along with not sucking him off enough. She had to stifle a laugh as she took this guys cock down her throat that she didn't even know 4 hours ago, yet it had been 2 years since she blew Jake.

Again, sure, she did think they were done.but it wouldn't have mattered. Once Cindy, or "Sin" as her friends appropriately call her, gets started it's next to impossible to stop her. "Enough of this! Give me that fucking cock!", she exclaimed as she let go and got up. The guy started to sit up and get out of his seat. "No, you stay right fucking there!", Cindy ordered as she swung her leg over his lap and now sat facing him. He started to reach down and she slapped his hand away.

"I'll get it.", as she pulled his thick cock into her wanting hole. "Fuuuuuuuck!", Cindy moaned as she slid down onto him and wrapped her arms around him pulling him into her. "Fuuuuuuck you feel good, that's what I need, fuuuuuck yes!", as she grinded side to side, back and fourth, and around and round.

He grabbed her hips and started to slam her back and fourth, just like Jake did, she loved it. Cindy's clit was throbbing, she was fucking this guy like he was the last cock she'd ever get and he was doing his best to keep up. "Damn girl, you are one hot fu-", he almost got out when she covered his mouth with her's.

Ramming her tongue into his and exploring everybit of his mouth. She loved to be kissed and to kiss when she was fucking. This reminded her of when her and Jake were younger and still dating. They use to go park and fuck just like this all the time. Sometimes in his car, some times in her's. A few times they even fucked like this while he was driving her mom's little blue Daytona. Damn she missed those days.

She was getting close now, it wouldn't be long Cindy thought as he continued to use her like some $20 whore, which was completely ok with her since that's what she wanted. "I'm almost there baby." He said between thrusts. She could tell, he was really getting stiff and started to pick up the pace. "I'm gonna cum any second." "Cum in me!

Cum in me! Fucking do it, use me as a cum dumpster, fucking do it! C'mon, fucking cum in me now!" She ordered as she felt him start to throb inside of her and flood her pussy. Spirt after spirt, she could feel him as he coated the inside of her steamy cunt.

And that was all she could take as she too climaxed, freezing in place pushing away from him as she tightened up and clamped down on his cock with her pussy, using her muscles to milk what he had left into her as her whole body shuddered as she came down from the sexual high. "Fuck I needed that." She said as she leaned forward onto his cock and continued to 'hug' the guys dick with her well trained muscles and give him one last long kiss. "You weren't kidding Dave, that bitch is hot!", came a voice from the back of the van.

You got anymore energy left girl? Feel like some Alabama Black Snake? To finish off the evening?", as she saw a dim light come on in the back of the van and saw the guys black friend from the club that was all over Carla at the club sitting in the back seat. "What do you say baby girl, how bout it?" "No thanks, I don't fuck black guys. Your boy here gave me what I needed tonight, you should have taken care of that with my girl while you guys were at the club.

You two were all over each other, she was DTF, I don't know why you didn't." "What makes you think I didn't? You probably didn't notice because you were all over my boyz dick on the floor, but we left for an hour. Took her out to my buddies ride here and tore that ass up! I love that getto booty, she could really work it too. She couldn't get enough of this black dick when I had her in here.", he said as he pulled out his monster.

Cindy's eyes locked onto his semi-hard cock as he stroked it a little bit. She had never seen one that big and wondered to herself if it would even fit into her tight little box. "Yea, Yea, Im sure you did, she would have told me!", she said still not taking her eyes off his growing rod. "Bitch, I ain't lying, these look familiar to you?" As he reached in his pocket and came out with something that he tossed to her. Cindy involuntarily caught the item, inspecting it where she was up front in the light.

She couldn't believe it, they were Carla's panties, no doubt about it. She knew because she was with her at VS when she bought them in an attempt to revive her and Thad's dying sex life. But more importantly, because she saw her in them in the hotel before they left for the club that night. "Yea, that's right girl, your big bottomed friend gave me a little souvenir to remember her by. Not that I would have needed it though, that bitch knows how to use her pussy and work a cock, no way I could forget her even if I wanted to.

So how bout it slut? How bout I try you out and then Ill let you know which one of you are better?" Cindy still couldn't take her eyes off his cock, it had to be at least 10 inches. She'd always heard that black guys were hung like horses, but never saw one up close in personal.

"There's no way he'll get that all in me.", she thought to herself. She'd had her share of dick in her before she met Jake, 6 different guys before they met, a couple more when Jake was in the Marines stationed overseas before they got married, a few here and there whenever she was trying to sweeten the deal on her business trips, and then tonight.

But never any black guys, and never anything that big. Jake's dick seemed too big for her sometimes, she couldn't imagine this thing in her. Besides, Jake would never forgive her if she did a black guy, she'd never hear the end of it if he found out.

"No, I told you, I don't fuck black guys. My husband would kill me if he ever found out." "He ain't gonna find out bitch! I don't know him, hell, I don't even know you. I just know that after seeing you take care of my boy like that I gotta get me a lil bit of that pussy.

Tell ya what, you come back here and get a lil closer, check out what I got to offer, then if you don't like it you can take hard feelings. What you say girl?" She thought about it for a second, no way she was gonna let that monster up in side of her, but she wouldn't mind a closer look.

"Ok.", Cindy said getting off Dave's previously limp cock which was just coming back to life as she was involuntarily grinding against him while she was talking to his friend in back. "Get your skinny little white ass down here and check out my ebony club baby." There were no seats in the middle of the van, just the front two and then a long bench seat up against the back. The floor had carpet on it and a decent padding under, but not too much.

There were a couple pillows over against the side of the wall too. "James, like King James, or Big Jim, you can call me what ever you want girl.", he said to her as she knelt down while he slowly stroked. "Go ahead, touch it, take a good look at what you're missing." ".Sin, you can call me Sin.", as she attempted to wrap her little hand around his growing shaft and involuntarily licked her lips. Her face was just inches away as she took up where James let off slowly stroking his now growing member.

Again when the light hit the diamonds on her new wedding ring sparkling in the almost darkness. She had to smile to herself about that again. "", she mumbled and trailed off. "How Big? 11 1/2 inches, although with your hot little ass stroking me he might grow to 12. That's a nice rock on your finger bitch, Daddy don't take care of you at home? You need to get out to scratch that itch do you?" "No, exact opposite, he takes care of me good, too much sometimes.

He's got the sex drive of a 17 year old, but stuff happens. Besides, he's not here tonight and I had too much to drink not to get fucked." She said as she moved closer to the head of his cock licking her lips and blowing ever so lightly on the tip.

She could smell the scent of another woman on it. She could only assume that it was the smell of Carla who according to James had been on this monster only a couple of hours ago. "You know I'm still not going to fuck you.", she said slipping his cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the tip.

As she could taste what Carla left behind on his dick. It didn't taste bad, musky, just like herself when Jake would come up and kiss her after going down on her. To be honest she liked it, but would never admit it to Jake. Bobbing her head up and down now she was only half way down his shaft and she could feel it sliding down her throat. Cindy definitely wasn't gonna fuck this guy but, she didn't think it would hurt anything to suck him off some, at least she could do for the opportunity to see this big monster up close, although she could feel her dripping wet pussy tingling again and begging for it.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her hips as she was pulled backwards and and then entered from behind. "What the Fuuuuck.", Cindy groaned, more of a statement than question. Jake and her fantaized about her doing two guys at once sometimes while they were fucking, but she never actually thought it'd happen. But she couldn't deny that she was enjoying being fucked while she gave her new friend some deep throat action.


The more she got down her throat, the closer she got to his body, and the stronger the aroma of Carla's recent visit was evident to her now. She was so fucking turned on, but she still wasn't going to let 'King James' fuck her.

Maybe she'd go a little farther and finish him off instead of stopping, but that was it. But damn it felt good getting fucked on all fours like a bitch in heat while she had a dick in her mouth. The faster Dave rammed her from behind the hotter she got, and the harder she pumped King James.

She was getting close again then with out warning Dave grunted and dumped his second load of the night in her. And fell back off her and laid up against the side of the van. Cindy was pissed, she hadn't came yet and Dave and had dumped another load in her without letting her get hers.

She looked over at Dave against the wall breathing hard with his limp dick obviously done for the evening. Fuck, she needed a cock in her now and didn't have much choice left. "Ok mother fucker, get down on the floor and get ready.

Im gonna ride that black cock of yours till I cum, then I'm getting off. I'm on top so I can control how far you go in me, it's my turn to get mine now and being on top is my favorite position." "Yea, sure thing baby girl, whatever you say, just get up on this." He laid down on his back and Cindy climbed on to his cock slowly slipping it in feeling him stretch her out even though she had just been fucked hard twice in the last half hour and was as lose and wet as she's ever been.

She sucked in hard as he entered her and split her open. "Ohhhh, Ohhh FUUUUCK ME! Oh my god you're so big! Uh- uh oh, FUCK!", her pussy exploded with the strongest orgasm she's ever had in her life.

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She shook for at least 30 seconds before she regained her senses. That was it, she was done, like she said before, 'she doesn't fuck black guys', she just needed to use him for a sec to get what she needed. He barely got halfway in before she came. She said,"Thanks King, that's all I needed, this little Princess has to go now!" She said with a wink as she started to move off him, but was stopped by his iron grip as he grabbed her hips and refused to let her move.

"What the fuck are you doing, let me go, I told you I don't fuck guys like you! Now let me go!" As he forced himself in her another inch and she gasped. James just smiled at her and held her tighter as he started to move her back and fourth slowly. "I don't think you understand whore. I'm not going to let a sweet piece of ass like yours out of here without getting mine.

You forgot, I still need to see which one of you bitches are a better fuck. I asked your girl about you and she told me, 'That skinny little bitch ain't not nothing on me!' So what do yo say now? You gonna let her get away with that? I mean to tell you, you're getting fucked either way, it's up to you how it happens.

You can play nice and we'll both have a good time, or I can just take that pussy and then kick you out the door, so what's it gonna be slut?" So that was it, Cindy was gonna get fucked by this big stud weather she wanted to or not.

She thought about screaming, crying, trying to get out. But who would believe her? She'd already fucked Dave. Twice. Then voluntarily got up on Big Jim's dick so she could get off. Technically she had, no, was fucking him already as she just then realized her body had betrayed her and started to match rhythm with King as he was trying to inch his way in more and more with each thrust.

Good luck trying to explain how this was "rape" to a jury she thought as she felt her body again betray her as she got closer to another orgasm now that he was 2/3s the way into her. Fuck he felt good.

"Ok, but you're not cumming in me. When you get close you tell me and I'll get off and swallow it, no way you're shooting that black spunk up inside me!" As she picked up the pace more and lowered herself farther down.

She could feel him entering her cervix and spreading her apart. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.", is all she could say over and over as he violated her willing pussy. Cindy couldn't believe the pleasure she was getting from James, she always got off with Jake and the other guys she fucked, but this was unreal.

She had came twice already and felt another orgasm approaching. After about ten minutes now James was all the way in and pumping her hard, so much for him not getting that stick all the way in her, he was balls deep and slamming her up and down. She was in a sexual daze between the alcohol and pure pleasure she was feeling.

She could feel him swelling inside her and getting ready to cum. "Don't do it!", she screamed as she tried to get off of him which only made him tighten his grip on her tiny waist. "Don't you dare cum in me you black bastard!

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I told you. You. Uuih. Oohh. Don't fucking Cuuum . You. Yyyy." And with that James exploded inside of her, busting through her cervix and coating her womb.

Spurt after spurt, thrusting harder and harder as if he was trying to shoot it out her mouth. Cindy was in ecstasy screaming, moaning, and begging for him not to stop now that the deed was done. Cindy used her pussy to milk every last bit of his baby making juice out of him before she collapsed on top of him.

"Damn Princess, you got the golden pussy don't you?! That's the best pussy I ever had, your husband is one lucky mother fucker, I can't believe he lets you out of the house with a pussy like that! If you was my bitch I'd keep you at home and just fuck you all day!

So what you think now, like that big black cock don't ya?!" Cindy just laid there on the floor of the van as she could feel the juices of the two men running out of her. Wondering what she had done and thinking about how sore she was gonna be for the next couple days. It's a good thing she wasn't going home for another 5 days because she knew as soon as she got home Jake would want to "Get that pussy" and she was only hoping that she'd be ready by then.

The alcohol was starting to wear off a little since it had been about two hours since she had her last drink at the club and the levity of what she had done was starting to sink in. About that time she felt her legs being spread apart as Dave crawled between them and up on top of her inserting himself into her again, just as hard as the last two times only he didn't seem as big anymore since James took care of her.

She thought about putting up a fight, but what was the point anymore? She just wrapped her arms around him and went with it until he was done and dumped his third load into her of the evening. She then grabbed her stuff and left the van, well everything except the souvenir for "King James", like Carla she left him her soaked Victoria Secret panties as a memory as the best piece of ass he ever had.

And as she was wobbling out the door he told her to tell her friend that, "She was wrong, that little skinny bitch was the winner!" She just smiled and winked at him and then back to the hotel she went. Cindy woke up the next morning with a terrible headache and an aching pussy. She almost regretted it at the time because she felt bad about cheating on Jake.

However she knew (or thought more accurately, thought she knew) that Jake was fucking someone on the side too. So she didn't feel bad about it until later when she found out that wasn't true. It did bother her from time to time now when that night entered her thoughts, but she just pushed it down because she didn't want to screw up their now almost perfect relationship.

"Well Sin?", Cindy heard from Carla bringing her back to the present. "What did Jake have to say about your 'ride' in the van?

Was he ok with that?" "Shut up! You have no room to talk, I know all about someone else who took a ride in that van that night too!

You and that ghetto booty of yours, you slut!", Cindy snapped back at her. "I don't know what you are talking about.", Carla said in her I'm so innocent 'Who me' voice. "All I did was dance.", she said with a devilish grin. "Yea, you danced alright, danced all over that big black cock in the back of Dave's van while I was on the dance floor being good.

And before you continue to deny it, I saw your panties that you gave big Jim as a souvenir of the evening, so just stop!" "Really? You did did you? And how did you get to see them??? Wait! No, you didn't?!?" "Uh, well, no of course not, you know I'd never fuck a black guy.

Just, well when I was in the van with Dave he told me about it. I mean Dave told me that you and James, you know." "No, you said you saw them, not that you were told about. You slut! That's what you were doing in the back of the van weren't you?! It makes since now! I wondered what you were doing when you got off Dave and were just standing there facing the back of the van while he was still in front. You were talking to James weren't you? Then you went in back and fucked him didn't you?!" "No I didn't!" "Yesssssss you did!

You little whore, trying to pretend you're all goody-goody and you're back there fucking and sucking black dick! So what did you think of it, was it really your first black cock?" Cindy figured why bother anymore, Carla was her best friend and she had kept the other secret unknowingly for Cindy for the last 5 years.

No reason to think that she would tell on her for this one. "Yes, first. First and last, I could barely walk for the next three days after that. Not to mention if Jake ever found out he'd kill me. I can't believe I did that. I hate that I did that to him, he can never find out or it'd be the end of us for sure. Remember I thought he was fucking that chick from the bar at that time. Only to find out later that he was doing a side job for her and her husband to earn extra money to pay off my car early." "I knew it!

So tell me, what did you think? Could you believe how big he was!?!" So Cindy went into detail and told Carla everything, everything. "WHAT?!?! Both of them at the same time?? And then after 'King James' you let that other guy fuck you again? You really live up to your name don't you, SIN?" "It's not my fault, you know how I get when I drink, besides I rea." ".Really thought your marriage was over, yea-yea, I know, I know.", Carla said laughing.

Cindy just started laughing, "Yea, yea, damn that thing was big! I never thought he'd get it all in me, but he did.", she remembered fondly as she reached down and adjusted her skirt and damp panties.

"Oh, and by the way, James said 'this skinny bitch' was a better fuck than you too by the way!" "Yea, yea, whatever. So Sin, I was thinking, what do you think about me calling Jake and taking him up on that offer tonight? You know, to come get us? I have to admit, after all this talk about our Chicago trip I'd really like to do some serious drinking tonight, you mind?" "No I don't care, I'm pretty sure Jake won't mind, I mean he did offer.

Just make sure you tell me when you tell him to show up just incase I happen to be dancing with someone. I know what he told me, but I know he wasn't serious.

We've just been getting along so well lately and I don't want to mess that up, ok?" "Sure thing.", Carla answered. "How bout we wait till we get to the club and see how things are going? If it looks like it's hopping and we plan on staying there I'll call him then, deal?" "That will be perfect!!", Cindy replied happily thinking about sucking Jake off on the way home later, or even having him pull off somewhere so she can fuck him in the truck like they use to.

Twenty minutes later they pull into the "21 Club" and it looked pretty packed. They could here the place thumping with techno as they found a spot to park.

They got out of Carla's Escalade and headed towards the door. "Great, there's a line, we'll never get in!", whined Cindy.

"Are you serious Sin? I think you forgot whom you're with, watch and learn.", Carla said with a wink. As the two approached the entrance Cindy looked down the line of onlookers waiting to get in. There had to be at least 30 people waiting. Carla walked up to the big black bouncer with the clip board at the door, it was obvious by the look on his face and ear to ear smile that he knew Carla.

"Hey Jonas, you got room in there for one and a half more?? This is my girl Sin and she's looking to have a good time tonight." "Damn girl.", you know Big Daddy will always take care of you!", looking at Carla's ass as he stepped back and let them both in.

"Now you make sure you come see me later when Im done at the door here, I gotta see that ass work out there on the floor some. Maybe we can even go in back and do a lil private dancing too, huh?", he looked her up and down like a piece of meat.

Carla looked at Cindy, and then back at Jonas and smiled just saying, "We'll see, you come out on the floor when you're done. Who knows, maybe we'll do some private dancing after all." And in they went. "See Sin, no problems!" "Yea, you forgot to mention that you were fucking the guy at the door.

Apparently James was just the first of many, I take it you like the big black cocks now all the time?" "Im not "fucking" the door guy. We just flirt every now and then when I show up and when he works the room he'll come up and do a dance or two with me, that's all.

Besides, who ever said James was the first?", Carla said with an evil smile. "Right, whore. And the private dancing?" "Well, ok, so I may have blown him once or twice on occasion or two. But really, what's the harm in that? Even Jake doesn't think it's a big deal, he told you that himself, remember?" "Yea, Im pretty sure he was kidding there Carla, I hardly think he'd be happy if he came in tonight and found me giving some guy head. So what do you think, the floors really packed tonight, you still feeling it?" "Yea, definitely, what time you want me to have Jake pick us up?" "Well, I'm thinking since they close at 3 so tell him we'll meet him at your Escalade at like 2:30?

That way we'll be able to get out of here with out too much problems in the lot, sound good to you? That will give us some time to have a little fun and then get out of here before we have TOO much fun. What do you think?" "Sounds great to me, I'll tell him 2:30 in the lot then." "That'd be perfect!! Im gonna go grab a beer, what do you want?" "I'll have a beer too, that's number 3 though for you Sin, better be careful!", Carla said w a wink knowing full well how Cindy got when she drank.

"Yea, yea, it's only 10:15, I'll have this one and one more around 12:30, I'll be fine. Jake won't be here till 2:30 so Ill be sober by the time he gets here then anyway." "If you say so, just go get my beer bitch!", Carla told her nudging her toward the bar and pulling out her iPhone.

Carla figured way too loud to call so she'll just text him. "So were you serious about picking us up tonight Jake?

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I'm thinking about cutting lose and partying a bit. But if you were just kidding like you were with Sin I didn't want to make you mad." She sent planting the seed. "Yea, shes had a rough week, I want you girls to have fun tonight.

And what are you talking about kidding w Sin?", he replied knowing exactly where she was going with this. "Well she told me you told her to go out and get a little drunk and flirty.more or less?" Jake knew what she wanted to hear, she wanted to see if he really gave Sin the go ahead to drink up and have some fun.

"Well, to be exact I believe I told her to go out and rub up against some hard cock, hand-jobs under the tables, and blowjobs in the bathroom.or something like that why?" "LoL, Ok, but I know you were just kidding, I just dont want you to show up and get pissed because she's dancing to close to some guy on the floor if you come early." She responded, baiting him again.

"Carla, I really don't care, I mean I do, but Im not too worried about any of that. If she rubs some cock or whatever, Im good w that as long as she's not fucking guys in the lot. If I come in tonight and catch her getting dry humped on the dance floor like a $20 whore I won't care, it will just give me something to think about later when I'm bending her over the bed at home. You just make sure she has fun tonight, thats all I ask, ok?" Carla thought for a second and then responded, "So you're telling me that if you would 'happen' to show up an hour or so earlier than we expect you and you would catch her doing stuff she shouldn't be doing you wouldn't be pissed?" Now he was being put on the spot, she was basically asking him if it was ok for Cindy to be a little slutty and naughty, and more to the point if he wanted to see it.

"Yea, I'm good with that, let her drink and have some fun. What time do you want me there?" "Well, Sin said to tell you that we would meet u out at my car at 2:30 to beat the rush, so. If you like I can push the beer a little and you can just decide to cum early, maybe 1:00, and see whats going on??

If you like you can text me when you get here and Ill let you know where she is. I just don't want you to get mad at me if you see something you don't like." "I'll see you at 1:00.", Jake responded as he felt his cock start to thicken. The thought of seeing Cindy messing around with some other guy did really turn him on. "This should be interesting.", he said out loud to himself as he reached down and adjusted his stiff cock inside his jeans.

"So Sin, I talked to Jake and he said he'd shoot for 2:30, but no promises because he was already sleepy. He said to call him if we got out there and he wasn't there.

He Also said to tell you to 'have fun'." "I'm so lucky!!", Cindy exclaimed taking a long drink of her beer and handing the other to Carla. Carla noticed that Cindy's beer was already almost half gone and she could tell she was feeling it. "This should be interesting.", Carla said out loud as she took a long drink from her Budlight.

"What's that?", Cindy said scanning the room and taking another drink. "Nothing, I was just saying it's been a while since you been out, should be interesting to see if you can still shake that little ass." As she took another drink and smiled at a cute guy walking by. "Do you think you should even move out there onto the floor? Or should we just stay here at the tables where it's safe for you?", Carla teased taking another drink as Cindy followed, now with her beer almost gone.

Carla caught the eye of one of the waitresses while Cindy was just taking everything in and held up her bottle of Budlight and 2 fingers. The waitress nodded and walked away. "Yea, definitely interesting.", as she smiled and checked her friend out enjoying herself. The music playing right now was some mello stuff, the girls liked it ok, but they preferred the R&B, was a little bit more fun on the floor. "Don't you worry about me, my little ass knows just what to do when it hits the floor!", as she held her hands up (one holding her now empty bottle) and slid side to side as she matched the rhythm of the beat.

Just then the waitress came back with the two beers and sat them down at their little round table they were standing at. "What the hell? I didn't order these." "Well you were empty and I.", As karla put hers to her mouth and drained the last quarter bottle, "Was empty too!", holding it up and shaking it back and fourth showing it was now empty too. "Duh!" So that was three in her in the last hour and a half. Cindy knew she should wait a little while longer before drinking her next beer.

"Carla you know how I get. I can't get drunk and take a chance of being stupid. Jake and I are so happy right now and I don't want to mess that up.", Cindy said peeling the label on her new beer as she thought how good the first three tasted, and how much fun she was having.

"Just drink this one more quick, then we'll hit the floor. That's only your fourth one, besides, Jake won't be here till 2:30 so thats like 4 hours away, you'll be fine by then. Not to mention he did keep telling you to have fun, you know rub some dick up against ya, get a little naughty on the dance floor. You need to take advantage of this, don't know how long it will be till we get out again Sin!", as she put her half empty bottle up against Cindy's new one as if to toast them.

Both girls raising there bottles and taking a drink. Carla noticed how Cindy's drinks were 2-1 in comparison to Carla's, not to mention she was taking drinks more often than Carla too.

"You got a point! He did tell me to have fun, to be naughty, and then come home and fuck him hard. Guess a couple more beers won't hurt then. That's just what I need, a little 'Jiggle Juice' to get me going!", as she took another long drink bringing her 4th bottle down farther than Carla's first. She was really starting to feel it now and was obviously checking guys out as they walked by her. Carla had to admit, her friend did look good. Cindy had a tight little black dress on that didn't leave much to wonder about her figure, and the bottom of the dress was almost short enough to see her lacy Victoria Secret panties.

Cindy had silver 4 inch heels on that matched her glittery belt. Add in a little bling here and there to complete the package and it was a real feast for the eyes. Somebody was going to be enjoying that body tonight, Carla just laughed to herself because she wasn't exactly sure who it would be yet. Initially Carla had planned on getting hammered and finding some guy to take out to the parking lot and fuck, but she thought it might be more fun to stay half sober and see what happens with Cindy instead.

"So what do you say Sin? Ready to go hit the floor yet?", as she finished off her first beer and Cindy swallowed down the last of her fourth. "Fuck yea!, let's go girlfriend!!" As she slammed her bottle down almost knocking over Carla's untouched second beer.

"Uh oh", Carla said out loud. "Cindy is swearing, being loud, and almost spilling things. Won't be long and you'll be looking for guys to blow in the bathroom. Maybe you should slow down a bit Sin." "Maybe YOU should slow down a bit!", she replied sassily as she took Carla's untouched beer off the table and started on it.

"I lost my job this week, and Jake told me to have fun, so I.", as she took a drink. "Am.", and another. "Going", again. "To have FUCKING FUN!", as she slammed that bottle down empty knocking over the rest. "Now lets go bitch, let's get that ghetto booty on the floor and make it shake!!", grabbing Carla's hand and dragging her along. Carla looked at her phone, 11:13. So basically Cindy had just finished her fifth beer in the last 2 1/2 hours.

She knew this could get ugly quick so she decided to text Jake and give him a heads up. "Uh, she just downed her 5th beer, and we're heading towards the dance floor. She already knocked over some empties at our table, she cussing, and talking about how you said to have fun since it's been a bad week so she's gonna have fun.

I just wanted to give u heads up so u can cum early if u want to make sure she doesn't have TOO much fun. I know u and I have had our differences but I want to make sure she doesn't make a mistake she'll regret later, I know she loves you. But I also know how Sin gets when she drinks. I'm a little fucked up too, so not sure how long I'll be to control her.

You might want to rethink that 1:00 thing."-C "Wow, my little Princess really is letting go tonight.", Jake said to himself laughing, not upset at all.

"No one to blame but myself, I told her to have a great time, even gave her those first two beers here. Wow, 5 beers already, it's only been a couple hours, I better get over there and see what's going on." He thought as he grabbed his keys, wallet, knife, stuffed his Glock in his waist band, and walked out the door.

Carla had to admit, she had some ulterior motives by telling Jake she was messed up too even though she wasn't. She figured that if she did that she might get away with a little fun too.

The girls were on the dance floor working it for a four or five songs, they were having a great time. Of course they were both getting looks from guys here and there when a couple young studs came up to the both of them and started dancing with them.

Both guys looked to be in their mid 20s and pretty good shape, probably out hunting some cougars thinking they'd be an easy score. The one that came up on Cindy looked a lot like Jake when he was younger.

Military haircut, big arms, next to no body fat, dark brown eyes. To say she was interested would be an understatement. Carla's guy was a little taller and black with the same type of build.

She always joked about how her ghetto booty attracted the "brothers", which she was completely ok with. The girls had kinda moved apart now and were no longer dancing together, and instead they were each dancing with their new friends. Carla had her hands up and shaking her ass with her guy right behind her, with his groin and right hand glued to her ass.

Carla only had 1 beer, but she didn't care, she was there for this and she was comfortable on the dance floor rubbing up against a new guy each week. Cindy on the other hand didn't get out much and was kind of shy to begin with. If not for the fact that she had 5 beers in her she might not be so into it, but she did, and she was. Cindy's guy was not quite as aggressive as Carla's, but it was obvious he was in to Cindy. They were dancing close but not grinding, and the entire time he kept his eyes locked on Cindy's, and she loved it.

Every now and then he would brush against her thigh or put his hand around her waist. Cindy was really getting turned on and could feel the heat coming from his crotch and the sizable package he carried every time he leaned in to talk to her and rubbed up against her as he did.

She was liking what she felt and involuntarily leaned into it when he did. Jake pulled up to the club and headed toward the door, he recognized the door guy, it was Jonas Wilson. He knew Jonas from working the area, Jake had been here on numerous calls and the door guy is always the first one they come in contact with.

Just like before there was a long line to get in, Jake just headed straight to the door. "Jake, whats up brother?", Jonas said as the two shook hands and did the manly half hug guys do. "Hey J, got a call from the wife and her friend, they exceeded their limit and asked if I could come get them so one of my boys didn't pick them up tonight. Place looks packed though man, think I can get in?" "You know it brother anything for a fellow Devil-Dog, need any help finding them, is there a rush?" "Na, they haven't been here that long, she's here with her friend Carla, taller blond .", and he was cut off by Jonas "Big ole Ghetto Booty?!?" "Yea, that's Carla.", Jake replied laughing.

"Damn brother, yea, they're both here. I tell ya, your wife is fine Jake. She's a little skinny for me, but she looked smoke'n tonight. That Carla though, she's uh, well she's up here a lot ya know, I mean.", Jonas was obviously stumbling over his words. "Yea, I know, she's a whore.", Jake replied laughing and then following up with, ".and that's why they don't hang out that often. But she's a good friend to Cindy so I overlook it." "You got that right, dude that bitch can suck a cock!

You ever get any from her on the side?" "Na man, she's offered, but I've always passed on it." "Well, if I were you, I'd take her up on it next time. That bitch sucks cock like it's her job!" "I'll keep that in mind brother, thanks." "Alright Jake, well Carla usually hangs out on the far end of the club, so if they're not on the floor try the tables at that end. You need anything or have any problems you let me know, I got ya man." Jake nodded and thanked him again as he headed in looking for the girls.

The DJ announced he was gonna slow things down a bit for the next couple songs which Cindy thought meant she could go get another beer. However as she told her dance partner that and started to turn away he grabbed her hand and spun her back around into his arms.

Placing one hand low on her waist in back and the other on her side. "Now where do you think you're going sweetheart? You wanna beer I'll buy it for you, hell I'll buy you all the beer you want.

I think you can wait just one song for it though can't ya?", as he lowered his hand on the back slightly and pulled her in tight against his groin. Cindy wasn't sure if was the alcohol, the atmosphere, or the fact that this guy reminded her of a young Jake when they met 20 plus years ago; but whatever it was she could feel herself heating up.

It didn't help that the DJ was playing 'Babe' by Styx, which brought back memories of her younger days with Jake. She just said, "I guess one dance won't kill me.", as she placed her hands around his neck and moved in closer to him. She could feel him stiffen up a bit as they met in the middle which really started to turn her on.

Her dress was very thin and he was wearing dress pants with either nothing underneath or open boxers she thought. Mainly because she could feel his semi hard cock rubbing against her pussy and it didn't leave much to the imagination. For a second she was taken back by the situation.

The music, the alcohol, the young hard body, the scent of Drakkar coming off his body. She pulled herself in closer against his body and breathed him in as he reached lower and massaged her cute little ass. Without thinking she pulled her head back away from his chest as he leaned down and their lips met. Cindy was lost in the moment and really wasn't sure where, or more to the point 'when' she was.

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As they shared a heated passionate kiss and it finally broke she opened her eyes and realized what just happened, "Whoa, that wasn't suppose to happen!

What are you doing?!", she said accusingly, although fully aware that she was as much if not more to blame. "I'm married mister! Not to mention that I'm probably old enough to be your mom!", as she stepped back and held her finger up as if scolding a child, knowing full well that she was as much if not more at fault than him.

"Yea your a mom alright, a MILF, and one of the hottest ones I've seen in a long time!", he replied as she looked at him dumbfounded. "What did you call me? A MILF? What the hell is that?" "Yea, that's exactly what I called you. You're a MILF, which stands for,'Mom I'd like to fuck!", he said laughing, "Now let's go get you that beer." As he took hold of her wrist and pulled her along with little resistance.

Cindy turned back to see what Carla was up to and saw her smiling and giving her the thumbs up as she moved her fist from side to side in time with her tongue into the side of her cheek as if to simulate giving a blow job, Cindy just flipped her off and continued on to get her beer with her new friend.

He lead her to a table on the far side of the floor near one of the corners. On the way over he asked a waitress for a couple of beers and pointed to where they'd be. Once they got to a table up against the wall he sat down and pulled her in next to him.

"So, what's your name sexy?", he said moving her dark brown hair away from her eyes. "Uh, Cindy, you can call me Sin though, and that will be enough of the touchy stuff. Like I said, I'm married sweetie, sorry.", as she held up her left hand showing him her ring. "I'm afraid I got a little carried away earlier, caught up in the moment. That was fun before, but I love my husband so no more." "Sure thing Sin.", reaching down and putting his hand on her exposed leg as the beers arrived.

Cindy reached for hers quick and took a long overdue drink, taking in almost half the bottle out of anxiety to calm her nerves. As her new friend gave the waitress a twenty, told her to keep the change and bring 2 more when she got a chance with a wink. The waitress just looked at Cindy, back at him, then smiled and walked away. Shortly after, Carla and her new friend sat down across from them, each had a beer and a smile on their face.

Carla looked down and noticed the guys hand on Cindy's thigh slowly inching upward and raised her eyebrows as she looked up at Cindy.

"So, you two seem to be having a good time?", Carla said as Cindy took another drink emptying her bottle and the waitress showed up with 2 more beers. Cindy's new friend slipped the waitress another twenty and told her to bring 4 more.

"Well, Jake did tell me to have fun didn't he? So I'm having fun! Don't worry, I'm not having too much fun though.", as Cindy reached down and rubbed her young friend's cock with her right hand while reaching for her new beer with her left. "11:49", Carla thought to herself, "And shes on her 7th beer. And where the hell is Jake? Did he think I was kidding?", as she searched the room for him. Jake watched Cindy being led by the kid to a table in back, after of course, he watched her make out with him for a quick second on the dance floor.

"No one to blame but myself.", he thought as he watched her start on another beer as the young punk attempted to work his way up her thigh. Then shortly after she seemed to be ripping his ass and showing him her wedding ring.

However, she never did stop his hand from exploring. "Yea, she's fucked up alright. Damn she's pounding that beer, Carla said she already had 5, so that has to be 6 or 7.", as the other two sat down and Cindy finished that beer. Then he saw Cindy reach over and grab this guys cock. "Oh boy, this could get interesting.", he said out loud. Just about then his phone went off and he got an idea.

"Jake, where are you? I wasn't joking, things are getting bad." "Yea, I know, I've been here for about 15-20 minutes watching the show. From where you are standing Im about 8 tables over, leaning against one of the side bars. When you get a chance find a reason to come over here, I have an idea.", he sent back. After about 5 minutes Carla excused herself to go to the bathroom, of course Cindy went with her.

As they got up she saw Jake turn away from them towards the bar. The bathroom was just around the corner and as they were about to walk past Jake within only a couple of feet of him Carla purposely stopped and asked Cindy, "So, are you going to fuck him? I saw you rubbing his cock under the table, I saw him inching up your leg, I noticed he looks a lot like Jake did back then. Not to mention you're on your 7th beer in about 3 hours. I think we both know where this is going, you're going to fuck him aren't you?!" "Damn Mom!!

I thought tonight was about us, more to the point, ME, having fun?! Why are you all over me? No, Im probably not going to fuck him, I love Jake remember? I'm just doing what he said, he told me to rub some cock and get all horny for him, and thats what I'm doing. So what if he was rubbing my pussy a little bit under my skirt, so what if he slipped his finger up in me a couple times, so what if he had me about to explode.

it's not like his dick was inside me. Besides, Im perfectly fine bitch, quit nagging me! I'm in total control, I've got 2 and a half more hours to keep this guys dick hard and my pussy wet before we have to go out to meet Jake.

So I'll quit drinking around 1, that's a whole hour yet. I'll finish this beer, maybe one more and that'll be it. Your suppose to be on my side, remember?" "Well, Im just trying to look out for you, remember what Jake said, handjobs and blowjobs, but no going to the lot and fucking!", Carla said laughing out loud as she reached back and nudged Jake without Cindy noticing.

"Hey whore, I'm not the one that left the club, ran out to the lot, and got fucked in the back a van on our Chicago trip remember? I was being a good girl on the dance floor.", Cindy winked. "Oh no Carla thought."